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  2. A New Elevation

    I very much agree.
  3. WTA FSB with lots meat veggies spices and more

    I can use this. 8s.
  4. A New Elevation

    You could just increase skillgain on Epic a lot more, or provide a catchup window where people have a lot higher gains. A skill reset would be useless unless you create a mechanic to prevent a huge skill gulf opening up again.
  5. A New Elevation

  6. A New Elevation

    Why not just remove ugly dirtwalls entirely? Nerf them down to 40 slope, like rocks. Would seem far cooler if the best fortifications you could build were stone walls! I'd look into the following: - Loosen the building restrictions on Elevation to allow bigger, true castles - Add a "huge door" that can't be picked, acts like a mine door hop, but -can- be catapulted/trebbed/rammed. - Balance strength of stone walls versus siege engines, probably to make it harder than now to punch through (but I'd leave that up to more experienced players) If we're going crazy, I might even add the ability for defensive siege emplacements.
  7. A New Elevation

    So there is a bit of discussion on our alliance and this idea was voiced: Would've been happier to see that then to see the complete disabling of 9+ level med abilities. Even with sotg gone completely, still would be better to keep other top bonuses on homeservers.
  8. A New Elevation

    Skill reset as well is the only way this will work. Even with “soft caps” new players, and people who have already sold out will not be willing to join something that is supposed to be “fresh” when they have to spend all their time grinding in order to be able to fight, while other people already will be able to. Furthermore, homeservers MUST BE REMOVED, and elevation made the only epic map, or this will also fail.
  9. A New Elevation

    This might be out of scope... Not sure. I was trying to think of a way to allow the players who've been around forever and done all the work to still be powerful while allowing new players to have fun as well. New Kingdom role assignable by the kingdom leader. Warlord of (insert alliance name here) When players are in range of the kingdom's Warlord their combat statistics (fight skill, body etc) are modified as Playerskill = Playerskill + ((WarlordSkill - PlayerSkill) * .75). In small scale skirmishes the veteran players could still "catch people out and be successful raiding" but in large fights like deed sieges as long as the wardlord(s?) are present the new players would be modified upward instead of the old players being modified downward. Not sure how the pvp vets feel about it but it's an idea.
  10. A New Elevation

    Had to edit my comment because placing a door on a enemy deed converts it to that player anyway
  11. A New Elevation

    What if you can only place them in that radius if the deed was drained? Or could you always disintegrate on epic I forgot. A drain basically allowing 24hr of disintegrating and mine door placement
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  13. A New Elevation

    You've accidentally highlighted a major flaw with the idea. If I want to disintegrate into a deed, I need a cave, which I'd need a door on because enemy defenders could shaker me, i can't do this if the deed has 4 mine doors. Granted I could start further out but i could place random mine doors outside my dirt walls around my own deed to prevent it. It also stops attackers mining shots/storing horses if i do that. I think remove the 11 x 11 idea because it's too griefy for both sides- i think every 3 tiles will stop trenches too, cause doors couldn't be both sides, one side would be weak which is good.
  14. A New Elevation

    Maybe make it so you can not place mine doors in enemy influence/within x tiles of an enemy deed to prevent this? The second might be better to allow traps still. Maybe have a block for it within x tiles around the token of the deed. x being the longest side of the deed + 25 tiles or so.

    List updated!
  16. Why was PvP abandoned?

    xD They work on the server with the smallest population where still 3/4 players are sitting on home servers
  17. A New Elevation

    thing is we're looking to remove "entry required" items and rare shoes are a big boost - given that they're also easy to lose and on regular horses this might not be too bad as they're easier to kill. So if HH was removed maybe the shoes not a big deal.
  18. A New Elevation

    This is looking really solid, and the fact you're taking direct comments from a thread and replying even quicker than anyone could guess is fantastic. The team is really killing this one, so thank you all for your work on this and the quick turnaround, and a thank you to the community people who pushed this.
  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Aren't you bit ashamed for such rubbish?
  20. A New Elevation

    Yes to removing player gods (from this map). Yes to removing hell horses from Elevation. Perhaps keep them on home servers but block them from being moved to Elevation. If they're still a problem on home servers, make the existing ones infertile and stop wild ones spawning. Yes to tomes being disabled until reworked. Sort of yes to "one kingdom" but I think there would need to be some mechanical way for people to align to either BL or WL - a mixed team of say a Lib Champ and a Fo Champ feels a bit weird. I'd be more inclined to say the same as Entendu - two kingdoms, but civil wars are possible, and a BL and WL faction would declare a ceasefire if they wanted to.
  21. A New Elevation

    +1 Player gods removed. +1 Hell horses removed. -1 on rare horse shoes. - It's a great feature to separate the little things. +1 tomes disabled -1 One kingdom. - Why not get back to BL vs WL (JK vs HoTS). BL have the ability to kill their neighbor. It's our feature, don't spread it
  22. A New Elevation

    What I'd like to see: I'd like to see removal of player gods from this map. I'd like to see hell horses removed and rare horse shoes only reducing the Hurt status a horse receives when hit. I'd like to see tomes disabled until re-worked. I'd like to see One kingdom with alliance vs alliance as i think this breaks a lot of moulds - I think this is what makes Home server life so great, your ability to kill a neighbour but your better ability to work with them. @Retrograde @Darklordsis there a reason we can't be one kingdom?
  23. iron hammer (maybe other metals?) uses mallet texture

    WTS unique hammer-mallet.
  24. A New Elevation

    I'd be up for that, although I'm not sure the 3 WL gods are properly balanced against Libila. What would happen to my existing WL demigod priests? Would they lose faith because they're in HotS?
  25. Give us nombers! Care alot of info!

    Both damage and damage reduction can be calculated, but there is a lot of stuff that factors into it. I've written dps calculators and damage reduction calculators in the past, but it was years ago and idk which mechanics have changed since then because I haven't been playing. To find out how the calculation for damage and damage reduction is done, you have to go through the wu code and follow through the methods to the final damage/damage reduction. Certain factors are dependant upon other factors, so this can get fairly complex, for example full sotg is normally 30% dr, but if you also have champion then the sotg dr gets reduced to 10% multiplicative dr. Example of my old dr calculator, probably outdated now: For the dps one I just made a java program that read in your skilldump and output a table of every different combination of metal, weapon, ql at different increments, enchants, etc by going through and doing the entire damage calculation, and then sorting the output on dps descending. It's doable but takes a fair amount of work and understanding. You also have to realize that for the dps one it's just theoretical raw dps, and will vary in real use depending on the type of armor your opponent has, because they have different dr and glance rates vs different styles.
  26. A New Elevation

    Reduce Hell Horse Speeds Hell horses might be a little too fast, we are looking for ideas on how you would like to see them slowed down some ideas include reducing rare shoe bonus and removing the always on speed traits Remove hell horses. It creates another requirement (taming/charm/body control) and it creates a meta. They're too fast and tbh too strong Remove Karma Recall(Along with recall being gone will mean no teleporting out of stupid situations you might get into). It’s no fun to be tracking someone down from a sticky situation they got into and for them to just vanish from being cornered back to a safe deed with everything they own. I dc'd once logged back in and an eagle spirit killed my hell horse. I was stuck about 25 minutes ride away from closest deed, this would be a very long walk. I think a karma cool down on having enemy in local has been a popular suggestion. 15 - 30 minutes Cool down so genuine reasons to karma can still be used. Deeds disbanding on a set number of chain drains(Elevation Only) A common complaint is deeds can be near impossible to disband even after its clear the owner has not been defending it in days. Our current plan is to require 5 drains in a row to disband a deed but we are open to suggestions on what number of drains in a row should trigger an auto disband of that deed. I completly agree with this and I disagree with what @Sindusksaid. The problem is for deeds we live at getting 5 drains should be hard, if you turn up and we have a bigger force, you should be reset. Deeds like this deserve that protection. But trust me, deeds like Crimea when VD cut off Tunnels, bashed the safe mines, took down the dirt walls and basically flattened it, was never going to not get drained - They had made sure that this deed was sieged and reinforcements wasn't getting in. I could have spent Silver keeping the deed around until we had the people to go push off the next drain window/resecure a simple mine hop - But we were defeated, it shouldn't be where i decide to NOT pay silver for it to disband but rather 5 drains and it automatically happens. If they've done all that work and I can't get the defence over, congrats. But if we were draining their capital simply by having More people than they had defenders, and on one night they over power the attackers by Pulling people out of bed to repel that, then it should reset, this deed deserves to stick around, because the players are actually living at it. But you agree with that because the careful wording The update takes a good balance and hits correctly on removing war deeds that are easier to cut off, than deeds that people live at. So I agree 5 drains in a row is a good strike and if they can't pull enough to get the drain, then that should reset. Can only have 4 mine doors placed on any given 11x11 area and must have 3 spaces between each individual mine door. We all know of the current mine door meta, we would like to end that with this new map and put some hard caps on the amount of mine doors in a given area. I agree that 3 spaces per door is great but I disagree with 4 mine doors per 11 x 11 area. This could make griefing a deed very easy, for example I break your 4 mine doors and place my own 4 doors around the deed with buildings under, you've just stopped mine doors in that area. I'd simply keep it to the 3 tiles per door as this does a lot to combat deed defence. I'd suggest making mine doors easier to bash AFTER A DRAIN For 1 hour.
  27. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Sindusk left so the PvP zone was forgotten, currently there is no Dev working on PvP.
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