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    Need to be completely replaced with game tips to be honest.
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    New players asking for a complete overhaul... Is it that time of year again already?
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    No, people are looking at it as "I have a hell horse and I can see this is overpowered, I'm going to suggest a change to balance this problem"
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    bind m mine_forward. bind space dig bind key action. dude. it's all macroable. i don't know anyone who does macro. most of us just want to be able to do something without the added eye strain, late night errors, and the likes.
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    i dont know if this has been mentioned or not, most likely has but seriously can we have a key bind to repeat last action? having to right click and go down drop menus all the time to create things like "war arrow heads" or "arrow shafts" is just getting anoying and ide much rather press a buttom like most things in the game
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    Currently Venom costs 120 favor, and is only castable by the most unpopular God, Fo. Now I don't really have an issue with this, but I think the chances of Venom working are about 1% chance, because Wurm fights are fast, they're over quickly, and there isn't time for a venom tick. I have never seen anyone die from Venom in a long time, and it's a great idea but the effect of poison takes too long to kick in. Venom takes 10 minutes to tick upon entry. 10 minutes. Ask any PvPer the average fighting time in an open-field no gatehop battle, and I bet you it's around 3-4 minutes at maximum. Battles end so quickly that Venom doesn't even have a chance to tick one time before it's already over, and people are healing up. Look how quickly intervals of deaths are: [03:44:50] Monokles slain by Bartimaeus Conloach Daredevil Cornchips [03:45:01] Bartimaeus slain by Atazoth Monokles Bloodthirst Derpinghard Borken Michieldewit [03:46:35] Derpinghard slain by Daredevil Conloach Cornchips [03:46:42] Ryaa slain by Daredevil Conloach Michieldewit Cornchips Gbelcik [03:47:08] Gbelcik slain by Atazoth Ryaa Bloodthirst Borken Candee [03:47:30] Cornchips slain by Atazoth Ryaa Bloodthirst Derpinghard Borken Candee They're like 10 - 20 second intervals, so even if Monokles poisoned Gbelick, it did nothing, because Gbelick died on his own only 3 minutes later before a tick even struck. So what good is Venom? It's whole point is based around hoping that a fight lasts 10+ minutes and on top of that you must also hope the enemy can't stop or heal, and has no farmer's salve. To get a kill with Venom it has to be the perfect storm of bad luck for the enemy to die to it. Thus.. Venom is pretty PvP useless. What I am suggesting is speed up the tick rate of venom from 10 minutes, to every 5 minutes, or have venom do something different than instantly killing. It would be cool if perhaps it made a screen effect on your vision? I mean obviously you can do red-tunnel effect, what if it was like a black tunnel and blurry vision for a few seconds. It would make Venom a whole lot more useful than it is now.
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    i spent all day yesterday making and imping 10 fishing poles. In an hour of fishing I have broken 3 poles already. Something is wrong with this picture. What is the purpose of them breaking so often? Because all it does is drive people, at least me. away from wasting my time on this. My skill in fishing isnt too high at 30 . but they seem to break even more than at lower skills, and also the poles were imped higher. my carp is at 66 so i imped them close to 40. Im just at a loss as the reasoning behind this feature that seems to punish more than reward. anyway. in short. its probably been said before but, seriously, make this "feature" less punishing. Please?
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    After hearing my ally ask to bash something yet another time I just had enough, I have to write this because either nobody is suggesting it or something is wrong with this game. And by the way I'll touch the rest of my problems. BASHING and beginners Make bashing things less restrictive on Freedom! This is insane to be constantly asked by friends allies and local beginners to bash some wall, gate or remove pavements and such. Even within ally that is not easy, because bonus doesn't magically translate to allies even tho they have to be manually allowed to bash in first place, which makes no sense. Do you realize how many players suffer because of this. You can't expect beginners to know beforehand everything and plan entire area ahead, this is insane! It pains me to see all these players stuck because of it, it pains me even more to see them offer up to a silver for a bashed wall. What the hell is that supposed to be? Even I had problems living on an allied deed (I had another), I had to bug mayor constantly to bash every little thing for me or spend hours standing in from of them spamming space! Finally, why isn't premium giving this feat straight away, regardless of any statistics? I understand consequences of bashing very well, when it comes to PvP, but last time I've checked, there is none on Exo. So what's the deal? PERIMETER and beginners Why is it allowed to build a house on area, that is undeedable? Yes, you warn players - so what? So many I've seen do this mistake completely not realizing what they are doing, then subsequently just get very pissed. Some I allowed to rebuild on my deed or talked out of it in time, the rest just quit the game - no surprise here. Sure, someone extends a deed and that messes someone beginner plans, this happens sometimes and in the current deed system is unavoidable (why exactly? but that's another point I'll make here), but it's completely beside the point, which is: beginners have no idea, tutorial doesn't even warn them not that it would help much. Lucky are the ones warned by me or other helpful players they stumble upon. TERRAFORMING and beginners Many I've counted to quit because of building walls/houses before doing any terraforming and then quit, because they couldn't fix it without spending ages on grinding and getting premium. Yes free players, newbs who cares right? Well I do, many of them I liked and I'd loved to keep playing with them, I'm sure they would become premiums as well eventually just as others did (the ones I went out of my way to help greatly) but I guess that's unimportant. You get magical money from heaven for this game development, makes sense. DEED and beginners 1. The free perimeter should be called the free curse of confusion. Area that can't ever be deeded, dead area between deeds that is useless, area that you can't convert ever to a deed. Beginners don't understand this properly and it gets in the way later, when they try to expand or allow others to deed too close to them. 2. Inability to extend in one direction, proves costly and makes planning deed really hard. Again, a vet won't care, they get it already but beginners have to struggle with yet more future planning that they aren't ready to do at all! And replanting deeds is more confusion, more problems and more money. TUNNELING and beginners Not being able to close a tunnel tile or raise tunnel floor without paying big money to priests? Economy for mag priests? Well understandable, but is it right? Of course not, a sandbox needs a proper way to fix errors and paying 1 silver for a tile is hardly a proper way. Compensate Mag priests with other ways to make money and let beginners have some easier second chances. DECAY and beginners Seeing suddenly your house fallen apart after you log back next weekend is like a ticket to quitting. It's not because decay, but because beginner unawareness of how it works, as well as the fact it's extremely punishing at low quality, which is obviously where everyone starts! Sure, cleaning after all the quitters is good, but it can be done in other ways and there would be far less of it, if there were less quitters in first place. Game also doesn't make it easy to join a settlement, it's not intuitive to expect them to read forum to search for adds, then navigate alien land to find their deeds (yes, it really isn't!). The place that should have tools and systems to help that - being the starting deed location - has none, you can't even plant a sign there, not even a sign-note on trying the deed recruitment forum or link to community map. TUTORIAL and beginners Where is the part on planting trees? Why no proper explanation... or a mention even in some cases... on any of the above problems and mechanics? Tutorial is a great work yes, it's "hand" made I presume? Well artistically i love it, but practically it's just terrible wall-of-texting, which combined with heavy wiki-reliance, in an age where most people don't have time to study encyclopedias before playing a game, is quick ticket to just going somewhere else. WHY do I even bother writing this? Because I really like this game, I have made a lot of friends ingame and I would love to see it grow and expand, I see great potential in the level of freedom it allows. But at the same time I see players quitting because they just can't keep up with it and ever reach endgame, or are frustrated to find counter-intuitive obstacles and consequences to their actions, or simply because after some time it becomes boring with nothing really happening around them, no challenge or quick adventure or any events or exploration rewards. But especially joining a community simply MUST become easier, without being part of some community rarely anyone stays at all and returning to game is often like starting over, with all you made in game gone forever. An advert I've made on recruitment forums was responded by 2 players over few months it's there now. TWO! While our ally grew by dozens simply asking new faces in local if they are interested - and they almost always are. So clearly, some problem is here and needs fixing! Also on the notion of joining communities, not being able to really own any piece of deed is a major problem. Players, especially new, REALLY like owning land! Deeds should have an option to give parts of them to other players, so they have their own control over it, permissions and such. Sure it's lots of work, which is why it's not in the points I've made above - but it is extremely needed. Right now most "villages" are just one-man or few-close-friends deeds, which is not what I define as community. With the added issues of deed resizing and perimeter, it becomes hard to even deed next to each other, further spreading newcomers and making their in-game lives simply lonely. Final notes If you really don't see above problems, then consider that maybe you just don't see them any more. It definitely helps to be a new player and I've joined this game just over 6 months ago without ever knowing it existed. I know exactly how it felt and I've seen how other beginners felt, what they had problems with and what made them like the game and stay with it despite that. I really hope this post gets some proper attention and spawns a discussion on these issues and won't get dismissed because it doesn't come from oldschool veteran who played for years. Also keep in mind, it's very rare for a newcomer who rejected game to fatigue into forums just to write a feedback. They just go buy/try next game. Also I'm sorry if any part of this post offended anyone, it obviously wasn't my intention if so. PS. BUILDINGS and players in general It should be possible to add more tiles to a building without destroying it completely. I think this is not only something beginners want, tho definitely they benefit the most considering they start from 1x1 sheds.
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    I think this could bring in a lot more players that would be willing to try it. Last night I was talking with a old friend that played age of conan with and he is all about crafting in a game. I asked him if had ever herd of wurm online? He said wurm what??? I went on to explain the game and how good it was. He was blown away and is now going to try it. I really like bringing to people to wurm for the first time. I am not sure if this has been suggested before but I think I could help bring more people in.
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    Good old relaxed metalworking while laying in bed.
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    Does Steam support Free to play, with subscription ? How would they take their cut ? How would you buy multiple accounts on Steam ?
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    Why can't they connect Golden Valley to the Freedom Cluster, making it the default spawn but only allow GM deeds on it to promote the premium features of wurm? Players would still be able to travel to and from the server by boat.
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    Looks like a lot of your guys were using longswords or 1 handed weps. The only real way to hit a unique is with a 2 handed wep as a 1 handed wep simply doesn't do enough damage. Unlucky, and good luck for next time
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    If you want my opinion i think all free to play players should stay on GV until they get premium time. I think that there should be mentors that are allowed to have deeds over there and mentor kind of like a CA.
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    Thanks, sorted now, I met up with Sincor at the TK event. Next time, we'll get him
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    From a previous post I made. "Cook food using a huge range of ingredients." This is just hugely decieving, no question about it..I've seen MUCH better, Ashen Empires is a good example. It has easily twice the recipes and all offer value to the player when made (And oddly a LOT of the same ingredients). I go to Ashen to cook, purely because it's actually fun, interesting and has good variety. Absolutely, you can cook with a range of ingredients, sadly what ISN'T available is a huge range of useful food. Cooking in wurm is shameful as so much more could be done. Endless posts have been suggested and ignored. I've come across countless nublets and adopted many who find out that while they can make several items, few offer any nutritional of value. Time was taken to code dishwater, yet how many times have players asked for pies? Pancakes? Cheese biscuits? I myself could come up with another 75 recipes with just the items ingame that we have now and I bet most players could come up with 50 in 1-2 hours (prolly a lot faster). So many ingredients have little to no value what-so-ever. Parsely anyone? As much as it pains me.... +10 for Alyeska
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    As many people are having troubles fixing tar and clay tiles - ie. after a new player accidentally drops dirt on one - there should be a way to lower the tile. I believe if the ability to use the "Flatten" command on tar and clay tiles was added, this would be possible. It would work simply like this: Say, for example, a 3x3 tar pit has 8 dirt dropped on a corner in the middle tile. Now from there, by simply digging the amount of dirt dropped in the corner - 8 - from the corner opposite to the middle corner - which should be surrounded by 3 terraformable tiles - then using the "Flatten" command on the tile where which is surrounded by the terraformable tiles, the tar tile will be lowered to its original height in the middle. Sorry if it was a bit confusing. Thanks for reading.
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    Yes each wall segment is crafted individually, the idea being to have maximum flexiblity and varying wall types eventually (not for the december release though!). So basically leave it to the players to create as beautiful or as awful looking house you want
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    I am guessing one issue is going to be some pvp ramifications but maybe we can figure out a solution for that. What about a /recallguards command (rightclick on deed token OR guard tower) but there has to be a 10 minute delay of no hostile activity in the guard's coverage area. If 10 minutes pass with no hostile creatures/people, the guard "resets" to either the tower or the token (depending on guard type). This will NOT help in getting a stuck guard out to help with that troll chomping on your stuff, or with a pvp raid, but it does mean as long as you get some point where "nothing is going on" that you can reset guards to their original "reporting station". (the only new thing here is the 10 minute "no hostiles" timer to assure no pvp issues are affected, but some pvpers might have to say if this would have no ramification for PvP).
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    Zcul, isn't it more important that we can sleep in our houses? Since we have to wait this long I don't get why it would be an issue to temporarily disable the limitation. I don't think anyone minds letting realism go for a bit until this is fixed, especially considering being unable to sleep in a perfectly fine room is not realistic at all!
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    I think it would be much better, and more realistic, to have just the line break, like a bowstring. You'd have one rod and a couple spare lines. Makes much more sense.
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    Was going to suggest "Bearshark Bait" or "Chum" as titles.. [edit insert:] Or how about this.. (original credit for the idea to Douglas Adams -Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, all horrible changes are my own) When you Examine a pre-1.0 character, you get the following description "[character] is from a time in Wurm's history when Wurmians were REAL Wurmians, Dragons were REAL Dragons, and giant fuzzy spiders were REAL giant fuzzy spiders (and not sometimes blobs...)"
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    It would be good to know if the fix for this is coming soon or 'soonTM'. I'm living in a wooden shack currently waiting to build my house. If it's a long way off I'll just give up and build without arches.
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    Bots/macros can navigate the context menues easily, they are fine without it. Real player (especially those with CTS and similar conditions) are the only ones who suffer from it. So +1 from me, though it was suggested ~2000 times and, knowing rolf, won't ever happen.
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    Personally, I wouldn't base UI elements and usage of it on if it could be macroed or not. You're just kicking the honest players in the teeth with that, not really stopping those who want to macro stuff. The more complicated something is to do regularly, the larger the gap becomes between the honest people and those who cheat. Remember, a machine doesn't ever get tired of navigating a 5 level deep menu. A human does so, very fast. I've written elaborate bots for Ultima Online on a server where it was allowed to do, just for the challenge. There's absolutely nothing short of GM intervention that can stop a macroer at all. Some things do, indeed, take more time, but as I said already, a macro doesn't get tired of it. So please, stop using that rotten excuse to not implement good things that make things more accessible for us honest players.
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    far better than current system