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Found 424 results

  1. Hello! here are the prices for all the materials i want to buy: Blue = Price i pay for each unit of that Rare item Cyan = Price i pay for each unit of that Supreme item Purple = Price i pay for each unit of that Fantastic item (or whatever color this is) Notes: - Items must be FULL weight, ask or contact me if in doubt - You can cod any quantity under 5s of price without asking, i might not always accept quickly (or at all) amounts higher (or way higher) than that, if you want to be sure, please contact me - 90+ damage items are 50% price, if you want more, contact me and tell me which item it is - If some items isn't ont the list, you can ask me (Davih in game or forum PM) -i won't buy shards, rounded stones, concrete and most cooking products, anyway - Some items can only be sent from runed mailboxes (planks,logs,wooden beams), you can find one in most starter cities or you can ask your neighbors where to find one ( Cod: Davih ) Large Nails = 30c/60c/300c Wooden Beam= 30c/55c/300c Small Nails = 25c/50c/300c Leather Strip = 25c/50c/250c Yarn (wool)= 25c/50c/350c Iron Ribbon = 20c/40c/120c Seedling (any) = 20c/40c/120c Shafts = 20c/40c/200c Planks = 20c/44c/250c Rope = 20c/40c/200c Steel Scraping Lips= 20c/40c/200c Square piece of Cloth = 20c/40c/100c Paper sheet = 20c/40c/100c String of Cloth = 20c/40c/100c Clay = 18c/40c/200c Stone brick (no variants, just "stone brick") = 18c/40c/100c Sheet (cloth/iron/tin/copper/lead) = 15c/30c/100c Sprout (Any) = 14c/36c/200c Marble Brick = 12c/25c/60c Peg = 12c/26c/80c Rivets= 12c/24c/80c Wires(iron) = 12c/24c/80c Tar = 12c/24c/80c Lead Lump = 12c/24c/80c Pumpkin (whole) = 12c/24c/80c Acorns = 12c/24c/80c Cordage rope = 10c/20c/50c Wooden Handle = 10c/20c/50c Logs (18+kg) = 10c/25c/60c Copper Lump = 7c/20c/100c Dirt = 7c/20c/50c Iron Lump = 7c/20c/100c (Sorry. getting WAY too much of this) Mortar = 6c/15c/50c (Sorry. getting WAY too much of this) Sand = 5c/15c/50c Needle = 100c Pottery Jar= 1c*ql/3c*ql/8c*ql Clay Jar(unfired) = 100c/300c/800c
  2. Very recently i checked my personal goals and found out one of them is to make fantastic item, so i thought why not to try Therefor I want to try buying all your fantastic materials that are laying around I don't have any list of items and pricing for now, but general rule of tumb is if it's fantastic, full weight and it can be used to create something by attaching no matter how uselles final product is i want it Although usefelness of item that can be made by it will determine how much i'm willing to pay for it. Pls message me ingame or here (same name) with your offers
  3. I'm looking to buy either a crafting account or vynora priest. If it's a priest I'm looking for something with 90+ channeling, secondary skills are nice but I'm mostly looking for the channeling. For a crafting account 90+ mining and high woodcutting/carpentry (high masonry a bonus). Post here or message me what you have for sale with price, thanks.
  4. wts

    Want To Sell Bulk construction items: With free sea delivery to Freedom servers. Can exchange crates or can sell crates with bulk wares (additional 10c per crate). Iron skilling tools priced 1c/power of Circle of Cunning spell - minimum power = 80 CoC, low quality: Iron speed tools priced 50c for the 91ql tool and 1c/power of Wind of Ages - minimum power = 80 Woa, 91+ quality: Iron horse shoes 91ql priced 1,5s for 80-89 woa and 2s for 90-99 woa Iron Locks and Lockpicks Iron Shields all kinds 91ql without casts - 50c/piece Iron Weapons, most kinds 85ql without casts - 50c/piece Silver coins 1s/1€ via Paypal (120s on stock) Random rares and other fun items (offer me if you got a fair price for me) Want To Buy Logs 50+ql average, any type of wood, 1s/k (need 6k more) have empty crates for exchange Empty large crates 7c/ea (need 43 more) with free delivery to my place S11 Independence Valrei items - 20c/each - sent with cod to Deleo. Want to Trade Want to trade bricks and mortar from my stock for rock shards in ratio 1:3 quantity wise. example: 1000 bricks/mortar for 3000 rock shards. All items from lists above can be purchased with both silver coins or euro (via Paypal) in ratio 1:1 In case of questions send me a PM on forum or contact Deleo or Led in game. Thanks for past, current and future deals.
  5. ...
  6. WTB Merchant contract. Willing to pay 6s. Send a forum message, or pm Fearil in game. Thanks,
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for a wagon and 8 5-speed horses preferably today. 4 horses on Release 4 horses on Deli I'm online the rest of the day, you can rach me with a pm here or in game (Flamoush). Flamoush
  8. title says all, pm offers
  9. WTB rare or supreme cheese drill (best oakenwood) - no enchant, ql doesnt matter PM offer with price! DONE!
  10. wtb

    Looking to buy 100s/1g for 100e pm here or in game same name
  11. Purchased, please close
  12. Looking to buy black drake hind or a pair of black drake gloves... if you have any to sell send a PM to me.
  13. As the title says. I would like to buy any of these items. Item Title Spell Spell Description Resistance Weakness Smoke of Sol Occultist Karma Disease Causes 19dmg Infected Wound Physical Poison White Cherry Enchanter(m)/Norn(f) Rust Monster Attacker Weapon Takes more damage Water Disease Red Tome Sorcerer Fireball AoE FireBall Fire Internal Red Cherry Evocator Karma Bolt Causes 19dmg Headwound Poison Physical Blood of Angels(m) Conjurer Continuum 20% Damage Reduction for Duration Acid Cold Blood of Angels(f) Mesmerizer Mirrored Self Creates 3 illusions only enemies can see Acid Cold Green Cherry Berserker(m)/Valkyrie(f) Stoneskin Attacker Misses Next Three Attacks Internal Fire Giant Walnut Druid Lightning Causes a HeadWound Internal Fire Green Tome Worgmaster Summon Worg Summons a Worg Internal Fire Black Tome Necromancer(m)/Witch(f) Summon Skeletons (m)/Wraith(f) Summons 1-9 Skeletons(m)/ 1 Wraith(f) Disease Water Blue Tome Illusionist Stone Wall Click Tile Border to Create a Wall of stone Cold Acid Scroll of Binding Spellbinder Karma Slow Slows Attack Speed Crush Slash Libram of the Night Inquisitor Karma Missile Pierce Bite Slime of Uttacha Witch Hunter(m)/Soothsayer(f) True Strike Next hit is 100% Crit Slash Crush White Tome Summoner(m)/Medium(f) Fire Wall Summons a wall of fire on Tile Border Bite Pierce Tome of Incineration ? Incinerate DoT Fire Spell Fire Bite Key to the Heavens Ascended 0-3 Random Abilities
  14. I want these two items: Rare Knapsack, any QL, no damage, bonus if includes rare champagne Rare Cloth Shoe, any QL, no damage Send me a tell in-game or if I'm not available send me a PM.
  15. Want to buy a starter fighter account, range 30-70usd. Im looking for mainly body stats, weapon/shield/bow wouldn't hurt and if it's a priest all the better, but 80 farming won't raise the price.
  16. Steel : I have enough for now thanks to Macoofer. Seryll: from low Ql to around 70ish, i might buy higher Ql. : Need a lot so any quantity is welcome. : 1 X Seryll Breastplate, 2 X Seryll Plate Sabatons, The piece of my armor set i still need. My location is G-18 Xanadu, im coastal. Leave me a message here or in game. (same name ingame, Zahl)
  17. Like the title says, i want to buy rare sailing boat, no wood type, quality or rune required. Message me with offer here please
  18. Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  19. Want to buy scale pieces, any colour. Please pm me Name: Fairyshine in game or here on forums. Paying 50 copper per 0.01 piece.
  20. I'm looking to buy a good 2handed sword, 10s to spare, if it has a demise and its not human don't bother.
  21. Hi, I'm located on Xanadu, right in the middle of O8.Here is a link to image with precise location, ill try to include it also in this post:!AuKHqcgrPgHFgZw-8IqcYwtWsywXeA Want to buy Courier enchant for my mailbox that i just finished. Interested in level 90 at least. How much, and when? Thanks a lot
  22. Sorted, thanks.
  23. Got me a set, thanks again! Please close it.
  24. WTB or WTT Affordable good ql,enchanted or not Compass and high ql, possible rare or enchanted Fishing rod! Please do not post your offers here, PM me on forum or in game ( Rheascope ) if you have it. It is for gifts for my friends Budjet - 3s for both or trade ( have a lot to offer: spyglass, good ql tortoise shields, epic banners, rare whiskey low ql 4.40 kg, bulk - crops,sprouts,mortar, bricks etc )!
  25. As the title states, i am looking to buy a fo or nahjo priest. Im not too bothered about side skills, but am more interested in faith and channelling skill. Ideally, i would like the priest to be able to cast genesis. PM me or link a WTS page if you can, appreciate the help!