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  • Hiya Wurmian folk!

I have asorted a pretty range of enchanted tools and weapons (mix of skillers and a bit of higher QL) that I hope are to your likings.

My Vyns skill is currently at 99,96 Faith, 92 Channeling and 50,6 Soul Depth.


*List is made in alphabetical order*

*I have a 3 minute runed mailbox for ability to send logs/ planks/ longbows*

*Feel free to make offers for Items that do not have a price tag*


  • 1QL small anvil 90coc-1s
  • 78QL small anvil 84coc-84c
  • 3QL small anvil 81coc -81c


  • 25QL large anvil 80coc-80c
  • 24QL large anvil 82coc-82c


  • 73QL awl 70botd-70c
  • 79QL awl 96woa-1,6s


  • 69QL axe 97Nimbleness,97Coc,82Frostbrand-3,5s
  • 69QL axe 89Nimbleness,92Coc,99Frostbrand-3,5s


  • 68QL huge axe, iron, 97Nimbleness 88coc-3s
  • 68QL huge axe, iron, 90 Nimbleness 84coc-2,8s
  • 71QL huge axe,iron, 85FB, 84Coc, 61Nimbleness, Animal demise-2,3s
  • 74QL huge axe, iron, Animal demise, 66Nimbleness, 76coc-1,2s
  • 60QL huge axe iron, 70Nimbleness,91coc,85Frostbrand-2,5s
  • 60QL huge axe iron,69MindStealer,77coc,96Nimbleness,92Frostbrand-3,5s
  • 62QL huge axe iron, 61MindStealer, 87coc,87Nimbleness,77Frostbrand-1,7s
  • 61QL huge axe iron, 73MindStealer,90coc,81Nimbleness,77Frostbrand-2,8s
  • 62QL huge axe iron, 70MindStealer 81coc 77Frostbrand 97Nimbleness-3s


  • 20QL longbow willow 94coc-1,4s
  • 26QL longbow wilow 96coc-1,6s

=Butchering knives=

  • 12QL butchering knife 81coc-81c
  • 56QL butchering knife 82coc-82c
  • 57QL butchering knife 87woa-87c
  • 58QL butchering knife 87coc-87c
  • 55QL butchering knife 72coc-72c



  • 40QL bridle 71botd-71c
  • 40QL bridle 71botd-71c
  • 44QL bridle 71botd-71c
  • 43QL bridle 83botd-83c
  • 41QL bridle 74botd-74c

=Carving knives=

  • 38QL carving knife 80woa-80copper


  • 8QL cheesedrill oleanderwood 72coc-50c


  • 43QL clayshaper oak 80coc-80c
  • 90QL clayshaper oak 90botd-2,5s

=Cooking utencils=

  • 20QL knife 96woa-1,6s
  • 28QL knife 88woa-88c
  • 21QL knife 85woa-85c
  • 26QL knife 79woa-79c
  • 25QL knife 84woa-84c
  • 22QL knife 97woa-1,7s
  • 22QL knife 84woa-84c


  • 74QL file 76botd-76c
  • 33QL file 93coc-1,3s

=Fishing rods=

  • 68QL fine fishing rod willow 98coc-1,8s
  • 68QL fine fishing rod willow 93coc-1,3s


  • 26QL oak fruitpess 84coc-84c
  • 29QL oak fruitpress 87coc-87c
  • 17QL oak fruitpress 88coc-88c
  • 20QL oak fruitpress 91coc-1,1s
  • 48QL oak fruitpress 83coc-83c


  • 13QL grindstone 89coc-89c

=Grooming brushes=

  • 24QL grooming brush oak 76coc-50c
  • 22QL grooming brush oak 85coc 80woa-1s
  • 21QL grooming brush oak 71coc 79woa-80c
  • 3QL gromiing brush, cedar 63coc-20c



  • 40QL hammer 81coc-81c
  • 55QL hammer 72coc-72c
  • 34QL hammer 95coc-1,5s
  • 52QL hammer 80coc-80c
  • 32QL hammer 91coc-1,1s



  • 77QL hatchet 73botd-73c
  • 2QL hatchet 67coc 50woa-50c


  • Lanterns ranging from 58,35QL to 66,83QL painted with gold dye-60c

http://imgur.com/a/4MgY6 -Pic of tower guard admiring the glowy wonder of golden lanterns:wub:





  • 56QL oak mallet 94coc-1,4s
  • 67QL oak mallet 79 botd-79c
  • 80QL oak mallet 81botd-81 c
  • 82QL oak mallet 86botd-86c


  • 68QL Large maul,iron, 82MindStealer, 91coc,100Nimbleness-4,5s
  • 66QL Large maul iron, 82Nimbleness,95coc,99Frostbrand-3,5s

=Meditation rugs=

  • 11QL fine meditation rug 83coc-83copper
  • 7QL fine meditation rug 77coc-77copper
  • 7QL fine meditation rug 74coc-74copper


  • 78QL needle 80coc-80c





  • 69QL pendulum, iron 63 lurker in the dark-63c


  • 76QL pickaxe 84coc-84c
  • 77QL pickaxe 98coc-1,8s
  • 68QL pickaxe 94woa-1,4s


  • 8QL Magranon puppet 83coc-83c


  • 45QL rake 82coc-82c
  • 89QL rake 91woa-1,1s


  • 86QL ropetool oak 80woa 85coc-1,5s
  • :81QL ropetool oak 74botd-70c
  • 46QL ropetool oak 97coc-1,7s





  • 83QL scissors 71botd-71c
  • 27QL 79coc 100woa-


  • 41QL scythe 71MindStealer 86coc 83FrostBrand-2s


  • 68QL scythe 95coc-1,5s


  • 40QL Sickle 80coc 91woa-2s
  • 40QL sickle 88coc 74woa-1,2s
  • 40QL sickle 87coc-87c
  • 40QL sickle 78coc-78c
  • 70QL sickle Animal demise, 82MS, 86Nimbleness, 89COC,74FB-3s


  • 23QL large iron shield 81coc-81c
  • 18QL large iron shield 86coc-86c
  • 19QL large iron shield 82coc-82c
  • 23QL large iron shield 85coc-85c
  • 41QL med oak shield 77coc-77c


  • 80QL shovel 80woa-80coc
  • 68QL shovel 72coc-72c
  • 21QL shovel 89coc-89c
  • 66QL shovel 97woa-1,7s
  • 33QL shovel 70coc-50c
  • 17QL shovel 88coc-88c
  • 18QL shovel 97coc 82woa-2s





  • 70 QL spindle oak 82woa 75coc-1,2s

=Steel and flints=



=Stone chisels=

  • 48QL stone chisel 87woa-87c



  • 25QL Two handed sword 82coc 71Nimbleness-1,3s
  • 67QL Two handed sword 63MS 74FB 75C-1,5s
  • 74QL longsword 74N 75FB 82C-2s
  • 69QL longsword 83N 79C 97FB-3s


  • 90QL trowel 93woa-2s


  • 98QL whetstone 89coc 87woa-1,2s
  • 100QL whetstone 87coc-87c


--------RARES & SUPREMES ------

  • 88QL rare chestnut ropetool 68woa 80coc-4s


  • rare clay shingle
  • rare sandstone shards x3
  • rare slate shard






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Also, if the 16ql scythe with 84 coc is made of iron and is mail able, I'll like to buy it. ..

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Lol funny story. ..you might not want to know. ..

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its a goiod time to sell as all purchases can be brought to the impalong and imped for free.. with a smile`!! and her prices are adjusted for their quality level..

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At the rate things are getting enchanted, you bring up a great point...


I'll have to pick it up after I get home from work ;)

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If you still have 61QL scythe 87coc-1,3s 

please mail to Seelery.



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:wub: cut the prices down on all items. happy holidays!:wub:




:DAnd also- BUMPIES:lol:

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76QL hatchet 92botd-1,5s


C.O.D to Kenshi

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On 12/21/2016 at 9:38 AM, StarsHollow said:

B)91QL rat pelt 82botd-80c

Cod Theredreaper please and Thank you

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Knapsack with champagne - COD to Nordlys pls. :)

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could you COD to Epryss :

80QL pickaxe 85botd-90c
89QL ropetool oak 86botd-80c
70QL leather knife 93botd-1,8s
82QL hatchet 85botd-90c
Thank you

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