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Found 93 results

  1. Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS MATERIALS If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris HERE coordinates
  2. Greetings, Wurmians. I'll cut to the case where I'm coming from with this: With the introduction of food affinities I quite immediately started making records of what affinities I can get on which characters, of which I have 3, with which meal. As a sort of "affinity hunt". (I'm aware some people have data mined the crap out of it and can predict affinities somehow, but personally, where's the fun in that?) First iteration was a spreadsheet. A quick and dirty approach that gets the job done somehow. But finding duplicates in this mess is almost impossible and using multiple tabs to separate types of food to bring some order into the long list of clutter only makes searching for affinities take more time. Also, I had resorted to abbreviating a lot just not to be typing a minute before cooking. Granted, you could probably set up a spreadsheet to make this all more comfortable, but I wanted a more streamlined approach. Which I implemented in a small WPF application that uses combo boxes to cut all the typing short and make searching for a recorded affinity a few clicks away from results. This was made for personal use mostly, but I decided I might aswell put it up for the 3 people who might use it aswell. Requirements: This is a .NET application, so naturally you'll need that. You'll likely have a fitting version anyway unless you are still stuck on Windows XP. .NET Core appearantly doesn't support WPF, though, so that won't work. And no, Mono won't cut it either by a long shot. But the sources are up in the repo, if someone wants to do a Mono port, permissions is hereby granted as long as the original source is credited or you send me a request to incorporate your solution to be put up on the release page. (In which case, the porter is being credited, obviously) Installation: Extract the contents of the .zip anywhere you like, it should be able to run as is. Before you run the application, open "consumers.txt" and enter your characters names whose affinities you want to record, one line per character. Usage: You'll find 3 tabs to work with, which will allow you to assemble meals, record their affinities on your characters that are listed in "consumers.txt", and let you search for affinities or given names respectively. A quick rundown of each tab: Workbench: What do? Give your meal a name; or don't. Names are only used later in the searching function and solely for user convenience/recognition. Duplicate names are allowed, as long as the recipe is different. Empty names will default to "Generic Food". I'm creative like that. Choose a container this meal is cooked in, then add ingredients. The big "+" button will conjure comboboxes to choose an ingredient from, alternatively you can press CTRL+A, unless your cursor is currently in the text box. Tip: I specifically used combo boxes so one can enter the first few letters of an ingredient and have it jump to the best match. Modifiers like "chopped" and "diced" are thus placed in parenthesises behind the ingredient so I could just use the arrow keys to select the modifier after I selected my basil or canine meat. All combo boxes do this by default. You can also press TAB to circle through the boxes, so that using the mouse is obsolete up until finishing the recipe by clicking "Cook Recipe". This will check if any such recipe cooked in this container with these ingredients are already in your database and make avoiding duplicate records an absolute no-brainer. If the recipe is new, it is moved into the next tab. Consumers: This is pretty straightforward; the recipe is cooked and up for tasting. My 3 characters have had a bit of fried troll here. If someone were missing at a given time, worry not; closing the program will not delete recipes listed here and preserve them as you left them. There's also a non-skill "Unassigned", for when you have any reason not to taste a meal with some character. You can still search for "Unassigned" later on like any normal skill and change it. (See next tab.) When you want to save the recipe with the recorded affinities for good, click the ugly little "->", which is tooltipped with "move to archive", which is what we'll do now. Archive: The troll based recipe is now in the archive and could be found - for instance - by searching for the "Baking" affinity on my main character "Flubb". Alternatively, I could enter "troll" in the text box and search by name using the obvious button. In the left column, this will return the results of any given search. The middle column will tell you how to reproduce the meal, and the right column shows all the recorded affinities for this recipe. A selected recipe can be deleted for good ("Delete from archive") or moved back to the Consumers-Tab ("Reassign affinities") in case you have an unassigned affinity you want to record after archiving a recipe or when you realize affinities have changed for a meal after an update. Troubleshooting: An ingredient I want to use is not in the list! Like your characters, ingredients are loaded from a textfile. Notice the "Lists" menu in the top bar? Here you can choose "Open ingredients file" to open your standard text editor with "ingredients.txt", which is shipped in the .zip and needs to be in the same directory as the executable. Add your ingredient, or change the list to your hearts content, and save. No need to restart the application though, just go back into the menu "Lists" and select "Reload ingredient list". I'm doing it this way because including EVERYTHING from the get go would be tedious and there are also recipes that use other things that need to be cooked first, like pastry based recipes. I don't know how deep that rabbit hole goes, so I decided to do it the lazy way; if I don't need it yet, I'm not missing it yet. Though ideally everything that fits in a FSB should be already in the ingredients.txt in shipping state. You forgot a container in the list! Any missing container can be added the same way ingredients can. A skill is missing in the list of affinities! Turns out copypasting the wikipage for skills didn't include them all. Just to be sure, I just put all the skills in a textfile instead of hardcoding them into the program. Who knows if any new skills will be introduced in the future aswell. So basically: See both points above to fix that. I want to add a new character. Well, you know what to do by now I hope. Though with consumers I should warn you that it might be a bit finnecky and buggy. I tried to cover all ends theoretically that I could think of but didn't delve into a lot of testing. To be sure, try not to have any active recipes in the "Consumers" tab while reloading it or even better, make sure to have your characters listed prior to starting the application for the first time. Restarting the application should solve most situations of bindings going haywire, but make a backup of your "recipes.sqlite" file prior to modifying the consumers.txt nonetheless. Until I can be bothered to really try and break ###### and fix it in the next update, the safest bet is to just not modify "consumers.txt" while the application is running. With every other list, it should be totally safe though. Patch history: 1.0.1: (Minor update, just extract it over your installation to update) - Hovering over names in the consumer tab shows its ingredients and container. - Ingredient list in the archive is sorted alphabetically to line up better with a sorted FBS' content. - Some fixes TODO: - Fix reloading consumer list to be more stable Any feedback can be left in this thread, if any reasonable TODOs arise from it I'll add them to the list. Happy affinity hunting, with or without this tool.
  3. Some of your may have seen i made a meal maker spreadsheet. i feel at this time. i should post it here so more can use it and injoy wurm cooking. i made a small be ez tutorial inside the spreadsheet to help people along. Hope you all Injoy it feed back welcome Beta... Use at your Own risk... Link This sheet is the one i am actively updating it can be wrong or even broken your more then welcome to check it out. added a lot more things to it. A lot of Untested things.. Comment always welcome. errors and prob Welcome to Want Put a Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Stanlee Galatyn Others that want to remain nameless Icbash.
  4. WurmUnlimitedAdmin (1.0.0) Web-based server, player and village admin/management tool. This also includes a server tracker to post on your websites/forums. Screenshots | Download | View source on GitHub | Change Log | Donate via PayPal WurmUnlimitedAdmin (WUA) is a web-based admin tool that allows server owners and admins manage their servers, players, and villages. To view the application please look at the screenshots in the link provided above. The project is being hosted on GitHub and all the instructions on how to set this software up on your own server is listed in the If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Also, to request a feature to be added to this tool or if you encounter a bug that needs fixing please request it via GitHub because I do not monitor this post every day but I do use GitHub every day.
  5. Hello, I'm working on a simple Google Maps generator for WU. It's actually continuation of my older project (Google Maps for WO). Current version: v0.9-beta.5 (2015-11-16) GitHub repository Download User guide Example maps (possible spoilers!) Generated maps are standalone (only HTML, CSS, JS and images), not connected to WU in any way anymore. Maps can be viewed locally (using any modern web browser) or uploaded to a web server (no PHP or Java needed). Generator is written in Java, so far working only on Windows (Linux fix coming soon). Future features: - more configurable options - bridges - walls, doors, fences, gates (only when zoomed enough) - in-game map annotations - altars - dens - source fountains - source springs - custom markers and labels (non database stuff: points of interest, road names, sea names, mountain names, canal names, tunnel names...) - tower zones (guards response, building restrictions) - settlement zones (deed, perimeter) - bigger zoom - progressive zoom - more... Any feedback or ideas are welcome.
  6. Psisphere Community Lottery Tool Never have trouble with community lottery/giveaway events again! This is a tool designed to make it easier to manage and determine the participants and winners of community draws, giveaways, lottery and more. Features: Add any number of unique participants you need Choose how many entries each of your participants have - for example, give one participant 10, 50, 100 or more lottery tickets simply by choosing the number of times entered with a simple click or input Choose any number of winners with a single click Get statistics on your event: how many unique participant names & how many tickets in total Save and load any of your draws separately and easily keep track of them Operating Systems: Windows - Released 01/01/2017 Linux - Under Development Latest Version: Bugfix to fix the load / exit bug. INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Click here to download this from my website Manual Link:
  7. I have grown to enjoy Smithing in the game. Therefore, I have two suggestions in particular that I would like people to discuss and suggest ideas for on this thread: The introduction of "rare" pelts. All of my smithing tools are "rare" so why not be able to have a "rare" pelt too? The introduction of some sort of "tool" for tempering (e.g., special bucket or dipping tool). Something that can benefit from COC and WOA. Just for kicks, someone casted water with WOA for me to see if it would work. It doesn't. This is why I thought perhaps there could be some sort of tool for tempering. Finally, there should also be the possibility of that tool having a "rare" version as well. That way all the Smithing tools can be rares. Let's not forget supreme/fantastic but you get the idea.
  8. Selling these things! Also selling Silver Coins 1s=1euro buy more get discount! Write your offers or pm them! Also if you don't buy tell me the price!
  9. Attention, folks! If you are a community map editor or a software tool developer you may be interested in an idea I recently had. This is a concept for a new software tool - and I would like to get your opinion. Managing the community maps and keeping them up to date is a pretty tedious task. I suppose most of our current editors use a tool like Photoshop to add, remove, move and edit the various graphical data on various image layers, according to input from players. This is most probably being done manually, taking some time and effort. So here is my idea for a software tool to "automatically" generate a community map with all the information needed: The tool (shown as the little computer in the image above) would use a static raw map image (basically a flat 2D map dump) and a small SQLite database containing all the dynamic information about deeds, roads, tunnels, bridges etc. By merging these data together the tool would generate the finished community map, without the need to fire up any graphics editor. The person responsible for maintaining the community map would only have to edit the dynamic data tables in the SQLite database, using a simple front-end GUI. The data merging would be based on a generic coordinate grid, related to the tile structure of the map dump (1 tile = 1 unit). What do you think? Community map editors: Would a tool like that help you? Do you have any more ideas, requests, suggestions? Would it be worthwile to create such a tool? Tool developers: Is anybody interested in creating this tool? (I could try to do it myself, and I would probably manage to do it - but my time and resources are limited... so if anyone else is interested, speak up please! ) EDIT: To avoid misunderstandings: this is supposed to be a local PC tool creating a simple image file to be uploaded as a community map to the Wurm Online forum!
  10. I threw together a little winform app that allows you to transfer your character skills, religion, affinities, titles, and achievements from one database to another. Export: Select DB will open a dialog box for you to select the wurmplayers.db file to act as the source database Once selected, the dropdown box will populate with the players from that server, select the one you want to backup Export button will go through the relevant tables in the selected database, creating a txt file with insert statements, for example: Import: Select DB will open a dialog box for you to select the wurmplayers.db file to act as the destination database Select Character File will open a dialog box for you to select the [charactername].txt file that was created during the export Import will Insert/Update the character in the destination database with the values from the txt file. The character needs to already exist in the destination database, so create it there before attempting to import. NOTE: MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR WURMPLAYERS.DB BEFORE YOU GO HOG WILD! I knocked this together in a couple of hours and briefly tested it against a couple of my database, so it has a "works on my machine" level of QA. This does not bring over inventory, yet. If I find some spare time I might look into inventory. Links: Latest Release (1.0.1) - make sure you download both the exe and the SQLite.Interop.dll Source code
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: WurmStatus V3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While working on WurmClock I needed a little tool showing the status and in-game time of all Wurm servers at the same time at a glance. So I made this little program; The program (called WurmStatus) was tested on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, Vista and 7 and needs the latest .NET Framework, which should already be present on your computer. The status display is refreshed every minute. You may also force a refresh by clicking on the "Refresh" button. The little "light" symbol in front of the server name shows whether the server is online and the status has recently been updated by Code Club AB (green light) or offline/not updated (red light). The data in each line is taken from the official status URLs. The status column is green if the server status says "Online", yellow if the server is currently shutting down and red if the server is down. If the status is yellow you may hover your mouse pointer over the server name to see the time left until shutdown. If you tick the checkbox "Write log file" the server status will be written to "WurmStatus.log" (in the same folder as the executable) every minute. You can download the tool here: WurmStatus 3.0.0 Just unpack the ZIP file to any folder you like and run WurmStatus.exe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmSkills , DPMapAssist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Updates:
  12. Really hate having to remove off deed hedges. So much damage to any tool I use. Growing up, we had tons of hedges that needed pruning and/or removing. The tool we always used was a pruning saw. Let's add one to our tool set, but to prevent unseasoned players from ripping out all our hedges, make it a high skill to create tool. Also, make it take normal damage from use, like chopping a tree, or cutting planks. Right click hedge, "cut down". Bashing would also work with all your classic methods.
  13. Supreme Saw QL : 12.61 Starting Bid : 15s Min inc : 1s Sniper Protection: 1hour
  14. Supreme Saw - 15s
  15. rare Saw - 5s rare Saw - 5s (low ql)
  16. Dont wait! Buy It! awl, iron 2ql COC60 - 20c SOLD awl, iron 1,9ql COC77 - 50c awl, iron 92ql WOA90 - 3s carving knife, steel 9ql COC72 - 50c file, iron 19ql COC78 - 60c SOLD file, iron 69ql WOA84 - 70c file, iron 90ql WOA88 - 1s90c grooming brush, oak 50ql COC98 - 3s grooming brush, oak 41ql WOA79 COC73 - 1s10c halbert, steel 58ql NIMB88 COC81 LT84 MS98 - 7s20c hammer, iron 3ql COC62 - 20c SOLD hammer, iron 90ql WOA77 COC74 - 2s10c hammer, iron 86ql WOA78 - 1s30c hammer, iron 73ql WOA95 - 3s20c hatchet, iron 5ql COC77 - 60c hatchet, iron 66ql WOA73 - 50c SOLD hatchet, iron 90ql WOA80 COC78 - 2s30c hatchet, steel 8ql COC70 - 50c SOLD huge axe, iron 69ql NIMB88 COC72 LT83 MS76 - 4s20c SOLD large shield, steel 41ql COC71 - 50c SOLD leather knife, iron 89ql WOA80 - 1s60c longsword, iron 70ql NIMB74 COC84 LT84 MS84 - 4s50c SOLD longsword, iron 50ql NIMB72 COC82 LT73 MS74 - 3s30c SOLD mallet, oak 90ql WOA79 COC74 - 2s10c SOLD mallet, oak 58ql WOA79 - 60c mallet, oak 90ql WOA81 COC76 - 2s30c mallet, oak 55ql WOA85 - 90c mallet, oak 95ql WOA90 COC88 - 5s40c pickaxe, iron 81ql WOA73 - 90c pickaxe, iron 81ql WOA81 COC73 - 1s70c pickaxe, iron 81ql WOA88 - 1s40c pickaxe, iron 80ql WOA93 - 1s90c pickaxe, steel 7ql COC63 - 20c SOLD rake, iron 12ql COC62 - 20c SOLD rake, iron 12ql COC69 - 30c SOLD rake, iron 12ql COC73 - 50c rake, iron 60ql WOA81 - 80c saddle 70ql WOA73 - 1s saddle 90ql WOA82 - 2s20c saddle 90ql WOA92 - 3s saw, iron 90ql WOA81 - 1s70c scissors, iron 6ql COC75 - 50c scissors, iron 72ql WOA85 - 1s10c shovel, iron 79ql WOA78 - 90c shovel, steel 12ql COC65 - 20c shovel, steel 11ql COC71 - 50c shovel, steel 12ql COC83 - 70c sickle, iron 6ql COC60 - 20c sickle, iron 69ql WOA73 - 70c sickle, iron 78ql WOA83 - 1s stone chisel, iron 3ql COC66 - 25c SOLD stone chisel, iron 7ql WOA86 - 90c stone chisel, iron 57ql WOA91 - 1s50c stone chisel, iron 6ql WOA96 - 2s90c Items can be pick up from Exodus - Sandhill (m15) or buyer pays cod
  17. As the title says. - 89coc rug sent to Wargasm. - 101coc 73woa saw sent to Rivard. - 70coc rug sent to Sirene.
  18. I wanted to release an application to the community that I've been working on for the past two days. My problem was that I wanted to assess skill gains on a daily basis to see how well I've been doing, particularly for farming in my case. I concluded that this was best presented in a pivot table format. URL to access: How do you use it ? Click on the 'Choose Files' button. Navigate to your /players/logs folder of your wurm directory. Select your _Skills file(s). 1 Click open to select the file What is this ? This is a column based heatmap of the skills on a daily basis. You can filter by clicking on the V arrow You can move skill/date/gain by dragging them to the top or left sides. You can change from heatmaps over to just a table or bar chart. 1 Skill files are rolled monthly and you can select multiple files. If the file is not a _Skills file, then you will see an alert saying the file is not supported.
  19. Sextants are mid level jewelry crafting items (requiring at least 30 skill to attempt). They can be made out of any metal. Optional extra :- some metals (not sure which) giving a slight bonus to accuracy. To use select, then right click on a visible celestial body (sun or any of the 3 moons) and choose "navigate". A 120 second timer will start up (reduced by QL of sextant). When this time ends it will return a message "After sighting <celestialobjectname> you calculate that your position is roughly (lat\long)". The accuracy is not a tile by tile accuracy, but a rough location (maybe as accurate as one small server map square). A nice idea would be to have QL effect accuracy (a 100 QL sextant being capable of giving exact location, scaling down to the map tile location at 1QL). Each use damages the sextant slightly. Of course we could also just get one of these for christmas....
  20. Looking to buy range pole and dioptra, at least 50ql. NE Xanadu.
  21. Merchant Ads - Tris, Pepejot
  22. Rare Hatchet 90ql - Bronze A short but sturdy axe with a thick blade specially designed to cut down trees with but poor in combat. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Vali'. Starting Bid: 35s Min Increase: 50c Buyer pay COD
  23. Close
  24. Location Celebration. Buyer pays COD. Price for each cast: 1-49 power - Multiply by 0.50 50-69 power - Multiply by 0.75 70-79 power - 60c 80-84 power - 80c 85-89 power - 1s 90-92 power - 2s 93-95 power - 2,5s 96-97 power - 3s 98-99 power - 3,5s Example: Shovel with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s Mystery Gift 1s Gnomes 95c/ea Spyglass 4.5s Sleeping Powder 95c/ea Yellow Potions 5c/ea Armor Set - Accepting Offers PM Swords - Accepting Offers PM Seryll - Accepting Offers PM Location Deliverance.