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    Guys, like DevBlog said: Good luck with the voting, and election. But keep this in mind. I SAID KEEP IT IN MIND!!!
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    Hey all, I was going to make this a blog post but then I thought that might be a bit over the top so I will just add it as an addition to the next proper blog post. Basically as of right now our facebook group has 389 'likes' which is cool but it means that only 388 of you (besides myself) have a regular feed of the stuff I put up on there, and on Twitter 738. This is not enough! I'd love to blog everything on the dev blog (as that goes to the forum, twitter, facebook and the launcher) however that would get a bit spammy. What we do instead is we start discussions, ask little questions, put up teasers and some other cool stuff on twitter and facebook. It's a great way for you to be able to engage with us, ask us questions, and see some of what we are up to. Many of the individual team members are on Twitter too and they would love to hear from you! What I would love to see is more players following us on Twitter and Facebook! So, as a special reward... I will see to it that once we hit 1,000 facebook likes, a random player who has liked this forum post will recieve a mega-rare set of tools (in-game of course) made from silver. These are not craft-able by players, although they act just like normal tools. NOTE: The old competition was one of our facebook followers but it was pointed out that we can not do this, so instead the winner will be selected from someone who has liked this forum post, once we hit 1,000 facebook 'likes'. Remember: You will only win if the Facebook page is liked or our twitter account followed, so no sneaky business!
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    It would be nice if we had some kind of visual indicator for the rare drumroll, so that if we have sound off for some reason, we still know when it happens. I was thinking a blue colored message in event along the lines of "You suddenly feel inspired" would be adequate.
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    And the best thing! He comes with a left wing and a right wing included!
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    Selling Horses, Cattle, Bison, Poultry & Deer Sales Spreadsheet (Updated Daily) https://docs.google....BIRUxSR1E#gid=4 We are located on Celebration server south of Tap Dance Dump Map - http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Explusalpha Map - http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ Feel free to pm Ingame, IRC or Forums with questions or to reserve a critter
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    This is a mechanic that has bothered me since first planting my deed. Even without setting to a democracy, a deed owner is forced to trust his villagers not to swindle him out of a deed. At low placement/upkeep values this isnt a huge deal, btu on a multi gold deed this could be a real issue. That said, my suggestion is this: Autocracy : Zero % chance of removal of mayor. AKA - mayor is OWNER of deed. Oligarchy : 80% required to vote new mayor in. Democracy : 50% or whatever it is now, required to vote a new mayor in. I feel this would resolve a lot of issues. please vote yes.
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    My forum search has not found anything such as this, so here goes. Dirt dug is thrown directly into cart (think wheel barrow). Steps: 1. Target cart (game checks: see if cart in range, permissions, is accessible (not through a wall/fence)) 2. Dig - Dirt goes directly into cart (if cart full or no cart targeted dig fails or goes to player inventory dirt drops to ground on tile you are standing on as a pile) - Player inventory is not accessed, dirt does not cycle through inventory on its way to the cart. I would think that current in game code should be able to be used for most of this.
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    I propose two new farming products, one an actual crop the other a byproduct. Hay would be a crop. It'd be similar in appearance to wheat crops, but greener and without the head of grain. You could get hay seeds by 'picking seeds' from mixed grass. Unlike other crops, when harvested hay tiles wouldn't turn back into dirt, but instead revert to their 'seedling stage' like when you just plant them and start growing again. (This mimics the real life production of hay, in which a field is sown only once and continually harvested from). After harvesting, you could make hay-bales from the hay and strings of cloth. Maybe 2 strings of cloth and 10 bushels of hay. Hay bales would weigh around 25kg and when dropped, animals would go to it and eat it instead of grass tiles. 1 bale of hay could feed a horse/cow/bull for about one or two (wurm) weeks, lasting less time proportionate for how many animals are eating from it. The other product would be straw, a byproduct of all cereal crops (Oat, Wheat, Barley, and Rye). After harvesting the crop from the cereals, it would leave behind a tile of "<Crop> Stalks" which could be harvested again with a scythe to yield straw. Straw could be used for thatch, forge fuel, bedding (Maybe an alternative to bear fur in beds?) flooring, etc.
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    So currently Alchemy has only a few uses due to the Natural substances skill, obviously healing covers, dye and a few other things. I'd like to see it have more uses, things like Natural remedies and short term buffs, tools could include a pestle and mortar (use the milling skill maybe?) and maybe use a knife to cut certain herbs etc, using pottery flasks to hold the created remedies. for example you could create potions that do different things: -speeds healing by 2x for a certain amount of time -allows you to carry more weight for a short amount of time -cures internal wounds -acts as an antidote to poison wounds specifically (more effective than a healing cover and replaces its use, more dosage taken per wound/size of wound) -cuts aggro range of hostile creatures by 20% -reduce stamina loss through actions by 10% and on the other side there is hostile uses such as: -poisoning enemy water supplies -powders added to shards that increase damage against specific building types (wood/stone) Time of effect would be small, maybe half an hour at 90QL, and dosage and strength would depend on amount of materials used versus water used. Dosages wouldnt stack, so only one active at a time I'm sure theres plenty more uses for it these wer just a few ideas.
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    I’ve spent a bit longer coding the required 3D collision for multi storey buildings but as it looks now it’s working pretty much perfectly. You won’t be able to attack or steal between different levels or do other nasty things that shouldn’t be possible. The code has also been revamped in the core and is faster and more coherent. Now I plan on spending a week on taking care of a slew of pesky old bugs. We’re discussing a server update tomorrow but we need to make sure we don’t break too much since it also requires client and possibly pack updates. Today is election day in the US. I wish you all the best and hope that you make a good decision! View the full article
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    I can understand the angst that losing some prize livestock can cause people. I have today lost 5 dogs and can only find 2. Now the quality of these animals was not great and I understand that dogs are not exactly the top of the tree as regards achievements however, I do feel that we have to remind ourselves that we are talking about pixels here! Animals do get lost in real life, they do stray out of fields. This is the first time that this has ever happened to me in over 15 months playing on two servers. If it does not become a regular occurence I will gladly donate a few head of livestock in return for some of the improvements promised in December. I hope that everyone finds what they have lost. Let us support Rolf and his team.
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    what are those rules good for then?
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    This is only there because this update was kind of sudden and unexpected for me. The full changes will be in the main update later on, so you might get some jittery lights still at the moment...ignore them. The lights will still be a lot better than the old cave lights, so I'm sure you can deal with a few small problems that might occur.
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    It'd be kind of fun if the effects you got were completely random for each person, or each time. "You feel like you could lift a mountain!" "Uh oh, it burns when you pee. You're diseased." "Your villagers suddenly become attractive. Including the pigs." "You start believing that one leg is shorter than the other." "You lose all motivation to think." "Everywhere becomes a bed." "You randomly attack things out of anger." "You keep hurting yourself."
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    instead of cart maybe it could automatically start a pile on the ground.
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    I bet there's a conspiracy somewhere... Just a quick question - if the PR team is there to relay relevant information to the public & players, why would the public & players then get access to chat logs between devs and the PR team? Would that just not defeat the purpose of the PR team?
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    I think this would be a better alternative to having enchanted grass packed.
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    Lets make it real fun.. lets use orienteering! Or maybe Geo-caching.. place small containers like pouches with items for the person who finds it.. all directions will be provided using real navigation standards...
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    I'm aware of this and I check for new posts. I call BS on the last sentence however. If they can take the time to make twitter accounts for Wurm updates, and post updates, then they can make a simple post as well. How else is a new player to see this stuff? I see people still complaining about lack of animations, or outdated graphics, yet how are they to know where this new stuff is when it's not on the official forums, and unless I'm utterly blind there isn't even an official thread showing where to find this stuff (twitters, etc)? Are the twitter accounts even "official"? This stuff needs to be more public so people see it, and remain hopeful of what's to come, rather than see nothing and leave. Yeah, it might not be for me to say, but having your soon-to-be new products unveiled in a random forum thread by some random forum member that follows a possibly unofficial twitter account is a terrible way to promote this Wurm 1.0 ordeal. We have a section for incoming graphics and changes, why don't we.... use it?
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    Hi All! A quick teaser of the improved lighting for caves Budda and myself are working away at. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but I think these images really highlight the important changes being done. Lots of thanks to Budda for putting up with me bugging him while he was at work to toss around ideas, and for getting all the code in while I slept Current cave is on top, new cave lights are on the bottom. All lamps in view are lit. Current: New! Current: New!
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    Can we please have a command to shut off global freedom chat, and a way to make /ignore work cross server? Currently there is no avoiding the mindbloggling thoughtflow of some people in global chat and it is causing a lot of frustration. Only by turning all freedom chats off, both global AND local server chat, it can be completely ignored, but there should be a way to turn specifically global chat off. Ontop of that, we should be allowed to /ignore someone, regardless of where they are. Cross-server PMS would also be great. I think it'd be appreciated by many, many people.
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    Well, Here we are one month from release of Wurm 1.0 and I am sure everyone is as excited as I am for the new improvements. I have been playing since 2006 and the new avatar models and visible armor have been my most sort after item. How about some more sneak peaks?? hmmm ... or maybe a preview video of the avatar? What has been shown so far is very limited so how about it devs!
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    Since I'm in the process of grinding loads of LWing, I'm pretty much swimming in studded sets. So if you're new/newish and in need of some 60ish ql armor, head on over to Ultimarus in the north(32x7y) and grab one off the armor rack I'll try to keep stocked for the time being and since my house is off deed you shouldn't have any trouble doing so. Now, if you'd like to extend a little 'thank you' my way I've also set up a large barrel in which you can place leather and rivets which I'm always in need of. Anyways, if you try to make your way up here be quite careful - northern roads are dangerous.
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    then just remove them from pvp servers. hurray for another nerf to general gameplay becuase of a pvp unbalance!
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    On the update it seems all animals were able to walk through fences and thus everything was set free. So now were going to have to rely on the integrity of people back there stuff.. Come on wurm community Prove me wrong and help your neighbor. LETS DO IT !!
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    this pretty much. Now for the love of god, remove trolls bashing.
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    I think it'd be awesome if bell towers would ring automatically every in-game hour. Having read recent commentary about Spirit Templars using Huge Oil Barrels to refuel Street Lamps, I think it would be clever if they rang the bell every real-time hour (server time). Some people may not like this, so I suggest a toggle option upon right clicking bell-towers. User suggestions are: Local bell towers ring for players when their custom timers run out. Since this is client side it wouldn't be a form of harass. I think this would add a great atmospheric feel to player-owned deeds with Spirit Templars. Please discuss what you like or dislike about this suggestion.
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    Hello friends, Surviverman (the spelling is intentional) is a new toon I created for the purpose of trying to survive on Freedom without any means of support and without any tools. The adventures of Surviverman is being blogged and I invite you to read along. http://surviverman-on-wurm.blogspot.com/ Here is an excerpt from Day 1 of my adventure. ... The trip to my sponsor's deed (the other characters I play in Wurm) took my water down to 60%. Just as in real-life survival, food and water are almost immediate concerns. I decided to start foraging and botanizing grass tiles as I made my way to the edge of the Dragon Fang mountain. I was able to pick up some very critical first supplies by doing this. Most importantly, the sage and parsley I botanized allowed me to create a very important item: a healing cover! This would be useful should I encounter an animal that left me with a medium-level or higher injury. Reaching the cliff, I climbed up a few tiles and began rummaging. I was looking for two very important items. Iron rock is a crude form of iron that I could use to fashion my first primitive tool. I did find 3 of them and eventually located the second item - a rock shard. Attempting to combine these items to create a crude knife took four attempts. Just as I completed my knife, my stamina gave out and I fell a few tiles to the grass below. Though I suffered a few bruises, nothing was broken! And now I had my first tool! I was very excited. By this time I was growing quite thirsty and decided to head down to the coast for some much-needed water. I was pleased with my foraging and botanizing. I had obtained onion, garlic (very important), sage, parsley, nettles, a few blueberries, a strawberry, oregano, rosemary, lingonberry, basil, thyme, woad, belladonna, and some sassafras. Not a bad start at all! And I had a knife. Things were looking good! Checking over my list of supplies, I noticed that I could make a shovel blade and a pickaxe head using the knife against the rock shard. A few attempts and I was able to add these important items to my inventory. I was especially concerned about the shovel. If I could make a shovel, I could get clay. If I could get clay, I could make a jar which would enable me to carry water away from the coastline and into the wilderness. That became my next goal. ...
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    More siege engines would be one way to balance out any possible height bonus to archery: towers, movable cover, shielded rams, etc Atm shields and being able to build walls for cover are somewhat effective.
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    Wonder how the dragons that are penned up are faring with all the updates going on?
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    I suggest torches, so cozy
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    I voted YES. I still operate my deed(s) as a "Homestead" and not a Village. I still disagree with the Homestead category of deed being removed during the 2010 revamp...Why?.... because not all deeds will be run as villages no matter how mad that makes some Players and Devs. People do different things with deeds besides running a village.This is a sandbox mmo and I will run my deed as I see fit damnit, and that will be as a Homestead. Only themepark mmos tell Players that Players have to do stuff only one way, and telling Players that all deeds are "Villages" is about as themepark as somebody can get imho. I as a Deed owner should be able to invite a player to be my guest on my deed without fear that a guest could ever take over said deed. Under the current deed system that means the guest will be a citizen. No "guest", even if they are a citizen, should ever be able to vote out the owner as mayor unless that deed as been set to democracy by that owner/mayor. If the Deed is set as a Democracy then of course the citizens should have the right to vote in a new mayor.... but deeds that are set to democracy will tend to be real villages, not homesteads or other like most of us run. Yes I believe most deeds are run as Homesteads or "Land Trusts" ("Land Reserves"), not as villages. We don't need to go back to the old system imo, but Players need to get the idea out of their heads that all deeds are villages. That will never be true. If some Players want to allow other Players to vote them out as Mayor then that's thier choice. "To Each His or Her Own." I just don't want it to happen to me, and I want the settlement options to keep that from happening. I will never say yes to a request from another Player to join my deed as a citizen, nor shall I invite another Player until I have 100% control of my deed through settlement options. To me that means.... Yes we need to have the "vote out the mayor" option removed from Dictatorship Deeds/settings. Does that mean I am probably a jerk? Maybe... but since we have to have deeds just to keep the thieves off our porch in Wurm then by the gods I better be able to keep Players from voting me off the porch as well.
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    This would make terraforming much easier, fingers crossed this idea is introduced into the game
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    Yes, make a desktop shortcut to javaws.exe, with the target as: "C:\Whatever\Your\Java\Path\Is\java.exe" http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp Alternatively, run "javaws.exe -viewer" and install the shortcut for whatever client you're using. Though I think with this update it might install shortcuts by default, may need to check that though. (May only install the shortcuts on first install, I'm not sure.)
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    +1 We were talking about this is vent the other day, and how neat it would be to do a raid, and poison all the water wells on the enemy deed. You would have to constantly taste the water in fear of getting killed. Some potion ideas I have had: -Strength potion (body strength) -Endurance potion (body stamina) -Agility potion (body control) -Fortitude potion (soul strength) -Clarity potion (soul depth) Each potion would have a cap to it, like forest giant strength, so it helps newbie players, but doesn't put older account even further ahead. Also different weapon poisons: -Sapping poison (reduces stamina regeneration, and increases stamina drain) -Disorientation poison (produces a green tunnel on the effected characters screen)
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    So do I, though it has lead to my arrest for indecent exposure multiple times.
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    +1 i have missed a drumroll once and looked at a shiney nail for quite some time , plus it can help with the complains of people never making or attempting a rare just cuz they have volume off , all we can say is "scroll up im sure there is a rare attempt somewhere"
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    Under no circumstance should you get a high ql slab of ore after smelting. Maybe 2/3 the ql of the initial item?
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    No there shouldn't. And yes they should.
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    In my opinion they look buggy and, well, I dunno, I can't think of a word other than ugly. I know what you mean and I agree, but I think the way these punishments are implemented is just wrong.
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    Eeerrw quick get a snake to eat it.
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    EVERY action a Gm does it logged, posted and reviewed by the entire team up to and including Rolf. A Gm account is logged 8 ways to Sunday and reviewed for even the slightest infractions. Every ban we do is posted for the entire team to review and is discussed and used as a review / teaching lesson for newer GM's. Every action we do, we post about, to cover our asses from a player base that tries to get us fired for farting into a stiff breeze As was stated before, please for the love of all that provides cookies, stop stating as fact a system that you know not how it works. and to amadee, yes, the wrong answer and getting kicked anyway was a direct accident on my part, i sent a global announce as soon as i saw what i did to every player on the server, perhaps you were still offline at the time, but i immediately apologized for my screw up with fat finger syndrome.
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    How about adding in that if the deed mayor changes the renaming timer is reset so if you're buying a deed you can rename it right away?
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    I was wondering why an arched wall require the same amount of bricks as a solid wall. For me it makes more sense to use a support beam to start an arched wall and then use between 10 and 15 bricks and mortar to complete. Or some variation on that.
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    You will not get any support from the community in this. Unless its a seperate server (such as epic vs Freedom) Epic has 3x skillgain already anyway. Freedom has longtime players, if there was such a chang as this it would cause mass disruption as people who have been playing for years would've lost all that time as people can get it just as fast. That is not how wurm is. Sorry. -1.
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    I give a big +1 for the idea, production and supply of these works of art. That said I'd like to make a comment to those commenting about the price. I'm a business owner, and as such have first hand experience in pricing products for sale and know what it takes to get them on shelves for consumers. I understand that we would all like to have mementos such as these at incredibly low prices, but that is not the reality of life or logic. Please note below potential factors producers must address before pricing an item: The time/effort it took to design the item, including meetings/discussions. The artists skill/expertise to sculpt the original mold. Assuming each is not made by hand individually. The tools/facilities necessary to produce these items were not free and this must be accounted for by the producer. The materials used (which often range in quality and therefore expense). In this case a solid bronze, not plated only. The shipping it costs him/her to aqcuire the various raw materials. These are likely not massed produced in the real sense of the term as it pertains to savings. In the industry, mass production where costs drop significantly is usually at least 10'000 units. Wherever these materials/production faciilities are kept there is an ongoing rent or mortgage that must be accounted for. Even a proper web presence costs money. The producer does not work just to cover his costs, he wants to be able to pay for his wurm addiction etc. etc. The above truly are just some of the potential factors, and more than justify the price already. Our consumer perspectives have been warped by low quality trinkets that cost next to nothing coming from countries that pay their workers $1 a day. This is not that type of product. It's a luxury item, and nobody is forced to buy it. Yes we all would want one, and not everybody should afford one, that is life presently. Consider that if you decided to produce one of these yourself from scratch with the proper materials/tools and assuming you had the skill, the cost would be... much much more. Consumers rarely think of how much the infrastructure costs, that is needed to get products to market. So, in my lengthy opinion, please lets stop addressing the expense. And thank you for making this item available. Yes we want one, or five. No we are not all entitled to have one. Those are my 87 cents (inflation).
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    I've come to a decision. As long as there are merchants in the stands at Golden Market, and as long as any current or future mayor does not wish for it to be otherwise, I will donate to maintain its monthly upkeep. It's the only major market reachable by foot in the Northwest, and it just feels like the right thing to do to keep it alive, in memoriam.
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    Hot food cooking is a pretty in-depth skill as it is now. There are many, many, many recipes and subskills involved. Currently, there are many food items produced by hot food cooking or another cooking skill, but, other than casseroles and meals, hardly any of them are ever made or consumed. I find this dissapointing. We have recipes ranging from cakes, to porridge, to delicious soups and tuna caseroles. What I would like to suggest is "cravings" (okay, maybe not the exactly right word, but I simply don't know the proper word so bear with me ) A craving would be much like a mission. It randomly appears and randomly goes away. For example, your character could suddenly get a craving for a blueberry jam sandwich, or some nice hot soup. It would appear with a message in event "your stomach grunts at you and you're really hungry for a <food item> now.". The food item would be a completely random item picked from the database. It would be great if the databse could even recognize ingredients, such as "nettle soup". If that's not doable, just any random food item would work - wether its a little herring or blueberry, or a strawberry cake or meal. Eating your craving item will not lower your nutrition, but it will fill your food bar by however amount you eat. Ontop of that, eating your craved food will also give you +20 KARMA. as it stands right now, karma is near impossible to gain on the freedom isles but doing a mission on epic gives you 1000(?) karma, so I don't think it's a huge thing to ask, just a little reward to make the immense food system in wurm more desirable. TL;DR version; Character can get cravings Eating craved item gives +20 karma No nerfs, only small bonus Hopefully makes more use of the depth of the cooking system.
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    (This is based off of events from this page http://www.wurmpedia...x.php/Backstory) A hand written account of the Golden Valley Conference found in the Kellon library in Rockingfjord. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is 980 NT, and I have been given the privilige of seeing a strange event on the dawn of a new age, so I will write about it for future generations to read. For the first time in the history of the three empires, the emperors are going to talk face to face. Around me in the the finest boats of Jen-Kellon are the finest knights of Jen-Kellon. They will protect the Emperor with their lives if this confrontation becomes violent. I have a feeling it will, for the Blacklighters are never trustworthy. You may be wondering by now why on Wurm our terrible Emperor has agreed to meet with the Emperors of Mol-Rehan and Horde of the Summoned in the middle of the Gull Sea. And you may be wondering why I agreed to join the nobles and wise men on this journey. It sounds like a trap, and I feel worse about this every time I think about it. However, there is a reason for me joining on this boat ride. I'll begin by explaining events that happened a few months ago. People all over our horrible empire started having strange dreams. Everyone who had it explained it the same way. They dreampt of an island made of pure gold in a vast ocean. On the island they saw four figures: two female and two male. They all described them the same way, and the priests eventually realized that they were describing the gods. Lybia, Vynora, Magranon and Fo were all there in peace. People then say that out of the water came 3 people. One had the pale skin of a blacklighter, one carried a shield of Jen-Kellon, and the other carried a shield of Mol-Rehan. Then apparently, the gods led the people to a worldportal, where they went inside and entered a new world. And then, there was a strange discovery on the isle of Golden Valley, an island in the Gull Sea that was captured from Lómaner after they were finally defeated by Jen-Kellon 150 years ago, begging the expansion of our cruel empire. Jen-Kellon wise men quickly went to examine the discovery. It was a worldportal, the first discovered in who knows how long. After many negotiations with the leaders of the other empires, we learned that Mol-Rehanians and Hordesmen were all having the same dream. It was decided then, that we were all to meet on the isle in peace. I'm going to sleep now. We arrive at the isle tomorrow.