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Found 199 results

  1. A server mod to add a stable master on the server-side which can exchange animals for animal tokens which can then be loaded onto boats for transport. It requires the latest version of Ago's server modloader, v0.18. Trade/Sell On Personal Merchants Added in version 0.4 it should now be possible to trade animal tokens and thus animals. Server transfers Added in version 0.3 is the ability to transfer animal tokens (and the associated animals) between servers. I would consider this capability beta and in need of further testing as if there is a bug it can make a mess of the database on both sides. If you intend to use this feature please wait until more testing occurs or use only for test. The other features from 0.2 haven't really changed outside of resizing the stable master payment dialog. I consider this functionality to be stable and released. I will update this post when testing completes on server transferring. Note that brands and village permissions are lost on transferring animals attached to tokens because they are tied to villages that don't exist in the new server. In version 0.5 additional server transfer logging has been added and there is an option to disable transfers but if a player transfers with tokens on a boat (despite the warning) those tokens will be lost. Tokens on the player will be available when the player comes back to the originating server. This mod was created because I thought it was an interesting idea when I read Razor's request in this thread. I am providing it for no charge and have removed all donation links. Release Latest Release on github Readme on github Changelog on github Credits ago for making the modloader, posting all his code, and posting useful information about wurm unlimited modding. It was very helpful. Razor for requesting the mod, showing there was interest and providing good ideas. Instructions (Copied from Readme link above) Download Extract into Wurm Unlimited server folder (for example, C:/Program Files/SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server). The StableMaster.jar file should end up in mods/StableMaster/StableMaster.jar. Optionally modify the properties. Start the server and connect. Effects (Copied from Readme link above) Adds a new NPC to the game, Stable Master. By default the Stable Master is assigned an auto-generated template ID. This can be overridden to set a specific ID by setting "specifyStableMasterId=true" and setting the ID as "stableMasterId=". You can right-click the Stable Master while leading one or more animals and use the "Exchange animal" action to have the animals exchanged for Animal Tokens. There is a fee (configurable) associated with exchanging each animal into an Animal Token. The Animal Token weighs what the animal weighs (which can be excessive). There are configuration options to limit this to a minimum ("animalTokenMinimumWeightGrams") and a maximum ("animalTokenMaximumWeightGrams") value. Note that the maximum is applied after the minimum in case the minimum is larger than the maximum. The Animal Token takes up the volume of a corpse by default but is configurable (X, Y, Z in centimeters.) By default the Animal Token is assigned an auto-generated template ID. This can be overridden to set a specific ID by setting "specifyAnimalTokenId=true" and setting the ID as "animalTokenId=". You can right-click on the Animal Token and use the "Redeem animal token" action to turn the token back into a animal at your current location. The Animal Token can be loaded onto boats by activating the token, right-clicking the boat and selecting the "Load animal token" action. By default the token cannot be loaded onto rowboats or sailboats but this is configurable with 'enableSmallBoatsLoad=true'. The Animal Token can be unloaded from a boat by right-clicking on the token in the boat inventory and selecting the "Unload animal token" action. Disabled by default, there is an option to enable directly right-clicking on a led animal and using the "Exchange animal" action for no cost. To enable set "enableNoNpcExchange=true" Video Youtube video showing partial usage from an early release when it uses mounts not lead animals (I need to update this at some point but it takes time to make good short videos): Have fun! -Tyson
  2. Filter: Calysto or use ip port 3724 Hosted in the Eastern US 300x skill 100x action 45-50 Hits per rock tile 0.1 Glimmer 0.1 Ada 12 Hr Backups 100k creatures 50% Hostile New players spawn with a 99ql Spy Glass, Small Barrel, 50ql Hammer. Current Mods More Chests (Currently 512) Chest Claim More Chest Items ( Scale Red Dragon Eggs (Random Dragon) Sleep Powder Rods of transmutation Tomes (all but key to heavens) Supreme auxdata 7+) Stable master Announcer Better dig Big Container BAE Bounty mod (10x bounty on all creatures) Bulk Transport Creature Age Mod Creature Mod (newer Version) crop mod (30 min per tick no weeds +10 yield) Meditate mod (no cool, downs no level cap, < 1 second meditation timer) moon metal mining mod move mod no fatigue prospect mod sacrifice mod (50 percent rare item = rare bone, supreme item = supreme bone) skill mod spell mod (no priest restrictions no prayer cool down) Surface mining fix timer fix Map Dump Live Map I probably forgot something so ill just add it when i remember it.
  3. server

    Hi everyone. In an attempt to not "spam" these forums since I keep making more and more server mods, I am going to condense them all into one thread like the other smart modders out there like Ago, Bdew and WalkerInTheVoid. You can download them all individually or simply browse the folder where I'm storing all of them: Sindusk Server Mod Folder (Google Drive) Here's some details about everything you'll find in there: Better Combat Log Download This mod improves combat log text in a variety of ways: Misses are colored brown. When your target parries, the message will be yellow. When you parry, the message will be tealish-green. When your attack glances, the message will be gray. When an attack glances off you, the message will be light blue. When an enemy blocks, the message will be purple-magenta. When you successfully block, the message will be gold-green. Successful enemy attacks are now a gradient of red based on the damage dealt. Successful attacks performed are now a gradient of green based on damage dealt. Successful offense spells show in green for the caster, and orange for the defender, with color strength based on the cast power. Most fizzled offense spells will display a teal failure message to the caster and defender, with color strength based on the cast power. When a spell is resisted, it shows up in purple to both parties. Again, power of cast dictates the color strength. Added messages for some combat spells that had none for either the caster or victim. They previously just had effects without any message whatsoever unless they did damage. Healing spells also show in the combat window instead of the event window. Targets of healing spells now get a message toast saying they've been healed, and who did it. Healers will finally get the recognition they deserve! Libila Fixes Download This mod isn't really named well, I know. Basically, it's for Freedom Isle PvE Servers Only! It allows you to place a Bone Altar and allow players to have Libila as their god without converting them to HOTS and being attacked and murdered by everything in sight. It also allows Dark Messenger and Courier to work together. Players from any god can use either box without it throwing an error. This allows Fo priests to cast Courier for Libila players, and Libila priests to cast Dark Messenger for WL players, without causing issues. Server Player Counter Download This mod is meant to "correct" player count in the client Server List when launching the game. Because of some weird mechanics of how Steam counts players, the count on the server list can very commonly become incorrect. This solves the following problems: Invisible/Offline Steam users not counting towards the server list. Players on other maps in your cluster not counting towards the server list. Players who lose connection and become de-auth'd from Steam, despite reconnecting, not counting towards the server list. Alt accounts of players do not show on the server list. Server Tweaks Download This has a ton of configurable options. It has been the culmination of about 1 month of bugfixes and minor tweaks to my server, Wyvern Reborn. Some of them may not be applicable to other servers, but I'm opening it up nonetheless to those who would like to use the options available. Instead of trying to explain them all myself, here's the configuration options: #Adds developer commands addDevCommands=true #Makes traders & merchants immortal to disable exploits for fight skill & economy. immortalTraders=true #When true, will put players into CA HELP by default, instaed of requiring it to be turned on through profile. # Note: This method might not work all the time! # If you want a sure-fire way to enable it always, set PAWINDOW to true by default in your wurmplayers.db caHelpDefault=true #When true, sets the server's "Chaos" setting to false. disableChaos=true #When enabled, reduces the timer for which new uniques can spawn by the amount set. Default is 14 days. # uniqueTimerReduction: Listed in milliseconds. Higher values reduce the value. Lower values increase the timer. reduceUniqueTimer=true uniqueTimerReduction=950400000 #Logs a message saying the server tried to spawn a unique when enabled. logUniques=true #Fixes the Steam Duplicate Authentication error. fixSteamDupeAuthentication=true #Enables structures and fences to be built within 20 tiles of the Altar of Three and Huge Bone Altar. buildOnHolyGround=true #Disables twitter messages like "Libila summons the Drakespirits" and others from the Valrei Hex Map if enabled. disableEpicMapTwitter=true #Enables WL and BL priests to work together, casting defensive spells and heals on eachother. # The default mechanic will say "Libila does not accept the infidel (player)!" or similar when you try to cast something. # Setting this to true disables that message from occuring, and allows Libila to be accepted by WL players and vice-versa. removeInfidelError=true #When enabled, "leecher" players no longer get hide or scale from dragon and hatchling slayings. # A "leecher" is defined by the base WU game as NOT having one of the following be true: # 65 Fighting OR 30 Body Strength OR 30 Body Stamina OR Priesthood for any god. noDragonLeeching=true #When enabled, disables sermons entirely. disableSermons=true #When enabled, disables fatigue from exhausting player actions. # Fatigue values are still tracked, but when the player is out of fatigue, they can still make actions. disableFatigue=true #GM Improvements: # gmUncapEnchants - Allows GM's to use the Item -> Enchants menu to set items above 104. The new max is 999. gmUncapEnchants=true # gmRemoveConditionChecks - Allows GM's to spawn conditioned animals (Greenish, Lurking, Raging, Champion, etc.) # with Specials -> Summon for animals that normally are unable to have that setting. gmRemoveConditionChecks=true #If true, will print debug messages and log heavily. debug=true v2 - 11/23/2016 New Settings Disable Sermons - Sermons are disabled from the server. Disable Fatigue - Fatigue is disable from the server. Dev Commands - New commands for CM+ and DEV characters. Dev Commands ##event (message) - CM and above. Creates a message in the Srv-Event channel. This is visible to the whole server, but can only be posted in by CM's and above. Meant for running events. ##unique - DEV-ONLY. Does a natural unique spawn attempt. It checks each unique and gives a 1/300 chance (if default) of it spawning. Spamming this will eventually spawn a natural unique. ##kingme - DEV-ONLY. Makes you king of your current kingdom. Only works if there is not a current king. Skill Gain Control Download Fixes the 31 "soft" cap for characteristics. This also allows you to configure just how fast you want players to gain body stats by using a divisor. I've wanted to increase the functionality of this system for some time, but haven't done so yet. Starter Gear Download This mod allows you to fully control what is created for new players on your server. It has an implementation where you can configure in the properties exactly what you want, what quality, and whether or not to make it repairable. Here's the default config, using the starting items for a normal server without epic or challenge settings: #Format: Item-[internal id]=(templateId),(quality),(amount),(isStarter) # internal id - This is just an internal index for debugging purposes. If your config is incorrect, it will reference this value. # templateId - The ID for the item you want to create. Reference to find the template ID for the items you want. # quality - The quality you want the item to spawn in. Floating point values accepted. # amount - It will give this many of the item to the player. # isStarter - Whether or not it can be improved. When true, item cannot be repaired. When false, acts as if created normally. #After weapons and armour are created, the player attempts to "equip" everything available. weapon-1=swordLong,50.0,1,true weapon-2=shieldMediumWood,30.0,1,true armour-1=leatherGlove,30.0,2,true armour-2=leatherBoot,30.0,2,true armour-3=leatherSleeve,30.0,2,true armour-4=leatherJacket,30.0,1,true armour-5=leatherCap,30.0,1,true armour-6=leatherHose,30.0,1,true armour-7=toolbelt,20.0,1,true armour-8=backPack,10.0,1,true #Recommend keeping the mirror as-is. item-1=handMirror,20.0,1,false item-2=flintSteel,50.0,1,true item-3=bowlPottery,2.0,1,true item-4=rope,10.0,1,true item-5=compass,30.0,1,true item-6=tent,30.0,1,true item-7=deedStake,30.0,1,true item-8=hatchet,30.0,1,true item-9=knifeCarving,10.0,1,true item-10=shovel,10.0,1,true item-11=saw,10.0,1,true item-12=pickAxe,10.0,1,true item-13=rake,10.0,1,true Tax Config Download Primarily used to clean up abandoned deeds on servers, this allows you to start increasing the amount of upkeep on a deed depending on when the mayor last logged in. You can see an explanation of how it's being used on my server by taking a look at this patch notes post I made. I'm open to adding more functionality in the future for it, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing so. Thank you for visiting and I'll try to keep this up to date with anything new I make. Please click subscribe, like this video, and let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below!
  4. Simple mail mod for use with ago's mod loader. Just drop it into your mods folder, nothing to change in the .properties file. This mod makes mailing items on same server free (untested cross servers). In theory this should work even if you have a bag stuffed full of gems, any bugs please let me know I will try to fix them up. Download: This version only does free mail when sent non cod (version 0.1) This version is free both for just sending and and coding (version 0.8) (just replace the mailmod.jar from version 0.1) Still one known issue, if the person who receives a COD item returns it, the original sender is charged 10c to take it out. Much more complicated to fix, but working on it. Will do a full repackage when its fixed and call it 1.0 (pm me if you would like the source) Requires at least Mod Launcher version 10.1
  5. Hey just want to know how to view a server chat log cant find it anywhere, I want to log and view the village chat and player to player chat, thanks
  6. Alaron is open for anyone who wishes to play on the server. 4096x4096 map. 1 x skill gain. 4 x action timer. Free deed but there is upkeep cost. Lots of rivers, big and small. Lots of unique terrain. Plateaus, valleys, canyons, mountain meadows, snow capped peaks, grasslands, forests, deserts, steppes, marshes. Great place for explorers or people just wanting to play and build. 80,000 creatures, 60% aggressive. All characteristics start at 23. We assume you are not a weakling. All skills start at 10. We assume you are not a moron who doesn't even know how to dig. Mining hits are 41. Xray mod is advised. The vein count has been reduced so you'll need it to make finding veins easier for you. And with 60% nasties it might keep you alive longer in the beginning. Tree spread odds are 50%. The server has been up for a couple of months at 100% so there should be ample trees. Some areas they will be sparse. Sea serpents and sharks will not be rare. I've seen one dragon so far. Probably more. Some other rare nasties have also been spotted. Mods: (because updates may break mods we can't say these will always be available) betterdig: per dig weight rate, clay 20, tar 20, peat 20. dig from/to fairly everything bountymod cropmod deedmod: max 2 deeds of 10201 total tiles each. (example 101x101) harvesthelper morecraftables skillgaincontrol startergear: added spyglass, file, pelt, pottery jar. noob gear can be improved survival: easy mode. players with noob buffs not affected. water disease enabled. colder north. crops grow all year. taxconfig: if a deed owner is gone 28 days on the 29th day deed upkeep goes up each day until they return or the deed disbands. upkeepcosts: minimum upkeep 1S. tile cost 250i upkeep 25i. perimeter cost 100i upkeep 10i. guard cost 3S. upkeep 1.5S. This server is only lightly moderated. It is a survival game after all. One rule above all others, be nice. Not nice people will not be tolerated. Map The map can be found here:
  7. Features Azbantium Fist enchantment that allows faster surface mining dependant on power Seafloor Mining Rig item to mine underwater Azbantium Pickaxe item alternative to Azbantium Fist (off by default) Remove surface mining restriction altogether (off by default) Don't require all corners to be uncovered (off by default) Detailed configuration Ago's Mod Loader required Information Azbantium Fist (Enchantment) Azbantium Fist works just like Wind of Ages (requires statuette, etc.) but is for the Magranon deity by default. The power directly relates to the chance you have to mine a slope down. Without the enchantment, you have a 25% chance. As the power increases, the chance goes up till you get to 100% at power 100. Seafloor Mining Rig (Item) Seafloor Mining Rig acts like a dredge but is for mining. The ingredients are: 5kg of iron lump 1kg of steel lump Continue: 2kg of lead lump 1 thick rope Azbantium Pickaxe (Item) Similar to a pickaxe, made exactly the same as one, but the ql of the pickaxe also decides the chance of lowering a rock slope. Off by default. Other features You can enable 'alwaysLowerRockSlope' in the configs and any mining will always lower rock slope. Doing so will make AF and Azbantium Pickaxe useless. You can enable 'noNeedToUnconverRock' in the configs and you will no longer need to uncover all rock tiles. This is an experimental feature and is known to convert some surrounding tiles into rock tiles. Enable at your own risk. Remember, this is an alpha, expect big changes and some bugs. Installation: Make sure you have ago's mod loader - Download here Extract contents into the mods folder Enjoy! Download:
  8. Quality Level Limit Mod for Wurm Unlimited A very special purpose mod that allows to limit the quality level of items obtained by several actions based on the corresponding skill level of the player. Adding the quality limit to other actions may be added on request. Actions for which QL can be limited (can be disabled separately in the properties file): Foraging & rummaging Botanizing Digging Picking flowers Harvesting farms Picking sprouts Harvesting trees Harvesting bushes Chopping trees Cutting grass Cutting grass around trees Surface mining (including gems, etc.) Mining (including gems, etc.) Fishing Requirements: Ago's Mod Launcher, version 0.21 (Wurm Forum page) Intended for Wurm Unlimited As always with modded content, I rid me of all liability. Although the mod is non-invasive and can be removed at any time without any effect on the world, make a backup. Just to be sure. get it here GitHub page Installation: Just extract the contents of the .zip file into the mods folder in your WurmServerLauncher directory. If you don't have a mods directory, you need to install Agos's mod launcher.
  9. Hey guys, Up till now, the only thing I've been using Unlimited for is to play around with the god tools so I can test out house and environment designs for WO. Playing around with the magic god wand has become so enjoyable that I decided I'd like to recreate the Ultima Online map. As mentioned in my previous thread, this is going to be a "look but don't touch" server and the whole server will be one gigantic deed. So I will not be opening it up for other people to live on as I just don't have time or energy to get into community management at this point. I just want to relax and enjoy building. For now, the server will be offline. Once it's ready though, I will make it public so all you old Ultima fans out there can come and visit as a tourist if you like. In this thread, I'll be documenting the whole process as I go along. I know there have been some previous Ultima related projects out there, and as far as I can tell, they have died off and are offline. But I just want to reassure those people that my project is not in competition even if y'all decided to restart up your servers. Again, the reason being because my server will not be a community, just a tourist attraction. The most nostalgic MMO players I know (myself included) are old Ultima Online players. So I've named the server accordingly and will do my very best to set it up, build and decorate just like good old UO. When the day comes that it's ready to be made public, I hope you'll share a little moistness in your eye, remembering back to the good old days in the lands of Sosaria!
  10. i play alone in games all the time...and get lonely. but i think a bot mod for servers would be kewl. and i dont mean bots for cheating. i mean server admins set up the bots as NPC players. i also want them to be able to chat randomly based on surroundings to make it feel more alive. then there is what they do. like do they specialize or jack of all trades? maybe a settings menu for each bot for the server owner. the menu could show whether they trade or not. or if they are pvp or pve based. do they start their own deeds and build houses and villages? could someone make a bot thing for server admins? NOT A CHEATING BOT! hate those.
  11. Server up vanilla that's it have fun. Web site same Map: 5x exp 7x Action timers until may 26th then it goes back to 3x exp and action free deed setup no cost there will be upkeep max deed 50x50 which is 101x101 if you make one bigger than this I will disband it. bury corpse coin reward and butcher corpse coin reward
  12. Notice to everyone: If you are using the mod, please update to the latest version (1.0.2+) there was a typo that happened between testing and publishing that makes it have a game breaking bug. This mod adds a new craftable item that makes it possible to make clay tiles into dirt without needing GM powers or magic. Decay Bed More Images By placing wooden items in this and letting them decay, the organic matter contained within these will seep into the ground and make the soil once again able to support plants. The process takes time and might need some dedication to be successful. The decay bed is craftable by using a plank and large nails. The total required materials are: 13x Planks 4x Small Nails 1x Large Nails How it works You have to put wooden items inside the decay bed (it's a container), it works best with logs but any wooden item will work, and every time an item inside decays there will be a chance roll based on the weight and volume of the specific item. It is designed to achieve maximum chance by having the same weight and volume as one wood log. If you place an item with less weight or less volume than a log it will still have a chance, just lower. Bigger items do not provide bonus. Outside of villages, there's a maximum of 10% chance, and weight counts towards 6% while volume 4%. Inside of villages, there's a maximum of 50% chance, and weight counts towards 30% while volume 20%. These percentages and values are configurable. If the roll is successful, the tile beneath will turn into dirt. Note this does not work if any corner of the tile is under water. Download & Other Links Download latest version Github Moddb Instructions Extract into mods folder Configure the properties files or use JPWM Mod GUI Manager
  13. When installing the server it seems like the files are not completely downloaded or installed properly. Was working on Ubuntu 16.04 before the 1.3 update and if i update from a previous version it works like intended. I get the databases stored in a folder called dist, And a properties file for a program called flyway that says its for db migration. If i try running the server after copying the databases folder over to the main directory with WurmServerLauncher i get this
  14. Accelerated Forestry & Gardening Server Mod for Wurm Unlimited This mod allows to speed up the growth of trees, bushes, fruit (and other harvestables), hedges, grass, kelp, reed, flowers, trellises, herb planters and to refresh foraging and botanizing for tiles that allow it. Every action to start a task consumes a certain amount of a watering or fertilizing item. After the action is performed, a certain time span is required for the task to be performed. After the task has been finished, another task can be started for that tile/object. While there can exist only one task for a particular tile/object at a time, the number of simultaneous tasks for different tiles/objects is potentially infinite. The default items for watering and fertilizing are water and ash, respectively. Possible tasks are (if enabled, actions use and increase either the forestry or gardening skill; the skill governing an action is indicated in parentheses): Make trees and bushes grow by watering them. (forestry) Make hedges grow by watering them. (gardening) Have trees and bushes grow fruit (or other harvestables) out of season by fertilizing them. (forestry) Increase the grass height on grass and tree tiles by watering the ground. (gardening) Grow (random) flowers on a grass tile by watering it when at maximum height. In contrast to conventional flower growth, all flowers have the same probability. (gardening) Make kelp and reed grow by fertilizing them. Note that there is no visual indicator of height for these tiles. (gardening) Refresh the ability to forage and/or botanize tiles that allow it by fertilizing them. (gardening) Make trellises (except ivy) harvestable out of season by fertilizing them. (gardening) Make herb planters age faster by watering them to reach the age at which they can be harvested. (gardening) Make herb planters harvestable by fertilizing them when at the right age. (gardening) Almost every aspect can be modified via the configuration file. Time required by tasks and polling interval (see below). Cost, time and item required for actions. Influence of skill, item quality and age on task time, action time and action cost. Other options are: Block certain actions or tile/object types. Show status on examine if a task is enqueued for the examined tile/object. Enforce a cool down time for an object or tile after a task has been finished. Continuous growth until the maximum age or height is reached. Age limit for trees and bushes. Gain skill for performing actions. Persistent task list when shutting down the server. Obey tile protection. Active protection against conventional server poll for tracked objects. Use the original growth functions with all related effects and chances. Task time can be defined by a base time and several multipliers for task type, object/tile type, species, age, modifier (normal, enchanted, mycelium), skill and item quality. The time required to grow a tree, t, is TaskTime < t < TaskTime + PollInterval where TaskTime is the time required for a task as specified by BaseTaskTime and a collection of multipliers. TaskTime = BaseTaskTime * task_multiplier * type_multiplier * species_multiplier * age_multiplier * modifier_multiplier * skill_multiplier * quality_multiplier Multipliers can be tweaked separately for all kinds of conditions. For more information, see the mod's properties file. Other information: Accelerated tree and bush growth ignores all related effects that otherwise would be invoked when a tree or bush grows.* Accelerated fruit/harvestable growth ignores seasons. Accelerated grass growth ignores seasonal growth rates. * Such as tree death & self re-plant, mycelium decay, killing area checks for oaks and willows, sprouting to nearby tiles, mushrooms, etc. These effects still occur, but at a normal rate. Planned features: What else could need acceleration? Any suggestions? Requirements: Ago's Mod Launcher, version 0.24 (Wurm Forum page) Intended for Wurm Unlimited As always with modded content, I rid me of all liability. Although the mod in non-invasive and can be removed at any time without any effect on the world, make a backup. Just to be sure. Get it here GitHub page Installation: Just extract the contents of the .zip file into the mods folder in your WurmServerLauncher directory. If you don't have a mods directory, you need to install Agos's mod launcher.
  15. I've had wurm unlimited from when it was first released, but the only thing I've ever really done with it is try out some wild house designs with the god tools. Other than that, I don't really comprehend the full scale of what is technically possible and what is not. I know you can 1) create your own private server (as I have done) 2) create a private server with a password for you and your friends 3) create a public server. I have no interest in playing on other people's servers (other than visiting them as a tourist). I have no interest in becoming a gm and running a server that other people play on. I only want the server to be up and alive when I choose to turn my computer on and play on it. Instead, what I'd like to do is create a server that others can visit, but can't interact (like building a house or setting up a deed). All they should be able to do is walk around and explore. Think of it like this: the whole server would be like one huge deed: as with normal deeds, you can look but can't touch. Besides, I wouldn't want them to waste time setting up deeds since I don't want the server to be running unless it's because I'm playing at that moment. So it has to be immediately evident that they can't do much there. Am I correct in assuming that for a server to be running, it's completely dependant on our computers being on to keep it running and playable? That there are no wurm servers that we can have our servers on? Even if that were the case, I still wouldn't be interested in the responsibilities of being a gm and having people's game play experience be on my shoulders. I just wanna have relaxed fun building crazy stuff with the god tools and if a visitor or two happen to come see the server once in a while, cool Is it technically possible? And if it is, how is it done?
  16. Hi, Simple issue, every time my server restarts, the alerts I have set with #alerts clears and I need to re-enter that information. Is there a more permanent way of applying alerts or do I just need to redo it every restart? Thanks, Cryptonat
  17. How do I remove the artifacts from my server? I deleted my altars and spawned new ones they were working but now if I turn endgame items off my altars don't work, I cant seem to delete the artifacts in the db in "endgameitems"
  18. Download: The mod configuration file in the zip contain most of the useful information (pasted below). # # WHO IS THIS FOR? # """""""""""""""" # Sqlite is a fine piece of software, hands down. If you do not know why you # would want MySQL in place of it, this is most likely NOT something you # should install on your server. # # I started this project because we had around a dozen million objects in our # item database, so I got grand plans to make Zenath handle that kind of # database comfortably. But yes, ... plans ... WTB time and money for hobby # projects. :) # # Note that this definitely has its uses without additional tweaks to Wurm. # # It comes without warranty. # # -- Friya 2017, you can maybe reach me on Discord as Friya#7934 # # # INSTALLATION # """""""""""" # 1. In the game world's wurm.ini file: # Enter connection settings to your MySQL server. The fields are: # DB_HOST=<probably or localhost> # DB_PORT=<probably 3306> # DB_USER=<a username> # DB_PASS=<that username's password> # # 2. This is probably already set to true, but verify that this setting # is indeed true when you install the mod: # CREATE_TEMPORARY_DATABASE_INDICES_AT_STARTUP=true # # You probably want to change to false at subsequent restarts or you # will get some (harmless) errors saying indices already exists. # # Save and close wurm.ini # # 3. Copy .jar files in lib into /Wurm Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher/lib/ # # 4. Other than that, install like any other server mod: # - Copy folder mysql into mods # - Copy file into mods # # 5. Make sure you check the settings below before starting the server. # # # OPTIMIZING # """""""""" # Optimizing your MySQL install and databases is beyond the scope of this # mod. Note that chances are it is a bit slower than Sqlite by default. # # What you get is a lot more options to optimize things (especially larger # databases). Personally I want to use MySQL to get more logging, # transparency and not have to worry about filelocks. A nice bonus is # naturally that I can have external applications fetch data from the game # a bit easier. # # # CHANGING A LIVE DATABASE # """""""""""""""""""""""" # In 99% of all cases you will not be able to write to a live database and # have the changes propagate into the game properly, simply because your # Wurm server put a lot of data into memory when it starts up. You'd still # need to restart your server if you make changes (or have MySQL trigger a # reload of the data in the game, but that's a whole different can of worms). # # IMPORTING AN EXISTING WORLD # """"""""""""""""""""""""""" # This is actually beyond the scope of this mod as there are plenty of # tools out there that can help you with this. # # You can simply google "sqlite to MySQL" or have a look at this if you # are comfortable with getting your hands dirty: # # # Setting insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases=true in the settings below # will create a fully working world, though (Creative or Adventure). # classname=com.friya.wurmonline.server.mysql.Mod classpath=mysql.jar # Description: Whether this mod uses a shared class loader # Notes: # Recommended: Must be true. sharedClassLoader=true # Description: Set to false to completely disable this mod. # Notes: # Recommended: true enabled=true # Description: The name of the folder your game map and database recide in. # Notes: You MUST fill this in to a value of your own. # This is the folder we will place the modsupport.db and where # we will load database scripts from. # Recommended: (e.g. Creative, Adventure, ...) gameName=Creative_org # Description: Create MySQL databases if they do not exist. # Notes: Have to be set to true when you first install the mod. Keeping # it at true at subsequent restarts will not do any harm as it # will only create databases if they did not exist. # Recommended: true createDatabasesIfTheyDoNotExist=true # Description: When MySQL databases are created, should we create the tables? # Notes: Must be true when you first install the mod. Keeping it at # true will not do any harm as this will only happen if a # database was created. # Recommended: true createTablesOnDatabaseCreation=true # Description: Insert default data into new MySQL databases. # Notes: This will only happen to databases that were just created. # If you are importing an existing world, set to false. # If you are creating a world from scratch, set to true. # Recommended: true insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases=true # Description: Import world "gameName" into MySQL # Notes: Set this OR insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases to true to create # a world in MySQL. If both of importExistingWorld and # insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases are set to false you have to # have data in your database or the server will not start up. # Recommended: n/a # # NOT IMPLEMENTED, SEE "IMPORTING AN EXISTING WORLD" AT THE TOP OF THIS FILE! # importExistingWorld=false # Description: Name of modsupport database. # Notes: Ago's modloader creates a Sqlite database. We will keep it # intact and USE, you can specify the name of that database # here. It is probably recommended that you do not use the # default name of 'modsupport.db' in case something goes wrong # in the transition from Sqlite. # If you are importing a world into MySQL, a copy will be made # from modsupport.db to this name. # Individual mods can of course choose to use MySQL, but by # default they will use Sqlite. # Recommended: modsupport-with-MySQL.db modSupportDbName=modsupport-with-mysql.db # Description: Delete all Wurm related data, tables and databases in MySQL. # Notes: Use if you want a new world or something went wrong with # creating your old world. I use this mostly for testing. # WARNING: You probably don't want to change this to true unless you are # sure what you are doing. # Recommended: false (really, keep at false) deleteDatabasesIfTheyExist=false
  19. Hello there! I create my own server, install new map(with cleaning db via bat file), type: creative:home kingdom:start kingdom 4(freedom), find good place to spawn point. 1. Exit from game, stop server, find my character in server launcher and copy-paste coords to Spawn point in server launcher, tell mate to login -- he spawn in ocean. Ok , delete mate character and goto :2 2. Open goold and trying to searching my problem. Ok. I found: RMB on Ebony Wand -> Set Focus Zone -> Name "Spawn -> Type: Premium User spawn point -> Delete other places in focus zones -> Tell mate to join -> He again spawn in ocean with another coords. Ideas?
  20. We have been using Citadel Servers and are very pleased with 99% up-time, fast servers and excellent support. Just wanted to share this information!! Citadel Servers
  21. pve

    Wurm Haven - Server name: Western Union. Hello everybody! Redbearing here on behalf of Wurm Haven, In regards to our server Western Union!. I'm here to welcome you the reader to come join us on wurm unlimited to enjoy the company of other players. We are a small group of experienced wurm online players hosting a server in hopes of fun times and building a good community Western union is a 24/7 dedicated server with 200 player slots, we have regular maintenance's, and a GM/CA support group- To help you with any technical issues. details regarding our server can be found at I will answer any questions regarding this topic below in the comments section. As always thank you and have a nice day. Notable game modifications Faster carts, Priest restrictions= False, rare minerals from mining, creatures drop coins, No crop decay.
  22. I am trying to make a server modification to create a new chat channel at player login. I would like to display some info about the server and such in it. I would prefer it if the channel was strictly informative and chat was disabled. I tried going through some of the wurmxxxx.db files and could not find anything useful. If anyone would be so kind as to pint me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  23. I am running two dedicated servers in Wurm Unlimited and have two Steam Accounts. It's a pain but for updates I copy one of the servers to a second computer where I run my second account get the client and server updated, then copy it back to the normal host server and that has worked fine until May. With the last update I forgot to change the Steam user account I was running and the end result is that I have a Dedicated Server running, but the client for that account is already updated to How can I get the dedicated server to update to the current version?
  24. Could someone please tell me how to put freedom as a kingdom to choose on top of the list when joining the server. EXAMPLE :
  25. Hi guys, need a bit of advice. I stopped playing but I keep a server for people who still play. The ISP is changing address range and I had to switch server to a new IP. I have updated DNS, updated settings in WurmLauncher, restarted the server. I opened the client, double click on my server and... Connection refused. I have checked using Wireshark and apparently client connects to old IP address. If I use "Connect by IP" and enter new IP, it connects. To make sure serwer will get re-registered I have slightly changed it's name. Name gets refreshed on server list but game attempts to connect with old IP again. Any ideas how to force IP update on the server list?