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  2. Yeah, it should only work when it's equiped.
  3. It not about how long it takes, its the fact that you have no control over it whereas everything else you do. You can sit down and chip away at all the other stuff when you have the time, the rifts you are at the mercy of timezones and if people close them close to your available times. This has been said over and over but those who don't want to understand wont.
  4. Hey Bud, Sure will contact you ingame! Ty for your purchase.
  5. Awesome service! Archaeology tools were imped and returned to me before I realised they'd reached him! Recommended A*
  6. Donde! Lemme get one of those mini deed tokens off you please bud - itsyaboy
  7. To some extent I understand those who do not like rifts, and feel uncomfortable with the 100 rifts goal. Anyway, that is no reason to spread false arguments. The argument "I do not like time gated actions" is certainly understandable. But I fail to see it more valuable than e.g. "I do not like to cook 400+ different recipes" (which was the case for me, I am not extremely enthusiastic about cookings), which does not last shorter or be considerably less effort than doing 100 rifts. In fact, it was the last goal for me before the master, and granted, in the end, I found some fun with it, and friends helped me with written recipes. The fishing (both goals) was not easy either, but I liked it in the end. For a non miner, I imagine that the 25 metal veins to be killed is not a bit easier than 100 rifts. A false argument is that 100 rifts cannot be reasonably done in 2 years or less, or that travel times are prohibitive. If it is about the goal only, 20 rift points or so, and being on server when the rift closes, do suffice. Time spent may be counted in minutes. There are 40 rifts per server and year, and it is well possible to let oneself summon to at least half of them, or more, during a year, do the few hits necessary, and recall, home portal, or get summoned back. And not much harder for "foreign" servers: sailing out with a priest over the server border, get summoned, get the points, get summoned back, wait for rift to terminate, sail home, time may be half an hour to an hour. Doing that twice a month spells half of the rifts during the year. Not even mentioned the possibility of trusted friends taking the character over to a rift one cannot attend due to work duties etc. I am aware that I cannot bring those who hate rifts to like them as I do. But I fail to see rifts worse than e.g. 70 prayer.
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  9. Hello. 80ql plain leather set possible - price 1s+cod . Send rug to Martynas Rug imp will be 20c + cod
  10. Hello. I would like a little 'whitish' dye, please. Your post says white cannot be used on statues, but I would like to get a stone statue as close to 'marble' appearance as possible. So, M1 dye? 1kg, please, unless you know I need more for a Demon Statue. I would also like 10kg of black dye. CoD to Homestead, please. Thank you so much.
  11. A trait that gets activated by the horse should be noticeable by the player, and thus being able to tell that it's affecting the player. (In my opinion, even with insane mind logic, the character is still really stupid, and doesn't tell you that much in any way. Possibilities 1. In either the event log. (The horse speeds up for x reasons, winding up/down when the effect is over) 2. Warning on your screen (Probably something you only want to do for something that's not possible, like Grooming again, I would love to see this in more situations) 3. My Preference: Status Effect like the Armour Limit. (like mentioned earlier) On Explora I agree that it's weird if the status effect would show when you would apply a horseshoe to it, you notice as a player you gain slightly more speed, but it's not as noticeable as a trait that's activated, or the wind blowing in your face. And yes, appearing and disappearing status effects is what I am looking for. On a ship, the game should show a status effect, if you are affected by the potential speed boost from the weather, because this is also noticeable by the player. There might be even more cases where it would make sense, but those are the situations I came up with so far.
  12. I would love that, like any more building possibilities...
  13. You wake up to the sound of waves and seagulls. You feel broken and beat ... and the disgusting taste of salt. As you slowly regain consciousness you manage to look around a bit and see a sand dune ahead of you. You crawl up with the last bit of energy you got and fall into a deep sleep in the sand. As you wake up a while later you start to remember what happened ... You went on an expedition. Left your home to find fame and fortune in new lands. A few months into the journey the ship you were on ran into a terrible storm, which wrecked it and burried it under the waves. And now you are here ... wherever "here" is ... you don't know and you don't regonize anything. But you realize that if you don't get to work, you will never have the chance to fin out. You must get up and find a way to survive. There is nothing left but the cloths' on your body, no tools, no weapons. Maybe if you swim over to the island behind the sand dune you can find some resources to craft some basic, crude tools. Maybe you will even find other survivors ... Welcome to Stranded - a Wurm Unlimited server for a strong community - A little bit about me Hi, I'm Vedurin a former Wurm Online player with a passion for sandbox games. After many years of Wurm Online i quit because the game simply took up too much time. But it didn't take much time for my longing to the lands of Wurm to return. So i bought Wurm Unlimited to still be able to build and adventure with faster gameplay and no monthly cost. There's just one thing missing: the community. I loved to build a deed with friends and be very active on the market with big bulk orders. For a while i have been dreaming of my own server and with Stranded i just started that project. - Goals My goal is to create a server with a community who enjoys to play together, help each other and make things possible together. So in general i would like to create an environment which is not afraid of a challange while avoiding grinds which take years to complete. So: not easy peasy lemon squeezy but also not insane. - Progress Certain aspects of the server can be changed by the community or according to the wishes of the community. The idea is to have some kind of global progress in the game. Currently everyone starts as a survivor of the shipwreck. So: no items, low skills, no starter town, no fixed respawn. As the community grows and builds certain things or decides to elevate the game for themselves and others these conditions will be changed. Starter deeds will be established, maybe with schools and libraries to enable new players to join the game with starter items or even higher skills. Creative ideas by the players on how to influence the server will be very welcome. - Server Details Settings - 5 x experience multiplier - 3 x action timer - 1.5 x combat rating - Farming tick every 12 hours - 50k creatures with 40% hostile - no PvP - not newbie friendly (this is a challange after all , if you would like hints on how to survive, let me know i'll add them as spoilers. ) - no deed upkeep - free starter deeds up to 11 by 11 tiles - claiming more deed tiles at usual prices - maximum deed size 101 by 101 tiles - bounty for killing hostile mobs (no bounty no neutral mobs - it's supposed to be a challenge ) - bounty for burning bodies Game Start - You start with absolutely nothing. No tent, no tools, nada. - You are stranded after all. - Characteristics start at 18 - Skills starts at 1 - Avoid dieing, you will respawn randomly "somewhere" on the island.
  14. If the game targets this certain player base only, that doesn't care about their time. Then sure, even increase it from 100 to 1000, also if you ever going to add another tier in the journal, my suggestion is "spend 10.000 euros in a wursm shop ones" i am pretty sure it would be a big hit among the player base.
  15. please add Mt. Coalition 2615, 397
  16. Rift opening April 22. Times here The red X is the approximate location of the rift. The blue line is the approximate route of the road I'm building to it. Nearest deed is Pumpkin Fields. Feel free to moor there. If you're coming in via highway, best set your route to Rome. I'll signpost the track to the rift location when it's done. See y'all there
  17. [08:01:05] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. You should receive them in 10 minutes. Thank you for your order!
  18. Anyone know which deed it is near. Also, if it is near water? Thank you!
  19. I'd like to see a few different door options in Wurm. Currently, we are limited to the plain wooden doors or a portcullis, which is not solid. It would be nice to offer perhaps studded doors, metal doors, arched doors etc. Also, an option to dye just the door would be great. Below are some examples. Medieval style doors Castle doors
  20. Based on my test of three caches today, there's no direct correlation between wood type and token type. Not saying it doesn't factor into the equation, just that two different wood types both delivered copper tokens.
  21. Hey Need plain leather set ql80 is it possible ? And need imp my rare med rug from 70ql to 90ql
  22. Put up my second order of tools. Thanks again for the quick service.
  23. The age old discussion, RTS or Turn Based. Some like one, some like the other, some like both.
  24. Can i get 2 woa picks iron 90+ when you get time bud thanks. Bearclaws
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