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  2. if there was recently a impalong in your area that would probably explain it
  3. Who is orginal owner on this lmc?
  4. Hello Try to reinstall wurm and look if you have the right java-version for your os, thats what i would do first. Because adding an image you can click below the editor at "Insert other media" and write in the url of the graphic Eject
  5. Might be an Event spawned mob
  6. idk how to put an image on here but thats what it has told me why i cannot play the game wurm *says this archive is in an unknown format or its damaged
  7. Today
  8. Is it still in use? The link does not appear to work anymore.
  9. I looked behind me too see a whole pack of boars named "Summer" chasing me? After killing to what I thought was the whole pack, doesn't seem to be much different than a normal boar other than it's Aggroed towards JK'ers here is a normal boar I came across shortly after.
  10. Cannot be loaded, owner quit.
  11. You are the owner of the lmc? Can load it to wagon or somethig?
  12. +1.
  13. Location is the old ruins of POCO on xanadu, bout i14, right at the lake with a tunnel out to the sea. Comes with minimum sized deed. Next to the deed Lynx den. Start bid 20s Min bid 1s Sniper protection 1hr
  14. Hey Can you send to Draygon #8, #9, #10, #11 Cheers
  15. Hey can you send to Draygon X2 QL80, WoA81 1s42c Thanks
  16. Think it was a bug with critters. Noticed they had some at the Impalong.
  17. Xyonado will be joining for carp and fine carp. ...and maybe some ship building, if anyone is interested. I'll also take a room if you still have one available.
  18. Don't forget with a beast this size , when the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.
  19. Up
  20. thank the gods
  21. hmmm.... *heads to the parts bin to attempt a Bicentipede or a Centuffalo (update) sorry not enough spare cow legs available.
  22. update
  23. Bump
  24. well I decided to end the confusion.. and just take over my alts deed., she is sleeping for now anyway.. need to wait to perm her again after the holidays.. LOL go ahead and close
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