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  2. I edited the title of your report to reflect the new issue of having to relog to see the proper karma/scenario points. The bug is on the books.
  3. Confirmed! Just cooked a pizza, all used ingredients i chopped in my inventory (they were not fresh), i got 7h buff from a ql 50.71, 10.60kg pizza. Test to see if all fsbs are bugged or just some is pending, I will create a new fsb, chop the things and put them into the fsb before cooking, see what i get. Now, if a gm would acknowledge the buff and try to fix it, that would be great
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  5. Pandylynn in her Purple Plate and Helm
  6. Need moaaar!
  7. Shouldn't push trees back.
  8. It's a timing thing, it does happen even in vanilla without serverpacks, but serverpacks does an extra reload after the packs are loaded which makes it more likely to happen to some people. I don't think there's any known fix for it yet. The best thing would be if we could download and activate packs for the server before you enter the world, but it's not really possible with the current infrastructure.
  9. Not at the moment but i'll see what can be done about it.
  10. They were mailed 0dmg, stuck in the chest, never pulled out again. Chest has been on the ground ondeed for almost 2 years, never picked up.
  11. above is my console, this happened approximately 3 seconds from logging in and happens probably 30% of the time that I login, other times it happens randomly my windows_2560x1421.txt is 220kb not sure if this matters or not (im running windowed) if I run windowed and maximize the game locks up near instantaneously client just hangs and like white screens out until i click X enough times for it to crash pls halp, anymore information needed let me know! edit: i think this is related to running windowed mode
  12. bump, willing to trade for strongwall services too, read first post for details
  13. I agree. That's the next part of making wurm so easy. Build something once, and do with it whatever you want forever. Back then, game required from us way more thinking, planning, working. Now something goes wrong, and you can write to devs and "fix the game". If there was new feature, every interested person would start working on new stuff. Now even that's too much for them.
  14. -1 This is Wurm, we want it like that.
  15. @Ohana: as I said, I know about that part. What has changed recently is that chopped ingredients out of FSB ruin the affinity timer. Until recently stored chopped ingredients worked fine. Something has changed.
  16. Also -1 It's a wurm specific thing
  17. -1
  18. Yes a known issue, well .. this glitch has been in place a long time. My thread ... I recently posted videos to document the effect. I really had no idea your above ground horse could actually be attacked or cooked at a lava tile. Dang. Sorry to hear you lost your horse. I will have to be spectially careful to get my horses re attached to my underground carts and such. Don't want dead animals. Thanks your thread.
  19. No LT?
  20. Great Idea!
  21. Big -1. One of the best things in wurm, and first you have to learn in game is to figure out map and compass. That's the part of Wurm's life. Stop making this game easier, and easier.
  22. -1 having to figure your position on map is one of those things that makes wurm wurm. Removing that will ruin so much immersion. I enjoy the challenge of having to find my way while i was a noob. Cartography as a skill and craftable maps like the ones on forum with settlements and roads would be interesting though
  23. It was changed from Mermaid to Milkmaid when I won the cow hat (troll king crown) like over a year ago.
  24. Does anyone have a workaround for the behavior where you fall down to the ground level when logging in, if you logged off from the second story or above? The behavior goes away when I disable serverPacks on either the server or the client. I suspect the same issue is what causes me to get dumped from my boat when crossing server boundaries.
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