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  2. Ehizellbob, you win. pm me details on who to send it to.
  3. Heya ! Could you please do the following changes on Syhl Island ? - Feralwind Village renamed to Selena - Paul settlement created on volcano Thank youuu
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  5. Order complete. All blacksmithing tools imp to 80ql. Grooming brush 52coc = 30c Butchering knife 68coc = 75c Carving knife 92coc = 2.8s File 65coc/80ql = 70c + 90c = 160c Hammer 82coc/80ql = 1.6s + 90c = 250c Hatchet 76woa/80ql = 1.2s + 90c = 210c Knife 68woa/80ql = 80c + 90c = 170c Leather knife 58coc/80ql = 50c + 90c = 140c Mallet 71coc = 90c Sickle 86coc = 2.3s ======================================= Total: 1635c, discount: 245c (15%) ======================================= Result: 13s 90c
  6. My civic duty awaits, count me in!
  7. Hello all Looking to Sell 100x Sleep Powder as a Bundle for 1.7g Pickup will be at Cad H24/H25 Message me in Game : Zanzooz Or Leave me a Comment here and i will get back to you. Thanks
  8. Hello, this has sadness me the most in this game; right after taming a unicorn, I was not be able to equip my unicorn with a mount barding. Please give some love to Animal Taming thanks.
  9. Hello, we have confirmed ownership, reset, and emailed you the new password to the account and updated your ingame ticket to reflect the status of the case.
  10. ... and whilst out doing a final touch up survey for today's Albia Map Update, i got diseased far from home and so did one of my horses. This is really getting bad, horses and ppl on large carts traveling or even parked by the side of the road to take an RL bathroom break never used to get sick to the extent it is happening in the past two months. This needs to be rolled back to old getting sick rules that have been in use since wagon came in many years ago. Thank you for taking my report. Cheers, Hughmongus
  11. Northern Silver for Southern Silver or items. I have up to 22s on the northern cluster to trade.
  12. [14:30:17] <Neimo> eh i would join hota but i have work tomorrow and a date with an escort in about 5minutes
  13. This bug has been resolved via ingame ticket.
  14. Leather Saddle not showing the empty saddle bags slot. There was a stack of 10 leather saddle and only 1 of them did not have the empty bag slot.
  15. y'know, I might turn up and maybe, kinda mix some sorta bloods, or something. whatever.
  16. MCR tribute stream inbound
  17. Wow.. am I in highschool again!? This should be super fun. RAWR XD
  18. Works of art! As always!
  19. You have outdone yourself yet again Stan! Will be there!!!
  20. When I was a young hunter My bull took me into the steppe To see a black dragon He said, "Son, when you show up Would you be the stabber of the dragon At 7pm UTC Sunday?" He said, "Will you defeat them? For scale, and potions of carpentry That's planned to be rolled off?" "Because one day, I'll get there early To lead you in the cave To kill the black dragon" We're on the map! X17, Y31 Dress code is emo/goth (pastel/neon goth is both legitimate and allowed) Fabricant is challenged with getting MCR Midis Get there early because I only wait if a GM tells me of crossing issues. Light breezes cannot and will not stop me
  21. Topiary would be a very nice new deco option. As would a hedge arc with the option to put a low iron garden gate in it.
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