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Found 66 results

  1. No, this is not another topic for animals to cross servers!!! Here is my plight: I own an island deed. - Wow... that's great! What's so bad about that? - Well, here's the thing: As a breeder, I like to have a diversity of animals and own different types of animals on my deed. I like to breed 5-speed horses and hell horses, but I also like to breed 5-speed bulls and war-traited pigs and all kinds of other "useless" well-traited animals just for fun or my own private enjoyment. Unfortunately on an island deed, my possibility to breed a variety of animals is extremely limited. Now, in a realm like Wurm where bulk storage bins and knarrs filled with large crates are standard, I feel like the lack of possibility to transport animals in crates is extremely annoying and unnecessary. I therefore have this proposal: Implement Animal Transport Boxes A possible crafting recipe: 1x Iron Fence Bars, 5x Large Nails, 50 Planks // Uses Fine Carpentry - Possible Skill Requirement To Build: 50 A possible variation: 3 different types of transport boxes, one small, one medium and one large depending on the size of the animal one wishes to transport. A possible loading capacity: Large Cart - 2 // Corbita - 5 // Cog - 3 // Knarr - 8 // Caravel - 10 A possible error message when trying to cross servers: You are not allowed to cross servers with animals on board. Please unload all animal transport boxes before trying to cross servers. Now, with this system, animal transport boxes would help people not only transport animals to island deeds that have no possible way of obtaining animals that can't swim at this point in time, but it would also solve another important issue: Currently, when trading with horses or other animals, if one gets disconnected while leading horses for example, the horses are un-lead and by the time one reconnects they might have run off into all different directions. With this system in place, animals would be safely loaded into ships and trading would be safer. If not animal transport boxes, maybe at least let us hitch animals to large carts and ships so they don't get lost when we get disconnected while sailing with them. Some Suggestions Added By Thorinoakshield
  2. I'm sure this idea has been posted before and according to rumors it's even been tested? Anyways, personally I'm always more immersed with a third person view and think it looks fantastic. What does the rest of you think?
  3. Alright so this idea is a bit out there, but thought about it when wanting to be able to plant trees inside my house. Well what if we could plant trees in the house, and trees could spread into a house, that has cultivated dirt in it, either as made by player or when the house is rotting away. The catch of it would be, is that as the tree grows, it would break floors and roof tiles above the tree, at say growth state 2+, and maybe a bit more math in it for floors higher up than a 2nd or 3rd floor. But the idea would be neat for making it look more natural for when nature is retaking a deed that has fallen, or a stray house that's been abandoned out in the wilderness
  4. So I was thinking it'd be a nice feature if we could dye our forges and ovens, so that the light they emit could match that of our lights in the area, or just simply to alter how they look while lit for more of an effect on the area. In some cases would fix conflict between two light colors (basic of oven/forge, and colored lights nearby). In other cases it could be used as a fantasy or building strategy, like changing the color for some mystical themed area, or just for the visual appeal while it's active
  5. Hi all! I use Google translate! I would like to raise an issue bonus from sleep. The fact is that now sleep bonus is a nominal function, which in this game as the Wurm can not fully meet the needs of the modern player. It is ridiculous to say, but sleep bonus, as is well known, activates the command chatting through "/"))) He even from the standpoint of ordinary logic is questionable.In this regard, I would like to offer a very complicated in some cases, the calculation system of the permanent sleep bonus. Firstly, in Wurm has a quality system, to offer the same quality of sleep, and add (1 to 100). Quality of sleep in real life depends on hundreds or even thousands of factors. No one will argue that sleep is an essential human need, after breathing. I would like to propose the following system of bonuses from sleep in Wurm. Please note that all values are given as an example! Generally awake in Wurm can not live as cease to grow skills, stamina builds up as in 10% of water or other negative factors working .. These factors included after the continuous stay of the character in the game within 12 hours of real time. To get rid of the negative effects of a character must log out or use an object such as a bed, a tent or sleeping bag or other intended for sleeping. The character must be in a state of not less than four hours of real time, offered to enter status in connection with the stay of the character in the sleep mode or offline: 4 hours - wants to sleep (sleep bonus 0.5) 8 hours - not enough sleep (sleep bonus 1) 12 hours - a good sleep (sleep bonus 1.5) 16 hours or more - full of enthusiasm (sleep bonus 2) We know that most of the players come temporarily, and the more intense and monotonous they play, the faster they will go out of the project, so innovation is linked to the real-time impact on this class of players more than anyone else, and in general it is a radical impact on the social sphere . Most of the players are young people, schoolchildren or students, it is a small part of the adults working people. The first is largely spending more time on the game than the latter, so their opportunities in the game are different, a little innovation will equalize the opportunities of these people. And will reduce the possibility of using bots. In any case I think that it is necessary to introduce a factor of fatigue character: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 4-6 hours in the game - the multiplier gain skills !!! It is set to 1 6+ hours in the game - skill gain factor is set to 0.5 12+ hours in the game - set the conditions under which, the continuation of the game pointless In this case, you can enter the promotion rest of the game with continued online, for example, after the first 4 hours of play a character fit to sleep for 2 hours (siesta) and then the cycle is as follows: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 2:00 sleep 4-6 hours - the maximum bonus of sleep 6-8 hours - sleep bonus 0.5 8+ hours - multiplier gain skills 0.5 12 hours per game - sets out the conditions under which the continuation of the game pointlessOr promotion linked to the client time (as it will be implemented not know) For example, if a player leaves the game at 12 pm his time, then add a + to sleep bonus "because he just went to sleep!" It does not matter that he had gone to play another game, it will distract him from the 4 hour digging in the mine, that will eventually extend his interest in Wurm.)) At the second level of detail proposed to add statuses comfort or quality. Just compare how you are going to sleep on the bare ground, or in a luxurious warm bed and how you sleep enough, and at the same time will set to work. So: Under the terms logoff: 0 logoff in adverse conditions, with rain, wind, snow, water 1 to logoff in normal conditions, in a cave in a forest in dry weather 2 logoff indoors As things: 0 without sleeping items 1 when using lower grade and quality items (the litter made of branches) 2 by using items of the middle class (sleeping bag) 3 using high-end items (bed or tent) On the premises: 0 in a wooden house 1 in a stone building 2 in a building of frame 3 in the combined building (Roof + floors)By heating: 0 Without fire 1 Bonfire 2 In a building with a fireplace or oven. Other criteria may be added, deriving from one another: seasons, the presence and number of windows in the room, interior articles. For example, when sleepover in a combined building with a fireplace on the bed we get the quality of sleep in 10 cu (for example sleep bonus multiplier 2). Plus 16 hours of sleep 2. In the two hours of the game set in the sleep bonus 4. Then 2 hours 4 * multiplier 0.5. Then break in 2 h. 2 hours of sleep bonus 4. Follow 2 hours 4 * 0.5. Then skill gain is set to 1 * 0.5. All this approximate framework. Thank you for attention!
  6. Just an idea - for papyrusmaking: Folios This would item would allow players to take multiple papyrus sheets (uninscribed) and combine them into a bound folio. Instead of the regular pop-up window for inscribing it would be similar, however with the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons player could inscribe multiple pages. This could be used for recipe sharing, in-game book writing, kingdom/deed laws, inventory logs, trade deals, et. al. I'd imagine the recipe being to the effect of using a needle as the tool, 3 strings of cloth, two pieces of leather, and a minimum of five papyrus sheets. There could be recipes for different sizes, i.e. Volume: req 10 papyrus sheets, 6 strings; Tome: req 25 sheets, 12 strings. If it all possible, perhaps allowing players to bind already inscribed papyrus sheets into a bound folio although it would have to be one at a time and requires at least one string with each 'addition.'
  7. When a forge/oven is lit, ash should store up in it the more fuel you add. Being able to extract this ash from the forge/oven after the fire is out would be a very helpful quality of life addition that would make creating ash much less painful when needing large amounts. Currently it's .10kg of ash per 1.5kg kindling campfire. So perhaps 10kgs of wood fueled to the forge could give 1kg of ash when the forge/oven goes out to make it a little simpler? You'd just right click the unlit oven or forge and get the option to Empty ash or something, which would then sweep it out into your inventory.
  8. I feel that the only REAL thing that Wurm needs is the ability to use your mic ingame and chat with people in your local area. Anyone else who has some good ideas for Wurm to make a it a better RP game please do reply with your idea.
  9. So I made a sandwich too big to fit in my picnic basket. my instant reflex idea was to activate the knife and try to cut it in half, I mean it's a sandwich right? started thinking that'd work on a few other things too. slicing pizza for example? anyways just food for thought to go with our fancy new food update it'd be great if we could just cut up certain foods into smaller portions to make them more portable please
  10. Not sure why these aren't able to be mailed, but I believe they should be. We already have the ability to mail meditation rugs and other cloth items. They each weigh 3kg, which isn't much giving the amount of some things I've mailed in the past. If the mailbox has the ability to mail things in various sizes including practice dolls and candelabras, we should be able to mail all three sizes of carpet without hassle. Thank you for your consideration, PandyLynn
  11. I just had a couple of ideas i wanted to put forth. The first is in regards to the wurm website, as you may have noticed on the main wurm-online page it has a big wurm-unlimited banner, and a few of my friends have been confused thinking this is the main wurm-online game because it's featured in such a big way on the front page. Whilst i understand those of us already playing wurm-online understand they are two seperate games essentially official and none official, i think it would be a good idea to adjust the main page so the Play Now wurm-online is more prominent and that perhaps wurm-unlimited has it's own dedicated page, i'm sure you all know what i'm trying to say here, And i'm confident there is some smart people around who knows what i'm suggesting and is able to think of a solution. I suspect Wurm is not gaining potential players because of this! Also a guide on how to install the game and client would be usefull because to a complete newb the client can be abit unusual compared to other games and it's hard to know what is going on such as that it is doing packupdates in the background prior to playing and you just suspect the game is not letting you hit play now! The second idea is to have more than one deed per character on the same server! I'm not sure why there is a limitation on this as a per-server rule, ecspecially for PvE doesn't make alot of sense to me? If one is willing to put up the dollars , why not? what do you guys think? ( i said this in-game but i was told to post a thread, although i suspect it's already been suggested before but now we have a ninja team of developers, maybe they could sort it out? Anyways im out of breathe typing now... my apologies for the poor spelling and grandma. Thoughts? -Taz Ps: i took a few month break from wurm, i used to be the guy digging alot and it burned me out.
  12. Dear Developers, As we all know Wurm (both Unlimited and Online, but Online is better) is little known to the major playerbase. I know plenty of people that would gladly play a game of Wurm's likes but just can't ever find one. I don't know if something like this has been suggested before but I will anyway: start advertising How many times did you people bump upon World of Tanks' ad when it was in earlier development? It started out with a rather low playerbase too and look at it now. Same happened to a lot of games and as much as I do realise that newcomers might make some problems every now and then like griefing, building shacks all over the land and leaving to never return again remember that the more people get into the game the more people keep the development up. The more people keep the development up the nicer stuff we can have etc etc. Create some ads, speak to the peoples' dream of freedom, tell them the world is theirs. They will come. PS: Remember to state that it's indie or they'll go off about poor graphics (whatever). Sincerely, Like over a half of Wurm's community I'll leave this thread open for discussion as I believe this is worth looking into.
  13. Wurm players have always wanted a way to turn a non-water tile into a water tile and I have a few ideas that might make heading down that path a bit easier: Idea 1: Create koi (fish) garden pond items (basically a water basin) that you install into a tile like floorboards. This could consume one tile as a single small pond or you could create multiple items that would create a bigger pond that would take more tiles (think of a pie cut into four equal pieces (+) that make up a larger item) and it could even be filled with water like a fountain or placed like a well to fill on its own. This could provide water in deserts/steppe/tundra and on top of mountains, where you currently have no access to water if you are above water level, making it more difficult in these fantastic places. Imagine an Oasis in the middle of a desert/steppe or a hotspring resort on top of a mountain, or even a fish farm far inland! It would certainly help fishers hold their catch. I also had some other idea's: A multi-story stair or floor that is a trap door (so think in pvp if you you pass/bash through a gate or into a building, go up some stairs and step on a trap door and get trapped in a makeshift jail below). And another idea that could add some more capacity to multi-story buildings is theorizing that you could somehow add additional coded containers per height level for each floor which would allow you to treat each floor level as its own tile with its own tile contents, instead of just a single tile with multiple floors. This would allow you to do things like add trees on top of buildings, or other tile enhancements that are currently restricted to single tile. I don't know if this is possible but I thought that it would be worth looking into, if the devs already hadn't. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, I'm sure they would improve the game and help players accomplish more in the game as well as more personal enjoyment.
  14. I have played for Wurm Online for a little over two and a half years and I have just thought of this idea. I am thinking that there should be a setting that you can change to organize your inventory when you log out and when you log back in. Example: I have my inventory groups in alphabetical order, and ALSO alphabetical order inside those groups. There needs to be a setting that can 'SAVE' this setup. I know you can click name and it will put your tools in alphabetical order, but there needs to be a way to save your own personal setup of your inventory. I usually organize my inventory to where I like it, but as soon as I log out or disconnect, it will reset it all and I usually forget how I had it set up. Just a minor suggestion, please leave thoughts and additional ideas below. Hashtag
  15. User who may read this - I have a lot of game thoughts, and suggestions, and will be putting them into volumes. Please +1 this as a whole, or each individual idea that you like. I want the community as a whole to discuss these ideas together. Also, I want to see the approved features to be included and integrated into Wurm Unlimited no matter what. Also, to +1 a certain suggestion, put the +1 with the corresponding letter next to it. Thank you. A. The ability to level and flatten down cave walls, ceilings, and floors without there being any chunks that stand out and make it less good looking. B. The ability for priests to have spells that can buff animals, like horse speeds, or wolf/dog damage, to make war animals a bigger part in the game. C. The ability to create a macro that auto crafts things, so we don't have to hit that annoying button ten times. Especially with arrows... D. Make coins gained from botanizing and other actions during moments of inspiration a lot more to get more use. E. Establish the ability to have an actual "sneak" instead of hide feature, so that we can actually have viable almost-invis rouges. F. Allow us to turn the inside of caves into walled structures with floors and roofs instead of wide open, and raw, so we can have underground secure bases... G. Saddles would be 10/10 nice, would make the game a bit more harder but more... Well, realistic. (This ones getting no support, I bet you...) That wraps up this volume, I may add to it, all the way to Z. If any of the above listed suggestions are features, please converse with me either in game on Zenath or through my Discord, alexinmichigan. Thank you guys for being such a great community!
  16. Simple suggestion, similar to the way a lot of web browsers work nowadays, I'd like to be able to merge certain tabs to optimize my in-game HUD. Currently you can't merge tabs like inventory and say a backpack tab. I think this change could make the game more user friendly. Any Ideas?
  17. There's been a lot of discussion around transporting animals, and I think the devs always find a way out saying that there's technical issues around moving animals across servers. Well, I'm sure some people would like to move/trade animals across servers but, I also think that most people would agree that just being able to transport them by the coast would be enough. Not being able to move animals across big distances also makes sense, 'cause it's difficult to keep them alive and healthy while they're shaking in the ocean and enclosured for a long time. I have a suggestion and some options for animal transport that might please both players and devs: 1. Animal Cage. A simple plank and iron bars cage that can be locked with a gate lock and loaded into ships and wagons. Each animal requires his own cage regardless of which animal you're transporting. It takes the same space as 4 large crates, so a wagon would be able to transport 3 animals. Animals inside animal cages can not be groomed, fed or interact in any way, so players would need to move them efficiently or make stops to tend them, I guess that just makes sense and saves the devs a lot of headache. Now there's two options: Option 1.1 Once a animal cage is loaded into a ship, whether it is occupied or not, whether it is inside another container (like a wagon) or not, it disables the ship ability to move from one server to another. Option 1.2 Animal cages can only be loaded into wagons and a new specific type of ship named Ark, which is unable to sail across servers. It would be pretty much a corbita in most characteristics, but lower, wider, slower and require 22 Mind Logic to command. It's a big ship, difficult to maneuver and ok as a cargo ship, a little worse than the Corbita, so people wouldn't want it unless they plan to move a lot of animals around. That would encourage a new market for the transporting business and stimulate the economy. Those two option are independent, choose the one you like the most. Hope you enjoy. With enough support we can make it happen, so leave your comments below.
  18. Both me, and most of the people in my village, think it would be a good idea to add Medieval Instruments to the game. Some examples would be; lutes, flutes, drums, harp, bagpipes, guitar, castanets, and tambourine. These are just some examples, but there could be many more. -Thank you
  19. Suggestion: A new "Highway Tile" for community highways that could only be created by GMs. This tile would have a unique appearance and name to set it apart from player made roads. It would also not be able to be altered by players. Existing protected roads would be converted to this new tile. This would have the advantage of setting the highway apart and making it easy to tell you are on a path that (presumably) leads somewhere and not on the ancient paving of a long-dead deed. Good for both new players and veterans with a poor sense of direction. This would make cleaning up old dead deeds easier, since there would never be any question of what was allowed to be destroyed or not. If paving decay ever comes back it would (presumably) also make that step easier, since it would be a blanket "all off-deed paving decays at this rate" with a single exception for highway tiles.
  20. As far as I know, the current Friend ranking system doesn't do anything, so I think a simple tweak to the Friends list that would make everyone happier would be setting varying levels of detail in relation to your online and server status according to what Rank of Friend they are. I think this would help people who do not want to have other people constantly knowing what server they're on, or what server you were last on. Plus, it would make the current ranking system more useful. Trusted Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Can see what server you're on, and what server you were last on if offline Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Friends Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Contacts Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Other Status: Cannot see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Thoughts?
  21. Could we add this to the next update rolf? Detailed item requested here. Just needs your fancy development team to get this rolling. Just an image needed and I have an idea for that too. But im sure you can handle this with out any trouble. Hope this grabs your attention ** ::::::: Creation::::::::: Activate ::::: small nails Right-click :::: plank Open submenu :::: Create > Storage ::::::::Total materials :::::: 02x :::::: Small nails 13x :::::: Planks 13x :::::: Pegs 02x :::::: Shafts ::::::::: Result ::::::::: Fishing Pole Rack / Case maybe? (25.00 kg) ::::::::: Skill and improvement ::::::::::: Uses ---> Fine carpentry ::::::: Description upon Examining ::::::::: A fisherman's pole rack, it will hold and display most fishing rods. (Used for storing fishing rods and fine fishing rods) Other information for this item? The wood type of the fishing pole rack / case is determined by the last piece of wooden material added during construction either plank or shaft or peg. If a nail is used last it will turn the wood type your started with example: (unfinished maple fisherman's pole rack / case) needs 1 nail to complete this.. 1 nail will the unfinished fishermans pole rack maple but if a cedar or other wood type of wooden material is used as the last required piece it will change to cedar wood type or which ever wood type you choose to use as the last item on creation. Can hold 100 fishing rods or 50 Fine fishing rods To continue building it, it must be on the ground. It cannot be picked up once finished, though it can be push/pull/rotated Loadable? Yes ::: by large cart, wagon, boats Tools needed to improve this fisherman's pole rack / case File, pelt, carving knife, and mallet Materials would be logs to improve as well. Please like this request and bump often we can do this ! This is long over due....
  22. We seriously need a 'Shutdown server' button that does NOT close the entire server gui, and a 'Restart Server' button that shuts down and re-launches the currently running server, so we can do faster restarts or switching of databases. Sometimes we only change one small line in a mod's .properties file and need to restart - seems silly to have to close the entire gui and reload it... Other times, we might be working on several servers getting ready to launch a cluster, but just need to be able to quickly switch between servers... I posted this to the 'Server Issues' forum, because we don't have a WU general Suggestion/Ideas forum (hint, hint, ;p), and because this lack of functionality *IS* a server issue. Please oh wonderful code-god Devs, PLEASE add these functions to the gui. Many thanks for the wonderful work Vanyel
  23. Title speaks for itself i hope, but if.. if doesn't. We've already requested more marble stuff in an assortment of threads which i still fully hope for.. but I'd like to suggest the addition of maybe a couple of iron colossi. 1- colossus that maybe requires a blacksmithing skill of 80 for beginners 2- and a `full-on` one that also needs a high plate smithing and weapon skill. personally i haven't the ability to solo such a thing but i'd love to strive toward the newbie one. good idea bad idea?
  24. This is only a suggestion. I have no idea how difficult or complex this would be. The ability to jump would be nice. If it is an Issue of fences wouldn't it be possible that with the Fence Models you can make them two tier with the second begin invisible? Another suggestion is: Is there any way to make this game into an EXE file? I have nothing but problems with java. each time I log out, if i want to log back in I need to clear java temp history.
  25. As things currently stand, you go to each gate and set it so trusted friends or friends (whichever one you choose to set) may pass. This adds the individual names to the currently managed gate. It is an easy way to get groups of people to pass gates as current gates do not work even with a deed role set for "may pass gates" (i.e. you create a deed role for a deed and tick may pass gates, yet your gates will not open for a member of this deed unless you actually added them by name to the gate individually). What is problematic is that when you add someone to trusted friends or friends later on, you have to open and manage each individual gate again, and tick the friends/trusted friend list again, to get this name you added after you allowed the list originally, to be added by name to the gates you have. The opposite of this is also true: Previously added people who were added to pass gates because they were part of your then list of friends or trusted friends, have to be manually removed from all of your gates if you are no longer friends with them. You can remove them from your friends lists but they remain on your gates. Suggestion: It would be extremely helpful and time saving tool that can eliminate a big portion of human error, if people who are added or removed from your friends or trusted friends lists, automatically updated on all the gates. The rest of this suggestion is just more clarification on the suggestion above, possibly TL:DR Add Trusted Friends or Friends as a GROUP not as individual names, to gate pass permissions (same extends to carts, ships, wherever you add these people to have access or pass or command), to allow management of groups of people to pass (or command or access), and if you remove or add someone to these groups, the permission is replicated everywhere you ticked this group to either have access or pass or command, or not. This means that this group of people will be the same as people belonging to a specific deed, where you tick a box to allow a deed to do certain thing, and people who belong to that deed can do things you allow. If you move someone to your group of people you want to allow gate pass, they should automatically have gate pass as long as they are in that group, and automatically lose it the moment they are no longer part of that group. Second suggestion: Make one tick box for all the gates on your deed, on top of the original box that pops up when you choose to manage gates, where you can choose to "clear all settings for gates on your deed" . Add to this an option to also open an individual gate and in one click clear all settings, save it for that gate, and then go back and add new permissions for that gate (say your friends or trusted friends or deeds etc.) Currently you have to go into each individual gate and manually tick deny all for each added person, then save. If you have ten people added, you have to tick ten times deny all for each gate, then click save, then find the gate again, open, add the group(s) again, save. The reason this should only be an option for gates on your deed, is that you get all the gates you have manage permissions for, on your list of gates, not just the gates actually located on your deed, so you could inadvertently clear permissions for gates on someone else's deed if you just blanket clear all the gates you have manage permissions for. Adding these suggestions will greatly enhance the enjoyment I get out of Wurm.