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  2. just 1 quiver? [16:14:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Wraithshadow in less than ten minutes. enjoy
  3. rare quiver 2s, rare satchel 2s, rare rake 4s, rare water skin 1s Cod to Wraithshadow if agreeable please, thank you
  4. Message me here or DM Valhalla in game.
  5. I think the journal objective is to incentivize weapon smithing, not bowyery. Just to mention, it is not really hard to improve a weapon to 50 by WS at a skill of about 35. Improving a bow using bowyery is ways faster, so I am not happy with the proposal. Edit: Maybe it should be added "improve a weapon by weapon smithing" to make it clear. E.g. crowbars are fairly apt weapons though improved by BS.
  6. Wtb supreme helm, steel 30s supreme open helm no skin 40s supreme open helm with a stag skin cod stinky
  7. First, thanks for the response, and I welcome your work on caffeine changes. It is absolutely reasonable even now that it needs one coffee beans unit for a power 10 sip, not 1/100th, the waterfill remaining a problem. I think nobody disagrees here. As to nerfs, it is in no way always transparent what is considered a bug, and what space for users' creativity. And I did not find documented what is one per tile explicitly, you just have to find it out. So far, I did not find it documented e.g. on wiki. So far, I could name large oil barrel, fountains, well, in addition to now .. let us say, restricted if you do not like nerfed beds, and tapestries. There may be more, even some which seriously interfere with game mechanics so it is considered a bug. As to beds, the change destroyed my decorations and roleplay arrangement, where I fail to see that it granted me any unfair advantage, impaired game stability (as far as I can judge about), or otherwise game mechanics working. There may be aspects I do not see.
  8. looking to sell my hammer open to offers over 1g will accept offers here or in pms ty and goodluck
  9. Today
  10. Cheese. Wagons - 20s (can do any wood type if you provide a shaft, otherwise birch/cedar) Tall banners - 2.5s Banners / Flags 2s Hota statues Pickup for wagons/tall banners/hotas is at J25 Celebration,840 Banners/flags can be mailed to any toon that's never been to chaos. Pm Storelot, Masterentaro or Silakka in game to order
  11. I sympathise with this as my home (Epic) has been on the sharp end of this exact situation for years now. It's a vicious circle. Players leave and the community gets smaller, more players leave, and the devs are less likely to invest time and effort into a server that's less active; the thing just spirals downwards. Wurm is already niche, and PvP is a niche within a niche. There's only so much the devs can do though, and they can't work miracles. Many players left Epic blaming the mechanics and "broken" PvP, but in the end that's just excuses. The mechanics might not be perfect, but they're good enough to do what needs to be done. We just have to be pragmatic and learn to live with relatively small populations on PvP servers. There's still plenty of fun to be had, and there will always be players roaming these servers looking for a fight.
  12. cod to reflektionz please
  13. Improving a bow to ql50 should count as improving a weapon for journal entry.
  14. Make drake hide and dragon scale armor cast/archery buff like leather and studded leather. At least archery.
  15. I think so. The post is tied to your post ID. Double check it where you advertise. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me a forum PM!
  16. Hi thank you for moving my post to the auction board if that is what it is. 

    1. Stryken


      will it still be the same link


  17. Hi will it still be the same link
  18. Starting bid: 60 s Increment (minimum): 5 s Reserve: Yes Hidden Buyout: 2g Sniper Protection:1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  19. So sad the trip ends for now. Can't wait to make more changes before your next tour. Safe travels!
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