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Silvermink Ranch, Independence

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I have a selection of 5 speed horses and 5 speed bison for sale.


5 Speed:

Bison 50c ea  - free wagon with purchase of 4.

Old, Venerable: gold, brown, grey, and black, white 15c

Aged, Mature: 25c

Adolescent, Young or Foal 35c ea


  • Kalilsouth - Black
  • Raincall - Black
  • Babeclip - Brown
  • Caineecker - Brown
  • Warsara - Brown
  • Aishahoney - Gold
  • Ironyoana - Gold
  • Potdance - Gold
  • Lightninghop - White
  • Dancehop - White


  • Pieflea - Black
  • Yasineast - Black
  • Mackhoney - Brown
  • KissKiss - Brown
  • Haltclip - Brown
  • Notchwild - Brown
  • Benhard - Gold
  • Earsouth - White


Male: 2s

  • Macktear
  • Hardhard

Female: 1.5s

  • Annpot


Freedom Wagons 50c with pickup

Wagon with 4 5-speed older horses 1s


I am located in the Crystal Canal, Independence Server. Delivery to most areas for orders over 1s.


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I will take 1 5spd Piebald female. I will be contacting you for a good time to come and pick it up. 

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Bison gone, still lots of 5 speed horses in many colors. New arrival of jet black so hopefully some for sale soon.

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