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    I understand that animals eventually turning enchanted grass tiles into packed dirt is an intended feature (which I dislike btw. ). However, now that this feature has obviously become operative, it can be seen that the rate of destruction is much too high. After all, enchanting grass tiles has a purpose: you are supposed to not having to worry about those tiles for quite a while. What's the use of enchanting if up to 3 tiles revert to packed dirt on a single day? I am sure this must be a bug - I can't imagine it was meant that way. (I watched 4 enchanted grass tiles turn to packed dirt within 3 days, which is ridiculous.) Please reduce the decay rate to a much lower value or enchantment will be useless.
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    Hey all, I was going to make this a blog post but then I thought that might be a bit over the top so I will just add it as an addition to the next proper blog post. Basically as of right now our facebook group has 389 'likes' which is cool but it means that only 388 of you (besides myself) have a regular feed of the stuff I put up on there, and on Twitter 738. This is not enough! I'd love to blog everything on the dev blog (as that goes to the forum, twitter, facebook and the launcher) however that would get a bit spammy. What we do instead is we start discussions, ask little questions, put up teasers and some other cool stuff on twitter and facebook. It's a great way for you to be able to engage with us, ask us questions, and see some of what we are up to. Many of the individual team members are on Twitter too and they would love to hear from you! What I would love to see is more players following us on Twitter and Facebook! So, as a special reward... I will see to it that once we hit 1,000 facebook likes, a random player who has liked this forum post will recieve a mega-rare set of tools (in-game of course) made from silver. These are not craft-able by players, although they act just like normal tools. NOTE: The old competition was one of our facebook followers but it was pointed out that we can not do this, so instead the winner will be selected from someone who has liked this forum post, once we hit 1,000 facebook 'likes'. Remember: You will only win if the Facebook page is liked or our twitter account followed, so no sneaky business!
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    Warning! Big wall of text ahead, read at own risk! The day of Wrath In week 4 of the Digging Starfall in the year of 1027. As many of you may know, the Wurm has claimed victory on the Epic Cluster not long ago. Some lives were claimed, Faith among people lost. Only a select amount of people know what happened after that… After this victory on Epic, the Wurm decided to try and expand his influences further. The Avatar of the Wurm had spawned, with 1 purpose: Rounding up an army to claim the lands of Independence for the arrival of the Wurm. As it was meant to be a secret mission to keep the element of surprise, he had to find a nice and central place, one that’s not easy to access yet hidden in plain sight. He chose the public mine of Freedom Market. Desolate as the place was with its many pits, dropshafts and nearly unreachable areas, it would be the perfect place to ambush anyone who walked in to mine; it even had a perfect drop down upon entering, nobody would be able to run back to Freedom Market and yell for help. Little did the Avatar know, Magranon sees everything that happens inside the mines. Captainblackbeard, fear of the Inner Sea and Crystal Lake, and any water around it, was busy with his regular sermon when Magranon beckoned to him. Knowing this might be the only chance, He told Captainblackbeard about the Avatar of the Wurm inside the mines and ordered him to put an end to it by any means necessary. With the strength and might given by Magranon, he accepted the mission, rounded up a few of his best crew – Cerber and Smejack – and headed off to the mines. When he finally arrived, he decided to sneak through the mine to orientate himself without being noticed; the last thing he could use was jumping into the unknown when he’d face the Avatar and his army. Praying to Magranon to ask Him to lend His strength, he obtained the ability to become one with the rock as it were. Being a rock, it is hard to move, but that didn’t matter for this surveillance run; rather moving slow than being spotted and getting all the might of the Avatar of the Wurm over you. It was clear why the Avatar used this mine as a base… [media]http://youtu.be/8kJtQVYA-EM Once outside again and turned back to his normal form, he went to Freedom Market and started praying to Magranon to ask for knowledge about his enemy, his weakness and things to watch out for. Even Magranon did not know what to look out for, or how to defeat him in particular. He did notice that statuettes of Libila had an odd glow, an aura if you may, in odd shapes over them since the arrival of the Avatar. Lending Captainblackbeard the Sight of Magranon so Captainblackbeard could see the auras, His presence weakened again. Cerber came up with a statuette of Libila, one he found a few days ago. Closing his eyesto slits, Captainblackbeard noticed that the auras had a familiar shape. Could it be…it resembled the demons and other vile creatures he spotted inside the mine right before he left it! He wondered…what if those creatures were linked to statuettes of Libila scattered all across Independence? It was just a hunch, but surely it wouldn’t hurt testing this theory… Crouching back inside the mine, he tried to count the creatures inside. 100…200…300..more?! It would be hard to see a difference, but he had to try. Running back to the altar at Freedom Market, he sacrificed the Libila statuette with Smejack on the lookout at the mine. First thing he noticed was a loud scream coming from the mine. Smejack came running, explaining how she noticed one demon shrinking to the size of just a bit over an average Wurmian. It worked! The demons seem to shrink and get weaker when the link with the Libila statuettes are broken! With Smejack on the lookout, Captainblackbeard and Cerber decided to part ways and look for all the Libila statuettes. They would return back when they were all found. Days go by, days turn into weeks. Once Captainblackbeard and Cerber returned and dropped all the statuettes together, Captainblackbeard started praying to Magranon once again, this time to ask Him to lend him a specific ability: the ability to make visual clones of himself. Magranon approved, but with a warning: the ability is exhausting, and only lasts a bit over 3 minutes per cast. With this knowledge, he went back to the mine to face the Avatar. Pondering over strategic moves, he came to the conclusion that the best way would be to collapse the mine on the demons and the Avatar if possible, while not being noticed; good thing he got granted that cloning image ability. Once inside, he formed several copies of himself on the other side of the mine, distracting the demons while he casted Strongwall on the tile with the small demon on it. As the images slowly started to fade, Strongwall was a success! The shrunk demon is no more. Exhausted from the draining experience, he crouched back outside the mine and took a rest at the Market. After hours of resting, he knew that wasting any more time could mean a loss in this battle. Sacrificing the next statuette of Libila, he knew this would be a long, long battle. This went on and on, over 200 demons were destroyed and tiles were collapsed. Even freezing the whole world from time to time didn’t slow Captainblackbeard down, he kept on going. The Avatar knew it would be his defeat if he didn’t do something very soon. The Avatar, desperate as he was, decided to freeze the world once more while trying to find more creatures to recruit for his vastly shrinking army. That’s when he noticed all the champion creatures locked up everywhere; if the Wurmians are afraid enough to lock them up and too weak to kill them, they must be strong enough to slow Captainblackbeard down. He decided to set them free before once again unfreezing the world and continue the battle. Little did the Avatar know, these champion creatures would not just abide to his will so easily. Instead of helping, they started to throw havoc all around Independence and further lands. Causing an uproar among the people of Independence was a nice bonus, so he decided to keep the champion creatures roaming; it didn’t help him against Captainblackbeard and his crew, however. Captainblackbeard kept on going, his perseverance clearly gained through Magranon’s influence inside the mine. Another 180 demons were obliterated and tile collapsed in the process. There was not much room left for the Avatar to move; his size was too big to fit through the mine entrance with all the collapsed tiles! As the Avatar of the Wurm proved too powerful to be trapped by a simple rock wall, and with only the Avatar left, Magranon decided this is the time to send an Avatar of Magranon to aid Captainblackbeard in trapping this avatar for once and for all! The Avatar of Magranon summoned a dozen cave bugs to keep the Avatar of the Wurm busy, while he and Captainblackbeard – both temporarily granted with powers beyond imagination – started to cast a spell. The words chanted didn’t sound like anything Captainblackbeard had ever heard, yet he somehow knew what to chant. After the chanting, a massive iron vein appeared where the Avatar of the Wurm was just a few seconds ago. It worked, the Avatar of the Wurm seemed defeated! Looking around, Captainblackbeard knew what he had to do. He collapsed the remaining tiles and mined a new tunnel. As tribute to the battle that was fought for the past 4.5 months, he made the big iron vein the centre of attention. [media]http://youtu.be/mJ3BNxEGgxo Special thanks go to Cerber and Smejack for contributing, and Kishar and Freyr for a few tricky bits. Thank you very much Ps. This is besides the numbers mostly fiction of course. The Avatar of the Wurm, the demons, Magranon granting odd powers, etc. tl;dr The public mine just north of Freedom Market is restored for better access and a more welcome atmosphere.
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    I have a breeding pair of horses Honeypot and Rockhard, and yes, gender correct.
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    I think they can add guard tower so they can be built in/on the "Buffer Zone" will not hurt anything. The only thing that needs to be stopped is houses and fences that way the area remains passable by people and leaves room for trees to grow so people have wood and hunting grounds.
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    I see a HUGE Problem right now. Enclosures are not paying for the rights to anything at all period. Enclosures are being used like deeds, but have options to be built into other deeds perimeter something a deed owner cannot even do to another deed. Enclosures were meant to help new players not give swaths of land as far as the eye can see. Enclosures are being exploited and abused by the player base to the point there needs to be more rules controlling them. Enclosures are being given rights like deeds even when they are on another players deed. All of this is a BIG PROBLEM to me
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    I dont care what the rules ends up being. I just dont want to see anymore 50x50 enclosed eyesores dotting the land, almost always from people paying nothing to near nothing. At least if it is deeded then they are paying the full price for it.
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    I just made sure it hatched properly. That they "all" spawned female was a bug that I'll fix soon. It only applied to black and white hatchlings. Do not expect a female hatchling after the weekend so make sure to spawn it before. Dragons may at any time break out or we teach them to fly. All things in Wurm are subject to change towards "the most reasonable functionality". In this case it should be obvious that we strive for dragons going berserk when encaged and we want to make them fly one day and steal your cows. You have a window of opportunity when you act on existing code. It's the same in all economies. Most of you have seen the amount and pace of change in Wurm. Some systems are in place for years suddenly to be recoded. Real world technologies also make old systems obsolete. All investments have a risk which should affect the price. That said, they won't be flying before christmas
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    I have a 5 speed named Piehappy, who happens to be constantly hungry.
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    Now i can only do one action at bricks wall building, with a 67ql trowel and 54 masonry, wen before the cahnge i was able to do 2, thats really not a nice change.
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    The element I believe you are missing here is other than a n00b shack the buildings that claim land undeeded, last a very long time, in most cases long after the person that builds them just disappears. Tying up that land for months and months and months. And saying this doesn't matter because I can go anywhere and find open land just doesn't cut it IMHO, what if my alliance had there deeds on the bulk of an island, and thats where I wanted to be and a prime location on that island was held by someone outside the alliance via enclsure rules and that person disappears? Now I have to wait forever for that land, now totally unused, to become available. In many cases I may perimeter over his existing structures because thats the only way I "fit in" a deed. Now I cant do that. I wish I had a silver for every one of my alliance mates who has told me a story of the one building they had to let decay before they could expand there deed to the way they wanted it expanded. And in all cases that building hadn't been used in months, it was just abandoned. To me thats the real issue of this change. There is not a darn thing you can do about that now and a lot of land is going to be tied doing absolutely nothing.
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    How about. The default 5 tile perimeter is simply a buffer zone, perhaps we should call it just that a "Buffer zone". Then if we think we want to enlarge the deed at some future time we plan a perimeter around the deed and the buffer then expands outside the perimeter. No one can build anything in a buffer zone, but only the deed holder can build in the perimeter.
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    What exactly was broken here? Why that? The point of filets was that each was exactly 03Kg, no matter if meat or fish, that made them practical for cooking, larger filets are just a problem. WTH? WHY? You call this a bugfix, but every player in the game thought that was a feature. People even wanted it extended to an automatic armoury container in the tower, not removed.
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    I think it would be better if the finished tower would end up exactly like the unfinished tower, and the unfinished tower is not able to push or rotate after 20 bricks added or so.
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    Guard towers can be tricky to position properly, and as they are rather expensive and time consuming to build we sometimes end up with towers that would look good if only they were rotated a bit or positioned a tad further toward one direction or another but look terrible because whoever added the last item wasnt centered on the tile or facing the correct direction. It would really help if the owner could rotate and push/pull it after it's built. Movement could be limited to the tile it was built on or perhaps up to 1 tile away to avoid pushing two towers closer than the min allowed distance.
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    Currently when you have your own kingdom tower in the way or wrong place there is nothing you can do. [03:48:51] You are not allowed to destroy this tower. Suggestion Planned demolition Right clicking a tower would give the option Plan demolition This would give 1 week for other kingdom members to approve or block the plan once activated a global message to kingdom people with towers name and a message saying "player" has planned the demolition of tower "tower name". Right click Approve demolition Right click disapproved demolition in 1 weeks time the most approval wins the right to or not to demolish.
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    Think again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9yHl24QynOM
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    Yestetday I had.a hallucination. I could have sworn I seen a lightening flash in game. It'd be awesome to see this during storms.
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    The Current Mailing system Is inadequate Simple solution change it. Main suggestion: Anything can be mailed. Server Mailing : 5c/kg e.g. Longsword would cost 15c to mail This would favour light weight or singular items Bulk orders would still be bought from the local markets or sailed. Additional suggestions Trading with enemy: Diplomatic option via Kingdom leaders (epic) Merchants Bulk crate sealed 100 items (merchants only) The purpose for this is to increase Trade and the flow of silver.
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    What about the people who legitimately keep houses in places they can't deed, and some guy has placed their perimeter over their house before the change? I feel sorry for players already being griefed :'( [08:08:28] This is within the perimeter of Wings Of Hubris. [08:05:34] Wings Of Hubris does not allow that. Hmmmmm...
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    No one seems to have a clue what this is about, because bulk items always had full theft protection, simply because there was no steal option on bins. Does this mean they are now down to basic protection? However the top is worded like theft protection was added, not removed.
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    This is not a bad idea to be honest. A tournament hosted by people known to have the experience - and funds - to pull it off successfully will probably draw more people. Besides, this is Freedom; people build this stuff for fun!
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    Enclosures are not paying to reserve land and have no rights to it if it is deeded with tiles over the fence. Forget about the house all together I dont care about whether or not you can't perimeter over a house. Fences are not deeds period and I don't care if you have a fence up if I deed over it I now own it and you lose the rights to it because..... You did not deed it. Saying fences are like deeded property without paying is simply not acceptable. Deed tiles over rule fences period in my book and yes even if the fence is part of an enclosure.
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    well if they can't build an enclosure on the perimeter then i guess we have nothing to worry about. If you happen to expand and cover the fence of an enclosure i would hope the fence then falls under the same rule set and then belongs to the perimeter/deed. If they want a secure enclosure then just need to build houses on all four corners and have the "land" part in the center of the four. With not being able to expand the new "buffer zone" over the house then they don't have to worry about anything. We as deed holders just need to make sure we clam enough land with at least a perimeter to ensure we have what we might need later.
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    Of course you should this is why The Idea you posted here and Oracle suggestion might be the best outcome, but I want to make sure these enclosures are 100% invalid on anyone's perimeter for the simple reason they are being used like deeds without paying. I mean really what's next?? You cannot Deed/Perimeter over fences? because they are a perimeter of the free enclosure deed?? Really??
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    If we want cheap land we would just use the enclosure rule and have it for free. we pay for the perimeter because we plan on using that area at some point so it should be mine to decide what gets built there if anything.
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    There are 2 uses for perimeters; expansion of the deed and gap between deeds. By allowing the deed owners special permission to build in the perimeter but no others you just make it so perimeters are "cheap deeds" similar to the "free deeds" that you are against. I think nothing should be allowed to be built in the perimeter by anyone. This would allow the perimeters to be used for what they are supposed to be, while at same time discouraging people from making massive perimeters to support a cheap kingdom.
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    They just need to make a rule that enclosures cannot be in perimeter period and end the BS now. Why? because they are trying to claim land they will never own at the time because it is the deed's. Enclosures must also have some rules on them as well if you are going to start changing rules about deeds. Just as they cannot build a house in perimeter, enclosures are nothing more than an extension of the house and should be held up to the same rule that no houses may be built. Enclosures should be declared invalid now and in the future if they are in any part of any deed's perimeter. The only People who should be allowed to enclosures in perimeter are the citizens of the deed and the mayor. The 5 free Perimeter should be there to provide space between Deed's as well as space from Enclosures.
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    You sound pathetic for just condemning this with no reason whatsoever. Killjoy.
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    I could see the use of this, you can keep track of a lot of things, for example borrowing, participation to events etc.. +1
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    As far as I'm concerned they might as well be removed from the game. They're trouble.
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    I'm betting 2 iron that there will be almost no impact and this thread is so much hot air As for nobody using perimeter... I'm still using it and no intention of stopping anytime soon. Cheers, Shiraek
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    Sort of an autograph book, keeping a collection of all the cool people you've met. I like it, +1
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    I have seen some unusual horse names so far and was thinking it would be nice to see a collection of some of the more unusual horse/hell horse names. What tipped me was the recent addition to my little herd called Sadrolf. I thought it was quirky enough to warrant mentioning
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    When lighting strikes a player it makes the news along with deed foundings etc. =D
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    Its a fountain inside of a saucepan. It can hold a ton of items. Like a ton. Nothing fancy about it.
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    There's some major tin foil hat stuff going on in this thread. If you don't want to do it, then don't, but bringing up the nazis and calling people sheep herders isn't helping anyone. Also remember, the point is getting the word out for Wurm, not to give away a set of unique tools. The tools are just an incentive, so making a secondary raffle is just pointless.
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    For mounted, mobile archery perhaps require it for the shortbow, perhaps med too. Otherwise Ive never tried shooting a longbow from a moving horse in RL.
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    This is how it was before the deed system was changed and fine IMO to have safe off deed structures. There never was a problem with people not buying deeds even when they were a lot more expensive and houses blocked them. I think some people are trying to blow the effect of this change out of proportion for what ever reason. As for the fp2 vs p2p argument the rast majority of off deed buildings I see are in fact stone so obviously not made by f2p players.
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    If you want to put the work in to keep it all maintained, and don't want free lamp lights and reduced decay, and don't want non-circumventable game mechanics protection, seems like an even trade off in labour and lack of peace of mind. You will have to keep a close eye on that and don't take extended absences. Do you realize that players are on their honour to not break into enclosures? And if that happens, GMs can only punish the offender, not replace your stuff or reverse everything a griefer may do? Although with very high QL fences a basher may give up. If it's worth it to you, with these things in mind, best wishes.
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    In a game where land is so valuable, no deed system, or the gray-area ruleset overlaid on top of it, is ever going to be perfect. The current/old setup is certainly flawed, but at least it gives priority to people who are willing to pay for their land. I pointed out in the other thread that widespread abuse of the enclosure rule has already given a number of squatters more land than deed owners. If the ability to at least evict someone from what is potentially one of their many enclosures is being taken away from paying customers, why is the enclosure rule remaining unmodified? If forcing someone to relocate by means of shoving your perimeter over their area is against the spirit of the Freedom servers, then giving people free reign to gobble up public land with an ever-growing sprawl of enclosures is just as much in violation of that spirit. If you are going to reign in the ability of mayors to evict people from their land, you must also reign in enclosures. As long as land is valuable, it is an unavoidable fact that property disputes are going to get ugly. Any rules that you put in place must have hard checks and balances, ideally handled by the game mechanics so that thorough GM intervention is not required. That is the beauty of "deed it or lose it". While it is harsh to the newbies and the squatters who get the short end of the stick, but they were living on public land and did not stake a legitimate claim. More importantly than that: it sides in favor of the paying customer. By adding in things like an unchecked enclosure rule, and now deeming a long-standing mechanic to be a bug, you're leaving even more situations up to interpretation, inviting more abuse, and doing nothing to solve this long-running tug of war over land ownership between villages and squatters. You're even giving more power to the squatters, by allowing them to hem in a deed and stopping it from expanding. In a game where there is a system to pay for your land, does it sound right that you can now be blocked for expansion by a jerk with eighty planks and four large nails? It doesn't, to me. The suggestion that we are to all develop precognition, and are expected to know in advance how big our deeds and construction projects might get some day, is patently absurd.
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    just give the option to expand deeds simply one direction you want, like North only, West only etc, not like it is now N+S and E+W. Or ever better, making "selectable" every tile you want in your deed separately. This would help a ton. None village in the word has only a "Box" version of the land. We should be able to select the tiles we want to include in our deeds and buy them. ofc with some limitations like new tile must border already existing village tile, and the purchase price would vary depending how far the tile is from the token. Would it be so hard to do?
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    You do not own what you have perimeter over, only reserved it against another deed planting and taking the space.
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    Whats the point in training up alts in skills you are already high skill in.
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    did you just say " how about a second set of unique tools" ?
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    As I agree with Garis, I have another use that may be provided in Wurm: writing on a table (and other potential flat surfaces) should give a significant boost in writing/drawing quality and a smaller skill gain on the item being written on. Should be as simple as: Open Table Container -> Drop Paper, Activate Pen/Writing Tool in your inventory-> Right Click Paper in the Table Container -> Write; The quality/skill boosts should be based on the QL of the table. May make a formation of a library a possibility! Thinking more about a library: Add "Bookshelves", and only allow books written by players to be dropped in . Bookshelves's QL should define the max volume of books. Also, for aesthetics, the bookshelf should have 5 main models = empty, 1/4 full, 2/4 full, 3/4 full, and 4/4 full; with 4 rows per bookshelf, from a top-left to bottom-right ordering. I can produce and provide the 3D models (if there is any interest), I simply need to know an acceptable export type (3D file format). I think the QL-Book Volume ratio should be: minimum book volume of 10, so 0-10QL = 10 books; and a book volume increment of 1 book per row per 10 QL. So a 50 QL Bookshelf should allow 26 books total. Should be made from 10 planks, 1 large nails (for the frame), and 1 small nails (for the rows).
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    Have to say, I lost a fairly expensive coin in the mail before and it was replaced within 48hrs. You might wait forever on a GM but Rolf's pretty good when it comes to this.
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    The engine. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=HhyyUiYQolA [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl54WZtm0QE&feature=related The mechanics imo are trivial, if you want to appeal to a wider audience then you need to keep up with technology. People spend a alot of money on fast computers but Wurm doesn't make use of them. I know it's an indie game but I also know there are other indie games out there that aren't as in-depth as Wurm but they run a whole lot smoother because they are not limited as much by the engines they use. AFAIK, the reason why multi-story houses and bridges and flowing water and a whole bunch of other kool things are taking so long because of the limits Java has and some poor soul is racking their brain trying to work around it. That's great! but it's not very practical, especially since there are so many other options available. Let me say it like this; You maked some babies with a woman (oi, oi), lets says you were lucky and got 4 at once. Now your mini cooper is still a good car for driving yourself around but now you need some extra seats, something which anything you do, will not make happen because you are bound by laws. So what can you do? Nothing.. You have to accept the fact your car is a classic and just doesn't meet your requirements any more. It's time to buy a new car so your family can travel in safety and comfort because you know technology is now providing better cars for your benefit. (< Best I could come up with ^) Those links are to just show the sort of things that are available because of technology, I am no expert nor do I pretend to be but from what I can see technology is coming to the stage now where we really can have entire worlds to play on with real physics and everything on large scales, I even read some talk of an actual globe world with gravity and an orbit like a real Earth. So imo, there is no reason why Wurm shouldn't be limited by anything other than it's creator. Rolf did a great job but it's time to accept the fact, Java doesn't do the concept of Wurm justice! That is my opinion feel free to attack it, just don't make it personal.
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    I must be true with you: I love that . A hard game divides who will endure, and who will leave no matter what. Im still here cause im a proud (too proud) and very persistent player, and actually I only care for players who can pass the 2st week. Of course I help new players with just hours or mins in the game! But I dont hope too much from them. If they survived the 1st week and keep being positives, then they are alive for me.