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    I kinda like the whole huge, fantasy Champ creatures. makes a statement from a distance.
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    When the game went gold all the people received special titles,items etc.... So i was thinking after wurm 1.0 all premium players should receive either a special title, special item(s) or when customizable characters come out a special skin. Or even better: allow us to use the old sounds for emotes. After all we are the reason wurm is where it is now.
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    What seems like a possible start of a new thread isn't: I doubt anyone (me included) will ever come closer to death, next smallest step further is finish. To make you better understand what happened here I should mention my somewhat unusual fighting style: I prefer to fight on feet, using height bonus from slopes instead of horses that I usually use only for longer journeys or trade runs. My weapon is a rare steel staff (ql50,ni89,fb70,c78) and recently I swapped to cloth (I do have 5 studded leather sets q70. WTS, anyone? ) Even though my cloth armour is still at low q50, hunting and moving feels so much nimbler and is just more fun, at least if you are living on the hills and don't like riding. Difference to studded leather is much greater than difference between studded and chain btw (I'll never understand why so many players prefer chain over studded, but that's another topic). Attacking the hell hound would have been much safer if pulling him uphill into the range of my spirit templar, but this time I wanted to prove myself what goes in cloth and tried to do it alone. The hell hound unfortunately wasn't that kind of a sportsman and suddenly pulled an ugly surprise out of nowhere: a scorpion, that I either must have completely overlooked or suddenly has spawned next to us to turn that fight in favor to the hound who was almost finished at this point. At least I managed to slip down in panic, crossing a small water stripe and managed to reach a small artificial island that I knew from earlier fishing attempts (phew! watch my stamina and health ) The next scene already looks a bit friendlier, the hell hound is bleeding but I'm also far from healthy so I can't dare to finish him: Now follows an interesting part, where the scorp seemingly moved away, but stopped 2 times behind a tree and hiding there for a while. At this point I started to suspect some human hand behind this semi-intelligent behavior . Hiding behind a tree isn't quite easy with the shape of a scorpion, at least he did his best (here he tried to mimic some bushes, can see?): And here the next tree. He is *not* just passing by, in both cases he stopped there for a while so it really looked deliberately. Awesome! but now it's my turn (after at least 20 minutes of painful waiting for the refreshing healing ticks). When starting the fight he wasn't bleeding any more, but still wounded and so it was an easy pray. I made a mistake here, wasting precious time. Fortunately non fatal, can yo see it? : And now to the scorp, this one scared me since it was the first time I took a scorp while in cloth armour and without any help. Scorp was in full health when the fight started: I win! Done. FS not quite 60, but soon: Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed. At last something else, less thrilling but much more beautiful. A screenshot from my deed that I made some days ago with valrei(?) partially covering sol:
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    Only kidding. We have a lot of markets now though don't we?
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    1kg sand to glowing = glass "attach"1 jar water "attach" 1 reed seed = FishBowl new fish: Gold fish depths under 50 You see a sunset gold fish with a small but lavish fan tail. Neons depths under 40 You see a tiny silver fish with a dab of red and a striking blue stripe. Food food: 1 corn --> right click --> create flake (protien) Tada .25 flakes Carpentry -->create --> Misc ---> Sunken Ship Woodscrap 1.5kg 1 small nail 2 rivets Attachable (yet optional) increases fish life expectancy by 1 irl week. The final QL of the bowl determines the life of the fish. (some crazy Rolf formula here) When the fish dies, the bowl poofs. Right click options on bowl: Examine: You see a (fish type here) swimming around and blowing some bubbles, carefree. Examine with Sunken ship: You see a (fish type here) hiding near a miniture ship, he seems very healthy and well cared for. Feed (.05 flake) Drop Rename (must have) Death: "Your fish is gone and you can not bare an empty bowl. You throw it away."
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    After seeing the new backpack graphics http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/67046-backpack/ how about a 'bedroll' item. It shouldn't really compete with beds so maybe something along the lines of: Can be used anywhere including caves, takes fur/sheet to make Can't be repaired and takes significant damage from each use so maybe 5 or 10 uses before it's destroyed Adds SB at 50% rate. Takes 5 minutes to leave world so plopping down in middle of forest is potentially bad idea.
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    [Eternally Patient] title, or give us all greybeards, even the ladies XD
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    I too I think the size is fine. If the special versions also had some noticable design differance besides scale that would make it look a bit better. A good idea might be making them more stocky or have extra big canine teeth and claws. but the single most imprtant thing ever is that I shuld ride ON TOP of my champ bear and not IN it.
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    Gnomes Mined Heritage Tunnel The reality of who actually mined out Pingpong's Folly, a huge tunnel to the north sea has finally come to light. For years Pingpong claimed it was him along with a "few helpers" who picked away at the rock all that time. Today, the Wunion has learned who these "helpers" really were. Going on a rumour overheard at the Large Rat Inn, the Wunion team headed out to investigate. Here's what they discovered. Many moon ago, an anonymous traveler, hopelessly lost somewhere in the northern region of Independence was riding along what he thought was a main road. Suddenly, to his shock and awe, he witnessed a group of miniature beings walking into what is now known as "Pingpong's Folly". While hiding behind a tree...he scrambled for his backpack and pulled out a piece of papyrus and some dyes, then quickly sketched a drawing of what he saw. We at the Wunion have hunted down that traveler and purchased the drawing for you to view. The Wunion would now like to put to rest any myths that may be involved in regard to the Garden Gnomes. They are in fact Pingpongs mining army. Edit: pic went missing, re-upped it
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    The Truth About Dragon Fang Mountain Recently an expedition of three unnamed persons set out to climb to the top of Dragon Fang mountain. (The highest peak on the Independence server). Their goal, reach the top and plant a sign up there for all passersby to see. At first their trek was an easy one, deciding to ascend the NW facing. They followed the path blazed by many a Wurmian. Then it happened. Once their journey took them passed the first ring, they noticed something just wasn't right. A foul odour unknown to them began to permeate the air. Their climbing gear was becoming increasingly less effective. The consistency of the statuesque mountain seemed to be changing ever so slightly. One of the three in the party had had enough and turned around and headed for home. The other two however, trudged on. Soon, the couple found their footwear was hampering the climb... so off came the boots. Their bare feet seemed to mold directly into Dragon Fang with each step. This went on for metre after metre until one of the two remaining two climbers panicked and decided he couldn't take it anymore, and began his descent. As the last anonymous climber slowly continued despite the fog, he could barely make out the peak of DF not too far in the distance. With great determination our hero trudged to the top. What was this he saw? A sign out of no where appeared between waves of fog. A sign that read, "Eladia's discarded cheese pile".
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    Swim: https://dl.dropbox.c...Wurm/jaws.jpg
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    This is not your typical auction. I really need to get away from Wurm and would like to auction all of my stuff together. I know it's not the best way, but I want to be sure to sell everything so I don't come back. There are eight auctions: auction 0: everything auction 1: Character "Alistar" auction 2: QL 80 black drake set auction 3: QL 85 rare butchering knife with low QL 74coc skiller butchering knife auction 4: 2x merchant contracts auction 5: deed "Elwynn Forest" auction 6: Other items auction 7: 1 gold coin Winning Bids/Bidders: auction cancelled. I will accept either the bid for my entire account or the highest bids from each of my sub auctions. I reserve the right to cancel the auction. Please keep bids to a minimum of 1s increments. You may bid in either silver or euros on all auctions except for auction 7 which is euros only. I will use a conversion rate of 1e = 2s. I will list bids in both silvers/euros but you can pay in either. It's not exactly the going rate of silvers to euros, but if I accept silver coins I will have to then liquidate the silvers for euros. Auctions begin at the time of the post. Auctions end on Friday September 28th @ 23:00 GMT. Any bids in the final 15 minutes will extend ALL auctions by 15 minutes to prevent sniping. Public bids only to keep the auctions transparent to everyone. You can reply here with your bids or bid in game. Earliest bids accept first. If you wish to bid again please reply instead of updating your old post as I might miss the change. I'll keep the bid totals updated in this post. Euro payments via verified paypal only. Auction 1: Alistar, located on Celebration, spent no time on epic, played 75+ days, premium until september 29th, no warnings/mutes/bans. Alistar is primarily a miner and excellent fighter. I've had 30 faith for Mag for some time. Alistar would make for an excellent mag priest. Primary skills: 84.47 mining 72.10 fighting 71.37 digging 58.93 masonry 53.64 jewelry smithing 46.36 wood cutting 37.21 plate armor smithing Affinity is in Axes. I typically fight in normal mode with 2x medium mauls or medium maul + large shield. Alternately I use aggressive mode with a large maul. Stuff dies quickly. Auction 2: QL80 black drake set Auction 3: Rare QL85 rare butchering knife with QL3 coc74 skiller knife Auction 4: 2x Merchant Contracts Auction 5: Elwynn Forest deed. Elwynn Forest is a 23x23 deed located just south of AP (Amish Paradise) on the Stigg/AP highway. IT's 100% level deed with a 50-tile farm, a 3x3 animal pen, a 4x3 main house, and a nicely done mine. The mine currently has lead in it. There are triple altars near the token, there's an unblessed gold altar in the mine. The forges/ovens are all QL60 and there's a QL80 rare forge in the main house. barrels/fsbs/bsbs/chests/bed are all done in very nice red cherrywood. Silver lamps adorn the streets. The east/west entrances to the deed are lined with cherry trees. Although this is a landlocked deed, AP is just north with their very nice harbor. The southern ocean is also very close. You can get to either easily be the very nice Stigg/AP highway which is just east of the property. There is 2.2s in the coffers and upkeep is 1.05s/month. Auction 6: Misc Items Other items include QL80 small/large anvils. 2x bison, a white 3-speed horse and a blonde 2-speed horse. Also includes 3x rare QL50 gold rings, a rare QL50 gold lib statuette, a rare torch lamp, merchant inventories, high QL lumps, and more! Think of this auction as a 'grab bag' auction. Lots of random goodies. Auction 7: 1 gold coin If you have other questions or would like to see the items in game please contact Alistar on celebration. I can also join IRC if you have questions. regards and good luck bidding! ~Alistar
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    Isn't it time to re-think the champion model sizes for real-world creatures? We are getting some really nice, realistic creature models, but I will be honest, the whole 3x size thing on the champ models is just counter productive to the realism effect gained from the new models. Champ models can still be a little bigger, but it's silly to see a champ deer standing next to a horse, or a a champ dog next to a cow. A champ bear is the size of a house! I can understand keeping champ sizes for trolls, and other fantasy creatures, but the real ones should be somewhat reasonable. In fact, I think spiders should be reduced down to maybe something in the neighborhood of a cave bug with champ spiders maybe as big as dogs. My point is, the new models look very realistic, but the champ sizes on real-life models negates the realistic effects somewhat. Discuss.
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    Now I dont mean a completely different armor for every currently existing title. Rather for a small visual change depending on what title is being shown; although, in some limited cases, a different model for an armor piece may be warranted. A hood shown instead of the worn helm for a Thievery title as one such case. For the most part I was thinking more along the lines of small changes. For example a bloody butcher knife hanging off the belt of someone with a butcher title. EDIT: That does bring to mind if items on the toolbelt will be displayed or not.
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    I whoud like it posibale to be able to modfy your ship or cart so you can choose more speed or more storge space eg I whant my saling boat to go faster I can build a small "add on" that make mab boat go maby 10% faster but I get all so 10% storge space in it. and if I whant more space I build a diffrent "add on" and get maby 10% more space but it will go 10% slower. whant do you all think?
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    Along with Ageless (buying prem at launch) theres also Keeper of Truth (year of prem). Then theres Keeper of Faith and Destroyer of Faith for WL and BL premiums existing prior to mid 2007 respectively. "Grizzled" "Guinea Pig" "I survived Wurm and all I got was this title" "Wurm Superstes Titulus" "Wurm survivor title" (I think... my latin is pretty loose) "Masochist" "Dragon Cow" "Cult of Notch"
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    I'd love a title that added "the Patient" to the end of our names. Or maybe a special no-drop item that has absolutely no function, but it's a cloak you can wear and it shows up on your back. Maybe allow the players to send custom textures/images to the dev team for their own cloaks.
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    I'd rather see the riding position improved. Currently it uses the same position for all animals. And for champs and other big animals you are usually inside the animal
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    I wouldn't be hurt if all of us old Champions got Champ Emeritus titles. Old timers didn't get them, but the guys that champed after the champ pvp buffs came in did. Always found it a bit weird that guys like me that were champ for nearly 4 years didn't get that title, but a guy that was champ for 2 weeks shortly before Champs were removed on Wild/Chaos did.
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    Looks great but where's it's dorsal fin and tail ? Maybe something like this:
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    Although the slab is pretty, will this be the default texture for everything slabbed currently? It's going to look a little odd on roads and where people have used it on the side of hills, canals etc.
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    47 here, it's nice to see other grey's online here. I'm glad I'm not the only one here! Man I miss D&D
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    I finished Torchlight, but I agree with you, I got bored part way through because of repetitiveness. This is a major issue they have addressed in the second game, making a huge amount of variations to areas, loot, monsters and many new boss battles. The most major point to me is being able to play multiplayer, either with friends or randoms. Hopefully there will be a lot of things you can do for shits and giggles, but that's up to see in the release of the game.
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    No, I like how things are now. But I wouldnt mind as well as being bigger champion animals having a cooler texture than regular animals with scars, huge antlers or crazy shod clubs (Whatever is suitable and makes some amount of sense!)
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    I don't think you will ever get your money back on the account hope you earned enough to take the loss..good luck
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    Logs of all kinds would be nice: banks, merchants, traders...
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    Realistic looking models doesn't mean its a realistic game. We still have unicorns, trolls, dragons, huge spiders, magic, gods, etc., things that all doesn't exist in the real world. Unless you want all those things removed, your suggestion is quite silly.
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    No no and no. I like being able to see a Champ Troll from far enough away that I can avoid it. I see no problem with GIANTS. It is a fantasy game you know.
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    Blackout in Freedom Market Yesterdays blackout in Freedom Market was not only a huge surprise to everyone, but it has also caused some undue panic for a few of the merchants working there. Today, several of the more distraught sellers of goods refused to show up for work, thinking the apocolypse was once again upon us. We'd like to wish them well, and pray to Vynora that they'll be back on the job soon. The cause of the unscheduled FM disband is still under investigation and will be for some time. So far it's been discovered the highly beloved Enki disbanded FM so he could use the recouped cash to place a wager. Seems the FM mayor has a bit of a gambling bug and enjoys betting on the highly brutal and completely illegal Champ dog fights currently being held in the more seedier parts of Celebration. Luckily for Enki, he won his bet, then refounded Freedom Market to it's former glory before too much damage set in, much to the delight of the volunteers who've been working to repair FM recently. Spirit Templers are still on the scene and questioning the mayor to figure out all the finer details of what occurred yesterday.
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    Most of the people I'd like to thank are those who I call the silent majority. We're here in force, but you'd hardly know it because we tend to go about our business without fanfare. Most have been around for 2 years or more, but have 200+ days played, so we're a bit more than 'casual' players. My thanks to 2 real life friends who tried to entice my husband and I to try out Wurm for a full year. We were still enamored with WoW so we resisted until the day we could no longer attain what we wanted without a party of 20 others. We let our friends know that we were registering for Wurm and would let them know when we finished the tutorial. They began their journey from the Western Wall on horseback while my husband and I walked through the tutorial. We waited for them at The Howl, they invited us to their village and promptly told us to kill ourselves. Welcome to Wurm! More thanks that can fit into a Huge Tub has to go to my husband. He patiently sits beside me while I try to master Wurm stuff. I can't tell you how long it took in the beginning to 'understand' digging. I'd finally get one tile flat, then when I went to the next, I'd make the first one not flat. His poor ears rang for days until I had that AHA moment. Months later, he redid the entrance to our surface mine (digging down a 282 dirt ramp) because I was unhappy that the current mine entrance was 6 slopes off. Thanks to a very special appreciative newbie (at the time) who moved into our area and was considerate enough to ask if he was in the way before building his shack. He was a do it yourself kind of person, but we were there to help with advice, answers and all those things that would just frustrate the heck out of new people until their skills were decent. That very special newbie gifted me much later with his referral. It was awesome to see a referral used as I believe was originally intended. My thanks to a neighbor, who goes beyond normal terraforming on his deed and inspires us to go beyond our limits to make our area something to look at, not just a place to sleep. My thanks to Rolf, for not making this game too easy. Other games we have played eventually got 'dumbed' down and our interest waned. Thank you to those who offer advice and pass on their knowledge in chat. Many days you have to really search to find that wisdom between the trolling and the event copy and pastes, but it's there and those people deserve my thanks. Thanks to all who understand that Wurm is not perfect and probably never will be, but help support the game and enjoy the parts that are good. Because most are part of the silent majority, I'll not associate names with events, but nonetheless, my thanks go to: Trystant, Charm, Aleif, Ruriko, Kodos, Sandle, Snoopy, Zenity. My thanks for inspiration go to: Smejack, Eladia, Willow, Zuperman, Thorgot, Zivirt, Brash_Endeavors My thanks to all the Silent Majority whom I have run into and have had a kind word or an appreciative gesture with no thought of personal gain. Thank you!
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    Sounds like it's working as designed. Take care when dropping items to inspect the ground first and make sure that you're not in someone's deed.
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    Looking great. I am so relieved to see that Wurm is not becoming another of all these cartoony MMOs out there.
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    Why stop at fish? We could have turtles, geckos, salamanders, bearded dragons, frogs, toads, newts!
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    ty xallo and nosyt for murdering me in cold blood and taking my huge club affinity
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    You can just cast sunder on water if you want different QL. Ive seen 0.03ql water before
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    I'm just 56 and all of a sudden feel like a newborn baby. How comes? Now seriously, Jesslynn's grandma earns some standing ovations: Starting a la-ola-wave here and now: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    I think this is a great start, however you need to be careful to not go ott, and also make sure that the boat can sway in different directions too. You could link the severity of movement to wind speed... And lastly, make sure it doesn't move when on land! If this is refined more an applied to all boats.. It could be epic at making them a lot more life like!!!
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    i love this animation. really i do. but.... i dont know if its just the graphics settings you had at the time but it seemed excessive for the level of waves visible then? maybe just me...
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    What I'm listening to atm: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRFYr6NPENo Also: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeDxs0D19x0 And continuing the theme of Paradise covers: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6dRgdrQxRg To embed videos on IP.BOARD use the tags