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    Dear developpers of Wurm Online. (and assimilated team) I suscribed to the game 3 days ago, and I just can say I am happy. Really happy. For I have been looking for a game like Wurm for years. Yes, years. Something like 20. The game you developped is exaclty what I have been looking for, for so long. I couldn't have dreamt better. This is why I am taking a few minutes to send you million thanks (and hopefully much cash as time passes), for Wurm to exist. I am also sending you much courage, for you can trust me to know how hard it is to maintain and sustain such an heavy "machine" like this. I also know sometimes old time players can be terribly demanding and unfair when it comes to request new features, or updates. (yes guys, shoot me , but you know I am right) So, just again, billion thanks. You made someone joyful as soon I started playing here. And probably much addicted as well ! Count on me for bringing new players in Wurm, and to advertise for it as much as I can !
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    And that modification put us in front of an iron vein... contact Frostbite ingame for access. The tunnelling itself is close to completion but there is still the matter of securing the rock tiles and some other improvements to make the area look nicer. Maybe complete in a few more days.
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    When you hit the F6 key you get 07:56:33] It is 17:57:31 on Wrath day in week 3 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1024. [07:56:33] You have played 454 days, 19 hours and 50 minutes. [07:56:33] You have premium time until 24 Jul 2012 16:10:24 GMT Can we add the season to the calender dateline ? 07:56:33] It is 17:57:31 on Wrath day in week 3 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1024. It is Olive Season. [07:56:33] You have played 454 days, 19 hours and 50 minutes. [07:56:33] You have premium time until 24 Jul 2012 16:10:24 GMT
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    For when players need to take a step away from the keyboard without having to log off. Sitting activates an optional stopwatch that you set ("Out to lunch, be back in 10:30"). The timer would appear under the character name when anyone hovers over them (and perhaps as an autoresponse to /tells?). The goal of this change would be to 1) give incentive to build furniture and 2) convenience of knowing when that person you crossed half the map to meet will be back.
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    I have just come back to Wurm in time to see the dumbest change to deed owners. Seriously WTF were you thinking. This better get changed or i'll be gone in another month for good. Massive increase in demand for Olives or MANY great landmarks going dark. Huge eyesores of olive farms dotting the landscapes. More work for something which shouldn't be. Let players have fun for a change. No more lamp market for upcoming blacksmiths. How can any of this be good
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    Rolf this is what we need on chaos! We are many people me included that played from the start, even remember the wands we could change weather with! We supported the game in every aspect. Put this on wild along with pmks and make wild what it once was! The first and only pvp server.
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    That's should be in wood scrap.
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    I would like to implement an item like a safe and/or a vault. You can build a ship to store things in on land now, and use it for more secure storage than lets say a chest. It also has permissions to allow villagers/friends to use it. It always looks quite odd that a boat is sitting in a house. I would suggest we add a safe that can be planted like a lamp post, and it increases in how difficult it is to pick by lock QL AND safe QL. It would basically just be a boat that can be planted only with a different graphic. They could be made of different materials that increases the damage they take to destroy, and the material could change the difficulty of picking said safe. They might also have different volumes as well. There could be reinforced wood safes, iron safes, and steel safes. The creating of safes could fall under the locksmith skill. The safe should also have permissions just like a boat does now. It seems to be a simple thing to add with all the mechanics needed for a working safe already being coded for boats. The graphic could be changed a bit, and the menu changed a small amount. It seems a simple elegant solution to the odd look of boats being used for somewhat secure and simple storage on deeds. It would also be nice to implement a vault door for mines. The vault door requires one empty cave floor square with two reinforced walls on each side to be planted. These could be made from wood/iron ribbon/doorlock for reinforced wood vault doors, iron bars/iron lumps/doorlock for iron vault doors, and steel sheets/doorlock for steel vault doors. They could use the permissions just like a mine door. They could be twice as strong as minedoors of the same materials, and be as hard to pick as boats based on QL. It would be ideal that it requires 30-45 seconds to open and close, and require the player to activate by menu. That way they could not be used as gate hopping measures in mines. It would basically work like right clicking door, 30 second cast time to open vault door, walk thru vault door, and right click vault door with 30 second cast time to close. These seem like two relatively easy things to implement. The safe is basically already being done with boats in houses, and the vault doors in mines seems fairly easy to code. It would also add some more things for locksmiths to do and perhaps have something to imp for skill at high level.
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    just for the record.. it can be very confusing to new players, particularly ones who are used to more 'conventional' MMO's, to understand how wurm wurks. IN most games out there, if you are able to enter and look around, its ok to do so, because its not 'owned' by anyone else, its a part of the game that was created for people to explore, by the developers. I used to have players come to my area and wander around, getting into things all the time, (and i miss it, but that was on the old JK-H server.. sigh) but the point is, almost all of them had no idea that any of it was player made. You also have to remember that many many players in wurm do not speak english at all, or if they do speak it they do so as a second or third language, and may not even know you are speaking to them. (in most mmo's i've played, i just ignore the chat completely because its such a random bunch of idiocy, and some players may be doing that as well) as has been mentioned, locks on the doors of things you want private, fences with locked gates, etc...
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    Hello! I am not sure if this suggestion have been added or not however here it is: At the moment all there is a iron head to make arrow however I am sure everyone knows that in ancient times you did not make arrows from iron or anything because you didnt find it however you made a arrow head by a stone! what I think is how it should be made is a sort of carving knife, chisel or stone? I think this would give some more realism and well easier way to make arrows if u cant get iron and way better rite?
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    Yes because there's nothing like starting a new game like wurm in a wrecked ruined and filthy cesspool of neglect to really hook your interest and make you want to continue playing. What's annoying is when long time players forget/ignore this important detail.
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    Sickle would be great addition to starter tools - also a part of tutorial will teach how to use it and conserve nature
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    I think GV actually did work.. I remember playing on there for a while before I premmed. I mean yes, the place was a huge mess, but that didn't matter, because.. well it was GV People could get some starting skills up and figure out how to play the game while not really worrying about making a mess, because the server was already a big pile of woodscrap However, that was before a dedicated tutorial, which, hopefully, makes a difference.
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    Agreed Hordern. To the OP its your land, you payed for it. Defend and protect it as you see fit.
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    -1 If you want to place more items put rafts like everyone else. Rafts have a pretty big volume so a lot of huge items fit into them.
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    Consider why a new player would be cutting these trees down. I would think that it is simply because they need the resources from it to make their tools, to fuel forges for smelting iron to make tools, to perhaps cook food and maybe even to see a fire burning in the night. If someone were to plant a bulk bin, stock it with wood scraps, some junk low QL logs and plant a sign next to it pointing out the contents and their use, it would help the new players not *need* to cut trees for these sources of wood products. Although they will cut them down anyway just for the experience of doing it, I would imagine. As Brash said, if someone has the desire for the starter area deeds to be forested, it will have to be a personal project that they will need to continually monitor and through their own personal efforts keep replanting as trees are cut down. Even with all this effort put into it, anyone can just come there and cut all the trees down (whatever their motives may be) with no repercussions against them for doing so since the game rules see this as acceptable behavior. If this is worth the effort and benificial is for the individual to decide. Personally I would stock a bin with materials at the starter deed as I indicated and devote my game time to other projects of interest, since I see the concept of keeping a starter deed perimiter planted with beautiful trees as a futile and frustrating one at best. =Ayes=
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    Its all about balance. The two key factors are combat fun/rewards vs. enjoyment of playing in the enviroment Wurm provides being so heavily a crafting oriented game. The current system is set up in a way that the following occures: 1. No Deed. Have a few segments of wall to repair, loose all horses, all combat gear, all resources to remake said gear and repair said damages, and also have the possibility of having the terraform of your area that can be completely destroyed. 2. Small Deed (1-5 players). Same as above minus the terraform destruction and the added loss of silver from drainage. 3. Large Deed (10+ active players). This is the most viable, however forces the kingdom to not viably have any smaller deeds. Also, if its defences are breached... all the above in example 2 are applicable. The daunting factors are loss of real money in the form of silver when drained... as well as months of work wiped out in a couple hours of being raided. And the work i talk about is more in regards to weapons, armor and resources. IMO wall destruction repair is more an annoyance than a game changer. The history of Wurm pvp servers shows the results... people leave... word gets out and people don't come to play there. In a lot of cases... the newer players spend months getting to a level they can pvp, get raided once and are completely wiped out of everything and say "Balls to this..." and leave. Those that do stay after the initial raid are then targeted and raided on a regular basis for the draining of the token and in a short while follow the exodus. I will agree with the fact it is appealing to play in a world where everything is so open and there are no rules. However, im certain even the most hardcore of you will agree.... more players... more deeds... more raiding ... more pvp is a much more appealing reality. So the question is.. how can we keep pvp as unrestricted as possible while having some guidelines in place that keep the populations high and attractive to new players? First... I would suggest remove the real $ reward system that is currently in place. Raiding a deed and draining its silver which cost players real $ to provide for the upkeep of their deeds is ubserd. In no way should a real monetary prize be the reward for pvping in a game at the expense of its players. Would Rolf be inclined to provide a real $ reward out of his pocket for every successful raid? Why ask this from your players then? My guess is... the concept behind the current draining reward system is to mimic a realistic resource gain for sacking another settlement. A good concept... though misguided in its actual choice of rewards. Taking from another kingdom the resources needed to sustain your own makes absolute sense. I would think that an alteration of deed upkeeps and what is drainable be altered. Still require silver to upkeep your deed (this is of course is a sourse of revenue for Rolf and helps keeps the wheels of Wurm turning). However add a secondary upkeep... which is in the form of goods and resources. A deed stockpile lets call it where the players of a deed need to add items on a regular basis... which are consumed by the deed in the same fashion silver is however these are the drainable resourse rewards for raiding, not the silver. Cotton, Wemp, Wheat, mid level crafted items of all kinds... swords, armor, tools. These all have a given amount required monthly to sustain your deed and the amounts of each is determined by deed size. However... these are also the items that will be raided and taken upon successfully being sacked by the enemy. Say a percentage can be looted from the stockpile. This ensures the ability for the deed to carry on while the players replenish their stockpiles. Second... all items on deed should be secured and unlootable as well as animals unkillable. Players of the deed that are killed however can be looted. The rewards are what come from the the deed stockpile of goods and resources. These are now of value because each deed requires them for their upkeep. This brings back the taking from another kingdom the resources needed to sustain your own... but at the same time after the raid is done and over... the players that were raided dont feel so frustrated that they leave. And lets step back a moment and look how this would play out from the other side... the players actually on the offensive. They have a chance to loose the amount of mounts they chose to bring, the gear they chose to bring and thats pretty much it. They have the chance to gain resources to fuel their deed as well as any gear (a good chance the better of the gear found secure on deed anyways) off the players they have slain. Seems like a pretty even and balanced playing field in my opinion. At the end of the day... you need to ask yourself. Does wiping someone out and completely disabling their ability to pvp serve a purpose? It doesnt. All it does is removes pvp from the server... kinda reverse logic wont you agree? If you ask me... having those same opponents there to fight over and over is worth a hell of a lot more than killing horses and driving them away from the gaming table. I just think a more larger scale change needs to be done in order to make the pvp servers more appealing for people to come and stay playing there than small changes. ****EDIT**** Instead of animals being only unkillable... allow x % of horses to be able to be taken in a 24 hour period. This adds lootable horses as well to the list while still not taking the defenders down to nothing. As well... Artifacts would be lootable... as well as a fixed number of any items that are enchanted or rare. To recap... the goal of this is to still have a value in raiding at the same time not taking so much from your opponent that they feel its not worth staying.
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    What can I do in Wurm? Explore huge, lag rich landmasses extending over 512sq km in total! Modify the terrain; dig, lag, raise, move too fast, flatten and die during a lag spike from fall damage. Make your home on either the PvP or PvE server and get stuck in the doorway waiting for it to open. Craft and use thousands of unique items with intense finishing lag on each creation. Wage war on other kingdoms, lag out and come back dead. Capture and breed animals from the environment only to have them disappear during a lag spike. Train 133 Skills extremely slowly, while watching the action timer sit still. Hunt creatures such as the unique red dragon and have them kill you while you lag out. Become a priest or champion of your religion and learn powerful spells and enchantments that you can't cast due to lag. Choose one of five meditation paths and take advantage of special meditation abilities, but don't try to use them. Earn as many of our 200+ skill and achievement titles as you have sanity and spare time for! Mount various creatures, from horses and carts, and get teleport warnings during mounting. Construct, crew or even captain six different ship types, but dont bother trying to sail beyond the border. Build a variety of structures, from guard towers to stone houses to fences and statues, just not gates, dear god don't build gates. Found your own settlement wherever you desire; it's safer to lag out on deed. Pave roads to connect settlements and plant signs, stand still attempting to move slabs from your cart. Live off the land by creating fields to farm that will be out of range while you stand on them. ...and much more lag related fun! Wurm is waiting....can you handle it? No, you cant. You will end up a whimpering ball of nerves.
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    My objection to the idea is based on the fact that this is a maintenance chore, not a creation chore or a destruction chore. It's not even an improvement chore. On Wurm's homepage I see all sorts of references to exploration and creation and most of the other things that make Wurm fun. However I don't see anything about drudgery chores. Should Rolf add in "Perform ingame chores that remind you of the boredom of real life!" ? Don't get me wrong, the newest implementation won't be terrible, I don't think, but it's going down a path where I'm pretty damn sure that Rolf doesn't want to go. I'd like to see the whole lamp and oil thing completely redone in a way that promotes doing interesting things rather than chores. Games are supposed to be fun. Please remember that Rolf. Next time you want to improve the utility of some raw material, do it by adding something creative or destructive.
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    Maybe upon a successful assault a timer(24h) begins where the tower is 'contested' and does not convert to the other faction until after that timer has expired. While 'contested' the point can be reclaimed by the previous faction which would immediately pause the timer. If the timer is paused for 3 consecutive hours(considered a successful defense) then the contested status ends and the tower reverts to the kingdom that held it before it was contested. A tower cannot be contested for 72 hours after it converts or is successfully defended from a convert. This would prevent towers from swapping kingdoms every night through hit and run tactics and will keep them from being put into 'contested' status every night as well.
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    Oh better yet!!! Add a use for disease if you are diseased it is a 75% chance that if you die with disease you turn into a zombie
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    Process raw tar. Raw tar needs processing in a " Tar Processing unit " ( new ) to be of any use. Tar processing unit ( similar to a forge but smaller and without a chimney, needs a couldron in construction ) is fueled by burning 20kg wood for cooking the raw tar into the following products From each 1kg of tar processed you get .50 tar pitch ( for ship building ), .25 carbon black oxide ( ingrediant for making ink and black paint/dye ), and .25 tar oil ( for using as lamp oil and general oil paint base. This tar oil will replace water, and water based colors will only be used as a dye for wood, leather and cloth items ). Also, mixing any dye on a 1 for 1 basis with clay makes a glaze that can be applied to clay items and fired resulting in a colored pottery item.
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    I do not see this as a reason to enable and make macroing easier though.
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    My character Congadistor has been a "Frelo" for months now and I haven't gotten bored yet... no time for that. My comments in this post are about living as a "Frelo" on Freedom server only. This is not about Wild, that' a somewhat different situation for a hermit. I can tell you this about being a solo hermit free2play character.... About your "Stuff".... You really have no home, or rather the entire server is your home. Don't let yourself get too attached to anything.... not to the land your currently inhabiting, not to tools, not to seeds or crops, not to pets or livestock. Everyone else has the ability to take everything from you if they know how to do it using the rules, and in some cases it is considered legal. There are ways to deter them, there are NOT ways to completely stop them. Don't get too attached to anything. When you log out for the day remember to put as much of your stuff into your character's inventory as you can.... you never know what you will find when you log back into game in Wurm. If someone plants a deed near your brand new home (house with a writ) and your house is now in their perimeter, what that means is you will not be able to repair it unless the deed owner gives you permissions to do so, which means you end up joining the village. Can be really good, or meh, or really bad, situation dependent. If it's a bad situation... grab what stuff is yours that the deed will let you grab, and then go to your Writ, to Manage, and Destroy structure. You built it. You have the right to destroy it as you leave. No one can tell you that you cannot choose to destroy your house except maybe the Rolf and the Staff. Of course you can leave your home intact and give the Writ to the new deed owner for them to use, or just keep the Writ in your inventory, your call. Now as for the potential arguments a situation like this can cause and how it affects Frelo's..... As a "Frelo" you will be considered a vagrant by some Players (a homeless person that cannot be trusted) and if you end up in an argument between yourself and others Players you will probably lose once the Wurm Staff gets involved. Trust me even though they say it isn't so... it is so.... Premium players have clout that Frelos do not (this is true and I am not going to discuss it, just it is advice for Frelos to be aware of). Point is this: Do NOT get into arguments with other Players or Staff... it's never worth it for us Frelo's. Once you lose the argument see my statements above about Stuff. Move on. Treat it like an adventure and treat yourself to the joy of seeing new areas of Freedom. If you can get them get these two things.... a rowboat and at least one good "fine fishing pole". You need to be able to travel via water and to eat without much fuss. Don't bother at first with trying to make meals since as Frelo you will cap your skills quickly and then all the nutrition from meals is wasted on you for the most part. A Frelo only really needs to Fish for fish and eat them raw and wiggling like a certain creature you may heard of... in fact we Frelos have a lot in common with him..... It is a good thing once you get used to the idea... Eating raw fish will keep your nutrition between 30% and 33% depending on what fish you catch, the higher QL the better. 30% Nutrition is plenty for a Frelo to be honest, it has never caused me any concern that it was that low and I have not sen any adverse effects since we Frelo's operate at 20 skill or less anyways. High nutrition is needed for them Premium Peeps that have high skills. Beds. Wish they were more fun for us Frelos. You don't need them since you gain skill so fast from 0 to 20 that sleep bonus is almost meaningless to us Free 2 Plays. Let someone else use the bed. High skilled Premium Peeps need them. Instead of building your personal house over an existing bed out in the woods build a free cost Inn like I am doing and build good will with your Premium neighbors Now as for the question of what tools to get... don't bother trying to kill yourself over getting high QL tools... as a Frelo (basic acct) your skills are capped at 20 max, and by default so too is how much "useful quality" you can utilize from a tool... max 20ql. How it works is this... Let's say you have a 20ql tool and a 50ql tool... your success rate, the calculations ingame, will be identical as if both tools were 20ql. I has seen this happen so many times I consider it gospel. The game mechanics may be different but that is what I have seen. The only benefit a high quality tool gives a Frelo is that a tool will last longer before you need to get it Improved (imp'd) by a premium player Blacksmith (or yourself once you get BS/WS/Carp/FinCarp to 20). Failure. Failure Rates to be precise.... get comfortable with them. Frelo's skill use is capped at 20, our resources we gather/harvest are capped at 20, or tool use capped at 20... Failure rates for everything we do is high and that's just the way it is. Get used to it if you can. It can be frustrating I know. Build a BSB and a large padlock and use them to store your resources so they don't rot away. Use the Wurmpedia / Wiki, it is your friend. Asking questions in kchat or CAchat can be deadly. Last but not least is this one simple truth.... for as many selfish arrogant Players as you meet on Freedom you will meet at least 2 or more really nice, and even helpful, People. DO NOT ASSUME EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET YOU BECAUSE THEY AREN'T......... Some are of course, but many Players just want to play Wurm, build their homes, take care of their land and horses and such.... they are not out to get you. Take a risk with people and they can and will surprise you.... and may even point you to a quiet place where you can live without having your stuff stolen or being harassed. Try to be a good neighbor and most of the time you will be rewarded with good neighbors (and I am one of the most anti-social players you will ever meet in Wurm and I can tell you this has been my personal experience on Freedom). You don't have to steal, or beg, or act like an , to be a Frelo... just remember that. You can survive and do OK and still treat other Players with respect like you wish to be treated. There ARE a lot of things us Frelos can not do, but there are many things we CAN do... enjoy Wurm with those things. Wurm is also not meant to be played for Free forever... consider getting premium if you can even if you cannot afford a Deed. I am attempting to do same as I write this. Since being a Frelo has nothing to do with luck, I will just say Happy Journeys and maybe we will bump into each other just to fight over the fishes