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  2. Sold, pls close
  3. [04:15:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
  4. Looks like it works fine. If you are getting the error when uploading it might be on the host end.
  5. 7. Great Helm, Seryl (w91) - 6s to Vortexxx
  6. Today
  7. This would make a good blacksmithing recipie that could be a component to a masonry recipie to create a permanent cooking item to do this. Perhaps for large creatures such as Bulls, Horses, Bears, Crocodiles, Dragon Hatchlings, etc.
  8. Could an item be created that opens a webpage? That would require then that item to act as a log on for it? No idea if it is possible, but it would make it interesting.
  9. Hey Chakron.. cool service you provide.. I have the account details for psalamon and i'd like to pass them onto the new psalamon owner how would I go about doing this and has he inquired as I may have expected?? And can I change the email tat is associated with the Psalamon Skill Dump?? As I don;'t want the new owner using ,my email.. maybe you could handle the transaction if he is interested.. i'll keep trying to contact view in game I have not been approached on forums and he may not know my in game pseudonym either...
  10. [03:29:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!
  11. Hey, I traded it for my rare chest piece! Was a fair trade
  12. Chance in first case is actually 0%, rarity of materials is not checked at all for things requiring just two materials to create. Second statement is true - any rare material or hitting a window gives 1/(amount of materials) chance, so 33% for 3, 25% for 4 etc.
  13. Keep it up.. like hearing your story.. and remember don't let anything distract you from your deed.. (well excluding RL we all have to suffer with that!!! heheheeh!!!) are you still doing the mountainous retreat or have you started focusing on this one now that you've finally found iron.. ?? Please share your story!! It so much reminds me of my storied first deed.. only it wasn't my deed, and really it wasn't on an island, and I guess I didn;'t have to search for much iron since there were veins nearby , and because I lived on the mainland I had my choosing of anmals to breed if I wanted.. hmm.. well it was just like yours though really!!! Ah memories.... darnit if they are too accurate .... hope you continue on and I live close i'll come drop in when you start to get some progress and bring you some home cooking if thats agreeable.. hehe.. take care.. PS have you seen many mobs on your island?? If not I would practice on a dummy doll even afk if you have to; to raise your fighting skill for when you go to the mainland. even though you are in the south never know when you'll come across a hungry hell hound or such ...
  14. add: i mean if you fight against mobs
  15. Hello all modders Is it possible for you to make a mod where you can see the damage ploping in the air like in WOW or Guldwars? This is just a idea that i have for longer time, today i thought....why not asking for it Happy wurming Eject
  16. Hi friends Can anyone help me with an example code to send a servermessage if a unique mob is killed? I like to expand the announcer mod with this little feature. Thank you =) Eject
  17. Bump for the forthcoming weekend
  18. bump
  19. Returned back to wurm because of this update thats coming, Good job wurm team, well played enjoy my extra prem $$$
  20. Yes thank you very much !!!
  21. `Lifts a mug of fine southern Libilese coffee (the best I hear) and says "here, here!!"
  22. I would assume that it would increase the penalties as you would then be flanked by the opponent. In RL a shield is presented to the front of the body while fighting, with some variation in technique on the angle that is is held towards the opponent. I am still surprised this game does not allow the player to use the shield actively instead of it just having a chance to parry based on skill, modifiers such as size, etc.
  23. R.I.P my rare rolls.
  24. The select bar is not the tool belt, it is the menu that appears when you target something. When clicking on an item that is not in a container or inventory it has the options examine, improve, repair, etc. on it.
  25. 6. Great Helm, Seryl (a98) - 7s Cod to Gwyn please
  26. Please add mirrors to traders, or allow us to trade them again. I know there's some fancy new mirrors on Test, but I'd rather just see the ability to buy them for like 1-5s until those are released.
  27. I want to sincerely thank the wurm team for making our epic characters usefull again. I have played 350+ days on my main account and for a long time I thought all of this time played was totally gone since our cluster had an incredibly low playerbase. Many of u know my forum reputation isn't the best around and I'm this never sober retard kid. I have complained a bit over the years about things, like the hardcore nerf of libila, the reset of our lovely elevation, the toxic that playergods were/are and probably much more. But I think it's time for a thanks now, for the first time in years I feel like we are all being treated as equal wurmians. And with all the sweat and work we epic folks put in our accounts, I think this is more then fair. We might have 2x skillgain and this curve thing but we also dealt with horror things like Valrei events that destroyed months of work deeds in a matter of a few mins. Or going out and having 10+ drake spirits spawn on top of us. Times weren't always easy but after all I really enjoyed wurm all these years. And when I finally gave up on epic and came on this totally non skilled account to freedom, this news comes up. I'm sure u make a lot of people happy and make a lot of people come back. We are all wurmians after all and we all deserve to have fun with eachother together, no matter what cluster we picked in our noob days. Happy wurming and thanks again o/!
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