[PRE-ALPHA] Advanced Construction - Messing with bridges for fun and profit!

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This is mostly a proof-of-concept. Not anywhere near being finished. Don't use on live servers (and if you do - don't complain if it turns your database to mush, eats your pizza and kills all your kitten).




Due to a bug in Ago's server modloader this will not work until it's fixed. I've submitted a PR, until Ago can release a new version you can get a patched modlauncher.jar here:


The source code is available on github:








This mod allows construction of platforms/ramps by utilizing existing bridge parts. Platforms can be constructed in free form, can have multiple connections to the ground or structures, change direction, etc.


To start, activate a (metal) hammer and click a flat tile border. The platform will extend from that tile border. Additional sections can be added by clicking existing sections with a hammer activated.


Since internally the code relies on vanilla bridge code, some limitations still apply, those are unlikely to change:

  • Platforms can't be build in houses
  • Platforms can't be build in mines
  • Platforms can't be build over/under other platforms or bridges
  • Terrain under platforms can't be changed after they are built


Known issues, and limitations i'd like to fix if possible:

  • Wooden platforms can't change direction and will have handrails on the sides due to missing art assets (since wooden bridges can't be 3 tile wide). This does not apply to stone/marble.
  • Only flat platforms can be built for now. Adding an ability to make slopes could lead to more interesting designs.
  • Platforms can't start from houses. You can connect to houses if you start from the ground.
  • Supports can't be built, which makes longer platform look silly. The logic of where and how to place supports is kind'a complicated with freeform structures.
  • Platforms can go over mine exits, which might cause weirdness. Needs testing.
  • Platforms can go over trees which looks silly.
  • Embarking, disembarking, loading and unloading from/to platforms is currently impossible which makes them useless as docks, for now.
  • Permission checks are probably iffy. Needs testing.
  • Removing tiles from platforms is impossible. Once a tile was added, bashing it down will only revert to planed form. Only destroying the whole platform completely will remove them.
  • Vehicles running off the end of a platform will teleport to ground level.
  • Removing platforms sometime leaves a "ghost" plan, that can't be interacted with. It will disappear when re-logging.
  • Found anything else? Please report!
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I.. just w...I... er uh.... wtf..  WOW!


Really nice mod, that's bloody amazing :)

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I'm almost at loss for words, that is fantastic!

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This is my thoughts....


<Xypy> Retrograde if you havnt finished the news yet, +1 bdew's unfinished bridge/platform mod for community content!
<Retrograde> Still an alpha
<Retrograde> Rather wait and see it be complete first tbh
<Xypy> i dont care it is friggin awesomesauce lol
<Xypy> best mod I have seen yet
<Retrograde> It's pretty cool, I agree
<Xypy> but i do see your point
<Xypy> I just think it is probably the first mod that really showcases the possibilities of WU
<Xypy> plus I had to work yesterday and it was my birthday, and I am half a pint of liquor into making up for it today lol
<Retrograde> most mods do tend to be things that are either not really balance oriented, or stable, or good for performance
<Retrograde> haha, not a problem
<Xypy> well most mods so far, even mine, are pretty trivial in what they do, this one is a step above

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Thanks for all the kind words everybody :)


I'll keep working on this when i have the time, and hopefully make it into a fully functional thing somewhere down the line.


Also if somebody that knows 3d modelling could make me full-width wooden bridge models w/o handrails it'd be really awesome and i'd love you forever :P


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i can model somewhat in blender but i will have to spend some time familiarizing myself with wurm models n such.

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Awsome, making a free form bridge type thing was something I wanted to do.


Here is the list of things I wanted to try out:


1. allow bridge types to be place one tile at a time instead of planning the whole thing at once.

2. complete unrestricted use of any bridge tile for every tile.

3. allow slope specification of the bridge tile relative to the border where the player is standing and that slope can be anything the player wants. I'm not sure if bridge tiles can be stretched like terrain so that might limit this point.

4. no skill requirements.


hmm, I guess, gut everything about bridges except the collision code and art accessets.


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Very nice. One day bridges could become the keystone for jump and run maps like minecraft has them.

Edited by Sklo:D

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