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    It has been customary in this forum to post a "+1" if one likes a Post. Now the new forum even has an "I like" button for this purpose on the right side of each post. This has the advantage of getting automatically counted and keeping the discussion tidy. It seems thoiugh that a lot of people haven't caught on to this. Still posting their ones. So I just wanted to point it out here again.
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    Maybe they should only be aggressive to people with 50+ FS or something? That way older players still get the challenge, and newer players don't have to worry about them (just all the other stuff that can kill them).
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    I would love to have the ability to rename a deed. Perhaps their could be an option at the token that would perform the action for a fee taken from the upkeep coffer (5s maybe)? No time limits or other silly restrictions, just a fee-based option so that deeds purchased may become more personalized to the new owner.
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    Since we still have no news section set up I’ll post updates here for now: Bugs with animal disease allowing for congestion were fixed. Diseases are also a bit more lethal. Grazers will now strive for enchanted grass, but there is also a small chance now that it may disappear when grazed upon. You now gain battle rank for conquering HOTA pillars and aiding Epic missions. Minimum rank is now 1000. You will lose 5% rank every fifth day of inactivity. Desecrating your own altar now penalizes you with faith loss instead of removing you from religion totally. Various small fixes like for flowers and meditation tiles. View the full article
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    I think hedges wood be cool and act like fences but the option to destroy would be to cut down.
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    The Amish Paradise Market has officially opened, housing 24 Market Stalls. At the time of completion, the market will boast 33 Markets Stalls. It is located at 32/33x 40/41y on the 1st tier of Amish Paradise, directly South of the starter deed, Tap Dance. At this time we provide a reasonable selection of tools, armours, shields and miscellaneous items. We need the following to better serve our customers: Blacksmithing: 50ql items Carpentry: 70 & 90 skill. Fine Carpentry 50, 70 & 90 skills. Tailors 50, 70 & 90 ql. Weapon Smith: 50 or higher. We have variety of items for you to choose from and we are still looking for people to plant and regularly stock their merchants. We also offer our 99 Courier Mailbox located at the token on the 2nd tier, directly behind the market stalls. You are all invited to place a merchant free to the public! Thanks, Rudie & Kajmir
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    It is that place I tell you about... A savage and misty island, where monsters are deadly and plentiful, mysterious and strange creatures of great power lurk in the thick fog, at deepest night and in thick jungles, where air itself makes everything rot and fall apart, where no wall or house shall keep angry minions at bay and where even templars are said to be 'fraid to appear. Within that deadly place, lie ruins long abandoned, dungeons long forgotten, secrets long hidden and treasures long passed in legends only. And those who dare disturb... only the grandest of heroes can hope to survive. But their tales are often found strange, for many adventurers find the world not as described. As thou... the island's alive and always changing. PS. I purposefully leave detail out of this picture, because there are countless ways to make it happen and I'm not expert enough on this game to think in that large scale. Instead I just want to see if there is interest, both from players and devs and perhaps spark a little creative discussion that could iron out the shape of such feature.
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    The starter deed guards on Chaos should now be properly neutral to playersThe portal from Golden Valley put players in the water on Epic servers which was fixedHOTS can now attack eachothers settlements properly without declaring warTraders should now display tax rate and how much they have added to upkeep in taxesThere is now a note that you need to adhere to the code of conduct when writing Kingdom History entries;)We’ve received reports that Java 7 Update 5 has problems starting Wurm. It seems to be a cache issue. If you upgrade and run into errors: delete the client files and reinstall. View the full article
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    And your idea to attract more players to PvP is to add more NPC involvement. Do you even see the hypocrisy in that?
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    Yes, this pretty much. Not to mention, all the likes go directly to someone's profile which is even more lame. The more likes you get the shinier your profile looks !!11
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    I like the idea if it's to use the server as a place to host special monsters, dungeons, events, etc. However, my stipulation would be that no deeds would be able to be placed, no guard towers, walls, or stone houses could be built, etc. Anything built during one campaign would be wiped before the next campaign. Basically - make it so unfriendly and inhospitable that players would not actually "live" on that server for any extended period of time, but would only go over for the campaigns. Hook it up to the east of the existing Freedom servers and it'd be set. To echo Sojourner... NO new standard servers until we get more players. Please.
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    So from what I can gather it is possible to split this into two - leave the mobs as they are due to the infrequency of horse attacks, and it seems that the people who pvp the most across all kingdoms can agree that the guards need to be toned down. I see no one crying that they want a free ride in enemy territory and just to be clear please do try passing by an enemy tower with a horse that took 6 months to create before saying that we're asking for one. Seriously. It's kinda like preaching parenting tips when you've never had children of your own.
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    I agree with Epic_Sojourner We have very little players on the servers we have, now if it was like a constant event where you could go and fight say, fight the Kyklops or the Troll king but they be 2x as strong, and nobody could build towns or houses that would be kind've fun, or if maybe there was a chance that the person who got the final blow got something special like a very rare item or something of that sort.
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    There was a post in the old art section with a link to what they look like. (i use stable and it still uses the cattle model) http://dl.dropbox.co...0427.1948_2.png Edit: I think there redoing the texture coloring some not sure if that is done on the unstable client or not. I just loaded the unstable these things are awesome now the new texture coloring if perfect nice work guys. Now PLEASE let us breed them so we can replace our cattle with them. Here is what they look like now..
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    Well true, but imo mammoths fit way better then "hell scorpious" in wurm....
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    So only thing that happend basicly is there is more hardcoding now...we won't lose rep now for killing but there was no killing anyway because there is no reason to pvp because of no raiding... So basicly rolf just kept us blind with lies and now some hardcoded useless changes are suposed to make us happy? (ok not true, we can now bash ofdeed structures!!! that was worth 7 months of waiting...)
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    It's not even my deed so I don't know why you think I'm suporting my own cause. Nobody got shot for packing this road, the guy is only asking who made the path. No one is being accused or harmed, so you're comparing two completely differet things. You're apperantly blinded with your own arrogance so I'm not going to bother explaining the point.
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    I disagree with you, mate. Griefing and theft is not OK on Freedom, and therefore it should be allowed to warn other players of griefers and thieves. Unfortunately - while the Wurm community on the whole is friendly and mature - there unfortunately are still a few bad eggs in this game. IMO, issuing theft warnings as the OP did is a helpful service to the community, providing that the case is clear and non-ambiguous, of course.
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    I wished there was an option to ignore updates to specific threads and sub forums. Mindless bumps only hide newly added real content.
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    Kill them? No, we can not. We simply do not have the FS to do so. I doubt many players on the Indy servers do have enough skill to defeat them on a regular basis. Kill one or two yes, but not true all day hunting of them. Hell Hounds are too fast, bite too hard, and aggro from too far away. They deserve their name no doubt. And NO I will not spend all day in Wurm attempting to get my FS up. I don't spend hardly any time fighting in Wurm because Wurm's Fight System sucks in my opinion. Period. I hate the combat system in Wurm. I hate the Character graphics in Wurm. Together these two areas result in an unenjoyable system for fighting in Wurm in my opinion. If I want to fight for fun I go play Skyrim, or VG, or anything else but Wurm. Sorry but as far as I am concerned that is the sad truth of it. I spend several hours each week playing Skyrim because it's combat system is great and enjoyable. I don't spend hardly 10 minutes a week in combat in Wurm. Overpowered Hellhounds is not a fix for problems with Wurm's combat system and why people don't use it. If anything Hellhounds are a reason why we should avoid combat even more. There are many, many more enjoyable things to do in Wurm that are designed much better. Telling people to go out and fight and die and loose more FS isn't helping either. I tried that approach and it's a waste of time and skill gain. .
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    Oh come on guys. You honestly expect us to think that if you logged in one day to find that someone had started a road to various points of your deeds that you'd be happy campers? Looking at the pictures this wasn't a convenient "oh I'm passing by and it's only a couple tiles I'll add a road here". That's a damn long pathway. Some of you are acting like it's no big deal this was done. Fine, where's your deed at, I feel like dropping by and building something, you obviously won't mind a 400 dirt tall wall or me digging a dirt pit in your perimeters, right? Of course you would. You don't build something up to someone else's land without their okay, it's simple respect. Even if it's undeeded land between two neighbors you still should give each other a heads up before starting a project that can effect you both.
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    Sounds good! Here's hoping it culls back on the issue and clears out the swaths of abandoned and undercared for animals in a massive purge.