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  2. Possible unique metagaming concern

    As you all know, I am fairly critical of the devs, but in this instance I will point out this whole post is purely FUD. How is making a change that applies equally to everyone favoring one group over another? Pendulums favor those that have the ability, time and alts to exploit it and twitter alerts favor those online at the moment by giving them a heads up to begin searching over others that simply happen to be asleep. How does "nothing" benefit anyone in specific? Besides are you accusing staff of giving one group preferential treatment over another? You got any proof or are you just creating FUD?
  3. Possible unique metagaming concern

    And that should be why the uniques won't be instantly found and penned and killed... or if they are by the same people again within the same time period... feel free to start spinning more conspiration theories. I am more hopeful for a more levelled play field where we won't have people logging in on a server as soon as a message will pop either on twitter or event feeds (cause alts and WA exists)... and now we will have a chance to stubble upon uniques again... not loggin to find them pen or already dead.
  4. WTS Tools 20C/eatch with enchants

    I need a few things! Can you send each of these to "phailtrain"? C79 grooming brush c71 rake c77 butchering knife w79 trowel w66c89 mallet
  5. Best hosting as of yet.

    Be aware this might be a biased advertisement post. There have been a lot of horrible reports about citadel most users are not happy as you can see below.
  6. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    Log in server needs to be beefy, otherwise its not going to cope with the joined cluster servers.
  7. So I'm not sure everyone is aware but with the next patch to Wurm it will be pretty much impossible to find uniques unless you stumble upon them randomly while hunting. They're removing twitter messages, in-game unique sighting message, pendulum, etc. I was completely okay with them taking away pendulum, it was pretty strong and if you have two decent eyeballs that's all a unique hunter really needs... However with this shift to removing twitter feed and in-game message I feel like overall this new system is a dangerous approach for the staff. Let me explain. Now when someone finds a unique on xanadu or something people are going to think twice about it, how do we know that the people behind the unique nerf are not trying to control the system for themselves? Now i'm being honest here, it looks like whoever is behind these changes is trying to control the system. How do we know your not giving certain players you favor spawn coordinates to find them also, will anyone even know if they die with this patch? I imagine that'll be removed as well. Especially on xanadu, there is a green dragon that's been lost basically atm. As a player we have no tools to our disposal now except blind luck and it's discouraging, not to mention the rate at which uniques will be culled will be reduced by like 70% probably. That means less blood for everyone also. So you've taken a cliquey system and I feel like it'll become even more cliquey. As a player I think the staff have completely lost touch with this game, I hardly even play even. All I ever see is changes that do more harm than good. Listening to player feedback that's apparent trolling/meme like this quote below is bad for the game. Something that should of been polled was decided on page 2 of that thread to be "what everyone wants." NO? I really hope Frontier is as good as you say. I remember when you guys hyped up rifts and they turned out to be a buggy mess for years. I can't wait to see people selling dragon scale sets for 600 euro. and with that, have a good day.
  8. Wsa silver sales and safety

    They simply have no inclination to do so. They would have to monetize it in order to make it worth the effort and that would bring in oversight, regulation and a huge swath of other problems like chargebacks, stolen credit cards and plain old fraud. They would basically be taking the risk so YOU can make money by skirting around their own silver sales. Why would they do that? Currently you will be very hard pressed to find a game with such a system for currency sales. I dont expect anything to change nor should it. This is why awareness is important. If you see some shady seller in trade chat, bring attention to the community. We can easily police ourselves.
  9. Valley Hold Tunnel

    I'll try to be there to help as much as I can ( Limbeck ). Also, Comic sans?
  10. Item QL loss on server crossing

    Anything new on this ?
  11. Today
  12. Dear Builder of "Long Rolf of Running"...

    Solved! (Probably) I asked in help and it seems a Magranon alter is to blame for the mysterious repairs. I just need to remove the alter...then once more wait for decay to do it's thing. Finding the builder would still be nice, but they could be long gone, if the buildings are "repairing themselves"....
  13. "She has recently given birth"

    Totally essential we need this
  14. Best hosting as of yet.

    I have been with 6 hosting providers( It has been a rough road) The 7th provider/Current is I have not been this impressed in years. Only downside so far is the fact that you need to go to their Mod manager to install the Default gamemodes. However, When I opened their mod manager I found 20+ Mods to install. In disbelief I tested a few of them and they actually work! Last company I was at they had more but only a few actually worked. I just wanted to pay my respects. I know there are more server owners out there looking for the easy life/Non aggravating and hair pulling. They are more on the expensive side, But time is money in my eyes.
  15. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    Step UP.. it's logical to strive to improve, it's only natural to work toward something better, since there's no better armor and since that is a MUST and an official goal that's on everybody's todo list now... why is it weird that people are unhappy if few metagame and kill content for greed?
  16. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Hi. I am not very good with tech stuff, so might be barking up the wrong tree altogether. I made a villager welcomer and placed it on a deed, by the token. After doing that, I disbanded the deed because it was a permanent deed that was causing spawn issues, not thinking to get rid of the welcomer first. I then made a GM deed in the same spot. Before I could resize and rename the deed, our server crashed. It has been continuously crashing for four hours. We are trying to find what caused the crash and how to fix it. Idk if the welcomer had anything to do with it, but I would appreciate any suggestions. I brought it here in case it is something that might cause issue for others. If it is the wrong place, please disregard this message.
  17. "She has recently given birth"

    Oh my gosh, those would be so cool!
  18. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    -1 Stop being crybabies for Christ sake it is a dragon that serves no purpose to freedom aside from pure greed. Go ahead and tell me what any of you need drake or scale for? You will not come up with an acceptable answer.
  19. A New Elevation

    Would be nice to have some kind of countdown.
  20. A warm thank you to all my customers old and new. I hope the horses have been serving you well and been on their best manners! The listing has been updated once again:
  21. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    @Scottfree2Wow, I really like Alien Weaponry, thanks for posting that. Amazing they're so young (14, 14, & 16), with such a mature sound and subject matter, and their musicianship is stellar. I just listened to a bunch of their stuff on youtube with translations. I especially like that first one you posted, Kai Tangata, the vid fits the lyrics perfectly. I like this one too. (gotta hit the CC button to get the lyrics)
  22. Affinity Pizza & filler Pizza service

  23. ISnt it about time we had ceilings?

    Just add a new roof type "roof with ceiling" that overlays the roof model and the floor model in the same place
  24. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Ah, that way. Then yeah, i agree. Safety first. Perhaps some in game rmt mechanism built for verified players. But I doubt it would be ever possible for codeclub to implement. Like you know, AH style.
  25. Wsa silver sales and safety

    I buy from players too. I have no gripe against silver sellers. I simply do not think developmental decisions should be made to protect their nest eggs. In my eyes the safety of people and their game enjoyment should come first over some silver sales.
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