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Found 431 results

  1. I'm selling the list of items below, drop a message here or contact me ingame: Two handed sword 66ql HD N91 RT65 1S Two handed sword 27ql C69 FB73 N86 1S Small maul ql81 rt92 60C Small maul 72ql rt81 botd68 1S Small maul 72ql rt81 c61 65C Butchering knife ql51 c78 40C Butchering knife ql50 c72 35C Butchering knife ql51 c74 35C 51ql carving knife 94woa 1.1s 51ql carving knife 91woa 85c 50ql carving knife 90woa 80c Shovel ql15 c66 30C Shovel 90ql woa75 1.1S Shovel 90ql woa84 1.2S Shovel 90ql woa85 1.2S Steel shovel 19ql coc82 65c 3ql hatchet coc80 65c 80ql hatchet 92woa 1.1S 80ql hatchet 78woa 55c 9ql Oakenwood grooming brush coc75 50c 9ql Oakenwood grooming brush coc81 60c 53ql grindstone 86coc 75c 9ql grindstone 83coc 65c SOLD 9ql grindstone 81coc 62c 9ql grindstone 80coc 60c 9ql grindstone 79coc 50c 9ql grindstone 75coc 48c 9ql grindstone 75coc 48c 9ql grindstone 71coc 45c 90ql awl 86coc 68woa 2S 79ql trowel 67woa 65c Rare unfinished open fireplace 3s Right elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75ql 1.25S Left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75ql 1.25S Exquisite shoulder pad, leather 1.5S Ribboned shoulder pad 75ql 75c Ribboned shoulder pad 75ql 75cS Right layered shoulderpad, steel 1.5s Double shoulderpad, cotton 75ql 1S Skull shoulderpad 75ql 1s Left shielding shoulderpad, iron 1s Spear bracelet seryll 75ql 1S Fist bracelet seryll 75ql 1S Huge Sword bracelet 50ql 75c Huge Sword bracelet 75ql 1S Zinc lump 73ql coc71 50c Zinc lump 73ql coc73 52c Zinc lump 73ql coc75 55c Gold lump 91ql coc70 48c Gold lump 91ql coc73 52c Gold lump 91ql coc74 54c Gold lump 91ql coc75 55c Copper lump 52ql 72coc 51c Copper lump 52ql 73coc 52c Copper lump 52ql 88coc 75c Water coc 70 48c Water coc 71 50c Water coc 77 60c Water coc 83 66c Water coc 83 66c Iron lump 97ql coc79 60c Iron lump 97ql coc78 57c Iron lump 97ql coc75 55c Iron lump 97ql coc72 51c Runes: NEW PRICING SYSTEM!! (lower pricing) Prices are now automatically calculated from a exponential formula) (more runes will comes soon) Mailbox size increase runes: (works on both stone and wood mailboxes) Stone rune of magranon, zinc 6,71ql 9c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 8,89ql 12c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 9,55ql 13c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 10,04ql 13c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 10,46ql 14c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 11,60ql 16c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 12,73ql 18c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 38,09ql 86c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 41,42ql 99c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 41,97ql 1.01S SOLD Stone rune of magranon, zinc 42,97ql 1,05S SOLD Stone rune of magranon, zinc 66,07ql 2.12S SOLD 10% higher ql on gathering resources: Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 7,11ql 10c SOLD Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 7,19ql 10c SOLD Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 8,95ql 12c SOLD Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 13,91ql 20c SOLD Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 14,40ql 21c SOLD Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 24,70ql 44c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 27,85ql 53c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 35,64ql 77c 10% Raking/harvesting bonus: Crystal rune of Fo, gold 15,53ql 27C SOLD Crystal rune of Fo, gold 18,08ql 35C SOLD Crystal rune of Fo, gold 23,66ql 55C SOLD 10% Increased volume: Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 29,16ql 57c SOLD Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 31,90ql 65c Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 32,92ql 68c Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 33,33ql 70c Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 38,08ql 86c Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 38,73ql 88c Wooden rune of Magranon, silver 61,61ql 1,89s Decent glow: Crystal rune of Jackal, brass 30.80ql 62c Reduce weight by 10%: Stone rune of Libila, zinc 9.02ql 15c SOLD Stone rune of Libila, zinc 11.92ql 18c SOLD
  2. market

    Wurm shopping made easy Open So, we've been selling online for a while and now that most of the features I wanted on the website are implemented, I figured it's time to hit the forums. You would think it would have been easier the other way around -- probably. Anyway, for those who don't know us yet, we sell a lot of stuff, and we sell it cheap. You can find a non-exclusive list of what we sell here (or click the image on top). We're humans, we forget to add things to the list, so if you don't find an item you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask. Imping We do imps too. What about the price? I think it's pretty cheap. You can figure it out yourself anyway thanks to our pretty little calculator available here: According to our policy (see about us page), we will imp anything we sold for half the price up to the QL advertised on our website. Enchants For now we can't always accept custom enchant orders. When we do, we make the item ourselves so if it shatters we can always make a new one, and it can take some time. If you need your own item enchanted (e.g. a rare), we're not the right people for the job at the moment. Why this thread? 1. Reputation. It's hard to build it when everything is is under your control. We've been told many times that we needed a guestbook, but IMO that wouldn't be very trustworthy, I could write anything I want myself, so if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. this is the place. 2. You'll have a way to find us if you forget our URL or if you're simply not online when we post in the trade chat.
  3. We are Back! Sorry if you tryed to contact us in the past months, we have stopped playing for a while due to real life, but now we are back and ready to trade as we were before! : ) We are located on Xanadu Q25, the name of the deed is Modreth Here on the Map: We usually don't deliver, unless huge amounts of stuff or otherwise specified, therefore our non-coddable stuff is usually pickup only and often kinda cheap (i believe) All coddable are sent from a 99courier mailbox and will arrive in a couple minutes! (Thanks Zigozag). Feel free to contact me (Davih) or Luttuosa in game about anything, ask any questions and/or propose deliveries if you are on a coast (possibly near) and want to buy a significant amount of stuff! we are sometimes (:D) reasonable guys and we can eventually work out something! This list with get updated, this is what we currently have for sale, if you don't like a price, feel free to make an offer to me (possibly in game!) c = coc = Circle of Cunning = Increases skill gained using that tool w = woa = Wind of Ages = increases speed of actions using that tool botd = Blessing of the Dark (equal to woa+coc in a single cast) ( ) = Price in coppers or silver - 100c = 1s - (I usually can accept 1 delivered sp(max20) or 1eur instead of 1s if you really wish so) [Why no spoilers in this list? Because you can CTRL+F (search) and just type the item you are searching for, since there's a bit of everything :D] Anyway, this is a list of what you'll find here, from the top to the bottom: Favor / logs / supreme and rare tools-weaps/ weaps-shields / tools / combinables / compasses / bulks / food / rift loot / rare mats/sacs / furniture-decorations / other stuff / armor / potions / horse stuff. FAVOR Current stock : 0 We sell favor in form of cordage ropes, we can instantly sell if we have stock, or we can take orders: 1k = 60c Pickup only for small amounts (under 10k) - We can delivery for 1 extra silver for amounts over 10k (coastal only, no chaos) - We can do free delivery for orders over 20k (coastal only, no chaos) - We can do a 10% discount for PICKUPS over 20k - We don't do inland or Chaos deliveries for any amount. - If you are very close to us and you want a discount for delivery, feel free to ask! LOGS (Pickup or codded for +1c each) 50+QL Logs - 150 available (0.2c/each) 70+QL Logs - 80 available (0.3c/each) 80+QL Logs - 30 available (0.6c/each) 85+QL Logs - 600 available (1c/each) 90+QL Logs - 650 available (2c/each) 92+QL Logs - 120 available (5c/each) 95+QL Logs - 350 available (8c/each) 97+QL Logs - 20 available (10c/each) 98+QL Logs - 20 available (12c/each) 99+QL Logs - 30 available (16c/each) 100QL Logs - 30 available (18c/each) Rare/Supreme Weapons & Tools QL 97Supreme Hatchet 100Imbue +10%ql(rune) w93 c77 (70s) QL 95 Supreme Stone Chisel SCImbue99 botd98 (55s) QL 95 Supreme Stone Chisel C97 W89 (26s) QL 95 Supreme Saw w93 c90 (35s) QL 97 Supreme Trowel w98 c86 (30s) QL 93 Supreme Oak Spindle w98 c93 (25s) QL 80 Supreme Oak Spindle (18s) QL 30 Supreme Oak Clay Shaper (18s) Supreme Knife - Blank (23s) Supreme Spoon - Blank (18s) QL 21 Supreme Whetstone (7s) Supreme Toolbelt (11s) QL 94.6 Rare Pickaxe Imbue97 w85 c78 (48s) QL 97 Rare Small Anvil w88 c53 (11s) QL 93 Rare Small Anvil W86 C86 (10s) QL 97 Rare Knife W87 (9.5s) QL 95 Rare Needle w96 c72 (7.5s) QL 95 Rare Stone Chisel w81 c76 (8s) QL 90 Rare Toolbelt[10 slot] (7s) QL 95 Rare Needle w76 c71 (5.5s) QL 94 Rare Rope tool w80 c76 (6.1s) QL 85 Rare Large Shield pine c74 (6.5s) QL 80 Rare Large Shield oak (6.3s) QL 91 Rare Pine mallet c89 w77 (5.19) QL 87 Rare Pine Spindle w69 c64 (2.5s) QL 83 Rare Small Metal Shield (5.5s) QL 80 Rare metal torch rgb198 [equal to lantern?] (5s) Rare Knife (4.5s) QL 82 Rare Needle w76 (3s) Rare Grindstone - Blank (3s) Rare Spindle Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) Rare Spatula Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) Rare Clay Shaper Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) Rare Oak Fruit Press (2.5s) QL 95 Rare Dredge w77 c65 (6.8s) Rare Needle, copper (2s) Rare Oakenwood Staff (2s) 2x Rare libilla puppet (1.5s each) Rare Magranon puppet (1.5s) Rare Fo Puppet (1.5s) Weapons/Shields: QL 91 Huge Axe N88 Ms78 C77 LT75 (4.5s) QL 81 Huge Axe LT82 N81 C70 (380c) QL 80 Huge Axe LT77 C77 N70 (320c) QL 36 Huge Axe C82 FB53 N51 (110c) QL 80 Huge Axe C72 (85c) QL 78 Huge Axe C66 (70c) QL 80 Large Maul C81 LT80 N77 (370c) QL 40 Longsword FB84 N76 C53 (175c) QL 40 Longsword FB70 C59 N58 (110c) QL 70 Longsword c89 (1s) QL 40 Longsword C59 FB57 N48 (80c) QL 40 Longsword FB76 c56 [w62-useless-dispble]] (80c) QL 38 Longsword FB51 C46 [w55-useless-dispble] (40c) QL 38 Longsword FB56 C54 N44 (65c) QL 95 Short Bow, Willow N92 C71 (4.2s) QL 90 Medium Bow, Willow n68 c66 (180c) QL 35 Steel Longsword C62 N58 FB57 (90c) QL 89 Short Sword C101 LT85 N81 (8s) QL 90 Lead Longsword (4s) QL 61 Steel Spear c62 (60c) QL 17 Shield, iron c58 (32c) QL 24 Small Shield, iron c59 (33c) QL 45 Large Shield, oakenwood c78 (55c) QL 16 Large Shield, Steel c71 (56c) QL 19 Large Shield, Steel c55 (32c) QL 32 Large Shield c70 - w83 aosp70 [useless] (60c) QL 32 Large Shield c54 - aosp50 [useless] (32c) me QL 14 Axe c72 (52c) Tools: QL 95 Pickaxe w96 (5s) QL 95 Gold pickaxe (2.8s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold pickaxe w87 c75 (4.3s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold pickaxe botd83 (4.2s) [semi unique] QL 72 pickaxe c93 w72 (204c) QL 91 pickaxe w90 (170c) QL 85 pickaxe w80 c64 (126c) QL 80 pickaxe w70 c69 (103c) QL 90 pickaxe w72 (99c) QL 85 pickaxe w80 (95c) QL 75 pickaxe w63 c64 (80c) QL 80 pickaxe w74 (73c) QL 63 pickaxe c68 w61 (70c) QL 80 pickaxe w71 (67c) QL 75 pickaxe w64 c43 50c) QL 1 pickaxe w77 (54c) QL 75 pickaxe w64 (51c) QL 75 pickaxe w61 (47c) QL 51 pickaxe w64 (36c) QL 65 pickaxe c60 ( 35c) QL 4 pickaxe c57 (20c) QL 13 Steel pickaxe c89 (90c) QL 12 Steel pickaxe c87 (80c) QL 6 Steel pickaxe c84 (68c) QL 55 Steel pickaxe c82 (65c) QL 6 Steel pickaxe c81 (62c) QL 2 Steel pickaxe c77 (55c) QL 14 Steel pickaxe c77 (55c) QL 2 Steel pickaxe c76 (53c) QL 17 Steel pickaxe c76 (53c) QL 6 Steel pickaxe c76 (53c) QL 8 Steel pickaxe c74 (48c) QL 14 Steel pickaxe c73 (45c) QL 10 Steel pickaxe c73 (45c) QL 10 Steel pickaxe c72 (43c) QL 10 Steel pickaxe c71 (42c) QL 10 Steel pickaxe c70 (40c) QL 10 Steel pickaxe c70 (40c) QL 13 Steel pickaxe c67 (35c) QL 13 Steel pickaxe c66 (34c) QL 20 Steel pickaxe c65 (33c) QL 16 Steel pickaxe c64 (31c) QL 14 Steel pickaxe c61 (27c) QL 14 Steel pickaxe c60 (25c) Low ql Seryll Pendulums: 1.2s each QL 16 seryll pendulum 73Litdark (1.5s) QL 33 iron pendulum 68litDeep (42c) QL 33 iron pendulum 63litDeep (35c) QL 97 Shovel botd100 (10s) QL 95 Shovel botd91 (4s) QL 90 Shovel w98 c58 (3.5s) QL 95 Gold Shovel (2.8s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold Shovel botd82 (4.4s) [semi unique] QL 60 Shovel c84 w63 (107c) QL 61 Shovel c75 w72 (104c) QL 60 Shovel c62 w70 (78c) QL 50 Steel Shovel c71 w61 (75c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c78 (55c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c77 (53c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c76 (50c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c75 (48c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c74 (47c) QL 18 Steel Shovel c73 (45c) QL 15 Steel Shovel c71 (41c) QL 15 Steel Shovel c65 (33c) QL 60 Shovel w71 (52c) QL 61 Shovel w66 (44c) QL 60 Shovel w62 (38c) QL 70 Shovel w57 (35c) QL 70 Shovel w52 c44 (35c) QL 44 Shovel w56 c43 (22c) QL 95 Rake botd86 (370c) QL 95 Rake botd85 (365c) QL 91 Rake w75 (125c) QL 17 Rake c76 (53c) QL 17 Rake c75 (51c) QL 17 Rake c73 (45c) QL 17 Rake c72 (43c) QL 17 Rake c71 (41c) QL 17 Rake c69 (38c) QL 8 Rake c69 (38c) QL 17 Rake c68 (37c) QL 16 Rake c66 (34c) QL 17 Rake c65 (32c) QL 16 Rake c62 (28c) QL 28 Rake c60 (25c) QL 16 Rake c58 (22c) QL 16 Rake c55 (17c) QL 97 Hatchet botd99 (9.5s) QL 95 Gold hatchet w73 (3.2s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold hatchet (2.8s) [semi unique] QL 70 Hatchet w69 c56 (82c) QL 70 Hatchet w77 (70c) QL 69 Steel hatchet c69 (50c) QL 70 Hatchet w61 (40c) QL 17 Steel hatchet c85 (70c) QL 6 Steel hatchet c81 (62c) QL 12 Steel hatchet c79 (58c) QL 2 Steel hatchet c79 (58c) QL 6 Steel hatchet c72 (43c) QL 13 Steel hatchet c71 (41c) QL 2 Steel hatchet c69 (38c) QL 2 Steel hatchet c68 (37c) QL 2 Steel hatchet c66 (34c) QL 11 Steel hatchet c66 (34c) QL 12 Steel hatchet c64 (31c) QL 14 Steel hatchet c58 (22c) QL 10 Steel hatchet c57 (20c) QL 12 Steel hatchet c56 (19c) QL 13 Steel hatchet c55 (17c) QL 97.7 Mallet, Oak (4s) QL 96 Mallet, Oak (3s) QL 95 Mallet, Oak (2s) QL 91 Mallet, Oak w74 c68 (175c) QL 92.9 Mallet, Oak c65 (150c) QL 93 Mallet, Oak c84 (143c) QL 82 Mallet, Oak c79 w76 (122c) QL 85 Mallet, Oak c83 w62 (112c) QL 91 Mallet, Oak c85 (107c) QL 92 Mallet, Oak c77 (99c) QL 90 Mallet, Oak c85 (97c) QL 92 Mallet, Oak c74 (93c) QL 90 Mallet, Oak c69 (93c) QL 90 Mallet, Oak c70 w59 (85c) QL 82 Mallet, Oak c62 w58 (85c) QL 91 Mallet, Oak c73 (83c) QL 91 Mallet, Oak c68 (70c) QL 90 Mallet, Oak c68 (60c) QL 50 Mallet, Oak c52 (18c) QL 94 Carving Knife c99 w93 (7s) QL 84 Carving Knife w95 c79 (283c) QL 75 Carving Knife w96 (245c) QL 83 Carving Knife w80 C67 (135c) QL 74 Carving Knife w68 (75c) QL 74 Carving Knife w72 (74c) QL 80 Carving Knife c67 (70c) QL 75 Carving Knife w73 (66c) QL 73 Carving Knife w63 (65c) QL 29 Carving Knife c67 (49c) QL 74 Carving Knife c48 (35c) QL 29 Carving Knife c61 (26c) QL 25 Carving Knife w61 (26c) QL 20 Carving Knife w46 (6c) QL 31 Carving Knife c41 (5c) QL 18 Carving Knife w38 (free) QL 95 Saw botd92 (4.4s) QL 95 Saw w82 (2.7s) QL 74 Saw w77 (70c) QL 74 Saw w53 (32c) QL 97 Hammer botd98 (9.5s) QL 97 Hammer botd94 (7.2s) QL 98 Hammer, Tin c80 w80 (5.5s) QL 95 hammer w83 (2.8s) QL 93 Hammer c73 w73 (217c) QL 51 Hammer c93 w59 (173c) QL 52 Hammer c81 w80 (127c) QL 52 Hammer c78 w69 (99c) QL 53 Hammer w83 (71c) QL 51 Hammer c76 (57c) QL 52 Hammer w73 (51c) QL 53 Hammer c67 (40c) QL 51 Hammer w61 (31c) QL 71 Hammer c58 (28c) QL 69 Hammer c58 (27c) QL 48 Hammer c56 (20c) QL 19 Hammer c48 (10c) QL 95 File botd95 (6s) QL 94 File w85 c79 (285c) QL 78 File botd86 (170c) QL 68 File c74 (60c) QL 68 File c65 (38c) QL 70 Sickle w89 (110c) QL 70 Sickle w75 c65 (105c) QL 70 Sickle w80 (80c) QL 70 Sickle w72 (63c) QL 70 Sickle w69 (58c) QL 70 Sickle w67 (55c) QL ~15 Sickle c83 (69c) QL ~15 Sickle c82 (66c) QL ~15 Sickle c79 (58c) QL ~15 Sickle c72 (43c) QL ~15 Sickle c70 (40c) QL ~15 Sickle c66 (34c) QL 95 needle botd92 (4.5s) QL 94 needle c80 (2.5s) QL 19 needle c85 (70c) QL 24 needle c81 (62c) QL 24 needle c74 (48c) QL 24 needle c72 (44c) QL 26 Needle c70 (40c) QL 51 Needle c67 (36c) QL 23 Needle c59 (23c) QL 97 Scissors botd97 (9s) QL 95 Scissors botd98 (7.5s) QL 75 Scissors c48 w48 (36c) QL 45 Scissors c63 (30c) QL 71 Scissors c54 (28c) QL 97 Stone Chisel botd99 (10s) QL 93 Stone Chisel w95 c62 (3.5s) QL 95 Stone Chisel w69 (235c) QL 85 Stone Chisel w90 c65 (162s) QL 81 Stone Chisel c87 w65 (133s) QL 85 Stone Chisel w83 (1s) QL 82 Stone Chisel w69 (65c) QL 80 Stone Chisel w60 (50c) QL 74 Stone Chisel w60 (50c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c95 (201c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c91 (104c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c85 (71c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c79 (59c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c78 (57c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c74 (49c) 2xQL 22 Butchering Knife c72 (42c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c70 (41c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c69 (39c) 2xQL 23 Butchering Knife c66 (35c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c63 (30c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c62 (29c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c61 (27c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c61 (27c) QL 23 Butchering Knife c60 (26c) QL 22 Butchering Knife c59 (24c) QL 39 Butchering Knife c56 (20c) QL73 Knife w69 (50c) QL80 Knife w81 (85c) QL80 Knife w82 (77c) QL95 Knife w74 (270c) QL95 Knife w80 (285c) QL95 Knife w92 (365c) QL94.5 Knife w98 (480c) QL76 Knife w74 (68c) QL 97 Awl botd104 (14s) QL 95 Awl botd95 (6s) QL 92 Awl botd94 (4.2s) QL 51 Awl c83 (66c) QL 60 Awl w66 (30c) QL 51 Awl c63 (30c) QL 54 Awl c62 (28c) QL 51 Awl c60 (25c) QL 56 Awl c57 (23c) QL 97 Small Anvil w97 (6.5s) QL 71 Small Anvil c70 w72 (96c) QL 71 Small Anvil c61 w71 (83c) QL 54 Small Anvil c64 w62 (60c) QL 68 Small Anvil w72 (70c) QL 97 Large Anvil botd88 (10s) QL 90 Large Anvil botd93 (4.5s) QL 50 Large Anvil w57 (30c) QL 59 Large Anvil c74 (60c) QL 95 leather Knife botd95 (6s) QL 95 leather Knife botd94 (540c) QL 80 Leather Knife w93 c69 (205c) QL 80 Leather Knife c82 w56 (95c) QL 87 Leather Knife C43 (62c) QL 56 Steel Leather Knife c68 (42c) QL 57 Leather Knife c67 (40c) QL 53 Leather Knife c63 (36c) QL 62Steel Leather Knife c62 (36c) QL 55 Leather Knife c61 (31c) QL 66 Leather Knife w61 c42 (40c) QL 95 Steel Trowel W94 C82 (9s) [semi unique] QL 97 Trowel botd99 (10s) QL 50 Trowel c97 (255c) QL 42 Trowel c97 (250c) QL 50 Trowel c85 w75 (125c) QL 80 Trowel w83 c60 (120c) QL 44 Trowel w70 (43c) QL 69 Trowel w63 (42c) QL 75 Trowel w60 (40c) QL 51 Trowel c60 (30c) QL 68 Trowel c48 (22c) QL 92 oak rope tool botd97 (6s) QL 92 oak rope tool w89 c80 (290s) QL 92 oak rope tool w83 c76 (240c) QL 92 oak rope tool c68 w63 (190c) QL 85 pine rope tool w89 c69 (170c) QL 53 oak rope tool w45 (10c) QL 75 oak Spindle w73 c72 (1s) QL 77 oak Spindle w76 (65c) QL 70 oak Clay Shaper w87 c83 (155c) QL 70 oak Clay Shaper c67 w62 (75c) QL 70 oak Clay Shaper c60 w62 (67c) QL 76 oak Clay Shaper c53 w47 (37c) QL 75 oak Clay Shaper c58 (30c) QL 50 oak Clay Shaper c50 (16c) QL 70 oak Spatula w87 c83 (155c) QL 70 oak Spatula w67 c65 (80c) QL 70 oak Spatula w60 c60 (55c) QL 50 oak Spatula c66 (35c) QL 50 oak Spatula c56 (20c) QL 75 oak Spatula w50 c44 (27c) QL 42 oak Grooming Brush c77 (54c) QL 18 oak Grooming Brush c70 (40c) QL 43 oak Grooming Brush c66 (34c) QL 10 oak Grooming Brush c65 (33c) QL 33 oak Grooming Brush c62 (28c) QL 33 oak Grooming Brush c62 (28c) QL 18 oak Grooming Brush c58 (22c)* QL 41 beautiful meditation rug c74 (48c) QL 41 fine meditation rug c66 (34c) QL 6 meditation rug c75 (51c) QL 22 meditaiton rug c69 (39c) QL 7 meditation rug c67 (35c) QL 7 meditation rug c66 (34c) QL 22 meditaiton rug c60 (25c) QL 21 meditation rug c58 (22c) QL 22 meditaiton rug c56 (19c) QL 24 meditation rug c55 (17c) QL 21 meditation rug c53 (14c) QL 25 meditation rug c53 (14c) QL 22 meditation rug c52 (13c) QL 22 meditation rug c51 (11c) QL 100 2dmg Mountain Lion Pelt w86 c84 (143c) QL 84 Dog Pelt c92 (120c) QL 97 Large Rat Pelt c81 (75c) QL 100 Large Rat Pelt c64 w64 (70c) QL 18 Mountain Lion Pelt c74 (48c) QL 26 Mountain Lion Pelt c73 (46c) QL 41 Mountain Lion Pelt c71 (42c) QL 96 Mountain Lion Pelt c66 (40c) QL 53 Dog Pelt c69 (38c) QL 100 Whetstone c100 (360c) QL 100 Whetstone c75 w89 (150c) QL 81 Whetstone c97 (250c) QL 100 Whetstone c85 w64 (120c) QL 100 Whetstone c85 (80c) QL 97 Whetstone c66 w64 (68c) QL 100 Whetstone c68 w57 (67c) QL 100 Whetstone c76 (62c) QL 100 Whetstone c68 w53 (61c) QL 100 Whetstone c64 w57 (61c) QL 100 Whetstone c74 (58c) 3x QL 100 Whetstone c68 (47c) QL 100 Whetstone c67 (45c) QL 100 Whetstone c64 (41c) QL 100 Whetstone c63 (39c) QL 95 Whetstone c59 (28c) QL 95 Whetstone c58 (27c) Buckets (gathering sap / milking): QL 84 Oak Bucket w62 (65c) QL 81 Oak Bucket w67 (55c) QL 79 Oak Bucket w62 c57 (80c) QL 79 Oak Bucket w53 c52 (55c) QL ~48 Oak Bucket c76 (52c) QL ~48 Oak Bucket c67 (35c) QL ~48 Oak Bucket c66 (34c) QL ~48 Oak Bucket c65 (32c) QL 16 Steel and Flint c55 (25c) Dredges (all birchwood, can't be other materials) QL 81 Dredge w90 (120c) QL 81 Dredge w86 (100c) QL 81 Dredge w75 c51 (85c) QL 81 Dredge w73 (71c) QL 82 Dredge w67 (60c) QL 75 Dredge w55 (35c) QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c81 (62c) QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c78 (56c) QL 60 Fruit Press, Oak c64 (42c) QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c67 (35c) QL 9 Fruit Press, Oak c55 (17c) QL 29 Fruit Press, Maple c54 (10c) QL 2 Scythe c57 (20c) QL 29 Steel Scythe c52 (15c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c83 (66c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c81 (62c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c78 (56c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c75 (51c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c67 (35c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c63 (30c) QL 92 Leggat botd97 (5.8s) QL ~48 Press, Oak c73 (45c) QL ~48 Press, Oak c68 (37c) QL ~48 Press, Oak c66 (34c) QL ~48 Press, Oak c65 (33c) QL 82 Willow Fine fishing rod c81 (87c) coddable! QL 86 Willow Fine fishing rod c45 (50c) coddable! QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c68 (62c) coddable! QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c71 (67c) coddable! QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c82 (89c) coddable! QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c88 (110c) coddable! QL ~51 Fine fishing rod coc58 (25c) coddable! QL ~50 Fine fishing rod coc58 (25c) coddable! QL 70 Oak Practice Doll (25c) QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle w87 c49 (104c) QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c71 w53 (83c QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c77 w48 (77c) QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c71 w62 (75c) QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle w62 c58 (65c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c87 (80c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c75 (51c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c73 (45c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c71 (41c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c66 (34c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c64 (31c) QL ~10 Mortar And Pestle c63 (30c) Combinables: (Shipped in low weight, Ask me if you don't know how to use them) Iron Lump w92 c73 (180c) Iron Lump w62 c61 (65c) Iron Lump w61 (30c) Iron Lump c52 w49 (22c) Charcoal c89 (90c) Charcoal c62 (28c) Charcoal c59 (23c) Charcoal c55 (17c) Marble Shards c82 w81 (126c) Marble Shards w80 c69 (98c) Marble Shards c76 w61 (80c) Marble Shards c86 (75c) Marble Shards w69 c58 (68c) Marble Shards c72 (43c) Marble Shards c67 (35c) Marble Shards c60 (25c) Rock Shards c80 w80 (120c) Rock Shards c69 w64 (69c) Rock Shards c72 (43c) Rock Shards c65 (35c) Clay c83 (66c) Clay c68 w67 (72c) Clay c75 w57 (70c) Clay w74 (48c) Clay w62 (28c) Clay c56 w36 (20c) Tooth c66 (34c) Tooth c49 (10c) Cotton c77 (55c) Cotton c75 (51c) Cotton c73 (45c) Cotton c71 (41c) Cotton c70 (40c) Cotton c67 (35c) Cotton c64 (31c) Cotton c62 (28c) Cotton c60 (25c) Water w98 c67 (3s) Water c62 (26c) Water c59 (20c) Made to order Tools (You choose which ones and desired quality/quantity - Completion time varies based on queue or order Size - Check with me if you need it quick. [Click to Englarge] QL ~40 Explorer(50c) or Military(80c) Tents, they are coddable, also sending the lock. Compasses: QL 81,50 Compass w94 (5s) QL 82.23 Compass w70 (4.5s) QL 81.42 Compass w82 (4.5s) QL 73,75 Compass w94 (4.5s) QL 78.18 Compass w76 (4s) QL 76.50 Compass w77 (3.9s) QL 76.37 Compass w74 (3.8s) QL 73.89 Compass w77 (3.5s) QL 73.84 Compass w72 (3.4s) QL 73.35 Compass w72 (3.3s) QL 60.10 Compass w81 (2.8s) Bulks (prices are for pickup) 90 Rafts(30~40ql) (5c each) Large crates (9c each) 3000 dirt (90c/k) 900 sand (90c/k) 3500 tar (75c/k) 2000 Clay (95c/k) 2000 mortar (240c/k) 130 concrete (1c each) 300 stone bricks (200c/k) 11300 rock shards (85c/k) 3000 marble shards lq (80c/k) 0 support beams (4c/e) 1100 iron ore (85c/k) 1500 zinc ore (80c/k) 2500 charcoal 30ish QL (300c/k) 1000 zinc lump (90c/k) 1500 silver ore lowQL (80c/k) 1000 iron lump (1s/k) 1800 lead lumps (70c/k) 3000 Wemp plants (80c/k) 7000 cotton med-low QL (80c/k) 700 Thatch (180c/k) 3500 mixed grass (85c/k) 500 Copper Lumps (100c/k) 500 Brass lumps (100c/k) 1500 wool (100c/k) low ql cordage ropes (COD INCLUDED) - 3c each / 4c for 33+ql / 5c for 43+ql net traps (15~30ql) 15c each Halter ropes 15c each Sprouts: (1c each, 2c oak/willow/) - can be codded at the unconvinient mailing fee of +1c each, or pickup Bulk sprout discounts: [-15% price for 100+ / -25% for 500+ / -35% for 1000+ ] Food: 11000 garlic ~88ql 10000 pumpkins ~78ql 9000 corn ~66ql 4500 rice ~78ql 4000 potatoes ~74ql 3000 onions ~67ql 3000 strawberries ~75ql 4000 wheat ~69ql 1000 wheat ~32ql 500 olives ~20ql 150 green apples ~20ql 1000 oat 1000 eyes 1500 cheese and more... (ask) Rare mats/sacs: 3 Rare Hunting arrow (12c each) Furniture/decorations Supreme Marble Brazier Pillar (16s) pickup only Rare Large Colorful Carpet [yellow] (7s) Rare Marble Slab [imp/repairable] (3s) pickup only 2x Rare Chair (2.5s each) 4x Rare Stool (2s each) 2x Rare small crate (2s each) pickup only Rare Large crate (2s) pickup only 7x Rare Iron Lamp (2.5s each or offer) pickup only 4x Rare iron Torch Lamp (2s each) pickup only Rare small raft (2,5s or offer) pickup only Supreme Iron Lamp (7s or offer) pickup only Hota Gold Statue Man Vs Bear [Cyan color] (serious offers pls : ) Hota Gold Statue Demon [Cyan color] (serious offers pls : ) 14x Marble Brazier Pillars (85c each) pickup only 3x Red Dragon Skull (8s each) White Dragon hatchling Skull (8s) White Dragon Skull (8s) 4x Green Garden Gnome (10s each) 30x Hots Banner (40c each) pickup only 6x JK Banner (50c each) pickup only 6x MR Banner (50c each) pickup only 2x Ebonaura Banner (1s each) pickup only 2x Old template JK Banner (3s each) pickup only 20x Hots Flag (40c each) pickup only 2x Ebonaura Flag (1s each) pickup only 2x JK Flag (50c each) pickup only 10x Old template JK Flag (2s each) pickup only Brass birdcage - (2s) 2x Snow Lantern 99ql (1s each) 6x Yule Goat (1s each) 2x Yule Straw Reindeer - 1,5s each 3x Soft Cap, cotton 99ql (2s each) [santa's hats] 10x Fireworks - (75c each) Other Stuff: 60ql Knarr (8s) Military Tents QL 45~30 (80c) [ask for what's left, Yes, they CAN be codded] Fantastic Knapsack (20s) GEMS 70c/100ql average (ask what you need) QL 90 Silver ring 90 nolocate (5s) QL 80 gold ring 98 nolocate (7s) Yoyo, Silver (2s) Rift Loot Armor: Full 92ql Steel Plate set (10s) Rare Chain Jacket 92QL (5s) Supreme Chain gauntlet (7s or offer) Potions: QL 96.84 potion of woodcutting (5.2s) QL 86.13 potion of woodcutting (4.5s) QL 85.96 potion of woodcutting (4.4s) QL 83.07 potion of woodcutting (4.2s) QL 82.08 potion of woodcutting (4.2s) QL 78.26 potion of woodcutting (3.8s) QL 78.14 potion of woodcutting (3.8s) QL 77.06 potion of woodcutting (3.7s) QL 69.09 potion of woodcutting (3.4s) QL 67.62 potion of woodcutting (3.3s) QL 66.25 potion of woodcutting (3.2s) QL 99.20 oil of the blacksmith (5s) QL 97.25 oil of the blacksmith (4.9s) QL 94.50 oil of the blacksmith (4.7s) QL 86.79 oil of the blacksmith (4s) QL 19.75 oil of the weaponsmith (1s) QL 85.40 Fletching Potion (4s) 16x combat rating "Potions" (4c each) 120x yellow potion (3c each) Horse Stuff: (71+ is from 71 to 75ql - price is for each when listed multiple) Saddle 80ql 70woa (70c) Saddle - 71+QL - 83woa (86c) 2xSaddle - 71+QL - 79woa (78c) Saddle - 71+QL - 78woa (76c) Saddle - 71+QL - 75woa (71c) Saddle - 71+QL - 73woa (65c) 2xSaddle - 71+QL - 69woa (58c) 2xSaddle - 71+QL - 68woa (57c) Saddle 63ql 79woa (68c) Saddle 68ql 72woa (60c) Saddle 45ql w67 (40c) Horse shoe - 77QL 104woa (8s) Horse shoe - 88QL 102woa (475c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 99woa (300c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+ QL 96woa (225c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 95woa (200c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 93woa (155c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 92woa (130c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 90woa (100c) 5xHorse shoe - 71+QL 88woa (95c) 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 87woa (90c) 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 86woa (85c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 85woa (80c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 84woa (78c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 83woa (76c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 82woa (74c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 81woa (72c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 80woa (70c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 78woa (67c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 77woa (65c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 76woa (62c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 75woa (60c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 74woa (58c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 73woa (55c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 72woa (53c) 1xHorse shoe - 71+QL 71woa (51c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 70woa (50c) 3xHorse shoe - 71+QL 69woa (48c) 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 68woa (47c) 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 67woa (45c) 4xHorse shoe - 71+QL 66woa (44c) 6xHorse shoe - 71+QL 65woa (43c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 64woa (41c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 63woa (40c) Horse shoe - 71+QL 62woa (38c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 61woa (37c) 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 60woa (35c) 6xHorse shoe - 71+QL 59woa (33c) 7xHorse shoe - 71+QL 58woa (32c) 7xHorse shoe - 71++QL 57woa (30c) 5xHorse shoe - 71QL 56woa (29c) For horses, check this thread instead : )
  4. 10% Off for the next 72 Hours only! Tools: Rare Small Anvil 91 QL 95 WoA 63 CoC - 6.5s (x2) Rare Small Anvil 70 QL - 4.5s each Rare Small Anvil 94 QL 95 WoA 86 CoC - 7.5s Supreme Metal Torch 74 QL - 6s Rare Lantern 75 QL - 3.75s Rare Sickle 87 QL - 5.5s (x2) Rare Fruit Press Oak - 2s each (x5) Rare Butcher Knife - 5s Rare File 89 QL - 4.5s Rare Trowel - 4.5s Rare Saw 90 QL 83 Woa - 6s (x2) Rare Leather Knife - 4s each (x2) Rare Carving Knife - 5s each Supreme Hammer - 25s Rare Hammer 95 QL 97 Armor Smithing Imbue 81 WoA 73 Coc - 20s (x3 )Rare Hammer - 5s each Rare Hammer 69 QL 82 WoA 79 CoC - 6s Rare Frying Pan 39 QL - 2.5s Supreme Dredge - 12s Hatchet 90 QL 100 BOTD - 3.5s Hatchet 13 QL 98 WoA 99 Coc - 2.75s Hammer 41 QL 99 CoC - 2.8s Hammer 89 QL 94 CoC - 2s Hammer 81 QL 83 WoA 89 CoC - 2s Mallet 71 QL 87 CoC 86 WoA - 1s Pick 70 QL 93 WoA 48 CoC - 1.8s Pick 84 QL 96 CoC - 2s Saw 83 QL 100 WoA - 3.5s Whetstone 98 QL 4 dmg 99 CoC - 2.5s Skiller Rake 100 CoC - 3s Skiller Shovel 100 CoC - 3s Butcher Knife 95 CoC - 2s Butcher Knife 90 Coc - 1.3s Carving Knife 71 QL 93 WoA - 1.5s Mountain Lion Pelt 96 QL 3 DMG - 1.2s Weapons: Rare Huge Axe Seryll 89 QL 95 Nimb 99 Frostbrand 93 CoC 67 Mind Stealer - 40s Rare Small Maul 87 QL Nimb 72 Life Transfer 52 Humans Demise - 6s (x2) Rare Small Maul 60+ QL - 5s each Rare Longsword 88 QL 93 Nimb 92 Frostbrand 78 CoC 73 Mind Stealer - 10s (x2) Rare Longsword 60+ QL - 5s each Armor/Shields: Supreme Black Cloth Set - 13.5s (x2) Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s each Plate Vambrace Seryll 89 QL - 10s Black Drake Hide Cap 70 QL - 10s Green Drake Hide Cap 84 QL RUNE: 10% chance to increase rarity when imped rune attached - 10s White Drake Cap 83 QL - 10s Rare Chain Boot Iron 70 QL - 2.5s Horse Gear: (x6) Rare Steel Horse Shoe 80+ QL - 4s each Horse Shoe 70 QL 83 WoA - 90c Horse Shoe 70 QL 88 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 70 QL 89 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 47 QL 97 WoA - 1.6s Horse Shoe 80 QL 84 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 86 QL 84 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 87 QL 87 WoA - 1s Shoulder Pads/Rift Loot/Potions: Human Skull Shoulder Pad - 5s (x2) Left Stylish Shoulder Pad 75 QL - 4s each Glimmersteel Lump 84 QL .34kg - 3s Glimmersteel Lump 85 QL .34kg - 3s Glimmersteel Lump 20 QL .17kg - 1.5s Adamanite Lump 80 QL .32KG - 3s Adamanite Lump 83 QL .33KG - 3s Adamanite Lump 87 QL .38KG - 3.2s Adamanite Lump 88 QL .35KG - 3s Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad 75 QL - 2s (x3) Salve of Frost 65+ QL - 30c each Potion of Woodcutting 44 QL - 2.5s Potion of Woodcutting 73 QL - 3.5s Ointment of Stonecutting 88 QL - 2.75s Oil of the Armour Smith 21 QL - 1s Oil of the Weapon Smith 81 QL - 2.5s Other: Picnic Basket - 2.5s Soft Cap 80 QL (Santa Hat) - 1.5s Rare Ring Silver 94 No Locate - 3.5s Rare Ring Gold - 2s (x6) Rare Libila Puppet - 75c each Rare Source Crystal - Offer Unfinished Items: (x2) Rare Unfinished Oven - 5.5s each (x2) Rare Unfinished Spirit Castle - 5s each (x3) Rare Unfinished Open Fireplace - 2.5s each
  5. Hello if item is possible to send by mail will be send, if something is not mailable, buyer need to pick up. Some people ask what is BotD, so it is the same as WoA and CoC but in one cast example: [17:55:46] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [99] Cast 90+ 302. Pickaxe, iron (coc 91) price 91c 50c 303. Pickaxe, iron (coc 91) price 91c 50c 304. rake, iron (coc 92) ql 1 price 92c 50c 306 . rake, iron (coc 91) ql 1 price 91c 50c 307. awl, iron (coc99) ql 2 price 1s40c 1s 308. knifr, iron (coc91) ql 4 price 91c 50c 309. file, iron (coc102) ql38 price 3s 2s 310. file, iron (coc90) ql17 price 90c 50c knapsack,wool price 1s 50c rare knapsack,cedarwood price 2s 1s supreme knapsack, iron price 5s 4s red dragon hatchling drake hide, leather 86,18 0,00 0,02 price 80c red dragon hatchling drake hide, leather 80,00 0,00 0,02 price 80c snow lantern 99,00 price 1s Potion . oil of the weapon smith 49,83 price 2s . oil of the weapon smith 49,67 price 2s . fletching potion 75,68 price 1s . fletching potion 60,56 price 1s . ointment of tailoring 69,22 price 2s . ointment of tailoring 70,19 price 2s . potion of mining 36,28 price 2s . potion of mining 46,82 price 2s . potion of mining 91,94 price 3s Rift Item depleted ring of the eye, seryl price 2s 1s depleted socketed ring, seryl price 2s 1s left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75,00 price 80c left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 25,00 price 50c lump, adamantine 83,87 0,00 0,35 price 3s lump, adamantine 81,17 0,00 0,33 price 3s lump, glimmersteel 86,66 0,00 0,38 price 3s lump, glimmersteel 80,43 0,00 0,32 price 3s lump, glimmersteel 82,60 0,00 0,33 price 3s rare lump, seryll 29,65 0,00 0,07 price 50c rift stone shards (52x) 48,07 10c pieces rift wood, birch wood (7x) 27,72 10c pieces Pickaxe ql (8 - 15) 7. Pickaxe, iron (coc 86) price 20c 8. Pickaxe, iron (coc 85) price 20c 9. Pickaxe, iron (coc 81) price 20c 10. Pickaxe, iron (coc 88) price 20c 11. Pickaxe, iron (coc 88) price 20c 12. Pickaxe, iron (coc 86) price 20c 13. Pickaxe, iron (coc 83) price 20c 14. Pickaxe, iron (coc 85) price 20c 15. Pickaxe, iron (coc 88) price 20c 16. Pickaxe, iron (coc 87) price 20c 17. Pickaxe, iron (coc 86) price 20c 18. Pickaxe, iron (coc 84) price 20c 19. Pickaxe, iron (coc 84) price 20c 20. Pickaxe, iron (coc 82) price 20c 21. Pickaxe, iron (coc 81) price 20c 22. Pickaxe, iron (coc 80) price 20c 23. Pickaxe, iron (coc 81) price 20c Pickaxe, steel 31. Pickaxe, steel (coc 85) price 20c 32. Pickaxe, steel (coc 85) price 20c 33. Pickaxe, steel (coc 81) price 20c 34. Pickaxe, steel (coc 83) price 20c 35. Pickaxe, steel (coc 80) price 20c 38. Pickaxe, steel (coc 76) price 20c 39. Pickaxe, steel (coc 75) price 20c 40. Pickaxe, steel (coc 75) price 20c 41. Pickaxe, steel (coc 75) price 20c Stone chisel ,Shovel,steel ,Hatchet 50. stone chisel,iron (woa 84) ql85 price 40c 56. hatchet,iron (coc 81) ql 33 price 20c 57. hammer.iron (coc 86) ql 82 price 20c Rake,iron 106.rake,iron (coc 89)ql 1 price 20c 107.rake,iron (coc 89)ql 1 price 20c 108.rake,iron (coc 89)ql 1 price 20c 109.rake,iron (coc 88)ql 1 price 20c 110.rake,iron (coc 88)ql 1 price 20c 111.rake,iron (coc 88)ql 1 price 20c 112.rake,iron (coc 88)ql 1 price 20c 113.rake,iron (coc 87)ql 1 price 20c 114.rake,iron (coc 87)ql 1 price 20c 115.rake,iron (coc 87)ql 1 price 20c 116.rake,iron (coc 87)ql 1 price 20c 117.rake,iron (coc 87)ql 1 price 20c 118.rake,iron (coc 86)ql 1 price 20c 119.rake,iron (coc 86)ql 1 price 20c 120.rake,iron (coc 86)ql 1 price 20c 121.rake,iron (coc 86)ql 1 price 20c Grooming brushes 203.grooming brushes ql 20 coc 82 price 20c Sold
  6. New to the game? Have a town that needs to supply your new members with enchanted skillers? Have a few coopers to spare for a deal? If you said "YES I DO SHAZ!!" then you've come to the right place. Heavy discounts on a hoard of Circle of Cunning (coc) enchanted tools with 70+ power. All tools are iron unless otherwise specified. 1minute mailbox time! Prices are 2copper per power with a base of 30copper @ 70c: 70c = 30c 75c = 40c 80c = 50c 90c = 90c (+4 per power) ex. 77c item is 44copper. Sales List: Butchering Knives (all 58-60ql) 70c 71c (x2) 72c 73c 74c 75c 76c 77c 79c 81c (x4) 82c 83c 85c 86c (x2) 87c 88c 90c (x2) 93c 96c 32ql 65c/65w (50copper) Carving Knife 16ql 74c 15ql 75c File 8ql 83c 24ql 92c Hammer 47ql 70c 57ql 73c 6ql 73c 16ql 73c 8ql 74c 56ql 75c 56ql 75c 56ql 76c 9ql 76c 54ql 77c 53ql 79c 53ql 79c 32ql 80c 40ql 84c 76ql 93c Hatchet 20ql 71c 21ql 75c 38ql 78c 78ql 79c/83woa (1.4s) Leather Knife 35ql 73c 44ql 96c Mallet 71ql 75c87w (75copper) 71ql 71c64w (70copper) 18ql 83c60w (80copper) 85ql 97c (+20copper) 55ql 66c66w (50copper) Needle 69ql 79c Pickaxe (iron) 32ql 70c 56ql 71c 59ql 71c 56ql 72c 38ql 72c 57ql 78c 59ql 81c 57ql 82c 33ql 82c46w (+20copper) 48ql 83c 59ql 85c 30ql 87c 24ql 88c 12ql 99c76w (1.9s) Pickaxe (steel) --> ADD 10c to cost! 47ql 70c 50ql 70c 42ql 72c 44ql 72c 37ql 73c 38ql 77c 50ql 77c 51ql 78c 44ql 80c 42ql 83c 53ql 83c 46ql 85c 33ql 87c Rake 9ql 69c (25copper) 16ql 70c 46ql 75c 35ql 75c Saw 58ql 77c 13ql 79c Shovel 45ql 74c 59ql 74c68w (+20copper) 51ql 73c75w (+30copper) 47ql 85c88w (+40copper)
  7. OPEN for business! Carpentry: Why didnt evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? - K. Pilkington Contact: Nordlys Fine carpentry: Where you find quality you'll find a craftsman, not a quality-expert! - R. Brault Contact: Nordlys Blacksmithing: I would love to come up with a quote, but i got too many irons in the fire as it is. - Nordlys Contact: Willslaphansien Leatherworking: You didnt say anything about my armor. Is it not shiny enough? - Sir Lancelot the great Contact: Rgr Cooking: I cook with wine. Sometimes i even add it to the food! - W. C. Fields Contact: Nordlys Package deals: Packages made for your convenience, and you save some coins aswell! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, ingredients: More variety, better food! Contact: Nordlys Bulk: Note: We're only taking bulk orders up to 5s worth at the time, to avoid taking offers we cant deliver in a respective time frame! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Special oddities: Rares, rift items, enchants, deals and such! Contact and complaints: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien All items will be sent by COD (cash on delivery), the cost is normally 1c per item sent (insert fluid price here), paid by the buyer. All prices are listed without postal fee. Our mailbox got 99 courier cast, and 5% size rune attached (logs, halberds, spears and even some furniture can be mailed). Please write what item, ql of the item, and add recipients ingame name. Legend: Delivery and pickup: Buyers that for some reason wants to be anonymous can send a pm on the forums or ingame, but we appreciate if you write it in this topic. If anything is unclear or some information is missing, please tell us. Note: If we by strange reasons would add an obvious wrong price to an item, or list wrong enchant for example, we may not accept the offer. If you want to pm someone reasonable on the forum about this topic, try Nordlys Happy wurming! - Nordlys
  8. Post or PM All items 40 copper each! Butchering Knife 75.09 QL C70 Leather Knife 60.22 QL C66 Iron Rake 18.36 QL C69 Stone Chisel 80.02 QL W71C35 Grooming Brush, cedar 15.45QL C67 Sickle 15.10 QL C63 Spatula, birch 15.14 QL C62 Carving Knife 16.45 QL C72 Pickaxe, Iron 69.41 QL W65
  9. Tools Leatherwork Misc Have some tools/horsegear with enchants, just send me a message... Make loot of blacksmithing and leatherwork with discounted prices, or single pieces on demand. Feel free to ask, maks QL ~80. PM in-game: "Willslaphanisen" and "Rgr" Remember to add the 1c fee if mailed. Will update with more stuff. -Will-
  10. Hello fellow Wurmians, this sale is happening to help Shrimpiie get funds for this years impalong, all proceeds will go to Shrimpiie to benefit the impalong. NOTE: NONE OF THE ITEMS ON THIS LIST ARE FROM THE IMPALONG, ALL ITEMS ARE FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION. All items will be mailed from my alt to keep any money from mixing. Thank you to all who supported us during this recent impalong and Thank you to everyone who wants to support us with this years Impalong. 30c per item in this spoiler 20c per item in this spoiler 10c per item in this spoiler 5c per item in this spoiler Other: Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad 75 QL (Studded Armor Glance Bonus vs 2H Sword) - 2.5s I will try to keep list updated as items sell, but it may be a bit difficult
  11. Blessings of the Dark, or BOTD, is a medium-to-high favor enchantment that functions as an equivalent cast of both Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning. For example, a BOTD99 mallet would reduce an improvement timer to 6 seconds, while giving as much skill as ~12 seconds, exactly like WOA99 and COC99. All items are provided AS IS and their QL does not factor into pricing, but the tools are generally maintained around QL20. Being a priest-focused shop, the majority of these tools are around creation quality and have only had enchanting work done on them. If you would like an item improved before shipping it to you, available QLs and prices are listed at the bottom of the ad. Should the item's QL be factored into its price, it will be listed alongside enchant power. To save space, our current stock is compressed with spoiler tags. If you don’t see a tool with the right enchant power on it for you, feel free to ask. A section on custom enchanting is below our current stock. Pre-enchanted Stock Awls: Butchering knives: Carving knives: Clay: Clay shapers (sold out): Files: Grindstones (sold out): Grooming brushes: Hammers: Hatchets: Iron lumps: Knives: Leather knives: Large anvils: Leggats: Mallets: Meditation rugs: Note: The speed bonus component of BOTD does not function on meditation rugs, leaving you with the same meditation timer and bonus skillgain as a straight COC cast. Needles: Pelts: Potions: Pickaxes: Rakes: Rope tools: Saws: Scissors: Scythes: Shovels: Sickles: Small anvils: Spatulas (sold out): Steel lumps: Stone chisels: Strings of cloth: Trowels: Whetstones: Custom Enchanting Custom enchanting is currently available. When available, we are happy to enchant both nonspecific items (e.g. a rake with an 80+ cast) or a specific item (such as a rare or supreme of yours). The prices listed below are for enchanting specific items; nonspecific items use pricing similar to our pre-enchanted stock. 70+ BOTD/LT/NIM: 1s 75+ BOTD/LT/NIM: 1s 50c 80+ BOTD/LT/NIM: 2s 85+ BOTD/LT/NIM: 2s 50c 90+ BOTD/LT/NIM: 3s Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour are available as well, for half the listed price of BOTD/LT/NIM. Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cloth Tailoring, Fine Carpentry, Weaponsmithing Improving 70QL: 30c 80QL: 50c 90QL: 1s Note: We have prices for all QLs from 50 to 90, but only the most common are listed here. For an improving job, the price of the item's starting QL is subtracted from the target QL (e.g. improving a blacksmithing item from 80 to 90 would be 100-50=50c). This means improving jobs will always be at least slightly cheaper than the listed price. Bulk Purchase Discount If you order five items, the cost of your order is reduced by 10%. This increases by a further 2% per item, maxing out the discount at 20%. Shatter Compensation No priest is shatterproof, and all enchanting carries risk. Should your item in a custom order shatter, we can compensate you with the silver you would have paid for the successful enchant, either directly or as shop credit. Contact We can be PMed directly on the forums or ingame, character name of Asheram. If Asheram is offline, you can try Noizhead or Melody.
  12. The Rag and Bone Market is located at P22 on Xanadu. We have a number of merchants with items - and if you're interested in any of these items but can't make it out to the market in person, you're welcome to contact me here on the forums and request it be mailed (if the item can be mailed). Please remember you pay all shipping costs. Merchants: Horseshoes and Lamps - various QL horseshoes ranging from 50ql to 75ql Horsesfinecarp - various 5 speed horses for sale (you buy the key and unlock the pen your horse is in, ride it home!) Ibexs Plate - various QL of plate goods, ranging from 70ql-75ql Braavos Carpentry - Check out their information here! Merchant Naiteytools
  13. My prem ends on MAR 5 and going pause again. Should not take long to get back Still can sell anything listed here, just post your reply and I get back to you. You pay COD (1c everywhere!) unless you pickup at Bear Dock, Independence, central south coast, T19 ingame map - runed fast mailbox, so even long bows and spears can be yours in a few minutes! Silvers, euros (1e=1s, paypal verified) and sleep powders (1s each) accepted as payments. All prices are negotiable, discounts for big orders! Custom work, imping (97 BS, 95 carp, 93 WS, 90 shield + leather + cloth + chain + stone cutting + masonry + fine carp, 75 ship). Imp to rare = +2s, imp to sup = +10s (if that happen during imp for you). PM me here or Shaylie ingame. Can arrange COC, WOA, NIM and other Vynora casts. Other stuff: 70ql beautiful med rug - 30c 80ql exq. med rug - 70c 90ql exq. med rug - 1.2s 90ql grindstone - 90c 80ql pottery smelting pot - 50c 80ql iron pendulum - 40c sleep powder - 5x1s 97ql 1.9kg bangers and mash (100 CCFP) - 10c WTS (offer something and if I like it its yours): fireworks 80q 8x torch lamp avg 64ql ointment of stonecutting 79.3ql, 1.2 dmg potion of acid 53ql 16x yellow potion (16-96 ql) RARES: rare cloth glove 90ql rare grindstone 90ql rare pinewood fruit press 90ql 89coc 87woa rare awl 92ql 93 botd rare large iron shield 90ql (LMS) rare iron pendulum 90ql rare steel lump 43ql Armour: 80ql studded set 80ql and 87ql chain set 70ql plate set 84ql cloth set Weapons and shields (plain or coc for woa look at the end of this post at speeders section) long bow willow 52ql 70 coc - 70c (can be COD with my runed mailbox!) (med) shield, iron 50ql 92 coc - 2.76s large shield, iron 80ql 74 coc - 1.04s large shield, iron 81ql 86 coc - 2.02s large shield, iron 90ql 92 coc - 3.16s 2H sword 90ql 89 nim 94 coc 80 LT 87 MS - 8.94s huge axe 90ql 85 nim 86 coc 85 LT 73 MS - 6.85s huge axe 90ql 100 nim 92 coc 81 LT 76 MS - 11.14s axe (med) 90ql 93 nim 89 coc 86 LT 71 MS - 8s large maul 90ql 87 nim 85 coc 97 LT - 7.55s large maul 90ql 90 nim 88 coc 92 LT 73MS - 9.17s maul (med) 90ql 80 nim 81 coc 82 LT 75 MS - 6.61s maul (med) 90ql 88 nim 96 coc 76 LT 78 MS - 7.18s sickle 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s sickle 1ql 87 coc - 1.84s sickle 85ql 84 coc - 1.98s sickle 91ql 93 coc - 3.39s sickle 86ql 75 coc 74 nim - 1.99s sickle 86ql 70 coc 80 nim - 2.70s sickle 90ql 95 nim 89 coc 80 LT 81 MS - 8.35s 80ql = 50c 5x long sword 9x two handed sword 5x huge axe 2x axe (med) 12x large maul 2x maul (med) 5x small maul 1x long spear pinewood (can be COD with my runed mailbox!) 4x butchering knife 8x carving knife 11x iron sickle 5x large shield, iron 17x large shield, oak (87ql) 85ql = 70c 6x two handed sword 3x small maul 26x sickle Skillers (coc or coc+woa casted): clay 70ql coc 75 - 50c iron 87ql coc 91 - 2.2s iron 87ql coc 88 - 1.5s iron 87ql coc 76 - 70c zinc 92ql coc 84 - 1.4s rock shards 90ql coc 88 - 1.5s (2.2kg - can be combined) fork 1ql 82 coc - 1.64s fork 1ql 83 coc - 1.66s spoon 1ql 79 coc - 89c spoon 1ql 85 coc - 1.7s knife 1ql 74 coc - 84c grindstone 1ql 70 coc - 80c grindstone 1ql 73 coc - 83c grindstone 1ql 89 coc - 1.88s mortar & pestle 1ql 71 coc - 81c mortar & pestle 1ql 77 coc - 87c fruit press, oak 30ql 78 coc - 88c fruit press, oak 28ql 85 coc - 1.8s fruit press, oak 34ql 88 coc - 1.86s fruit press, oak 38ql 92 coc - 2.86s butchering knife 11ql 82 coc - 1.62s butchering knife 36ql 92 coc - 2.76s butchering knife 90ql 92 coc - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 82 coc 88 woa - 3.9s butchering knife 90ql 98 coc 93 woa - 6.23s key, copper 21ql 77 coc - 77c key, copper 24ql 80 coc - 1.5s mallet, pine 80ql 38 coc - 28c mallet, pine 83ql 38 coc 58 woa - 86c mallet, oak 25ql 84 coc - 1.68s mallet, oak 81ql 84 coc 79 woa - 2.57s rope tool, pine 70ql 59 coc - 69c rope tool, oak 32ql 79 coc - 79c rope tool, oak 31ql 81 coc - 1.62s rope tool, oak 32ql 89 coc - 1.78s rope tool, oak 80ql 77 coc 74 woa - 1.91s rope tool, oak 85ql 84 coc 94 woa - 4.9s clay shaper, oak 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s spatula, oak 1ql 92 coc - 2.86s small anvil 18ql 80 coc - 1.6s small anvil 18ql 96 coc - 2.88s small anvil 80ql 79 coc 87 woa - 2.83s small anvil 90ql 83 coc 92 woa - 4.82s small anvil 90ql 85 coc 93 woa - 4.89s large anvil 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s large anvil 19ql 91 coc - 2.73s large anvil 80ql 87 coc 89 woa - 3.92s large anvil 90ql 88 coc 94 woa - 5.18s hammer 18ql 76 coc - 76c hammer 90ql 78 coc - 1.18s hammer 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s hammer 81ql 89 coc 83 woa - 3.74s hammer 90ql 94 coc 91 woa - 5.95s trowel 85ql 80 coc - 1.8s trowel 80ql 86 coc 74 woa - 2.76s trowel 81ql 88 coc 71 woa - 2.77s trowel 90ql 93 coc 81 woa - 4.91s trowel 90ql 92 coc 89 woa - 4.95s trowel 90ql 94 coc 89 woa - 5.1s stone chisel 80ql 74 coc - 94c stone chisel 90ql 79 coc 75 woa - 1.94s stone chisel 80ql 73 coc 81 woa - 2.64s stone chisel 83ql 89 coc 85 woa - 3.78s stone chisel 90ql 86 coc 95 woa - 4.97s stone chisel 90ql 90 coc 97 woa - 6.11s steel & flint 18ql 70 coc - 70c steel & flint 16ql 74 coc - 74c steel & flint 6ql 76 coc - 76c steel & flint 18ql 78 coc - 78c steel & flint 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s steel & flint 18ql 84 coc - 1.68s meditation rug 17ql 81 coc - 1.62s meditation rug 17ql 84 coc - 1.68s meditation rug 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s meditation rug 18ql 91 coc - 2.73s meditation rug 18ql 94 coc - 2.82s grooming brush, oak, 19ql 66 coc - 56c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 77 coc - 77c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 80 coc - 1.6s grooming brush, oak, 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s grooming brush, oak, 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s grooming brush, oak 80ql 72 coc 87 woa - 2.76s grooming brush, oak 80ql 80 coc 85 woa - 3.6s scissors 8ql 67 coc - 57c scissors 10ql 72 coc - 82c scissors 10ql 83 coc - 1.76s scissors 82ql 83 coc - 1.93s scissors 80ql 78 coc 77 woa - 1.85s scissors 90ql 81 coc 79 woa - 2.81s needle 17ql 73 coc - 73c needle 18ql 86 coc - 1.72s needle 37ql 97 coc - 2.91s needle 18ql 98 coc - 2.94s needle 90ql 82 coc 92 woa - 4.78s needle 90ql 90 coc 88 woa - 4.88s awl 10ql 70 coc - 80c awl 11ql 85 coc - 1.7s awl 81ql 62 coc - 92c awl 81ql 86 coc - 1.96s awl 80ql 80 coc 84 woa - 3.58s awl 90ql 82 coc 89 woa - 3.82s awl 90ql 82 coc 94 woa - 5.1s leather knife 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s leather knife 85ql 78 coc 80 woa - 2.68s leather knife 81ql 82 coc 86 woa - 3.66s leather knife 90ql 92 coc - 3.26s pickaxe 1ql 71 coc - 81c pickaxe 1ql 77 coc - 87c pickaxe 1ql 84 coc - 1.78s pickaxe 80ql 81 coc 79 woa - 2.71s saw 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s rake 1ql 70 coc - 80c rake 1ql 77 coc - 87c rake 1ql 88 coc - 1.86s rake 85ql 77 coc 77 woa - 1.94s rake 80ql 81 coc 81 woa - 3.24s rake 90ql 79 coc 97 woa - 4.1s rake 90ql 93 coc 84 woa - 4.67s rake 90ql 98 coc 89 woa - 5.32s whetstone 99ql 70 coc - 85c whetstone 94ql 77 coc - 92c whetstone 64ql 81 coc - 1.62s whetstone 95ql 87 coc - 1.89s whetstone 98ql 96 coc - 3.03s whetstone 92ql 99 coc - 3.07s wild cat pelt 82.6ql 0.8kg 89 coc - 1.78s large rat pelt 93ql 3dmg 0.2kg 77 coc - 77c large rat pelt 85.7ql 0.2kg 81 coc - 1.72s mountain lion pelt 90ql 0.4kg 80 coc - 1.7s mountain lion pelt 97ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.9s mountain lion pelt 97.8ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.91s mountain lion pelt 87.4ql 0.4kg 83 coc - 1.76s mountain lion pelt 82.4ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.8s large rat pelt 100ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 3s large rat pelt 95.5ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.9s large rat pelt 92.2ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.85s file 9ql 77 coc - 87c file 1ql 83 coc - 1.76s file 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s file 1ql 95 coc - 2.95s file 90ql 79 coc 91 woa - 3.92s file 90ql 88 coc 93 woa - 4.95s file 33ql 101 coc - 5.05s carving knife 37ql 74 coc - 74c carving knife 37ql 79 coc - 79c carving knife 44ql 80 coc - 1.6s carving knife 37ql 88 coc - 1.76s shovel 16ql 69 coc - 59c shovel 1ql 68 coc - 68c shovel 1ql 73 coc - 83c shovel 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s shovel 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s shovel STEEL 4ql 83 coc - 1.86s shovel 81ql 79 coc 81 woa - 2.71s shovel 82ql 82 coc 80 woa - 3.54s shovel 81ql 82 coc 87 woa - 3.68s shovel 81ql 88 coc 84 woa - 3.74s shovel 90ql 96 coc 96 woa - 6.26s hatchet 1ql 73 coc - 83c hatchet 1ql 76 coc - 86c hatchet 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s hatchet 90ql 91 coc 82 woa - 4.87s hatchet 90ql 93 coc 81 woa - 4.91s Speeders (high ql and only Woa casted): clay 70ql 71 woa - 50c clay 70ql 82 woa - 1.4s clay 70ql 90 woa - 2s pickaxe 86ql 77 woa - 1.17s pickaxe 90ql 90 woa - 3.2s hatchet 90ql 90 woa - 3.2s shovel 80ql 64 woa - 94c shovel 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s shovel 80ql 84 woa - 1.98s rake 82ql 78 woa - 98c rake 85ql 70 woa - 1.1s rake 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s rake 85ql 83 woa - 1.96s saw 81ql 79 woa - 1.09s saw 81ql 82 woa - 1.94s needle 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s needle 90ql 92 woa - 3.16s mallet, oak 90ql 93 woa - 3.19s hammer 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s file 80ql 70 woa - 1s file 80ql 81 woa - 1.9s file 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s trowel 85ql 80 woa - 1.8s trowel 85ql 82 woa - 1.84s stone chisel 80ql 88 woa - 2.06s carving knife 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s sickle 85ql 77 woa - 1.27s
  14. Grass enchanting service, two characters come and stay with you until the job is done. Locally no minimum, if travel is required then 10 tile minimum. 20c per tile. Client must provide meals and bed for our stay. 2 tiles per 18 hours possible. Knarr 8s buyer chooses wood type Pick up only at p,14 xan PM Gordonlee or Zdus for more info. Or to have an item sent COD these items also available at the Drunken Bear Tavern Bearfoot Vinyard Deed. p,14 Xan FYI ... Blah blah blah = sold Frost giant blood 2.5s rare glimmersteel lump 96.95ql .38 wght 5s Snow lanterns x3 2s each Rare Iron shores shoe 65ql 4s Boar Shoulder pad 25ql 2s double Shoulder pad, cotton 2s Left layered Shoulder pad, steel 2s right stylish shoulderpad, gold 75ql 4s Supreme Champagne 72ql 5s Fireworks x2 80ql 2s each Hammer, iron 75.86 ql. woa50 coc75 1.5s Saw iron woa 75 32ql 50c seryll fist bracelet 75ql 3s Ring of the EYE Seryl 75ql 4s Spear Braclet seryll 75ql 3.5s Two handed sword Iron FB66 AD 2.3s Longsword iron, FB70 AD 91ql 3s rare longsword iron 56 ql 5s rare longsword steel 62 ql 7s rare large shield iron 76ql 4s rare sliver spoon 31ql 3.5s
  15. Paradiso Sale I am selling a few of my old enchanted tools/weapons/shield/armour i had laying around. Since they are laying around anyway, i'm only looking for half decent prices. If you still think it's too much you are always welcome to make an offer. Studded Pants oasp27 - 10c Studded leather boots aosp71-74 - 30c Longsword ms81c73fb90nim72 - 2.5s Longsword ms63c76fb98nim73 - 2s Longsword w98c83ms67 - 1s Two Handed Sword c70n66 - 80c Axe Iron c65 Flaming Aura 20 - 30c Large Shield c71 - 60c Hatchet w57c79 - 50c Hammer c54 (will be imped to 70 before sale) - 25c Saw w50c68 - 46c
  16. Hello I have been sitting on these items for a long time now, and want to make a clearance sale Each item has price next to it to the right items over 70ql will be 5c for item +enchant price items under 70ql, just enchant price 70-79 power = only 10c 80-89 power = only 20c 90+ power comes as cheap as 70 copper coins! Armour Weapons Tools
  17. Need protection that fights back? 81ql steel plate set with 772 total AOSP (8s) Also a few other items: 46ql tin lunchbox (50c) 73ql shovel, iron C72W53 (50c) 72ql hammer, iron C38W34 (40c)
  18. All items will be mailable items FREE SHIPPING! *Some items may not be mailable! Add 50c for coastal delivery (excluding chaos) or priced as-is for pickup. My Pricing: 90's casts / qualities are 50c 80's casts / qualities are 30c 60- 70's casts / qualities are 20c under 60 casts / qualities are 10c Example: 58q grooming brush (quality 58)10c + (woa 65)20c + (coc 78)20c = 50c For more detailed information - ask here or pm me in-game as: Diceusinfinitus Thanks. Dice.
  19. !!! Rare Butchering Knife 89ql, C71, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql) - 10s Rare Carving Knife 90ql, C76, W95 - 6s Rare Fruit Press, oak, 34ql - 3s Rare Hatchet 92ql - 4s Rare Horseshoe 25ql - 1s Rare Lantern 88ql - 2s !!! Rare Pickaxe 90ql, W41, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql), 100 imbue! - 40s Rare Ropetool oak 86ql, W59 - 3s Rare Shield, iron 69ql - 2s Rare Shovel, iron 92ql - 4s Rare Small Anvil, iron 89ql - 4s Rare Spindle, pinewood 79ql - 50c Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s !!! Rare Huge Axe, steel 90ql, 88NB, 92FB, 93CoC - 18s RARE MATERIALS: 2 x copper lump - 10c each 3 x gold lump - 15c each 3 x iron lump - 10c each 2 x silver lump - 15c each 2 x zinc lump - 10c each 3 x stone brick - 20c each 1 x sprout, orangewood - 15c 1 x SUPREME bronze lump - 30c RIFT: Pair of Elaborate Shoulder Pads 75ql - 3s Left Basic Should Pad 50ql - 1s Chain Shoulder Pad 25ql - 1s Fist Bracelet, seryll 25ql - 1s Bracelet of inspiration 25ql - 1s Used Necklace of Focus, seryll 25ql - 1s Necklace of Protection, seryll 25ql, 83dmg(?) - 10c Artisan Ring, seryll 75ql (shield bashing skillgain) - 2.5s Lumps: Adamantine 8.78ql 0.17kg - 80c Adamantine 87.81ql 0.21kg - 2s Glimmersteel 85.37ql 0.4kg - 3.5s Glimmerstell 92.11ql 0.36kg - 3s Seryll 83.72ql 0.25kg - 1s Seryll 84.27ql 0.57kg - 2s !!! Seryll 95.6ql 1kg - 4s Other: 2x Yule goat, straw 99ql - 2s each 4x Fireworks 80ql - 1s each Rare Knapsack, applewood, 40.5ql - 3s !!! Supreme Knapsack, iron 62ql - 8s Pickaxe, tin 88ql - 3s 3x Picnic Basket, straw - 3s each Tools: Butchering Knife 24ql, 100CoC - 4s Carving Knife 26ql, 83CoC - 1s Carving Knife, steel 6ql, 68CoC - 30c File, iron 76ql, 95CoC - 2s Hammer, iron 78ql, 97BotD - 3s Mallet, oakenwood 87ql, 91CoC - 2s Meditation Rug 7ql, 85BotD - 1s Pickaxe, iron 22ql, 85CoC - 1s Rake, iron 76ql, 70CoC - 30c Saw, iron 90ql, 91WoA, 79CoC - 3s Scissors, iron 23ql, 77CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 20ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 19ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 91ql 71WoA - 70c Stone Chisel, iron 74ql, 91WoA - 2s Stone Chisel, iron 70ql, 95CoC - 2.5s Trowel, iron 79ql, 97WoA - 3.5s Items are located on Deli, buyer is paying CoD.
  20. I want to sell some 95+CoC randoms that are taking up space in my chests. 95 cast = 2s 96 cast = 2.20s 98 cast = 2.50 99 cast = 2.75 100 cast = 3s Answer here or PM Folke ingame.
  21. Weapons: Pickaxes : Mallets: Files : Hammers: Tailoring/leatherworking tools : Shovels : Saws : Shields: Anvils : Bows: Armor : Specials (rare or uncraftable) : Misc tools : Horse gear :
  22. offer me a price

    Bring the New Year with some bling into your wurm life! Tools: 87.5ql blank pickaxe, tin - 1.25s O.B.O 97.05ql BoTD94 file, tin - 4s O.B.O Rift Gear: Make me an offer! Shoulder pads: Rings: Bracelets: Information for Bracelets and rings: All items will be sent in 92 cast mailbox, so roughly 9 minutes from time sent. Key: O.B.O.: Or Best Offer. BoTD: Blessings of The Dark: Speeds up action timer, and gives more skill over a certain amount of time. Thanks For Looking!
  23. BOWS : short : 73ql nim54 coc63 -1s 85ql -70c 87ql -70c medium: 5x 85ql average -70c long : 64ql 35nim 81coc -70c 58ql 70coc -50c 56ql c62 -50c Large metal shields : 1.57ql 50coc 2.78ql 58coc 3.49ql 81coc 4.14ql 62coc Medium maul 80ql HD 33nim 69F 56coc 48ql pendulum 92 lurker in the deep 82ql longsword acid damage + 82 frost 74ql rare fishing rod 72coc 78ql rake 77woa 26coc 5x Black legion kingdom banner 1x Black legion kingdom flag 58ql shovel 52woa 43coc 68ql shovel 59woa 52coc 80ql rare small metal shield PLATESETS : More armour sets : More items: A whole lot of weapons: I have way more armour random armour sets (chain, plate and leather) and a hell of a lot of tools, literally tell me what you need i'll get it for you. PM with what you need, i'll keep on adding things as time goes on.
  24. Hi, i would like to sell some enchanted tools as well as some enchanted mats and pelts. Prices are based upon power of enchants by the following table(if item has multiple enchantments price is sum of individual prices for that enchantment): 60-69 power - 30c 20c 70-75 power - 40c 30c 76-79 power - 50c 40c 80-85 power - 70c 86-89 power - 80c Post here what you want and i will cod it to you from 98 courier mail If you get 5 or more items you get 10% discount