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    I just want to thank you for ruining my life. I have been waiting for this game for years and I just now found it. My life is over and my girlfriend will soon leave me and even my dog is getting jealous.
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    Nice ! We almost did stone but went wooden cottage with shingle roof. ..btw we need more low Ql red paint
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    Maybe hes making a new server for those mystical people on chaos who dont want kingdoms and pvp! HUZZA!
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    With the multiple storey update, comes many new possibilities for extremely aesthetic structures. The second storey is the master bedroom
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    G'day fellow Wurmians. I'm here to announce that season 4 of Deal or No Deal will begin on Wednesday, December 19th. The place... Festival Cove on the Independence server. http://forum.wurmonl...120#entry706973 Last season, players won cash and prizes exceeding 2 gold coins. Big winner of season 3 was Theflash who stuck it out to the end and won himself a set of black Drake armour. DoND4 games will run daily for about a week during this years Impalong. With this new season starting up, that means the slate is wiped clean and all previous players are welcome to try their luck once again. You'll have to be there if you want a shot at playing. Contestants will be chosen by the random key pick (detailed in the rules). You'll all be happy to know that added to the 30 silver case will be a bonus 95ql rare pick axe. Also, added to the 25 silver case will be a 95ql rare needle. Now adding a 22ql steel skiller pick with 97CoC to the 20 silver case. I'd like to give a big shout out to Willow for allowing me to host the games there. If you have any questions or suggestions... please feel free to post em here. Good luck everyone! OFFICIAL GAME RULES - The game will consist of 20 large chests placed within a fenced off 4x5 area. Inside each locked large chest will be a small chest containing a cash amount ranging from 1 iron up to 30 silver, and the Drake set. - After the announcement of a new round, a contestant will be chosen by random. Folks will be required to queue up outside the Contestant Search shack at Festival Cove. Inside the shack is a large barrel with numbered keys in it. One by one people enter the shack and choose a key. If their chosen key opens the locked large chest next to the barrel, that person gets to play the next round of Deal or No Deal. - The contestant will be required to "claim" one of the cases to use as their starter case. After this the contestant will be asked to remove a specific number of the remaining cases in this order (5,4,3,2,2,1,1). An offer of cash will be made to the player (by the Banker) after completing each round of case elimination. The player can either take the cash amount offered by the banker or continue eliminating more cases in an effort to increase the amount of the offer made by the Banker. - If a player makes it down to the final two cases, the player will have the choice of keeping their original "claimed" case or trading for the final case not eliminated. The chosen case will then be opened to reveal the contestants prize. - Cash prizes of 1 silver or more will paid out immediately. If a contestant wins less than 1 silver, a random 80ql iron tool or iron weapon will be given. - Here are the monetary values used in each game - Drake, 30s, 25s, 20s, 15s, 10s, 5s, 2s, 1s, 75c, 50c, 25c, 10c, 5c, 1c, 75i, 50i, 25i, 10i, 1i -------------------------------------------------------------- Other rules and such that need to be stated: -A person may only play once per season, if you had a chance to play this season, please allow others the same opportunity. -Seeing as many of the contestants already own Drake sets, I'm willing to allow any person winning a Drake set to trade it in for the cash value of 60 silvers. -Sometimes mistakes can be made. There's a lot of organizing on my side when the game is on, so please bear with me if I screw up. I'll do my best to make it right. -Gumbo reserves the right to refuse play to any player he feels, at any time. --------------------------------------------------------------
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    This time ban the silver imports. If people want to be greedy land grabbers, make them pay for new servers with new silver, since old silver does not buy new servers.
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    I've just finished the Church of Vynora at Fort Allery:
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    Can we get a latency meter just like every other online MMO? A simple latency status next to the FPS meter would be sufficient. Thanks, Sqwince
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    Other construction skills have ways to help get the skills up for building requirements, typically by making the required materials: planks for carpentry, bricks for masonry, and etc. Not so much with paving. I would recomend that paving be made a masonry subskill, and that slate slabs have a lowered creation using paving skill (and be impable?). Slate slabs seem like a good option for paving skill since they require concrete and slate to make.
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    I just want to say thanks for the game and the improvements this week, I was skeptical and had my doubts, but you pulled it off really well even with the slight issues of lag on Pristine early. The game is much better now and I mean that with all the improvements that have come with V1.0 Wurm is a better game visually and has much more appeal overall. I have been playing pretty much non stop since V1.0 and I am very happy about being able to change my characters appearance. Thanks for the updates and the game! Pro
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    Check out my almost finished multi-story mansion! When I try to build the roof, it tells me that I don't have sufficient carpentry to do so. My carpentry is at 44.81. Anyone have any idea when I would be able to build the roof? Edit: spelling Edit: added spoiler
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    Don't get my hopes up man But... If he did. I would totally buy a year of premium on Monday night. And some silver...? but I swear if he connects it to pristine, I'm only going for 1 month and 5 silver.
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    If I never get the time to actually play and build my house, Thornfield Hall, I created something of a replica on test server while testing out multi-storey.
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    Okay so we all do it on Wurm. We store animals (mainly horses) in houses, mines and fields and end up forgetting them and they end up starving. How about an option to build a basic trough that can be used to store a large amount of food for such animals without having to just dump things on the floor? Not certain how it could work but it wouldn't have to be complicated really, maybe have it so animals take from it at a slower rate to normal or let them be naturally drawn to it when hungry? It isn't a major issue no but I think it would be a very useful addition. Any thoughts?
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    Have you tried getting your girlfriend to play too?~
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    It is not for everyone but the ones that like it stay for years
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    I love my new home, I love my new dog, I love my new horses, I love my new me! It's great!!!!! Well done!
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    Sure they might as well be called crates, but a raft by any other name is still just a storage container that we all really love to use.
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    That looks really nice! Very clean and artistic design. Mine is just wood and a little "messier" overall, not quite done but getting close: http://wurm.brashendeavors.net/house/ Looking forward to more exterior pics, also hoping to get some ideas for INTERIOR DECORATING, I have so many floors to fill up now lol....
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    First I would like to thank Mystecore for the key as well as the location of the deeds and the previous map. His work will be remembered. Like his thread, Post your deed and I will input it into the map. This is a rough representation of Mystecore/Darkmalice's map input into the new map given to us. The Locations may be off. Please update them as you see fit. Thanks to axeblade346 for the updated key. New Permanent Link. High Res - http://minersahoy.co.../Recent Map.png Low Res - http://minersahoy.co...p (Low Res).png Map Search (Credits to Axeblade and Saera ( http://forum.wurmonl...ser/6442-seara/ ) - http://searchdelimap.comyr.com/Map.html Updated - 2/24/2014 - Update # 89 Map Changes - http://minersahoy.com/Wurm%20Maps The original map - http://minersahoy.co... Maps/Deliv.png Imgur Link (Changes Each Update) - http://i.imgur.com/FG3y6jq.png This is going off the assumption the only map rolf intends to release is the non-updated map.
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    Working title "My Little Unicorn" http://ubuntuone.com/1gfRcqnrE3Mph0XgmjOGfv http://ubuntuone.com/5CXNBqZLIntaA4E8MSVxrU
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    Hey all, I was going to make this a blog post but then I thought that might be a bit over the top so I will just add it as an addition to the next proper blog post. Basically as of right now our facebook group has 389 'likes' which is cool but it means that only 388 of you (besides myself) have a regular feed of the stuff I put up on there, and on Twitter 738. This is not enough! I'd love to blog everything on the dev blog (as that goes to the forum, twitter, facebook and the launcher) however that would get a bit spammy. What we do instead is we start discussions, ask little questions, put up teasers and some other cool stuff on twitter and facebook. It's a great way for you to be able to engage with us, ask us questions, and see some of what we are up to. Many of the individual team members are on Twitter too and they would love to hear from you! What I would love to see is more players following us on Twitter and Facebook! So, as a special reward... I will see to it that once we hit 1,000 facebook likes, a random player who has liked this forum post will recieve a mega-rare set of tools (in-game of course) made from silver. These are not craft-able by players, although they act just like normal tools. NOTE: The old competition was one of our facebook followers but it was pointed out that we can not do this, so instead the winner will be selected from someone who has liked this forum post, once we hit 1,000 facebook 'likes'. Remember: You will only win if the Facebook page is liked or our twitter account followed, so no sneaky business!
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    Ingmar who made the Orignal Map is back and has taken over the updates Please use the Forums : http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/72799-wurm-travel-map-overmap/ and the new Site : http://overmap.blackburrow.net/ Goodday all. As we all know the travel map we all love and use didn`t have celebration added to it. As I am still unable to get into contact with its maker I made on so long for us to use. I also used html map coding to make it so when you click on the name it takes you the newest version of the player made map or mapdump(mostly PVP maps) Take a look at it at http://wurmmapsearch...et/Overmap.html (Note : It is made in a way that its cellphone friendly too) I am also responsible for the Search map of Deli and I am busy smoothing the coding so the other map makers can use it on all maps. http://wurmmapsearch...et/DeliMap.html Yours truly. Axeblade346 (gameing nick) aka Sincor (Mag Priest) aka Angera (alt)
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    A few thing to remember about pristine 1. You have to start fresh so no transferring your skills from another freedom map. 2. You can`t travel to Pristine if you have been on a freedom map (excluding tutorial). Epic only players can use a portal to get here. -- thus means to get money over form another freedom server go to epic and transfer money there (you need to stay on epic for 1 hour so do it before you want to go to bed) 3. You CAN send a referral to anyone on the freedom cluster. (haven`t tested to epic yet) 4, You can`t mail an item to Pristine (it ain't just that there ain't no mailboxes yet.) -- [10:09:56] You can not mail the steel and flint that far. = Can`t (tried with 23 different items) -- vs . [10:10:17] Unknown recipient 'Justtesting'. = no such name.
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    Same here. I just returned to the game with a new character on Pristine. I can't believe how fast I blew through my first 24 hours and didn't even realize it until the bartender refused me. Usually with MMOs It takes me a good few days before I rack up 24 hours.
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    He wouldn't need to do disk management for THAT.
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    Making them would be cool, polished bronze would fit in with the time period. To make it harder, maybe make it so the mirror has to be enchanted to change your appearance (new Fo spell anyone?) Having craftable mirrors opens the door to more features later on, it has been said that wall decorations could be make and hangable mirrors would be great! (Not difficult to implement too, the code that causes water reflections could just be copied over.) I agree with Brash, if it's to be a moneysink item it should not be expensive. Off-topic, but maybe there could be a sex-change potion? A few people, having seen the new character models, seem to want to change gender I don't see why not.
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    Only in North Korea.
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    If I understand you correctly you're saying that we should just make a building as big as the two we want to bridge together? That's not always possible, especially with grandiose castle plans and such. I prefer a bridge.
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    I'm pretty sure it's Swedish.
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    It's nice to have you on the island Brotol. Still need to come up with a name for it though! I agree, it would have been nice to see some islands on the map that are too far to reach by swimming, which would have lead to an interesting boat building race. Maybe have it on the other side of a desert, so the trees required for the boat are far away, turning it into a huge operation to get to the island first. That would have been cool...
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    A lovely map for those who want it: Direct link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/51077311/Impalong%20Map.png I'll be writing up a blog post tomorrow about the impalong too. I can't wait!! (For the impalong, not the blog post )
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    at the top of the payment form is a drop down box .. mine is in swedish so it says land, not sure what the german is .. use the list to selct yre country, and it will change languages
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    Title speaks for itself. This has been asked for before but I couldn't find it with search. You'd only get one 3 kg leather from a fur, since they are 3 or 4 kgs, if successful. Regardless of its weight the creation should use up the whole fur. Everything else would be the same as making leather from hides.
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    I think we should be able to make them so -1.
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    Not an attack on you or your opinion, but a question about your statement... So as a gamer, would you say you're more likely to start shooting/physically attacking people at random? --- To the community in general, it has been reported by several independent studies that prolonged gaming, even realistic FPS/violent games, has not had any more impact than any other form of media or entertainment on general tendancies toward violence. (Link to research/discussions) Using games as a general catch all by politicians, even worse by gamers, is sterotyping at its worst, or just lazy at least. The fact is the person was ill in some way. Please stop saying gaming is to blame. Even if it is those tea-baggin' FPS console players over on Liveâ„¢. Now those players on the other hand...
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    Since when does such make sense? One should be concerned when it starts to make sense, as Im sure it made perfect sense to the killer. Nothing has come up yet to show his reasoning; however, even with the Columbine and other shootings, it usually does not justify the actions. Far as firearms go, big deal... we've been bashing each others' brains in for thousands of millenia before gunpowder was even mixed. Its blaming humanity's problems on some outside influence such as alcohol or whatever. Same old, stupid story repeated throughout history: Get rid of X or Y, and we will have some golden utopia... riiight.
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    You're right- but he used STOLEN guns in the attack. If gun laws were more strict, he could have just as easily googled "bomb making" and blown the whole building down. Or made mustard gas. Or walked into the class with 2 machettes. Point is, this isn't about guns, its about a very sick person who wanted to kill people, and the poor children who had their lives stolen because of it.
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    Hey everyone, Faeran and I have released a Wurm Online 1.0 Special episode. This episode is in addition to the new one that we have planned to release this Saturday. You can find the episode here: Saturday Night Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online - Wurm Online 1.0 Special We hope you enjoy! Griphyth
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    What Does Your Character Look Like? No idea, too busy rebuilding roofs. =Ayes=
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    I like PvP, and I like the prospect of having my door kicked down and having random strangers roll over my bed sheets or w/e, but perma death I am sincerely unattracted to. It doesn't work in Haven and Hearth (in my opinion), and it won't work here, either. The main problem is that you'll get some guy who's better than everyone else, and he'll walk over and one shot noobs a few hours after they've started playing. Then they'll just give up.
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    Some might consider permadeath a lucky option given some of the other outcomes.
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    Those who believe suicide people are cowards, and with that, they think suicides dont deserve piety, nor understanding. Its like saying "Hey, depressed people in pain who enclose themselves dont deserve any help",... when its obvious that, if you are depressed, you cant see things right, or in a more positive way. Those who have not been in contact and have not studied the thing, and are actually saying that... Those are who I hate, and I came across that horrible kind of persons in life, and sadly actually in Wurm too.