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    I know its popular to think of free players as "free loaders" but they actually DO bring a positive feature to the game that benefits everyone. They add a dynamic bustling population that breathes LIFE into the game. Free players -- and just population in general -- acts as a sort of FREE CONTENT that benefits (most) everyone in the game. They make Villages lively and bustling, they are usually thrilled to take over old abandoned decaying sites and rebuild them into living homesteads again. Even if they are not on a position bto buy a paid subscription, they bring their friends to the game and some of those may well end up as paying players. Paying subscribers are more likely to STAY in the game if their F2P friends in the village continue to play with them. They are the future life blood for Wurm. The not-so-secret reason why F2P has snowballed in the MMO industry, is simply because not everyone has to pay money to bring positive features to a game. Sometimes they add a lot more extra life to a game than even extra paid developers can give. Its popular to blame free players for things like tree deforestation, but my experience is free players only CUT WHAT THEY NEED. When I find an entire region devastated of trees and piles of rotting logs left lying helter skelter where a once beautiful forest stood, I always check the quality of the logs left and the vast majority of times, those logs were not cut by non-premium players. Non-prems usually have enough of a struggle than to worry about leveling their woodcutting skill (and usually can do it just as easily but turning scrap wood into kindling). People say its pointless to replant starter areas with trees because "the noobs will just cut them down again" but I have found the opposite in my replantings -- new players are grateful for the chance to actually play the game and the new spouts I have planted around the Howl area, are doing extraordinarily well except when they get clearcut by premium players (who should know better than to devastate a new player resource area). So this is a suggestion thread with TWO parts -- one is to educate veteran players of the positive benefits that free players can bring to Wurm, and the second is to suggest various small things to make their life a little easier or just a little bit more *FUN* (and hopefully get them so addicted to Wurm, that they are even more eager to earn the silver needed to go Premium). 1) Let them ride cows again. Cows are slow, heck its faster to walk, but it makes them feel a little left out of things to tell them they can;t even ride cows any more, it helps them defend themselves better against wolves and rats. I'd like to see them also be able to hitch a single milk cow to a small cart and drive that -- small carts are practically useless and it would add an element of pride and fun for a new player to travel about in their small cart and Ol' Bessy. Maybe the cow occasionally tosses them off and decides to stop moving. They are still FUN. 2) Let them spar between each other to get fighting skill up to the 20 FS cap. Its a lot more interesting to spar with a friend than to whack at a practice dummy (they have a hard time anyweay getting the pumpkins for those), and being able to get to 20 FS a little less grindy really does no one any harm. 3) Make a few easier low level cooking recipes that have good nutrition. Fish stew is something relatively easy to make with a campfire, clay bowl and fishing rod. Make foraging and botanizing more interesting and have better "payoffs". Maybe a bit more cotton, maybe some better use for things like basil and oregano -- perhaps adding those to a dish adds a little extra kick to it. Let them make something out of apples and blueberries that is easy to make and tasty. Maybe a few surprise discoveries that do not replace crafted items but make it worth their time foraging. 4) Make sickles and fishing poles an easier recipe or let them make some type of wooden sprout-picker. Make fishing poles easier for them by making cotton a bit easier to botanize. 5) Make pet dogs and wolves be immune to the PET NERF. A pet dog or pet wolf is hardly going to unbalance PVP, it gives them a friendly and loyal companion who can actually help them out in exploring the countryside. Their pet dog should get hungry less often, stay loyal longer, and be more help in a fight. 6) Allow them to make a dugout canoe that can be carried in a large cart and used to explore coastal areas. It can weigh 120kg like the two keels for a rowboat, so nothing they will lug around very far, but made out of a hatchet and felled tree. Make it impossible to lock or moor, have no inventory, and decay and be unrepairable, and maybe a 3-5 kh max speed, but at least now they can TRAVEL and explore. The decision to not allow boatbuilding inside a large cart, probably hurt lower level players more than anyone else. 7) DON'T add elements that only make veteran player's F2P alts more useful, this is more to get NEW BLOOD into the game and add a little more invigorating life to our communities. 8) Make it somehow more attractive for premium players to somehow "sponsor" a free to player into a premium subscription -- some way they can do an "apprenticeship" where they pay the 10 silver fee but also get the 2 silver cash/7s referral that would normally go to the person who paid for the subscription, without having to share passwords or account info. Make a "gift membership" something that is reasonable attractive for veterans to sponsor a player's first month as premium. . Veteran players are more likely to take that risk on a new player if they know at least some of their investment will come back directly to them. The remaining silver or so, they can have an arrangement perhaps for some work to be done. Or -- make a "sponsored membership" (onetime only! not useful for ongoing subs) cost half the amount of a normal one but include no 2s cash-in-bank and include no referral. Hmm I am sure there are other things -- but I think also one of the BEST things we can do for free players, is make them feel more welcomed and wanted, because they CAN be an immensely positive addition to the game. They are the way we will "grow" the game -- even if they don;t become paying subscribers, they are more likely to bring in their friends and say nice things about Wurm on other gaming sites, and some of those may well be our future population. For those worried about outside griefers using F2P accounts to terrorize the playerbase, there are ways that can discourage those without also discouraging people who legitimately WANT to learn to love Wurm.
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    Nope. A lot depends on what the problem is. If they forgot to pay the electric bill, it could be a while. If someone tripped over the power cord, it will take far less time. If the servers melted, then we can all start over
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    hope my horse faithkiss doesnt get lost.
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    This. When i was starting and if a deed had disbanded near me, i'd scurry over and loot whatever i could/needed. If he disbanded for moving, and neglected to lock his stuff, that's just how noob you are, and getting a bit of meat looted is just a small price to be payed. If it had been me, i'd even take the food bin if it wasn't planted. And if you'd come barking i'd say, grab what you can, and i'll do the same, with a happy face, and good luck with the KOS. And "Premeditated Looting"? Seriously? How can one premeditate more than, well let me scurry around and see if some random guy let his stuff decay so i can earn some stuff. Most premeditating one can do is when a deed decays and stuff is left inside a house, you go check on the walls daily yo get to the sweet stuff inside... But since apparently you didn't even bother making a shed to secure your stuff while moving... As i see this Reign screwed up and was simply trying to shift blame. Tons of people race to loot recently disbanded deeds, that's how the game is, if you voluntarily disbanded and didn't predict this, well, now you know, and hopefully won't mess up next time. And seriously, count yourself happy that it was only meat they took. When i loot i even take low ql logs and dirt, anything to save up on wasting time cutting. (Well not always, but atm, since i'm not really active on Wurm, not even premium atm, that would probably be the case).
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    Our community of Wurm Online is made up of a variety of people of all age groups who for the most part want an enjoyable public atmosphere while enjoying the challenge that Wurm Online provides. However, like all groups we get our fair share of trolls and people who intend to be of no respectable value to the community. As volunteers, we moderators do our utmost to provide support and apply the rules to all situations. Unfortunately, we have been seeing a surge in so called “backseat moderators”. This type of trolling is ugly, self defeating, and usually is committed as an effort to intimidate others. The task of moderation is on the shoulders of those who the Wurm Online team has chosen from the eligible volunteers. Let us handle the tasks we volunteered to do, and if you have an issue to report, then report it, do not publicly harass or intimidate others with lines in public such as “I have reported you.” If you have a true complaint against another person's public behavior, then report it and leave it to us. We have been watching a number of players telling others that they are violating such and such rules. In theory, you would think that would help others learn the rules, but it does more harm than good when the person making the claim either does not actually know the rules, or is intentionally twisting their meaning towards their own ends. Again, if you have a legitimate rule violating complaint about another player's behavior, report it to us, do not try to be a “backseat moderator”. There have been a few people calling us “gestapo” “third reich” “chat nazi” etc. in the public channels. That needs to stop. Any such inferences will be dealt with as trolling, defamation, and offensive violations. (You should see some of the so called apology letters we get claiming that such labels are intended as compliments towards our volunteer efforts. I may not be the brightest redneck egghead hillbilly on the planet, but please....) No one has any right to claim they are a 'moderator in training', 'soon to be gm', 'gm in training' or anything of the like if you have not been contacted and approved by Oracle the Head Game Master for the position. Likewise, no one has any right to claim they are a chat moderator if they have not been contacted and approved for the position by me. If someone claims they are part of the Wurm Online team and their name is not on the official list, then send a /support ticket for confirmation of their position or further penalty against them for attempting to impersonate a member of the Wurm Online team. Team List in GM Hall - http://forum.wurmonl...a-fm-team-list/ We try to keep this list as up to date as possible. Wurm Online is heavy on community and for the largest part we have a good community to work with. As with any open community system we have issues to sort out and invariably some player interactions will require the assistance of us volunteers to help sort out or define the rules in specific cases. For the most part we are very pleased with the openness and helpfulness of most of the community as these behaviors really make for an interesting and enjoyable time. We of the team are here to help and we try to do so as expediently as we can and as always when you click the 'Play' button, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the Wurm Online EULA and the rules as posted in GM Hall. http://forum.wurmonl...rum/12-gm-hall/ So please enjoy the game and leave the moderating to the moderators who have volunteered to undertake such tasks. When you need us, we will continue to do our best to help you as soon as we possibly can. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    Well as I have said in game, I will be making a big announcement regarding this years Impalong... and here it is Sadly this will be my last Impalong held at Festival Cove - independence server. It is time to hang up my Impalong hat and move on to pastures new. So to celebrate this last one, what other way can I do it but to go out with a big bang! Over the next few weeks I will be dropping more hints on what to expect. Not only will there be the usual DoND and a chance to get some of your tools improved for free but there will be some amazing prizes handed out for contests. These contests will not be dependant on skill levels to make it completely fair to all. Prize List (will be updated as more prizes are added) 1 gold coin yes thats right a whole shiny gold coin! 95ql Drake Set there will be some enchants on this set, but as of yet it is still being worked on 1 Settlement form plus 10 silver to help you get started 7q pickaxe (102 coc) - thank you Eladia free pan filling (10k meals) everything supplied - thank you Ishy and Akan another 1g coin - Ruger will hold a contest to be decided later - thank you Ruger Boat - Thanks Ugora 2 cherrywood sailboats, both are over 60 ql and will come with lock and anchor - Thank you Crutchly I will be donating a full set (minus greathelm) of enchanted 90ql scale. AoSP from 83-93 across the set - Thank you Tam 5 freee forge imping - Thank you Raycg 91CoC 5QL butchering knife - Thank you Blahsonson 2 rope tools of 26 and 23QL, both with 63CoC - Thank you again Blahsonson Brass Compass ql 82.60 - Thanks Raybarg Cog - Thank you Kratos A full set of sold gold chain armor, 82+ ql, handcrafted by Chaos's very own Speedy! *super special prize alert* 1 newbie account comes with a full year premium already added Variety of high enchanted tools and weps for random daily shout out giveaways - c/o Tam again, thank you so much Tam, always my partner in crime. much more to follow but I dont want you all to get too excited too early Festival Cove will open it's doors on 19th December 2012 covering all of the Christmas week closing it's doors for the last time on 2nd January 2013. You are all welcome to come spend a day or two, or even have the entire week with us (as many of you already do) Players from all servers are welcome, Festival Cove is central Independance, just a small walk away from The Howl
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    Not really nessisary but hear me out. Thing that would come outa this would be more skills, items, building, resources Buildings. Glory hole ( for melting, heating glass up) would make glass sheets, rods, glasses, bowls (iron/steel, bricks to build) Greenhouse. Would make stacked dirt for farming eather double or triple depending on ql, but would require same actions as regular farming ( bricks or logs and glass sheets to make) Items. Glass sheets- would make real windows as a upgrade, stained (dyed) glass, mirrors maby. Glasses- as in fine china, pie bowls and a diff version of a jar. Able to make spyglasses ( loved them from before just hated had to be date to date to get), jars for holding flour and others with less decay than carrying. Glass rods - could used for advanced traps, able to carry light further in mines, advanced prospecting. ( glass fences) Maby even glass statues Skills - glass making, greenhouse farming, baking, stain glassed, add a subskill for glass statues. Resouces could be limestone that produce lime and some soda for every other or ? Action. Not needed but what the heck...
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    I was thinking how handy a keyring might be for the different keys. Quality would affect the amount of keys you can attach. I was also thinking of a leather binder for building writs and the settlement deed.
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    Can we please have a command to shut off global freedom chat, and a way to make /ignore work cross server? Currently there is no avoiding the mindbloggling thoughtflow of some people in global chat and it is causing a lot of frustration. Only by turning all freedom chats off, both global AND local server chat, it can be completely ignored, but there should be a way to turn specifically global chat off. Ontop of that, we should be allowed to /ignore someone, regardless of where they are. Cross-server PMS would also be great. I think it'd be appreciated by many, many people.
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    Topic says it all, I miss the singing
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    aww you seem to have the worst luck hugs!
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    i was just about to log on a fourth and enchant ! lol
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    gotta say, reaver nailed it. this is Wurm 101. ANYWAYS: lets lock this its not truley productive.
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    Oh yeah, they dont look like SUPERCOOL DRAGONS they should be removed or nerfed or changed. Really, if you care much about graphics and how the creatures look I think there are many, many other games that have supercool dragons (as a matter of fact, even the "real" dragons in wurm just look like an ugly dog) Drakespirits are spawned as your enemy wins missions if im not mistaken, they're an offensive attack from your enemies to you. They're fine how they are now, a challenge but not immortal. Yes, they're supposed to be annoying you. So are the other effects from missions. What do you want, that those missions would spawn your enemies puppies and rainbows instead? For what's it worth, I really enjoyed those critters. They were removed from freedom for obvious reasons (they were never supposed to even spawn there as theyre related to epic missions) but I liked them as a challenge and wouldn't mind seeing them back. After three or four days they starve anyways so it's not like they will pile up over time. I won't ask for them to come back to freedom in consideration of the others who do not desire to fight, but if you play on a server dedicated to fighting you should be more excited about a creature that actually puts up a fight instead of just being two hits down. And yes, of course things are more difficult to the new player. That's the whole point of skilling up, so life gets easier. If someone really quits the entire game over a difficult experience with a mob (a mob that is not immune to archery, does not lock target on you, and does not follow you over half the server) I doubt they would enjoy a pvp experience. A pvp exprience where you die, lose affinities, lose gear, lose everything, even including the work and upkeep you put into your deed.
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    If you are a respected member of the community and something happens, many people are more than willing to replace whatever was lost and a global KOS will usually be placed upon the culprit. This has happened many times before with lost horses etc. This is a sandbox game; you simply cannot code, or rulewrite everything. If you invite someone to your deed and allow them to kill animals ondeed, then you allowed them to do so. You have the tools to prevent it, and yes, it sucks terribly when someone abuses your trust. But you are able to prevent it yourself. Just imgaine if it were the other way around, where you could report anyone doing something you dislike (despite you allowing them to do so through settings or not securing your area). Just imagine the amount of reports the GMS would be overflown with, how difficult it would be for them to judge who is right and who is wrong. This is why we have the tools to protect against these people as good as we can. What can you do? Take initiative. Get your name and good intentions known out there, make a thread in the exodus board. Something along the lines of "warning thread, suspicious peoples". " I allowed this guy into my deed becuase he said he was new but when I logged off he cut all my trees down and stole my horses" Allow people to do their story there, but demand that they write a full story about what happened so that the accused person can defend themselves. People can read up there who did what and from there, they can take their own actions; avoiding busines with said person, kosing them, whatever they wish. It's just an idea of the things you can do yourself when the GMs cannot help you.
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    I posted a very clear and simple FS tutorial that is stickied here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/65362-easy-guide-to-pvp-grinding-on-epic-get-in-the-game/ It doesn't get any easier.
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    Being HoTS means you can essentially avoid the need for cotton by absorbing mycelium, you develop the shield skill as your FS grows while hunting which is far better for you than semi-afk slapping a foal around, we can keep offering advice for you to ignore but you seem to have already taken your seat as a defeatist. Try and take some of the information presented to you on board rather than attacking those who are kindly offering their suggestions and ideas
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    +1 the singing was one of the neatest features of them.
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    Just set it so only the person who uses it can hear it. No one else.
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    They made great doorbells plus I nearly have enough of them to form a gnome boyband
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    You`re wrong. That was one of rolf`s worst decisions.
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    I'd rather he just freaking tell us what they are used for.
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    +1 I think stained glass would look pretty good if you put it on a stone house imo.