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Found 102 results

  1. Welcome to Modreth Stables. Jet Black, Blood Bay, Piebald and all the other classic colors. In my stables you can find what you need to be faster than the wind! I sell only 5 speed horses (jet blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse). I will be happy to help you making the best choice or giving you all the informations if you want to breed them. All my horses are bred and nursed with love. They are free from negative traits; thanks to my high Animal Husbandry I can assure you very healty animals. Come to find me in Xanadu Q25, right on the coast. I usually have all the special colors (jet black, piebald, blood bay) and the classic too (grey, honey/beige, white, brown, black). Bisons incoming. Animals' date of birth goes for dd/mm/yyyy. And finally we have active bee hives for sale too; each bee hive is sold with a bee smoker and 10 sugar on the inside. Pick up only. I also sell grooming brushes, saddles, horse shoes and everything you could need for your new little friends. Jet Black. Fastwart: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 26/04/2017) 1 silver. Ebenstrong: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 25/04/2017) 1 silver. Osiohappy: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/04/2017) 1 silver. Wildcoffee: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Starkwing: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Fasterik: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Osioabia: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 1 silver. Ironnotch: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 22/03/2017) 1 silver. Chasergray: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/03/2017) 1 silver. Ironflea: female 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 16/03/2017) 1 silver. Mountainsouth: male 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 13/03/2017) 1 silver. Piebald. Ironchaser: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 23/04/2017) 50 copper. Flashcliff: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 22/04/2017) 50 copper. Bloodbay. Brown. Fastclip: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 24/04/2017) 25 copper. Sadnapa: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 20/04/2017) 25 copper. Eckerpot: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Fasthunting: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Swiftbrisk: male 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 20/03/2017) 25 copper. Silvernorth: male 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 20/03/2017) 25 copper.ite. Black. White. Echopearl: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Honey/Beige/Gold. Flintgolden: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 26/04/2017) 25 copper. Wartkiss: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 15/04/2017) 25 copper. Grey. Haldog: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 20/04/2017) 25 copper. Pearlbenita: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: unknown) 25 copper. Dreamcloud: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: unknown) 25 copper. Westeben: female 5 speed adolescent (date of birth: 23/03/2017) 25 copper. Active Bee HIves. Ql 70 active bee hive 2,5s. Ql 70 active bee hive 2,5s. Safe purchases. I will give you the horses with a low quality saddle and a rope per horse; I will unbrand them only when you will arrive in your deed. In this way, you could easily find them even if you should lose them during the trip from my deed to yours. Thanks to the saddle, horses won't move and mantain their position when unleaded; thanks to the brand, nobody else will be able to lead them away without permissions. Foals can't wear saddles. Horses can't plot course. Each player can lead only 4 horses per time. Traits explanation. Speed traits. Fleeter movement than normal: 10% movement speed boost. Strong body: 10 kg carry weight bonus. Lightning movement: 20% speed movement boost. Can carry more than average: 20 kg carry weight bonus. Has very strong leg muscles: 10% speed movement boost and 10 kg carry weight bonus. Other bonus traits. Fight fiercely: gives +1 combat raiting. Tough bugger: 10% less damages taken. Keen senses: nothing worth anything. Unusually strong and healthy: 50% more resistant to disease. Certain spark in the eyes: lifespan is 50% longer. Horse shoes, saddles and grooming brushes. You can find them on our main topic, in the "Horse Stuff" section. We sell wagons too Freedom Island (FI) wagons 30 copper each. Black Legion (BL) wagon. Rare Mol-Rehan (MR) wagon. Jenn-Kellon (MR) wagon. Horde of the Summoned (HOTS) wagon. How to find me. If you are interested in my horses, you can write me on the game or leave me a message on the forum, you will find me always as Luttuosa. Or if you want, you can come to visit me to my deed; usually I am on line from 14 pm to 3 am (UTC +1 / CET Central European Time). I am located in Xanadu Q-25; Modreth is the name of my deed, on the coast. You can come from Esteron too, following the east highway and the pointing sings.
  2. As stated in the title, Im looking to purchase a supreme saddle with any ql or enchants. Pm me in forums or in game to Tuga.
  3. All items start bid of 10 copper. Min Bid After Initial Bid: 1 copper No Max bid, No reserve No sniper protection, winner will be as per timer end in 3 days time. Edit: Buyer pays COD, apologies for forgetting that. Congratulations to the winners: (total is without cod fee's) Kondris, Items: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 15, total:1s34c Talohan, Items: 4, 6 and 10, total: 1s50c Gwyn, Items: 13 and 14, total: 60c Neville, Item 7, total: 12c Crezena, Item 16, total 15c Please advise the in game name you wish me to cod the items to and i will send them out asap.
  4. Selling these enchanted horse packages, You'll see the number of the packages on the backpack. COD will be added to the final price. With saddle: 4,5s 4,3s Without saddle: 2,5s 2,5s 2,3s 2,2s 2,1s 2s
  5. As title says Supreme Saddle 90ql with 97 WoA up for grabs! Starting Bid: 20s Increment: 1s No Buyout. Sniping Protection: 1 Hour Happy bidding!
  6. It's already been done for unicorns, let's extend it to bison and cows now! Bridles probably wouldn't make as much sense on bison, as they have a very different shaped face to horses, unicorns, etc., but saddles and horse shoes should definitely fit. The same for cows, but with bridles as well, they're similar enough to horses for the bridles to work.
  7. I'm sadly auctioning this awesome set of rares with high Blessing of the dark casts. I bet every horsies in the neighbourhood will envy the badass of a horse that's gonna wear this! Starting price: 30s Minimum increment: 50c Sniper Protection: 2 hours Buyout: Happy bidding! (I will edit in a buyout when I get a clue on whats a fair buyout prize) If you have an opinion about the price, send me a PM, easier to ignore PMs. The price is what I've set it as.
  8. Random enchanted leather goods I'm selling in my spring cleanup. Give me your offers.
  9. WTS these stuff! OFFER YOUR PRICE
  10. Looking for highly enchanted (W90+) or blank rare horseshoe & one rare saddle. Send offers via forum pm.
  11. Hi, As the large saddle is no longer used for anything I think it should be usable on bears. It should be a simple matter to add the right flags for them to be attached to bears. The quality effecting speed should also work the same as horses. Perhaps we can have some bear shoes too, or even a bear hat; one of the leather type with a tassel that we can change the colour of with dyes. And as creatures hitched to a cart/wagon now unhitch as they change ages could it be changed so that when a bear becomes untamed it wont unhitch? as the new mechanic would solve people having them hitched all the time and bypassing the challenge of keeping aggro creatures for labour. Thanks Morlanius of Bearfoot Vinyard (xan)
  12. Enchanted Saddles for Sale: Buyer pays CoD 90.34 woa89 1s30c 90.12 woa84 1s20c 90.04 woa85 1s20c 81.12 woa80 70c 81.06 woa84 75c 71.38 woa70 60c 70.11 woa70 60c
  13. Jasiek's Leatherworks - get Your leather cheaper Contact in game: Jasiek Location: Independence, Krotharin (S10) Mail: Buyer pay COD Merchant: Placed in Glasshollow Public Market - Central Market. Feel free to contact me in game or here to get more info! Every order is individual! Rares/others in stock: Buying: 75ql crafted shoulder pad - 3s - drake hide - 30c per 0.01 Studded Leather Sets Toolbelts: 50ql - 35c (or 5c pp) 15c 60ql - 60c (or 9c pp) 25c 70ql - 95c (or 12c pp) 35c 80ql - 2,1s (or 25c pp) 55c 85ql - 3s (or 35c pp) 80c 90ql - 4,8s (or 55c pp) 95c Horse equipment: Saddles Bridles Bardings 50ql - 10c 10c 25c 60ql - 15c 15c 35c 70ql - 35c 35c 45c 80ql - 55c 55c 70c 90ql - 1,45s 1,45s x Enchanted Zone: 80ql studded jacket 80 AoSP - 89c 80ql studded jacket 71 AoSP - 82c 80ql studded jacket 62 AoSP - 75c 80ql studded jacket 76 AoSP - 86c 80ql studded jacket 84 AoSP - 92c 70ql saddle 59 WoA - 82c Every studded part can be imped up. Price 80i per 1power + cost of leather thing. Others: Containers (50ql) - backpack/quiver/waterskin - 6c Animal rugs (50ql) lion/bear/wolf - 15c Armor improving - pm me with details of armor ql to get the price Alternative payment methods: Sleep powder - 1s Referral - 7s
  14. Looking to buy a rare set of horseshoes and a rare saddle. Doesn't have to be casted. Would prefer 90+ QL but that isn't required either. PM me here or in game at Joelle.
  15. What summer would it be without a proper Summer Sale! 30% off on quality mounted explorer's equipment Let's make you happy! Compasses basic price 30% off 45ql 90woa 2s 1.4s 46ql 95woa 2s 1.4s 58ql 90woa 2.5s 1.7s 61ql 86woa 2.5s 1.7s 62ql 91woa 3s 2.1s 63ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 65ql 93woa 3s 2.1s 68ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 70ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 94woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 91woa 3.5s 2.4s 79ql 95woa 4s 2.8s Saddles ql90 basic price 30% off 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 97woa 3.3s 2.3s 90ql 98woa 3.6s 2.5s Horse shoes ql90 set basic price 30% off 4x 90ql 90woa 6s 4.2s 4x 90ql 91woa 6.6s 4.6s 4x 90ql 93woa 7.8s 5.4s 4x 90ql 94woa 8.4s 5.9s 4x 90ql 96woa 9.6s 6.7s 4x 90ql 97woa 10.2s 7.1s 4x 90ql 98woa 10.8s 7.5s (mailing fees included) Lesser ql equipment also available, don't hesitate to ask. For example - ql80+ woa80-85 saddles for 1s each, 20 in stock - ql80+ woa86-89 horseshoes for 70c each, 24 in stock
  16. Auction closed, item sold. [13:40:27] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. [13:40:27] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [96] QL: 93.67 Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increment: 50 copper Buyout: 18 silver Hidden reserve: None Auction runs for 3 days, no private bids please, buyer pays postage.
  17. Bids start at 10s Incriments of 50c Buyouts pm Sapphirewolf or Innominate please
  18. Heya, As the title says: Will be sent in a backpack. Starting bid 20s Min increase 50c Buyout 35s No reserve Will be cod from Exodus, buyer pays the fees
  19. Vend a Horse!! Where you can get all your horse's needs. Where are located south of Lormere at Q 15 We deliver. Delivery cost may vary. Our prices are: All animals are 5 speeds with no negative traits Aged and younger Horses that come in White, Gold, Black and Brown for 50 copper each. Bison at 75 copper each. Hell horses at 1 silver each. Wagons at 50QL for 1 silver Horse shoes 40 copper a set of 4 of 50ql Large Crates 10 copper each
  20. Helping a friend sell out. All horseshoes are at 91 or 92q and are iron. Only listing by WOA. First set. 52woa, 54woa, 67woa, 72woa. Second set. 73woa, 74woa, 74woa, 74woa Third set, 74woa, 75woa, 75woa, 78woa Fourth set. 82woa, 82woa, 83woa, 85woa Firth set. 85woa, 86woa, 86woa, 90woa Bridles 1. 70q bridle. no enchant 2. 75q bridle. no enchant Saddle. 50q saddle. 100woa Min Bid per item is 1s Increments of 25c No reserve. No buyout. Sniper protection of 1 hour.
  21. looking to buy a rare saddle , let me know what you have and how much,
  22. Hi, let me offer some sets to speedup your horses 4 woa shoes + FREE woa saddle mail fee (COD) included whole set, including saddle, can be imped to ql90 for additional 1.5s if you have special request, PM (97 blacksmithing, 99 leatherwork, 90 channeling priest) w/woa means Wind Of Ages cast #1 ql80 shoes w74,74,75,75 + ql80 saddle w74 = 2.7s #2 ql80 shoes w76,77,78,78 + ql80 saddle w76 = 2.8s #3 ql80 shoes w80,81,81,81, + ql80 saddle w78 = 2.9s #4 ql80 shoes w82,82,82,83 + ql80 saddle w79 = 3.2s #5 ql80 shoes w83,84,84,85 + ql80 saddle w84 = 3.4s #6 ql80 shoes w85,85,85,85 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.5s #7 ql80 shoes w86,86,88,88 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.6s #8 ql80 shoes w88,88,88,88 + ql80 saddle w89 = 3.7s #9 ql90 shoes w92,92,93,93 + ql 90 saddle w92 = 5.9s
  23. Selling a few saddles and a barding, buyer pays cod Item QL Enchant Price in Silver Chain Barding, Iron 90.70 AosP94 2.9 saddle, leather 82.39 woa80 1.85 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 1 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 1 saddle, leather 90.14 woa87 2.04 saddle, leather 90.63 woa91 3 saddle, leather 90.18 woa81 2 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71 1 Saddle, leather 90.41 woa89 2.05
  24. All items 1s each Will be mailed CoD toolbelt 9 slots 90ql 2 left! Small Axe, Steel 6.80 coc80 Sickle, Iron 46.18 coc80 Saw, Iron 4.87 coc81 Shovel, Steel 4.22 coc80 Shovel, Steel 2.96 coc82 File, Iron 5.37 coc81 Stone Chisel, Iron 50.19 coc85 Stone Chisel, Iron 22.50 coc83 pickaxe, steel 1.00 coc80 (2 available from 1-3ql) Stone Chisel, Iron 56.28 coc85 Pickaxe, steel 9.39 coc80 Pickaxe, steel 9.20 coc81 pickaxe, steel 8.94 coc81 Needle, Iron 88.85 coc80 Shovel, Steel 4.19 coc83 Shovel, Steel 2.38 coc87 Butchering Knife, Iron 58.46 coc81 Butchering Knife, Iron 59.46 coc84 Saw, Iron 5.00 coc83 Small Axe, Steel 7.15 coc84 Hatchet, Iron 28.69 coc86 Hatchet, Steel 2.95 coc84 Hatchet, Steel 2.83 coc87 Meditation rug, beautiful 24.37 coc80 Meditation rug, cotton 14.01 coc80 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71