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  2. so what are you suggesting? mega update, where killing a single dragon would provide enough for 50 sets and to maintain those 50 sets for half a year? after initially crafting the set ppl will need materials to maintain the set.. get x-ray'ed your head, must be cancer in your brain. yes they exist. any locate means are removed, making it fair to anyone finding it. first come first serve basis too, so if you find it, you claim it. What ever reasons you mentioned, they still apply for literally everyone in the game. let their be farming parties as you say, those ppl put nearly all their playing time into that. WU code they use? well anyone can use WU code again. They have deeds marked on their map to narrow down the search? why can other ppl do the same? i dont see ANY and i mean ANY advantages hunting groups get vs the rest of the players, its just they put in the work to get the job done, while the rest of the majority never leave the deed as their horses need grooming and then complain they cant get no fancy end game gear cuz simply.. well, they have horses to groom.
  3. With the current loot, yes it would be garbadge
  4. How idiotic, having to need material to imp it back, like you don't need a steel lumps to imp steel plate right now
  5. Great to do business with! I appreciate the quality and work she puts into her supplies. Will seek her out next time I need stuff.
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  7. Awesome, nice and close. Good to see The Three Legged Troll is still there, was a friends deed named in my honour
  8. But "uniques do not exist".. With the amount of private slayings vs public ones - general community just never gets to see or get their hands on events or resources from uniques. We are down to the ridiculous ###### of having 5 silver for a butchering potion just because it's a dragon drop(having to be in local to get blood) Situation is again on another nonsense level.. Last fix did not fix anything, if we lookup who is penning and killing the uniques after 'the fix', absolutely nothing have changed. It's all about having a timer for next spawn and a 'heatmap' based on wu code, deed locations and new ruleset to fixure the swiss cheese best spots you could find one. We do not have hunting groups, it's harvesting, there's no hunting if same people do it over and over, servers are deprived from events to play on a weekend once in a month or general public of any means to get to end-game armor content, it's all blocked by faulty spawn mechanism which is proven to not work well, if there's no distribution or variety who gets it(we can see same groups do the do.. repeatedly). What should endgame goal be for a new player, make and sell 1-200,000 planks and buy a scale set? Who the .. is going to buy and utilize 1-200k planks? How many people can get it that way? Game's already overflowing with bulk stored and unused and there's no use for the most of it, rather than doing 1 event in a while general public is left to everyday stuff over and over with no variety. Best solution is a rift-like event.. with obviously.. fixed mistakes that rift mechanic never had improved. Nobody says - "oh don't bring alts to rifts they get more moonmetal", nobody gives a ..... if somebody gets an extra mm lump or 5 with alts. In addition more people will get scraps hide/scale and be trading with them for a weapon improvement, armor, tools, supplies.. just like before.. you get a noob into the game and invite it to a slaying... noob gets a minion potion.. worths 4 silver.. sure it's worthless to the noobie.. but selling and investing the currency/resource into armor set or first LT weapon - life for that player just changed!
  9. wasnt even garbage, it was idiotic lol. needing 1kg of hide just to imp 1 piece back from 80 to 90ql after 2 hours hunting..
  10. Dye Maker mod

    @Retrograde thank you so much, this is really touching me that you like the model and the Mod of Cuddles/Coldie ! thank you so much for your kind words. And more generaly, i'm happy if the wurm players on all the different WU servers are enjoying the Mod
  11. Going to bump this one too, at the moment high AT has little to no use barring breeding hellhorses.
  12. Going to bump this, as pets are still useless for anything save cannon fodder and RP on PvE
  13. it's countered by the fact that scale loses ql insanely fast and has to be reimped more often than other armors, not to mention the upfront cost in materials they had it using drake/scale to imp on epic and they removed it after some time because it was garbage
  14. It doesn't matter, why not? as is right now it's really out of balance on what is called the best armor to be imped with just such a basic low level item
  15. Just allow cow or bull. Hitch it to cart. When you embark, your character rides on animal’s back and it works like a large cart but slower.
  16. Sell me your rare (or supreme) leather armor! Taking a full set or individual parts Send offers!
  17. meh why not 10s bid from me.
  18. Yeah! I love to see flowers and plants. Makes things look more alive and varied. Yes, to mountain flowers too! That would be cool to see like a flower here or there or even a hanging tree on a mountain. Oh and maybe some rocks for decoration too. I made the rock scythe trap but it was not very good as a nice rock, what with the scythe sticking out and everything
  19. Are you the person who unironically thinks that scale and drake should be imped exclusively with scale/drake hide?
  20. incentives alt spamming more than anything, you shouldn't be forced to have half a dozen accs or buy drake/scale to ever have a hope of finishing your set.
  21. -1 That's the great part; everyone plays this game for different reasons. Those different reasons lead to people having access to content that others might not, which they can then sell to those players. That's how the markets of weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, shipbuilding, etc. exist. Unique hunting is just another one of those markets. Everyone is capable of entering any one of them if they put in the effort, and if they don't want to put in said effort they can do something else to make money to purchase the items. What you're suggesting would severely damage the market, and would do little to nothing to encourage hunters to bring in random people.
  22. DeedPlanner 3.1.1 bugfix is released! This is bugfix release to fix common WebGL crash and some objects not having textures. Web version: Changelog: Fixed some objects with LOD's having invalid texturing Fixed materials calculator floor-depending modes only working on floor 0 Fixed unfinished palisade gates WebGL crash
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