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  2. Made a post on Steam with similar thoughts - compared abandoned WU with Skyrim (a game I still love to play, since there are so many mod options that keep an 8 year old game alive and interesting.) And if I read the latest news correctly, it seems they liked your suggestion of making Ago's mod loader a part of the basic game package. As a non-coder who always needs to go back and find the "instructions for dummies" every time I dive into WU after a few months of doing something else, that is one less impediment. And it you are actually planning on updating it, which will they include?
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  4. Real life must always come first but Wurm can come a close second. Good luck and haste ye back.
  5. Good luck! Wurm is Waiting.
  6. I take an unplanned absence for a short time and I come back to drunk champ trolls laying in my yard.
  7. Reported by multiple players, hell hounds do not appear to be making their usual sound effects when hurt in battle, and may be missing other combat sounds as well.
  8. I would be happy with even a row of hooks that could display what you had hanging from them on the wall.
  9. Oh, you was at Xanadu C15 few weeks ago... That's right next to my old deed on Xanadu, "Nowe Wszczniesz". RIP 2014-2017 @Malajane @Akkadyjczyk
  10. I got a bit distracted from the mountain top highway by my deep need to put 90QL steel doors on every possible entrance now i'm allowed to. Looks neat though
  11. I see something like that as well (rowboat), event messages just now: [23:26:26] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:26:26] The "Margot" is currently moored and won't move. [23:26:29] You start to raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:38] You raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:39] You leave the "Margot". Took multiple attempts until it let me use the boat, event messages: [23:28:17] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:19] You leave the "Margot". [23:28:50] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:54] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:38] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:40] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:42] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:44] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:55] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain.
  12. Take care lad. We're here for you, whenever you return. Hope all is well and you return to us when you're able.
  13. (My apologies if this idea has been brought up frequently - I haven't used the forums here in a long time!) I've had some furniture ideas sitting around in my head for a long time, and after seeing the fine carpentry items and the addition of the improved cooking system, I feel like these sort of things would fit in perfectly with the game! Frying pans, cauldrons, and all sorts of other cooking utensils have been sitting in my oven and inventory for years now. Maybe there are better storage methods available and I just wasn't aware, but what I think would be a cute and highly functional item to add would be a... Kitchen cupboard! Nice and easy addition. In terms of 3D models, all you'd really have to do is alter the Alchemist's cupboard slightly. This Ranch Hutch from Animal Crossing would be a nice reference to work with. Cooking-related tools and containers stored in it would receive significantly less damage over time, plus it would look nice next to our larders While I was thinking of this, something came to mind that would open up a world of possibilities in terms of house/deed customization. I've seen mentions of being able to hang items from the ceiling, but what about wall fixtures? So many decorative and storage options would become available through this. Light fixtures of varying complexity (ranging anywhere from a simple iron sconce that can hold like one candle to hanging golden candelabras/something like this); simple, short and long wooden and metal shelves; shelving that can hold specialty items such as pans (1, 2 (spice jars that allow herbs and spices to retain their fresh status for longer would be neat)), functional and decorative sword/bow/other weapon displays, more tapestry display options; wall-mounted feeders for cattle and horses; the list goes on. Just imagine a cave deed dotted with little lights attached to the walls, or beautiful fixtures for your master bedroom? I think something like that would be a lovely addition. Being able to put little pottery or marble planters on shelves would be super cute too. As free-standing options of many of these already exist, it would make sense for most of these to be available past, say, 30 or higher skill in fine carpentry. An exception to this could be short/long wooden shelving and basic sconces, for example. What do you guys think?
  14. I don't really want to, but I am taking a break from Wurm because RL attacked. I'm not sure how long I will be gone, but it will most likely be measured in months or more. I've really enjoyed every aspect of Wurm. The players ( even the GL Trolls ), the game itself, being a CA ( even for as short of a time as I was one ), even dropping random stuff off at deeds because they gave me unload permissions... all of it. I hope I was able to help people in my short tenure as a CA, bring a smile to someone or make them chuckle with my stupid jokes and image/video links or even help someone outside of being a CA - be it with a project, a random question in GL or Freedom, a desperately needed item or even just a conversation. Sorry, this is getting depressing. To keep it from ending on a depressing note, I'll post my last bit of graffiti on @PandyLynn's deed. I hope you all like it and Pandy, I hope you love them and cherish them PS: The screenshot does not give their color any credit at all. They are a truly blinding pink even without snow on the ground.
  15. Ha, Jolly Porkies, my deed was in the video as well (after 2:50:00) and you were really lovely about it, thanks for that!
  16. WO Steam Discussion

    No.. Roads built on such terrain will also get messed up that way.. or places where you level things to make a forest or flat hunting ground or w/e of that sort. Solution? Put a checkbox.. in deed settings... if a deed drops.. it leaves at place of token a monument of some sort.. which can not be taken or moved.. but could be removed by deeding over it, that way if somebody likes the state and shape of the terrain - they could reuse it..; this monument.. could have a range of 1-90 days set by the last deed's owner.. when to terraform the land and flatten the ground where last deed there was formed(coordinates and deed size is in db, kept for archaeology anyway; perimeter size could be taken also into account for lighter flattening of the terrain if needed)... * not exactly polished.. but clears up the core idea.. how to keep things clean after a deed drops and not mess everything up in the world; whether this have soil in a sandbox.. I wouldn't mind it to be a thing
  17. Really? you got the answer in your own post in the map topic: Anyway, since no-one bothered to look beyond the tip of their nose, I've decided to check if / when Crazydad was online, noticed it wasn't very recently and send him a PM. It's easy if you do some research. Thorin
  18. Xanadu map problems

    Whoever "we" is might consider to send such a message through whatever channel. I know the playernames who did the updates, but do not how to contact them. I have not seen any of them for a long time. So sending a PM over forums seems a vain attempt to me, and ingame no way.
  19. could we also be able to attach the mooring anchor to a slot on boats that allow the option to raise or moor without the anchor going into our pockets and weighing us down (QL of life addition with the sails furling) P.S. we need a tricorn "Pirate" hat lol
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