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  2. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

  3. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    What is server time and can we have it translated to human time? Also where do you check server time?
  4. Vynora Priest

    Hello Xanadu, I'm looking for a Vynora Priest to convert my Vynora follower to a Priest. I am in the Vrok Landing area and am willing to travel. Thanks for your time.
  5. Rename Seedlings to "Seedlings, Hops" etc

    Rose & Grape Seedlings are still obtainable to make rose & grape trellis' with, unless this is a recent change.
  6. What a nice idea! Rose and grape seedlings are legacy items no longer obtainable (replaced by sprouts). These old seedlings could (theoretically) be put in a separate bsb - leaving only hops and ivy as new seedlings that are usually sorted next to each other alphabetically. Still, it's surprising how many of these old rose and grape seedlings are still out there, and of course most of us probably still keep them all together in the same bsb! +1
  7. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    To facilitate moving the Independence server back to its proper hardware, we will be undergoing an extended maintenance period around 12pm server time on the 21st of Feb 2019. We expect this downtime to last 1-2 hours and will update if necessary. For compensation with the independence lag, and extended downtimes we will be providing 5 hours sleep bonus during the maintenance restart on the 28th of February 2019
  8. My Food Addiction: Update 3

    That's the beauty of it, the extensive network of food makers in Wurm that know I buy their rare food creations, refer everyone around them should those people have rare food they come across, and so on and so on, so it is quite a well known thing that I purchase this stuff, contributing to the even hundred+ a week I collect from the mailbox As for what I do with all of it? Absolutely nothing, as evidenced by all the photos. It all started before the cooking update a few years back, where rare food items were a real rarity on the market, they hardly ever came up, so I would buy them when they did as a cute novelty item, when I bought my rare resources. Well the cooking update hit, and I never put a stop to the purchasing of rare food, and it has simply ballooned over the years now as more folks are referred to me to sell rare food to, as I am the only poor sap in Wurm to buy them! At this point it is just a part of my Wurmian life to have this collection, and if I got this far, what is a few thousand more food eh?
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  10. Paint Terrain Rock Stopped working

    Yep, it is really really annoying!
  11. On the wiki it states that statuettes restored through arch are improved by blacksmithing with blacksmithing tools. In reality they improve with the stonecutting skills. I was imping a digger statuette, iron and was noticing blacksmithing wasn't used, only masonry/stonecutting. Edit : Nvm I'm dumb as a brick (pun intended), I read the wiki wrong first time. It used stonecutting. Nothing to see here, there are not the bugs you're looking for. Cheers Can delete this post pls.
  12. WTS Green cherry

  13. Hedges and their height

    +1 to both hedges and trees!
  14. Today I sailed that tunnel to Hammer Lake. In March 2018, Snowtech had requested the rename of that tunnel/canal : Well, 2 tiles wide, sometimes more yes, though the ceilings are all low, but nearly the whole of the southern side is not reinforced. In result, there are, beside a large number of resource veins on both lanes, but mostly the southern one, also tens of rock tiles, obviously caveins. The tunnel is still passable, but most probably not for long time. This tunnel is the longest on Xanadu, as far as I see, probably in whole Wurm. It is at best half ready and about to fall in derelict.
  15. Thanks Ekcin. Yes British English is LL, so I was taught that. US English tends to be one L, agreed. Thanks John, I shall look out for those.
  16. Same goes for infected trees.
  17. WTS Tools for 25c (each)

    All of these tools should be unenchanted, though you might get lucky and find a spare (low end) cast on it. Tools can be sent in the mail COD or you can pick them up on Xanadu at Tenakill's Landing (B16 in-game map).
  18. WTS 6k stone bricks - 10s (1s65c per 1k)

  19. Seeing at night - settings

    I think the game should have a gamma option, I'd prefer the game to be darker for example.
  20. I disagree that this is a bug. Rather it may be a request for improvement. And shriveled in British English (in American English anyway) is as legitimate an orthographical form as shrivelled. Granted it would be nicer if the model of grapes on shriveled trees would either not exist or look .. well shriveled (or shrivelled). But that would rather be an extension to a nice feature. I welcome a lot that one can easily see now where one has already harvested, great thing, thanks.
  21. [Bug] Placing tackle box (barely visible)

    Why wasn't it added when it was originally reported?
  22. Seeing at night - settings

    I remember a long time ago I set something to "off" or unticked, and the side effect was that night was much lighter. It also turned black caves into areas where I could see what is going on. Could someone wiser than me please let me know what the setting is to achieve this? Thanks very much!
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  24. Thoughts on a new cluster/game mode

    How's that? The thousands of new players waiting to join are waiting for an advertisement? I hope they don't hold their breath...
  25. Hedges and their height

    Locking hedges yes, has been asked, and again, +1
  26. Thoughts on a new cluster/game mode

    New servers bring a lot of people into the game
  27. Xanadu Community Map

    fishing getaway was added to same spot as holtburg. it should be up by the water 1588 ,-3530 or maybe -3535 for the fishing getaway please. and thanks for all you do.
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