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  2. The reason is the relative safety paypal provides vs. other payment methods. Paypal transactions can be reversed, unlike bitcoins, so consumers feel better using it. Is not foolproof, but its better than many others and more widely used.
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  4. 10s start no buyout 2h snipe
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  6. [09:40:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! : )
  7. Yeah i messed up a couple times... Well a few times using the gm wand when leveling, just thought that there maybe a way to do it, sometimes i cant flatten by hand because the rock is just under the dirt and wont let you flatten any further.
  8. Gm wand, i only use pick, when im doing ore mining
  9. To avoid confusion, Ayuna has been Premium for 5 months, but it expires on July 29th, 2017. a few days of premium left. Sad to see you go, girl. You always brought smiles to those of us who got to know you. Hope you come back someday, and we get to cross paths once more.
  10. I got the money the ovner is Aeryck ship is in my dock in front of varsovia forges.
  11. To me it sounds normal. Ofc now we don't know if he worked with a pickaxe or his GM wand. But with a pick it is as intended.
  12. L8 cele, Skyforge, tons of priests with active links all day. 10 active priests daily, lots of links available too
  13. You could delete the "none" kingdom from the database. I haven't tested that, so not sure if it is save to do so, or if this kingdom is needed for some special things.
  14. Ozmods, I recall when WU was new I tried to convert dirt to rock and well it messed up fairly bad, I used a wand. Guess it would be same thing with rock to dirt.
  15. You will know what this picture means by the end of summer
  16. no defaults: right click -> save as default -> saves to playerdata.txt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Hallo ago Have the other mods an update too? because they have all new version numbers. Eject
  18. High ql is a bonus, but strongly prefer with no casts on it.
  19. 4s for stone chisel?
  20. I am building a PvP server and have all the kingdoms (except Freedom) on the server, but when I go to do a test, a "none" kingdom shows up as an option and spawns ppl as Freedom. How do I get rid of the "none" kingdom option on spawn in? I just want MR, JK, and Hots on the server. I have home server off, with the kingdom set at 3 (It was at 0, then 4, but still "none" showed up). I am using the creative DB. PvP is on. I am not sure what is making the "none" option show up Here is an image of what I am talking about
  21. Yeah, that is very cool, but would get old really fast.
  22. Wow. That's...yeah, I can see why they would disable that. I think a link to that in the wurmpedia would be great. It's history after all!
  23. Leaving the game for good, and want to try selling my account. I realize the skills are not very high, but perhaps there is someone who could use a semi-starting account. Premium time: 5 months. Expires: July 29th 2017. Comes with compass, starter toolbelt, good ql lantern, good ql weapon. Fo follower. "Gentle" of the path of Love.
  24. Probably sitting unused still in the gift box somewhere in some hoarders magic chest.
  25. There should be more than one - there was at least 2 challenge servers - And rumour has it that it was given at the 10 year wurm anniversary for something or another.
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