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  2. I have a character that needs a vynora convert to follower and then in a couple weeks to priesthood. I live near Greendog on deli. Thanks in advance!
  3. Added - craftable pauldrons Alot of new people have joined! Its alot of fun
  4. Wurm Classic

    The old emotes were so good. Honestly, even if we could only get a WU emote voice and horse surfing patch, I would be happy. Though a classic server would be fantastic.
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  6. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please remove Amberflame, she was able to join in on todays Ritual of the Sun on Xanadu. Please add Navaro, Fo - Holy Crop, 89 Faith, bad channeling - Kodos
  7. There is getting to be a very nice active community!
  8. PvP Account for sale.

    Fixed thank you
  9. PvP Account for sale.

    Page Not Found - 404
  10. PvP Account for sale.

    Taking offers on Judicator 15 days premium. Sotg on epic side if that still matters. Low level path on freedom. Price checks are welcome. Thank you.
  11. WTS 105s for 100e

    Pm me.
  12. WTS 65s

    65s left
  13. WTS 90 Qlty White Drake Set

  14. Xanadu Community Map

    6929, -809 Kangaroo Pouch Mayor Silica
  15. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    @pride Wow, wonderful cover. You've probably already heard the original, but just in case
  16. wts crafterish account

    I sent you a pm.
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  18. Because if you read the OP, it comes with all my stuff on it. Which isn't cheap. But I guess you can't read just like you can't PvP
  19. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Picked up ty - would recommend, nice , easy trade
  20. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Thanks very much for fast 90 circle of cunning cast! and an imp!
  21. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    @Thalorane That's a shame, with the current backlog I'll probaby have to direct the mass prayers to other rituals. But I'll keep sermoning to the alt army with Tulon, which will give some decent charge(assuming it's not bugged like the rest of the demigods in regards to Rites), so it may not take all that long...can't pull it off in two weeks again though I'm afraid. The roster was fully assembled this time though, so that's something. And it was not sniped despite being up for over 24 hours! So, there's hoping that we don't all have to capitulate to lower instincts after all. [2019-06-15] [23:08:36] As the Rite of Spring is completed, followers of Vynora may now receive a blessing! (CET) casting team: Feinmharu Vinnydiesel Inspira (Caster) Siegfried Mossfauna with special guests Vynn Meanwan Rustynail And congrats to Siegfried for finishing the Benediction Journal on a big note. I'll move to charging Holy Crop now, as it has the biggest backlog of casters; since the whole favor pool/casting Rite spells is still bugged for demigods, I'll rely on someone to tell me when it's ready(Shooting me some sermon messages for a rough gauge via pm or WO discord would be apprechiated). It's been almost 3 weeks since the last HC, so it should take less than 2, maybe just 1 week to get it ready.
  22. I will be taking my server machine and colocating it at my buddies data center here in the very near future. On that server I want to build the mother of all Roleplay Servers!. Im thinking about 10x on the rates fast timers and mods. The only problem is I'm not super famillar with Wurm as I have only been playing for about 6 months. Not sure what mods to have and such. I want a some what WUrm Official feel to it, but with higher rates and such. I would also like trade routes setup and stuff like that. My question is what forum could I use to help find people that would want to help set this up. I am looking for people dedicated to the RP aspect of if, and maybe even thinking of developing a mod that creates jobs on the server. Like anyone would do /Furniture and it would list every one on the server that registered as a furniture maker. I have a friend that can write mods, when hes not busy at microsoft working on the new windows release lol. Mainly I am looking for builders and admins and server managers. People to help with the daily running of the server and developing the town and villages and such. I plan on having atleast one custom map at this time, but might expand it to a total of 5, we will see. If you would like to discuss this with me either respond to this message or shoot me a PM on here. Im usually on about 12 hours a day, so the likelyhood that I will get to your message quickly is quite high! Samos
  23. Archaeology Woods for Sale !

    Bump Bump New wood know in stock
  24. Wurm Classic

    Well they don't support now but maybe at some point there is some DLC for WU or something for WO, who knows there are many years to come. Since retro-games are on the rise maybe Wurm will be a hyped game in a future classic version who knows The Runescape version from pre 2010 is currently played by 90k online users. So you wouldn't believe how many miss old versions of a highly developed game or prefer classic versions over modern versions. Wurm can't keep up with modern games, but it can keep up with classic games in a classic version.
  25. Wts Garrettwademan

  26. Wurm Classic

    They are not going to support this, as stated by Retrograde, and there is no way they are going to release old source, they don't even release the source for WU. I'm not going for identical graphics and mechanics, but rather take what we learned about what we liked and what we didn't from back then, and remove newer mechanics that we don't like, while implementing old/new ones that we did. I'd probably aim for somewhere around 2012 epic or something, since it's widely agreed that the game was in a pretty good state for pvp then, and make whatever other balance changes make sense. The classic in this case isn't necessarily making it the *same* as old Wurm, but making it resemble it, reborn in its image. If we wanted to make the models/textures look like they were back then, we would have to remake similar ones ourselves, because Code Club disallow distributing their resource packs.
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