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    Oceania Terraces At Fairview - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! We touch base this week to share with you what's being worked on and where we're at with things. So take a break from binge watching whatever is on Netflix and jump into it with us. But first.. Patch Notes Shine bright like a diamond With all these fancy normal and specular maps, one question has gone unanswered... What about player armour? Well, the Saroman and Samool dream team (The S&S for brevity) have been hard at work, and are pleased to showcase, shiny armour!!! https://i.imgur.com/PrELaql.gifv Not only that, because these guys don't do things by halves, they've gone and added the ability for rarity to show too! When these guys get together, nothing can stop them (bar performance impacts, and the odd ripply naked man). Expect this to go live in the coming weeks. Crusader PMK gear Well the votes are in, and my favourite one won! (I swear I had nothing to do with it, I just have good taste) We'll be doing a few tweaks then get them in-game for you all to continue to show off your cool PMK stuff. Movement and desync devblog In the patch notes during this fortnight a little single bugfix was posted "fixed a number of movement issues" While it looks small, Budda took the time to jump into just how big this "simple" fix actually was and what it means. Check out all the details here: WU Beta The WU beta is ongoing, with a small patch released last week. We'll likely be including one more update before it all goes live, so hang onto your hats, that's gonna be huge! It appears to be one of, if not our biggest update we've done code wise! Community Content Forum member Gawain has started vlogging his life in Wurm! He shares his adventures via YouTube video, and updates a forum thread here: That's it from us this week, by next news the WU beta should have gone live, and we'll no doubt have more to share with you about what we've been working on. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Agreed. I want my forges to take 50 minutes to warn up, and I want single-story houses with two wall types, small expensive deeds, no bulk storage, skill decay, lack of key binds, and skill limits to come back.
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    Will be slaying the goblin leader on release, all are welcome to come and fight/get mining bloods/be on the loot roll. G21, south of "Phoenix asylum"
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    Please allow us to create cloth bardings with kingdom textures. They would need to be a created item rather than rely on the horse to have a kingdom as they're not usually tamed or branded (or some fancy code to set the barding to the equipper's kingdom). Currently, it's difficult to spot your kingdoms horses in a skirmish, so this would hopefully make it easier. Also, remove the speed penalty for wearing them. The protection bonus is negligible, so I don't care if it stays or is removed along with the speed penalty removal. Could potentially allow it to be worn over other horse armour..... Pic for inspiration: Pls add.
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    Hello, I'm Gofs, I finished and sold total 4 deeds 3 at Xana, and 1 at Pri, (one more coming soon) I think Wurm is beautiful, very impressive by possibilities game, where possible to create very nice deed's. For example build deeds not just for skill up, but with some general idea, like Pirates deed (at some island), or Monastyr deed (somewhere at mountains) I gonna put some examples of my works here :
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    We actually are working on setting up some advertising! It's still in the works but hopefully some results will come of it. We're also focusing on retention as well, and looking at some things that promote ongoing gameplay, like rifts and archaeology do. Something to do when not grinding for skill alone.
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    With advertisement? Yes. Wihout advertisement? No. I don't know why some people do not understand that...
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    Just for the record. I see a lot of accusations thrown at two of our developers who have spent a lot of time bettering the game. As much as I do not wish to cater to this Paranoia and accusation hurling they had zero part in this change. They did not report it, they did not partake in the discussion, they did not do the code to change it. As for me being in Tc, it'll say that till I come back to chaos, I believe I was booted as I requested, I am not part of any kingdom, I just joined for a bit of pvp experience, I'm undefeated in hota BTW. I'll be locking this thread because I see zero point in it remaining open, attacking developers for actively working to improve the game is extremely disappointing, and I don't wish for it to continue.
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    Staff says about removing AFK skills like fishing, but adds 70 Prayer needed to complete journal, lmao
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    Maybe that's just what happens when one side knows how to report a bug, and the other just vents in here. Report non exploitable bugs here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/28-server-bugs/ Exploitable ones, report via /support ingame.
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    (C) Teotu from Sklotopolis
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    No, the best part is that you guys manage to bring your petty PvP squabbles into a thread concerning a feature that is unavailable in PvP.
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    Heres an idea, Just bring Epic mobs to Freedom
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    I've conquered Mountains and have finally become a Wurm forum entrepreneur, A achievement I never thought I'd have, and din't even notice I received.
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    Personal attacks are not welcome anywhere on the forums, and nothing constructive seems to have been added in regards to the thread. Locked. Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
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    tamat isnt trustworthy because he always greeted me as a fake god and i can't believe he's done that
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    If youre out of combat for 10sec your stamina is gonna regen anyway. Whats the point of sandwiches then? Just fix the bug so you cant queue them in combat. And if the enemy lets you get out of combat and eat a quick sandwich, whats the problem with that? Just keep people in combat and they wont be able to eat
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    target something out of range - can eat, lead horses, drink wine, reimp your armor or whatever when in combat perhaps you should just fix that bug instead of making it so you cant eat for 10 seconds after?
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    Hello everyone. The purpose of this thread is to publish Wurm screenshots taken by my current WO toon, Zac or my former account, Trevize at least weekly. Some of the shots will be retrospective, nostalgic pics taken during my WO time (since 2012). I want to take hold of the beauty of Wurm, which always has impressed me. Enjoy, and feel free to comment. Happy Wurming! The first one is a landscape from Deliverance, back in 2015.
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    I think I need to take the time to clear up something. We do not under any circumstances take development actions purely on the demands of a player. When a bug is reported, or a mechanic questioned, it goes to the dev team for discussion. The first step is identifying whether its a bug, a result of unintended mechanics, or intended play. This was a result of unintended mechanics, and from there a discussion about the best way to address the single issue of regaining stamina by eating in combat. We did discuss the other issues raised such as leading out of combat but that's used in pve and breeding, and while it may not be intended it certainly has less impact as the stamina regaining. From there we used the 10 second combat cool down, as this would mean youhave to break combat and wait to eat, but doesn't affect natural stamina regeneration. Tdlr this was identified as unintended mechanics and fixed, not because a kingdom yelled at us to change it. I hope this helps
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    I'm happy to hear advertising is being worked on! When I found out about Wurm it was because I (at the time) ran a gaming blog and had kept a close watch on gaming news. February of 2014 there was an article about Wurm being hit by a DDoS attack. It looked unique and fascinating so I downloaded it that day and fell utterly in love. This may not be the way they hoped to find a new player, but hey, all news is good news I guess? I love what the team has done with the Valrei Entertainment Network, but I'd like to suggest reaching out to other streamers as well about the game. I'm not a Wurm streamer, it's not what people come to my channel for. But every time I do play it, people usually seem interested and curious. They've often never heard of it, nor anything like it. I've even had several viewers start playing on the WU server I'm on. Which brings us to my biggest hurdle with this game: I love it, I adore it to pieces and it's my favorite game to just relax and listen to a podcast or chill after a rough week. But I cannot play it everyday. I can't always play it every week. I'm busy and have a mountain of things on my plate and though I miss WO enormously, I can't justify the price of premium for a single character and my deed when I know I can't play as much as I did when I first started. I don't think that the only people playing Wurm has to be a super dedicated niche of players who can devote a ton of time to it. Every game has both hardcore and casual players. If there can be a way to entice that group of people to play WO instead of, or in addition to, WU, I think a lot more people would be willing to stay. I love my WU server and the people in it, but the thing I miss the most about WO are the friends I had there. This game has a really special community and has continued to be friendliest bunch I've ever played with. So I guess my biggest recommendations would be: give a month of premium in WO to everyone who purchases WU, reach out to streamers/writers/youtubers/podcasters, etc who are known for playing other, similar games. Maybe give them a month of free premium too and some silver to buy a deed and really show their viewers what the game can be like. You could even put them in contact with a VEN member to guide them through the early stages. And lastly, consider finding a way to let both casual and dedicated players coexist. (Without requiring the less active players to have to live with friends. Part of the charm of Wurm is carving out your own place in the wilderness! :D)
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    Some screenies of the work so far (outside mines)
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    This thread is not the place for KvK drama, Keep the chat civil please and related to the current patch notes. Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)