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Found 58 results

  1. Hello. I've been playing Wurm for 4-5 year now, on and off as most people do It's been loads of fun and it's been just as frustrating at times Going through some rough times at the moment so I've decided to see what my accounts could get and sell out if I find the price worth all the time and effort that has gone into making those characters what they are today. Please give me some idea of what I should expect to get from characters of this level and feel free to pm me with offers if you like any of them. You can expect them to come butt naked, with not a cent to their name. No premium time or available referrals either. And here are the characters: Galigan, a proficient smith, master of blacksmithing and a decent fighter as far as PvE goes: Malac, a red nosed (not a drunkard) Vynora priest, the very best herb picker, with decent channeling skill and an awesome cook (made plenty of CoC jokes, beware): Zalmo, the tortilla boy. Worshiper and priest of the mighty Nacho, comes with decent channeling but that's about it (a lot younger than his brothers): Additional information: Malac has an affinity for weaponsmithing that can be transfered to Galigan Also, all 3 characters are of the 'non bugged' variety with the affinity system. You can make food for any affinity for them with Icbash's tool, or I can supply meal recipes for affinities you want on them. His 96 botanizing is no small feat. You can get as much woad at 96+ql as you want (no random ql anymore) and any other herb/spice/you name it at 95+ql. Of note is the fact that herbs are the best Nacho favor ever, getting as much as 12 favor per piece for some and all herbs and spices can be chopped to fuel any priest with favor. Has decent soul depth too and can attach runes with much better chance than your average character. Iirc, has about 50% chance on lower 10's ql runes and about 70% on 20ish ql ones. Galigan's stone cutting and JS levels let him make runes with a pretty decent chance. No more buying runes for ridiculous amounts of coins. Get a good stone chisel and you'll be making bricks like it's nothing. And you'll be cutting lots of rocks once the new walls go live Zalmo has enough gardening skill to be able to get serious favor from harvesting planters. With 500 planters with rosemary in them, he can get about 4k favor every day with no more than 10 minutes invested (excluding setting up the planters ofc ) I'll add more info later if there are requests for it. Can't think of anything else I should mention about them atm.
  2. Let me know what you have and what you want. Thanks!
  3. Looking to part with a Nahjo Battery in the next ~1 to 2 days. (Unless someone wants immediately) Character will be in a sailboat on a server border *randomly* [13:23:55] You have premium time until 20 Mar 2017 04:58:08 GMT Current Skilldump: Can do: *STRONGWALL* (70faith) - use to strongwall reinforced tiles, or to replace rock in mines. Lose affinities on Chaos (20FS) * (note has no affinity currently, will respawn randomly.) Command a sailboat. (20.1BC) Command a large cart. (20.1BC) Pray and receive all sorts of gems. (must pray yourself) Make some arrows with your awesome 22 fletching! Nahjo Strongwall: Can sac unchopped garlic Q94 13 pieces gives 70 faith. *best method of faith. (who likes to chop veggies?) Comes with: (basic gear to get you to your destination) 1x Sailboat 500 Karma Looking for: 35s PM ingame/forum or reply here for serious buyers only.
  4. I am selling 2 nahjo priests. Jayna Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.9 Pickaxe 41.5 Mining 40.2 Archery 40.0 Meditating 39.3 Prayer 31.6 Religion 30.2 Stone Cutting 27.1 Masonry 25.6 Level 7 path of Love Zann Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.4 Meditating 40.8 Archery 40.0 Pickaxe 39.8 Mining 38.3 Prayer 32.0 Religion 31.2 Miscellaneous Items 23.7 Stone Cutting 23.4 Level 7 path of Love Each is being sold individually. Bids starts: 20s/20e Bid increment: 1s/1e Buyout: 60s/55e Snipe protection: 1 hour from last bid Neither has premium time or any gear. I can add some basic gear and maybe a rowboat if requested. Assuming it's still available, they both should have the free switch to another diety.
  5. As the title says, looking for multiple nahjo batteries. All i want is 70 faith and nothing else, pm me what ya got!!
  7. WTS Offer !
  8. As the title says PC for the 2 accounts:
  9. PC may be selling too if i get good offer
  10. PC may be selling too if i get good offer
  11. I noticed on my new priest (nahjo), when I started to pray, and then hit hotkey to cast light token for a queue, it cancels my prayer immediately and starts casting. Not sure if its a bug, but took me awhile to figure out why I wasn't getting my faith ticks (action was canceled). I tried on my Vyn, prayer, then queuing vessel, and it works as it should. So I have been told that some spells overwrite, either way, I am going to leave this here If I wanted to cancel my prayer and cast, I would...especially for light token, seems kinda silly to auto cancel
  12. Calamity - Nahjo Priest (w/refresh) SOLD Starting Bid: 75s Increments: 5s Buyout: 1g No reserve, 1h sniper Note: He will come with a rowboat and a few gems to get you going but nothing more. I have been able to get a lot of 90+ courier casts without much trouble with him and he can make enchanted grass too. Skills:
  13. In GM mode I created a character, named him Nahjo, gave him "key of the heavens" and turned him into a "god". I had him aligned with Magranon. I then made another character a follower of Nahjo, created an altar and blessed it with all statuettes (even trying unnamed one), but was unable to pray. Can anyone help me out with this? The spells created for Nahjo followers on my server are pretty sweet, but I have no clue what the penalties are (I'm certain they're quite different from WO). Is there anyway to see what the penalties are? I've mined and dug without issues. Lastly, I made Nahjo a person from Jenn-kalon as my character who's following him is from there, but when I started following him I became hated by my guards. Anyway to change this? Sorry for all the questions, I just wanted to ask all that I could think of that needed asking. Thanks for any help!
  14. Due to life complications, I am going to try selling my Nahjo priest alt Revy. Decent Multi-tool of a Freedom priest I used for Genesis/Strongwall/Mining everything, and other things (has Mining affinity). Also did a little PVP on Epic HotS kingdom on the old Affliction map but nothing major, still HotS allied, never changed kingdoms (HotS FTW) Skills Link: NOTE: Character name of R for Privacy Reasons, EPIC Skills available to serious buyers on request as do not want to public disclose them for PVP reasons. Notable Freedom Skills: Mining*: 81.85 (Rare Affinity, also worth noting Nahjo priest CAN mine!) Channeling: 35.03 Faith: 75.58 Prayer: 55.56 (Can get chance for Gems from praying) Fletching: 35.46 (Can help make arrow shafts, or arrows) Carpentry: 45.03 (For sawing boards) Stone Cut/Mason: 30.70 (Can help cut bricks) Digging: 32.35 (Can see some slope numbers for better riding) Prospecting: 40.57 (Can find ores) Pottery: 71.00 (Compasses? Mainly for SoulDepth Grinding I did) Milling: 34.00 Fight Skill: 48.04 Stats Soul Strength: 30.33 Soul Depth: 25.64 Mind Logic: 29.53 (Can sail all the boats, Almost 4 que actions) Body Strength: 27.62 Body Stamina: 27.29 Body Control: 21.02 (Can Ride Horses) Items Freedom side comes with a few things. some pickaxes, basic tools, Cloth Armor set, and a gold statuette of Nahjo. (Maybe more stuff I have laying around il toss in). Location: Far NE of Xanadu (C-23) Epic side comes with a bunch of goodies like casted tools/weps and full set of plate, is in a mostly safe location. (Have screenshot of inventory for serious buyers) Selling Information: Account does NOT currently have Premium Time Want the account to go to a good home. Serious PM Offers but money only accepted (Euro or USD to Paypal)..No trades, though I will trade for a Edelmann level Shroud of the Avatar account. (Had to try =p).
  15. I have 2 Nahjo Priests that I used as batteries that I no longer need. They don't have any specific valuable gear, I can provide decent basic gear, tools and statuette if requested. Neither currently has any premium time remaining. Viktor has 59.3 faith, 50.9 channeling and 37 meditation. Level 6 love with around 15 days until next question from the end of auction. Starting price: 10s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: 30s Buyout 50s/45€ each Snipe Protection: 10 minutes Viktoria has 61.1 faith, 51.2 channeling and 36 meditation. Level 6 love with around 15 days until next question from the end of auction. Starting price: 10s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: 30s Buyout 50s/45€ each Snipe Protection: 10 minutes
  16. I am back early from my RL thing and was able to get the newest god just before i left.... If anyone needs a convert to any god available to freedom or to become priest then you need only come to Release. If you have a ship you can literally sail to my front door otherwise you can drop a tent on a shore and take the red tunnel to Slopping Sands and then back to your tent (feel free to leave your body on my doorstep, i will dispose of it...don't ask). I will dedicate a priest to any new god that arises. The priests will be at Castle von Cleric (center of Release) or Castle von Gunem (southwest edge of Release) PM in advance and will tell you where to go or ask in this thread Basic to become follower (Note Pandalet's method below for getting the Body skill required for all priests) Tosiek/Nathan - Need negative alignment (if you are converting a WL priest ot otherwise have high alignment, e.g. 100, it is better to go to the Black Light to convert) Fo - need positive alignment Priest recommendations * i will ask you twice if you meet these requirements and advise that you do. I will not ask a third time before making you a priest and if you do not meet them then it is your problem that you have a paperweight (mostly useless) character, these minimums will allow you to use your priest for menial tasks in support of a main Body Control 21, riding a horse (20-21 = 5 hours making and shooting hours before priesting, after priesting is 23+ hours shooting arrows)...if you want want to ride hell horses natural (no taming/charming required) as a Fo/Nathan priest it is 31 BC, which is ~80 in carp and 70 in two carp subskills Body Strength 23, loading a wagon/ship/cart (20-23 is chopping ~200 felled trees with Sleep bonus, iirc) Mind Logic 21, driving a wagon (100-200 cooks, *needs verifying) ;if you want your priest to pilot Knarr so your main can grind on sailing adventures (what i do) you need 23 ML, which is maybe 2000 meals. Sac items (that can be made by priest), all related skills can be grinded after being a priest, but some will suck All - Cordage rope, Ropemaking best to grind before priest Mag, Paaweelr - Metal items (Door Looks are best), Locksmith can grind while a priest Vynora, Paaweelr - Wooden items (YoYos are best), Toymaking best grinding before priesting Nathan,Tosiek, Fo - Cloth items (square pieces of cloth are best), Cloth Tailoring best grinding before priesting Nahjo - Alchemy items (corn, onions, garlic are best), Farming can grind after priesting ~12 days consistent praying (faster if always start as soon as cooldown is over) Priest True Gods White Light Lesser Gods Black Light Lesser Gods --- Please PM on forums me if i do not see you post. Also, people welcome to park on my docks and let me know and i will let you know when i will be on to convert/priest you. I do not plan to do any public sermons or traveling for conversions at this time.
  17. Nahjo - Rite of Spring cast to happen 15 mins before next rift on Deli- PLEASE let all Nahjo followers and those who choose to embrace Nahjo we will try to cast ROS 20-15 mins before next rift..... those who wish to join in the linking meet at the Deli Prayer Circle at Victory Or Death TIME OF CAST 12:45PM EST Saturday [13:02:37] A new Rift has been reported! If you are a FOLLOWER you can be Anywhere on the server to get the bonuses! Priests must be at the sermon area and linked to Dziku.... Discuss below
  18. Name: Marinus Sex: Male Level 6 at path of love. Can Refresh Affinity: Large Mauls You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 1 of the starfall of Diamonds, 1025. That's 1309 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes ago. You have not paid for premium time. Not in a rush to sell unless a good offer is made. Would consider a 250e buyout. But please send me offers. Thanks for your interest.
  19. PC on a Nahjo Battery's Helmarrow - 54 Faith 20e Helmbow - 53 Faith 20e no premium time left. Located on Xanadu, NW Thanks for your interest.
  20. Why do the gods have very little Depth? (and don't tell me there is tons of lore, I mean actual things that can be done that involve the Gods) Why are the divine quests distributed by HUD and not from priests, or champions? Why is it when you go to confession, the task that is asked to perform does nothing? (or does it?) Why can anyone use any enchanted item of any faith and even mixed faith enchantments? Why is bless such a seemingly useless spell? (shouldn't this be a primer to enchanting or other activities? maybe a minor luck buff?) Why are the divine quests in line with their theology? (Fo wants to feed the hungry or plant more trees, Vynora seeks to expand knowledge, etc.) Why is there no conflict for territory of the Gods? Why is there no push for more followers? Why can't priests actually build a temple around their altar for greater benefits? Why can anyone do any quest for the Gods? These are some of the questions I have; I think answers or new content to answer them would vastly improve the game. If I've missed anything please let me know and I'll add it to the list.
  21. Starting Price (euro): € 15 Min Increment (euro): € 1 Reserve: No Buyout: Taking offers PM bids possible PayPal verified only! I'm also verified, and only will trade with verified buyers. This account is a good starter account for someone who wants to make a Nahjo priest and doesn't want to start from scratch. Please see the following link for details on current skills: Name: Nacholibre Main Title: Padre Meditation Title: Warm of the path of love The character comes with the following tools: personal merchant contract 81.99QL lantern, iron (Yellow Dye - R=226, G=214, B=28) 51.08QL statuette of Magnaron, gold (required for Nahjo) 68.01QL exquisite meditation rug CoC49 34.40QL grooming brush, oakenwood CoC63 11.76QL rake, iron CoC89 55QL long bow, willow (blank) 2.77QL hatchet, iron CoC81 1QL pickaxe, iron CoC72 17.16QL saw, iron CoC71 9.55QL shovel, steel CoC39 8.49QL carving knife, steel CoC48 72.75QL mallet, oakenwood CoC49 80.06QL sickle, WoA79 58.63QL stone chisel, iron BoTD61 59.20QL needle, iron (bllank) 67.76QL spindle, birchwood (blank) 9.17QL grindstone 10QL tent, cotton (starter one) 16.86QL water skin, leather 18.11QL kingdom tabard, cotton (spare) He has a wizard look with his long beard and comes with the following armour: 25.71QL sapphire staff, oakenwood 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 90) 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 85) 70.53QL chain coif, copper (head) 71.01QL chain sleeve, copper (left shoulder) 70.49QL chain sleeve, copper (right shoulder) 50.63QL kingdom tabard, cotton 70.96QL chain gauntlet, copper (left hand) 70.16QL chain gauntlet, copper (right hand) 79.76QL cloth shoe, cotton (left foot) 79.79QL cloth shoe, cotton (right foot) 70.20QL chain pants, copper (legs)
  22. I decided to refit the character with extra stuff and put it up for auction instead. See this link.
  23. Sold
  24. All sold, thanks for the buyers!
  25. Name: Marinus Gender: Male Highlights: Channeling: 72.73 Mining: 73.30 Hot Food Cooking: 90.34 Fishing: 59.55 Farming: 72.76 Fighting: 50.48 Level 6 at path of love. Can Refresh Affinity: Large Mauls [22:25:58] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 1 of the starfall of Diamonds, 1025. That's 1309 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes ago. [22:25:58] You have not paid for premium time. Starting bid: 100e Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 30mins. Buyout: 200e I will accept ingame currency at 1s:1$ ratio. Just bid in euros you can pay with gold if you're the winner. Happy Bidding.