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Llawnroc - the craziest eremite on Affiction , i know him for a long time , nice player with full of  nice ideas and plans, his sword hit hard :)


Sulfurblade - Affiction architect , guy that made Yggdrasil a fortress and put huge work and time to build  tunnels and road on suthwest affiction


Rileys - his life motto is "ship happens" , best shipbuilder i met in Wurm , he build Yggdrasil with Sulfurblade , nice work


Biggibo - know him for long time , helpful player and loyal libila servant , he put alot of work to make HOTS strong


Paradox - CA on affiction , architect of EB , veteran of HOTS , friendly and helpful guy and good fighter


Lorenamontana - crazy skiller , green peace nightmare , he chopped more trees than exist on Epic server , he can kill you for fishing pole ;)


Saddamo -"poor farmer" , legend of an old affiction , well skilled guy and rly friendly , unfortunately he plays "minecrap" now , I hope he will back to Wurm

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I'm bumping up an old thread because I want to call someone specific out for an amazing deed.


Most have heard that the MR forums were hacked, and subsequently someone got onto my account, stole everything of value and sold it so quickly that nothing could be done to recover it.


Enki found my most prized lost possession, my black drake armor, had been sold to someone (who had NO idea it was stolen). this person contacted me and after verifying it was my lost set, SENT IT BACK TO ME. I couldn't afford to pay him what he spent but he didn't ask for anything.


So, salute to my new hero, Smokesthebear (Snorlax on the forums). If you see him around Exodus, make sure to salute.


Also, if any of you purchased on November 26th a smc, supreme hatchet (maker - charabis), a rare hatchet with a very good imbue, an addy helm or glitter axe, enjoy the spoils of my losses and hope you get many years of good use out of them!



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This thread is neat.


I'd like to thank Wynd for helping me build my first rower and giving me a place to stay when I was a HotS newb instead of just killing me.


I'd like to thank Reaping for stealing said first rower then offering to give it back which lead to my place in Dreadnaught Dynasty.


I'd like to thank separately, Armyskin, Awardis and Warrior for being the first people to kill me. I try to pay more attention now. Lol


I'd like to thank Ulviirala for giving me my first sail when I returned their rower I found lost at sea. That was a neat adventure.


I'd like to thank Rolandt for all the gear and advice. I'd still be far more newbie without ya.


I'd like to thank Issle and Hashirama for taking me on my first raid. Ya never forget that one. xP


Finally I'd like to thank all of Dreadnaught Dynasty for all the help and good times both past and to come.


Well there we go. That ended up longer than expected. Thanksgiving day in Wurm. Lol


(P.S. Almost forgot, thanks to Zakerak for all the free boat imps.)


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kimico and shenzo- we wouldnt have horses, or really livestock at all if it werent for our early neighbors


odynn- just for generally being awesome and helpful


Delightfuldee- for saving my life once when i was so frustrated i had my first thought of quitting


noizhead and thorgot- dont know these guus that well, but when i see them rifting they are kind and helpful to any in need, and thorgot if you read this, its been too long since ive annoyed you, ill see you soon ;p


Also older peeps im having issues remembering all the names......


swiffa, telesto, quirki? Quirkl?- again, wouldnt really be anywhere without these guys they helped us way back when we were noobs...... like, a lot


Archaed- he once rode his horse some 2-300 tiles to come save one of us from bleeding out..... and also for all the game info through the years


zkovacs- for the conversions, and for being another kickass neighbor


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Cndo - He is one of the coolest guys in wurm online, and should really get put on this list.


He also owns the greatest account in the game.

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A shout-out to Yldrania for giving back so much to the community. Her selfless work for others shows the spirit of kindness is not gone from our world.


Goldfever - For going above and beyond what your responsibility as a seller should be. I have not forgotten your kindness.


Vernex - For saving my ass when that shark nearly tore my head off. You swam into the water and healed me at 3% health. I should have died then and there.


Wargasm - Even before you knew me you gave me more than I could expect from a stranger. Your friendship has been a corner Stone in my EVE career. Thank you for your wisdom.


Icerns - For letting me learn  to fight with you and showing me that even enemies can have honor. See you on the battlefield.


Stik - for putting up with me and being a formidable mentor. 


And last but not least, GM Astarte, for being there when I have needed you and providing such excellent customer support. You have gone above and beyond what your position requires. Thank you for the good times and your devotion to the game.



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I find the lack of Duce and Oracle/Barakus mentions to be disturbing :(

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