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    Allright, so I thought I'd quench some of the will I stay or will I go-rumours by starting a new thread about an idea I've had quite a while. Back in 2015 we put WU on Steam and it has worked out allright. Now sales there are dwindling but Steam remains the best place to promote and sell PC and Linux games. Trying to promote your game via Facebook or Google ads is very expensive to the point of being pointless unless your game looks and has a really triple A newbie experience. The attempts we make have very poor conversion rate. Not to mention larger expensive ads on websites which simply are huge costs per click for us. Also trying to SEO the top rated search places for sandbox games isn't easy either even if we actually show up which I guess yields some traffic. But trying to improve there won't give much bang for the buck. So I figured, how can we go about putting WO where the PC players are and words spread nowadays - on Steam? If someone searches for a type of game they'll get one hit per game instead so it's a democratic search of sorts. Free to play games are highly sought after and I think A LOT of people look for and try free to play MMOs there. Compared to finding us online and download our client via custom links and registration, on Steam we would work exactly like all other games. We would probably get a fairly stable stream of players who look for games like these and decide to try them out. I asked the other devs and while moderately to very positive they raised the same initial questions many of you will. So I thought I'll start with them and a couple of my answers and then we'll discuss the rest. Here goes: Q1) Would we be risking more fracturing of our player base? I think it would be best to start clean server/s for a couple of reasons and aim to keep it/them in a separate cluster a good while. One is that new players deserve the feeling of being a newbie among other newbies with fresh land. This means that I believe their experience and inclination to stick around could be hampered by encountering very experienced accounts and high quality items. As the servers mature we merge them into the main cluster. Exactly when this merge would take place would depend on how well the release goes. If we receive virtually no new players and it's basically a failure, the server would merge very quickly so fracturing wouldn't really happen. If, on the other hand thousands of players come we would have to consider more carefully when the right time to merge is. This would mean Wurm becomes more sustainable which surely must be good for everyone. If we are extremely lucky, we receive so many new players that we can merge earlier because the old accounts and items will be quickly dispersed among the new population (but then we're probably talking about tens of thousands of new players). Q2) Steam gets a bit fussy with real money transactions. Can we abide by Steam Guidelines? I don't see how we wouldn't abide by Steam guidelines. We aren't involved in RMT or account sales. Our players may be but that's not unusual for online games. We would look into what we can do with the Steam shop though so we support their systems. Q3) How about the code base? Won't another branch be too much to handle? We'll see about branches and code base. Basically the server shouldn't need a new branch as far as I can see. There will be new clients though but it sure must be worth it if we want to get thousands of new players. Q4) How about staffing the servers? Will there be enough volunteers around to help out? We don't know at this time. We can't require anyone to help out. Hopefully some will of course and perhaps some GM's might consider returning if they see Wurm on Steam. I'll be interested in pitching in as well at least around launch. It's also related to Q1: If it's a success there will probably be resources to staff the servers, if it's not the server will merge fairly quickly. The initial success of the game shouldn't be based on whether people get help from GM's really - the thrill of encountering Wurm should be the main attraction. I'm fairly sure there will be players to answer questions in chat channels though. When it comes to answering questions in the Steam forum, hopefully Retro can manage some there as well or we suggest they visit these forums. Depends on the pressure. Q5) Will we be able to deal with the added cost of infrastructure? I am fairly certain the amount of new players will be able to sustain the cost of at least one server. If we need more servers the revenue is good so then we should be safe from other perspectives as well. Q6) Would we release both Freedom and Epic servers? We'd start with a Freedom server and be ready to launch more. You will have to discuss moving the Epic server there but from what I gather it would help with some multi account issues and might be a good solution for that. Q7) What timeframe are we looking at? Well, we would want the client to feel really polished. There are quite a lot of improvements planned and from what I understand we're looking at around Q1-Q2 (let's say February to April sometime) next year. Okay so these are the initial thoughts I have. I am sure you have more so let's discuss more pros and cons!
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    Screenshots If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here! Discord Link to the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2019 discord! https://discord.gg/QeQRWK6
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    Everyone is invited to a public slaying on Release this coming Saturday, 10-19-19, starting at 3 p.m. Central US time (GMT -5). Slaying the Forest Giant will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a potion of Woodcutting. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers that are listed on the Niarja Slayer's list. (To be fair to all, please limit one roll per real person, not per avatar. Attempting to use more than one avatar per person to roll more than once may result in disqualification.) LOCATION: J12 ingame map / Y21 X15 community map - West of Spawn Lake in the desert. Map: Hosted by: Togiodi, Alikin, Agentqwarty, Willow, Ultradude, and Earltetton
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    Its okay Rolf, the pvp community is more than used to it.
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    I had a half-baked idea watching these videos, it might have scratched that itch Bob has. The "Shipwrecked" optional new player tutorial: You are the survivor of a shipwreck. You wash up on a tiny little untouched island. Using the much improved tutorial system we have already our new player is guided through the usual wurm stuff, but also, opening a tunnel, building a forge, building a small 2x2 wooden shack, building an oven, making a well, learning to cook something vaguely nutritious etc. Finally you guide them through building a rowboat, after which the tutorial ends when they sail from the island back to "civilisation" - the freedom servers.
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    Jackal is a hard pill to swallow with its total loss of *all* positive progress that has been made there as stated (wiped after aprox 6 months). Any objections to this or "compensations" expected for playing there just prove the point that the game is about retaining your progress in its various offered opportunities. In this respect many come to the conclusion that they are just wasting their time there since it contributes so little to their main game; thus they abandon it to its fate and return home seemingly disappointed with the experience. Better to just make a Jackal style "Hunting Server" and let players portal there through the current Jackal Lodestone system, returning home the same way after time spent there. Not going into any details about it here but I would say that it would be a much better option for the current players and even those to come. It could even be a feature exclusive to the original WO and not available to the coming Steam version, which would be another draw for players into the current servers. =Ayes=
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    That's not going to happen, let's focus on the core of whether you all as players would accept a launch on steam of a new disconnected cluster! The full details will need to be fleshed out by us at a later point, we want to know if spending our time preparing for such a launch is worthwhile, obviously how you all feel about it is very important in our considerations.
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    In a sense, Rolf has not one but two "target markets" to make happy. One -- and decidedly the most important one -- is the current playerbase. These are the players who never dropped out, the ones who continued to put money into the game for 15 years, who have maintained multiple subscriptions (sometimes dozens) and multiple megadeeds (sometimes dozens) without protest even when subs were hiked. These are the ones who often buy high level characters from other players, who invested heavily into the old "trader" system, the ones who think nothing of buying $100-$200 in silver from the cash shop, the ones who love "end game" content, the ones who have spent YEARS perfecting the perfect deed and have ZERO interest in starting over. This group must never be betrayed, because if they leave the whole thing not only can, but WILL collapse. This is why Rolf will NEVER have a server wipe, and probably never force-merge servers. It would be seen as a deep betrayal, and the ones who kept Wurm afloat for years would eventually walk away because who knows what will happen next? On the other hand, the needs and interests of this group are not necessarily identical to the interests and needs of "new blood." One person who wanted to force all new players into the existing server system, noted how great this would be for the "market." Yes, if you have a high level crafter, this IS the ideal result for you, and has always been the ideal result of new players. But a handful of high level crafters can easily meet the needs of a vast market, and the result is newer players never get the chance to sell their own wares, and except for a few who can grind hours on end, can never develop their own markets. That only makes sense -- who wants to spend 30c on a 40Q item, when a 90Q item costs half that and can be made 3X faster by the master craftsman? No matter how low the new crafters cut their prices, the master craftsmen can always go lower. New players do not want to "admire and be inspired" by the older playersbase's constructions and towns and massive monuments to themselves -- they want a chance to make their OWN monuments, from a pristine environment with challenges and rewards suited to their own efforts. This is why I think the "showcase tutorial" with fancy buildings and 100 glittering sparkle signs was such a failure. Wurm is not about being impressed by someone light years ahead of you, who will always be so -- it's about making your OWN world. It's about HANDS ON experiencing the world. It's about living in a dangerous world, maybe finding a wild horse (not given a 5-speed by an existing player), carefully crafting and improving a sword they made with their own hands (not getting a 99Q admantine 2hander with LT enchants). Not every one wants to actually make their own sword and armor -- but they all want to make their own stories. Not live in a highend world created by others a decade earlier. This is only one of many reasons why a "fresh start server" -- uncontaminated by veterans jumping in a boat with their gold and builders and sailing over to terraform it all in the first two weeks -- is necessary. Every time in the past the game has howled for "MOAR ADVERTISING!!!" what they really meant was they needed fresh blood with pockets of fresh money to keep the traditional Wurm market economy churning for the high end crafters. This market economy is actually a deeply flawed system -- its super duper fun for those on top, and much much less fun for those on the bottom. The ones on top will never be satisfied and always want more and more. In their generosity, they will often give crates of high level tools armor and enchanted weapons FREE to new players thinking this will encourage them to stay, when all it really does is spoil the game for the newer players. If Rolf limits the Steam version of Wurm to nothing more than an advertising gimmick, giving them a "free client" that they essentially have had access to anyway for more than 15 years, and a "demo" where they can see only a landscape littlered with what other people have done, as they already had access to for the past 15 years, then a Steam launch is simply going to be a failure. I think Pristine and Release (quarantined, fresh start only servers) actually were a successful model -- maybe in fact one of the last successful risk Rolf ever took. Wurm's population numbers actually went up without immediately declining again a month later. I think the current server system, players, characters, deeds, communities, should always be maintained, respected, and cherished -- but the future of new blood is not in that current system. Yes the ideal end result is to eventually meld the two communities together into one big giant community, just as happened eventually with Pristing/Release. If that is done looking primarily at the needs and wants of the current player base, however, it will fail. But if it is done WITHOUT considering the needs of the current player base, it will fail much more spectacularly, much faster, and Wurm will indeed be pushed further into a death spiral. Good luck with that, Rolf! I mean that with utter sincerity. You HAVE to move forward, the game always needs to take new risks -- but the least misstep could be fatal. You have always done well at taking risks however -- sometimes even changes I personally hated. Sometimes you make massive mistakes and fall flat, but you always get up again, and you always move forward.
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    "Seek offence and you shall find it"
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    Strawman argument right there (subscription forgetfulness). There is nothing about Wurm Onlines subscription model that is a scam, people get what they pay for.
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    You really should let players go all the way to 100 with no subscription and no penalty in skill gain. Out with subscriptions. It is not the right business model these days. Make the cash from deeds, items, cosmetics, etc. Make deeds significantly more expensive and people will be less inclined to gobble up huge tracts of land, which should make the server more available for players to get around and find their own deed spaces. I'd suffer from this big time, but I also probably should not be hogging so much land for myself. Create a fee structure for vehicles and animals. Base account can have x number of each and if someone wants a massive shipyard or scatter carts all over the server, they need to pay a small fee to increase. Look at DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). Pay to increase storage capacity. Pay to increase bank storage. Lots of conveniences you can buy for an account, but once bought and paid for, you own that capability forever. Yeah, lots of transactions to slowly drain you over time, but ONLY when you choose to and AT ALL TIMES, you can play the game without a subscription. When you are too poor to afford a sub, you can still play and not get a penalty. When you get grandma's xmas check, go crazy and buy up all the extra storage, features, etc. The number one reason I take long breaks from this game, is because it always requires I buckle down and drop a ton on subscriptions. WHat is worse is that when I need to take a break shortly after subbing, I get really angry with myself for wasting all that money, because most of the subscription goes to waste. Subscription MMOs are only good for the people that are always available to play all the time. For everyone else, it feels like our characters are being held hostage. PLEASE move forward with the Steam MMO option, but make it really free to play, not free to 20, or free with skill speed penalties. Either is a sure way to fail this project. Even if you charge nothing for anything, it would be good to at least test how much you can grow the player base. If it grows a ton, slip in a small fee for some feature, then later add another, etc. Get the players first. Don't do anything that will limit how many players might sign up. You need an addicted player first, before you can squeeze a dime out of them.
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    I have not seen the developers state that they need to eliminate some servers to reduce operation costs in any substantial way, nor that they want to make the player base more dense on the remaining servers as a motivation. This idea is put forth by players who place little value upon what others have created out of the Wurm environment because they have spent little time on this. The most dramatic part of Wurm is the way that players can transform the environment around them even beyond just their own deed. Then what they leave behind or maintain is a visual history of Wurm and an example to others of what is available for them to do as well. I have no quarrel with those who have no interest in this but rather see Wurm just a a social game or a pvp experience of destroying others but when it comes to destroying whole worlds (servers) just because they have put nothing into them, in this respect then they have gone too far in their self indulgence at others expense. Muse put it well in her posts about deeds designed to fit into the environment (also shaped) surrounding them. Then living there for years after enjoying one's creation can't be replaced, moved elsewhere or paid off with $$$$. It's not "all about the money baby!". Also as mentioned by some, players on the new WO Steam servers will miss out on this experience of traveling roads that were built long ago and passing through quaint Villages along side of them if they can not visit the old heritage Wurm worlds (servers). I suppose they could just make a newbie account though to visit them and perhaps be inspired by the possibilities of what they too can achieve over time if desired. =Ayes=
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    I agree, lots of super leveled vet accounts that should have died off when the original owner left the game but no... they were sold and now there are too many over-leveled accounts and their current owners are the ones opposing this steam thing now.
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    Macros have always been loss of account. That's stated in the game rules too: Punishment: First offense - Permanent avatar ban. Second offense - Loss of all avatars/accounts and permanent ip ban. - Penalties for macro abuse may be applied at any time pending GM review, even if you have discontinued abusing a macro at time of penalty. So yes, loss of the account is the warning.
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    My favourite chore: going to check on my nanimals when I log in, horses and champs of all sort My least favourite: .. oh, dear, where should I start? Perhaps repairing the insane amount of decay on deed on almost anything that is not nailed down; by the time I finish everything, I have to start over, because first things repaired already took damage again.
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    A suggestion regarding starting people with higher skill: Instead of starting every skill at 10 or 15 and having that as the new "0", perhaps allow people to start with 10 or 15 skill in a select few skills that they would choose at the start. This could also utilise a "skill package" system. For example, the "Smithing Package" would start them with 15 skill in Mining, Blacksmithing and Weaponsmithing. These packages would help to stop new players from being overwhelmed by the large choice of skills, whilst still allowing them to specialise in something and feel like they have a role early on. I also like your idea of slowing down skill gain after 20 for non prems, instead of a hard cap, that could really help with player retention.
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    Dooooo iiiiiit!!!! And for a change, ignore the Doctriners' shrieks.
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    Sure there is. We're small, but we're here. And we're staying The irony is that if all the players complaining that PvP is dead were actually doing PvP instead of complaining that PvP is dead, they'd have nothing to complain about
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    I dont understand how you cant tbh. The track record for wurm thus far has mostly been that more servers = more players overall even if it seems counter intuitive to release servers when the current ones aren't necessarily full. He already stated in the other thread that they can't afford conventional advertising so they are going for a method which is extremely common for games - a steam release. Just the act of releasing on steam and being featured under the 'new releases' or 'trending' or 'free to play' lists is a great initial player bump which eventually fades off but being on steam has plenty of long term benefits I personally find myself looking at my steam library when I'm bored and thinking of what old game to go back to or seeing what friends are playing or being on 'if you liked x then you might also like y' games recommendations for things like conan exiles or life is feudal. Server launches are always a great opportunity to create hype and attract returning players or new players with email campaigns and word of mouth etc. Especially since the current servers are so washed up and old and everyones running around with ridiculous stats. My reaction is polar opposite of yours, this feels like first sign of life out of a slowly dying game in ages. I'd be very surprised if current/former PvP players of Wurm aren't hyped about the prospect of fighting on a new server with new alliances and fresh land to grab and potentially massacring steam newbies etc. I mean how boring and set in your ways must you have to be to not get excited about that lol.
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    What about letting us transfer to steam wo: only characters, maybe with some kind of epic portal thingy. also other way around. limiting our effective skill for limited time ( we still have high skills but really cant use it ) to not overwhelm new players. even if clusters merge it will probably few years before that happens.
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    Contrarily to some that have posted here I am pretty satisfied with how WO is setup now and the updates being made to it. All I would want is some QoL things added such as some of the WU servers have. This thread is about WO on Steam so I think all these proposed changes to the main game should be left out of it. Steam WO can be the testing ground and experiment to mess around with sure, as it will not ruin what WO currently is about. If anything is found to be worthwhile in this experiment of change then it could be considered for an addition/change to the main game. =Ayes=
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    Learn the lessions from the WU community, implement some of the Quality of Life changes, but keep the essential grind. I am not saying making it easier, just remove the completely pointless annoying stuff that turns players off, like moving 10 tiles to meditate. Add changes like the option to have an autosorting ql of items in containers (or disable for default) plus digging and mining actions going in to the Wagon/Cart/Container. The list list a long one. There will be existing players who won't like this, they will just tell you to go play WU, but for me this is about improving the long term viability of Wurm itself by making it less frustrating for new players and to stop the player drain that happens after 20 skill
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    No they shouldn't,i always hated this in every game.. why would they..if everyone should be equal than just start with all skill to 100 and be done with it whats the point in being a 10 year vet if some few months in players already is as good as you in skills.
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    Loved the tutorials, really brings to life the new player experience. The only other thing Id say is REPAIR REPAIR REPAIR, seeing that 73 dmg on his pick and still mining with it frustrated me
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    Wurm is not expensive if you consider how many people drink, take drugs, go out to bars/clubs or other forms of entertainment over the course of one year. Times & Coins In 1 (One Account + Deed): 1 month premium time and 1 silver coin (ingame) = 120EUR/year and 12s 1 month premium time and 5 silver coins (ingame) = 192EUR/year and 60s 1 deed that costs 5 silver upkeep (ingame) = 60EUR/year Total in EUR (1 month premium + 1s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): €180.00 (€15.00/month in entertainment) Total in AUD (1 month premium + 1s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $292.90 ($24.41/month in entertainment) Total in CAD (1 month premium + 1s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $263.30 ($21.94/month in entertainment) Total in USD (1 month premium + 1s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $197.62 ($16.47/month in entertainment) Total in EUR (1 month premium + 5s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): €252.00 (€21.00/month in entertainment) Total in AUD (1 month premium + 5s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $410.05 ($34.17/month in entertainment) Total in CAD (1 month premium + 5s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $368.68 ($30.72/month in entertainment) Total in USD (1 month premium + 5s into bank + 5s deed upkeep): $276.71 ($23.06/month in entertainment) Can you include that in your entertainment budget? If you can't then you can always sell items ingame to eliminate or at least reduce the overall cost. If you do 1 month premium time and 5 silver coins (ingame) every month, you can always apply the 60s at the end of each year to pay for a year's worth of deed upkeep in advance. Keep in mind, this does not assume multiple accounts, multiple deeds, or deeds that cost less or more than 5s upkeep. It's meant to show the basics; one account + 1 deed for a year in some common currencies.
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    The current WO PvE freedom needs to stay alive. Perhaps the Steam WO can be a noob server, but there needs to be access to the current WO servers at some point or current WO will die.
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    This is indeed a sneaky way of eliminating open account sales, and i like it. Old accounts will be left to die on the old WO servers, new will arise on the Steam WO servers. The majority of people will play through Steam (even if the old WO servers are merged), and i doubt the current way of selling accounts will survive the steam eula. I might be wrong, but i hope im right when it comes to account sales.
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    Epic is unlikely to get much attention soon, at least until the Steam release, but we do plan to work on it. Moving between Epic servers with items might have to wait on that. Jackal skill transfer should be in this month.
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    Congratulations Samool! From what I have heard, you have made a wise decision, Rolf.
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    I think this might belong in the Epic section. It's presumably quite a rare thing, and certainly the first time I've seen it happen. They did it to stop advanced accounts transporting a stack of stuff into the new Elevation and building huge deeds overnight. The idea was everyone would start with nothing and build their way up. Also, to make things easier for (hypothetical) noobs, they suppressed characteristics and nerfed meditation abilities (on Elevation). No one knows how long it will last, but my guess is it will be addressed during the Epic overhaul towards the end of the year. No! This is not what decent players do. Just be patient, keep working on your stats and gear, and wait to see what happens. That's not what griefers are. Attacking deeds is part of what players do, it's a PvP server. You're talking about doing it yourself; are you a griefer? Don't get me wrong, there are griefers out there. But mostly, the enemy kingdom will just break in, drain your deed, maybe take the odd rare item or HotA statue, kick your ass if it's there, and then leave you in peace. The players I operate with aren't going to kill your animals, needlessly wreck your stuff, steal things they don't want/need, contaminate your storage units, or come back the next day, etc. PvP is supposed to be fun, and it is if we keep it clean. When the wanton destruction starts, well that's when players start getting disillusioned, and no right-thinking player wants that.
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    Start simple, explain on how to use an IDE my recommendation is IntelliJ to compile mods via artifacts, explain the modloader, make sure they know what Java interfaces and listeners are. Do a first introduction project with some small cool things, like a zeus command to throw a lightning on some other players or something like that. Such a program can be done in just a few lines of code and could be a nice and funny hello world project example.
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    Finder's congrats go to @RollyPolly;)
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    [14:21:36] Weapon smithing increased by 0.0004 to 51.2357 no CoC on the tool for an example.. not SB either.. but those numbers are super low... i could see tick sizes that small at maybe 65-70 skill but at 51?!... please fix! and before ya'll are like "WS has always been slow and thats the way it is" posts, there's something about jackal's timers that make WS gains even slower on this server.
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    I was wondering how much longer it was going to take you! Congrats
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    I found the band about 3 days ago, and I instantly fell in love, it was this song I have first heard with them. They are a Gothic Rock band, although I find them to be more Rock - Folk than Gothic, but they're great. What amazes me is not only the public's reaction (I do not believe I have heard before so much interaction between a band and its audience), but also the fact they sound as good live as in studio. There is also an official video for this song, with the collaboration of another two Gothic Rock band lead vocals (Lord of The Lost and Lacrimosa) and a known actor/musician from Germany, Joachim Witt. I'm sure @Malenawould like this! And because we're at it (I'll stop after this, I promise!), here's a studio song of them, for comparison with live performances:
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    Economy too top heavy, over saturated high level accounts and all skill roles have been filled x10 for many years. New players have no stake in wurm, simple as that. Account trading is a big percentage of this problem, high level accounts should have died / leave with the original creator. Sorry you spend 200-500 Silver on a character you didnt make bud.
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    The warmaster is stupidly OP. He hits, casts, summon and have a really high resistance, way too high for the current amount of players attending rifts. Due to all the above, it would also be more logical to have the warmaster on its own wave. The 4th wave is also taking forever, making the time spend vs potential rewards quite inadequate.
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    I started Wurm 9 1/2 yrs ago and have 3 toons that have premium most of that time. I work full time so aren't as dedicated to Wurm as others, but I have finally gotten skills into the 90s. I can't see starting over. I know you say the old servers aren't going away, but I also don't want to be playing in total solitude because those who were playing moved to steam. This may be the nudge I need to finally break my addiction and get my head back into the real world. Sad..
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    As there are no other games like WurmOnline. I think the potential is there to raise the player base. Sadly there is no way to do this except through advertisement. WO players are a unique set of players. They are not the hack and slash or the revving engine kind. WO players are more cerebral they think more about things. Its not enough to kill and be killed one must think long term. They build society's. I would suggest to any and all that can. Advertise in areas that match the profile of the kind of player that would enjoy Wurm Online. Personally I think these players watch more world news. They watch more science programs. They are interested in history. Anyone who has the ability should look into spreading WO. It is after all a world we do not wish to see vanish.
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    This is what i have been saying since week 1 even made a long ass pm to retro about it and made several posts and talked about it a few times in global chat and elsewhere even threw it into powerbi (something i use for work and have posted up here before on the forums how it looks) to examine the slow decline in skill gain per tick over time and that actually drops off faster then normal wurm for most skills Now there are a handful of skills(probably the ones that where tested during this new system and they said yep this works fine its faster) that do go faster like woodcutting or digging but anything that is heavy rng(channel) or action time = skill gain(like mining) or a complex skill(like mining again) are all slower and scale down way faster then normal too And dont forget about weapon smiting its 1 that gets slower even faster then anything and is a pain in the ass to get started so ya you dont want us to grind you want us to fight and work as a community but with the way certain skills work and stuff seems messed up you say 1 thing while your actions say a whole other thing
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    I would be delighted to try the new steam server, especially if someday down the line it would be joined with the old servers. Either way I believe I would be playing on both though.
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    There is really no way to get any additional monetization out of WU players once they are in. Most of the profits/benefits from WU came from the first 300,000 or so sales, and there probably won't be many new sales. A WO-Steam would make it possible to play on OFFICIAL SERVERS for free but it would preferable to have an Elite Monthly Pass thingybobber. You'd probably have access to special titles and perks if you were "in the club", things like a regular subscriber pack of sleep powders, free barbershop visits/silver mirror usage, and maybe a monthly "gift" of some sort, something collectible but not powerful, like some of the christmas presents - yule goats and gnomes, that players can trade and sell.
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    Something that I find pretty nice about Jackal is that it is an easy way to bring players together from all servers. I have seen names there which are familiar to me on the forums but have never laid eyes on these players within the game, much less interacted with them there. For those who are the social types (not particularly myself) this affords opportunities to meet up easily in game, live on the same deed there, go out hunting together, etc, etc. =Ayes=
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    You can also click the speech bubbles to the left of the forums and mark the whole section and all subforums as read.
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    I highly doubt "console release". Mobile / browser / facebook-style versions of Wurm are more likely what they meant, as those are the types of games they currently work in and have actual past experience (and quick profits) with. Heavy monetization of the game is the new modern face of gaming companies like this.
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    come join Expedition hq man we can help ya out and you'll have a good group to play with!
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    I am seriously worried. No words, all I can say.
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    QoL Improvements Wurm is a great game but there have been so many things which have been bothering my players or even myself for a long time. Some of these changes are really needed for at least 11 years and most of them are super simple to implement. Deed disband warning on login if one of your alts has a deed and is running low on upkeep. When a fireplace of any kind (oven, forge, campfire,...) is going low on fuel, a warning will be displayed. The help command to call guards should work in all chats and broadcast to local chat automatically. Make items always death protected on PVE servers for at least the first 24 hours of ingame time. Let us equip and unequip horse gear when leading a horse. Make the regeneration of stamina possible on vehicles on any slope at least on PVE. Add a teleport home action which lets new players teleport to all their spawn locations in the first 24 hours. (With a cooldown ofc) Broadcast rough location (eg. in the NW) for abandoned deeds when they are disbanded by upkeep. Looting is fun and could be a nice scavenger hunt thing. Make catseyes easier to create or let us create more than one per creation action. The highway system is still not spread over the whole networks. Make deed info a more readable font for certain sections. Ever tried to read a mayor name without copy paste? Add a support ticket alert for staff members and in the MGMT chat to decrease the answer times. Add an alert for players when their support ticket is updated has been added. The command /alts could show your own alts on the IP and or Email including the last login date. (Cross server support) Backpacks should fit into ovens again. Mailing should be made free in every case. Add bulk sorting like we have it on Wurm Unlimited. It makes life so much easier. Add a new player broadcast to welcome new players. There should be an alert for new questions in CA Help for staff players. The quality of beds should matter for sleep bonus, at 100QL the bed will grant 50% more sleep bonus. The rarity of beds should matter for sleep bonus, each rarity step adds 10% bonus.