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Found 83 results

  1. Welcome to Modreth Stables. Jet Black, Blood Bay, Piebald and all the other classic colors. In my stables you can find what you need to be faster than the wind! I sell only 5 speed horses (jet blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse). I will be happy to help you making the best choice or giving you all the informations if you want to breed them. All my horses are bred and nursed with love. They are free from negative traits; thanks to my high Animal Husbandry I can assure you very healty animals. Come to find me in Xanadu Q25, right on the coast. I usually have all the special colors (jet black, piebald, blood bay) and the classic too (grey, honey/beige, white, brown, black). Bisons incoming. Animals' date of birth goes for dd/mm/yyyy. I also sell grooming brushes, saddles, horse shoes and everything you could need for your new little friends. Jet Black. Osiohappy: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/04/2017) 1 silver. Wildcoffee: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Starkwing: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Fasterik: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Osioabia: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Ironnotch: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 22/03/2017) 1 silver. Chasergray: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/03/2017) 1 silver. Ironflea: female 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 16/03/2017) 1 silver. Mountainsouth: male 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 13/03/2017) 1 silver. Piebald. Ironchaser: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 23/04/2017) 50 copper. Flashcliff: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 22/04/2017) 50 copper. Bloodbay. Brown. Fastclip: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 24/04/2017) 25 copper. Sadnapa: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 20/04/2017) 25 copper. Eckerpot: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Fasthunting: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Swiftbrisk: male 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 20/03/2017) 25 copper. Silvernorth: male 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 20/03/2017) 25 copper.ite. Black. White. Echopearl: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Honey/Beige/Gold. Wartkiss: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Grey. Haldog: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 20/04/2017) 25 copper. Pearlbenita: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: unknown) 25 copper. Dreamcloud: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: unknown) 25 copper. Westeben: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 23/03/2017) 25 copper. Safe purchases. I will give you the horses with a low quality saddle and a rope per horse; I will unbrand them only when you will arrive in your deed. In this way, you could easily find them even if you should lose them during the trip from my deed to yours. Thanks to the saddle, horses won't move and mantain their position when unleaded; thanks to the brand, nobody else will be able to lead them away without permissions. Foals can't wear saddles. Horses can't plot course. Each player can lead only 4 horses per time. Traits explanation. Speed traits. Fleeter movement than normal: 10% movement speed boost. Strong body: 10 kg carry weight bonus. Lightning movement: 20% speed movement boost. Can carry more than average: 20 kg carry weight bonus. Has very strong leg muscles: 10% speed movement boost and 10 kg carry weight bonus. Other bonus traits. Fight fiercely: gives +1 combat raiting. Tough bugger: 10% less damages taken. Keen senses: nothing worth anything. Unusually strong and healthy: 50% more resistant to disease. Certain spark in the eyes: lifespan is 50% longer. Horse shoes, saddles and grooming brushes. You can find them on our main topic, in the "Horse Stuff" section. We sell wagons too Freedom Island (FI) wagons 30 copper each. Black Legion (BL) wagon. Rare Mol-Rehan (MR) wagon. Jenn-Kellon (MR) wagon. Horde of the Summoned (HOTS) wagon. How to find me. If you are interested in my horses, you can write me on the game or leave me a message on the forum, you will find me always as Luttuosa. Or if you want, you can come to visit me to my deed; usually I am on line from 14 pm to 3 am (UTC +1 / CET Central European Time). I am located in Xanadu Q-25; Modreth is the name of my deed, on the coast. You can come from Esteron too, following the east highway and the pointing sings.
  2. Going to be without internet for a while so want to sell my 84ql supreme forge and 30ql Ebonaura wagon 30s for both. Can deliver to any coastal area except Chaos.
  3. Why not allow hellhorses to stay hitched past aged but link the ability to drive the cart to the driver's skills? Same as captaining ships, you can't captain bigger ships without the required skills. The horses can be hitched but the cart can't be driven so will effectively be useless unless the driver has the skills, which will not only encourage people to get the required skills if they want to have a hellhorse cart, but also stop the worry about these valuable horses going missing via unhitching. Which means, one hellie has a certain skill, two (on a cart or wagon) has higher (say ten more on bc), three has higher, four has higher (so you can't just have four hellhorses on a wagon without the required skill). This can be adapted to the ql of the bridles and wagons and carts too, higher ql gear and vehicles mean slightly lower skill needed.
  4. would like to have an option for a plain white version of the wagon that can have the canvas part dyed any color. would allow for customizable wagons apart from the freedom or other kingdom only wagon types.
  5. I am interested in buying PMK wagons. Currently have, and am not looking for, Eb, MR, DD, BL, JK Macedon, and Pande. Looking Mainly for Crusaders. I am still fairly new, (less than 4 months) and don't know every PMK, so if you have one I haven't listed let me know and I would be glad to consider it! PM Saintdouglas in game(most likely to be seen right away), Saintdoug on forums, or leave a reply here!
  6. This post is just to share something I recently found out, and which caused frustration before I knew (credit to Evening (CA Channel) for this advice): When you want to move stuff like forges, beds, ovens, crates and so on to upper floors from a bottom floor, Build a ladder. Not a staircase. Not a hole in the floor. ONLY A LADDER WILL WORK. Load your stuff into a wagon and park it directly under the ladder. Go up the ladder, and then embark the wagon from the floor you want your stuff to go to. The whole wagon, animals and all, will move to upper floor where you embarked from (through the ladder). Now ride your wagon around upstairs, and unload your stuff where you want it. When ready to go downstairs again, park the wagon directly over the ladder. Unhitch your animals. Go down the ladder, haul the unhitched wagon downstairs with a rope. Go upstairs again, hitch the animals to your wagon (which is now downstairs) through the hole of the ladder. The animals will appear hitched to the wagon on the bottom floor. This method is great for moving whole wagons full of stuff upstairs, and getting empty wagon down again. On a different note, and in case someone missed this gem: There was a recent change which allows loading full wagons, carts, bsbs and fsbs. You can also drag full drafts and chests between wagons or carts. Great news
  7. I would like to ask that wagons be allowed to load 1 FSB or BSB for the sake of trade. Maybe even require the Capacity expansion rune to make it possible? As a person who hopes to expand trade in Wurm, the ability to load BSB's and FSB's on ships is amazing! However the inability to transport a single loaded one on a wagon is a great hindrance to trade as not everyone has a port side city. Alternatively this could be fixed by allowing unlimited or repeated action transfers of goods from BSB/FSB to crates and vice versa.
  8. Yesterday, I logged out in a building leaving my wagon under a door. The horses where on side A, the actual wagon itself on side B. On logging in the door dissappeared. Moving the wagon outside and relogging does not bring back the door. This door was timber framed.
  9. Pandemonium Designs I am auctioning off 1 Pandemonium Wagon design . this be a 2 day auction. starting bid: 1s 1s increments no buyout: you can either pick up: they are located on deli. or we can bring to you for free.
  10. Pandemonium Designs I am auctioning off 1 Pandemonium Wagon and 1 military tent design . this be a 2 day auction. starting bid: 1s 1s increments no buyout: you can either pick up: they are located on deli. or we can bring to you for free.
  11. Simple idea... If you are currently embarked on a vehicle, the context menu on that vehicle now includes an additional item, Change Position. The submenu would list all available vehicle positions. Clicking one would move you to that position. This would allow people to ride in whichever slot they prefer on a ship, instead of trying to get people to embark in the right order. I'm not seeing any downsides or unintended consequences... and it seems like it would be a frequently used option. JS
  12. The Empire of Mol-Rehan has HOTA statues and MR Kingdom items for sale; HOTA Statues, flags and banners are available from the merchant on Deliverance at the Fire and Sand deed located at; Wagons and other Empire of Mol-Rehan items currently available on Exodus from the Barkeep of the Azkaban Pub located inside the Azkaban Embassy (use the side entrance) at the The Old Comtemptibles deed located at; Dragon - 50s Lady of the Lake - 30s Stag - 20s Man VS Bear - 7.5s Scorpion - 7.5s Wolf VS Bison - 7.5s Two Dogs VS Boar - 7.5s Nogump - 7.5s Bull VS Bear - 7.5s Demon - 7.5s These items in very limited supply and can no longer be made Kingdom Banners - 5s Tall Banners - 5s Flags - 2s Guard Towers - 1s 25c Wagons - 15s For inquiries on statues message myself, Jakerivers or Madnezz on the forums or contact Aranarth or Eroing ingame, delivery can be arranged for a extra charge. Inquires on wagons please contact Jakerivers or Aranarth. For HOTA Statue sales, bulk goods may be traded as well, send me a message with quantities, quality and what you are looking to trade for. Bulk Goods: - dirt - reinforcement beams - bricks - mortor HOTA Statue weigh 150kg, so make sure you can lift that much before sailing over, and don't forget how easy it is to sail from server to server with the new 'Plot Course' system.
  13. Pandemonium Designs I am auctioning off 1 Pandemonium Wagon design . this be a 2 day auction. starting bid: 1s 1s increments no buyout: you can either pick up: they are located on deli. or we can bring to you for free.
  14. We are auctioning off the first set of The Crusaders pmk design. The only way to obtain these pmk items are via these auctions. This is a bundle that comes with two banners, two flags, two tall banners, one wagon and one tent. All items will be 50 quality, delivery to any coast excluding Xanadu. Taking bulk materials in trade as well pm to negotiate ratios. This auction will not acknowledge bid's by Oreo or Cornchips. Tall Banner Banner Flag Wagon Tent starting bid:1s 1s increments no buyout:
  15. Pandemonium Designs I am auction off the first sells of Pandemonium design . this will end on Sunday morning. Be the First to get the designs. What you see is what you will get!! And you can see out the back of the wagons starting bid:1s 1s increments no buyout: you can either pick up: they are located on deli. or we can bring to you for free.
  16. Auctioning off one Black Legion wagon. The kingdom is now defunct so no more of these will be made. The wagon is currently on Deliverance but can be moved to another server. Starting Price = 10s Increments of 50c 1 hour snipe protection. Will accept sleep powder (1s) or a referral (5s) as partial payment.
  17. Selling MR wagon located on NE Indy, Lothloriean meadows, F22 in game map 15s
  18. As the title reads I want to buy a Ebonaura wagon. Since I don't have a big enough boat I will not be able to come and pick it up. I live on indy (15x,18y) or 11G.
  19. A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the wagon. Ql: 50.664654, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Korsarul, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 10s Min Increments: 1s Buyout price: 20s Sniper Protection 1 Hour Delivery included (except for Chaos)
  20. Hey everyone, For those that haven't met me yet I just moved to the server from Xanadu. I'm looking to buy an affordable wagon locally to help me move my stuff around rather than going back to Xanadu for the ones I have there. LMK what you think is fair and I can come pick it up.
  21. hello, if item is possible to send by mail will be send, if something is not mailable, buyer need to pick up. don't worry about long time mailing, [04:12:22] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [100] (1 minute mailbox) contact ingame Kgorski, if you want to place mailing order on forum, please place the name of character, to which i should send. Potions from uniques: woodcuting ql 94 4s stonecuting ql 55 2s stonecuting ql 70 2s stonecuting ql 35 2s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s weapon smith ql 81 2,5s weapon smith ql 88 2,7s weapon smith ql 34 1,5s weapon smith ql 51 2s weapon smith ql 98 3s weapon smith ql 75 2,5s weapon smith ql 73 2,5s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s armor smith ql 47 1,5s armor smith ql 45 1,5s tailoring ql 82 2s fletching ql 93 2s supreme knapsack and champagne ql 62,77 price 4s
  22. For sale: Template Jk wagon, oakenwood 50ql 25 silver PM Reaping ingame. free delivery to any server border coast. (not interior lakes)
  23. Vend a Horse!! Where you can get all your horse's needs. Where are located south of Lormere at Q 15 We deliver. Delivery cost may vary. Our prices are: All animals are 5 speeds with no negative traits Aged and younger Horses that come in White, Gold, Black and Brown for 50 copper each. Bison at 75 copper each. Hell horses at 1 silver each. Wagons at 50QL for 1 silver Horse shoes 40 copper a set of 4 of 50ql Large Crates 10 copper each
  24. Not sure if a bug per se. If you embark wagon as commander, you get the option on animals to unhitch them one by one. However, you can only do that on the two animals closer to you, because the horses/bisons in the first row are "too far away". If that could be fixed, that'd be greeaaat.
  25. Hi, I have recently founded a PMK on an offline Wurm U server. I have been able to add custom Banners, Tall Banners, Flags and Tabards (for those interested was very helpful). I am assuming that there should be a file for wagons in the pmk.jar that hasn't yet been added to the game files, however I just wanted to know if anyone had found a way around this and has found a way to add in custom wagon textures. I have found the .dds (image) files in the "graphics.jar/transports" and am unsure if the "Wagon_main.wom" file is what needs to be changed. Also how do you edit a .wom file? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance