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  2. Yes, if you need to remove everything, delete folder "data-wa-o" for wurm online and "data-wa-u" for wurm unlimited. You can also be more selective, eg delete only Data and DataV2 folders, so that sounds are kept. Or delete data for specific features. I'd only recommend under every case, to delete WurmApi folder.
  3. You see devs, I'm not the only one that wants boat mounted ballistas
  4. - A bonus drop for the one who is penning, or all in local while penning. - Use new item "unique cage". - Lead unique into cage and load it. - Loading creature takes X amount of time. - When loaded the cage and creature gets teleported to the closest server owned arena. Timer starts, all in local of slaying gets blood. Also drops may be modified to whatever suits the designer.
  5. We shall try our very best to get you on our return journey because I am quite prone to getting lost in the space of two tiles lol.
  6. Ahh yes i'm not coastal - i'm very much woodland in fact, didn't really think about the location. If it's a bother don't worry!
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  8. Still unplayable. 1-2 minute longs lag spikes every several seconds.
  9. how many games would a powergamer game if a powergamer could game games? go grind first aid
  10. I love that deed name! You've been added to the list Noticed you weren't coastal - we will get to you, but we are floating in a sailing boat at the moment!
  11. Make an optional recruitment channel ingame that players who are looking for villages or are recruiting new member's a place to post ingame. Have seen multiple times, person will post recruitment message in freedom chat, then 1 hour later, some other player will ask who is recruiting and no one remembers who made that post.
  13. Thanks to buyers ! LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3k Pumpkins - 100QL - Price: 1,5s 100 Willow Sprouts - 63QL - Price: 2s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Thanks for the Bisons Platyna. I will take good care of them
  15. Or join an alliance of other casual players (with the odd fanatic/hermit dropped in for good measure). Trading with allies/neighbours in a friendly and cooperative way is one of the fun things about building friendships in the game, and we spent many happy hours pottering around doing things with friends. I remember days fishing from ships, or exploring new lands, clearing out mobs or making bricks for a bridge. In an alliance you might find someone else will imp a weapon if you give them a five speed horse or build them a cart/wagon, or they might give you a few cottons if you give them (whatever you like making in the game). Find and do stuff you like doing, and then trade those things with people who hate doing the things you like doing. Remember you are part of a little community where others have other interests, and you can trade eggs for tools or cloth for leather or whatever the case may be.
  16. So i was out exploring today, and happened upon the shroud, saw some names in local and what i saw after made me laugh my ass off, 2020-08-10] [13:41:39] <Silakka> [13:41:16] You slap at the corpse of Cleef. [13:41:24] You slap at the corpse of Factorb.[13:41:27] You slap at the corpse of Josaheni. [2020-08-10] [13:42:45] <Silakka> [13:42:37] You let out heavy curses over the corpse of Shilohvvs. [13:41:56] You spit at the corpse of Jasvinder. [2020-08-10] [13:42:50] <Silakka> i found where all the newbies go [2020-08-10] [13:43:00] <> hahah [2020-08-10] [13:43:03] <Silakka> [13:42:55] You fart on the corpse of Sassyslevin. [13:42:57] You press the corpse of Jinjo close to your chest. Dozens of Newbie corpses, surrounding the deed. the culprit? a couple of wild hyenas that had spawned there due to hots influence + the global spawns, were camping the starter deed. the second a newbie would walk out that gate, even with the newbie aggro range thing, they would be attacked by a hyena, and the deed and tower guards would not help them due to it being a kingdom mob. It's probably my favourite thing ever to have stumbled upon in this game, but it's probably made many newbies quit the game entirely. Shouldn't be spawning on chaos in the first place but hey that's not my call.
  17. 1078,863 Kobold Korner.
  18. Not of the server really, but this one spooked me a second. Templar stood there staring at me. Haven't seen one that close up before. Those eyes...
  19. Great service, I asked for reservation of 8 horses so I could do a one-shot pickup trip and left with 2 more than ordered that in stock. Open to switches, frequent updates. Quick, easy, and convenient service, nice conversation too :3 100% reccomend, prices are fair, docks is very convenient, easiest trip I've made to Xanadu.
  20. Only way to get moonmetals is partcipation in rifts, but with the noob gear, no tanks, no priests, no cotton, no skill etc. it might take a long time for said rift to end. Like I said, my plan was not the be all and end all but the drama surrounding the current situation caused a lot of animosity and anxiety and some people left the game because of the drama. Would hate to see this happen in the future and have a bunch of bad reviews on Steam for what is essentially a really great game.
  21. Dorter @ 961,426 Trader + Mailbox + Wagoner as soon as we connect
  22. Darkken E24 Melody. Darkken is recruiting- I have a large deed, looking to help newer players. This is a temporary recruitment, all players joining can have a small area (tba) they can build a home and farm. You also have the opportunity to earn silver, so you are able to go off on your own which is strongly encouraged, I offer free use of my mine, forges ovens, and lands etc... There are plenty of creatures to either tame, fight, butcher etc.. This will not be a permanent settlement for players, this is for players looking to gain skills, knowledge, and/or silver to start their own deeds. PM Sintress or Cintress in game or leave a message here. I do not provide tools, food, clothing etc.. this is to be made by you. The purpose of this deed is to help you get going on your own. disclaimer: Any buildings, fencing needs be removed or ownership passed to Sintress before leaving.
  23. i kite uniques on foot because its easier to pen that way kiting a unique across a server while dodging every single town on the way because uniques will get blocked by them sounds horrendously inconvenient, removing penning doesn't stop private slaying just makes it harder for people who can't stop what they're doing at a whim to go kill a unique, and endgame gear being locked behind a weekly slap the big mob and wait for rng is just meh. you'll still get plenty of people causing drama because some guy got more rng loot from them due to bad rng/broken system/biased staff altering the system/whatever fun allegation. So far 3 uniques have been spotted in the new servers, the locations have been called out on freedom chat many times and nobodys penned them, perhaps take the initiate and pen them so you can host a public slaying if thats what you fancy? doesn't take much more than a shaker and a suicide alt with a tent to pen a unique dominating the rift market with unique loot doesn't make much sense because you just need to target a mob in melee before it dies for a point, you can very easily get 100+ points on a new character, hell you can just afk in the area and mine the rift nodes after it ends too
  24. I dont care what happens to the new servers long as they are never connected, all that really matters. Always fresh steam faces to annoy poopsocker vets who wouldn't know the first thing about deed design.
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