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    Sometimes in shallow water it's necessary to dredge a channel for large ships. Usually the channel is visible, but on lower graphics settings it can be hard to spot. Combined with high winds, this can lead to ships running aground. Suggestion: Small barrel + mooring anchor = Buoy. Planted on underwater tiles as a marker Can be painted Can be named at 1 character per ql, as with small signs Same planting rules as signs (1 per Wurm week) to prevent spamming Could maybe be upgraded to a Flagged Buoy with the addition of a cotton sheet and a shaft.
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    I'm just going to say this from a neutral point of view. This is about the fifth or sixth post you've made that's been suggested about 3 dozen times. Do you ever check to see if it's been posted before?!
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    I have been sitting here reading the forums while having something to eat, and I read the topic The Tragedy Of The Commons, In One Picture. I am willing to make an alt, throw premium on it and set up a deed near Tap Dance where new players can go to cut trees, forage, make food, learn to plant sprouts, maybe a couple of market stalls with vendors to sell low quality sickles, hammers, small anvils, mallets, etc (for those who have made alts), storage bins with low quality stuff in them, etc. Things like that. If anyone is willing to help out (donate toward the settlement form, provide altars, make the market stalls, help landscaping, make walls or signs, donate to upkeep, provide food while others build, provide mats for building or anything at all) then I will happily organise and take a day or two off to make it happen. If you are willing to help or have have suggestions as to what the deed could provide or if it's a good/bad idea, I'd appreciate it if you replied.
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    Guess its an easier way to mark the special fishing spots when located too...
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    Just curious, what would you think of having a lit buoy option for night time? Or would that be too much?
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    Character strafing, here are an test! http://dl.dropbox.co...im/footwork.mp4 Not final walk animation!!!!! And its slow just for the test!!!!!
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    Now that we have the ability to make papyrus sheets and we can inscribe them with any dye and a reed pen (Reed pen = carving knife + reed PLANTS not fibre) (Papyrus sheets over about 25ql or so have the author imprinted when you examine them under that they seem to be anonymous) It would be nice to be able to post or place theme somewhere visable for passers by or the area owner to read. Right now you can mail them or dump them on the ground but that's about it and anyone can pick them up. Something like the ability to tack them to a tree or door or for the more violent minded to a body. Or the ability to build a wooden board that would hold X number of them, with high decay and over that amount having the newest one replace the oldest one. Perhaps with with builder being able to put a first perminant one up when they finish the board. Also 40i is still a bit spendy to make mailing letters or notes ecconomical not to mention if they don't check a mailbox they don't know they have one waiting. Papyrus making skill is also, even on epic, painfully slow to raise. I have 8 skill even after making at least 100 sheets. I'm assuming it increases your press chances to make a sheet and/or its Ql.
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    And next a tattooing skill. Tribe colors and sigs pierced into the skin with a needle, deals wounds too of course, visible on the new player models, added to examine text "wears the proud tattoo of <tribe>"
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    I remember creeping through a dense wood at night without a lantern or a road, just a vague idea of the direction back home, and petrified because someplace out there not too far away was a jackal,but I couldn''t figure out where it was. All I knew was whenever I wildly waved my mouse around looking for RED outlines, I'd keep getting "jackal" text popups but then disappear before I could find the darn thing, so I could avoid it. I was pretty sure at that point a jackal was going to be the death of me as I could barely even kill a baby deer at that stage. Turned out later, it was just the name of one of the moons which I kept mousing over while looking for hostiles.
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    Haha saw this and for some reason it reminded me of my newbie days.
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    My wife and I play this game side by side. But marriage in game needs to have benefits. Allow me to list some: Married couples never need to add each other to writs or mine doors and are always friends. Wedding rings will add a use to jewelcrafting above what there already is, and can be enchanted to locate each other. Spouses should have combat advantage when fighting together. Marriage will have a family name and children, who's role can be taken by a new player to be part of the family Family can have traits, like breeding, so children can have affinities or bonus traits (not much, maybe 5-10% bonus to something small) to encourage community and interaction.
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    I think that now we have to keep an eye on lamps and street lamps that a fuel indicator of some sort would be nice. So that when examined it will tell you approximately how much fuel is left or how long the lamp, fire source ect will last. Can we get some GM's or DEV's to answer this as nobody has a clue on how lamps actually operate. Would be nice to see if tar or oil is being used. Which raises another question. If I filled lamp with tar and put oil in halfway, is it now full of all oil or all tar? or does the tar get used up and then the oil? (player confirmation) http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/64159-lampshow-do-they-work/
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    -1 Mills itself is a cool idea but producing an item that is already in game is no point. Maybe if the sawmill produced an entirely different item that is added to the game. Maybe change the item(s) needed for shields, housing, floorboards ect to a new item and only sawmills can create them. Plus we already have a queue system that we can use.
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    It would be better to give a low QL sickle when starting a new player. As far as this thread?? You post a Sign saying DO NOT CUT!!! that is on you really sorry to say. I will bet its not new players at all cutting these trees for the most part, but existing players doing it simply because of the Sign there. Also you do fail when planting sprouts when you first start playing more than not at times. Having trees grow from stumps 100% of the time like a sprout was planted might help some of the chopping down of trees. The placing of signs like here will not stop anything at all and most likely encourage it.
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    Been a while since one of your -1's showed itself.. But you do have an interesting point regarding a limit to how many someone may have etc. My response to that would be to allow as many as the player needs - using up 1 rope every time. (don't get it back afterwards, thus boosting rope need), but.. and here's the "but".. they only last for like 6 hours. After that the animals break free and can be killed etc as usual. 6 hours should allow plenty of time for a restart - even for those that can't hang around for it to come back online. Relying on taming doesn't really work - what if you are using two animals to pull a large cart and are a long way from your deed when the 10min server message pops up? What if you are in the middle of delivering 3 animals to a deed the other side of the server?
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    I have a few olive trees planted behind some maples and ended up with 10 kg+ of olive oil after harvesting and making oil with crappy skill and a crappy tool. This is fixed more than enough and should not be addressed again and off deed lamps should not refill period. If a player wants to plant 100's of lamps off deed then they should take care of them or not plant so many lamps.
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    I think best bet would be to allow cutting low ql sprouts with anything sharp, kind of like it works today with cutting grass. Still not sure that newbies would bother actually replanting sprouts though. Unless the "old trees" setting resolved this issue.
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    The only problem with that, (if it is the only change) is that it once again nullifies olive oil. Tar is an inexhaustible, all-year-round, quick-to-obtain resource and the QL is simply based on digging (an easy skill to get a high level). Even if the refining process adds a bit of complication, it's still a lot easier than pressing olives a few at a time. If tar oil and the other products along with that, and the 'refinery item' (already more than a simple change) are added there also needs to be added benefit or additional uses for olive oil. Which was part of the intent with the lamp nerf in the first place. Olives are now plentiful, yield more and produce more so producing enough oil isn't really an issue. For most its the hassle of lighting all the off-deed lamps.
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    A 2 lane (technically 4) highway is opening southwest of Aegis that will run north to Amish. This should save a lot of hassle going through Kami.
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    I used to be a fan of RTS games like the Age of Empires franchise, but I always dreamt of a 3D first person variant. Wurm comes very close and I love it. The next step would be craft specific buildings like sawmills,mason's,weaver's,blacksmiths's,... No mass production but only a small skill gain bonus for players working in them. These buildings would need more materials to build and have a different graphic. It won't hurt new players or hermits and also incourage community (village) projects. Wurm would look very nice and different. if only some day...
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    With all due respect, that is the most idiotic statement I've ever heard.
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    Keep the timer, but just make it send off a flag to the gms when you hit your end of fatigue. Allow players to keep going, just have a GM do a macrocheck on them.
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    Along with my post above... I don't see an issue with a suggestion of the devs setting up a daily maintenance schedule. However keep in mind Nomad... these guys are mostly unpaid volunteers i believe. Its not like a Sony or Blizzard team that comes in and works a scheduled 40 hour week. A lot of these guys do what they do on their spare time... which is why I think we see a lot of the unscheduled on the fly work being done.
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    This doesn't sound like that bad of an idea, to be honest. Having facilities to mine, make tools and food, and stuff could help solve problems with noobs that don't understand the game and maybe making it a bit more comforting to them than just throwing them into the world and saying "you're on your own now buddy". You could argue that the tutorial should solve this, but it seems very few people pay attention to the tutorials that much as evidenced here. However, I don't think that'd be the cure-all end-all solution to the tree problem.
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    Maybe it could be mouseover after a certain firemaking skill.
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