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    Competition : 27th May - 3rd June G'day there Wurmians! It's about time you were all introduced to Killstreak Merchandise, so it's time for me to answer some of your questions. Like who the hell are we, what do we do and how do I win some free stuff? What is Killstreak Merchandise? Killstreak Merchandise is an small Australian company that creates merchandise specifically aimed at pleasing gamers. Every single person who works for Killstreak Merchandise is a gamer and we all share a passion for the gaming community. We are specifically focused on helping Indie games and gaming companies that may not get all the recognition they deserve,whilst helping foster and grow the communities that are somewhat unique to indie games. As such in March this year we signed a contract with Wurm Online and Rolf Jannson to exclusively sell merchandise baring the Wurm Online Logo - some of you may remember before the forums went down Rolf gave a gracious mention to us in his blog displaying a sample mouse mat we sent him. Our long term goal is not only to bring you guys great quality merchandise, personal service and to promote Wurm Online but we want to create a community around Killstreak Merchandise that lovers of indie games can come to our site and explore other great indie games that are out there. Our long term vision is to have multiple games and indie developers all linked in with us, networking their games and self promoting. To meet this vision we are starting small at one of the greatest Indie games out there - Wurm Online. What is that we do? At Killstreak Merchandise we create merchandise specifically aimed towards the gaming market (although we aren't limited to that, we also produce merchandise for both personal and business use). Whilst there is a few companies out there already offering gaming related merchandise, our main edge or niche is the fact that we both design and put together our merchandise ourselves. Allowing us to actually custom build a product for you! What is cooler than a Mouse mat with your gamer tag - kingdom - village motto plastered over a screenshot that you've taken, finished off with the Wurm Logo? Our merchandise gives you a huge amount of freedom to make a product that is absolutely unique to you and you alone. Whether it's a glass mug, mouse mat, stubby holder, coffee mug or sheet of stickers we can customise it in some way to your tastes. You can take a closer look at our gallery of products on Facebook here So where can I get this stuff? At least thats what I hope you're asking! Well you can visit our website at www.killstreak.com.au and have an explore you can find info on how we customise our products, how to contact us directly and how to place custom orders. Or you can go straight into the store and buy non-customised items straight away! You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking here - make sure to like us and keep up to date on all our products and offers! We do concede that our product range as of yet is not big but we are looking into several new items to bring into stock at the moment such as Wurm Online Notebooks (For making notes as you play) USB hubs, Earphones, Laptop bags, Clothing and much more. As our buying power increases so will our range and we're also open to suggestions, so if you think of something cool that you'd love to have customised let us know and we'll definitely look into it. I was promised the chance to win some free stuff? GIMME! Of course now we get down to the real point of this thread - giving you all the chance to win some free stuff to celebrate our launch! At this time we are currently using a screenshot from Rolf of his first adventures on Epic as the stock picture for our Wurm mouse mats, coffee mugs and stubby holders. But we think we can do better (No offence Rolf ) so what we would like to see from all of you guys is some fantastic screenshots of Wurm Online to use as the stock background image for all our Wurm items! Now what do I get in return for this you may be asking. Well the chosen winner will receive 25s in game money to spend as they wish, plus a free customised Mouse Mat, Glass Mug and a sheet of Wurm Online stickers! We will also select two runners up to receive a free customised stubby holder, exciting stuff huh? Now the rules, don't worry though there isn't many! Each forum account can only enter a maximum of 3 times (But we will not judge until the competition has ended so if you post a screenshot early in the week and you find a better one to use you can edit your post and replace one picture with a better one!) You must use a screenshot that you have taken yourself - we will not accept plagiarised material! The screenshot cannot contain any of the gaming interface, you can get rid of this in game to take better screenshots by pressing F10 If you are selected as a winner and you accept the competition prizes you are agreeing that Killstreak Merchandise has full use of this screenshot for merchandise and promotional purposes. Tips: Avoid screenshots with to much sun glare. We want to capture the essence and beauty of Wurm Online with this picture so - its up to you how best to do this. Don't talk about Fightclub When does this all take place? Entries can be submitted from Sunday the 27th of May till Sunday the 3rd of June so make sure you've posted here before then - late entries will not be accepted. ​So get those screenshots rolling in to us! From all the Killstreak Merchandise team I wish you happy gaming and goodluck! Cheers!
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    This horse has been found and returned. Karma (and gratitude) goes to Faldan. Please lock / close.
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    I don't want to discourage you in your experiment, but sprout QL only affects the chance of planting. The planted tree is a completely separate thing, a terrain tile to be exact - it doesn't have a ql at that time. Cutting the tree produces a felled tree with a maximum QL of your woodcutting, hatchet ql and hatchet skill affect the chance for maximum ql at the last hit. The myth that sprout ql affects the grow time of a tree is easily countered: each tree has multiple growth steps with a base timer per type and a random timer gets added to each step. In short: use your best hatchet for the final hit and plant whatever sprout you can plant.
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    It is obvious that the livestock cap is not high enough, and griefing paying customers by forcing them to log in daily to groom horses won't solve that. The non-aggro cap on Deli was 7k last I checked, lets just say that the livestock cap is 3k of that, that makes it around 2 livestock per player. Either raise the cap significantly or just remove traits and animal conditions so people won't try to breed 5-speed horses or keep zoo's of 5 different colours of each animal. Maybe try to ask new players what do they think? I am sure new players are pretty tired of being chased down by 10+ aggros everytime they go outside their house for 5 minutes, and being unable to find livestock wandering around in the wild. If you really want to go down this path of forcing people to log in daily to maintain even a few animals, you will just lose more players. And remember to bring back the skill decay too. If I have to groom my horses to keep them alive, people should also have to use their skills actively for them not to decay.
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    One of the main points is that it's "fun" to keep animals, it's one of the draws in wurm. Taming needs some help as the value/effort is non existant (98% effort). I don't want to see AH end up the same way "i gotta get on and sow 50 fields to keep my horses alive". AH IS fun. Lets keep it that way!
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    I would rather see a realistic lifspan and gestation, and let the 'Care For' option get dropped completely. Right now without 'Care For' a horse can go through its' life in less than 6 months, or less than 4 Wurm years, while they should live 12-18 years at least.
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    Garis no need to cry anymore my friend, you have it now safe and secured at home
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    I, for one, hope that ink creation in some form will be made simplified enough to make note writing accessible to everyone without any special skill requirements.