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  2. You absolutely can still amount to something. Here's the trick: Don't be a person who needs to be THE best at something. Be cool, don't be the kind of person who fearmongers alt use or some doomsayer of every possible thing that's done to the game. Do things at your own pace and own leasure. If you hit the game too hard, you'll fizzle out. My account isn't special at all. It's not even impressive in the slighest. Yet people still think I'm some high skill player or some people know who I am. If you can be a good person, if you can help others when you can, no matter how big or small the task, you'll get far in the game. Be part of the playerbase that helps others and doesn't just talk utter trash, and you will go far.
  3. Got this after crossing from Pristine to Celebration. It was a rare knarr, two people in passenger and the knarr QL is 68QL. Wind was gale, speed dropped from 56 km/h to 52 km/h when doing against wind. I got out of captain and back in, speeds continued to be 50+ km/h. Removed passengers, fastest speed was 31km/h. Return of the superboat speeds?
  4. Well.. thanks Finn. You just shat all over my fairy-tale version of me telling myself it will all be ok and I'll still amount to something in Wurm's Steam version. Sighhh....
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  6. I think it'd great weird superpowered tools. Not sure I can get behind the idea.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    There will always be somebody with better skills than you or having several characters being able to do what you alone can do. Normal in mmos, in wurm it just takes alts to compensate the time and fatigue limits. All you need is the knowledge how to grind.. rest is.. doing it on your own or account sharing, not sure if steam allows that.. but it will be still done.. by some merchants to reach the goals of being 1st to sell 'decent high ql items'. All in all in 2-3 months none of that will matter and you can be on/near top on your own, if not.. well you missed some hype wagon and knowledge or.. RL have that rope tight around your hands unable to play that much. Steam blah.. idea there is to get new players not to ***** the existing cluster/s and build a new kingdom at Gaben's platform. Hopefully Gaben land is a good lifeboat for fresh income, and actual initial idea eventually goes as planned.. wtf happens.. will happen anyway.. pointless to speculate.. time will tell the one story.
  8. Wait a minute.. Your not my wife are you? Sounds like the standard two word reply in a marriage.
  9. Can we put this cat back in the box it leaped out of? My ability to enjoy this game is seriously compromised because of the looming fear I'm wasting my time "enjoying" this game. This statement shouldn't make allot of damn sense but it sure as hell does every time I read it twice. Lets forget Rolph EVER announced this whole Steam release thingy and when/if it happens I can fantastically implode then. I won't have much time to grumble because I'll be too busy getting that new account on Steam up and running for a fresh new land-and-skilling grab, aiming to be "that guy" selling Hi-quality shovels to the horde of new gold-miners. New servers are just irresistible. I'm sure it was with great compassion and good intent in him releasing this info, but in hindsight it created a terrible dark cloud following me around like that pathetic character in Charlie Brown. I would seriously like to be the Ostrich with his head in the sand on this one.
  10. Not letting us dye patchwork pants is an ongoing travesty.
  11. Any chance to bring some bricks and pave it also? All of it?
  12. Dragon hunt on Sunday 24 November Meet at Frayling Acres on the Otherland server at 1900 UTC Everyone welcome!
  13. Someone had to do it. Can we have MUGA hats made in game? But seriously, I've looked for other Sandbox games and I can't find one like this one. EVE Online is the only other sandbox worth mentioning in my honest, but its a completely different Genre. One scratches the back, the other scratches different jiggly bits. Why isn't everyone just dragging their friends kicking and screaming into this game? Or even better, why not hang around Havens Landing hiring newbs to do stuff, like anything keeping them in the game longer then a day or two? Not saying I won't do that, just haven't seen many people do it (or perhaps I missed it if they are). I feel like this Big-ole Steam WO release is F%^&*ng up everyone's ability to just dive in causing players to stay in limbo for fear of wasting their time. Give me some love, tell me I'm wrong. Cheers. Just wanted to rant a bit. c'est la vie
  14. we still can pack shrimpiie island for christmass! lol
  15. The cope in this thread is too damn high!
  16. Does Wurm on Steam gonna have separate team of GM's or it will be the same crew? You know, in case if someone got stuck in or under the bridge ; ).
  17. You sure they don't go into the "mods" folder that appeared?
  18. Absolutely yes please to all of the above. Taxidermy isn't by bag but we do need more decor - I'd love to be able to used paper, dye and wood to make framed prints in stands or the like. I'd *love* a glassmaking skill, particularly with some crafts/decor applications, and I agree pottery could do with some love. Just let us dye and decorate all the things, basically.
  19. Are these server mods or client mods? They sound like server mods but unless I missed it, nothing here says for sure.
  20. Yes! Is there to collect all our tears:)
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