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    Wooden House wall update:
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    Or if you could cut an arch into it. maybe even if with specific Forestry skill level. or even Gardening. Say have a title called Arborist.
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    Ideas for retaining players early on: I don't feel the current tutorial > being thrown into live servers system is optimal for player retention. Golden Valley was not a bad idea, and worked great in the beginning. The problem was lack of map resets. I feel some intermediate playground where they can go after the tutorial, but before they enter the real servers, would be best for player retention and would solve some problems. I don't have a perfect solution for how to make this temporary playground though. I have some ideas which I won't elaborate before some dev's think it would be a good idea. Ideas for retaining long term players: I have burned out a few times as well when I felt Wurm was too much of a grind, but I would much rather have this grind than the opposite, skills that take days to level to maximum and almost instant terraforming and building like MC. I love the slow pace of Wurm, I have ideas for my deed or a future deed that will take probably 2 years from now. I tried out Epic and disliked the double skill gain and curve so much. It just makes players get bored or done with Wurm so much faster. I think a lot of the problems with retaining long term players are new content, like new buildings, more diverse construction options, and of course also more diverse graphics, which is being worked on as we speak. Anyways, one idea to reduce the grind a bit comes to mind. Make all titles work like the armour crafting titles do now. When you wear it you improve the quality faster (for when you need to make 50 lamps for your deed or 50 tools to sell on your merchant), and when you want to grind to improve your skill, you just don't wear the title and it works like now. Also, for the love of Vynora, unnerf all the pvp nerfs that hit the Freedom servers. What was wrong with having champ bears pulling your cart, or champ trolls fighting for you at full strength on a PvE server? A way to retain players is to give more options to the players and not limiting the sandbox.
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    New player tourist mode. This is a way for new players to quickly see what Wurm has to offer. They instantly jump to varius Wurm Wonders and hopefully get inspired after admiring them. They could also talk to locals in new player friendly villages and decided if a good fit for them. Limitiation: No invenotry is carried nor can they carring thing. No aggro will attack them and they can't attack anything either. Basicly they can't do any actions other then walk around and talk. They have to return to the spawn town to resume normal game play. Uncertain: I don't know if players should be able to choose thier desination or if it should be random. The frequence which they can jump is also in question. Destinations: The destinations should be Wurm Wonders picked by the community and of coarse with permission from those who created and maintain the Wonder. Another destination could be Villages that are recruiting and have proven to be helpful for new players. As far as specific game mechanics; it should be possible to make a list of exact locations which players jump to. Maybe ask the players to make some kind of greeting area at these locations. Yes, its not realistic to be teleporting around the map as some astral projection. I just feel this would a great way to show off Wurm's potential to new customers and we just need to limit them so all they can do is look and talk. Edits*** 1. If its possible limit the players range of exploration to a radius around the arrival point. This would server to limit spying. 2. An alternative might be bot controlled toon which serves as camerra. The player could view the game through the eyes of the bot as it wanders around a Wonder. Heck, the bot could even teleport between wonders. This prevents any spying issues.
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    I saw the word fahrenheit and laughed. Glass is already making its way through test, but having temperature that also affects how plants and animals appear and grow and makes life more difficult at times would be great. I already stay indoors a lot in winter because the land is too white to do any land shaping by sight, but having a genuine reason to do so would be great. All measurement in Wurm is metric and the vast majority uses the Celsius scale. Temperature should be from -50 to 70 degrees (as absolute extremes) in the environment, with higher temperatures resulting from fires and forges. High temperatures should dehydrate you faster and have various penalties of their own, and should occur in deserts and unshaded areas during summer days.
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    My Freedom chat log on Indy from August has 300k characters. My playtime increased by about 4days 5hours. This is about a sixth of a whole month. That's about 1.8M characters per month. Lets play safe and say 1M characters. Then there's the other servers, the GL chat. CA chat. And the server would have to have it translated to various languages. If it's implemented client side it will scale with the number of players logged in. And if I go by my play style a lot of never read chat log will be translate and waste money. Translating my chat logs would have cost about 20$. How is this affordable if a character only nets 5EUR per month? It's probably easier if the player copies text he does not understand and pastes it into the translator website. That's free and only those parts are translated where a translation is really wanted.
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    If you want to retain players without adding more danger (you don't need to, really), how about add in the ability for players who have craft skills of 50 or more to submit art for new items to be added? Person A: "Hey, I hit 50 carp." Person B: "Cool." Person A: "I made a new chair in Blender, I am going to submit it as a chair option." Person B: "Can't wait to see it." Once added, the new chair pattern could be learned by another player by purchasing the pattern from a Trader. A small portion of this transaction could go to the designer for helping the game stay alive. With visible armor and clothes coming, players making custom armor and clothing would be a huge boon to the game. Look at Second Life, it has no skill levels, but players can make and sell their custom designs. Pretty powerful.
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    An old bug that caused settlement forms/deeds to go missing have been fixed. If your settlement lacks its deed, the mayor may now retrieve it by going to the token and select Settlement->info. The deed will be automatically inserted into the inventory.A few typos fixed.Light tokens got a small fix.The tutorial is now verified as functional again after the Monday update that caused parts of it to stop working. View the full article
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    It shouldn't be that difficult to implement. Afaik there is a Google java api that can be used from the client to send chat lines through google translate. It being client only wouldn't affect anyone else either. The translation isn't that good, but it works nearly flawlessly if you use the most basic grammar of your language and the most common meaning of a word.
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    Right-Click the item --> Equip would be my choice for a solution, if already equiped the option wouldn't show
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    Getting accurate translations with GT is easy... It is just a case of phrasing the sentance correctly so the context is not lost English -> French "I would like a car" translates as "Je voudrais une voiture." French -> English "i want a car"
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    As Czech speaking English (I hope it is English ) I can confirm, that any longer sentence translated though is somehow, ehm, strange, often missing negative, most every time with strange conjugation. I used it to confirm or find better words combination, but it is worse than useless to translate without knoledge of english
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    Hi, Nope, my Wurm isn't. I decided to go PvE, I never ever visited a Wurm PvP server, I do not accept what is offered as Wurm PvP now, because it doesn't fulfill even the basic requirements of real PvP for me. It's just a comparison of time and money spent, in my view, and if I want to play competitively there's a lot of other games out there that offer this. Where player skill is that counts, not time & money spent ... That's nice, and as you know we have a lot of servers that should cater your needs. PvP servers. Reading the numbers of inhabitants should give you a clear view about how the other people see Wurm, and you will realize that your opinion here is that of a minority. If you'd like to change these PvP servers, you'd have my support immediately - IMHO they need a lot of work, they obviously don't generate the costs they cause and have to be subsidized by the PvE people. And, at least for me and many, many others, they aren't attractive at all. So a change would be welcome, a better PvP system only could benefit Wurm. Opening it for new competitive players, attracting more paying players - who'd not like this? But instead you try to cut down the tree you're sitting on. Not the best of ideas, IMHO. It could be one of my deeds, too, while I'm on weekend holiday. And since I have no active neighbors the spiders would trash my walls, release my animals, and open up my deed for free griefing to any passer-by. I'd come back on Sunday evening and find my animals stolen or slaughtered. Can tell you, implementing your proposal would mean that the vast majority of my alliance friends would immediately disband their many deeds and not renewing the prem of our many chars. Changing our game in such a ground-breaking way would never be accepted. We can suffer a lot of silly nerfs, but this would be the last remaining brick in the wall. You might love to live in a densely populated village, we do not. Instead nearly every one of our alliance members has at least one own deed, many quite some more, and we don't live next to each other. Today our alliance will hit the 21 deeds count. And close to all are "hermit deeds", as you name it. There's different ways to play this game, accept this please. And think twice of your wishes, please, they might get fulfilled - and this one would probably the most dangerous for the future of the game we love. IMHO. ^^ This. Where can I sign, Sir? Have a good time! PS: Possible that this branch of the thread is a bit off topic?
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    Yesterday I visited of my neighbor's place to help him keep his fields in good shape. Last weeks he is less active, because the crocs infection in our area. I met there ven champ goblin and terminated him ... that was excitement, but unwanted. Lucky, it was me with good horse, drake armor, 80 ql med axe and 70+ FS. For my friend it could be certain and fast death and 1 hour dangerous run from Howl. That is none excitement at all, just pure frustration. While I was away from my deed, my reserve aged troll thought it is good to beat his way out from his house. No problem I had in plan to rebuild this house. But I have to redominate him and settle him in other house. I hope he will not think about bashing his new house. About half year ago, one my neighbor, horse breeder, had his fences attacked by troll gang 3 nights at line. At night people sleeping in RL, so he had none chance to protect his place. His best horses fled to forests, rest of them stolen by players/scavengers. He quit wurm for good, because his more than year of work goes to ...toilet. Where there is any exitement? I see unhappiness and hopeless despair. Busted, if you think, beasts attacking deeds are funny thing, which will attract players and keep them playing, you are badly wrong. From my long experience I know for sure, it scares people away from Wurm. ... you are, perhaps, on wrong server cluster, Freedom is not for you. But I think, your probem is not wrong server. You playing wrong game. And for argument "Wurm was intended as PvP game" ... yes it was and it failed in this respect. History shows Wurm is nice and creative PvE game. Perhaps with some chance for PvP servers, for more aggresive Wurmians to discharge their ferocity. And it is good. MMO market has games with some kind of sandbox, but only to serve PvP. Wurm filled gap, where players want sandbox enviroment to stay in peace, just to "boring" creativity. Our spice is building, producing, trade and adventure. We do not need blood and death on every corner to keep us focused. Wurm is not, for sure, game for common masses and if it will be such once, it will scare us, creative peaceful ones, away. It is clear, Wurm needs improvements. It needs more diversity in all we can do and we can see around us. But most Wurm needs repair of old critical bugs. Yesterday I saw corbita stucked in tunel entrance again, GM called there for help. This happens there 3+ times per week again and again and again ...
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    I'll be able to drop off my priest there as well. Tihnta (Vynora)
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    Someone left their leggett in the code Much speculation now on what this means for housing options
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    While the idea of having monsters attack deeds/villages for whatever reason or another would be exciting (maybe you hunted too many goblins, and they have it out for you now), the destruction of anything on their deed isn't an option, or they'd pvp. It simply takes too long to do anything in Wurm to have something break your walls down and ruin any part of it.
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    Thank you. I think you speak for many of us.
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    Not everyone plays this game for combative pleasure. That whole cenerio assumes that all players should have fight stuff all the time. I don't want to bring PvP into this but it very much looks like you want PvE folks to partake in PvP-like activities accept against NPC AI. I certanly hope you can at the very least be open minded enough to recrognize that peace loving crafting/building types wouldn't like what you proposing. If you think that that target group is insignificant and not important to Wurm future, then by all means let the raiding mob commence.
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    Trying not to be bleak. I love Wurm for what it is but I'm in love with what Wurm could be and it frustrates me that it's being held back by fear of change. Wurm's meant to be pvp, you know? And it still is. Just it's market pvp moreso than actual bashing of deeds, lopping off of heads etc. I get that a lot of people don't like PVP. I really do. They keep telling us that Freedom is a PVE server, but there is no real PVE here either. It's all too tame, too easy, too avoidable through game mechanics. A PVE server shouldn't be that way. It should still challenge you, even if it's not going to be as vindictive as another human player, it should still have to opportunity to bend you over once in a while if you're careless. I can think of endless scenarios where an upgrade to the hostility and capabilities of NPC mobs could generate some really impressive and memorable dynamic gamepay. Imagine logging in and discovering a new player deed not far from you is about to be attacked by a swarm of angry spiders for encroaching on it's lair. What would you do? Keep your head down and hope it all passes you by or rally support and make a stand against this incursion? Gather materials to hastily build defences while putting the call out for allies to lend their bows and swords and axes? Maybe launch a preemptive strike against the gathering mass of spiders and whittle down their numbers a bit to give the defenders a better chance or weathering the attack? Seek out the lair queen and put her down, scattering the remaining spiders? How is this not exciting? Ok, NPC's are a little too basic for this as it stands but theres potential there for things like this to happen. Wurms PVE doesn't have to be about accidently wandering through a forest and waking up a lurking spider or actively hunting a crocodile, there's so much more that could be done with it if there's the desire for it's development. The environment should be a companion to the payer, whether it's good to you or bad. Right now it's just ... bland and forgettable. make it more exciting and people will want to play more in this sandbox.
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    I am not sure what hermits have to do with the topic at hand, other than you make clear you disapprove of such. I'm a hermit but I don't think someone who has a village with three or four villagers is really in any different position here. The majority of time, there is going to be no one on any particular deed. The majority of time, these raids would have no interaction with the players. Either you are a helpless victim to something you never had any chance to react to, or you are a live participant to an event that -- for good or for bad -- causes a sense of urgency and reaction. Whether there is only one of you, or an alliance with 50 people, you are actually interacting somehow. Which as far as I can tell is the only point to having such a "feature". There is no adrenaline to coming back and finding someone trashed your place while you were gone, and you have perhaps lost things not possible to replace. It really doesn't matter if 10 people live there, or just one. There is no fear, no excitement, no sense of something happening. At this stage we might as well allow also people to lockpick your stuff and bash your fences while you are gone, and have everything be PvP again, and bring back also the mine tunneling mobs as well. Passive Helpless Victim does not equal Excitement. This is why I think such raids -- if we have them at all -- should not be on unattended deeds. No one is running around in a panic saying whatdoido, whatdoido ... It's not something you will still remember three years later and tell stories about, if it is just some unseen thing that trashed your stuff while you were on vacation.
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    Purely on PvE servers (not chaos/epic), I would prefer if a player owned homestead could only be "raided" by mobs if the mayor or at least one villager is on the premises. The reason why is -- it can still be an unexpected catastrophe but you are then participating in the event and reacting to it. You might repel the invasion, or hide inside a stone house and wait for them to go away, or log off in a panic, or /cry on alliance chat or kchat for someone to come and help you, you might be terrified and upset and have a lot to lose, but there is some adrenaline because you are participating in an emotionally triggering event. That's different from logging in after a three day vacation and coming back to find someone killed your pet Champion Wolf and all your horses are gone and there is zippity-do-dah you can do about it other than feel helpless.Otherwise we might as well have giant meteors fall on people's houses too.
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    The roads are pretty damn safe, GTs all along the way. Have run up there on froob alts before, and Aether with all his glorious 5FS. So long as you stick to the roads, you wont have a bad time.
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    There's a pretty good chance that I can send my two priests over: Rockeater (70 faith mag) and Henzy (44 faith vyn.) They both have horrendous fight skill though, so what route to Asgard do you think would be safest? I could put them in a boat and was thinking of sailing into Echo Lake, mooring up somewhere there and then walking to Asgard.
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    I've been playing on epic mainly since joining about two months ago. I will say that I've played just about every mmo out there, from free to subscription, all over the world. I even play mmos using shoddy English translations for them. I've also worked in other MMO projects before as a developer. I will tell you right now that from a business stand point your task is to improve subscription duration and improve your brand. But never lose sight that if you don't please your customers, and improve their product they will very unlikely try to get their friends into the game and you will never have substantial growth rates. So while you have to keep the business outlook in front, always keep the customer and what the product is doing for 'them' right beside it. Otherwise you will very likely fail as a business. If I had to name the things that I feel would improve the game: More mineral types and alloys, let it actually affect equipment stats. But let it give pros / cons. Not simply bonuses. Let existing wood types also be more interesting, most have no real use. Make all permission management identical to houses so that you have nothing that includes your whole friend list. But that you can selectively add who you want to it. Keep keys for the purpose of 'removing / changing' locks but add permission management to everything involving locks. While it may not be quite logical, nor is it logical for deeds to have full control over doors either. But I feel it's detrimental that you cannot have 'Gates' and other things be shared unless you spend a lot of silver and make a deed. It's certainly put a damper on several communities I've tried to form because it becomes such a chore having to share keys and nothing else really compares to 'gates'. A big one; Let people build underground structures, let them also be able to build mines deeper instead of the current global water level which is just silly. Maybe even let them affect water levels in some fashion. I've seen a lot of people wanting to build underground settlements only to be disappointed over wurm's primitive cavern system. Speaking of the rock system, we need some way to be able to shape caverns and rock formations. More breeding animal types, I myself and some other villagers were highly disappointed to find out that only a few animal types could be bred, things like bison cannot. Not to mention there isn't really that large of a variety of animals either, even though models for wildlife would be easy / very cheap to come by in the game asset market today. Add seasonal wildlife and terrain changes. Sure we have snow that appears in winter, but nothing else really happens aside from a few of the rare plants that you can harvest. Make it so that small ponds freeze over, let people harvest ice and make things out of it, and sure it will melt eventually. More construction types, things like colossus statues are nice long term projects but there really aren't many of them. We need larger varieties of things that we can build, and if possible we need the ability to customize them like houses. More 'vehicle' types and possibly even the ability to customize them a bit. It'd be nice if some day we could actually make a custom boat out of a hull instead of prefabs. E.g. maybe I want a cargo hold in my boat, and perhaps instead of sails I'll have them all be oars. But wait maybe you don't move as fast with Oars if you don't have more players in your boat for so ever many oar implementations. Could still have the same, or a variety of boat hulls like we have now but it'd be great to be able to customize them, that goes for Carts too. It'd be nice if players could actually swim vertically instead of simply walking across water. I don't really see any problems with the amount of travel people currently have to do but I can see the need for faster forms of travel. Maybe some animal types that can fly? Could balance it in that there can only be a small amount of weight the mounts can carry including yourself so players could only carry a very tiny amount. Permissions again here. I'd like to be able to have a friend list and people to talk to without sharing some permissions with my entire friend list.
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    I think it's great for me to hear that PR Team work is appreciated, but don't you worry, there's plenty more that we're going to pull out of the hat
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    I am Toadly Ossum and I approve of this message. Stop and see the pyramid and the chessboard while you're up here.
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    So you want to make it even easier and safer to move around? Does that really sound like something that's going to make the game more exciting for new players? What shall we do, prepare ourselves for an epic journey through the wilderness to reach a far off place we've heard wonders about, risking life and limb and having a great time in the process or step through a doorway and just ... be there. Convenience for you and other players who are either too lazy or want to do things the easy way shouldn't take priority over newer players or those who deserve to play in an open world sandbox without enjoyment sapping short cuts. The attraction of Wurm to new players is the vast open spaces and potentially huge distances between the places you live and the places you want to go. Take that away and you bypass a fairly massive part of Wurms charm, with or without added danger. No to portals. No to any more bloody easy mode game changes. It's easy enough.
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    A game that tries to be all things to all people almost always ends up not doing any one thing very well. There certainly is a rush/crash/fade cycle to Wurm, and the current process of adding new servers only invigorates the community for a short time. I like the idea of community events that occur regularly and encourage activity, but even those can get repetitive (and don't always appeal to all players equally). Several people have mentioned it already, but adding in 'new' content in the form of creatures, structures, or craftables on a regular basis (bimonthly or quarterly) would go a long way towards extending the player life cycle. But these would need to be significant to hold interest ("Oh look, a napkin to go with my fork and spoon. Yay?" may not cut it). Think how much might be done around adding something as basic as glass - literally hundreds of crafting/building possibilites might emerge. After 1.0, it may be easier to focus the development roadmap on content expansion, but within the limits of the existing staff I think things are moving in the right direction.
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    I used to play this game awhile ago, we're talking about 3 years ago. I've been keeping up with the games progress because I really do have a desire to play sandbox games, but I've had a hard to really getting into one. I think that one of the reasons I quit Wurm was because I could never be unique in terms of character appearance. There was no customization with the exception of choosing whether you were male or female. This is one of the reasons, and for a sandbox gamer it might seem shallow, but not being able to identify with your character in any means except for extreme roleplaying (which I dislike to do) sort of broke the experience for me in the manner I've mentioned. One thing that also stopped me from playing this game was the ceiling complex that others have discussed in this thread. For me, the game sort of went like this: - Log in completely clueless surrounded by a myriad of things to do (most people you don't want to play a game like this clear out now because they want the aforementioned pig mounts and big yellow checkmark) - Figure out the basic mechanics of the game - Build a shack on mud - See someone else's huge village and fancy things and get jealous - Get together with some friends and build one of your own - Kill most of the monster types in the game - Become completely self sufficient It is after this point that the game hits a ceiling, as it feels that there is nothing more to be done. There is no reward for continuing as you are already self sufficient, also there is no point in interacting with other villages because there is nothing that you really need from them. After a week of this, the game starts to feel more like a job because you are playing more and more because your walls need to be improved and your house needs to be repaired. Now you have accomplished everything and there are no in-game goals to accomplish. After this happens, the player will generally leave, except the few who play that remain faithful to the developers and or the project they have built. Then you have a situation where the game is in a sort of "limbo". In other words: S = Subscriber count. P = the players that are the exception to the rule, who remain faithful to the game. N = The amount of new players. L = The amount of leaving players. S = P + (N-L), where L=N and for short periods of time L>N or L<N Which basically means your player base generally stays the same and the games success is in the aforementioned "limbo" state. The major problem with Wurm is that there is no type of serious gameplay after you establish your village. There is no goals; nothing that you can really set yourself apart to do. The novelty of building your house and town wears off relatively fast, and there is nothing left to hold you in place. Adding aesthetics like customization characters and armor models/real animations would help immensely, but ultimately more post village material needs to be added to the game in order for it to be able to hold on to subscribers. This is the same reason that themepark mmos die, they are fun until you hit the maximum level, then the fun dies out. World of Warcraft is so successful because the developers have added tones of endgame content and have really built the game around it. There is a lot of discussion about people leaving because they get frustrated early. These people are not true sandbox fans. The problem at hand, I believe, is not that people get frustrated at the start of the game, but more so after they've established themselves, because there is a lack of things to do. This is just my opinion, take it or leave it, I think I have several valid points here.
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    Anything which makes movement around the world less pedestrian is good although if things got tweaked during night time hours maybe have the spawn rate for hostile mobs increase a fair bit and have them actively gravitate towards structures or tokens. Give you a reason to get back home behind your house walls before nightfall ...
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    I'm sure there are plenty of newer players who don't want their deeds raided either but most of the objections to any kind of added risk to freedom does come from the older player base and to an extent I can appreciate their concerns about it. However, pandering to the older, established player base isn't going to make it any easier to attract and retain new players - and that's where the money is. Rolf is trapped in a situation where his game is both kept afloat and made stagnant by the same vocal old guard players that resist change. From a commercial standpoint, it makes more sense for Rolf to look at his potential player base and what will attract and retain them instead of what keeps the old players who don't want things to change too much happy. Make a game appealing enough for new players to invest in and stick with and you don't need to continually make concessions to those who resist change. Sure, you may alienate and drive them off in the process, but better that then have the game held back because some people may get may not like things getting shaken up to a point where they have to adjust and adapt. A deed is a safe haven? Mostly yes. But it should never be 100% safe. Without risk there's no sense of achievement and new players want to feel like the time they invest in a game is worth while. Sometimes that should mean your stuff is put at risk. Sometimes that means you have to fight to protect what's yours. Victory is always sweeter when it's hard fought. Defeat gives you a reason to pick yourself up and fight back. Bottom line (again, my opinion) Wurm needs more danger, everywhere. It needs more challenges thrown at the player, village, community at large. It doesn't need more player created distraction (although that's awesome too) it needs more environmental ones. Right now, Freedom isn't really PVE. The environment is largely inert and unable to challenge a player. It's too boring to keep all but the most stubborn players, and we've already met them. We are them. I'm not suggesting peoples homes should be raided by players on Freedom and all their gear stolen, but the environment should be able to kick us in the ass and force us to work to keep it at bay from time to time. Maybe a village constantly under threat of mob attack has penalties to it's productivity or increased upkeep cost or something as well as having to manually repair damaged buildings and walls when the dangerous npc population reaches a certain threshold and needs culling? Maybe make these random, server wide events that encourage players to band together to help drive off rampaging Trolls in a certain area? Think of it like a weekly Dragon slaying or something, but without any huge rewards. I dunno, it's just needs more exciting stuff going on for the new/newer players to get excited about. Older players may not want the potential added hassle, but the game needs it desperately. Wurm isn't ever going to be successful if it's development is being hindered by it's own player base. For the sake of the game we have to stop resisting change and encourage developments that will attract new players. We just have to make sure along the way it doesn't get dumbed down. Incidently, I'm not strictly having a pop at old players who want to protect their time investments, I'm more annoyed with the general consensus that changes that make things a bit harder/realistic or more dangerous are bad and I am especially irked at how those who shout the loudest are usually the only ones Rolf ever hears. Maybe I should drop a gold into the wishing well and ask for my own private audience ...
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    The roofs yes, still need to figure out how to deal with those. Masked painting of items is planned and will come eventually.
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    Perhaps you could stop living permanently in one place, and just travel from village to village, server to server, going to the places where work is to be done. You wouldn't have need for much possessions, perhaps live out of a ship, storing much of your belongings there? Surely an adventure.
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    Wurm itself is a sandbox , and requires that the players themselves are able to keep occupied . Sandboxes do generally have the problem of player retention compared to other games simply because of the nature of them , ie there is no quest line to follow / no set progression etc . If your on the Freedom Cluster , maybe either suggest they play on Chaos with it's Hota area , or even just hop between Freedom and Epic for variations . Epic has missions they could work on , PvP etc , as well as a faster skillgain progression . This might alleviate some of their problem with getting bored . If how-ever it doesn't , then it may just be a simple as a sandbox game just isn't for them .
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    Hi, I admire your imagination, really! But it sounds a bit cruel. Well, branding is cruel, too. But the main reason might be to get a correct reading when examining, right? "Mother is old fat cow. Father is old fat bull" - this doesn't really say anything. "Mother is 'Ole betsy'. Father is 'Phat stinka'" would much more helpful. As we have it with horses already. Agree? Have fun!
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    Thank you Rolf, you exceeded expectations and made lamps go back, and still kept oil barrel function!! I think you surprised everyone in a good way!
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    +1 for the OP. No one loses, and people do get what they pay for: protection from the templar on your deed. Your templar attacks any aggressive animals ondeed. However, people would no longer have the option to pay for having a particular significant, automatic, and game-affecting for others, in-game advantage when they do not play (they're offline). Note that they still get some: any neighbour or stranger needing help chased by a mob, may bring it to their templar, and the corpse stays on-deed. It's from an action of a player, then, though, not automatic. Regarding why: I can see the argument that wild animals don't know the "laws of men", sure, but they can learn and associate civilized areas with danger. While deed is not synonym to civilized, it's probably a good approximation for the game. If you feel so strongly that they (or some) should still wander on deeds unprovoked, personally I'd think a very small chance of them doing so (very small chance of them choosing to step on a deed tile), would be fit as well. Better than this, anyway.
  40. 1 point
    So...your internal my birthday. Thank you for this present ahead of time.
  41. 1 point
    Really wanting to see different skins for the different hedges and also would like to see some of the hedges stop at medium. I think this is such an excellent addition to the game and hope it is carried through to the gem it could be. What wold make it even better is some kind of arched entry way also.
  42. 1 point
    I look forward to growing grape vines on my walls and fences One day... But in the meantime, hedges are good
  43. 1 point
    I very much like the idea of an aesthetic addition. I like making my deed look nicer. If the ones the size of fences and tall stone walls can be used to keep animals in and people out, I would use them to make more interesting looking pens and fields. I would like to see a gate that fits well with them. Even a simple wooden fence gate with an arch of greenery the height of the tall stone wall variant of the shrubbery would make for nice entryways.
  44. 1 point
    *cough* Ah! Just learned what a parchment really is.
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    Just asked rolf about this <Drega> will crocs ever become rideable? <&Rolf> they are if you have insane body control i wonder what kind of body control we are looking at here... *strokes chin* Edit: <&Rolf> nah wasn't ridable so you can't ride them, don't know if this is gonna change *fingers crossed* Edit 2: Rosie has just informed me she can ride her crocs so yay Her young greenish is going 11.42km/h atm and it takes passengers at the same speed ;D Rolf changed riding crocs as it was bugged (they went the direction you were facing so they ended up running sideways and backwards and such, was quite funny tbh xD... and also you didn't lose stamina whilst riding them, and gained stamina if you didn't have a full bar...) Now when you ride them they go about 4km/h -.- On the upside, you can ride them into water and swim about on them