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  2. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    My mayor there was struck by lightning while I was just outside his house doing some work. Strange thing is that he suffered no damage at all but out of curiosity I examined the lamp planted next to him and it had some significant damage on it. It was a really startling experience so I remember it quite clearly and seeing the event message too that Zip had been struck by lightning. Then I went to the village token and noted that it was recorded there as well under Area History. Some other players got a laugh out of it too when I mentioned to them to check it out there. This was a year or two after the server opened though so not the one you mentioned. =Ayes=
  3. WTS 50s

    Want to sell 50s 50 Euros or 55 Usd (1,10 usd) Paypal Pm : Nargaroth ingame Or Forums
  4. Valrei International. 066

    Can confirm, cloth is extremely viable for pve encounters, it also has a VERY good dodge rate. The only thing it truly does poorly with is Hell Hounds, Lava Spiders, Lava Fiends, anything with fire.
  5. Digger wanted

    guess your not still looking?
  6. Gold Medal performer. +1 from me for super service.
  7. Valrei International. 066

    As mentioned by others, I wear cloth armor all the time when working around my deed and the local area due to the fact that there is no speed reduction as with all other armors. I can also kill anything except trolls wearing just cloth with a 2hand LT weapon, so I can't really agree with the statements about it being death to do some combat with it. Also now I have switched to a LT longsword and shield for even better protection. Even the patch notes have given it a slight DR bonus from 35% to 40%. So for those who want some protection when not exclusively out hunting and NO movement reduction for work purposes like dragging carts or carrying loads, I find cloth armor to be the best option. Far from useless or of little value in these circumstances. Looks a lot better than the "pauper look" of no armor at all as well and I am not a priest either. Yeah, to go out hunting mobs away from local I will gear up with heavy armor and a horse but I rarely do that anyway. =Ayes=
  8. Lets tell a story...

    The door opened with a small creak, as I poked my head outside taking a view of the surroundings.
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  10. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    10 silver .....
  11. Increase oven burning time

    Between the fuel timer, the small volume (32 baking stones vs hundreds of frying pans in a forge) and the broken cooking timers that can take up to 15 minutes ovens absolutely suck lol. They defiantly could do with an upgrade.
  12. WTS Rare Forge

    WTS Rare Forge 80QL 4s Pisckup at D10 Xanadu The Rusty Anchor
  13. Eastern Canal Rework

    Yup, you're correct. Sorry 'bout the confusion. Thorin
  14. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    It is only 5%, but still not worth using unless you have Smoke from Sol already then it will take 5% off its Physical Damage buff (which is a silly idea unless you purely just want every tome )
  15. Mining timer

    From what i've seen, it happens pretty sporadically. when my pickaxe was 95ql it was fairly consistant, but now that it's around 92ql it doesn't do it anymore, and when i'm at 0% stamina i have 3.4 second timers compared to the 5 second timers i had before, which is odd. Anyway, here's a gif of it happening with 97.16 digging 85.95 shovel and a 94.12ql 98woa supreme shovel, going 2.8 2.9 3.0 3.8 3.9 for the timers. . Don't really have a way of reproducing it reliably but i know that it does happen with both mining and digging.
  16. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    I think it’s only 5%?
  17. Make the CA list in ca-help global

  18. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    10% weakness to physical damage... only a madman uses that since most dmg in game is physical dmg. Pretty sure there aint market for that, but hey, you never know, good luck!
  19. [WTS] White Dragon Scale

    Bump. Price lowered to 35s ONLY FOR TODAY!
  20. Make activate key bind work consecutive. Bump this thread!
  21. wts rare LEAD large maul - 3s | rare leggat - 50c

    bump lowered the price by 50c make me an offer!
  22. WTA Blue Grapes and Map Sap

    Auction Started again, as the previous was without any bids.
  23. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I think my alt Kalmit must have been one of the first citizens of Pristine. [17:31:06] You enter Troshkas Nest. [17:31:06] It is 14:10:38 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 1028. [17:31:06] The settlement of Troshkas Nest has just been founded by Kalmit. I have been there ever since and fully intend to stay for the duration It is a small natural island at the entrance of a fjord which with the help of friend Tegard has been expanded into a lovely little deed.
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