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  4. Still for sale. 35s for 35e 1 to 1
  5. I'd rather only have people in the chaos kingdom be able to wear their tabards on other freedom servers. Not something that can be sold and used by someone not in the alliance.
  7. SO MUCH TO DO. *dies*
  8. A PERFECT way to get in the mood for working on those upcoming WU preset maps (as well as the random map generator to automatically create new proc-gen maps in the WU launcher itself...) *sends a second bottle of rum over to help the process... as well as a few limes to get that festive mood flowing* PS: tell whoever worked on the clothing/armor dying, that i said 'THANKS!' -- Wurm Spring Fashion Week has finally happened!
  9. Sure thing, I'll work on that. The problem is my character isn't premium at the moment so when I upload the skill dump it just shows the non-premium numbers. edit: nvm I figured it out
  10. While I do like this idea... and would love using it... I would not want to write it. At least not in a way that plays nice with the server. I'll be over in the corner with a fresh bottle of rum now. Thanks.
  11. You should make a Niarja post of your skills. It's really hard to get a look on pastebin, and im also rather confused as to which skill im supposed to be reading? 30Body strength? or 41 body strength? Get a niarja it takes u 5 minutes.
  12. on it, will be on there way soon
  13. Yesterday
  14. Howdy! I'm looking for a price check or offers on my account. I've had this account for 9ish years but played fairly casually. It is a male character named Balack , currently located on the Independence server of Freedom Isles. Here are some of the skill highlights: Digging: 85 Carpentry: 83 Blacksmithing: 75 Masonry: 75 Mining: 62 Woodcutting: 60 Chain armor smithing: 54 Shipbuilding: 52 Farming: 50 Includes: 50ql Cog 17 Sleep Powders 2 Spyglasses Personal Merchant Contract 10th Anniversary Knapsack (tin, 93ql) Everything else listed in this picture: (Edit: Ignore the time above, I put a month of time on the account) [19:55:25] You have premium time until 23 May 2018 00:50:10 GMT No deed. Path of Insanity - Level 6 "Mental" I'm currently only looking for verified PayPal only. Not sure if I need a buyout listed but I'd say 50e or best offer. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  15. @Alec and I used to spar with frying pans.
  16. This guy is talking crazy
  17. best part is you cant even get grape seedlings anymore. only grape sprouts now
  18. You know, like, actually going offdeed when you wanna PVP? And not just logging in 3 priest accouns and locating a guy 2000 tiles away to see if he's ofdeed or not? I've had it happen to me 3 times now in the last 2 months that people found me offdeed from the other side of the map just locating, locating me with 0 risk involved in getting that information, 0 things i could do to stop it.
  19. But how will I find you to kill you then? You mean I will actually have to go out there and do effort finding you?
  20. They Do. Would you be willing to portal to Epic and mail? I'd take total of 4 to make it worth your time.
  21. Expired prem? Relog, your skills will be shown as you were prem... f1-console -> "dump skills", upload your latest skill dump.
  22. Gratz!
  23. CoD supreme horse shoe to Jakeii pls.
  24. What a wonderful vehicle to be added to a boat collector's collection. Free bump!
  25. Wish you best of luck! You can start from repairing fences in my perimeter
  26. Congratulations, that is truly an accomplishment!
  27. I'd say it's inexpensive, sure. I probably wouldn't be into a cheap game. . I've payed far more for minutes of pleasure lol.
  28. And locate spell please
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