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  2. Excellent service! Even after a mistake was made, VirusMD was quick to rectify the situation, and I received a fresh, higher ql tool and cast than what I originally ordered for the same price! Highly recommended, best experience I've ever had buying from someone in WO.
  3. I'm personally a fan of puzzle and turn-based games where I don't have to be 100% focused all the time. Roguelikes were a major one until I got bored, but let me know of any good ones you know of.
  4. Arrow Damage

    I only break a 70ql war arrows every 50 shots or so, but you'd need 80+ fletching to make them easily so that's quite an investment just for hunting small game. Perhaps up the damage on hunting arrows against mobs and make them more resistant to breaking? Would make sense, as they're designed to be able to be pulled from animals and reused, whereas war arrows are supposed to get caught inside the body and rip it apart if pulled out, breaking the arrow/arrowhead.
  5. Cannot make a public server (stuck on LAN)

    We have done but try and help. resulting to insults isn't the way to go, thinking that you are above others trying to help you also isn't the way to go too. Time to lock this topic as the OP isn't going to the things we has asked him to do, and report back the results in trying to help him with his issues
  6. Extreme Makeover, Wurm Edition

    Behind every picture there is a memory, behind every memory there is story, and here is my story . "Fisherman's love story" Imagine you coming home after one of those perfect sunny days that you spent with your buddies at your favorite lake, just fishing, chatting and relaxing. You get to your home, removing boots from your tired feet, dropping your hat, lunchbox, keys, some spare change and your lucky charm at your entryway console that you skillfully crafted few days ago. And when you just about to go to your kitchen to fix some dinner, you remember that on your way home you checked mailbox and you got love note from your sweetheart. You read the note and ... you running around your home panicking :" Change of plans, the day is not over yet, my beloved coming over for dinner ... soon ! First you sprint to your garden to cut few fresh roses, then you asking yourself: " What can I cook on such short notice ? ... and as any respected fisherman you know the answer: " AHA! - SEAFOOD, it is what we going to have for dinner !" And you rushing to the kitchen, then to dining room, setting table, improvising some place mats, getting the bottle of famous Wurmian champagne that you saved for special occasion ... But just in case if your seafood will not come out right, you ordering full FCCP pizza ( this one is always winner ). Do you think your sweetheart will love this dinner ? Decide for yourself but here is proof of what happened after dinner later that night ... Aren't Wurmians know how to have good time ? Date the Wurmian and you will find out ! Eden Harbour, Xanadu. H-23, Summerholt area.
  7. Arrow Damage

    someone is going to tell you to imp the arrows to higher ql to avoid dmg.... but its one of the reasons i dont bother with bows...why spend days imping arrows to have them gone before the first mob is down? but in truth arrows would break rather quickly irl if you used them to hunt ( talking medieval ones not the super resistant modern ones) and it was one of their that the wound kept bleeding if im not mistaken... making it possible to shoot and let a creature die from the wound ... and in wurm ... well, last time i checked you needed a few quivers. i know its cause pvp balance and all...but really...animals dont wear full plate armors (well scorpions do..kinda...) so maybe a few light touches to balance there wouldnt hurt? cause as far as i can tell the only reason to go archery is pvp. using a bow to hunt is just damaging arrows for less dmg than you'd do with a decent weapon... at least last time i tried so either i was doing it fully wrong, or it changed since. making arrows deal correct dmg to creatures could help hunting, and maybe make it so that deers and such run away from you from futher, meaning you need to sneak to get close to try to capture, or using a bowe to hunt actualy makes sense, moreso if the creature tends to run away midfight.
  8. Back Up Alert

    +1. even if it puts Shydow out of a job as global information center...who am i kidding there's so many questions to ask him. but yea its a nuicanse having to wonder why i froze up and watch the time. be easier to see the warning a minute before and know about it
  9. New mod added Server Time Command Get the time of the server in an event message type /stime or /servertime Message color can be configured in the properties file Example - [22:16:34] Current Server Date and Time Is: Sun Jun 17 22:16:34 EDT 2018 Download:
  10. WTS 860 blue grapes

    WTS 860 blue grapes at 29ql - 4s Pickup U18 Deliverance - free FSB included. Please pm me or contact me on Muse in game.
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  12. Red Dragon

    it's this kind of thing i was speaking to a bit earlier with some different wordings. I was going to add that my intent is not to offend or cause people to then look at each other in new terms of disagreeable, quite the opposite. Yet i also realized it's pointless to concern about that as with this issue people are either going to respect you and possibly like you, or the opposite. Standing up for something does not get you the congeniality award and few take the time to concern about feelings. What Xallo says here, if we look just at the words and nothing to do with player names, he's right.
  13. Back Up Alert

  14. Just to be clear; This is what I am talking about, in the screenshot. No matter what I do, every time I try to create a mine on my own WU server I get one of these. I now have three of them, and they are all unfixable as far as I can tell. HOW do you create a mine in WU without it bugging the #### out?!?! This is horrendously frustrating. I thought at first it had something to do with the fact that the first two tiles I mined out while a GM, done with the Ebony Wand. But then I stripped my GM powers from myself and I still get the same issue. Better yet, how do I FIX these "mines" to get rid of them!? What do I do? >.<
  15. Back Up Alert

  16. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    #generateDeadVillage [number] - generates a number of dead villages for archaeology purposes. A number more than 5 will not return info about the villages, just if it was successful or not.
  17. wts imbue potions

    sent, thx
  18. Red Dragon

    [20:05:06] <Kochinac> if you live here appy to the group so we can all hunt happily instead of fighting over it Keep in mind, just because something spawns on "your server," it doesn't automatically make it you or your group's unique. Nobody is required to join anything, and you shouldn't be fighting with people because they found something before you did. Competing over something is fine, it keeps people on their toes, but getting shitty over it and crying about it demanding people join XYZ group to participate in unique slaying is stupid. The whole you're either with us or against us attitude is very bothersome, to say the least. Thanks LordLouis for the public hunt. It was fun.
  19. Back Up Alert

    +1 this is an fantastic idea!
  20. sold

  21. Back Up Alert

  22. My Stream/Outreach

    Hey folks, I've been dabbling with streaming on Twitch since March and have only recently featured Wurm Online as often as I'd prefer. If you'd like to hang for a chat and direct friends and acquaintances who could use an introduction to WO outside Emoo's Wednesday streams, find me here: Doing a short stream tonight, in fact. ;)
  23. Back Up Alert

    over 9000 (yes pls)
  24. Back Up Alert

  25. Back Up Alert

  26. WTS Rare Forge

    WTS Rare Forge - 4s Delivery - 1s To any pve coastal or pickup @ Xan, The Rusty Anchor D10 , next to Earthwurm on the community map.
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