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  2. That thread about cats!

    Kitty gives no cares about that thing called gravity.
  3. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    They moved the Goblin Leader slaying to today, on Liberty @8:00pm UTC.
  4. BOTD Tools and Custom Paaweelr Enchants

    metal brush, BOTD91: 95c to seajay Thx!
  5. WTS 3 Gold

    1s = 1€ Post here or PM Must have verified PayPal and references Thanks!
  6. Today
  7. Valrei International. 060

    I have that goal, doesnt even try to fullfill that. I hope that also those missions, like: defeat another player using a knife, defeat another player using a crush weapon. When are in PVE i cant defeat anyone.
  8. Seller beware: Made a PayPal dispute and claimed back the money for drake hide.

  9. Reinforce Cave Floors With Strongwall

    has anyone made a mod for this on WU?
  10. Red Dragon Scale Armour set

    Red scale set for sale, Rare chest piece, aura of shared pain on chest and pants. Pm with offers and info 280e/obo cheers
  11. Some random stuff with 100+ enchants

    [14:59:43] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  12. Affinity Lockup

    The event log also scrolled up since I was foraging and botanizing around me a bit before I noticed it.
  13. Wts /PC High-end crafter, caravel, bulk, enchanted tools

    Hey Chemiq, Missed you when you came online and I couldn't find this account sale post. Please PM me or drop by the deed if you are still looking to sell. Thanks. - Thal.
  14. Affinity Lockup

    I'm sure, I ate my woodcutting affinity meal about half an hour earlier back on deed. (Earlier than this glitch.)
  15. Great feature! Much needed within all of WO. =Ayes=
  16. Affinity Lockup

    There is no corresponding message in the event tab. Are you sure that wasn’t a food based affinity?
  17. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Very interesting to see/read about when you all started Wurm. I can actually remember my first hour or so in the game when I tried to run up mountain slopes in GV and shortly came stumbling back down to the bottom when running out of stamina. It was quite puzzling to me as to how anyone could get up these mountainsides. Then about a hour later I got so lost in the woods due to no compass *map* that I just left Ayes abandoned somewhere unknown and started another character. Then about a week later when I could understand directions a bit more I started playing Ayes as my main character once again. =Ayes=
  18. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Geeze, you mathmetologists! Always my worst subject in school, so very long ago. I find it more than sufficient that others can understand these quantifanatical fantasmorgisms and align them into somewhat of an applicable basis to make the game function in a playable manner without myself needing the least understanding nor interest in deciphering the pure yet somewhat unpredictable results. 2+2 will do for a few, where less equals nevermore (quoth the raven). =Ayes=
  19. WTS Moon Metals

    QL98 Seryll lump - 2.5s if accepted, COD to Finndar
  20. Reinforce Cave Floors With Strongwall

    +1 if you can reinforce walls with strongwall, why not reinforce floors the same way, just need choice of fill tile or reinforce, not difficult code to implement
  21. Affinity Lockup

    I was chopping trees and the words scrolled onscreen about possibly getting a woodcutting affinity, but the skill tab didn't pop up and I didn't get an asterisk. The words also stayed on the screen... I restarted the client and still do not have the affinity. I may be misinterpreting the words- they aren't a common message.
  22. Wts account

    Looking for few more offers
  23. title for 100 prospecting

    Wow, great effort! We'll do our usual checks to make sure you're the first, but you get to choose the title if you are!
  24. Valrei International. 060

    Our url shortener host is likely having issues use
  25. WTS Moon Metals

    Make offers please. Please note I am busy running a new pub business in the real world, so my responses may not be quick, have patience
  26. WTS Starter Character

    A nice starter toon, self sufficient, but a blank canvas for you to create the character you want. No warnings, no premium time, 10 hours sleep bonus. Low ql studded leather, sword and shield. Inventory Make me an offer. Please note I am busy running a new pub business in the real world, so my responses may not be quick, have patience
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