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Found 6 results

  1. GLASSHOLLOW MARKETs and harbors. WHERE YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING, ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE. note: all markets have upkeep payed for atlast 2 years Newspring by GH 2 out of 8 full stalls Lormere by GH 1 out of 10 full stalls Esteron by GH 2 out of 8 full stalls Summerholt by GH 1 out of 8 full stalls Whitefay by GH 2 out of 8 full stalls Greymead by GH 1 out of 8 full stalls Linton by GH 3 out of 8 full stalls Vrock Landing by GH 1 out of 8 full stalls GLASSHOLLOW HORSE stables all full Bulk MARKET 5 out of 16 full stalls Dragon Market section 13 out of 17 full stalls Lumpy Market section 12 out of 14 full stalls Central Market section 34 out of 34 full stalls Harbor Market section 19 out of 19 full stalls Last Glasshollow Merchant update here Newbs Resort at Glasshollow open for new ppl MARKET OFFICAL SITE WHERE WE ARE
  2. Moved to:
  3. Hello Everyone! Our Location is Indepedence T18 Contact ingame and forum: Kilamplaga Chain smithing Full Set Price Barding 70 QL 1,4s 2s 80 QL 2.4s 3,5s 85 QL 2.8s 4s 90 QL 4s 5s Blacksmithing Price 70 QL 40c 80 QL 50c Lamps* 10x Iron lamp/Torch lamp 10x Imperial street lamp 50 QL 1.5 s 2 s 60 QL 2 s 3 s *Brass/copper/bronze/silver/gold lamps, candelabras and braizers up to 60ql Avalible soon. Bulk orders Amount/Price Rock Shards Marble Shards 1k / 1s 1k / 1s Bricks Mortar 1k / 2s 1k / 3s Large nails Small nails 1k / 1.5s 1k / 1s Frying pans Support beams 100 / 1s 100 / 3s Clay/Tar/Dirt/Sand 1k / 1s Fence Bars Ribbons 100 / 1s 200 / 1s Planks 1k / 1s Shafts 1k / 1s More Coming soon If you would like to buy something that isn't listed here Contact me via forum or ingame! And there is what we have in stock: Rare chain boot 85ql - 2s SOLD Rare imperial lamp 60ql - 2s (Non-mailable) SOLD 5k Dirt 2k Rock Shards When ordering please add your In-game nickname and your timezone so it will'be easier for us when delivering. Buyer Pays COD All orders can be picked up from the South Shore of Independence at T18 We deliver to any coast on freedom isles or you can pickup in our location Delivery cost is 20c-1s depending on your location Greetings!
  4. Greetings. selling: stock 10k+ rock shards: 1s/1k stock 4k+ dirt, price 1s/1k stock 2k+ clay, price 1s/1k accepting orders for larger quanitites. Locations: Coastal pickup in eastern Xanadu(J-21) or central xanadu near whitefay.(though canals) Land delivery: around graymead-whitefay- possibly summerholt Coastal delivery can be arranged, depending on distance. crate exchange, or 4c per small crate. For orders post here, pm or /tell Xearan ingame. will be updating stock.
  5. Me and a Friend are taking orders Indy but will have to meet at Freedom Market for drop off & payment. We are very reliable, try our best with the quality of our items/goods. So please drop us a line below with what you want and we will try our best to give you what you want. Thanks Zztopplerzz