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  2. Ok, shameless plug time. Video of my grandaughter singing at a recent gig she did and posted to her facebook page. It's the first vid on the page. Not the greatest sound quality but sounds great to me. (of course my opinion is majorly biased, lol) Give it a look see anyway. Dang it, the link won't embed so here's a link directly to the video.
  3. If you leave, what will happen to Horsedog, you have redeeded?
  4. I am tempted to make an alt named OMGWTF just to try and make her a god. ( No offence to the hard work of the player gods!!!)
  5. You can store catseyes in BSBs and crates.
  6. Presumably you can still call a GM for legitimate griefing, this new system just removes the pre-approval process of changing up a highway.
  7. Could be worse. I shudder at the thought of a goddess named @PumperNickel
  8. Thank you
  9. It should be possible to: 1. Overwrite an existing action. I guess this means return true but there is the problem with how some default action get used in multiple action() methods for different behaviour triggers as seen in the Behaviours.class. At first glance it might be useful to be able to configure how the action-performer treats each behaviour in the Behaviours.behaviours hashMap. 2. Reuse an existing action and still have the default usages of the action work as expected (assuming the initial logic control for an action method hasn't be compromised). 3. Daisy chain custom modded action reusing existent WU action id. 4. It would be useful if there was a way to quickly ask modloader how other mods have treated a default WU action id reuse. I foresee issues with this. The following two things aren't very important, it was relevant so I'm tossing them in. - Anyway you could add the following because the default action entry creator always sets max range to 2 ( it's the only public constructor we can use). static public void setActionEntryMaxRangeReflect(ActionEntry actionEntry, Integer maxMeters, Logger logger) { try { ReflectionUtil.setPrivateField(actionEntry, ReflectionUtil.getField(Class.forName("com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.ActionEntry"), "maxRange"), maxMeters); }catch (ClassNotFoundException | NoSuchFieldException |IllegalAccessException e){ logger.warning(e.getMessage()); } } - How do we add custom selected bar graphics for new actions? Bdew's bind all actions mod works well for keybinding.
  10. I was wondering if you had a bit of sarcasm in there but i wasn't too sure. It is hard to tell with webposts. I am one of the individuals that have an alliance as well however this idea is to build upon that community. Thank you for the clarification! Enjoy!
  11. Hauntingly beautiful, I've listened to this quite a lot over the recent week or so.
  12. 34 crate racks made and full.. 2 warehouse. omg i got so much room for more stuff...
  13. How about just having the "build floor above" option appear after the roof is built? Maybe or maybe not make that floor accessible then if clearance or coding allows. =Ayes=
  14. Sorry to hear you are selling Maur and leaving us so soon Any chance you could hand over the writs to the building to hexd or mizova before leaving port catnip? Also removing that character from the deed before the sale goes through? Contact me in-game on Hexd if you need help with either.
  15. Yep, I was having a bit of fun with you on the Real Estate fraud thing (although would not be surprised to see it happen sometimes). As for the rest, players who invite others to their deeds can already set specific permissions for them in various ways. Always some management and discernment necessary when doing so. Various individual deeds also form Alliances for their own "community" which gives them a chat tab as well, so they are not then "isolated in a sea of wilderness" if they do not wish to be. Community is what you make of it for yourself in this game and really is more influenced by one's personality than anything else. The best part of this game is that it offers everyone the option on how they choose to play it in that respect. And Happy Trails to You =Ayes=
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  17. Hi, The "Server Listings & Advertisement" forums do not seem to be for "looking for server" posts, so I guess I'll post here. I am looking for a PvE server that has some slightly more complicated survival features that the rest. By this I definitely not mean 1x skills and actions, if I like that kind of crap I'd be still playing WO :). The Survival Mod looks fine. Or just not having a 3x combat multiplier as everyone is so fond of having, no crop multiplier either would be nice. I'd like to have to look for food, because usually, after a couple of days after you've settled you start having more produce than you could ever consume, and one kill an feed you for a week of two. Scarce wood and other resources would be nice I guess.
  18. Issue seems to be resolved now
  19. Thanks. That was fast! \o/
  20. soon up again.. Can lock this thread.
  21. i downloaded them individually and i did it 5 times.
  22. I just had a similar issue with the new map dumps. Turned out to be a problem with my browser cache, making me still see the old maps. Maybe it was the same for you?
  23. Exactly my point as to why these Catseyes are *inferior* protection to the current Highway Protection Rules, which I already went into in my OP. A diagonally sloped highway hardly compares in function and eye appeal as one that was originally created with care and leveled diagonally. Things might work out this way but at the sacrifice of created highways that are flat diagonally since then there is really no recourse by their creators to call GMs about slopes later dug into them. Now to do this it will be perfectly fine (dig down the sides). Think about steep drop-offs at one side of the road that these Catseyes wouldn't prevent but rather to "Level" up the road again first the Catseyes must be destroyed after much time bashing them (with only a Crowbar steel tool?), then pavements removed adjacently in order to use the "Level" option. A poor mechanic for Catseye "protection" which should at least have prevented altering the Highway in ANY manner (sides included). The whole Catseye/Waypoint system while possibly reducing GM intervention is a poor exchange for the current Highway Protection Rules which must be enforced by GMs. Yep, when you create a multiplayer world where highways are the main means of getting from one place to the other the game Developers through the use of GMs must monitor and control the situation. Catseyes and Waypoints are a sort of cool eye candy with their navigation and directional system but as a Highway Protection mechanism they loose their way. =Ayes=
  24. Well done guys:) CU next rift
  25. i just checked myself a 6th time and the map you are posting as `new` is now new. you updated the link. thank you. please don't let anyone unduly suspect me of madness , you had been using the old one until very recently even if you might not freely admit it. I'm just trying to help. be gracious. If you're not going to do the honourable thing, I will most definately let someone else enlighten, next time.
  26. As I do see your point on this, albeit a bit intense, I do believe you are missing the point of the idea. As it is now all deed owners (or friends with permissions of deed control) have to actively seek out people to join their deed. This not only takes time and effort to do distracting from the game, but also it also has unfavorable side effects. The owner takes the time to find someone to join their deed, good, however a lot of them want to do their own thing on the deed. Now they have to find someone in the community that has permission to change permissions (not always hard to do but still distracts from the game, no to mention they are not always available). Another point I can make is the fact that I do not, as a deed owner, want to give a stranger that is unfamiliar with projects I'm working, free rain of my deed. Many of these strangers will not fully understand what they are doing in the game. Yes, I agree. It only takes one silver to own your own deed. However that hardly helps the lack of community this game provides. Everyone can have their own deed by themselves forever isolated in a sea of wilderness. Now provide a small area on a deed for an even cheaper price of a few copper and now you get in the levels where even a silver will go a long way. All the while being near other players to learn, grow, help and succeed in the community and have more fun with interaction. To your point of "Real Estate fraud in Wurm!"... Firstly it is disappointing that you would have that impression for other players in this game however I cannot disagree that there are certain players that do indeed play that way. I would think there would be identifiers in these cases for the player interested in purchasing these properties should notice. Such as the history of the deed. Has it been around long? Are there other citizens? Existing structures that time an effort has been put in that show intrinsic value to the deed owner? If there are no buildings on the deed; if the history is only a few weeks; if there are very few if any citizens with the deed then it is most likely not a good idea to put your value in the property. If the buyer doesn't look into the safety of their own value and is duped like this... well thats on them. Report the toon that owned the deed if you get enough reports against your toon... ban. Period. I have updated my post with the idea that renting spots is a more viable option and would possibly alleviate this "Real Estate fraud" idea. The point of this idea is to alleviate the distraction of micromanaging the deed to a more free flow approach, so both the mayor and the new citizen can have a bit of buffer from any misunderstandings. The mayor set an area that the citizen can do what they want without the risk of anything getting ruined for the deed owner and The deed owner no longer has to put so much effort into getting citizens. As far as "... better options already exist.", well that is up to an individuals preference an opinion. I cannot ague the point with the exception that it is my opinion that the "existing options" are lackluster in comparison. Thank-you for your input and Happy Wurming!
  27. Now Kris can do the maps this weekend
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