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Found 164 results

  1. Hello everyone! I want to sell materials. The list will be updated as i get more stuff or sell some. Delivery will be FREE to any coast (except PVP) for any order worth 5s and more. For orders worth under 5s, a delivery fee will be charged (1s for Xanadu, 50 copper for any other server). The crates the stuff will come in can also be bought for 10 copper each. Otherwise we will swap crates or i unload in bulk storage bins. In stock: Silver coins: 50, Price 1s=1e Support beams: 0, Price 4s/100 Dirt : 10K, Price: 1s/k Mortar: 21k, Price 2s/k Stone bricks: 5k, Price 2s/k Sandstone bricks : 3k, Price 3s/k Roundstone stones: 2k, Price 2s/k Pottery bricks: 1k, Price 4s/k Large nails:1k, Price 1s/k Small nails: 2k, Price 1s/k Planks: 0k, Price 1s/k Shafts: 0k, Price 1s/k Clay: 5k, Price 1s/k Iron lumps 5k, Price 1s/k Concrete: 100, Price 1s/100 Mixed Grass: 4k, Price 1s/k Sprouts and seedlings, various types, 1 copper each Gems: Normal gems (opal, diamond, ruby, etc.) around 2500ql, Price 1c/ql (20s for the whole lot) 1x Star Diamond, Ql. 1, Price 3s 1x Star Emerald, Ql. 55.06, Price 4s Blood: 2x Red Dragon Hatchling( makes oil of the weaponsmith), Price 1s each Also i can work on order, if you need anything, pm me ingame with what it is and the amount. My ingame name is Johndarkstorm.
  2. WTS 20k Mortar 1k = 2.0 S/€ Located: Exodus Q_22 Delivery for 10s+ orders is free (Not chaos) PM
  3. Bulk Mortar 42+QL 2.5s per 1000 Currently have 2k mortar available. Free Delivery to any coast.
  4. Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete,and Support Beam Services. Taking and filling orders up to 10k. My stockpile is continuously increasing. My quality is listed below and will continue to improve. Make sure you are checking the QL of mortar you are buying @ 2.5s per 1k. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 2.5s per 1k 31ql & 45ql+ [4k in-stock] increasing Bricks: 2s per 1k 22- 70QL [1k in-stock] increasing Concrete: 1s per 100 [200 in-stock] Support Beams: 4s per 100 [25 in-stock] ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Temporary Items: Rare Stone Chisel: 90ql 86Woa 9s OBO I deliver for 50c to 1s depending on your location. Pickups are always accepted. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  5. Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing & Bulk manufacture. Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials. If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand. Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80 QL) You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me. All price's for full armour set (9 parts) QL: price 50 70c 60 1s 70 1,75s 80 2,5s Other things for sale: Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S Blue dragon blood-1s Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c Rift items: 2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-1 s ea Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s Rift materials 10c/ea: 21x 21ql rift stone shrads Bulk in stock: Colosuss brick's-1000-2s/k ribbons-100-1s Rock shrads 1000 -1s/k Food: eggs-400-1s/100 Lumps: 85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3s Others: Bee hives -30 ql- 2s Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer You should also see our master chansmith page:
  6. Various items for sale, more to come Whatever isn't in stock enough, pm Macoofer ingame or post your demands and it will be filled asap! Bulk price stock Dirt 1s/k 20k Clay 1s/k 3k Mortar 2.5s/k 13k Concrete 1s/100 300 Bricks 2s/k 2k Colossus bricks 2s/k 1k Rockshards 90c/k 20k Mixed grass 1s/k 1k planks 1.5s/k 1k Tar 43QL 1s/k 2k Sand 1s/k 500 Coal 40ql 1s/k 0 Slate 30-50qlmix 1s/k 6k Hides 50ql 3s/k 1k Logs price stock <50ql 1s/1000 3k 50-59ql mix 1.1s/1000 1k 60-69ql mix 1.2s/1000 1k 70-79ql mix 1.5s/1000 500 80-84ql mix 2s/1000 300 85-89ql mix 3s/1000 250 90-94ql mix 5s/1000 100 95-97ql mix 9s/1000 98-100ql mix 15s/1000 Building mats price stock Small nails 1s/k 500 Large nails 20c/100 500 Ribbons 1s/300 200 Rivets 25c/100 - Metal fence bars 2s/300 100 Support Beams 4c 110 Wooden beams 20c/100 300 Metals (crate=Large Crate) <80ql 80-89ql 90-92ql 93-94ql 95-96ql 97-98ql 100ql Iron 1s/k 50c/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 3.5S/crate Zinc 1s/k 50c/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 3.5s/crate Copper 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate Lead 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate Tin 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 6.5s/crate Silver 1s/k 1s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate 7s/crate Gold 1s/k 1s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate 8s/crate Alloys <50ql 51-60ql 61-70ql 71-79ql 81-84ql 85-89ql 90-92ql 93-94ql 95-96ql 97-96ql Bronze 1.5s/k 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 3s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 7s/crate 9s/crate Brass 1.5s/k 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 3s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 7s/crate 9s/crate Steel 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 6s/crate 8s/crate 11s/crate 15s/crate (For stock on metals/alloys, drop a message or contact Macoofer ingame) Containers Price stock Small crate 4c 15 Large crate 8c 60 Raft 20c 4 BSB 25c 6 Small chest 15c 4 Large chest 25c 6 Coffer 20c 2 Huge oil barrel 60ql 20c 1 Huge tub 60ql 20C - Ropes and anchors Price stock Mooring rope 40-50ql 1c 60 Thick rope 40+ql 10c 10 Cordage rope < 40 ql 1.5c 160 Cordage rope 40-80 ql 3c 70 Mooring anchor 15c 6 Halter Rope (4 horses) 2c 8 Furniture (60ql) Price Stock Canopy bed 1s 2 Wardrobe 40c 2 High chair 25c 1 Fine high chair 30c 1 Paupers high chair 20c 1 Royal Throne 40c 1 Lounge chair 25c Royal Lounge chaise 60c 2 Cupboard 25c Low bookshelf 20c High bookshelf 25c 2 Miscellaneous Stock Explorer tent 25c 2 Pavilion 30c 2 Military tent 35c 2 50ql 60ql 70ql 80ql Iron lamp 15c 20c 30c 50c 10 Iron imperial street lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s 10 Brass lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s Brass hanging lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s Birdcage 1.5s Washing bowl 25c Silver sheets 30ish ql 15c Gold sheets 30ish ql 15c Steel sheet 30ish ql 30c Tools Price stock 70ql dioptra 60c 7 70ql rangepole 20c 6 50ql cake tin 10c 8 Bee smoker 70ql 25c 9 Pottery planters 40ql 5c 10 Gold statuettes 50ql 20c 8 Rares: rare unfinished open fireplace 3S Supreme unfinished open fireplace 7S Services: Enchant grass 50c per tile + travel cost (can do 2 per day) Genesis (remove bad traits) 50c per removal + travel cost Magranon Tile collapse/Strongwall 60c per tile + travel cost (if an altar is at the location) Magranon Tile collapse/Strongwall 75c per tile + travel cost (if no altar is at the location) Courier cast 1copper/power + travel cost Altar blessings: Magranon/Fo/Vynora 50c + travel cost Imping: We also provide imping services Blacksmithing: 70ql 20c, 80ql 40c, 90ql 95copper, 91ql 1.1S, 92ql 1.5, 93 2s Shield smithing 70ql 20c, 80ql 40c, 85ql 50c Jewel smithing 70ql 30c (plus mats, depending on imp) Fine Carpentry 70ql 20c, 80ql 40c, 85ql 50c Ship improvements 70ql 40c (done on our deed) Deliveries: Deliveries to all coastal destinations on all freedom servers: 50c Orders above 5s will have no delivery fee Located at 8/9G on xanadu. Also check out our merchants at the Amish Sanctuary Market near Summerholt, SE corner!!! There are 6 of them, so plenty to choose from
  7. If anything is not on the list or not in stock and you would like to make an order just send me a PM. You can pickup at my deed on Xanadu named Dilmun located at T26. Deliveries are free. Crate exchange or 5 copper per large crate. Discounts for large orders - just send me a PM and we can work something out.
  8. Raw Materials: Clay 1s/k Lumps1 1s/k Marble Shards 1s/k Slate Shards 1s/k Tar 1s/k 1 mined lumps (silver, gold, iron, copper, zinc, tin, lead) Building Materials: Bricks 2s/k Floor boards 4s/100 Mortar 2s/k Nails 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Ribbons 1s/100 Shafts 1s/k Support beams 4s/100 If planks or shafts need to be made from a certain material please tell me so upon placing the order. Quality-wise anything comes at whatever it comes out at. If you need lumps or shards at a higher QL PM me. Need anything else? Feel free to PM me either on forums or ingame. Pickup at D22 Exodus or delivery on orders of 5s or above.
  9. WTS 6k Brick 2 silver per 1k. Free delivery or you can pickup at my deed named Dilmun located on Xanadu at T26. I can do crate exchange, sell the crates for 5 copper each, or unload them into your bulk storage bins. Please and Thank You, Launce
  10. =Enchanted= 71QL leather knife,iron 93botd- 2,5 silver 89QL ropetool, oak 86 botd-1,6silver 86QL ropetool oak 80woa 85coc-1,6s 18QL ropetool oak 88coc-1,8s 80QLpickaxe,iron 85botd-1,5silver 74QL pickaxe 86woa 79coc-1,5s 77QL pickaxe 83botd-1,3s 83QL hatchet 86botd-1,6s 83QL hatchet 84botd-1,4s 84QL hatchet 90botd-2s 76QL hatchet 92botd-2,2s 82QL hatchet 85botd-1,5s 72QL hatchet 82woa 72coc-1,5s 44QL large maul 73aosp 84coc 67N-2,6s 51QL huge axe 79MS 87coc 74LT 87N-5s 44QL bridle 83botd-1,3s 46QL bridle 84botd-1,4s 39QL saddle 88botd-1,8s 78QL chisel 74woa-60c 22QL grooming brush oak 73coc-60c 39QL carving knife 80woa-1s 83QL scissors 71botd-80c 90QL clayshaper,oak 90botd-2,5silver 82QL spatula,oak 84botd-2silver 83Ql mallet,oak 86 botd- 1,7silver 81QL mallet,oak 81botd-1,5silver =Pelts= 85QL large rat pelt 96botd-2,5 silver 85QL large rat pelt 92botd-2 silver 91QL large rat pelt 82botd-1s =Meditation rugs= 61QL meditation rug 87coc-1,5s 59QL meditation rug 85coc-1,3s 8QL beautiful meditation rug 86coc-1,5s 11QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s 13QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s =Rares= 5QL rare clay shaper, cedarwood- 4s 84QL rare horsheshoe-4s 95QL fantastic tin knapsack-10s =Food= 98QL rice,10k-1s per k 98QL wemp 8k-1s per k =Bulks= Bricks 3k-2s per k Mortar 1k-2,5s 36QL hide 2,8k-2,5s 60QL hide 1,4k- 1,5s 83QL hide 400-1s per 100 15QL wool 1,6k- 3,5s 1k cotton 75QL-1s Animal bits all potencies and QL's alltogether 12,3k-1,5silver per k PM Raldon or Zoranah ingame for info! Pickup Deli H8-Sunburst
  11. WTS 6k Bricks and 6k Mortar, 2 silver per 1k. Deliveries under 10 silver have a 1 silver delivery fee. I can do crate exchange or sell the crates for 5 copper each. Please and Thank You, Launce SOLD PLEASE CLOSE
  12. **************************************************************************************************** Currently working on village project can't take any gather/creating orders Normal service resumed Currently creating 2k clay 2.000 / 2.000 Edtimated completion time 15th Oct 2016 **************************************************************************************************** WTB Referal 6s PM me here or in game WTS Building Materials Rock Shards 20ql 1s per K Bricks 5,000 20ql 2s per K Mortar 4,000 10ql 2.5s per K Dirt 14,000 1s per K Marble Shards 1,000 40ql 1.25s per K SOLD Marble Bricks 2,000 20ql 2.5s per K SOLD Colossus Bricks 11,000 20ql 2.5s per K Concrete 300 11ql 1s per 100 Support Beams 150 5s per 100 SOLD Mixed Planks 1,000 10ql 1s SOLD Metal Lumps Tin lumps 3,500 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 60ql 2s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s Gold Lumps 1,000 1ql 1.5s SOLD Marble Items Mortar and Pestle 10c each Fruit, Veg & Meat Onions 92ql 1s per K PM Zetzu for for bulk order discounts Apples 500 33ql 1s per 100 Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 50 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD (Custom orders can be completed) Tools Working to enchant tools to 50+ woa & coc Rift Items No stock Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox
  13. Wts 23k dirt 0.90s/k (crates not included) SOLD out Wts 11k mortar 2.5s/k (crates not included) Wts 2k bricks 2s/k (crates not included) Crates can be optionally purchased with the delivery. @ 8 copper / crate Free delivery when ordering above 5s to any freedom coastal destination
  14. Want to sell mortar. Place an order 1k & up and Ill deliver to your deed. 1k mortar @ 2.5s [40ql+] Pm: mrzodiac in game
  15. WTS Mortar Services. I am taking orders 1k & Up. Place an order and I will deliver it to your deed. Stock is continuously increasing. **Update: Currently have bricks in stock** Selling Mortar at 2.5s per 1k. [mortar is 40ql+] Located Xanadu. Pm Mrzodiac in-game
  16. Current waiting period due to orders placed... Temporarily closed deed transitioning All orders will need to be placed in advance and please give time for response thank you. I will be updating this as much as possible to follow current trade value, as well as, building up stock as to decrease the waiting period. Thank you for your visit and I personally thank you for your patience. Will also accept trade of equal value in resources, depending if said resources/items are needed! Flexibility....gotta love it! Willing to trade for the following items at said value: Shovel, iron 90+ quality with COC(avg cast) and WOA(90+) for 3-3.5 silver Stone chisel, iron 90+ quality with COC(avg cast) and WOA(90+) for 3-3.5 silver Rare Mallet (Blank) 5 silver at 90ql, 3s unimproved Rock Shards in bulk 50+ql 1 silver/K Large Crates for 8 copper per MY GUARANTEE! I will NOT sell something for a price i personally wouldn't pay for. Bulk Resources Price(S) Skill In Stock Marble Brick 2.5/K Stone Brick 2s/K Mortar 2.5s/K Clay 1s/K 73 Digging Tar 1s/K 73 Digging Peat 1s/K 73 Digging Sand 1s/K 73 Digging Dirt 1s/K 73 Digging Planks 1s/K Colossus Brick 2s/K Lump 1s/K 53 Mining Iron, Silver, Lead, Tin, Zinc (Ask about Gold, Bronze, and Brass) Shafts 1s/K Fence bars 1s/150 Iron Ribbon 1s/200 Nails 1s/K Metal Sheets 1s/5 Log(Oak or Willow) (unavailable) Log(any other) 1s/300 40 WC Sprouts(Oak/Willow) 2s/100 Sprouts(any other) 1s/100 Flowers 1s/100 Mixed Grass 1s/k BSB's 15c per Large crates 10c per Small crates 4c per If COD is 1 copper total, no COD fee. Rare Items Quantity Price Rare Brick X0 10c per Rare Clay X0 15c per Rare Dirt X0 10c per Rare Col. Brick X0 10c per Rare Large Nail X0 10c per Rare Flower X0 10c per Rare Iron Lump X0 10c per Rare Sand X0 10c per Rare Rock Shard X0 10c per Rare Sprout X0 10c per Supreme Items Quantity Price Supreme heap of sand X0 20c per Supreme square piece of cloth X0 50c per Supreme lump of tin X0 20c per Supreme Sprout X0 20c per Gems Star Sapphire 58ql 2.5s PM Smwoodburn through forum(preferred) or in game for special requests or questions, thank you. Repairing service-need your items repaired to 0.0 damage and don't have the time to do it? Bring them to me at Wachy Woodys Workshop H11 norrh part of in game map Free!!! ***OPEN*** Special Services and Job Orders Price(S) Digging Service 1s/K OR 50c/K +Haul Land Filling Jobs negotiable Guard Tower Service 3s Mining (in caves) 1s/20 walls OR 1s/50 + Haul Transportation Service Dependent on location(coastal): 50c anywhere on 8x8, Indy: 50copper outer and 1s central, Xanadu: 1s outer coast, 2s inner coast, anywhere inland is negotiable. Personal Transport Need a lift somewhere let me know! Donations Colossus (any) 20-25s to build or--> [6s +crate cost] care packages (colossus in a box) additional gold or silver sheets optional. In the event that materials are provided, the labor fee will be all that remains. Please leave comments and any requests you may have. Also, in the event that orders start backing up I will let you know ahead of time before placing you on the waiting list. If you like the service you received please be sure to leave something nice on my page! Thank you and have a fantastic day! WTS Looking for your BULK resources, greenery and services look no further! at WTS delivery services: 8x8 50c, Indy: outer coast 50c, inner coast 1s. Xan: outer coast 1s, inner coast 2s. Inland transport negotiable.
  17. Hello, welcome to Wurm Depot Now accepting orders for bulk materials. I use two alts plus another guy and his alt, so we get orders finished pretty fast. Free delivery to any coastal areas except chaos, crate exchange or 10c per crate (crates will be free once I can make them myself). During downtime we will work on stockpiling materials to cut down on the waiting time, we understand that when you want to build something you don't want to wait forever for your materials. Price List: Bricks 2s/k Mortar 2s/k Concrete 1s/100 Support Beams 3.5s/100 Slate Slabs 10s/100 Planks 1s/k If there is anything not on the list just let me know. PM Mousepad, Drual, or Rionor in game or post/PM here. Looking forward to supplying all your building needs. Thanks for your consideration.
  18. Hi, I wan to sell: 7k of mortar for 2,5s/k, 2k of stone bricks for 2s/k, 1k of colosus bricks for 2s/k, with delivery. Please send me the PM if u want buy some of them.
  19. Oakdale Bulk Supplies delivery's ask for a price Bulk items bricks 2s/k mortar 2.5s/k clay 1s/k planks 1s/k large nails 20c/100 small nails 15c/100 ribbon 1s/200 fence bars 1s/100 shafts 1s/k support beams 3.5s/100 if you have any requests feel free to ask ingame pm: caniee
  20. I am not real sure what is going on but mortar is not fitting into things. I can only fit 1 into a barrel and you use to be able to fit 45 you can only fit 18 in a small cart and before i think it was 100... not 100% on that one. It makes building out of a small cart difficult now for sure.
  21. minning

    HELLO! Need tunneling? Surface mining? Or maybe looking for someone to mine some ore/rocks or just need to flat some area? Here I come minner, digger ,mason. I can be everyone My skills: Mining 76; Masonry 43; digging 33; also have 63 FS if needed. Status: Available I have my tools with WOA to keep my actions fast! I'm living in Celebraton Q21. I have no problem to come to other servers (except chaos^^). All details about job and payment please send in PM on forum or in game to Drqsman . My timezone is GMT+2.
  22. Offering mortar deals in thousands at 2s/1k rate Will take Sleep Powders as 1s in exchange also Pick up at Black Forest Nemeton, Xanadu (SW, Q13) not playing right now, close pls
  23. Hello, new player looking for work for some coin. Can do mining, brick/mortar making, sawing planks, or anything else that pays.
  24. So what i have in stock atm: NAME: Quantity: Price: Mortar 2000 (will be more) 4s Support Beams 100 4s Rare unfinished Forge 1 8s Rare small crate 1 2s Lead ore 2000++ 1k/1s I will be able to transport these things in about 2-3 days I have 7k of clay in stock also so i can make more mortar Tommorow will be more mortar in stock PM ME for more info my nick ingame :riderpl
  25. 5K stone bricks 2s/K 5K mortar 2.5s/K 200 support beams 4s/100 SOLD Coastal delivery available (except Chaos)