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  2. Wow. That's...yeah, I can see why they would disable that. I think a link to that in the wurmpedia would be great. It's history after all!
  3. Leaving the game for good, and want to try selling my account. I realize the skills are not very high, but perhaps there is someone who could use a semi-starting account. Premium time: 5 months. Expires: July 29th 2017. Comes with compass, starter toolbelt, good ql lantern, good ql weapon. Fo follower. "Gentle" of the path of Love.
  4. Probably sitting unused still in the gift box somewhere in some hoarders magic chest.
  5. There should be more than one - there was at least 2 challenge servers - And rumour has it that it was given at the 10 year wurm anniversary for something or another.
  6. Mclavin wins bid with 20 silver how do you want the item?
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  9. This is what it looks like, what it is meant to look like; This is what it looks like when you get far enough away from it; if there's no chance of a fix, please mention that.. I'll knock them down and try again. until then, thank you.
  10. Auto-Alerts update: Added the ability to toggle send to twitter. Download the latest version replace the jar in your server mods directory and put transmitTwitter=false above "#Use?" in the if you wish to disable the spamming of messages to your servers twitter if you use one.
  11. I dont think there should ever be a lid on constructive criticism. If we discuss things, we give staff a chance to investigate and make changes as needed if the problem is real. If people were spreading misinformation, I can see the need to stop it, but you can't hide the truth with the intention of luring players into a lie, and you can't successfully argue that 15-20 people online across 4 servers during peak times is a successful population count for an MMO. Regardless, Epic is a fun place to play, and can get better with some work. The Devs are working hard to help fix things on both sides of the clusters. I dont see Epic getting shot down anytime soon, but I have seen way more fixes in the last two months than all of the most part of my time in here. Its a good sign.
  12. Wrong wood types...never even once <\3
  13. I had tried in Chrome/Firefox/Opera no issued.
  14. 8s for the large 5s for the small SOLD
  15. Same with Chaos and Pristine, we have run out of near by water sources .... Was thinking this would be fixed rather quickly.
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  17. 30s coins for 30e or $35 usd buyer pays any fees, paypal verified.
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  19. @Enuf Seem to be a whole heap of older pics posted on this thread
  20. 2 of our more newer pvper's (TheShawv and Subie) already earned/gained their drake! Come get yours
  21. Build nothing and they will come ... What a Slogan!!
  22. Field of Dreams? Build nothing and they will come? Maybe a Butterfly Farm in which 1,000's of flowers will bloom for them to pollinate? A tranquil scene at any rate... =Ayes=
  23. Excellent! Just noticed this yesterday as added to Crafting Materials spell. Many great mods added to this server to make building a faster and more enjoyable experience. Well done! I would still like to see surface mining changed to 1 hit equals 1 shard though, as the current WO standard makes large surface mining projects undesirable in comparison to other building projects here. =Ayes=
  24. I don't seem to have riding a horse, but here is me riding a Blue Unicorn, I think the blue were champion. =)
  25. Aye, the Yoke has been on me a number of times over the years so I can realize that Lathe has brought up a very good suggestion here. Not game breaking of course but just one of the minor irritations of Wurm. I would agree also that not having any default item would be the best solution. I know when making pottery items the default item box is blank so this does seem possible. Maybe the Dev's like to Yoke around with us though and use it to *pull our leg? =Ayes=
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