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  2. Welp, as much as decaying power make sense on an economical level (like decaying enchants ). The fact nothing was said anywhere about runes decaying or the impossibility to see the power directly (mailbox thingy appart) is another exemple of poor communication about added feature. Many people paid a fortune to have their runes created / crafted / attached and it will most likely be the first case of many runes disappearing... inb4 the classical rage threads. It would be great to have an official word about it (knowing the staffers asked thought it was a bug) and either have it removed... or have the value directly visible allowing the rune to be replaced in time.
  3. This is also my concern. If you want KoS to work on the deed, as it stands, you need to stop the highway 2 tiles into your perimeter. This will leave anywhere from 3 tiles, to many more (if you have a big perimeter), that would be unprotected. Maybe what could happen, if your deed is a terminus, then KoS still works even if the highway goes all the way up. Then, just implement a warning feature while in perimeter, and the problem should be solved.
  4. Lots going on every day! New Custom Creature for august is : Great White Shark New Ruins for August include a Ancient Underground village and a Pirate Shipwreck! Come see us today!
  5. What's wrong with typing "/random 2" in any chat window? Okay, does not flip a coin, but result is pretty much the same.
  6. comes with some tools, compass, a weapon, shield toolbelt, and 71ql sailboat but don't have any armour for the account and [13:25:20] You have premium time until 22 Aug 2017 19:25:19 GMT I believe its lvl 9 in the path of insanity
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  8. I hope new server on epic locks you at 30 body str max when on starting islands, so you move to ele. Any person going back to starter island, is nerfed down to 30 body again, that way the pvp is atleast fair for newer players.
  9. The response when we defeat our enemy
  10. July 17 2017: Added Concrete, and Fence bars spells. Removed all treasure chests from the world and restarted there spawning there will be no more than 513 in the world at a time. July 26 2017: Restructured craftable HoTA statues, now requires a glowing hot lump of 6.4kg, on a large anvil, you can change the type by right clicking an un-planted one on the ground with a hammer. These are normal HoTA statues. They can be painted and lit. HoTA statues will not show in the crafting window. Old HoTA statues can no longer be crafted.
  11. So all runes start at 50 and lose power over time?
  12. if you mail it the reciever can see it.
  13. Good point Reylaark. Might already be in the works with the new UI.
  14. Have to agree that there isn't much value in just shutting down Epic servers at the moment. I would imagine the cost of upkeep for CCAB is nominal in the grander scheme of things. Also agree there's a market for more challenging PvE environments. Some of the WU servers that provide that are doing well for themselves. Having the Epic timers and curve, a pve environment providing adventures worthy of being "epic," and the chance to just enjoy time in Wurm without worrying about everything being destroyed when too tired to do much else may well be attractive. Particularly to people who already have premium accounts on the Freedom side of things. Having PvE servers included in Epic may not provide more deeds to drain/destroy while the owners are offline, but it may provide more people willing to join the fighting on the central PvP servers when they are online. The PvE servers can also have limitations that differentiate them from Freedom servers, such as deeds of limited size, vastly increased space between deeds, etc. That would ensure a lot of wild areas to keep the creature spawn up, and distributed. Food for thought may be PvP anywhere outside deeds, but safe deeds themselves (on Epic-style PvE servers). Not sure how fond I am of that personally, but it does have benefits. Just something to think about. Even Valhalla(the actual one, not the wurm one ), arguably the most bad-arsed place reserved for the most bad-arsed warriors, has a PvE environment full of mead, meat off the bone, and Valkyries to retire to after the daily carnage. There's no shame in providing that on Epic, I think.
  15. Maybe add more details about the account. 1. What comes with it 2. Premium time? 3. What path level 4. Boat? Etc Etc.
  16. Anything tabletop gets a +1 from me!
  17. Ooooooooooooh please tell me this is not intended. I don't remember reading that runes will decay.
  18. when runes are added to an item they are added as an enchant with a power of 50 and still treated as any other enchant, meaning they have a chance to decay every 5 seconds of a timer. while you can not actually see the rune power, if it is hit by an enchant decay tick 50 times it is gone. and note that the likelihood of an enchant decay is based on the cast power, so the more it drops the more likely it becomes to drop further. so unless it was intended differently, its working fine.
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  20. Some deeds could require weapons being sheathed with perhaps settings optional for warnings or outright attack from guards. Though cannot see that being an issue except for deeds of a more liberal stance towards various kingdoms doing business in their domain. Sheathed weapon could have a slightly longer delay in attacking. Personally sheathes, scabbards, bandoliers, belts, etc work well as extra hotkeys or slots.
  21. Thanks for your report. I'll add it as an issue and await specific information from an GM/dev investigation.
  22. Mmm risqué deck of cards... Heck lets have tabletop roleplaying games in the game!
  23. Told you boiz, we will put 5s in a pot in game and load up table top simulator. 2nd prize = money back 1st the rest of pot. Let's gooo
  24. I had a rune on my pickaxe and while I was using it, it disappeared. I noticed right away because I was mining iron and getting 87.15 ql and then that changed and I was only getting 83 ql, I checked my pickaxe and the rune was gone off of it. I have been told this is a bug and not supposed to happen. Type of rune was : A single bronze rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (5%) and increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (5%) Also my pickaxe has two casts on it woa at 82 and coc at 62 both of which have dropped 2 points, they are now 80 and 60.
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