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    Over the last few years the update cycle for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited has been a bit sporadic to say the least. The goal in that time has been to stick to a fortnightly schedule with the odd larger update for big changes or new mechanics, but there have been many times where that hasn’t been effective or possible. There are various reasons for this, ranging from needing to push out bug fixes soon after a larger update to not having enough changes ready to go live in that two week timespan. With such a small team working on Wurm it can be difficult to get enough ready to go in that two week timespan to have something meaningful to show or have enough time to get sufficient testing completed. Starting with this week’s update and going forward into the future, our development cycle will be changing a bit, meaning that the update cycle will change to match. The new goal will be moving from fortnightly-ish updates to a more predictable schedule of the last Thursday of each month - plus any necessary hotfixes in the week afterwards. This should allow us more time between updates to better plan what new things are coming, flesh them out a bit more, and have sufficient time for internal (and public where appropriate) testing periods to nail everything down. It’ll also better allow for us to schedule and share information about upcoming updates and share tidbits of new things coming on the planned devstreams. This new planned schedule may not translate 1:1 to Wurm Unlimited in most cases, but we will be aiming for those to be a bit more consistent compared to the latest 1.9 update to WU. Included in this change to the update cycle we’ll be changing our planning and development cycle to shift towards a more predictable pattern of larger content updates, currently planned for a few times a year. Because of this the primary monthly updates might be overall smaller going forward, but will still include things like bugfixes, tweaks/changes, and smaller content additions as appropriate. The larger updates will be planned around a theme and should include additions or changes to a variety of things in the game, as well as introducing new mechanics and things to do. We hope this change going forward will put our development cycle back into a more predictable pattern, giving us a bit more time to get things right, and give everybody playing Wurm some clear knowledge on when new and exciting things are due into the game.
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    You mistake criticism in not wanting the game to die and fade away for "whining". An mmo requires players, especially for pvp. You may be content with playing on a server that has a monthly average of 6 players, while I, and obviously many others, look at the total pop right now and see 255 players on every server combined and think "this isn't right, please do something". You may be content with players not having a voice and just shutting up and watch the total premiums drop every week while we just play blind and look for things good, but as evident by the prems disappearing every week, the majority does not feel the same. If we are here speaking, that means we haven't decided to leave yet, should we just ignore the glaring issues until we decide to?
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    Um.. I kind of .. sort of.. [23:26:27] Baking increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 ...did that tonight \o/ I don't know how long it took, maybe 4 months less or more.. I've been more serious about it in the past 2.. but still had some slacking days and compensating crazy grind on others.. Could post my skill progression after 2 weeks... currently playing on another pc and cant show how fast or slow this have been going over the past months..(will post some skill logs in 2 weeks when my vacation ends) Is there anybody else with 100 baking skill, is the skill naming still a thing?
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    I'm surely not going to be the only one trolled by the fact it's an image with a play symbol....
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    You see the lands of Wurm - Yaga Greetings Wurmians! We’re back with a quick Valrei International detailing what’s coming in today's update as well as showing a little bit about what’s coming soon after, so let’s get into it! Dev news I know some of you have shared frustration at the time between updates recently, and this is due to us being in the middle of shifting to a new design cycle aimed at improving how we deliver content and more substantial updates. Product Manager Budda will be writing a devblog over the coming week about our reasons behind this shift in updates and what it means for you as players. It’s a big change and one I am keen to see come to life, it should help make my news much easier! Wurm Devstreams Journal tiers The final generic journal tiers will go live as of the next update (due today) with the long haul laid out. These goals may take considerable time and effort, but these are intended to be achieved over a long period of time. It’s a long road, but you might find it’s worth the journey. After these we’ll begin looking at skill specific journals, similar to how the priest ones work, but we don’t expect these out anytime soon. Looking normal Along with normal and specular mapping for armour is the addition of normal mapping for player skins as well! This is amazing work and really does improve a lot of the graphics of Wurm. These will not be going live today, but will be coming very soon. Also coming soon is rarity on armour! Saroman hosted the “Wurm Online Test Server Fashion Show” over this week and has some stunning numbers to show Community Content This weeks community content is the deed Evendim, which forum member Kaylessa is documenting her build of her new deed. It’s an ambitious project and I hope she continues to update the thread, because I’ve been looking for new ideas! That's it from us this week, the new journal content will all have you sinking your teeth in so break a leg this weekend! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    A public statement isn't a binding contract. You can just say what you're planning and if it doesn't happen for a long time or ever, oh well. There were reasons it didn't happen. But at the very least, stating what you're aiming towards will remove the contempt from players and allow them to make goals in preparation for what comes next. If you announce something for epic, the people playing there will feel a lot better about spending their time on it. Some people might even come back for a bit in anticipation of the next update. You don't need to set timelines or give release dates. You don't need to give specific details about what's planned or the technical specifications of how it will work. You don't even need to give an order about which will be completed first. All you need to do is simply tell everyone what the future of the game looks like. I find it crazy how it's so hard to simply say what you're planning.
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    Greetings Wurmians! We’re back with another Valrei International, going over what we’ve been up to and have planned, so strap in and call me Susie! Devblog updates After last Valrei International mentioning the changes to development, Product Manager Budda posted a devblog with the changes planned. This means that we can work in better cycles and produce monthly updates reliably. It also means we can work better on showing you what’s coming each month and how it fits in with long term plans. We’re in the process of gearing up for all this, so once the ball gets rolling we’ll begin looking at sharing our plans for the future. Aside from that there will be a whole bunch of QoL updates and fixes. Our aim is to not reduce the amount pushed out each month, but package it into one larger update per month to reduce downtime and give you all more to chew on. Next update The first update under this new cycle is planned for the 30th of May, and will continue to be on the last Thursday of each month. This month will include the distant tree visual improvements showcased in previous editions of Valrei International and on Wurm Wednesday with bloodydrongo a.k.a. Emoo as well as normal and specular mapping on player armours. The update will also touch on a few aspects of the journal, including crediting past legendary creatures slain, colossi built, and guard towers! This means less big building projects, lucky you. Me, on cam! Our official Wurm Online devstreams are in the works! Our planned start date is 10pm (GMT) Saturday the 25th of May. This stream will be an introduction of all of us available (We expect the dev roster to vary depending on availability) but it will be hosted by yours truly, Retrograde! So tune in to us here We're also looking at adding some sweet wurm merch via Streamlabs store, including posters of the ingame maps! It's still in a experimental phase but expect to see it soon. HotA retirement With the introduction of the new HotA battlecamp system, we’ll be disabling the old HotA zone shortly after the update on the 30th. We’re pleased with how the new battlecamp system has gone and feel it creates more roaming oriented play as opposed to centralised focus on the HotA zone. We’ll give more info on the time exactly so anyone who wishes to occupy the current HotA zone can fight for it! Community Content Independence hits 10! It’s a day of big birthdays, with berris posting that the Independence server hits 10 years old on the 17th of June, along with Wurms 13th birthday on the 6th of June. Do we have anything planned? You’ll just have to wait and see… That’s it for us this edition, we’ll be back on the 29th with the Valrei International before the update, but you’ll also see us live before then! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I was gonna put text here but i think a comic sums it up better
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    Troll King Slaying You've heard of wolf in sheep's clothing, well local villagers have been complaining of missing milk and cheese shortage. One day upon thinking I found the lost cow of ST. Angus de Bovine, I was rudely clubbed in the face when trying to milk it. We have a menace on our hands that is not ping for once, but instead a surly troll king that needs putting down. All are invited to the slaying to free the land of this monstrosity, as well collect its blood. Bone, skull, and corps n bits will be publicly rolled as well. Location is close enough to coastline to park boats of alts as well to stock up on ointments of stonecutting. Location is Exodus O8 on ingame map
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    The harassment certainly reached the level of needing to place in a support ticket the moment the player created an alternate account so they could bypass the /ignore function placed on their first account by you. I would highly recommend doing /support ingame and explaining the situation to the CM and/or GM that takes the call.
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    Overview WyvernMods is the culmination of over 2 years of modding for my servers Wyvern Reborn and Revenant. After over a month of re-coding, the task of making WyvernMods configurable is now complete. Featuring over 20 modules in a configuration file of over 1000 lines and hundreds of configuration options, this might be the largest single Wurm mod there is. Standing with a whopping 500KB+ file size of raw code, WyvernMods is absolutely packed with features and tweaks. The best part? It's set up to allow you to pick and choose which features you want. With everything disabled, WyvernMods has no effect on a server. If any of the features here interest you, you're able to get those features specifically and decline to implement the rest. So... what does it have? Download WyvernMods Preview Configuration File Requirements SinduskLibrary v2.3 or higher: Download Bdew Server Mod Tools v1.0.0 or higher: Download TreasureHunting v2.0 or higher: Download Can have it's functionality disabled by setting map drop chances to zero. DiscordRelay v3.0 or higher: Download Can have it's functionality disabled by leaving botToken blank. DUSKombat v2.1 or higher: Download Can be fully disabled by setting enableDUSKombat to false. Miscellaneous Changes Module Over 50 configurable options with miscellaneous tweaks and QoL changes, including: Server Info Tab - Configure your own tab that displays information about your server when a player first logs in. Fatigue Action Override - Allow players to craft, improve, etc. while mounted. Disable GM Emote Limit - Remove the 5 second delay between emotes playing sounds for GM. Slap your players with vigor and have them hear each and every excruciating one. Dynamic Skill Rate - Allows a reduction to skill gain rate as players get higher skill. Mayors Command Abandoned Vehicles - Allow mayors to command, but not access the hold of, vehicles abandoned on their deed. Helps with letting players remove abandoned carts from their deed. Hide Sorcery Buff Bar - Removes the buff icons for sorceries. Now you might be able to see your real buffs again. Spell Effects window will still display the sorceries active. Arena Module Over 40 configurable options with changes specific to PvP servers, including functionality for same-kingdom PvP, including: Equip Horse Gear By Leading - Allows players to manage horse gear by simply leading the creature instead of requiring to tame it. Disable PMK's - Disables PMK's from being founded. Disable Player Champions - Disables players from becoming champions. Disable Farwalker Items - Disables Farwalker Stones and Farwalker Twigs from being used. Cap Maximum Guards - Reduce the maximum amount of guards allowed to be hired on deeds. Disable Karma Teleport - Disables Karma Teleport from being used. Remove OWFL - Prevents players from dropping items on death, removing the "Open World Full Loot" aspect of Wurm. Custom Titles Module Make your own custom titles. These titles can then be configured to be granted to specific players on their next login, or will trigger on certain skill thresholds if configured that way. Anti-Cheat Module Removes the ability for livemap and xray to see ores that are not exposed. Grants "prospecting vision", allowing the data to be correct for players up to the point they can prospect. Map Steam ID's to a different database. The vanilla version of mapping Steam ID's is better but can be confusing. This is a simple Player Name -> SteamID map which is used for Bounty Module functions later. Combat Module Adjust combat rating with various different effects, like scaling pet CR based on Soul Depth or incurring a CR penalty for being on a vehicle. Fix for Magranon damage stacking not calculating properly in aggressive stance. Disable legendary creatures from regenerating and replace it with a new static regeneration system. Mastercraft Module Mastercraft is aimed at expanding the rewards for achieving high skill and QL on skills and items. Adjusts difficulty of actions to give bonuses to players with higher skills and items. Allows configuration to give rare items a further difficulty reduction on actions, making rare+ improvement tools slightly better. Empowers channelers with higher potential casts using a new system which has an astronomically low chance of rolling maximum. This raises the ceiling for casts, but makes the highest ones exceptionally uncommon and very valuable. Skill Module Hybrid skill gain system which merges WO skill gain with WU skill gain, allowing success closer to a result of zero to grant more skill. This helps mitigate the creation spam meta. Rename skills which will properly show in the skill window. Adjust individual skill difficulty to make them faster or slower. Adjust the tick time of a skill, allowing one tick of skill gain per X amount of time. Meditation Module Many changes to meditation, including smoothing the rate at which bonuses occur to lower levels and scaling up. Simplify meditation question requirements to just a tile type instead of specific tiles on the map. Remove SotG and Hate War Bonus. Options to replace them with action speed and movement speed bonuses instead. Adjust every meditation ability cooldown individually. Titan Module Titans are designed as "raid boss" style encounters for players to undertake. Rare Spawn Module Rare Spawns are designed as creatures for small hunting parties. Mission Module Adjusts how missions are created. Allows configuration to enable valrei entities to generate missions. Cleans up the mission removal and addition process so it's less likely to get bugged missions. Add currency rewards for completing missions. Changes some checks to make the mission system more friendly to modded creatures. Disable the epic mission types: Ritual, Guard Tower, and Tower Guard missions. Mounted Module Complete re-write of mount scaling, making it no longer depend on thresholds but instead use a fluid formula for calculations of speed. Update mount speed on damage. Instead of taking up to 20 seconds to slow down when archered, mounts will now immediately decrease in speed when hit. Allow bisons to be mounted. If they can pull a wagon, why can't we ride them? Teleport Module Adjustments to how teleportation works between servers. Most of this module is specifically coded towards my servers and wont function well on other servers. Economy Module Adjust the price of sealed maps (custom item) to be more reasonable based on QL. Disable traders from refilling their coin from the king's coffers. Void money that traders receive from trades. Supply Depot Module Spawn randomly generated supply depots around the map which players can capture for rewards. Configure if they use the red rift light and how long between their spawns. Bestiary Module Disable players from AFK training on creatures. Condition wild creatures at random, giving them the "greenish" "angry" and similar modifiers without being spawned from a lair. Prevent legendary creatures from being hitched to vehicles. Log creature spawns to the server, so you know what type of creatures are where. Allow epic creatures to spawn naturally on a non-epic server. Configuration for addition of custom creatures, such as Wyverns, Chargers, Giants, Avengers, and more. Bounty Module Handles the bounty rewards for players and loot from creatures. Item Module Over 30 configurable options adjusting items and adding new custom items, including: Combine Leather and Logs - Allow leather and logs to be combined into one item, preserving enchants for crafting. Reduce Log and Kindling Volume - Reduces the volume of logs and kindlings so more can fit into BSB's. Creating kindling from logs will no longer have more volume than the logs they're made from. Droppable Sleep Powder - Allows sleep powder to be dropped. This makes them drop when a player is slain, but they can also be mailed. Change Price of Silver Mirror and Gold Mirror - Changes their price so they can be sold on traders. Loadable Mailbox - Allows loading of mailboxes so they can be traded among players. One Handed Spear - Changes long spears to be one-handed. Addition of nearly 50 custom items, including arrow packs, affinity orbs, books of conversion, and more. Each one able to be configured as craftable or not. Soulstealing Module A completely different vision for the Stealing skill, this enables a system by which players can steal the soul of a slain creature instead of butchering it. The souls can then be fed to an Eternal Reservoir (custom item) which will automatically feed nearby carnivores and keep forges and ovens lit. Action Module Adds custom actions such as: Unequip All - Allows players to unequip all items by right-clicking an item instead of their body. Receive All Mail - Accepts all non-COD mail in one action instead of having to check the box next to each one. Split Sorcery - Split sorcery charges into separate items each with one charge. Add Mission (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to create new missions. Remove Mission (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to remove existing missions. Creature Report (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to generate a creature report of current creatures on the server. Smooth Terrain (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to smooth a section of terrain. Erosion Module A new system that helps smoothing out a map by reducing the noise over time. Configuration for the speed at which erosion occurs. Treasure Chest Module Adjusts the contents of treasure chests that spawn naturally. Important Disclaimer Some modules of WyvernMods are not fully configurable to the degree I think they should be. Many modules will have #TODO comments marked stating some of the further additions that need to be added. The default configuration file matches my settings on Revenant. This was done to make it easier for me to develop by ensuring the configurations I had worked identically to before. A "fresh" configuration file will be provided in the future. Patreon and Further Development WyvernMods Configurable is reality because of the generosity of my patrons on Patreon. Further development of the mod will continue through their support. As long as the goal is reached, I'll be asking Patrons which #TODO features they would like to see implemented next each month. If you want to be a part of that process and see more features added to WyvernMods Configurable, consider becoming a patron! Alongside further development of WyvernMods are other stretch goals such as streaming sessions of my modding and to begin development of a viable anti-cheat system that would hinder ESP, macros, and more.
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    Hi.. The shortcut between Newspring and Lormere is finally 100% completed, saving just about 5,000 tiles of highway travel and cutting wagoner deliveries both in time and distance by approximately half. The discussion about the need for this shortcut started around 1.5 year ago after the Newspring to mainland bridges were completed. I'm not the only one who thought this was an obvious must have. It took 6 weeks to complete thanx to the tremendous amount of help I received from many players, shaving off at least 3 weeks of work. The whole thing is 669 tiles in length including 300 x 2 tiles of regular road, 5 bridges and 4 deep piers totaling 162 x 2 tiles and 207 x 2 tiles of tunnel. There's also 2 other bridges built to bypass a deep valley as well as medium size peat expense. I want to say a huge thank you to those who have helped make this project become reality in such a short time, if I have forgotten someone, please don't be shy and remind me, I'm not known for having the best of memory. Nacciwa, Baloo, Popy, Vorash, Spirit, Queenie, Hummditty, Aroma, Gravitar and Bipolarbear. without all of you I'd still be at it for 3 to 4 weeks still. I've only included the name of the main characters of the players who contributed but most also had their alts pitching in. There is most possibly some who remained silent and helped in the background in some ways. Here are some screenshots of parts of the road, they are all taken at night but I plan on going back to take a few day ones as well. I plan on having a draw for a few rare items from those who helped with the project.
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    If I had a choice between being completely in the dark and having NO idea what the future holds, and having a clue what the devs are working on, even if there is no timetable..... it legitimizes the time I continue to spend playing the game to know what is being worked on. For a guy who is PAID to keep people playing this game, I cannot believe you are having to be reminded of this @Retrograde. Whether we agree or disagree about the changes that the devs are making, the fact that we are here, in this very thread talking about it, should show you how much people care about this game.
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    Imagine you walking into a McDonalds and asking the guy behind the counter for a burger without pickles or mustard. To which he responds: "No sir, burgers are intended to have those things so you have to eat them that way." I am pretty sure an attitude like that would run a company like McDonalds into the ground. One thing you have never seen to grasp is the concept of how customer service works. You listen to customer feedback and then you decide if its feasible/profitable/viable and act accordingly. You don't silence your customer before he speaks because "you don't see his comment staying on topic." I love this game. I love our community. I love the dev team and the rest of Wurm Staff. But I hate how you guys handle player feedback. If you don't like what people say you silence them. That's extremely frustrating for people like me who love this game and would like to chime in with our opinions. I am not saying you have to agree with players, answer them, get into a back and forth or even provide them with what they want (altho giving your customer what they want is generally a good business practice), but neither should you censor them. Let the thread go on, let people post their opinions, bring forth their grievances, criticize and share their feelings. Then you can come back later, read it, and take what you want from it. You provide a live service, and with it comes a community. A community will be harsh and loving at the same time. It all comes with the territory. The whole "we are a very small dev team" excuse is not acceptable. Hire more! I am sure there is no end of qualified volunteers that will help for free with whatever needs helping, even with community management. Don't censor and ignore your player base. Its insulting.
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    An idea for a public event in Wurm would be Troll Camps The concept is simple: Similar in nature to a rift, Troll camps would spawn an encampment in an area that meets the requirements. This encampment would have a small area which contains the actual camp, and a multitude of trolls spawned around it with perhaps a troll chieftain of some sort. The camp would generate trolls just as a den does. Once the Chief is defeated and the encampment cleared, the actual camp would produce a chest with rewards. Rewards could vary from simple random quality crude tools or weapons that cannot be imped to small and rare quantities of moon metal lumps, drake leather or pretty much anything. This is a concept I believe would give mid tier players or small groups a chance at some low risk/low reward content. The rewards could be tiered to the difficulty if that's a thing, or simply completely random with high quality/rare items having a lower chance to drop. It also requires very minimal design work, as it can use many of the art, mechanics and enemies already present in the game. Thoughts? Edit: Troll Chieftain could be a normal troll called Troll Chieftain that has slightly higher stats compared to other trolls similar to a Captain is compared to other tower guards. Furthermore, the chest spawned could be nothing more than the actual tent or campsite hut that can only be opened once all the camp mops are defeated. Also thethering the mobs to a specific distance from the map is important as well.
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    Finally a thread is posted by the Head Developer where a healthy discussion ensues about the future of the game. For some reason it is then locked. I don't mean to be rude here, but why is healthy discussion stiffled by staff when it seems to go in a direction you don't like? I can understand if people are being noxious, there's personal attacks, or a violation of the forum/game rules. But none of that happened there. You have a community hungry for information and updates and promising changes, and instead you tell us we're not supposed to ask? Why? Why can't we have a discussion about the game we want to play and we all love? Why can't you listen to your community (the good and the bad) and get an idea of what we want? Not even a page and it got locked.
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    rude The troll model is at least a humanoid
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    Hello again everyone! I'm here to Officially announce the Second Annual 2019 Summer Friend-A-Long, Brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, Academy Network Alliance of Pristine, and random donaters like you out there! This years Event will be held July 22-27/28th. Hopefully this window will allow most folks the chance to attend and join in and the foolery of it all. Some of you may be asking what is an Imp-along? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to imp and cast for other folks for free! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. The only real restrictions is on channeling skill. We have already built a dedicated deed for the event, collected a massive amount of materials, cotton, body bags, booze and cake (maybe cake) for the event! . There will be some minor changes made to the setup based on feedback received, and a few things added. I destroyed a mountain so you could all put your tents closer this year... cause you will need them. I always say if you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong, so don't fail me now. Please keep and eye on this thread as i will be updating it regularly with details of events, changes, whatever.... When: July 22nd- 27th Midnight AKST 2019 Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: https://prnt.sc/jdif1w - In game Map location. Map: https://prnt.sc/jdifka - Map from latest dumps. You can also plot to Friendship Bay from the highway network nearly anywhere on pristine. What to bring: Anything you want Imped, Casted, bloods mixed, your imbues applied, Mendings, etc, if it can be improved we can prob handle it here. Friendship Inn and Lounge: Need a place to sleep off a hard days work? Hide from a GM (good luck), or just get out of the way? The Friendship inn and Lounge, has a pleasant little relaxation area on the room with a wide variety of booze for you discerning wurmian hooligans. The inn is capable of bedding 80 characters in 70 secure rooms with storage options. If you need a secure room for your stay please make a post requesting a room, be sure to include your character(s) names in the post. There is also a large piece of land set aside for "Tent City" Just outside the inn on the sandy beach area next to the docking (parking) slips on the East end of the event location. Room Numbers and Assignment: The Deed: The imping hall itself it a 5 floor pottery building with slate/marble decor. with 3 floors dedicated to various tasks. The First floor is the Smithing area, with 24x forges nestled together in a large group in the center, in the corners you will find some relaxing area's to afk/get out of the way in along with stairwells to the other floors. The second floor is for Non smithing related imps, broken into 4 main area's depending on the skill used. The 3rd floor is the Casting/sermon floor. I've broken all the spells into 4 main groups, based on the spell/priests that cast it. each group has at least 2-4 dedicated altars PER priest for that category, the more common priest like vyn/nahjo have at least 15 altars each on that floor, so no worries about tripping over each other at the altar! All organized into corners, In the center of it all is another ring of altars, surrounding a rare altar for the sermon goers, and the building is designed in such a way, that everyone below you should be counted as listeners for HUGE faith ticks! At this time we have about 3 Million Favor worth of veggies ready to go! Want to help chop? no? good we don't need you, because@ChampagneDragonis amazing and did ALL the prep work for the veggies for us! Apparently he likes doing this, so yah, amazing! He also does it for your precious silvers, so if you need stuff chopped look no further. What we still need: Mainly its down to prizes prizes prizes! Anything you think might make a decent reward. Ships, rares, Kingdom Flags, Hota's Arch statues, etc.... anything you think might be a good prize. Donations are recorded and acredited here on the thread and announced when given away in case you want to make a donation for a service thread etc. If you can attend are want to work some skills specifically please post, and let me know what your willing to do, so we can get a general idea what we have covered. Ship Imps: The WEST end of the deed is where docks are located for people who would like there ships imped as well. Please do not park here if your ship is over 70q, and Please move your ship once it has been imped help keep congestion down in the area for the impers. Ship Parking: The EAST end of the deed houses several new docking teirs that will house many ships, if your ship does not need to be impled please be sure to park on the EAST side of the deed, where "Tent City" is located just East of the Friendship Inn and Lounge. Blood Mixing: We have a large supply of source salt for potion making, so feel free to bring your bloods for mixing. Hopefully well get a couple high skill volunteers who can do them for us! Got a nice NS? drop me a line here or PM me if your willing to help out. What is expected of you as a patron: Be polite and be respectful Don't forget to NAME ALL YOUR ITEMS! Cant stress this enough. Anything not properly named is likely to be lost or stuffed in an overflow bin, and once moved with no name, there is basically no way to identify it as yours. Please try and remove your items promptly once imped/casted to avoid having your items secured in overflow. You do NOT need to label them with what cast/imp you want, just your name. Just make sure you place them in the correct container. Do NOT abuse people's generosity! Don't bring 10 or even 5 of the same item for imping/casting. The only real exception to this might be horse shoes. Anyone caught taking advantage will forfeit there items and be asked to leave. And the veteran impers do know what to look for, i removed almost 100 items last year due to abuse, and it was veterans who tipped me off. Do NOT sell items that were done for you at the impalong. Its about helping people out, not taking advantage of someone else's work to put coin in your pocket. Getting items casted is at your own risk! Thoe the priest will be required to have at least 80 channeling and demonstrate so with there 70+ title. Shatters can and will happen at an event like this. Item quality plays a big in this so if your going to get something casted, consider imping it first. If an item is shattered, and its reproducible on site, feel free to ask someone with skill to re craft it for you. You should not need to pick any items up that are not your (nor will you be able to inside a building) If your items are moved to overflow please contact a "Wurm Lord" Also feel free to help imp items even if you don't have that skill to 70. The only real restriction is channeling. Everyone is welcome to help out! Consider this an opportunity to grind your skills and no expense to you other then time. Mats and favor are provided so go crazy imp or cast all the things! Imping Materials: All materials provided will be stocked in the resource carts next to each station, the general public will not have access to the bulk of materials, if you need a refill on something please ask a "Wurm Lord" for a refill. What is expected as an Imper or Caster at the Friend-A-Long: All of the above + Please name your lumps/materials if you have to put them back in the forge etc 70+ in your imping skills of choice is recommended but feel free to chip in with whatever skills you have for imping. -OR- 70+ Channeling skill is required to be permitted to cast on other people's items. You should be sure to wear your 70+ channeling title Staff Members Lists AKA "Wurm Lords": Materials Provided: Prizes Donated: Events and Games: Registered Impers: Registered Priests: Gratz:
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    Equipped the cape on my character last night on test server
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    Honestly the excuse of having a small development team is getting old. There has been at least 10 people I know that have applied, most of which never even got a response. You cant grow the team if you don't even try. It is clear help is needed, start allowing people to help and stop keeping everyone in the dark.
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    my only question is: you've been kind of leading us along for some time now with changes to epic as a possibility ( I don't mean this in a negative way, its just a fact) and is the new "system of not telling anything coming forward" going to just, keep delaying the delay recently I asked in discord if we're EVER going to get any information on it, and you responded as soon as the movement code is fixed you're going to be giving us some information on it (loose quote) so, what gives. do we play there? do we prep stuff there? is it worth building anything? is it worth playing there at all? epic is a place with a lot of history for quite a few of us that still play this game and we wonder where our home is going, or isn't. I really want to be able to play both clusters seamlessly, why isn't there some sort of way to allow for proper ratio of skill/stat gain to be translated into freedom skills thanks
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    Looking at niarja, the average time for a rift is about 2 hours and 20 minutes, minimum is around an hour and a half (times that are good for US/UK timezones) and highest is 3 hours and 16 minutes (middle of night for us/uk) so the goal's difficulty varies greatly depending on what timezone you live in. When a rift is at 1am my time, due to the short time that the rifts take in that time due to US/UK both being active, it's going to be over a month, probably closer to two months before it's in a good time for me, and once it is, due to the rifts taking longer when it's a bad time for US/UK, it'll only be two, maybe three if lucky, rifts until it's back to the middle of the night for my timezone. you can say "oh you can just sail to other servers" but adding an hour return trip to an already 3 hour long rift isn't fun. You can work towards 99 skills, you can work towards 2500 trees, you can work towards 500k actions, you can work towards 20k mob kills, you can do all these things at your leisure but goals like rifts, wear drake/scale, slay x uniques, aren't things you can work towards, you can only hope they're in favorable times for you, or cheese the hell out of them, like borrowing drake/scale so you don't have to spend money, or get friends to log into your account and afk in local of uniques/rifts so the fact that you have to go to work/school and sleep don't prevent you from doing such a task. Part of the problem with personal goals was it made you do things you probably would never ever do in the game, such as repair 6250 fences, 5000L of wine etc, but these some of these newer goals go right back into the "play as we want you to play not how you want to" of the past
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    As stated in the OP part of the reason for these changes is to better have time before a release to give out information and testing periods for appropriate changes. There are a fair amount of things currently in the works, and there is a longer list that we're planning on for the near future, and an even longer list for what to do after that. Giving out all of those plans and ideas at such an early stage does nothing good in my opinion, we have years and years of instances we can reference back on where an idea or plan was shared well before it had been started in any meaningful way, and many of those instances lead to that project being delayed or outright dropped as other things popped up/took precedence - and that always leads to a ton of threads and questions about when X or Y is due because we announced it a year ago. Plans change a lot and our team is _very_ small. A project may be started and not touched again for 6 months due to the person working on it not having sufficient time for it, or abandoned outright until years later when someone else feels they can do it justice. I would much rather announce what is coming when I can for sure say that it is coming in a reasonable timeframe instead of more promises of Soon™. This isn't a matter of "no information until two weeks beforehand", but more of "I don't want to promise this new thing when I haven't even started on it yet." Echoing Retro, everything already goes through the test server. We have the immeasurably awesome Alectrys on there most days testing what is coming and confirming they work as intended, but as with anything sometimes things can slip through the gaps. We'll still be going forward with the public testing scenarios that we have in the past for larger changes and mechanic additions as that tends to do a lot for the stability of such large changes, but for 95% of the changes and updates we add Alectrys' testing is sufficient enough to the point where a couple of people who see a new set of upcoming notes and decide to test the one thing they're interested in isn't really going to add anything that we don't already have. That being said, I'm sure Alectrys would love the help of any dedicated people that are interested in helping out on the regular.