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  2. [16:54:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks for business and enjoy your free pizza! *purrrrrr*
  3. Fishing bug

    While fishing, I FINALLY managed to hook a salmon, then this happened. The line didn't actually snap, weirdly. It's at 80 damage but intact. The hook did disappear, though. I'm not sure if it was supposed to, it was 70+ QL and had next to no damage.
  4. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Sorry guys, been sick with the stomach flu and haven’t been on. I’ll sort through everyone’s requests tonight and send stuff out.
  5. Do you like the new fishing system?

    So... I made a nice set of fishing gear but in about 10 days certain items took some serious damage as can be seen below, which is very annoying, especially as the keep nets take huge quantities of cotton strings of high ql to imp up. And ofc the fishing lines cannot be improved... and all this damage despite the tackle box and the large chest which it is in both having reduce damage to contents by 10%. The large chest where the rare keep net is stored also has similar rune attached to it. The most damaged items are even worse off than the food items which were put in the tackle box at the same time. May I suggest that the damage to these items be removed, as per reels, or at the very least reduced dramatically? http:// http://
  6. PC: Blue Tome of Magic

    20 to 30 silver.
  7. WTS Raw Black Scale Hide

    make it custom, make it your sig. humpity bumpity
  8. Today
  9. Well my new premium alt guy finally hit 23.00 body strength and this is how long it took to get there: [07:10:38] You have played 7 days, 5 hours and 1 minutes. (equals 173 hours) Quite a long time investment just to be able to load objects on large carts or a ship transporter. Of course I just bypassed this bottleneck by sending one of my alts (premium'd him up for a while too) to Haven's Landing to help this poor guy, along with other things as well. Anyway, this does seem to be pretty frustrating to the newer player with no other alternatives. Even the suggestions of some to at least allow the loading of small crates at 21.00 body strength onto large carts would help out. So if that were to happen to be changed minimally as such, the long hours onto the further 23.00 body strength loading benefits would be a lot more tolerable. =Ayes=
  10. Hi, while I consider the permission management in total a great and beneficial thing, I - and not me as I heard - frequently have to struggle with its limitations. I want to make the following suggestions: 1. more role groups As far as I understand and am able to handle the role management, I can only create roles for individual players. Only the role groups "Citizens of my Deed", Alliance, and Kingdom are offered, and "everyone". What I would like were a couple of freely creatable role groups, such as "friends", "visitors", "priests", "passersby" etc. allowing to give the suitable set of permissions to every group without a huge list of individual roles/players. 2. mass permission management on gates and buildings (maybe ships and animals too) Here, similar applies. I would want for example to let priests or breeders into my pens, but not just every visitor. At the moment, I cannot even grant allies access to all my gates (and I have a shitload of gates, even in my small deed and mine) with one action. I do not know how hard that would be to implement. It would be a great improvement though.
  11. PC: Blue Tome of Magic

    Just want to get an idea on price [14:12:26] The blue leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 3 charges left.
  12. Wurm Unlimited VR client

    Boy I would love to walk around and immerse myself in the environment
  13. Hi

    I would like to place my offer of 190s(silvers only as i do not have a paypal) on the priest.


  14. (CELE) Stardew Island

    I replied to your Community map! Thanks for keeping it updated!
  15. Celebration Map

    Stardew Island X9 Y10 Previous Deed is no longer there. Thank you
  16. (CELE) Stardew Island

    If you post the details of the new deed in this thread I will add your deed the the community Map
  17. Ok, out with it, Gladys. What's your desperation to see this restriction kept on Freedom about?
  18. Standing and sitting uses the same mechanics as embarking and disembarking, so at this time the behavior is as intended.
  19. [Bug] Reflection of sun inside caves

    Added to the list.
  20. Price check (WTS) Vynora priest

    Does it have a faith /transfer available?
  21. Newly founded deed on Cele server. (E10) looking for a few players to come join me! I have a lot of extra space where you can place a house, and have a personal area. The deed is still being worked on so there are a lot of group projects open and would also love your input on designs. If you are interested or have any other questions, feel free to PM me on the forums or message me in game at Kichi Thank you for your time reading this post and I hope I hear from you
  22. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    See post from a dev on exactly this: Answer is basically no.
  23. Can we please un-tame animals in crates?

    You can. Person you're giving the creature to needs to do /invitations, and when your right click on the person you have the option as pet -> giveaway. It's not exactly untaming per say, so your suggestion is still valid. The creature has a chance to go untame, with a higher chance if the person being given the creature has low animal taming skill.
  24. WTT COG for Bulk metals

    O/ Short on coin? Want a Cog? Look no further. Pm me offers. See you O/ Jimbean
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