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  2. I'm not even on the path of insanity and I'm +1 to would be fun to see people freak out over imaginary creatures only they can see...
  3. Okay.. Can we stop using this thread as a "chat" for different stuff pls?
  4. I really want to finish our deed, Astoria on Deliverance, this year. It's been nearly 18 months for this rebuild (4th one), and I hope to never do another MAYBE then I can finally start grinding Metallurgy and Smithing skills to become the Steelsmith I've been wanting to do since I started.... (6-7 years ago!).
  5. How would checking my own version of the mod on my server, help me here? I know what version I am using. You fail to understand that the Ago Edit is NOT the same as the Main OP version, as they are different Author's in the end game. Nor would finding out my own version answer my question on how the Ago's version works... Just because my reputation is low, doesn't mean I am "new". My CA experience years ago was strictly in-game, and I am not a regular forum user unless I absolutely need to. Simply looking at your profile I could tell you've only been part of these forums for 2 years. Reputation these days can often be handed out like candy and I personally would not see it as a way to reputably judge anyone's experience or otherwise.
  6. Ah, okay. I apologize again. It sounded from the way you wrote that you were new, plus you are only at +21. No slur was intended on your level of expertise in Wurm. I do hope you can get past this without letting it ruin your day. No harm was intended to you. As I said, I was just trying to help in the normal way. It took me a lot more effort to find out which version I was using, as the only way to do that was to log in to the game and type #versions, then find it on the list, then come back here to let you know. This is something you could have done for yourself, but I was trying to help since you didn't appear to have done so yet.
  7. I'm fairly new here? Are you serious? JOINED October 27, 2011 I've been around here 5 Years longer than you have. When you QUOTE someone in a sense of responding, since you appear to be new to how Quoting works. Typically you are responding to a person, and it is often expected to have the information requested in the post that is quoted, answered. Not a vague list of what you and your server has, without actual information on how you achieved it. (Which is what my post you quoted, asking.) I'm sorry if a list of horse colors for you was apparently adequate information for the question you thought you were answering. No, it is not your job or anyone else's to answer any questions. But if you decide to take it upon yourself to do so, actually answering a question might be less trouble for yourself and anyone you think you may be helping. Rather than vague information that isn't actually helpful.
  8. Hi All, It is time for me to move on, I have had a blast playing this game but I do not enjoy it like I once did. I am currently selling off items and gear to friends and allies. But I do have some things that I want to post here. Arch Mage Tuanta the 15th Hierophant 7 action queues, 92 fight skill. Prem expired Feb 22 90 Med - PoK - 15 No skill Loss Increased skill gain Vyn follower 15k Karma 88 Titles comes with a silver hand mirror Will otherwise naked and logged out in Glasshollow. Also for sale Dragon Hota - red x 1 JK Banners x 10 HotS Banners x 10 HotS Tall Banner x1 MR Banner x2 - SOLD MR Flag x 2 - SOLD Empire of MR Banner x 30 Empire of MR Flag x 8 Dreadnaught Banners X2 Dreadnaught Tall Banners x 2 Dreadnaught Flags x2 Added some more items. Black dragon scale sleeves x2 ql80ish Picnic basket at least 2 but possibly more. Potion of Mining x 9 Oil of Weaponsmith x3 Potion of Woodcutting x4 blood of Kyklops x3 blood of Black dragon x1 Merchant Contract x1 Sleep Powders - SOLD I am accepting silver and euros or a combination of either.
  9. +1
  10. +1 while we're at it, console commands for emotes /em slap, /em bow, /em <emote>
  11. WTS 30 large crates full of sand and dirt, 9k in total. All in delivered price including crates to any freedom outer coastal location only 9s.
  12. Whats the model name for spirit templar, not the hots one, i mean the Freedom? Wheni do spirit_templar i become the HoTS....
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  14. Here ya go
  15. and one more [15:25:00] Donitayo [16:24:45] Faith increased by 0.1880 to 100.0000 gratz
  16. Most of the WU mods can simply be removed and the only effect it will have is seeing unrecognized items and creatures when starting a server up that had things from the mod. This can be remedied by removing items or creatures from mod in db but should not affect performance if left there. So, very easy to revert. The one public mod that is painful to remove is the vampire one. Huge database cleanup to remove or risk your server having many issues.
  17. You're fairly new here, so you may not realize that when we respond to questions, we generally try to give details so that future people searching the same question will have accurate information. My response was more thorough, for the benefit of others who might like to have that information. I apologize if reading a list of 14 horse colours created "a lot of trouble" for you. Obviously, that's not something I could have predicted. My intention was good -- to provide a thorough response for the benefit of all. Do keep in mind that it is not my job, nor the job of 90% of the people who will try to help when someone has a question, to respond at all. We do so because we care about the community and want them to be able to find their answers within the forum.
  18. PM Neville in-game or on forum if you want one or both of these items: 90.61QL rare hammer, iron (botd 88) asking 4.5s 90.63QL saw, iron (botd 96) asking 2s
  19. +1 to make ride by slapping easier
  20. Wurm was working just fine a couple days ago. My machine is custom made and has windows 7 with a Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card. I uninstalled Wurm,install the latest 64 bit Java. and now I cant even download Wurm. All I get is UNABLE TO LAUNCH APPLICATION. And how do I post a dxdiag and wurm directory?
  21. Could I get a price check on this character please? Faith 97.925820 Natural Substances 79.959620 Farming 79.483340 Rake 69.946075 Prayer 67.113075 Shortsword 63.076344 Religion 58.210155 Digging 52.678830 Channeling 51.029156 Nature 50.499530 Meditating is 30, on the Path of Love, can enchant grass. Body Control is 21, Mind Logic is 29.92 and Fighting is 38.6. Naked, no premium time.
  22. PM sent to Beastwolf.
  23. server

    There is no print on my server either. But we have a mod that allows the use of a command /balance to check at players will. Personally I feel no print is better as it avoids annoying additional notices in the Event Tab.
  24. Yeah I am just talking with a few server owners that have little experience modding and seeing what everyone is looking at doing. I am going to try and throw together a template for the community so they can easily build off it with little experience.Increase the overall modding community for WU in the process, I hope. There is many examples out there if you want to dig through them all to find something similar to what you want. Just want to pull it all together with examples of each desired item type.
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