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All prices has been significantly lowered trying to adjust to the new Market.

We are located on Xanadu Q25, the name of the deed is Modreth
Here on the Map:



We usually don't deliver, unless huge amounts of stuff or otherwise specified, therefore our non-coddable stuff is usually pickup only and often kinda cheap (i believe)

All coddable are sent from a 99courier mailbox and will arrive in a couple minutes! (Thanks Zigozag).

Feel free to contact me (Davih) or Luttuosa in game about anything, ask any questions and/or propose deliveries if you are on a coast (possibly near) and want to buy a significant amount of stuff! we are sometimes (:D) reasonable guys and we can eventually work out something!

This list with get updated, this is what we currently have for sale, if you don't like a price, feel free to make an offer to me (possibly in game!)

c = coc = Circle of Cunning = Increases skill gained using that tool
w = woa = Wind of Ages = increases speed of actions using that tool
botd = Blessing of the Dark (equal to woa+coc in a single cast)
(    ) = Price in coppers or silver - 100c = 1s - (I usually can accept 1 delivered sp(max20) or 1eur instead of 1s if you really wish so)

[Why no spoilers in this list? Because you can CTRL+F (search) and just type the item you are searching for, since there's a bit of everything :D]


Anyway, this is a list of what you'll find here, from the top to the bottom:
Favor / logs / supreme and rare tools-weaps/ weaps-shields / tools / combinables / compasses / bulks / food / rift loot / rare mats/sacs / furniture-decorations / other stuff / armor / potions / horse stuff.

Current stock : 0
We sell favor in form of cordage ropes, we can instantly sell if we have stock, or we can take orders:
1k = 60c
Pickup only for small amounts (under 10k)
- We can delivery for 1 extra silver for amounts over 10k (coastal only, no chaos)
- We can do free delivery for orders over 20k (coastal only, no chaos)
- We can do a 10% discount for PICKUPS over 20k
- We don't do inland or Chaos deliveries for any amount.
- If you are very close to us and you want a discount for delivery, feel free to ask!

 LOGS   (Pickup or codded for +1c each)
50+QL Logs - 150 available (0.2c/each)
70+QL Logs - 80 available (0.3c/each)
80+QL Logs - 30 available (0.6c/each)
85+QL Logs - 600 available (1c/each)

90+QL Logs - 650 available (2c/each)
92+QL Logs - 120 available (5c/each)
95+QL Logs - 350 available (8c/each)
97+QL Logs - 20 available (10c/each)
98+QL Logs - 20 available (12c/each)
99+QL Logs - 30 available (16c/each)
100QL Logs - 30 available (18c/each)

Rare/Supreme Weapons & Tools

QL 97 Supreme Hatchet 100Imbue +10%ql(rune) w93 c77 (70s)
QL 94 Supreme Stone Chisel SCImbue99 botd98 +[Lead Rune of Fo] (52s)
QL 95 Supreme Stone Chisel C97 W89 (23s)
QL 95 Supreme Saw w93 c90 (30s)

QL 97 Supreme Trowel w98 c86 (28s)
QL 93 Supreme Oak Spindle w98 c93 (24s)
QL 80 Supreme Oak Spindle (16s)

QL 30 Supreme Oak Clay Shaper (15s)

Supreme Spoon - Blank (15s)
QL 21 Supreme Whetstone (6.5s)
Supreme Toolbelt (10s
QL 94.6 Rare Pickaxe Imbue97 w85 c78 (45s)
QL 97.4 Rare Small Anvil w94 c80 (11.5s)
QL 97 Rare Small Anvil w88 c75 (10s)
QL 93 Rare Small Anvil W86 C86 (8s)
QL 97 Rare Knife W87 (9s)
QL 95 Rare Needle w96 c72 (7.4s)

QL 95 Rare Stone Chisel w81 c76 (8s)
QL 90 Rare Toolbelt[10 slot] (6s)
QL 95 Rare Needle w76 c71 (5s)

QL 90 Rare Rope tool (oak) c96 w90 (6.3s)

QL 94 Rare Rope tool (oak) w80 c76 (6s)
QL 85 Rare Large Shield pine c74 (6.4s)
QL 80 Rare Large Shield oak (6s)

QL 91 Rare Pine mallet c89 w77 (5s)
QL 87 Rare Pine Spindle w69 c64 (2.4s)
QL 83 Rare Small Metal Shield (5.5s)

QL 80 Rare metal torch rgb198 [equal to lantern?] (5s)
Rare Knife (4s)
Rare Spoon (4s)
Rarre Fork (4s)

QL 82 Rare Needle w76 (2.7s)
Rare Grindstone - Blank (3s)

Rare Spindle Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s)

Rare Spatula Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s)

Rare Clay Shaper Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s)
Rare Oak Fruit Press (2.5s)

QL 95 Rare Dredge w77 c65 (6.5s)
Rare Needle, copper (2s)
Rare Oakenwood Staff (2s)

2x Rare libilla puppet (1.5s each)

Rare Magranon puppet (1.5s)
Rare Fo Puppet (1.5s)

QL 89 Short Sword C101 LT85 N81 (7s)

QL 91 Huge Axe N88 Ms78 C77 LT75 (4.1s)
QL 81 Huge Axe LT82 N81 C70 (340c)
QL 80 Huge Axe LT77 C77 N70 (300c)
QL 80 Huge Axe LT80 C75 N70 (280c)
QL 81 Huge Axe N82 C80 LT70 (280c)
QL 90 Two handed Sword LT90 N83 C72 (450c)
QL 90 Two handed Sword N82 C72 LT70 (270c)
QL 90 Longsword N90 LT89 C78 (500c)
QL 90 Longsword LT89 C80 N75 (410c)
QL 90 Longsword LT87 N71 C69 (375c)
QL 80 Longsword C88 LT82 N74 (330c)
QL 82 Longsword N85 LT71 C70 (300c)
QL 89.7 Large Maul N87 LT85 C73 (480c)
QL 80 Large Maul C81 LT80 N77 (350c)
QL 80 Large Maul C88 LT83 N70 (320c)
QL 89.9 Sickle C82 N75 LT73 (285c)
QL 90 Medium Bow, Willow n68 c66 (170c)
QL 36 Huge Axe C82 FB53 N51 (100c)
QL 80 Huge Axe C72 (75c)
QL 78 Huge Axe C66 (50c)
QL 91 Large Maul (1s)
QL 38 Longsword FB56 C54 N44 (65c)
QL 40 Longsword FB84 N76 C53 (175c)
QL 40 Longsword FB70 C59 N58 (100c)
QL 70 Longsword c89 (1s)
QL 40 Longsword C59 FB57 N48 (70c)
QL 40 Longsword FB76 c56 [w62-useless-dispble]] (80c)
QL 38 Longsword FB51 C46 [w55-useless-dispble] (40c)
QL 90 Lead Longsword (3s)
QL 61 Steel Spear c62 (50c)

2x QL 40 Shield, Steel c79 (53c)
QL 17 Shield, iron c58 (39c)

QL 41 Small Shield, Steel c83 (61c)

QL 40 Small Shield, Steel c75 (45c)
QL 24 Small Shield, iron c59 (33c)

QL 41 Large Shield, Steel c84 (63c)

QL 39 Large Shield, Steel c81 (55c)

QL 40 Large Shield, Steel c72 (39c)
QL 16 Large Shield, Steel c71 (35c)

QL 40 Large Shield, Steel c70 (35c)

QL 40 Large Shield, Steel c69 (33c)
QL 19 Large Shield, Steel c55 (20c)
QL 32 Large Shield, iron c70 - w83 aosp70 [useless] (40c)
QL 32 Large Shield, iron c54 - aosp50 [useless] (20c)
QL 45 Large Shield, oakenwood c78 (46c)
QL 14 Axe c72 (34c)

QL 97 Pickaxe w96 c91 (7.2s)
QL 95 Gold pickaxe (2.8s) [semi unique]
QL 95 Gold pickaxe w87 c75 (4.3s) [semi unique]

QL 72 pickaxe c93 w72 (189c)

QL 91 pickaxe w90 (160c)

QL 80 pickaxe w70 c69 (90c)

QL 90 pickaxe w72 (90c)

QL 85 pickaxe w80 (85c)

QL 75 pickaxe w63 c64 (70c)

QL 80 pickaxe w74 (63c)

QL 80 pickaxe w71 (56c)
QL 75 pickaxe w64 (40c)
QL 75 pickaxe w61 (35c)

QL 51 pickaxe w64 (26c)
QL 65 pickaxe c60 ( 27c)

QL 4 pickaxe c57 (10c)
QL 55 Steel pickaxe c82 (54c)
QL 3 Steel pickaxe c89 (75c)
QL 3 Steel pickaxe c87 (66c)
QL 2 Steel pickaxe c85 (60c)
QL 2 Steel pickaxe c84 (58c)
QL 8 Steel pickaxe c82 (54c)
QL 8 Steel pickaxe c80 (50c)
QL 6 Steel pickaxe c81 (52c)
QL 8 Steel pickaxe c78 (46c)
QL 2 Steel pickaxe c77 (44c)
QL 14 Steel pickaxe c77 (44c)

QL 2 Steel pickaxe c76 (42c)
QL 17 Steel pickaxe c76 (42c)
QL 6 Steel pickaxe c76 (42c)
QL 3 Steel pickaxe c75 (40c)
QL 8 Steel pickaxe c74 (38c)

QL 14 Steel pickaxe c73 (36c)
QL 10 Steel pickaxe c73 (36c)
QL 10 Steel pickaxe c72 (34c)

QL 10 Steel pickaxe c71 (32c)
QL 10 Steel pickaxe c70 (30c)
QL 10 Steel pickaxe c70 (30c)
QL 13 Steel pickaxe c66 (23c)
QL 20 Steel pickaxe c65 (22c)
QL 16 Steel pickaxe c64 (20c)
QL 14 Steel pickaxe c61 (16c)
QL 14 Steel pickaxe c60 (15c)

Low ql Seryll Pendulums: 1.2s each
QL 16 seryll pendulum 73Litdark (1.4s)
QL 33 iron pendulum 68litDeep (32c)
QL 33 iron pendulum 63litDeep (28c)

QL 97 Shovel botd100 (9s)
QL 95 Gold Shovel (2.8s) [semi unique]

QL 60 Shovel c84 w63 (90c)

QL 61 Shovel c75 w72 (86c)

QL 60 Shovel c62 w70 (62c)
QL 50 Steel Shovel c71 w61 (60c)
QL 18 Steel Shovel c77 (44c)
QL 18 Steel Shovel c76 (42c)
QL 18 Steel Shovel c75 (40c)
QL 18 Steel Shovel c74 (38c)

QL 18 Steel Shovel c73 (36c)
QL 15 Steel Shovel c71 (32c)
QL 15 Steel Shovel c65 (22c)

QL 60 Shovel w71 (42c)

QL 61 Shovel w66 (34c)

QL 60 Shovel w62 (28c)
QL 70 Shovel w57 (25c)
QL 44 Shovel w56 c43 (10c)

QL 95 Rake botd86 (325c)
QL 95 Rake botd85 (320c)
QL 91 Rake w75 (115c)

QL ~15 Rake c86 (63c)

QL ~15 Rake c80 (50c)

QL ~15 Rake c79 (48c)
QL ~17 Rake c75 (40c)

QL ~15 Rake c74 (38c)

QL ~15 Rake c74 (38c)
QL ~17 Rake c73 (36c)
QL ~17 Rake c72 (34c)

QL ~15 Rake c72 (34c)
QL ~17 Rake c71 (32c)
QL ~17 Rake c69 (28c)

QL ~15 Rake c69 (28c)
QL 8 Rake c69 (28c)
QL 17 Rake c68 (27c)
QL 16 Rake c66 (23c)

QL 97 Hatchet botd99 (8.4s)
QL 95 Gold hatchet w73 (3.1s) [semi unique]
QL 95 Gold hatchet (2.8s) [semi unique]
QL 69 Steel hatchet c69 (40c)
QL 70 Hatchet w61 (30c)
QL 17 Steel hatchet c85 (60c)
QL 6 Steel hatchet c81 (52c)
QL 12 Steel hatchet c79 (48c)
QL 2 Steel hatchet c79 (48c)
QL 6 Steel hatchet c72 (33c)
QL 2 Steel hatchet c69 (28c)
QL 2 Steel hatchet c68 (27c)
QL 2 Steel hatchet c66 (23c)
QL 11 Steel hatchet c66 (23c)
QL 14 Steel hatchet c58 (11c)
QL 10 Steel hatchet c57 (10c)
QL 12 Steel hatchet c56 (9c)
QL 13 Steel hatchet c55 (7c)

QL 97.7 Mallet, Oak (4s)
QL 96 Mallet, Oak (3s)
QL 95 Mallet, Oak (2s)

QL 91 Mallet, Oak w74 c68 (155c)

QL 92.9 Mallet, Oak c65 (140c)

QL 93 Mallet, Oak c84 (133c)

QL 82 Mallet, Oak c79 w76 (110c)

QL 85 Mallet, Oak c83 w62 (100c)

QL 91 Mallet, Oak c85 (100c)

QL 92 Mallet, Oak c77 (90c)

QL 90 Mallet, Oak c85 (85c)

QL 92 Mallet, Oak c74 (85c)

QL 90 Mallet, Oak c69 (85c)

QL 90 Mallet, Oak c70 w59 (70c)
QL 82 Mallet, Oak c62 w58 (70c)

QL 91 Mallet, Oak c73 (70c)

QL 91 Mallet, Oak c68 (65c)

QL 90 Mallet, Oak c68 (50c)

QL 84 Carving Knife w95 c79 (263c)

QL 75 Carving Knife w96 (230c)
QL 83 Carving Knife w80 C67 (120c)
QL 74 Carving Knife w68 (65c)
QL 74 Carving Knife w72 (64c)
QL 80 Carving Knife c67 (60c)

QL 75 Carving Knife w73 (56c)
QL 73 Carving Knife w63 (55c)
QL 29 Carving Knife c61 (16c)
QL 20 Carving Knife w46 (4c)

QL 95 Saw botd92 (4s)
QL 95 Saw w88 (275c)

QL 90 Saw w87 c72 (155c)

QL 85 Saw w85 c84 (153c)

QL 90 Saw w87 (121c)

QL 87 Saw w80 (90c)

QL 80 Saw c72 w70 (89c)

QL 80 Saw w67 c60 (65c)

QL 82 Saw w73 (61c)

QL 80 Saw c69 (53c)


QL 97 Hammer botd98 (9s)
QL 97 Hammer botd94 (6.8s)
QL 98 Hammer, Tin c80 w80 (5.5s)
QL 95 hammer w83 (2.7s)

QL 93 Hammer c73 w73 (200c)

QL 51 Hammer c93 w59 (153c)

QL 52 Hammer c81 w80 (110c)

QL 52 Hammer c78 w69 (80c)

QL 53 Hammer w83 (61c)

QL 51 Hammer c76 (47c)

QL 52 Hammer w73 (41c)

QL 53 Hammer c67 (30c)

QL 51 Hammer w61 (21c)
QL 71 Hammer c58 (18c)
QL 69 Hammer c58 (17c)
QL 48 Hammer c56 (10c)

QL 95 File botd95 (5.5s)
QL 94 File w85 c79 (265c)
QL 78 File botd86 (150c)
QL 68 File c74 (50c)
QL 68 File c65 (28c)

QL 96 Sickle botd100 BrL[+10% gath QL] (12s)
QL 70 Sickle w89 (100c)
QL 70 Sickle w75 c65 (95c)
QL 70 Sickle w80 (70c)
QL 70 Sickle w72 (53c)
QL 70 Sickle w69 (48c)
QL 70 Sickle w67 (35c)
QL ~15 Sickle c83 (59c)
QL ~15 Sickle c82 (56c)
QL ~15 Sickle c79 (48c)
QL ~15 Sickle c72 (33c)
QL ~15 Sickle c70 (30c)
QL ~15 Sickle c66 (24c)

QL 94 needle c80 (2.3s)
QL 24 needle c74 (38c)
QL 24 needle c72 (34c)
QL 47 needle c71 (34c)
QL 26 Needle c70 (30c)
QL 51 Needle c67 (26c)
QL 23 Needle c59 (13c)

QL 97 Scissors botd97 (8.5s)
QL 95 Scissors botd98 (7s)
QL 48 Scissor c88 (70c)
QL 75 Scissors c48 w48 (20c)
QL 71 Scissors c54 (18c)

QL 97 Stone Chisel botd99 (9.4s)
QL 93 Stone Chisel w95 c62 (3.3s)
QL 95 Stone Chisel w69 (225c)

QL 85 Stone Chisel w90 c65 (142s)

QL 81 Stone Chisel c87 w65 (113s)
QL 85 Stone Chisel w83 (90c)
QL 82 Stone Chisel w69 (55c)
QL 80 Stone Chisel w60 (40c)
QL ~30 Stone Chisel c82 (54c)
QL ~30 Stone Chisel c69 (28c)

QL 23 Butchering Knife c95 (190c)
QL 90 Butchering Knife c78 (126c)
QL 90 Butchering Knife c73 (116c)
QL 22 Butchering Knife c91 (94c)
QL 23 Butchering Knife c85 (51c)
QL 22 Butchering Knife c79 (49c)
QL 22 Butchering Knife c78 (47c)

2xQL 22 Butchering Knife c72 (32c)

QL 23 Butchering Knife c70 (31c)

QL 23 Butchering Knife c69 (29c)

2xQL 23 Butchering Knife c66 (25c)

QL 23 Butchering Knife c63 (20c)

QL 22 Butchering Knife c62 (19c)

QL 23 Butchering Knife c61 (17c)
QL 23 Butchering Knife c60 (16c)

QL 22 Butchering Knife c59 (14c)
QL 39 Butchering Knife c56 (10c)

QL 95 Knife w74 (255c)
QL 95 Knife w80 (270c)
QL 95 Knife w92 (350c)
QL 94.5 Knife w98 (465c)

QL 80 Knife w81 (70c)
QL 80 Knife w82 (62c)

QL 8 Knife c84 (58c)

QL 19 Knife c82 (54c)

QL 76 Knife w74 (53c)

QL 19 Knife c81 (52c)

QL 8 Knife c78 (46c)

QL 19 Knife c70 (30c)

QL 19 Knife c70 (30c)

QL 8 Knife c68 (27c)

QL 8 Knife c67 (25c)

QL 97 Awl botd104 (12s)
QL 95 Awl botd95 (5.6s)
QL 92 Awl botd94 (3.7s)
QL 51 Awl c83 (56c)
QL 60 Awl w66 (20c)
QL 54 Awl c62 (18c)
QL 51 Awl c60 (15c)
QL 56 Awl c57 (13c)

QL 95 Small Anvil w91 c83 (345c)
QL 70 Small Anvil w76 c51 (65c)

QL 71 Small Anvil c61 w71 (75c)
QL 70 Small Anvil w72 (55c)
QL 70 Small Anvil w65 (37c)

QL 95 Large Anvil w82 (4.5s)

QL 51 Large Anvil c82 w64 (84c)

QL 71 Large Anvil w81 (82c)

QL 70 Large Anvil w67 (55c)
QL 50 Large Anvil w57 (25c)

QL 95 leather Knife botd95 (5.6s)
QL 95 leather Knife botd94 (520c)
QL 80 Leather Knife w93 c69 (185c)
QL 80 Leather Knife c82 w56 (75c)
QL 87 Leather Knife C43 (52c)
QL 56 Steel Leather Knife c68 (32c)
QL 57 Leather Knife c67 (30c)
QL 53 Leather Knife c63 (26c)
QL 62Steel Leather Knife c62 (26c)
QL 55 Leather Knife c61 (21c)
QL 66 Leather Knife w61 c42 (30c)

QL 95 Steel Trowel W94 C82 (8.5s) [semi unique]
QL 97 Trowel botd99 (9.4s)

QL 50 Trowel c85 w75 (105c)
QL 44 Trowel w70 (33c)
QL 69 Trowel w63 (32c)
QL 75 Trowel w60 (30c)

QL 51 Trowel c60 (20c)
QL 68 Trowel c48 (12c)

QL 92 oak rope tool botd97 (4.8s)
QL 92 oak rope tool w89 c80 (280s)
QL 92 oak rope tool w83 c76 (230c)
QL 92 oak rope tool c68 w63 (180c)
QL 85 pine rope tool w89 c69 (160c)
QL 53 oak rope tool w45 (5c)

QL 75 oak Spindle w73 c72 (80c)
QL 77 oak Spindle w76 (55c)

QL 70 oak Clay Shaper w87 c83 (135c)
QL 70 oak Clay Shaper c67 w62 (55c)
QL 70 oak Clay Shaper c60 w62 (47c)
QL 76 oak Clay Shaper c53 w47 (23c)
QL 50 oak Clay Shaper c50 (10c)

QL 70 oak Spatula w87 c83 (135c)
QL 70 oak Spatula w67 c65 (60c)
QL 70 oak Spatula w60 c60 (42c)
QL 50 oak Spatula c56 (12c)
QL 75 oak Spatula w50 c44 (15c)

QL 90 oak Grooming Brush w90 c65 (157c)
QL 85 oak Grooming Brush w88 c77 (149c)
QL 75 oak Grooming Brush w73 c69 (84c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c86 (63c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c85 (60c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c79 (48c)
QL 42 oak Grooming Brush c77 (44c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c77 (44c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c76 (42c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c71 (32c)

QL 43 oak Grooming Brush c66 (24c)
QL 33 oak Grooming Brush c62 (18c)
QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c58 (12c)


QL 41 beautiful meditation rug c74  (38c)

QL 41 fine meditation rug c66  (24c)
QL 22 meditaiton rug c69 (29c)
QL 7 meditation rug c67 (25c)
QL 7 meditation rug c66 (24c)

QL 100 2dmg Mountain Lion Pelt w86 c84 (125c)

QL 100 Large Rat Pelt c64 w64 (60c)

QL 18 Mountain Lion Pelt c74 (38c)

QL 26 Mountain Lion Pelt c73 (36c)

QL 41 Mountain Lion Pelt c71 (32c)

QL 96 Mountain Lion Pelt c66 (30c)

QL 53 Dog Pelt c69 (28c)


QL 100 Whetstone c75 w89 (140c)

QL 81 Whetstone c97 (240c)

QL 100 Whetstone c85 w64 (110c)

QL 97 Whetstone c66 w64 (55c)

QL 100 Whetstone c68 w57 (55c)

QL 100 Whetstone c76 (52c)

QL 100 Whetstone c64 w57 (51c)

QL 100 Whetstone c74 (58c)

3x QL 100 Whetstone c68 (37c)

QL 100 Whetstone c67 (35c)

QL 100 Whetstone c64 (31c)

QL 100 Whetstone c63 (29c)
QL 95 Whetstone c59 (18c)
QL 95 Whetstone c58 (17c)

Buckets (gathering sap / milking):
QL 84 Oak Bucket w62  (55c)
QL 81 Oak Bucket w67 (48c)
QL 79 Oak Bucket w62 c57 (70c)
QL 79 Oak Bucket w53 c52 (48c)
QL 64 Oak Bucket c76 (47c)
QL 55 Oak Bucket c71 (35c)
QL ~48 Oak Bucket c67 (30c)
QL ~48 Oak Bucket c66 (28c)
QL ~48 Oak Bucket c65 (26c)

Dredges (all birchwood, can't be other materials)
QL 81 Dredge w90 (110c)

QL 81 Dredge w86 (90c)

QL 81 Dredge w75 c51 (70c)

QL 81 Dredge w73 (61c)

QL 82 Dredge w67 (50c)

QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c81 (52c)
QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c80 (50c)
QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c78 (46c)

QL 60 Fruit Press, Oak c64 (32c)

QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c67 (25c)
QL 29 Fruit Press, Maple c54 (4c)

QL 90 Scythe w84 (1.5s)
QL 82 Scythe c76 w72 (110c)
QL 80 Scythe w76 (72c)
QL 2 Scythe c57 (10c)
QL 29 Steel Scythe c52 (5c)

QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c81 (52c)
QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c78 (46c)
QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c75 (41c)
QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c67 (25c)
QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c63 (20c)

QL 92 Leggat botd97 (5.4s)

QL ~48 Press, Oak c68 (27c)
QL ~48 Press, Oak c66 (24c)
QL ~48 Press, Oak c65 (23c)

QL 86 Willow Fine fishing rod c45 (40c) coddable!
QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c68 (52c) coddable!
QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c71 (57c) coddable!
QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c82 (79c) coddable!
QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c88 (100c) coddable!

QL 70 Oak Practice Doll (25c)


QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle w87 c49 (84c)

QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c71 w53 (63c)

QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c77 w48 (57c)

QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c71 w62 (55c)

QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle w62 c58 (45c)

QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c87 (70c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c75 (41c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c73 (35c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c71 (31c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c66 (24c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c64 (21c)
QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c63 (20c)

Combinables: (Shipped in low weight, Ask me if you don't know how to use them)
Iron Lump w92 c73 (160c)
Iron Lump w62 c61 (55c)
Iron Lump w61 (25c)
Iron Lump c52 w49 (17c)

Steel Lump c101 (3.5s)
Steel Lump c93 (120c)
Steel Lump c75 (40c)
Steel Lump c70 (30c)
Steel Lump c69 (28c)
Steel Lump w82 c75 (94c)
Steel Lump w71 c73 (68c)
Steel Lump w61 c69 (44c)

Zinc Lump c88 (70c)

Zinc Lump c73 (36c)

Zinc Lump c72 (34c)

Zinc Lump c71 (32c)

Zinc Lump c69 (28c)

Zinc Lump c68 (27c)

Charcoal w81 c89 (127c)
Charcoal w86 c72 (97c)
Charcoal w80 c78 (96c)
Charcoal c87 (70c)
Charcoal c83 (56c)
Charcoal c73 (36c)
Charcoal c67 (25c)
Charcoal c62 (18c)
Charcoal c59 (12c)

Marble Shards c90 (80c)
Marble Shards c86 (65c)
Marbe Shards c76 (42c)
Marble Shards c72 (33c)
Marble Shards c67 (25c)
Marble Shards c65 (22c)
Marble Shards c60 (15c)
Marble Shards c82 w81 (106c)
Marble Shards w80 c69 (88c)
Marble Shards c76 w61 (70c)
Marble Shards w69 c58 (58c)

Rock Shards c80 w80 (100c)
Rock Shards c69 w64 (49c)
Rock Shards c72 (33c)
Rock Shards c65 (25c)

Clay c83 (56c)
Clay c68 w67 (52c)
Clay c75 w57 (50c)
Clay w74 (38c)
Clay w62 (18c)
Clay c56 w36 (10c)

Tooth c66 (24c)
Tooth c49 (4c)

Cotton c77 (45c)
Cotton c75 (41c)
Cotton c73 (35c)
Cotton c71 (31c)
Cotton c70 (30c)
Cotton c67 (25c)
Cotton c64 (21c)
Cotton c62 (18c)
Cotton c60 (15c)

Water w98 c67 (2.8s)
Water c62 (16c)
Water c59 (10c)

Made to order Tools  (You choose which ones and desired quality/quantity - Completion time varies based on queue or order Size - Check with me if you need it quick.
[Click to Englarge]

QL ~40 Explorer(50c) or Military(80c) Tents, they are coddable, also sending the lock.

QL 81,50 Compass w94 (5s)

QL 73,75 Compass w94 (4.5s)
QL 76.37 Compass w74 (3.8s)
QL 73.89 Compass w77 (3.5s)
QL 73.84 Compass w72 (3.4s)
QL 73.35 Compass w72 (3.3s)
QL 60.10 Compass w81 (2.8s)

Bulks (prices are for pickup)
~50ql Clay = (1s/1k pickup)
90+ql Clay = (20c/100 pickup) or (40c for 128kg (cod included)

100ql Clay = (70c/100 pickup) or (75c for 128kg (cod included)
5000 mixed grass (80c/k pickup) or (10c for 3.2kg cod included)
100ql Mixed grass (25c for 3.2kg cod included)
90 Rafts(25~40ql) (5c each)
Large crates (9c each)

3000 dirt (90c/k)
900 sand (90c/k)

3500 tar (80c/k)

mortar (240c/k)
130 concrete (1c each)

300 stone bricks (200c/k)

11300 rock shards (85c/k)
3000 marble shards lq (80c/k)

100 support beams (4c/e)

1100 iron ore (85c/k)

1500 zinc ore (80c/k)

2500 charcoal 30ish QL (300c/k)

1000 zinc lump (90c/k)

1500 silver ore lowQL (80c/k)

1000 iron lump (1s/k)

1800 lead lumps (70c/k)
3000 Wemp plants (80c/k)

7000 cotton med-low QL (80c/k)

700 Thatch (180c/k)

500 Copper Lumps (100c/k)

500 Brass lumps (100c/k)
1500 wool (100c/k)

low ql cordage ropes (COD INCLUDED) - 3c each / 4c for 33+ql / 5c for 43+ql

net traps (15~30ql) 15c each
Halter ropes 15c each

Sprouts: (1c each, 2c oak/willow/) - can be codded at the unconvinient mailing fee of +1c each, or pickup
Bulk sprout discounts: [-15% price for 100+ / -25% for 500+ / -35% for 1000+ ]

11000 garlic ~88ql

10000 pumpkins ~78ql

9000 corn ~66ql
4500 rice ~78ql
4000 potatoes ~74ql
3000 onions ~67ql
3000 strawberries ~75ql

4000 wheat ~69ql
1000 wheat ~32ql
500 olives ~20ql

150 green apples ~20ql

1000 oat
1000 eyes
1500 cheese

and more... (ask)

Rare mats/sacs:
3 Rare Hunting arrow (12c each)

Supreme Marble Brazier Pillar (16s) pickup only
Rare Large Colorful Carpet [yellow] (7s)
Rare Marble Slab [imp/repairable] (2s) pickup only
2x Rare Chair (2s each)
4x Rare Stool (1.6s each)
2x Rare small crate (2s each) pickup only
Rare Large crate (2s) pickup only
8x Rare Iron Lamp (2s each)
4x Rare iron Torch Lamp (1.75s each) pickup only

Supreme Iron Lamp (7s or offer) pickup only
Hota Gold Statue Man Vs Bear [Cyan color] (25s)
Hota Gold Statue Demon [Cyan color] (25s)
14x Marble Brazier Pillars (85c each) pickup only
3x Red Dragon Skull (5s each)
White Dragon hatchling Skull (5s)
White Dragon Skull (5s)
4x Green Garden Gnome (10s each)

30x Hots Banner (40c each) - now coddable!
6x JK Banner (50c each) - now coddable!
6x MR Banner (50c each) - now coddable!
2x Ebonaura Banner (1s each) pickup only
2x Old template JK Banner (3s each) pickup only
20x Hots Flag (40c each) - now coddable!
2x Ebonaura Flag (1s each) pickup only
2x JK Flag (50c each) - now coddable!

10x Old template JK Flag (2s each) pickup only
Brass birdcage - (2s)
3x Soft Cap, cotton 99ql (2s each) [santa's hats]
12x Fireworks - (80c each)

Other Stuff:
Military Tents QL 45~50 (75c) [ask for what's left, Yes, they CAN be codded] 
Explorer Tents QL 45~50 (45c) [ask for what's left, Yes, they CAN be codded] 
Fantastic Knapsack (18s each)

GEMS 60c/100ql average (only 10+ql left)
QL 90 Silver ring 90 nolocate (5s)
QL 80 gold ring 98 nolocate (7s)
Yoyo, Silver (2s)


Rift Loot:
Shoulder pads, Jewels, moonmetal lumps: click here


Supreme Chain gauntlet (7s or offer)

QL 98.56 potion of woodcutting (5.2s)
QL 96.84 potion of woodcutting (5s)
QL 93.12 potion of woodcutting (4.8s)
QL 90.12 potion of woodcutting (4.6s)
QL 86.13 potion of woodcutting (4.3s)
QL 85.96 potion of woodcutting (4.2s)
QL 83.07 potion of woodcutting (4.0s)
QL 82.08 potion of woodcutting (4.0s)
QL 79.21 potion of woodcutting (3.7s)
QL 78.26 potion of woodcutting (3.6s)
QL 78.14 potion of woodcutting (3.4s)
QL 77.62 potion of woodcutting (3.3s)
QL 77.06 potion of woodcutting (3.3s)
QL 76.77 potion of woodcutting (3.3s)
QL 71.58 potion of woodcutting (3.2s)
QL 69.09 potion of woodcutting (3s)
QL 67.62 potion of woodcutting (2.9s)
QL 66.25 potion of woodcutting (2.9s)

QL 96.25 potion of mining (5s)

QL 86.74 Ointment of Stonecutting (2s)
QL 77.02 Ointment of Stonecutting (1.8s)

QL 77,68 oil of the Weaponsmith (2s)
QL 70,03 oil of the Weaponsmith (1.8s)
QL 69,40 oil of the Weaponsmith (1.7s)

QL 99.20 oil of the blacksmith (5s)

QL 19.75 oil of the weaponsmith (1s)

QL 98,50 Fletching Potion (4.5s)
QL 85.40 Fletching Potion (4s)

50x combat rating "Potions" (3c each)
120x yellow potion (3c each)

Horse Stuff:
(71+ is from 71 to 75ql - price is for each when listed multiple)

Saddle 80ql 70woa (60c)
Saddle - 71+QL - 83woa (76c)

2xSaddle - 71+QL - 79woa (68c)
Saddle - 71+QL - 78woa (66c)

Saddle - 71+QL - 75woa (61c)

Saddle - 71+QL - 73woa (55c)

2xSaddle - 71+QL - 69woa (48c)

2xSaddle - 71+QL - 68woa (47c)
Saddle 63ql 79woa (58c)
Saddle 68ql 72woa (50c)
Saddle 45ql w67 (30c)
Horse shoe - 77QL 104woa (7s)
Horse shoe - 88QL 102woa (400c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 101woa (350c)

Horse shoe - 71+QL 99woa (270c)

2xHorse shoe - 71+ QL 96woa (200c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 95woa (180c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 93woa (125c)

Horse shoe - 71+QL 92woa (110c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 90woa (90c)
5xHorse shoe - 71+QL 88woa (80c)

4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 87woa (76c)
4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 86woa (73c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 85woa (70c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 84woa (68c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 83woa (66c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 82woa (64c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 81woa (62c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 80woa (60c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 78woa (56c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 77woa (55c)

Horse shoe - 71+QL 76woa (52c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 75woa (50c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 74woa (48c)

2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 73woa (45c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 72woa (43c)
1xHorse shoe - 71+QL 71woa (41c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 70woa (40c)
3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 69woa (38c)
4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 68woa (37c)
4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 67woa (35c)
4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 66woa (34c)
6xHorse shoe - 71+QL 65woa (33c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 64woa (31c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 63woa (30c)
Horse shoe - 71+QL 62woa (28c)

2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 61woa (27c)
2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 60woa (25c)
6xHorse shoe - 71+QL 59woa (23c)
7xHorse shoe - 71+QL 58woa (22c)

7xHorse shoe - 71++QL 57woa (20c)
5xHorse shoe - 71QL 56woa (19c)

For horses, check this thread instead : )


Edited by Davih
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Welcome to community!  I have a tunnel that has recently been cut and is about 75% supported now.  I have about a duzzen iron veins I still need to clear.  I plan to use them for skilling mining bet have not gotten to them yet as supporting the path is of higher priority.  I would like to send you after one.  3k to 5k actions are left and I will pay you 5s to kill one regardless if you only dig out 3k.  You will need to completely kill the one vein for the full five silver.  If the vein remains I will pay you by how many ore are dug out.  I can give you a bed to sleep in while you are here.  I have no cooking skill so you will need to sac rare ore and I can use a meditation refresh on you.  The catch is I live on deliverance. Because of your limitations you have listed I am willing to come and pick you up and even return you as well.

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If you have a source of clay near you, I could use 2-3k of it. No rush, just let me know what you could dig. (after the mining job, if you're there now)

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I finished that job, i need to sort out the deed i've just made a bit, but i will for sure be able to dig ouy some clay for you on the next few days :)

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Not a problem. I have work all week, so I'm in no rush. That colossus isn't going to run off (I hope!).

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12 hours ago, Davih said:

I finished that job, i need to sort out the deed i've just made a bit, but i will for sure be able to dig ouy some clay for you on the next few days :)

You honestly dug out 3k-5k ore in a couple days and sailed there and back.. man if i had your drive i'd get alot done.. good for you fellow newbie, standing behind your ad..

you put the word and got s h ! t  done...

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16 minutes ago, Psalamon said:

You honestly dug out 3k-5k ore in a couple days and sailed there and back.. man if i had your drive i'd get alot done.. good for you fellow newbie, standing behind your ad..

you put the word and got s h ! t  done...

I got transported, i didn't sail :) if i had to sail it would have taken 2 weeks, i'm terrible at orientation : D

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On 11/4/2016 at 5:41 AM, NeeNee said:

If you have a source of clay near you, I could use 2-3k of it. No rush, just let me know what you could dig. (after the mining job, if you're there now)

Bought a new shovel today :) i'm at 2k, tell me how much you need! the more the better!

Also, how much would you be willing to pay?

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That was quick! Can I get 3k total? Standard costs are 1k/1silver for bulk stuff. (also, if you get any rare/supreme clay, let me know, I'll buy a few.)

Edited by NeeNee
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sure! 3k for 3s is great! now i'm going to sleep, i will probably have 3k in 12hrs from now!

Fell free to contact me in game so that we can decide about the pickup : )

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I'm at 3k and digging :) found 2 rare clays meanwhile, let me know when you're ready to pickup!

edit : 4k and 3 rare clays

Edited by Davih
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19 hours ago, NeeNee said:

Thanks for the quick clay digging! 

Thanks to you! : )

Also bump and quantities updated

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Edited by Davih
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Some stuff sold, some stuff added, bump! :)

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Good luck with sales... just fyi, rare coins aren't worth anything more than face value. Rare in the sense that they were found foraging or butchering, but not worth a rare price.

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1c coins aren't worth more than 1c for sacrificing to nutrition? o.o

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Nope, they are worth 1c. Unless you can find someone to pay you more.

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