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Found 383 results

  1. ~ Amish Paradise Market & Sanctuary ~ North East Xanadu -Located East of Summerholt on the highway Coastal deed reachable by water from the North and South/East Waterways Run by NEXA alliance, in a very friendly populated local. Vendor Spaces Available!!! Stop in for your tools, armor, decorations, horses, bison, enchants and more.. Don't see it? Ask! Sermon Schedule (Subject to change) Sermons are BACK! (Currently looking for someone to run sermons outside of these hours) Don't have a priest but want one? We have Nahjo, Fo, Mag, Vyn all available for conversions! MAP
  2. Let me know what you have and what you want. Thanks!
  3. I"m seeking a Fo priest for a conversion. Preferably near Whitefey or Greymead in Xanadu, but i can travel if its not too far.
  4. I am selling 2 nahjo priests. Jayna Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.9 Pickaxe 41.5 Mining 40.2 Archery 40.0 Meditating 39.3 Prayer 31.6 Religion 30.2 Stone Cutting 27.1 Masonry 25.6 Level 7 path of Love Zann Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.4 Meditating 40.8 Archery 40.0 Pickaxe 39.8 Mining 38.3 Prayer 32.0 Religion 31.2 Miscellaneous Items 23.7 Stone Cutting 23.4 Level 7 path of Love Each is being sold individually. Bids starts: 20s/20e Bid increment: 1s/1e Buyout: 60s/55e Snipe protection: 1 hour from last bid Neither has premium time or any gear. I can add some basic gear and maybe a rowboat if requested. Assuming it's still available, they both should have the free switch to another diety.
  5. I have a very limited budget so I'm only looking for a "basic" starter toon as follows: 30 faith to be converted by a priest (40 faith if already a paaweelr priest is a bonus). 23 body strength to load items into carts, wagons and boats. 21 body control to ride a horse. 20.10 mind logic to drive a large cart and sailboat. I'm also interested in a quote for the above but with 80 faith instead of 30 or 40. Finally, if you want to build me an account from scratch I can tell you the name I want to use.
  6. Path of knowlage level 12 about 1month of prem left on both battery and main
  7. Looking for a Nahjo Battery or a priest. All considered. I will pay more for extras such as meditation, cooking or other skills trained but not required. High faith preferred, of course. I will be looking at characters for a few days. I will know what I want when I see it
  8. WTS Offer !
  9. PC may be selling too if i get good offer
  10. PC may be selling too if i get good offer
  11. Hi, I am looking to buy a Fo priest and Vyn priest with 100 faith PM with offers.
  12. In Wurm Unlimited, it would be nice to have flags on the server to disable priest restrictions.
  13. Hi, does anyone knows how long the najho convert will be available?
  14. Looking for a mid-level priest, preferably mag or nahjo.
  15. Please can we make it so that priests of different gods can link to cast spells that both can do?
  16. I am looking to buy a vyn priest that has 100 faith, 90+ channeling, and POL level 11+...... Pm me with skill dumps and we can discuss price. Thanks, Nova
  17. Please adjust the characteristics of those priests who had lower gains before the characteristics nerf on them been lifted. The change would go in the same direction as the Epic Stam adjustment.
  18. As the title states, i am looking to buy a fo or nahjo priest. Im not too bothered about side skills, but am more interested in faith and channelling skill. Ideally, i would like the priest to be able to cast genesis. PM me or link a WTS page if you can, appreciate the help!
  19. Looking to buy high lvl or high-ish lvl Vyn priest on freedom servers. Please PM, will consider all options. Thank you.
  20. Calamity - Nahjo Priest (w/refresh) SOLD Starting Bid: 75s Increments: 5s Buyout: 1g No reserve, 1h sniper Note: He will come with a rowboat and a few gems to get you going but nothing more. I have been able to get a lot of 90+ courier casts without much trouble with him and he can make enchanted grass too. Skills:
  21. Time to thin the ranks! Male - Vynora Priest [12:30:49] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 2 of the White Shark starfall, 1012. That's 2103 days, 13 hours and 20 minutes ago. [12:30:49] You have played 223 days, 20 hours and 51 minutes. [12:30:49] You have been premium a total of 21 months until Dec 2013. [12:30:49] You have not paid for premium time. The character will come with nothing on him, and can be picked up on Xanadu. I will accept private bids, however the bid will be posted without your name. All offers will be in Euro through Paypal. Bid increases by 10e minimum This auction will run a total of 10 days, starting 11/21/2016 Sniper Protection : 1 hour Happy Bidding!! SKILL DUMP Edit to add titles & Sniper protection per request -
  22. church

    We have Built a New church @ Wild Goose Farm's at S 9 and would like to invite you to our first service Sat Oct 22,2016 7:30 pm Eastern time USA Everyone Welcome. All Priest can preach. Thanks.
  23. Looking to sell items below, please PM me with offers: *Note* All items must be picked up from Xanadu B18 or mailed. 10% discount offered for gem purchases in euros instead of coin. 3 Gold Coins Left White Dragon Skull Red Dragon Skull Supreme Hatchet 90ql 77CoC 93WoA 100Imbue - 60s or best offer Supreme Horseshoe 90ql 90WoA Rare Horseshoe 90ql 87WoA Rare Huge Axe 71ql 76MS 80CoC 93LT 80Nim Animal Demise Rare Needle 74CoC 73WoA Rare Hammer 90ql 91CoC Rare Stone Chisel 81ql 76CoC 81WoA Rare Awl 81ql 96CoC Rare Willow Longbow 80ql 80CoC 75Nim Rare Leather Knife 81ql 88CoC Rare Sickle 79ql 81MS 92CoC 85LT 79Nim Animal Demise Meditation Rug 1ql 103CoC Spyglass 15 LW Potions AVG 71ql 7 SC Potions AVG 79ql - 1s per or best offer 10 WS Potions AVG 92ql 15 WC Pitions AVG 84ql 5 WC Potions AVG 71ql - 2s per 10,000ql+ of Gems under 10ql - 1.5c per ql or 1.25c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) Hundreds of Gems over 10ql - 0.5c per ql or .3c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) *Note* All accounts are out of premium Accounts for sale: Bunnybaby Male Vynora Priest - 100Faith 57Prayer (Enchant Grass Ability, works while nonprem too) - 35e Vyncake Female Vynora Priest - 82Faith - 15e Magbagel Male Magranon Priest - 72Faith - 20e MexicanPotatoNahjo Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoCrunch Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoSauce Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e Also accepting offers on the two accounts below: Female Vynora Priest - Enchant Grass Male - Lvl 12 Path of Knowledge (Best offer 330USD)