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  2. Ah, I'm sorry to hear that, but glad you're leaving a legacy behind. It's a lovely build.
  3. disembarking a horse on one floor, and it appears on another floor
  4. I haven’t played for a year now. Thanks for the compliment on the deed, I wish I could enjoy it. It’s going to a good friend once I’m done selling some things so hopefully you can go on enjoying it
  5. Indeed, it would be worth improving it. It is possible that this is due to the slower operation of the game client.
  6. This is the trouble with that whole STUPID design... a 20% reduction means pocket change for a medium deed, nothing at all for a small deed, if you want to minize your upkeep, a trader is interesting up to 1s21c to get back to the minimum 1s... and still that means paying 1s every month (and that's silly to buy one for such amount). Knowing that players usually have more than just one deed and the change will allow 1 trader move per players... all of this is a joke... do the devs care about the playerbase? I highly doubt it now. Seems like their only goal is to milk us to the last euros while driving the game into the ground. By destroying what's left of the community, there will be nothing to make wurm attractive for the steam release. I remember a time of opulence, when Gumbo hosted DonD, we had players hosted events, real GM events done by Spellcast/Vali... those days are now long gone. The good traders deeds did have been washed away. Market and landmarks will disband. Players will be forced to resize down or leave. And if one thing is certain through the whole MMo out there is that coercion is not the way to get cash from your players. You want pay once, play forever or F2P games with cash shops, where people will spent crazy amount of money out of their free will... not because they are forced to pay to keep the memories they made on the game intact.
  7. Whats the typical value for scale then? In euros
  8. Another (night-time) pic from the water:
  9. I'll have the rare wine barrel rack, if it can be posted? CoD to crimsonearth
  10. rare ropetool 2.5s, rare foresters hat, supreme foresters hat, festive bedrolls, small anvill w92c90, 61ql compass, steel shovel w101, steel pickaxe w100c97 all sold via pm
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  12. Embark disembark on different floors Dragging up and down a bsb/fsb/crate through multiple floors See through mine entrance walls Static animals/players making it easier to hunt/pvp Memory leaks galore Cpu usage galore(run 2 clients same area and sometimes 1 will just randomly sit at 8gb of usage and a entire core of cpu while the other sits at its usual 2gb >.>) Cave bugs(not the creatures) Crafting window randomly breaking or being misaligned needing a restart due to no ability to scale/doesnt reset when closed and opened Randomly getting stuck in walls/floors/trees/boats/pretty much anything with a collision(turn off tree collision again please) Darwin being allowed into global chat is a bug Sound effects upon login can sometimes sound like a jet engine for ages Sounds sometimes being really loud for no reason what so ever Shadows being funky and disappearing depending on which way you look Lack of enki random encounters Random reconnects for any number of reasons(while embarking or disembarking or going through caves or just randomly while standing still) The list goes on with some more exploitative ones some which have been fixed after years of use and some that arent a great example of one that was fixed was sacrifice being higher priority then other actions the patch notes said it was fighting related but there was a lot more to it then just that that could be done with that that i wont go into detail with really One last one is the boat bug where depending on how you embark/disembark during a server crossing it lets you get max speed on a boat until you get off, this either happens at random or intentional and in pve is a nice surprise to a quick trip home but has been used in pvp in the past to wipe groups of multiple kingdoms
  13. I guess the problem is not many people wear leather these days. My main wears studded and switches to chain for big battles; my partner wears steel plate. But I like having nice armour sets for my village alts, so they don't look like they just fell out of the tutorial, so it shall be worn and loved.
  14. I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to grab that fantastic deal Sent!
  15. I'll have a leather set if I can pick my pieces? : 86 + 88 leather boots, 85 pants, 88 + 79 gloves, 99 + 99 sleeves, 94 jacket and 92 cap. Cod to crimsonearth please.
  16. They have all been sold already, sorry @Johnston3
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