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  2. it's over, wurm's closed, sorry
  3. You're sure you erupted the right tile? Erupting should change the underground tile (in this case sandstone) to lava, so there shouldn't be any chance for it to remain sandstone.
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  5. im a big boy i can handle it
  6. On WO yes Not on Steam. Seeing development is geared to steam launch, The p2w mechanics is worth talking about.
  7. Uhhh, buddy, got something to tell you
  8. can we start a go-fund me for wurm online to get the financial resources to move wurm online to steam!!! this would make wurm great again....
  9. what is all this BS about pay to win? wurm = pay 2 win you dont even need to raise your faith, you can BUY an entire toon with 100 faith already... major +1 to this idea because wurm is already pay to win might as well keep the tradition going ps: please god move the entirity of wurm to steam... so nobody can buy / sell / trade accounts pretty please i would donate a large sum of money to make this possible if thats what it takes
  10. pickaxe, steel: BOTD 101: 1s 35c imp to 90ql pls COD polarbear Thanks
  11. Then why not automating everything else? like leveling dirt.. who the hell would get 20 sand heaps in his pockets then stuff them back on the ground.. sounds logical to me you would shovel it from point A to point B. like from crates in the wagon to the floor. o like mining auto, where you stand in front of the tile, right click mine>forward>50 tiles and boom, it mines you 50 tiles straight.. hell, we can even make it so once we log in we can press miraculous AUTO button and the character plays itself. Wuolia!
  12. I guess I know where this is coming from. Quite an efficient change and loved by many players, it is a small thing but after getting the notification many times in a full week of smithing you can't imagine Wurm without it.
  13. Are you referring to traders ? because this is a indirect cash shop. same could be say with normal skills, we have coc or BotD items. and dont forget about meditation this spell have been cut in have with the coc/BoTD What the OP post proposes is to get rid of lag from all this alts. It's not a perfect solution but, at the end of the day players will still use alts till something better comes alone.
  14. Yep should be over 10s. I'd say it is not a bad thing to still have the chance to lure peeps together for sermoning. I'm aware that most of the time it is just AFK eating computer power but still, some nice interaction always happened around the sermon groups I've been to.
  15. Back in 2008 night was so dark you couldn't even see a few meters. You had to stop travelling for like 1.5 hours before you could continue. I remember people stopping at my place waiting for the night to be over.
  16. i failed to read that, my bad , anyway would go above 10s for it, or it coul just reset without faith gain
  17. actually the suggested item does give the .12 faith If the item did just reset then I agree with that
  18. The hell you talking about? Its perfectly fine. You should be able to see some at night time. Like c'mon, once you leave a pub at 3am, do you really carry a lantern to guide you home? I doubt it. And in caves you cant even see where you going if you dont have any lightning source with you.
  19. I'm happy to be hired for that 5s
  20. Yup we should be able to buy a single weta per player on freedom from jackal points :S All males.
  21. require a character near by.. for the refueling option to work automatically with enchanted or runed forge.. make it so.. it's like a color rune though.. so courier or w/e.. could be attached/casted and than additionally new rune for size or less fuel could be attached after.. without removing the other auto-fueling effect? (why should it require a char around? if.. by some chance your character disconnects.. and you lose connectivity overnight or for few days.. being net issues or broken pc/etc.. all of the fuel in that bsb will be burned for nothing...) alternatively.... if this turns out to be a feature... let there be option.. to burn for X IRL hours or X IN-GAME days(1 day was 3-4hours IRL?) 2nd option seems like a better overall solution.. as long... ingame hour/days have some set amount of fuel.. or the event window tells the player how much will be used... which could be taken at once.. when the forge is set to burn for that long.. or ...could be consuming the resources as the time goes.. and it requires it to refuel(still have to evade the window of time with cooling down of items inside but still burning)
  22. depends what monitor i use, good monitor i can see in pitch black night just fine, side monitor i have for browsing web i need my glow ring necklace and then its fine. the game is definitely much brighter than it used to be. i play with only 1 dynamic light coz they tank my fps so i dunno if the lanterns etc do much, from my experience in the past its not more than 3-4 tiles
  23. I think the darkness of the night is a very personal thing and could be very important to those people with impaired vision. I think the nights are now lighter than when I first played Wurm and stumbled around (down) mountains not knowing where I was going. It is maybe us 'older' or more experienced players who prefer a little more challenge as we laugh in the face of less dangerous (to us) creatures? I feel sure that newer players without the back-up of on-deed lamps and high quality sword and armour would prefer the light intensity to remain as it is. New players are surely an important group who we need to stay in Wurm and not leave simply because it is too dark? It is a little bonus for them that helps their early days and costs nothing as everyone has the same though it is the newer player who benefits most (and of course those with impaired sight).
  24. Oh, I am not arguing that wurm isn't pay to win in terms of RMT link (it is built in to RMT), but I would strongly argue that there is a difference between a cash shop item and people alt abusing. One is a "grey" trade (that the devs endorse, but not all games feel the same), the other is actively the devs taking payment to skip part of the game. I'd argue against it since the faith and channel grind are the only things standing between all priests and endgame priests; cut the faith grind down and you have easily farmable strongwall/genesis alts; something to be avoided.
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