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    Having watched trolls run GL chat for ..7 hours today (again) and my server kchat I'm at a loss to explain why we have GM's and chat rules? Lets call them "boat rescuers" and leave it at that, simply delete the harassment and such from the rules of play we all signed to play wurm. Rather then have a mockery made of the rules? Lets just delete them I'm sick of the trolling and name calling that goes on. I'd like to use GL to converse with other folks playing wurm but there's no chance. Another stake in the coffin of wurm, oh yeah did I mention the lag and dc's in the last 2 weeks?
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    This should be a rather simple fix to a lot problems. Don't allow aggressive animals to randomly step onto deeds (or even perimeter) unless it's being lured into. This should cut down on the random corpses scattered around the map from deeds that have nothing but a templar set to kill on it.
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    Conflicts... they are natural everywhere. However, i think the code must be a guide that must be respected as a mean to keep things running cool. If you like griefing, annoying people or acting like a stupid 14 years old kid, then go get yourself killed in one of those PvC ( Player versus chaos server ) in wurm and leave Freedom for the goodwill players.
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    Hmm but wouldn't it make studded armor useless, I mean trolls aren't that hard to kill with the help of tower guards so I don't think it will be difficult for players to get the hides. And if it's tough as studded and light as cloth, that will make studded armor quite useless. It might be better to make it as good as normal leather armor, but then I don't think trollhide armor would be useful.
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    Ok, first an introduction. Some weeks ago, the major of our deed, tell me that she want to remplace the crude iron street lamps with street brass lamps, this model: We chit-chated a bit about the matter, and after some research found we need around 50-60 lamps, then I started to look for those lamps, in game and in forum, I was about to give up, because even wen we offer a good price, no one jump over our order, but then a guy in our server offered to take the job, so we come to an agreement about the price, the amount, and a reazonable time frame to fullfill the order. To my surprise, a few days after, this person contact me again, and tell me he have to refrain our contract without complete it, so he give me 20 lamps, a good discount, and lots of apologies for not be able to acomplish the order. The days passed and we yet lack of about 40 lamps, the original plan was to get only 40 ql lamps, so wen i turned the 40 BS decided to do the lamps by my self. I go to the public mine and mine lots of copper, then a friend kindly grant me acces to his own zinc veins, and the things started to go on. At first i was a bit concerned, because while brass and his cousin Bronze are pretty low level aloys used since the prehistory and a fairly common one in the middle age, in wurm seem like there are more like a super metal of the goods, maybe with some super utility or something like that, because if not i can´t see the reazon to make it more difficult to obtain than enriched uranium. Its at least unreal, for not say stupid, to mix 1 kg of a refined metal with 1kg of another refined metal, and end with 0,10 kg of an allmost useless aloy. Can some one explain to me as if i where a 5 years old kid where are the other 1,9 kg of the mix? are our forges capables of such high temps to make some of the metal get vaporized? While i know the fact that with very low metalurgy skill i can´t pretend to obtain high ql end product, at least be a bit more real and give me 2kg of Brass/Bronze out of 1Kg of zinc + 1 kg of copper, or at least 1,5-1,8, but 0,10 really? Its Brass, (or Bronze) not gold or platinum cmon, its a low tech aloy that men knows allmost since he learn how to melt metals with fire. But to make it more ridicoulous, in wurm brass is one of the most useless aloys, the only things you can do are lamps and pendulums, thats all, no armor, no weapons, no keys, no hinges, no padlocks, no nothing, only lamp heads (2 kind) a pendulum ball and anbother one thing i don´t remember rigth now. But w8 the history doesn´t ends there, there is more griefing to the poor smither trying to make use of brass. In the end after a lot of mining, and a lot of fustrating metalurgy, i´ve ended with a fair amount of brass lumps, and was lucky enough to get a 6,4kg lup of 37ql, so i used all the low ql one to make lamp heads, there was a bit of ligth in the end of the tunnel, because i see each lamp head use around 0,8 kg of lump, so i was pretty happy, cause i was thinking that even if not a breeze like iron ones, brass lamps aren´t a unreachable thing. At the end i got 43 brass lamp heads, and in the end turned into 43 brass street lamps, even was lucky enough to obtain a hanfull of unfinished ones that go in the range of 14-25 wen finalised. I empty my forge, put all 43 lamps there and my precious, my own, my shiny 37ql 6,4 kg lump, wahited until glowing hot, and the reality of wurm come over me, and crushed my dreams of 40ql lamps. So in the first image, you can see there, a 25ql one (yeah), couple of 23ql, one allmost 22ql, a couple of 20ql, and a bunch of lower ones, but hey, if a full lamp only uses 0,8kg, while i will not be able to imp all the lamps to 40 or close, at least half or more... Then, the first punch in my face (to be honest that fells more like a kick in my theet) Yes, as you see, a single imp to 25,72 from 25,26 (a measly 0,46) consumed 0,25kg of the my shiny lump, i was o.O this can´t be real, must be some kind of error, or graphick bug, or my client got the wrong decimal rounding... Yeah, you wish. Oh! look, i got a 39ql one, and only cost me half of that lump.... The sade end, after the shiny was completely gone Oh yeah, i got one at 39, 95 other at 37,32, and one downgraded from 23,18 to 23,07, and only at the cheap cost of 6,4kg ol brass lump. Btw, for the ones that never did brass, this mean 64kg of copper + 64kg of zink, or a total amount of 2560 kg of ore, yes as you can read, a full large cart and a 1/4 of other of ores, just to improve 2 lamps from 25 to 39, and to degrade other, lets not forget that one. Then imho, something is very wrong with that picture, and really need to be changed, idk, make the mixing yield more aloy or reduce the amount of aloy needed to improve the lamps, but please, do something because rigth now make things out of brass its a very frustrating and disapointing task, and while i´m not against the concept of the challenge, this one is too much, is not a challeng, but a grief. So, i don´t know if developers read this threads, or if even care about the rants of a single player, but i will be more than pleased to read the opinion of others fellows wurmians chossing the ways of the anvil and the hammer, noobs like me, and ofcourse some of the BS monsters out there. One last tought, i´m very aware of the fact the steel can be even worse, but at least steel have really nice uses, you can do all kind of armours, weapons and tools out of steel, each one having good advantages over his pour irons cousins, while in the other hand, brass has so restricted uses that make it allmos not worth all the trouble to work with. Salu2.
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    Suggestion for the upcoming Wurm 1.0 enhancements. Trolls would need to produce a special hide when butchered. Regular trolls might drop a 6 kg hide, "Conditioned" trolls (fierce etc) might drop a 9kg hide, Chap trolls might drop a 16kg hide. Kind of a "poor man's drake," this armor would have all of the toughness of studded armor, combined with the lightness and speed of cloth armors. But unlike drake, you cannot imp it with regular leather but only with more trollhide. It would not be quite as "pretty"/polished/ornate in looks as as domestic leather armors but still look good.
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    That's never a solution. Add ignore that works cross server, add global turning off separate from server's kchat, get rid of all the fracking trolls who pretend to be moderators.
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    While it is no real cure for the low amount of brass/bronze you obtain per successful creation action, it may easen the improving proces a little: You can use the 0.10kg lumps of bronze/brass to improve the lamp with, instead of a combined lump of bigger size. As the lamp weighs 5kg, the amount of lump consumed is 0.25kg (5% of the item's weight). By not combining, you can work around it a bit, giving you 2.5 times more improving actions than if you would improve with 0.25kg pieces of lump per action. I hope this helps a bit, it's how I manage to make a few brass lamps from time to time without getting the urge to just forfeit and go for iron street lamps. Ps. You can look at it this way. Although the brass street lamps are pretty tedious to make from scratch, it's more of an extra than a necessity; an item mainly used to add some decorative purposes aswell as a bit better lighting (if I recall correctly), compared to the more common iron street lamps. -edit- fixed a typo
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    Isn't that just a Ponzi scheme? If someone wants to cash out their $660 bucks you pay em from someone else's money, but no-one ever will when they could earn more than that next month, therefore infinite money?
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    Lesson #1 If it appears too good to be true and concerns money. It is too good to be true.
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    seriously.. i wanted this account badly and the guy sells it to you.. and then you just sell it a week after that's cool
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    I hate the " Oh, if u don't like it, deed it... blablbabla rules, rules, rules " If someone does something non-rp and against the main idea, there's no "problem" because there isn't written in a goddamn RULES PAGE! Grown up! things doesn't depends soley on rules!. He owns the place, pays for the upkeep, but that's not justify his griefer behaviour, the corpses are never butcherred, it's griefing, everyone can see it.
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    Wurm Assistant is a bundle of tools for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Supported systems: Windows only Click to watch a video showcase of all Wurm Assistant features. What does it do, in a nutshell: Log Searcher - searching through game logs. Triggers - play sounds or show popups on log events. Timers - for complex grinds like prayer, meditation. Option to add custom timers. Granger - managing creatures. Calendar - tracking in-game harvest seasons. Crafting Assistant - widget window showing next tool required to improve an item. Skill Stats - handy statistics about current skill levels and a skill gain benchmarker. Reveal Creatures Parser - shows a summary of the last 'reveal creatures' spell cast. Note: does not work for other similar spells / devices. Up since 2010 and still kickin! Roadmap: No new features are going to be added to Wurm Assistant, as I'm no longer working on the project. Support is given for Wurm Online issues and keeping tools operational for new Wurm Online versions. Wurm Unlimited is supported as-is. It should work but mods may possibly break features and any issues introduced by new WU versions will only be fixed if reported in detail to me. There are some long outstanding bugs in the tool. They won't be fixed because it would require too much effort. Please refer to this thread history for reference and potential solutions, should you encounter any of these. ----------------- Download: First make sure these things are installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. You should have it on newer versions of windows, but if not... official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 (this exact version, not newer ones!) Redistributable Package (x86), official download link here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328 If not sure, running setup will tell if they are already installed. Then download Wurm Assistant itself: WurmAssistant3Launcher.zip Unzip into any folder. There are known issues when folders contain non-standard characters (like letters existing only in one language). For best experience unzip at the root of your drive eg: C:\WurmAssistant\ Use AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe to run WA. If you suspect WA has/is a malware or your anti-virus scanner flags it, please scan it at https://www.virustotal.com/. If you run into any issues, first see FAQ section at the end of this post for common fixes. Known issues: Some types of *.wav sound files (including most of windows theme sounds!) can not be played by the app. This can't be fixed as sound engine is 3rd party. It is recommended to try re-saving them as wav or converting to ogg format using any sound editing software. Moving wurm game client folder may require you to run config again. This will fix any odd issues with errors, searching logs, inconsistent timers, granger and so on. Some more advanced features of the launcher: To make WA start with windows: General Help: Frequently Asked Questions: ----------------- Source Code and licensing:
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    I know its popular to think of free players as "free loaders" but they actually DO bring a positive feature to the game that benefits everyone. They add a dynamic bustling population that breathes LIFE into the game. Free players -- and just population in general -- acts as a sort of FREE CONTENT that benefits (most) everyone in the game. They make Villages lively and bustling, they are usually thrilled to take over old abandoned decaying sites and rebuild them into living homesteads again. Even if they are not on a position bto buy a paid subscription, they bring their friends to the game and some of those may well end up as paying players. Paying subscribers are more likely to STAY in the game if their F2P friends in the village continue to play with them. They are the future life blood for Wurm. The not-so-secret reason why F2P has snowballed in the MMO industry, is simply because not everyone has to pay money to bring positive features to a game. Sometimes they add a lot more extra life to a game than even extra paid developers can give. Its popular to blame free players for things like tree deforestation, but my experience is free players only CUT WHAT THEY NEED. When I find an entire region devastated of trees and piles of rotting logs left lying helter skelter where a once beautiful forest stood, I always check the quality of the logs left and the vast majority of times, those logs were not cut by non-premium players. Non-prems usually have enough of a struggle than to worry about leveling their woodcutting skill (and usually can do it just as easily but turning scrap wood into kindling). People say its pointless to replant starter areas with trees because "the noobs will just cut them down again" but I have found the opposite in my replantings -- new players are grateful for the chance to actually play the game and the new spouts I have planted around the Howl area, are doing extraordinarily well except when they get clearcut by premium players (who should know better than to devastate a new player resource area). So this is a suggestion thread with TWO parts -- one is to educate veteran players of the positive benefits that free players can bring to Wurm, and the second is to suggest various small things to make their life a little easier or just a little bit more *FUN* (and hopefully get them so addicted to Wurm, that they are even more eager to earn the silver needed to go Premium). 1) Let them ride cows again. Cows are slow, heck its faster to walk, but it makes them feel a little left out of things to tell them they can;t even ride cows any more, it helps them defend themselves better against wolves and rats. I'd like to see them also be able to hitch a single milk cow to a small cart and drive that -- small carts are practically useless and it would add an element of pride and fun for a new player to travel about in their small cart and Ol' Bessy. Maybe the cow occasionally tosses them off and decides to stop moving. They are still FUN. 2) Let them spar between each other to get fighting skill up to the 20 FS cap. Its a lot more interesting to spar with a friend than to whack at a practice dummy (they have a hard time anyweay getting the pumpkins for those), and being able to get to 20 FS a little less grindy really does no one any harm. 3) Make a few easier low level cooking recipes that have good nutrition. Fish stew is something relatively easy to make with a campfire, clay bowl and fishing rod. Make foraging and botanizing more interesting and have better "payoffs". Maybe a bit more cotton, maybe some better use for things like basil and oregano -- perhaps adding those to a dish adds a little extra kick to it. Let them make something out of apples and blueberries that is easy to make and tasty. Maybe a few surprise discoveries that do not replace crafted items but make it worth their time foraging. 4) Make sickles and fishing poles an easier recipe or let them make some type of wooden sprout-picker. Make fishing poles easier for them by making cotton a bit easier to botanize. 5) Make pet dogs and wolves be immune to the PET NERF. A pet dog or pet wolf is hardly going to unbalance PVP, it gives them a friendly and loyal companion who can actually help them out in exploring the countryside. Their pet dog should get hungry less often, stay loyal longer, and be more help in a fight. 6) Allow them to make a dugout canoe that can be carried in a large cart and used to explore coastal areas. It can weigh 120kg like the two keels for a rowboat, so nothing they will lug around very far, but made out of a hatchet and felled tree. Make it impossible to lock or moor, have no inventory, and decay and be unrepairable, and maybe a 3-5 kh max speed, but at least now they can TRAVEL and explore. The decision to not allow boatbuilding inside a large cart, probably hurt lower level players more than anyone else. 7) DON'T add elements that only make veteran player's F2P alts more useful, this is more to get NEW BLOOD into the game and add a little more invigorating life to our communities. 8) Make it somehow more attractive for premium players to somehow "sponsor" a free to player into a premium subscription -- some way they can do an "apprenticeship" where they pay the 10 silver fee but also get the 2 silver cash/7s referral that would normally go to the person who paid for the subscription, without having to share passwords or account info. Make a "gift membership" something that is reasonable attractive for veterans to sponsor a player's first month as premium. . Veteran players are more likely to take that risk on a new player if they know at least some of their investment will come back directly to them. The remaining silver or so, they can have an arrangement perhaps for some work to be done. Or -- make a "sponsored membership" (onetime only! not useful for ongoing subs) cost half the amount of a normal one but include no 2s cash-in-bank and include no referral. Hmm I am sure there are other things -- but I think also one of the BEST things we can do for free players, is make them feel more welcomed and wanted, because they CAN be an immensely positive addition to the game. They are the way we will "grow" the game -- even if they don;t become paying subscribers, they are more likely to bring in their friends and say nice things about Wurm on other gaming sites, and some of those may well be our future population. For those worried about outside griefers using F2P accounts to terrorize the playerbase, there are ways that can discourage those without also discouraging people who legitimately WANT to learn to love Wurm.
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    Makes night time so much more enjoyable! Also now adds lava spiders as household pet.
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    Starting bid at 5s Increments of 1s Buyout is 20s There IS a hidden reserve Since long bows cannot be mailed to servers other then the one you're on I'll deliver to any server other than Deli Auction ends at 6pm EST on Tuesday, October 23rd Happy bidding Many thanks to Herrfritz for imping this, buy his bows! Also check out Kharm's merchant at Puzzle Plaza on Deli, he's the one who turned the bow rare.
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    I'll let you take a guess.... That's right, how utterly FAIL they are. I am currently stuck, sitting on the edge of deli drowning, as I can't board my own freaking boat. Can't move from the tile i'm drowning on. And of course, zero GM's are online or responsive. Not the first time this has happened and, trust me because if you can't already tell, I'm getting extremely tired of this crap, This needs fixed, like.. a year-plus ago. I'm just about fed up with consistent bugs that multiple people report, never getting corrected. Sorry if I'm wrong here, but I'd say the ability to cross borders to/from multiple servers, to be a big one. /endrant
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    This is the new CA's we have. The ones that dislike community and are doing everything to tear it down. Maybe it is just a few but you know what they say about a bad apple. Damn need to throw the whole barrel out. Guess that isn't happening though. Will be more like throw the whole community out. Oh well.
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    No, just no. There are starter deeds that are owned by Rolf and the GMs, last thing we need is more area undeedable. You can remake steppe, deserts, and forest regions. When the tundra goes you're outta luck, but thats just how the wind blows my friend.
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    theres enough bonuses as there is really
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    Agreed, 95% loss in creating brass (2KG source, .1KG result) is way over the top. There are two reasons for setting the return on investment in game, one is realism and the other is balance. Given that this is neither realistic nor particularly balancing it really should be changed. Zinc is lost in the process, essentially brass is formed by zinc vapor reacting with the copper to form brass. A quick google assisted scan shows that in Roman times the zinc to copper ratio was about 20%. So a realistic process would be 1KG of copper + 1KG of zinc gives 1.2KG of brass. That's 12X the return in Wurm. That seems to leave a lot of room between the current state and a pure realism state for Rolf to figure out how he wants to balance in terms of time/labor vs return. Something like .4KG or .6KG of brass for 1KG of copper and 1KG of zinc would probably be reasonable.
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    Only thing I don't like about this is that the market will become essentially completely globalized, and nobody but the one offering the lowest prices would be able to move any goods. Currently, the market's slow response to price changes combined with the fact that not everybody can find (or bother to find) the absolutely lowest prices means that more crafters can make a deal without constantly having to undercut each other. I know this is a natural consequence of a free market but I'd be nice to have some discussion on the consequences.
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    Just a tidbit you guys might chuckle over, you want to know where those 250 pages probably came from? Well I can probably give you guys a theory. I'm a freelance writer, and I take a lot of oddball freelance jobs, to help cover the bills, I do projects for lazy collage students, business level research papers, etc. I work off of a site called freelancer.com One of the things you learn quickly on that site is that anything can be sold to anyone if they are willing to pay for it, when it comes to the online medium, I see offers all the time for people to write bogus product reviews, to add a few hundred thousand facebook friends, etc. Its how many of us make a living, solving problems like that. You want to know how a product suddenly gets ton of glowing reviews, when its just junk? Well yea that's what happens, someone finds a freelancer that specializes in that kind of crap. You guys don't believe me look at this : />http://www.freelancer.com/projects/Copywriting-Reviews/Need-Amazon-products-reviews-must.2575408.html />http://www.freelancer.com/projects/Internet-Marketing-Social-Networking/French-Likes-for-Facebook-Page.html I see worse examples than that, but that I see jobs like this posted every day. Most of them are for legit reasons, like that french job posting for facebook likes, but some are just.... yea. Its not hard to figure out they are looking to promote bogus stuff. Don't get me wrong I hate that stuff, and would never take a job like that, I have my principals, even if I have to tighten my belt But they are always taken at the end of the day by SOMEONE who wants to earn a ratty buck Moral of the story, NEVER take anything in the electronic medium at face value, the Glowing Amazon product review? Check it from several different sources before you decide on it. Remember... there are many a poor hungry writer in India who has to make a living somehow
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    Hello. I am not a regular Wurm player but a passionate one and even after longer pauses of playing wurm I keep returning to the game. I like the creative aspect of the game and think that the open world sandbox character of this game is only going to be successful for all players if the actions of the players are based on respect and the regard for the needs and feelings of others. I just returned to my deed to see if everything was still standing and looking as beautiful and quiet as I have left it. A small bakery inside a large forest of beautiful birch, lemon and maple trees. The rural and forestry landscape directly beside a nice green moss field was the main reason I settled there. Being a considerate wurm player I asked all the neighbours (Monktonclown, Zalifear and others) if it would be ok to settle in this forest - I contacted them ingame and through a forum pm. Everyone was very polite and said it was ok to settle there. Now imagine one day you wake up and see your little deed surrounded by an ugly wasteland of gigantuan proportions (Yes the deed right on the left hand side of the picture near the middle of the 'UNCLAIMED land' is my deed): I was shocked to see such a destruction and inconsiderate behaviour on Deli. I expected more from Zalifear. Even a quick PM saying: I don't care what you think of my project I will destroy everything of the area around your deed you like so much because I like deserts. Then at least I would've been able to try to stop it or find a reasonable compromise. But I guess not being a power gamer and being a considerate person means nothing in this game or at least this area. Since I can't do nothing about it now I guess my weeks of work building my little patch of heaven was all for nothing. I know that this post probably won't achieve anything but at least I wanted Zalifear to know that this ruined my day and my motivation to come back to Wurm. Considering that we did have contact several times and I found him very polite and willing to help I am very disappointed in him now. Hakim... owner of 'Hakim's bakery. Now just an annoyance in the middle of a big patch of square sand. Thanks for reading. PS: At least I can keep paying the upkeep so that the bakery will be a little patch of beauty - sort of an oasis in this atrocity. And if that happens to annoy those responsible... all the better. Maybe I'll even plant a few trees, that would be nice! After all this land is unclaimed, isn't it?
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    They can because: As long as someone believes or is greedy enough to fall for the scam there is cash rolling in.
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    Sarc, I'm sorry to tell you this but more and more models will continue to be added. Maybe not topiary but we get new ones frequently. Take out bisons, take out shop signs, take out flags, cancel all the in-progress new graphics, too many models? Gimme a better reason.
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    I wish it would be on the wurm forum where we can vote on wurm things. Not really fond of registering at yet another new website just to voice my opinion on something where i already registered twice. (since forum and in game account have even different passwords and sign up names if i wanted. I get it, security, but still...). I do like to suggest things and discuss, but keeping it in one place would help me out alot.
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    your allowed to place a deed where ever you want. And The FCC is nothing more then a GUIDE LINE! Please read the first lines.
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    Xsyon tried a deal with it approach to ppl doing what ever they wanted. look how that went. some ppl cant be left at home alone.
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    I made 6 70ql rope tools to get one of these. Damn you and your rare luck, darth! 3s
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    No. Winter in Wurm isn't even very accurately portrayed anyway (all trees other than evergreens should not have foliage) and it makes it annoying doing surface mining. Just two examples that make me dislike winter. Anything that results in a longer winter without addressing the issues it currently has makes me give it an extremely big -1.
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    The epic cluster, That being Affliction, Desertion, Serenity and Elevation are all full pvp servers, with raiding and looting. The Chaos server in the Freedom cluster is a pvp server without raiding. Now, on Epic, if you 'die' your corpse will be lootedand anything of value on your person will be taken. However, you can remake those items again relatively quickly as Epic has a 'curve', which allows you to gain skill a lot higher than your statistics show. On Chaos, however, there is no curve. A lot of people that have been playing for over 3 years reside on that server, and most of them are old hands when it comes to pvp. Most of them though are decent people and don't take kindly to bad sportsmanship on their server.
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    i agree with seara as i prefer the winter wasteland look. I greatly dislike the green spring and summers.
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    I think this should be a user-override in the launcher, so they could set the season they are in the mood for, should they want something different.
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    Good luck even getting a rare... watch auction section, useful rares normally get auctioned.
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    To actually have 1.0 released for Xmas. That would be a huge surprise.
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    It's a perfect opportunity for you to gain some skills to. You can imp some items as high as you can get them, then someone else can take over to get them higher. It will take longer to make the items that way as high level crafters imp low levels VERY fast, but it's a community event about getting people working together, so speed isn't of the essence
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    A lunch box that fits one meal for no decay in inventory, or a no-drop keychain that can hold 10 keys are still highest on my list. That said, bugfixes please
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    It's considered 100 in wurm, the harvest you get is 100ql. Even if you get it to 100.00 exactly, you won't see any change...
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    They drop upon pvp death, stay on pve death.
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    Steppe is very easy to restore these days. I've been making quite a lot of it in the last two months, ripping out abandoned deeds in my vicinity that used to be steppes but were converted to wooded lots, then left to rot. Here's how: Use sickle to harvest grass Clearcut (great for WC skill) Use shovel to perform one flatten tick on a tile (not the entire flatten action, just the first tick), which rips up the grass in a 3x3 area. Plant steppes grass in a checkerboard style with a solid row of steppes grass on the edges, like so: Go on about your business. The steppe grass will spread quickly into the unplanted areas. Any trees that manage to make their way into the unconverted dirt tiles won't be able to spread grass, and are easy to fix later. I sympathize with the local hunters that are dealing with this, but I don't think they're handling the situation as well as they could. For one thing, posting tears here on the forums is like griefer happy hour. Somewhere, someone figured out a loophole in the rules and is using it for kicks, and you just gave them their paycheck. Well done. We don't need GM intervention, or changes to the rules regarding deeds. If you want to constrict flow of creatures onto a deed, build a fence in its perimeter to discourage (but not prevent) foot traffic into the deed. Leave some room for the deed owner to get in without passing through gates. If you want more hunting grounds build your own and hope that nobody deeds it. Freedom without a real Wild server does not offer any other options than the ones above.
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    yeah.. i actually hate when people did this on the deli steppe it sucks :/
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    I just beleive it could be useful to change the deeds name, maybe at a cost, but lower than disbanding all the deeds.
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    So essentially with that logic, a templar could also provide you with cotton and vegetables, harvested from your farms? I seriously don't see the logic behind using templars to collect meat. There is no benefit to it, as you are losing out on a lot of skill you could get otherwise.