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Found 401 results

  1. selling 70s 1s=1e paypal thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e 60 45 20 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  3. wtb

    Looking to buy 100s/1g for 100e pm here or in game same name
  4. 20 silver available, verified paypal only.
  5. I am looking to buy 100s. Certified paypal only.
  6. Hey, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e Currently 60 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  7. WTB 50s for $ PM me here or in game. Thanks!
  8. Want to buy 1 Gold coin (100 silvers) (Verified paypal only) Drop a message here or pm me ingame with offers Mac
  9. Acc Name: Drawen Location: Xanadu Premium Time: none Items (Inventory): none Forms & Writs: none Skills: Selling because i decided to skill my main instead of running two active characters Price is 15s
  10. Hello friends Wanted to make this a permanent thread on my account since every few days or every week i have some silver coins for sale, so, from now on gona bump it or update on the days that i have new coins for you. Standard and non-negotiable rate of 1silver =1euro. Got references too, if needed. Anyways, currently looking to sell 75 silver for 75euros, if possible lookin to break it down into 2 purchase of 40 and 35, or all to one buyer. Pm (ingame)Zoranah or Raldon for more info Thanksies
  11. 50% off listed prices Enchanted Tools: Enchanted Tools: Rare tools all sold - Just the long swords left. and ropetool 195silver for sale 1s=1e minimium 20s
  12. WTS 1 gold coin @ 95USD PayPal. Willing to sell in smaller amounts - PM me on here or ingame on ImperialWalker if interested. Cheers!
  13. Hello everyone, i have 464 silver for sell at rate 1€ 1s Verified paypal only.
  14. Hi - I am looking to sell 1 gold coin for 95USD PayPal (verified only please). PM me on here if interested, may be willing to sell smaller amounts.
  15. Hello! As headline suggest, I am looking for someone that will be willing to make me an altar. Gold, 80ql minimum. PM me offers please. Deed is located on Exodus. Thanks Jimbean
  16. Sold all, please close
  17. WTS 50s 1s=1 USD PayPal verified only! Buyer pays fees if applicable! Please send PM
  18. sold!
  19. Selling 2g 14s to fine upstanding reputable wurmians. 1 silver/1 euro will discount if entire amount is bought. 200e for 214 silver. All silver is sold
  20. WTS 60 silver coins. 1S= 1euro Veryfied paypal users only! PM
  21. Like in the title I want to sell 10s for 10 euro by paypal. PM me if you're interested.
  22. Hi there, I'm selling 150silver 1 gold 75s left after selling some below (either in one go or broken up) at the following rates with fees my side to registered Paypal accounts only: Silver Amount EU Euro US Dollar GB Pound All 150 silver €141 $150 £120 One Gold € 94 $100 £ 80 50 silver € 47 $ 50 £ 40 Table expanded to do 25s bites - aiming to sell as 75s or in at least 25s bites. Silver Amount EU Euro US Dollar GB Pound 75 silver € 70.50 $ 75 £ 60 50 silver € 47.00 $ 50 £ 40 25 silver € 23.50 $ 25 £ 20 I'll pm back with both my paypal details and my remaining in game account (for you to mail an item to me with the right silver amount); please note I no longer own the Gatwick and Widnes accounts in game. Screenprint evidence of funds below and do search my name on the WTS forum if you'd like comfort on legitimate drake and account sales I've made in the past few months. I'll endeavour to reply within 24hrs, most likely much sooner and I reserve the right to choose whether to sell it in one go or broken up to either public posters or private pms. All sold, closing thread.
  23. Armor sets make low offer, 1 leather set has some aosp and the chest is 90+ aosp. Offers and price change recommendations welcome. Selling 200+ silver 1e=1s Sold: Rare anvil Pic updated
  24. Stock's out
  25. 40 silver available , first come first serve. Pm Raldon in game or msg here