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  2. Priest overhaul testing

    This, I mean if you want to play a priest and do some hunting or participate at a rift you are limited extremely by being tied to an altar or sucking back gems by the bucketful. If there was a better passive regeneration rate and another option that does not involve a FSB parked next to an altar, then more people would be able to play a priest as a main and enjoy another aspect of the game which is currently limited to extreme's, this is why only 3 or so players in all of wurm play a priest as a main on freedom.
  3. Need a place to settle

    I also have room in my village on Pristine. Its coastal and has 4 other players besides me. We have resource tiles right in the village and located just a few mins from a full desert of mobs. Pristine is mostly desert and Steepe so LOTS of good Fighting Skill and Mobs. Name is Devorn ingame.
  4. yep thats what is happening to me on Exo, is it just Exo or is it happening on all servers?
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Being a priest is expensive and can be very irritating. Dispel is still a mess, idk if they're saving that for last for surprises or just not doing anything about it at all. Sacrificing is still a jerk cause it takes so long and you can't cast while sacrificing at the same time. Those two complaints are still my main complaints, I've kinda let go of the whole "Let deity's do all labour task" thing, I just want to see channelling be more fun and intuitive. And god awful shattering. And by devs vision I just mostly mean't what they seem to be focusing on, and improving these areas are not part of it at all so far. And is a vague one.
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    what is this vision the dev's have, they are fairly vague about it, its almost as if the vision goes off in random directions I just want to see priests made fun to play, as of right now the only use is for pvp or cranking out item enchants, real utility and that is it.
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    I forgot I called Smeagain trash haha! I removed that when I saw it this morning, I wrote that late at night and was tired, which explains the strange sentence errors throughout it. I changed Smeags log a bit. Also @JakeRiversAlchemy bonus and chopping bonus is great for farmers, but I would like to see favour regen doubled at least, but it's just not happening knowing the devs vision, maybe some sort of mana system for attack/heal spells. And third... I also noticed Tosiek is like, the best channelling grinding deity, 10% skill bonus paired with Morning fog, ward, LITD You get 10 diff than 20 diff, than 30 diff (jewellery protection spell) than 50 than 60, it really holds your hand. Plus best of all, alchemy sacrifice.
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  9. [RELEASED] Live Map

    With this version, it no longer shows the QL of the unmined rock tiles. Need those back, please!
  10. Need a place to settle

    Hi there, what sort of things do you have in mind for an ideal settlement? Space needs? What sort of crafting do you like to do? Do you farm? ...etc. I may have a spot for you. Right now now there are three of us at Hill’s End on Celebration and the alliance is pretty active. PM me if you’re interested.
  11. Hi, I`m new to Wurm Online and need a place to settle, have been playing Wurm Unlimited but most servers in there seem so dead. Is there any1 who could take in a new active player? Looking for a active community.
  12. Like said in the title: Currently archaeology tokens have a list of information that becomes invisible upon server crossing much like reports become unreadable. While I understand the reports are dynamic for a reason, the tokens do not need to be. Please embed the deed founder, last mayor, disband date and inhabited time into the tokens examine permanently and not server bound, so that it may be possible to create a collection of tokens across servers.
  13. New Server Hunting Only

    5/7 best suggestion all year
  14. To move into Xanadu -- Comments and Concerns

    You will find coastal area that need some touch up. Highway access usally has neighbors but sometimes you can get lucky and leach into one easy. If you plan on exploring, just make a min sized deed with a alt, then go explore with your boat or wagon. I am doing something like that myself on xan but mainly gathering / planting trees. Try the mid west or south, I noticed you can find a ok spot with a good 20 min sail from border. I did hear of a couple gaining resources to sail the whole way around xan with a few stops on there way. The lag you begin to get use to, theres a really nice guy on xan that's sometimes informes everyone when lag will hit along with what's in season. You will waste sleep bonus due to laggy finishing and whatnot. Best of luck to you and hope the winds are in your favor.
  15. Bugged rare metal lump, iron / electrum

    And the winner is Niki! Please PM me your character name and I will COD the item to you as soon as possible. Thanks!
  16. Isn't this already a thing... working as asked for.. in the OP, enc trees do not grow, they are frozen in their current age/model.
  17. Greetings, Xanaduians. Seeing more deeds pop up than disband while I was briefly there for a few days, began to make myself ponder if it's a good idea to move here (from Cele). One of the reasons, being of how massive the server is. How on some roads, the only structures around is the occasional guard tower (or maybe not even that). The feeling that it takes 3 or so hours to get from one end of the server to the other, I really enjoy. And this, is pretty much the main reason why I'm greatly considering of moving. Being an explorer, I enjoy long trips. I also notice how nice the community is. And I hope, that I could possibly ask (of my below set requirements) if there are any potential candidates of this matter. I'm not asking for people to be looking around for one person, just... any spots you folks may had come across in your travels. Here's my set requirements; 1. Flat area (modest sized) that's next to the ocean (with a deep bottom infront of it). I'll also settle with a deep lake (with an all boats accessible canal). 2. Mine nearby. 3. Resource deposits nearby (tar/clay mainly). 4. Catseye highway access nearby. 5(most important). No neighboring active deeds. The reason being, is I just prefer to work alone. -Optional: A guard tower nearby. As I said above, if you folks know of anything that closely matches these requirements, please let me know (to get a general idea of where to look). There's also other factors that are keeping me from considering of moving. With how massive the server is, I feel there's got to be unique issues I must be made aware of; any hidden dangers of living in Xan (other than the mobs (some being champ), and of course the lag). Such as; 1. Extremely long downtimes. 2. Server Shutdowns that might revert previous hard work. And anything else of the sort, that I should be aware of. That should be it. To the ones that got this far, thank you for reading. Hopefully, I'll see you all in Xan one day (as a resident).
  18. This nice and cosy shop would have almost sank to the third page. Good thing i came along. All those lonely tools and weapons are looking forward for new owners, it would be a pity if we disappoint them.
  19. New Server Hunting Only

    +1 Premium only access. No permanent construction at all. Fast decay on anything dropped, even tents. Your boat is your refuge. No paving, at all, ever, for any reason. Very fast decaying (like 3 wurm days or less) wooden defense (bashable by baddies): Ruins. Maybe some original artwork related such as: Angry gorillas Associated cm/gm created archaeology Native champ troll and uber goblin of Libilic helldom fortifications / encampments. Forests of enchanted trees that can't be affected by players. etc. And if you can make it to the very center of the map, you must face:
  20. WTS Ciray 2 bill isk

    what happened to your 90 chain armor smithing skill?
  21. Thanks bdew, that's very useful feedback. It'll take a while but good to know that data -1 will prevent lava from freezing. This makes me wish I had a Java development environment prepared.
  22. Bugged mine doors

    I've been having a hard time reproducing this issue, if you have any more information than can help with that let me know. Also what server is this on/where is it located feel free to pm me if you don't want to post it public.
  23. Is it happening at last age level of venerable only - so would it work if I use a single rune on these horses and run around the servers to care them again?
  24. This was first noticed following today's maintenance downtime. When first starting the client and coming into the world all is dark even though it is day, no lighting other than stars. A short time later the glow from a personal light(?) is added, and about a minute later daylight is added. Easiest to see this in a series of screenshots, note the times in the events window. Console log:
  25. Priest overhaul testing

    Really the market? That will not change for those that grind. The market is the last thing I would be concerned with in wurm, it really is not that big a deal.
  26. Priest overhaul testing

    I see 2 options there. Also, if favor regen was increased too much, that would be an in-game market that would be completely removed. If you could regen all of your favor in 1-2 minutes, nobody would bother sacrificing stuff.
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