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  2. Even tho a single buyer is prefered, partial sells can be done.
  3. +1, especially that we can butcher human corpses anyway
  4. Seperatery please Fantastic
  5. [01:13:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. cod human skull shoulders to smokes
  7. 2 x Rift Woods ql 50 to Karkas pls.
  8. Just wondering how much my character could be worth, Protector of the Path of Love (9) Premium ends this month so it's not a factor.
  9. Today
  10. Feel free to whisper offers if you don't like the prices you see. Here I have for sale a White Drake Hide set for sale: Asking 90s __________________________________________ Other things for sale -10s - 10s - 6s - 7s +5% EXP Rune - 7s - 7s 10% QL Rune - 7s - 5s - 5s 10% Usage Speed Rune - 7s 10% QL Rune - 7s - 8s - 3s Nogump Statue - 7s (pickup only) RARE Large Cart QL 90, 4dmg - 8s (pickup only) Full Almanac, QL 99+ reports: 3s _______________________________________________ Gems: 44,576 QL - 33i per QL
  11. Checkbox if anything. Many WU servers are public and with lots of breeders.
  12. Don't most new players not even make it threw the tutorial. I just don't see lowering the price as a means of suddenly drawing in new players.
  13. Supreme Hatchet and Picnic Basket Sold
  14. While Wurm Online may need the breeding changes to make miscarriages and pregnant animals die more often, WU shouldn't have that limitation. My wife and I play on a server with one other person and we have animals die or miscarriage way too often to be logical. Please take this unnecessary code out for WU, or at least make it a checkbox for server admins to select if they like.
  15. Wasn't there another skill supposed to be coming out?
  16. how much
  17. As title says, I will now be accepting offers on my character Rudie. Dump: Additional information: 1. [[12:33:02] Rudie has played 695 days, 15 hours and 34 minutes and received 0 warnings. Rudie has never been warned before. 2. Affinities - 90+ 3. Tomes - No tomes 4. Meditation path - Gone of the path of insanity 5. Faith - 70 - Smeagain 6. Titles: Lots... but has Warlord Account will be sold naked with a sailboat on Exodus. Please send forum PMs with an offer. Don't ask me how much. Kil
  18. Sent, enjoy! Sorry for the delay
  19. Decided to take it, mailed it to treadwell, enjoy
  20. Within a few days time The Crusaders plan to set up a merchant at the most frequented market on Xanadu, Glasshollow Market. This post will be updated once the merchants have been placed. If you have questions please don't hestitate to pm @Rudie, @Mclavin or @Egard We plan to place 2 Merchants, one with HOTA Statues and one with Kingdom merchandise(Flags and Banners). Tents will not be sold from this location and instead will be mailed directly from Chaos without a lock. Wagons will be made on Chaos and delivered to a coastal location for free unless it is Xanadu at which a cost of 1 Silver will be applied to your final order. Flags, Tall Banners and Banners can be made on demand and can be delivered to you if you buy a Wagon. No discounts will apply to any order. Statues prices will be as follows: Dragon - 28s Lady - 18s Stag - 10s Everything else will be 5s Flags - 1s each Tall Banners - 1.75s each Banners - 1s each Military Tent - 5s Wagon - 11s
  21. A friend in my alliance and I were talking about putting one on the lower floor and the other on top of the jutting chimney. So what if there was a modification for plain walls (not doors, windows, ect) Where you could build a chimney using bricks that allow for forges/ovens/smelters to be secured into them. Keeping the quality/rarities of the heating container but removing the unsightly chimney through the floor.
  22. I won't comment on the cost or price point because yea. Most know that won't change. But I will say that I am one of those that would buy something from a cash shop to make my char/deed/dog look different. Or perhaps to have a pet to run around my house/deed that isn't something you would find in the normal world. I do not think any of that makes it a pay to win.
  23. Ah well. I'm glad to hear. It was a pleasure knowing you Ayuna! Don't be a stranger!
  24. +1 for more options for looking different or unique! I'd love to be able to pay to submit art for my own tabard and flags without having to go through creating a kingdom on Chaos. The same for colossi and animals. Players could submit designs for new animals'/animal conditions or colossi and buy an unfinished colossus of the new design or a once-off spawn of an animal/condition that can be bred but possibly not used in pvp. Even different animal colours could be cool if adding animals would be too difficult, and if players submitted the designs, it would involve minimal work for the devs implementing them. A similar thing could be done with clothes and tapestries. The options are virtually endless. I'd certainly be spending a lot more money in the Wurm shop if some of these options were available. I'd also love for my deed upkeep to cost less, if we're looking at reducing costs. Because of the animal ratio, my deed has to be huge. Perhaps there could be a discount in upkeep for deeds over 5k tiles? That may encourage old players with large deeds to stay rather than disappear, as so many do.
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