Player zombies are bugged to all hells

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  • Resurrected players turn into NPCs instead of creatures. This is likely because of an incorrect check in Creature.doNew.
  • Because they are NPCs they show up in local and babble the normal innane stuff NPCs babble in local. (This would actually be cool if they were all "Braaaaainssss!")
  • Npc.isRespawn() returns true for them, which means they can't properly die and will try to respawn after death.
  • Their VisionArea doesn't get destroyed in the process, which means they don't properly respawn either, since Creature.respawn() checks for visionArea == null
  • With every attempt to respawn they move to a new random position (but don't actually show up there since they stay dead due to the visionarea stuff) and create a fresh zombie corpse
  • After about a day of me trying to figure out what's going on, 2 zombie players have managed to litter my server with over 500 corpses
  • There is no way that i found using the available GM tools to get rid of them once it started, the only solution was to shutdown and manualy delete them from the DB (creatures table).

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