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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, i have for sell today: RARE WHETSTONE 66ql - 3,5s
  2. [02:10:50] A small finely polished stone used to sharpen the edges of weapons. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. [02:10:50] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [85] [02:10:50] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [88] Starting Bid: 3s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None
  3. Greetings! All whetstones are 60c each - cod from 99 courier (1c postal fee). #1 - SOLD #2 - SOLD #3 - SOLD #4 - SOLD #5 - SOLD Items will be sent as soon as possible, and im often online. Please write which number you want and recipients name. If anything is odd or even wrong, please notify me in pm and it will be corrected. Happy wurming! - N
  4. The items will be sent from Independence and the buyer pays the mailcost. I might get some help mailing the items at times from Jekkumage or Froggeryz. All items are completely undamaged. Jewelry Silver items Quality Price Bracelet 95 2s (2x in stock) Bracelet 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Ring 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Necklace 95 2s Necklace 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Statuette, L 90 1s 50c Statuette, V 90 1s 50c M = Magranon, L = Libila, V = Vynora, F = Fo Gold items Quality Price Enchants Statuette, F 82 1s Ring 79 70c Nolocate 87 Ring 79 70c Nolocate 89 Iron items Pendulum, QL Enchants Price 89 LitW76 1s Pelts -Their weight is listed here Dog, QL Enchants Price 100 c61 60c 100 c64 65c 100 c79 1,3s 100 c85 2,1s 100 c97 4s 100 w82 c95 4,5s 100 w95 c93 5s Large rat, QL Enchants Price 100 w80 c93 4,3s 100 c81 2s Mountain lion, QL Enchants Price 100 c68 70c 100 c75 90c 100 c75 90c 100 c76 1s 100 c83 2s 100 c83 2s 100 c83 2s 100 c85 2,3s 100 c87 2,5s 100 c92 3,2s 100 w61 c72 1,5s 100 w76 c73 1,6s Wild Cat, QL Enchants Price 100 - 20c (0x in stock, refilling soon!) Lumps Steel, QL Enchants Price 74 c99 3s 75 c74 70c Iron, QL Enchants Price 96 c70 70c 96 c71 70c 96 c73 70c 96 c74 70c 96 c74 70c 96 c76 75c Silver, QL Enchants Price 92 c63 60c Copper, QL Enchants Price 83 c91 2s 20c Gold, QL Enchants Price - The Discount Corner Mountain lion pelt, QL97 Enchants c68 Price 25c Iron lump, QL96 Enchants c63 Price 30c Iron lump, QL96 Enchants c64 Price 30c Saddle, QL50 Enchants w63 Price 40c Saddle, QL50 Enchants w68 Price 40c Carving knife (iron), QL60 Enchants c52 Price 40c Hatchet (iron), QL53 Enchants c57 Price 30c Hammer (iron), QL64 Enchants c62 Price 40c Scissors (iron), QL64 Enchants w80 c55 Price 60c Trowel (iron), QL65 Enchants c85 Price 70c Whetstone, QL81 Enchants c97 Price 1s 70c
  5. CoD or buy from merchant at Rag and Bone Market, P22 Xanadu.
  6. Make an offer, if I agree on price, I send you item. Buyer pay cod, location exo Q22. note: fishing rod only pick up
  7. A small finely polished stone used to sharpen the edges of weapons. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] Starting bid: 5s Minimum increase: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: Offer Sniper protection: 1 hour
  8. We have 2 rare whetstones up for auction. These will sell separately so please keep that in mind and let us know which item you are bidding on. Starting Bid 1s No reserve. No Buyouts. Min increments of 25c. 1 hour snipe protection. 1. 58.01q rare whetstone with 5.77damage. 90coc and 99woa 2. 79.27q rare whestone with no damage. 99coc and 81woa Have fun and enjoy!
  9. Close.
  10. Buyer pays cod, name in game - Combik Price for each cast: 70-79 power - 30c 80-84 power - 50c 85-89 power - 60c 90-92 power - 80с 93-95 power - 1s 96-97 power - 1,5s 98-99 power - 2s Example price: whetstone with 70 coc and 70 woa - 30c+30c = 60с
  11. Have some 100.0 99.999ql whetstones for sale: 68 WoA ones (2 total): 90c each 72 Woa - 77 Woa ones (5 total): 1s10c each Steel pickaxes for skilling: 6.8ql 62-66 CoC (4 total): 50c each 6.8ql 70-77 CoC (6 total): 70c each PM here or ingame, COD is free.
  12. Price for each cast: 70-79 power - 60c 80-84 power - 80c 85-89 power - 1s 90-92 power - 2s 93-95 power - 2,5s 96-97 power - 3s 98-99 power - 3,5s 100 power - 5s Example price: for whetstone with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s Name ingame - Combik
  13. Location Exo. Buyer pays cod. Price for each cast: 70-79 power - 60c 80-84 power - 80c 85-89 power - 1s 90-92 power - 2s 93-95 power - 2,5s 96-97 power - 3s 98-99 power - 3,5s 100 power - 5s Example price: for whetstone with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s
  14. Buyers pay COD from Xanadu or pick up in P22 on Xanadu 30c 40c 35c 30c 45c 45c 30c 40c PM me here if you want Wind of Ages added as well.
  15. PRICE REDUCTION EFFECTIVE: 2015-10-12 PM me in-game FIRST (Neville or Nacholibre) and if I'm not online then PM me on the forum SECOND: 94.93QL whetstone (WoA67) 95c 93.65QL whetstone (WoA38) 71c 92.11QL whetstone (WoA46) 65c 89.62QL whetstone (WoA44) 39c 89.21QL whetstone (WoA39) 36c 83.17QL whetstone (WoA42) 31c I will CoD to you right away. Thanks!
  16. Whetstone 60c Pelt 70c Shovel 70c Pickaxe 50c Buyers pays COD from Xanadu or pick up from Nexus Landing P22.
  17. One of several examples of Wurm Wogic. Generally the "sharpening" action of a whetstone in smithing works fine for immersion when the item being imped has an edge. Unfortunately it breaks down on items and weapons with little, if any, edges to be sharpened. Can be quite a stretch to fit it into the immersion, So I suggest changing the terminology to something more along the lines of Honing or Filing. Even a blunt instrument can have stray bits of metal to file or hone off.
  18. Time to sell this "gently used" merchandise: Iron Lump - QL 89.69 (Damage 9.30) COC 78 = 75c Whetstone - QL 95.74 (Damage 39.45) COC 77 = 45c Rat Pelt - QL 85.47 (Damage 47.86) COC 75 = 45c Mt Lion Pelt - QL 97.83 (Damage 47.87) WOA 84 = 45c Prearranged Pick up = Kinoss Bay, Indy (Q 10/11) Mail = Buyer pays COD
  19. Auctioning a rare whetstone QL: 94 Enchants: Wind of Ages 96 Circle of Cunning 91 Starting bid: 4s Minimum increment: 10c Buyout: No 1 hour sniper protection The buyer pays for the postage. If pickup is preferred it is to be picked up at Silent Hill, by Mist Lake (Independence). Located at ~56x, 20y on the Independence community map (
  20. Selling some duplicate or otherwise unwanted tools - collection from Southern Release or buyer pays CoD. whetstone 82QL 9.49dmg 89CoC - 90c iron awl 81QL 61CoC - 60c rat pelt 80QL 71CoC - 70c lion pelt 99QL 63CoC - 60c iron hammer 82QL 69CoC - 60c rare yoyo, pinewood 19.52QL - 20c rare door lock, iron 24.55QL - 20c rare pottery bowl 2QL - 50c Damaged pelts and whetstones can have mend cast on them at no extra charge; BS tools can be imped to 90 for an additional 60c. Please specify if you want either of these.
  21. Selling the following rare items: Rare Pickaxe, 83.13ql 73CoC 76WoA - 9.5s Rare Pickaxe, 81.41ql 83CoC 77WoA - 10s Rare Rake, 83.17ql 88CoC 71WoA - 10.5s Rare Hatchet 83.27ql 73CoC 70WoA - 10s Rare Hammer 81.88ql 81CoC 77WoA - 9.5s Rare Chisel 82.25ql 75CoC 78WoA - 8.5s Rare Whetstone 26.89ql - .8s CoD from Xanadu. Also, some non rare items for sale: 70.04ql Sickle 93LT 76CoC 76MS 78Nim (Any Demise Spell from a Vyn Priest may be added at no extra cost) - 7s Mining Potions 99.03QL - 6.5s 93.23QL - 6s 61.44QL - 5s 55.50QL - 4.5s 54.22QL - 4.5s Oil of WS 86.89QL - 2s 75.78QL - 1.8s 72.97QL - 1.8s 62.42QL - 1.8s Oil of Armour Smith 96.21QL - 3s Potion of Stonecutting 98.42QL - 3.5s 98.04QL - 3.5s 80.66s - 2.5s 76.88QL - 2.25s 70.84QL - 2.25s 53.55QL - 2s 46.06QL - 2s Salve of Frost 99.03QL - 1s 88.98QL - .9s 85.70QL - .85s 77.01QL - .7s 72.12QL - .6s 57.55QL - .5s 51.10QL - .5s All Salves for 4s with possible free delivery on Xanadu.
  22. oops.
  23. WTB rare whetstone hql (no dmg) and with high enchants PM offers
  24. Selling a Rare whetstone, QL75 87 wind of ages 94 circle of cunning Looking for 3s for it Buyer pays for mailcost, it's located on Independence.
  25. 3s each + cod from Xanadu