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Fake MR Forum

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I've deliberated over this but decided that the risk to other players warranted making this post.


In the PvP arena most are aware that the MR forums were breached, meta gamers gained access to an admin account and through that caused serious damage to the kingdom. Many PvE players may not be aware, nor care.




The account also had the ability to take an emergency backup which the individuals of course did. This backup has been restored on what sounds like an official Wurm Online server but is not. I will not give out its URL simply because leading people to it is counter-productive. If anyone gives you a URL to the Mol-Rehan forums which is not for http://mol-rehan.creative-realms.net  then it is fake and likely dangerous.


I do say dangerous as the copy still has hooks back to the official MR forums including into login details, so this may well be set up for password phishing. As a precaution we have temporarily closed our official forums to ensure any hook backs will fail while we look at our options.



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I have followed this MR incident on the forums and I just don't get it, why there are people who bring PvP fight into real life. Some people got some serious issues when attacking on "enemy kingdom" outside the game. Maybe some reality check would be good? This is a little off-topic, but wanted to point out.


Hopefully you'll get things sorted.

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This is why I love WURM (ok one of the reasons).  The real world is a place where despicable, rude and criminal people lay waiting around nearly every corner in life.  At least WURM is one place we can relax and enjoy good people and fun times.  Thank you Enki and crew for all the hard work you put in, to give us this fun safe harbor in life.

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I am glad to see one of your members posting this information for public awareness. 


Everyone should be aware of the dangers of potentially fake sites, phishing sites, and redirectors.. etc.  Always keep a check on the address of the sites you visit, whether they relate to Wurm Online, it's fan sites, or any site for that matter.  Be sure, be secure, and be safe when browsing the internet.


/Enki (Head Game Master)

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