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Found 201 results

  1. I have 15 to sell 1s each, if you buy 5 or more I can deliver if your on a coast otherwise pickup at O 20 Deli
  2. I'm selling 3x sleep powder for 3s (1s each). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (T19 on community map). I can also deliver to places in the south, southeast or east of Deli. PM me here or in game (Yaga). [SOLD]
  3. WTS 6xSleep powder/1s each delivery to any starter deed on xanadu IGN: Argush
  4. - Will sell my sleep powders 1s each. - I am on the Xanadu server. - PM Lune in-game for more information.
  5. WTS 30 sleep powder. 30s/30usd. Free delivery to any coastal on any server.
  6. Time to clean out some junk: Items on the above pic that have been sold: Mask of the returner ...also have: a rare 90ql cedar bee hive for 5s 35 Sleep Powder for 35s/e Please post here or PM Arakiel. I won't be sitting at the pc 24/7 this week so please give me a little time to respond. Thanks! Pickup Location for everything that can't be mailed is T13 on Celebration's south coast. The deed name is Karma. If you are interested in working out a package deal for all the event stuff at a discount please toss me a pm.
  7. Pick up at Pest Harbour, Indy G17, delivery possible PM Sorrow in-game I have the following for sale: 18 sleep powders 1s ea necklace of protection 50ql 2s fist bracelet 50ql 2s short sword bracelet 2s cow skull shoulder pad 75ql 2s small shoulder pad cotton 1s seryll lump 83.07 0.26kg 1s SOLD seryll lump 83.01 0.26kg 1s SOLD seryll lump 83.51 0.25kg 1s SOLD seryll lump 85.48 0.25kg 1s SOLD 7 source crystals 4c ea or 25c for all necklace of focus 75ql 2s SOLD ribboned shoulder pad 75ql 2s SOLD ribboned shoulder pad 75ql 2s SOLD left elaborate shoulder pad 75ql 2s SOLD rare adamantine lump 68ql 0.40kg 2.5s SOLD rare adamantine lump 33.82ql 0.19kg 1.5s SOLD glimmersteel lump 95.34ql 0.33kg 3s SOLD glimmersteel lump 96.72ql 0.33kg 3s SOLD glimmersteel lump 84.86ql 0.35kg 3s SOLD 57 source crystals 4c ea or 2s for all SOLD also some rift crystals @ 29.72ql SOLD -Sorrow
  8. sleep powder

    as title says, selling 6x Sleep Powder for 1s/ea free delivery on Pristine free delivery to coast if you buy all otherwise pickup at Blossom (Pristine)
  9. Start bid: 15s No buyout, no reserve I'll also accept bids in sleep powder at a rate of 1SP:1s
  10. Want To Sell: 41 sleep powder Expected price: 40 silver if you pickup Location: Independence G9 (corner of the land, close to Chaos border)
  11. For Sale: 78 Sleep Powders 75s for the lot if you can pick up from G, 25 on Release. Ingame name Robbycrusoe.
  12. Can meet at any starter deed on Xanadu, 1s each. Thanks!
  13. 30x powders for 30s available. Pickup Xanadu/Newspring or near.
  14. WTS 8 sleep powder for 8s. Location: Xanadu S8.
  15. 1s each, can delver to any starter town on Xanadu. I'm located in P22 Xanadu, so will also consider delivering to coastal locations on other servers. PM if interested.
  16. WTB Body Strength & Body Stamina affinities. Also willing to offer Small wooden shield, Prayer, Baking, Mauls, Trebuchet, Excorcism, Hatchet, Butchering Knife, Large Metal Shield, Small Maul. Also willing to purchase multiple affinities if for instance you got 3 and aren't sure if the BS ones will transfer on the first death. Also buying Sleep Powder.
  17. WTB lots of sleep powder. Will pick up anything over 10+ on any coast except Xanadu. Paying 1s per sleep powder. Kil
  18. Looking to sell 15 sleep powder for 10 silver on Xanadu - meeting at Glasshollow Market (token). All sold, thanks!
  19. WTB Sleep Powder Sellers should have 5 or greater for me to travel to them. Will travel anywhere except Xanadu and Chaos. I'm looking for 30+ all up at 1s each Cheers Cold
  20. I have 7 Referrals available 6.5s. also 7 Sleep Powders @ 1s each - currently on Xan but could deliver to a another servers coastline - except Chaos obviously **** All Sold ****
  21. I have 9 sleep powder for sale - 1s each or 7s if you take all nine. I can deliver them to any starting deed on Xana.
  22. 30 sleep powder for 30s. Will deliver anywhere but chaos as long as you can invite to your village or can meet at starter town.
  23. Selling 52 sleep powders 1s each or 50s for the lot. Buyer must pickup from the NW Xanadu/Glasshollow area, but I can be flexible on the exact pickup point between Glasshollow Market, Glasshollow Lagoon, Glasshollow spawn, or Silver Glass. PM me on forums or Tathar in-game to arrange a pickup.
  24. Hello, I have for sell 9 x sleep powder - 1s ea SOLD 3x yellow potion - 10c ea rare rope tool - 5s rare clay shaper - 2s emerland 28,50ql - 20c buyer pays cod discount for purchase of all 9 sleep powder's for 8,9 s, 8,5s if you pick up your self deliwery or pickup L - 26 on Xanadu PM on forum or in Wurm nick "Kolekcjoner" PS. I like a bargain