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    For all you Americans out there. Old Glory @ Whispering Pines Marina, built by Toadly, Wisardlomp & Len. :-) EDIT: This has now been removed.
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    Since 1.0 there's been a lot of bugs and downtimes (which I am guessing noone's missed), and we've been receiving 5h sleep bonus quite often. The problem is that not everyone has used up all their sleep bonus when there's time for the next excruciating bug, so I have a suggestion: - A sleep bonus ticket which can be used via a command (for example /ticket) This way everyone entitled to the sleep bonus reimbursment could use it even if they still had sleep bonus left. I've seen quite some posts pointing out that they're losing out on the reimbursment due to not having used up the previous one, and this way everyone entitled to it would have the chance to use it.
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    That is our intention, You have to be able to see the ground floor level of any completed house from all parts of the enclosure perimeter. If your enclosure is so big that you cannot see at least 1 completed house then you should really invest in a deed. The enclosure rules are intended to aid new or non premium players not long term players who wish to claim excessive amounts of land.
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    Re Lights turning off when you move away: This is just the current way to get around the light count limit. Each 16x16 area has a set list of lights, when you're closer to the cell, it'll order that list to take lights closer to you, as you move off, itll order them differently. New light code coming soon which will (hopefully) magically solve all problems.
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    You cannot use salve on a bandaged wound, it says its already been bandaged. I would like to see a rich and complex BOTANICAL SCIENCE content develop that makes intriguing use of the currently-neglected botanical herbs, including antiseptic soaps, relaxing teas, livestock medicines, healing poultices, food preservation, more. None of them at overpowering levels just giving some mild relief. Basil Belladonna Lovage Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Sassafras Thyme Maybe adding different herbs to a base of farmer's salve, gives it some new unique property for burns or bites or whatever, so that the seasonsed adventurer carries a supply of farmers salve plus a small bag or herbs with him. I would like to see more gypsy craft style elements in medicine, arts, trading, vehicles etc. Gypsy caravan is my dream And of course eventually a way to grow these inside a heated structure somehow
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    Seems a crazy idea i'm not even sure if it's already posted but would be great to be able to farm inside houses, especialy at upper floors. Would save lots of space
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    I think It is a server crossing bug when wild was moved over to freedom not 100% sure but i have seen lots of the spyglasses with them. I bought and sold 13 of them not long ago and all but one of them had either "o" or "." as the maker.
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    I would like to suggest a item which would be using carpentry to make and can be placed as a decorative item in villages as well as making it useful to spread information around the village or deed. Due to the inclussion of papyrus, we can write messages, thing is, we can really only store them in mailboxes or other containers or leave em on the ground for someone to notice, and calling a large chest "newsboard" seems kinda silly. The newsboard would only be able to store papyrus in it and you could write notices and messages that way and leave em for people to read or take, it could as well be used as a information or task hub for the whole village. That way we would give papyrus another use.
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    I want that as colossus design now
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    Chaos still hasn't been looked into. Happy new year anyhoo
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    Name and shame! Who is watching the Watchmen?!
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    Hi all, There are a lot of.. discussions.. based on PVP vs PVE changes/suggestions whatever.. Instead of looking at it from one aspect or the other, what general system changes would you make if you could to make the game, or specific areas of it, more attractive to players? While I understand this can devolve into a flame thread quickly (I hope it doesn't, but I seem to be batting a 1000 lately), lets try setting some guidelines. If you want to comment on PVP, lets try to keep it limited in the following ways: You do not actively play on the PVP servers: Please limit it to what you would like to see to added/changed to make PVP more attractive to you. If you do actively play on the PVP servers: Ideas on how the PVP servers attract more players with the current system. What would you be willing to compromise on allowing to be changed in the current system if it meant larger, and sustained numbers of active players? For both groups, please include reasoning for your choice, and what parts you would be willing to consider a compromise on and still be willing to support the feature/rule/etc... In all cases, please TRY to keep it friendly and polite (and away from personal attacks), and if you disagree or agree with a point, provide reasoning for or against it (no just +1/-1 please). If you see something that was tried, not just suggested (or suggested and invalidated/rejected outright by a GM or Rolf), providing a link or reference would be appreciated and likely save you a bit of frustration in the process. ::EDITED:: While discussion on suggestions is encourage, if you need to continue the discussion on a suggestion for more than 3 posts, please start a new thread (or join an existing one) specific to that topic, and provide a link here. I'll add it to the roll-up so everyone can find it to join in. (And yes I will do this as well in the future lol) --- My thoughts [section Replaced by Summary Roll-Up] --- Related Summary Threads: FarmerBob for additional items/previous conversations Propheteer - (Theater Thread) Changes suggested from the Epic server - Currently inactive but a great list from another perspective Lockehalfblood - General suggestion thread looking for (a lot of contested) ideas to address Chaos/Wild "end-game" gameplay Roll-up List: Paraphrasing the feedback into smaller chunks for convenience of others (and I will add the rest of the posts as I get time.. the intent is to provide a roll-up of items in short form for easy identification with post links for further details): Gameplay Design: General: 1. [Heavily Contested] Reevaluate pace of gameplay (crafting requirements and progression speed) Suggested - Possible bonus for New Players (system to determine this status undefined) which gives a slight increase to production speed {and/or Stat progression} (less than 10%?) Suggested - Reevaluate Requirements for Horse Riding 2. [Heavily Contested] [Reverted by Rolf] Lamp Behavoir - Please do not post here about support or requests to revert, instead use one of the many threads like: Here, Here, Here, or Here 3. Monster Raids - Dragon attacks, Troll/Goblin King invasion, etc... 4. Priests - Add non-enchanting based crating content for priests 5. Character Interaction - Improved/More Creative Insults - Klaa 6. Game Engine - Evaluate new engine options (which could address several gameplay/graphic requests) 7. Game Setting/Tone - Establish a "clear" tone/setting for content - Comments in-thread Here 8. Traders - Allow a user to "opt-in" on unbalanced transactions in the Trader's Favor. 9. Traders/Merchants - Changes to UI and storage options/fees - Discussion Here 10. Small Carts - Allow hitching of cow/bison to small carts - Discussion Here UI Related 1. UI enhancements - Combat "bubbles"/balloons which reflect damage type and value Graphic Value for items in inventory view and "Roll-up" values for containers - To also be applied for large "item stacking" storage items (BSB, FSB, etc...) Examine Results - Option to reduce non-"stat" based information Reevaluate UI Click economy Character Model/Animation updates (Announced as In-Progress Here) - Character Appearance Discussion(s): Here [Closed as Addressed by launch of Wurm 1.0] 3rd Person View [Contested] Better "sanity" check requirements for item crafting (I.e. Need a hammer to finish a hammer) or alternate items assigned for requirement (allow for a mallet to finish a "newbie" hammer which can in turn be used to finish an improvable item) [Partially Addressed by changes in the crafting process] Configurable Chat Tabs and allow for a more dynamic tab grouping based on user preference. Terminology Consistency - Normalize the use of Numeric (i.e There is 1) vs Alphabetic (i.e.There is one) Key Mapping Replace console command with graphic Key Mapping UI Potential to allow multiple related actions (ex. Continue and Finish) to a single key bind [*]Inventory Search Feature with display filtering Allow item combines in "out of inventory" storage units (bsb's, fsb's, etc...) [*]Visible "Actions" Queue with ability to remove queued actions. [*]A New "Actions" or "Event" specific tab with a different highlight color to stand out. Tab would only include updates from event specific system notices (prefer for this list to be further user defined) - [suggested via PM] [*]Server Update notice upon login - Either pop-up or event notice upon login of pending server reboots or scheduled outages. System message to auto repeat/re0broadcast at set time periods. [*]"Chat" Tabs to be relabled - GL Chat -> Global (PVP/PVE as appropriate), Freedom -> {Server Name} Functionality (Global): 1. Friends List change - Support Global Friends List (like GL-Chat allows communication across servers) and in-game presence monitor (online/offline/DnD/etc...) 2. Better player location tracking/sync - Ex. Player/ship desync while dredging for extended periods. 3. Environmental - World Height Tracking - Ex. Items should remain on a surface and not "fall through it" when mining/digging (Possibly except when the height changes enough to cause the item to slide same as players, where the item would move to tile edge) 4. Boats - Add rooms/ability to walk around/interact with in a more "meaningful" way. 5. Environmental - Dominate Moon(s) impacts world night color 6. Environmental - Mine Layer made "true" 3d (Partially Addressed in "1.0" release layered "surface" map) 7. Item Movement/Transfer - Allow direct transfer to/from any container to another container "in range" without need to place in character inventory first. 8. Character Movement - Gradual Reduction in movement speed based on current Stamina or Weight value. Functionality (Combat - Global) 1. Combat Updates (again there is a thread specific for this, going into more detail discussion, but included here for tracking) Explore more interactive system Reevaluate combat skills, like Taunt, to ensure they fit designed intent Paper Doll Health monitor Selected Target Based HUD with stat display Remove Charm/Control of unique/"boss" mobs Reevaluate Artifact items use in combat Functionality (PVP-centric) Enticements - Ideas suggested by PVE players to bring in players from PVE 1. [Contested] Enhanced "New Player" protection (such as X number of days before a deed token is open for draining) 2. [Contested] Introduce resource limits (limited max QL or specific resource types on Home servers) to promote PVP. 3a. [Contested] Reset of Epic server at set times (once a year, 2years, etc...) [Likely to be contested] OR 3b. [Contested] Reset Epic as part of scenario play/outcome Adjustments - PVP player sponsored suggestions 1. [Provided via PM] PVP Academy which introduces players to combat in a more controlled manner - Either as an extension of the New Player Tutorial or as an "extension" course when choosing to play on PVP enable servers for the first time. [in the Works] LinkSkills 1. Skill additions Cartography [Contested]- Player created maps using existing in-game items and potential to include Sextant as new skill based item. Sample Discussion Threads: Here, Here, or Here [*]Research - Skill to discover new items Idea Proposed Here [*]Alchemy - Expanded skill use/new items Suggested Here 2. Skill Changes Allow Sparring to increase skill (0-X viable by sparring, X-100 hunting/PVP) Adjust Skill Gains on shield skills [Partially Addressed] [Contested] Adjust Skill Gains on initial to low-level Fight Skill (0-20) Cooking - Increase number of "useful" recipes/rebalance separation between current recipes (such as more complex should fail more/provide larger benefits, more "balanced" [i.e. meat, vegi, bread ratio] a meal is the better it fills hunger/nutrition, etc...) Other idea here Taming - Linked between PVP and PVE, separate skill between these gameplay types. Adjust/balance as needed for both variations. Farming - Use of fertilizer or other items to increase crop yield/reduce grow times. 3. Items Notice Board/Billboard - Craftable Item (Fine Carp) which allows for posting of messages on-deed by deed citizens. And/Or rentable notice "slots" for use by permission setting (Manage options by Mayor or using settlement permission settings) Customer Support Role Definition and Responsibilities 1. Clear and easy to find (possibly a link or pinned forum header topic) description of Roles and Responsibilities, with a Code of Conduct/Expectations for Paid vs Volunteer Staff (Most likely a new post/series of posts like the current CA/CM/GM list) [Partially Addressed] 2. 24hour/7day Customer Support system Rules & Code of Conduct (Coc/FCC) 1. Scheduled (annual/semi-annual/etc...) evaluation of current rules and CoC/FCC to adjust based on current play base wants/needs. [On-Going as needed by changes in playerbase and general gameplay] Regular Changes/Patch Notes updates - 1. Establish locked Update and Patch forum threads with update content policy/format (Or include the patch note details on the updater as implied by the related "Tabs"). [Addressed - Update Posts are now provided by system] 2. Establish a public facing Server Update Notes/Patch/Change log. [Launcher/Patcher has been addressed and should now update correctly] 3. Auto-subscribe the user base to the email notices for the update and patch notes threads. (Allow the option to unsubscribe if the user wants and include directions on how to do this) - [Addressed - Posts are public and subscriptions are voluntary] 4. Include at least high level view of what was changed, such as "Modified X skill to gain advancements faster/slower" "Add new creature to the world, go find it", or more detailed such as "X skill should now gain 0.01% of current total skill per advancement - Here's why..." [Partially Addressed by PR Manager/Patcher Tab Updates] [Continues to be improved by PR team, closing as Addressed] 5. Server Status indicators - Quick way to ensure servers are online (Such as a global server status widgest on main page, or sub-page with complete server list/status) [Partially Addressed] Bug Reports: 1. Increased Team visibility/presence in Bug Report area. Could be as simple as a quick "Looking into it" post. [Partially Addressed] Bug Fixes: 1. Provide "hit list" of public reported/known bugs being worked on and/or planned to be corrected in the next patch/update. 2. Possibly highlight these issues specifically in the patch notes when they are corrected/changed. [Partially Adressed by PR Team] 3. Provide Road-map/priority to address list of known issues. Forum Access/Support 1. Limit view access to specific forums for new players/non-premium (Showcase positive forums/threads) [Likely to be Contested] Connectivity/Downtime 1. Provide more lead time on "non-scheduled" service outages when possible. [Partially Addressed by Improved Communication from Rolf and PR Team] [Continues to improve by increased communication by Dev Team - Closed as Addressed] 2. Provide more visibility into connection status (in-game via data report tool/UI) and/or out of game by way of public view network traffic monitor/stats. (Could be as simple as cron-job pinging specific servers in various global markets and reporting ping/ms results.) [Partially Addressed by Server Status widget on Forum Home Page] Marketing 1. Increased Advertising Initiatives/programs [Expected with the launch of Wurm 1.0] Actual "referral" program - When new account signs up, allow for existing account to be listed as "referred by." Potentially rewarding for set volume of referrals that convert to paid subscribers. Larger "official" advertising presence Better setting of player expectations as they relate to gameplay style/theme (Link)
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    Here is my thought, make regional servers. Like open new set of servers that are tropical servers. They would have the standard things plus tropical things like teak and mahogany wood, bananas and oranges, Rice sugar cane and coffee or tea, blue slate, and granite. How ever doesn’t have grapes, potatoes, maple or cherry trees, slate and marble. You get the idea regional products that can’t be grown or collected on the other regions servers. This would facilitate trade between servers. Also make it harder for one player to have one deed and able to make everything, while introducing verity in the way things look. Maybe even different architecture in buildings from region to region. Possibly regional animals like ostrich, camels, lamas, sheep, and tigers, and pandas.
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    The reasons for this change date back to well before my newb period, so I had to dredge the mind depths of my elder players. Note to self: get better rubber waders. If you have ever wondered why one could not build a ringed house completely around something, it dates back to 2003-2004(?) when people had very few options for breaking out of a completed house writ. Practically the only way to get out was hoping the owner took pity. Nowadays theres several options for getting out of aforementioned doughnut structures, so the past problem imho doesnt seem as serious. Perhaps enough to enable the construction of house doughnuts?
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    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zekiZYSVdeQ New to sneaking on Wurm online? This is the video to your questions. (Thought it was a little too not serious to be in guides and new arrivals) P.S. if you didn't get the point it's don't be obvious
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    With all the characters with names mashed together of two or more words, and role-players looking for a good game, why not allow at least one space in character names? If added, give us all a chance to name change. OR Add a last name field we can use, having it optionally show on mouseover or in chat. What I would really like is this: First name Last Name (or Family name) Nickname Prefix (like a title) Settlement name So a full name could look like this: Lord Meridius "The Inasne" Ashewood of Ashewood.
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    Since we can see which mine tiles are flat, and can raise mine corners, could we get a way to flatten without guessing which corners need to be lowered? I'm not sure what the easiest way to do this would be. Maybe a flatten command that mines the floor once from all but the lowest corner of the tile? Also, as has been suggested previously, getting rid of the random plus or minus slope on mine forward would help a lot. Since the floors are already made to look random and bumpy the random slope isn't needed and tends to cause problems, especially in long tunnel near water level.
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    Hello everyone! Today 01.01.2013 we saw avatar of Magranon! It eats everything. We feed it until it didn't want to eat anymore)) After lunch it leaved the villsge and went to the NE across desert... It went to sunrise...
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    So, when i was bashing some random walls on my deed, i had this great idea After breaking a wall would be nice than we could salvage some items Low walls> low ql shard/s Tall walls>low ql brick/s Wooden fence>scrap Palisade>low ql log/s Wooden house wall>scrap and/or planks Stone house wall> bricks and or shards So, it can be easily done like this: once the wall is down, we get a new small wall called "Broken wall" or "Destroyed wall" that will have the salvage option on it Will not forbid building over the tile border or house plan, and if not salvaged will decay in like 30 min or so A salvaging skill could be also useful, the better skill, the more items can be salvage and better ql items (caped at 50% of the used items per wall, and 50% ql of the items) The salvage skill should be a easy one, as there is no great use for it
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    I think /height might be a bit better off as an item, an altometer of sorts
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    why are all these post coming up on the client explaining how great wurm is?? look heres a chart showing how great wurm is that we are making money. 1.0 sucks, i have to turn off all the graphical features of it in order to even play it FIX BUGS THAT MAKE GAME UNPLAYABLE im sure new players LOVE reconnecting 11 times before they can finally play or crossing their fingers that they dont crash EVERY time they walk through a minedoor and why lie about the traders? people have these traders locked up so that they can drain them for themselves.... not the public, and who is going to buy something from the trader and not instantly redrain the 20% back from it? i dont know of anyone who does that. here let me make a chart for you />http://i.imgur.com/0nDKu.jpg
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    This makes any tall wall enclosure bashable rigth away. I know that i´m shooting my own foot, but maybe is better to get ride totally of enclosures rules, Deed it or loose it.
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    I will not be building a flag house or tower block any time soon. Though they are interesting to see what others are getting up to. light houses, a nice idea, should be very hard to make and limited in density like towers, but to a much greater extent. lots of them on every deed would be a pain. for lighting i think sand illuminates well, my place Sand Castle seems to glow from a reasonable distance. we are using Imperial lamps one to every tile surrounding the house.
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    I don't give a crap about the market, its principles or the "health" of a virtual rock economy. I just want to be able to play with the new materials and cosmetic options without having to pry the clamy hands of some greedy online marble Barron off the damn resource tile. If the materials remain so absurdly rare then once i found a marble/slate tile or somehow obtained access to someone else's i'll be mining it up and handing the shards out to people, noobs especially like candy on Halloween. Hell i'd be pelting passers by with them just to crash any hyperinflated greedy mongers profits in it as low as i could while also helping ensure that the new cool features of wurm are not being hoarded and thus ruined to the cluster.
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    I would like one as well Name: Aimet had a very fun time this yr.. it was my 1st I'm sad to see it go, and would like to thank willow for putting it on
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    So what are you a lawyer or something? You need 2000 pages just to describe an enclosure? FFS. Use your brain for something other than a place holder for your ears. It's fine as is unless you're out to grief.
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    Darwin is an old established player...the real question is why are you do desperate to take his land and undo his work? Just leave the guy alone.
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    this game needs social tools like other mmo's: - searchable lists of players online and filterable by village/last time online etc - also group chat functions and custom chat channels - also ability to show friends list and add freinds remotely - also the ability to hide online status for people who do not want to be social and a standard 'block' or 'ignore' to stop receiving message from anyone we don't like (however unlikely that is) i;ve only been in wurm a short time and the lack of social tools is very obvious
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    It should never be tradeable, because some people will just pay PREM for an alt and trade over their sleepbonus so their main can always grind at 2x the speed which could get really unfair and make wurm pay to Win
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    There isnt anything happy about it.
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    As i see this as beneficial to the players using auctions i'll place a sticky in both auction boards linking back here.
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    I'd rather simply have toggles that lets me have tabs open automatically, or don't open automatically.
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    It is out of the ordinary, and it is something you should take great pride in. I played almost 4 years now and I hope for at least 4 years more of Wurming, so better not mess anything up
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    I was thinking and like zcul got the notion to tinker a bit these are some things i think players would love to see not hard at all to add so i pulled up my photoshop and did some work. Wall with out the boarder plus gates. then a new tall stone wall with a door opening so it has the castle feel and theme.
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    or able to cultivate woad on balcony like this
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    Interior of my boat factory. And yes I can get the boats out.
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    I'd like to see the ability to place floor tiles in caves/as well as reinforced walls. Being able to build doors in caves would be awesome as well! I would like to build an underground facility that looks cool. I think others would love to see more in their mines than just reinforced walls Probably not standard house walls, just metal sheets placed against walls would do. Nothing fancy, just something other than... rock.
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    I want sheep before anything else.....
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    ok... here is my first work... planed alot of more.is just gatehouse
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    My personal favourite is "setoption no_world_render true" (or false.) It makes the client render nothing, I have it keybound to the full stop (period) and comma. It's like a client usage lightswitch, giving you a way to make clients use up very little processor while you aren't using that account (ideal for priest accounts or afk'ing.) Credit to KaiH for telling me that one
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    Removed the donut house construction limitation to see what will happen. Will be on test server in a few days: />https://twitter.com/Zcul/status/285094080743100416/photo/1
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    I think the root problem is the amount of clay you get per digging action and confusion (by devs) of weight vs volume. The volume of a stone brick and clay brick are the same and a single mining action gives a volume of one brick+slop. Unfortunately the weight of the stone and clay bricks are also the same so it takes 15 actions to get the same weight of clay. Realistically (which is not a good basis for argument in a game) the weight per volume of most rock vs clay differs by about 1.5x not 7.5x. To me the proper solution is to increase the weight per clay dig action to 5kg and require 2 clay (10kg) per brick. Close enough for government work in terms of realism and solves the imbalance.
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    This is being looked at so keep your hopes up.
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    I write notes with this, pls dont fix
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    This right here is a fundamental problem with changes that are being made to Wurm. The people who are coding the game do not play it enough to even know how basic things actually work in the game. (I'm including Rolf in this.) Wurm is an awesome sandbox with more potential than any sandbox I've found out there, but unfortunately we're getting changes that don't make sense and the changes we need are being ignored. Before you start making roads harder, would we get reductions in the really high material count to make things like floorboards? Could we get the bug with low hedges suddenly blocking our movement fixed? Could we get accurate information on things like what skills and what level we need to build these new multistory houses you've coded? Could we get the ability to see the slope in mines so that we can put the concrete to use in leveling our mine floors? I would really like to see the programmers focus on fixing problems with existing features and removal of existing bugs before making changes that are designed to just make things more difficult to do for those of us who actually play the game.
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    Some small fixes went in with patch on 25/12, no more requiring the ground floor to plan above it and hopefully also a fix to the planning no longer working bug.
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    From a basic design in MS Paint, to the completed house in game Edit: More up to date screenshot added.
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    Sleep powder is already in-game. Might as well copy it, make an untradable version, and hand that out.
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    Then your morals are to hate when people assume their morals are right, which you assume is right, therefore you hate yourself? lol