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    Seriously, if there is anything that at times makes me just want to QUIT this game, it is the idea that it is somehow "fun" to have random large scale destruction of your work when you are not even online to participate as a part of the story. Sorry but the tunneling bugs thing was completely idiotic and this trolls bashing on deeds is only slightly below that. I would go to the PVP servers if I thought it was "fun" to log in and find all my work destroyed while I was offline, hahaha. Seriously Rolf, this is a STUPID STUPID GAMEPLAY MECHANIC and it is seriously something you need to give some thought to. Here's the thing -- the stories we live through in Wurm, the things we remember even years later about the game, have to do with the adventures and experiences we PARTICIPATE in, that become interwoven as a part of the daily lives of our characters. We don't PARTICIPATE when we login to the game, eager to play, and find our walls smashed down, animals missing or stolen, theives and griefers given free entry, all because something that happened while we were offline and non-participating and had zero ability to counter. There is no excitement or fear or adrenaline from such moments, no feeling we are participants in a living world. Instead this is only irritation and dull resentment at being made into a passive helpless victim, instead of an active part of the story. Put more roaming dangerous creature out in the world if you will, make travel something dangerous and unpredictable but also rewarding, give us motivations to get off our deeds from time to time so that we don't become flabby and complacent. Put in more unexpected moments and times when we have to react to changing circumstances. Times when we feel scared and times when we feel triumphant. But please just realize that randomly destroying players work while they are offline has ZERO gameplay appeal. None. Zilch. You are turning this into a passive reaction gameplay instead of being an active part of the story.
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    Ok I finally decided to get round to making a guide to flatraising for all you wannabe diggers out there. I know there is a basic guide on the wiki, but I would like to expand on it for more practical purposes. First things first: What is flatraising? Flatraising is a method of raising land by dropping dirt on one point, and flattening the tiles around it. By this method, the surrounding tiles can be raised higher than the 40 dirt "sliding" slope limit. This method can also be used to extend flat areas such as docks out into deep water or over steep hillsides including cliffs. What are the limitations? The action of Flattening is limited to a maximum slope of 3x your digging skill. For example - with 20 digging skill you will not be able to create any slopes higher than 60. Terrain types can cause issues. Flattening actions (unlike digging) can only be performed on dirt, grass and sand terrain types. If you try to flatten a tile which has clay or marsh next to it, it will stop you. If there is a tree next to it, you may be allowed to flatten but it will often end with the tree side being horribly misshapen. Large areas are required - as you will see in the pictures I provide, you cannot raise a single tile by this method, there must be at least 4 being flattened and as a result you are affecting the terrain of 16 tiles (a 4x4 area). Now on with the tutorial! Edit: Thanks to AnarchistRise for suggesting using spoilers to display images, and also thanks to Yaga who has helpfully compiled this into a PDF for anyone who fancies using it that way: />http://www.sendspace.com/file/5z7win I will be using links to pictures for these tutorials instead of embedding them, as there are 21 of them and I think the ideas will be explained well enough you don't need to look at the pictures and text at the same time. If you disagree, you can always have them open in separate windows! First off, you need a nice working space. try clearing out any trees on nearby tiles and making sure there are no structures in the way. For ease of demonstration, I have modelled the following tidy world: I'll begin by showing the most basic method of flatraising - straight up! In the following picture I have marked the tiles that we are going to be performing actions on. These will be the tiles that form our pillar of awesomeness. The first step is to drop some dirt, right in the middle. It's important to consider the numbers involved in this - you can drop up to 40 dirt in one place (with flat surroundings) before dirt will begin to "slide" to other, lower corners. A good digger tries to avoid the slide as much as possible, as it can waste dirt (especially when operating in steep areas, as we will see later). However we will need to drop a significant amount of dirt, as we are raising 4 tiles which is 9 corners and so for every 1 height gain we need 9 dirts. Let's begin by dropping 27 or 36 dirt in the middle. This way we aren't going to end up carrying dirt around afterwards since it divides nicely: Now we have a nice small pyramid of dirt, but we can't drop much more there before the dirt slides. The only solution is to make the 4 tiles around that middle point flat again, so we begin flattening them one at a time: If you continue this process, you will end up with a nice flat 2x2 square which is slightly higher than the surroundings (if you used 36 dirt to start with, this area is now 4 dirt higher than surroundings). We can repeat this process over and over again, because the action of flattening never leads to sliding dirt: This means that if we keep dropping small mounds and flattening them round, you can end up with that 2x2 area being significantly higher than the next tile along, depending only on your skill and your supply of dirt. In fact, if you incorporate an extra ring of tiles (so you flatten a 4x4 area first) you can create towers higher than your skill might suggest, because you can then have a slope that is 2 tiles wide around the middle (tower on tower basically) and this way you are reaching 6x your digging skill in height. The downside is that to do this takes much more dirt - for every 1 height on that base level you need 25 dirts instead of 9! Second Use - Heading Sideways Next up is the second common use for flatraising - instead of trying to raise a flat area upwards, we are trying to extend a flat area sideways over steep terrain. Take a look at the picture below: If we imagine that those slopes are steeper than 40, we can't even drop dirt on the edge as it will immediately slide down to the bottom. For whatever reason, we want to extend the flat area out into this steep bit, so how do we do it? Start by picking a tile (as highlighted in the above screenshot), and flatten it. Here is where skill is quite important - if that slope is too steep for your skill to flatten, then the only way you are going to be able to do this is to drop dirt all the way to the bottom (incredibly slow and incredibly dirt-intensive!). I suggest if it is so steep your skill is insufficient, ask for help or get grinding that digging skill first! Now we have flattened a tile, we are on our way. However, don't be fooled into immediately dropping some dirt on one of the corners! As you can see in the next screenshot, I have highlighted the slopes that are still steeper than 40: If you look carefully, there is actually nowhere you can usefully drop dirt that wont slide away. The only solution is to flatten another tile: Having done that, we now have two tiles that are still lower than the flat land we want, but at least they are level! As you can see in the next image, this means there is one spot we can usefully drop dirt to raise these tiles up by the original flatraising method: Now we have two new, flat tiles on our land risen from the depths. An important factor to consider on large projects is a subtle difference in that last image. If you look at the edge of our new land, you can see that it is steeper than previously. Since we haven't raised the edge of the tiles below, the slope of the next tile has become it's own original slope PLUS the starting slope of the tile we have flattened. This is generally where people become skill-limited, and it does mean that the further out you go, the more dirt it takes. So where do we go from here? Well, that new area is just 2 tiles wide, let's go sideways and make it more spacious by flattening one or both of the highlighted tiles: Using the same method as before, we can drop dirt on the inside corners and flatten them so that our highlighted tiles have joined our flat land: And now we can easily continue in two directions - make the flat land wider, or extend out further by repeating this whole process: End state: Most often these skills are used to create docks, flat roads on steep hillsides, or tall towers. For a long dock, it is possible to continue the sideways-flatraising process with just a 2-tile wide area. If you find that water becomes a problem, remember that you can also flatten the tiles behind you essentially sinking the dock until you drop the next load of dirt down. I have nearly reached 90 digging skill (89.13 at time of writing!) without grinding, simply because I have enjoyed making all of these things. Below are some pictures of my personal projects even just within a single village that fit these descriptions well. I hope this guide has helped people understand how to save those precious dirts. Please do leave feedback on ways to improve this, or any other comments. Tower: Dock: Hillside Road: (also check out my Crystal Coast Trail from the Cave Canal around Crystal Lake on Independence!
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    GM's and CM's have a hard enough time moderating the people who are trolling in English. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like if we had to go find a person who spoke a certain language to moderate a problem. If you think Wurm is not efficient now, Think what this could do to it. -1 to Multilingual public chat. Possible for those of a certain language. They could Create Wurm- (insert language) IRC channels player made of course. But outside of wurm itself. Too many tabs already. Sorry guys.
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    WesnclsMe, I agree with you here. Flatraising can be a very enjoyable and useful skill to learn how to do within Wurm but it can also be quite puzzling to initially learn the process. I had asked a few people to explain and show me how to do this long ago and found that I could not grasp what they were trying to explain to me, so as I usually do, I figured out the process on my own after a long period of frustrated attempts. If you are one of the few people that can explain the process within the game by having people follow your instructions and actually succeed in doing it properly, your generous offer of providing an in-game learning experience will be a valuable one indeed. I wish you much success in your efforts. =Ayes=
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    Assassination of a King Today at the Wunion, we have the recently widowed Troll Queen of Deliverance in the studio with us. For those of you who don't know, her husband, the Troll King, was recently assassinated by a group of vigilantes in the middle of the forest. The Queen is obviously distraught by the incident. So far we've managed to find out that the Troll King was on his first vacation in three years, with a few of his closest buddies. It was to be a peaceful trip to his favourite fishing hole where he liked to go after octopus, his favourite food, and drink a few bottles of wine. The Queen says she begged him not to go, especially after only a week before an attempt was made on the Kings life, but failed. It seems the group was traveling near a main path on the way to the fishing spot, when they were confronted by a rather large group... armed, mounted, and ready to fight. The group of trolls were caught off guard. They managed to equip themselves with a few wooden logs they had gathered from the ground. Unfortunately, these make-shift clubs were no match for the weaponry of their enemy. The battle was over quick. The barbaric killers then went on to rob and butcher the dead troll bodies without remorse. It's rumoured that a few of the killers even kissed the corpse of the King and attempted to have their way with it. We can only hope these stories are not true. We at the Wunion would like to wish the Troll Queen and her now orphaned children all the best, and hope her husbands murderers are brought to justice.
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    I'm of this opinion - I'm fine with house planning needing only carpentry, despite being more of a mason myself. Masonry is one of those skills that you get pretty high at just from doing normal things, and is pretty useful when it comes to forges, guard towers, and a dozen other things. I would, however, love to see some other more difficult masonry objects because, let's face it, colossi are so ugly. Domed ceilings anyone?
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    I've just started on this and it's my first time on this kind of online game. Professional gamer i'm not! Firstly, i've found the whole community darn amazing - really friendly and very very helpful. I haven't once been made to feel like an annoying new player. It's certainly helped having family and friends on here to help me along as well. Onto the topic title - I certainly need an Idiots Guide. With much amusement for my friends i have found my "gaming intelligence" to be rather somewhat lacking. 1st - I lost my spade. Panic stricken i looked and looked around and couldn't find it. 20 minutes of wondering why it had disappeared I, acciddently, looked down. Low and behold - the missing spade - at my feet! then - my spade went missing again. Another 10 minutes and, with help from my cousin, i found it in my inventry. I hadn't realised i could scroll down! (im not computer illiterate - honest!) Well it just got better! I went off mining and started to get attacked. I ran like mad back to safety. I was totally confused that my combat screen hadn't appeared, convinced i'd somehow deleted it. Guards hadnt come to help when i'd asked for help. After explaining to a friend that it said i was hurt, cus it flashed up i was, and i had a lightly scratched torso (major injury in my eyes) i was asked what the "monster" looked like. I said I didnt know cus i'd ran like the wind. he realised id actually just fallen, and had been running from absolutely nothing except an angry slope!!!!! Carts - i must be the only person that has taken over 4 hrs to make a small cart. I followed the Wiki instructions, but just couldn't get past the stage of unfinished wheel axles. id managed to make wheels, and attached to axles, but alas no further than that. Yet again online friends to the rescue. Every time i made a wheel i put it onto an axle. I was then trying to combine 1 wheeled axle with another wheeled axle. Common sense had obviously evaded me that each axle needs 2 wheels that share 1 axle. If nothing else in the first couple of days i have amused several people with my very blonde gaming antics, and one gamer has been reduced to tears of laughter! But im addicted and here to stay. Even dying at six o clock on the morning and waiting for over an hour for someone i knew to log on and help me hasnt put me off!!
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    That knife is 97 coc, but sent them all, should be there in 3 minutes.
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    Makar is a village to the NW of Exodus. Please, enjoy: [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XIguOdLC8Y This is the village at it's very beginning. You'll see the next video in about a month
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    For all the contracts and writs.. I know some ppl that have up to 40 between all the contracts and writs, that's a lot of inventory slots taken up so they have to put them in a flask or backpack etc, it would be neat and organized, IMO, to have them all in a notebook you make out of several papyrus sheets some nails or maybe even animal fat as glue even tho its really boiling of animal connective tissues to make glue in olden days if I'm not too far mistaken. And have the notebook non drop on death
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    Justice has been a long time coming! As the first victim of this monster I am happy that he's finally been punished for my murder.
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    I'd welcome (after 1.0) some more high-level masonry items, perhaps things you need 50 or 70 skill to attempt, such as portcullis, curtain walls, battlements, and even perhaps curved or diagonal walls.
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    I think Rudies little brother Mee was 7 or 8 and Kuja was only 9 or so when they started playing.
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    Nice Photoshop skills, Shame you missed the Yellow/orange K in Ookla.... and have the image hosted on a picture site. Myth busted...