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  2. I am trying to connect to game by Steam, however nothing happens. I just see "Connecting to server...." after click "Play" on launcher. I've tryed re-open client and restart Steam and computer. Also I've login on server yesterday. Please help
  3. Shouldn't cost any money. I suspect windows update gave you a driver that is not any good for OpenGL games (Microsoft does that sometimes, they instead give drivers that focus on directX games but do not offer as good of support for OpenGL games like Wurm. I would download a driver direct from intel: I'd probably try the auto update option; if you are having issues maybe post here your exact computer model or let us know if you are not sure of the model or need any help. Also whether this is a desktop or a laptop (a few laptops are fussy about letting you install direct from intel). If it is a desktop, and you could afford something very super cheap like a $25 secondhand Nvidia GT1030, it would probably run Wurm better than the Intel chipset, but i can understand if that is not really an option. Upgrading a videocard is one of the easiest hardware things you can do, and there are a lot of video walkthroughs on it. I believe just changing the driver (but NOT using windows update!) might fix it if the problem did not exist before. Which won't cost you even a penny.
  4. Hi Marty, I have pm'd you. Cheers, Baloo
  5. Already salty water in it and fill from ocean.
  6. Yeah, there is a stupid amount of material in them.
  7. Did the barrel already have some water in it? Not sure whether this is the same issue or not, it has the same error ("You wouldn't be able to carry the weight of the water.") but they said was the incorrect error message for the issue (mixing salty + fresh water) , as carry weight was not a problem
  8. I dont see why rifts would work any different than on the other servers. If they do update rifts, it's going to be the same for the other servers too The reason they aren't in yet is to give people more chance to prepare and settle down.
  9. Check the journal Work towards 21 body strength to bash stuff, then 23 to load things, as well as 21 body control to ride a horse then start hunting and raise your fighting skills. Rifts will start appearing soon (i hope) and uniques will start being killed. Maybe start working on connecting your deed to the start town with a highway?
  10. WU people arguing about it back in 2016 thread about it in 2012
  11. Selling Rare Scythe (steel 25ql) Server (Melody) [12:38:29] A long pole with a half meter long sharp blade, used for cutting grass or harvesting crops. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. You need to temper the scythe by dipping it in water while it's hot. Starting Bid 5s.... Increments: 1s
  12. On the deed, it is obvious you don't need templars to keep the lamps lit. On Wurmpedia it is written: There is nothing about on-deed lamps requiring a spirit templar to stay lit. But I think it is off-topic and should be made into a separate thread.
  13. just notice I could not fill a small barrel full from ocean. [12:36:20] You wouldn't be able to carry the weight of the water. Only carrying 83.17 total with a body strength of 23.641991. Barrel fill 44.89.
  14. you dont need to pay for a templar to find out that you dont need templars, all you need to do is snuff a lamp you just made,plant it on deed anywhere, fuel it with tar once and light, it will work forever and turn itself on at night and off during the day. no templars, no oil and no barrels.
  15. Rosewood Grove is at about "1060, 845"
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  17. Yeah, this is really annoying.
  18. @TpikolI am not a staff member and I have an editor account, and I am doing many experiments, also very expensive ones (e.g. it cost me around 25s to check how does rarity affect range pole and dioptra), and players do supply data (such as recent transfer to lumps). I have this templar issue on my run queue, but I first wished to check if it is entirely true or only in part - to place some lamps that is not blessed and not on pavement. Unfortunately I don't have that much olive oil plus templars are expensive. Players that do not have the rw access report their findings and corrections on this forum, and they seem to be handled pretty quick.
  19. well, it's easy to search the patch notes for pages you're editing to put in new features/mechanic changes Seeing as the WU code was just a sub-branch of the WO code , nearly every single thing is the exact same between the two, and you can assume if its in WU that unless it's been changed since the last patch it's the same in WO. In all my years of reading WU code and testing the info in WO i've only found a few differences, mostly to do with uniques. The devs should really be working with the wurmpedia team and giving them info directly anyway, wurmpedia is a mess of outdated info. I really can't see why some guys "i think it works like this but i haven't really tested it" from 10 years ago is more valid than the code of the game that the creator has said is the exact same code.
  20. the wiki has problems, but they have nothing to do with WU data, the problem is that moving from any player that applied being able to have a wiki account to only staff members dedicated to editing the wiki doing it, drove away most of the editors who seems to edit things based on data and experience and left us with people who just read changelogs and add things based on that. the are things on the wiki right now that are proven to be inacurate or that everybody who played when they were added knows they are false and have always been false, but stay there forever. the easiest example is "needing a templar and an oil barrel with oil in it to keep ondeed lamps on" which was true once 7 or 8 years ago for a couple of hours, because people complained so much they reversed it the same day they added it.but even CA´s still quote it as true, because its still on the wiki.
  21. I don't know if my voice is of any importance or use, but I am not in favour of this idea "until proven inaccurate". There is a wise rule: ei incumbit probation qui dicit, non ei qui negat - (one has to prove who says not one who doubts) - so-called onus probandi - burden of proof, which would be shifted to those who doubt not those who said. On the other hand there is a similarity between WO and WU, which can be useful in discovering more aspects of WO. The solution that comes on my mind is to provide an additional namespace for experiments (Experiment:), where the information and experiment data would be published (something like Materials and Methods in scientific publications) and these articles could be linked. This article: should be a first one to be moved to the new namespace, I really enjoyed reading it. Scientific method is currently the best one to gain and work with knowledge about the world, I think it could be applied (to some extent) to the game knowledge base.
  22. idk, I thought WU hasn't been updated for about a year now so there's going to be alot of differences with all the hotfixes and updates WO has
  23. Did you check out the journal? It can be helpsome if you lack goals to reach. I often set my own goals, like hitting the next title in a skill for example.
  24. This is on the new servers and i the mag priest am no where near that point yet of being able to get rid of it like that
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