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Found 21 results

  1. If you need anything, send a message to me (Luttuosa) or Davih and make an offer or write us in game. Both jewels and pads were never worn. Here the complete list of what we have. SHOULDER PADS: 2x crafted shoulder pad (Ql 75). exquisite shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). left basic shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). 2x left elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). 4x left shielding shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). ribboned shoulder pad (Ql 75). right basic shoulder pads (Ql 75, iron). right layered shoulder pads (Ql 75, steel). JEWELS: huge sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). 3x necklace of focus (Ql 75, seryll). 2x ring of the eye (Ql 75, seryll). short sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll). spear bracelet (Ql 50, seryll). MOONMETAL LUMPS: adamantine lump 0.36 Kg 91,77 Ql. adamantine lump 0.38 Kg 96,30 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,39 Kg 92,81 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,38 Kg 98,81 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,40 Kg 99,99 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,36 Kg 89,56 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,07 Kg 86,60 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,11 Kg 45,84 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,30 Kg 52,12 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,37 Kg 94,08 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,56 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 12,58 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,90 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 15,41 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 18,10 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 98,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,66 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,62 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,55 Ql. seryll lump 0,07 Kg 49,93 Ql. seryll lump 0,23 Kg 78,63 Ql. SOLD:
  2. You can write to me or to Davih in game or leave us a message on the forum Below there is the complete list of what we sell: Ql 75 Left shielding shoulder pad, iron, 1 silver. Ql 75 Chain shoulder pad 1 silver. Ql 75 Right elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 1.5 silver. Ql 75 Huge sword bracelet, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Exquisite shoulder pad, leather, 1.5 silver. Ql 75 Necklace of focus, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Necklace of focus, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Artisan ring, seryll, 1.5 silver.
  3. Most all of us have probably played an Elder Scrolls game at some point in our lives. We remember seeing in most every house a display case or few. Showing that enchanted Elven longbow or plain Orcish Dagger. Let's get that added to wurm. Line your castles with display cases, show off that loot from chaos/epic. Let noobs awe and wonder at your 739 leather gloves you created when grinding leatherworking. Show off your rare recipe cards! The following image is purely an example of what one could display and has no resemblance to anything a developer would ever add to Wurm Online (fine, Wurm Unlimited too...)
  4. An idea taken from another thread. Chests that spawn randomly around the map and contain random loot. Could arrange the loot into 3 tiers that goes up in rarity. Top tier would be something like moonmetal, drake pieces of varying weight, 1 rare bone. Second and third tier could be high ql tools or weapons with enchants. The idea is to encourage more exploration and map travel. Edit: Don't make the chests ridiculously rare, just make the top tier reward rare.
  5. The metallic liquid from the rifts is undroppable in the form it's looted, it needs to be poured/put in a container such as a jar before it can be mailed/dropped.
  6. Rift location seems to be I-21 (that's an i) on the ingame map. Rift starts:
  7. Time again for cleaning out those dusty backpacks. Here's what I have for sale, please make an offer on any item. All reasonable offers accepted!
  8. Flippy's Harbour is located at L8 on Deliverance Some merchants have CoD option available and are marked as such, unmarked merchants are in person only transactions! Any questions feel free to leave me a message here! Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed
  9. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: the used artisan necklace was only equipped once to check it then removed, never used for crafting. [22:54:07] A delicate necklace with artisan symbols. It helps improving items to a higher level. It is very stable and has much energy left. It can not be improved. Please make offer on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Thanks!
  10. Goblin Leader Slaying 20 September 2016 at 6PM GMT Come and get your mining potion blood! Location: Northeast corner of the island at S25 (Celebration)
  11. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: Please make offers on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Feel free to respond here or in-game. Thanks!
  12. With the introduction to some nifty new loot with stats and disposability... I was thinking an addition of randomly spawning named mobs for solo fighting would be interesting. Everquest did this alot. Ordinary models with a unique name like 'Gash the Troll Chief' and would have a random item on it (most of the time something crappy). *No, alert that they spawned or anything... just find them randomly while hunting, travelling, or exploring. *It doesnt HAVE to drop loot everytime, but it could have a higher chance than normal mobs for rare coins too. *It should be noticably harder than normal un-named mobs and give more fight skill when defeated. *There is no need for extra work on models, just use normal models and change statistics. *Adds an element of surprise when fighting and possibly a unique 'pet' to bring around. -Doctorangus
  13. Was at a slaying event recently and thought about the use of a corpse for this unique...okay "very-rare mob". Idea, allow it to be used as a model for a statue creation in which it transfer the age and pic/image of the creature into Marble/Rock/Slate? copy of the creature success being founded on the masonry skill. But this would increase the value of the corpse. Then have the corpse decay in "memory" as it is successfully copied/etched forever into stone. Keeping it simple.
  14. Could you add an "IF" clause that goes like this in pseudo code: IF one month(cargo space = not accessed && ship = not boarded) THEN stop cargo rot at 90% Why? This will mean that we have a short window to get what ever loot was in the ship when it was abandoned. A little something for waiting over a year for it to disappear from our coasts.
  15. Content : The goal of this thread is still planning the next uniques kill, gathering the interested fighters and fixing the rules of this hunting team. So, following the recent drama in freedom chat, hunts will be announced to anyone listed here*, but the loot will be private and shared amongst those who helped to make the kill happen. Want to fight the beasts, what do you have to do : 1/ Follow the team rules and directive or you will be removed from the listing. 2/ Deliverance active citizens will have the priority on the invites, in case of nasty monsters the outsiders will be called as well. 3/ At least 70 FS and 50 skill in one of the huge weapons (huge axe - 2handed sword - large or medium maul). 4/ Come at the fight site with said huge weapon (80QL) and a plate set at least (70QL) 4-A/If you plan to die (or respawn at least), bring your tent! 4-B/If you want to avoid dying, bring some cotton as well. 5/ Loot will be awarded with a randomised list of the helpers (published on pastebin) and with the /random function in game, winner will choose their items. Only one possible gain per hunt, valrei charges count as 3 items. Else, you can always show for the blood. Why the changes ? Because the players managing those hunts do it without help from the community. Uniques are not served on a plate sadly and we have to invest time and money to do it. You can read bellow how you could and can still help. Hunters list (will be updated and checked once in a while) : Deliverance : Shadowronin(MIA) DoctorAngus (02/06/15) Odynn (02/06/15) Mith Clasin (02/06/15) Cieno (02/06/15) Nicrolis (02/06/15) Martynas(MIA) Neem Stevelee (12/06/15) pugwash Dizzylexia (12/06/15) LorainneJ Subie (02/06/15) TheShawv (02/06/15) jaytee (12/06/15) mrcoolman (02/06/15) genocide (02/06/15) daash (12/06/15) starr/styxx Lisabeth / Delara (12/06/15) koroth & Awen Theonis drsatan cita eratosthenes thijs thetashman (07/06/15) niki kochinac (12/06/15) angrywalter wilca (12/05/15) mishia/jessicame (22/07/15) spif (02/06/15) Deividasv bakeruss (02/06/15) Jaz (12/06/15) sighx (02/06/15) comodo (07/06/15) Jberg (07/06/15) turmoil (07/06/15) redbearing (12/06/15) yaga (12/06/15) quasiwud (12/06/15) rasu (13/06/15) aarontx (03/07/15) pingvinen (03/07/15) guruen (03/07/15) Thorakkanath(23/07/2015) Inspira(23/07/2015) Neanderthol(25/072015) wulfgar(14/08/2015) picotto gunnerkiba metsaloom faster(gaul) stannis dalvin lunn ruukuegg bloodscythe Azraelofdeath tikki Outsiders : Roman bigbuoy bdew cerber GorgonKain Niki Klinge Thorgot Zerku Fraeya griper Sowrecked chiqa dimmi zarkadi sagis nusty pagani yamuliss Sanrina majqo tuga bunnyman spyte Zachariah jukimo Nota Bene : *If you are not online when we try to pm you, please do PM us when you log in and check if a hunt is going on. We are unable to know if you are online or not after we PMed you a first time. **If you want to be sure to be included in the loot list : help find the unique. As said above, those are community events, killing it is one thing, finding it is another. To be continued / updated
  16. Hello fellow wurmians, what do you think about adding some spice to Epic? Something that will shake people and add more life to cluster. Once or twice a year (could be discussed later) Valrei gods become displeased with people of epic. So they fall asleep, and leave people for 48 hours without their protection and patronage. During these 48 hours epic players would see/feel/have: no magic at all (gods are sleeping and can't lend you their power) no altar influence and god domains 30% chance that Meditation bonuses (erupt/enchant/fear/teleport/recall home/and all others) will work no reputation hits and no penalties (sleeping gods can't judge you) possibility to threaten enemy kingdom merchants on Homeservers That could be called The Massacre, or The Purge.
  17. Please make Hell Scorpions, Hell Horses and Hell Hounds drop a Charcoal. The lore behind it would be they look like something similiar to Lava Spiders and Lava Fiends that do drop a charcoal.
  18. As a possible way to eliminate some of the strife with the uniques, what if we change to a pair of buffs: - One for the entire server, that remains with the server for a period of time after the kill "as the dragon's blood gushes out of it's severed head, it vaporizes and spreads across the land, infusing it with an unusual power". - One for the battle group, giving everyone that was directly responsible for dealing damage, or providing support spells/heals, their own special buff. Ideally, a buff that won't cross server borders, much like a writ. I suspect this would eliminate the bulk of the frustrations people have, over not getting their hands on those super valuable unique drops. Penning issues? Who cares. Pen it to hold it for the group to form and kill it. No longer a financial gain to pen anything. Take away that financial gain (and the greed) and you will see much better cooperation. Consider the RoS casts and Impalongs. Those are truly the ultimate community building, cooperative events - as hunting uniques should be!
  19. A solution to the dragon drama, travelling kill teams and the too little incencitive for large friendly events. 0/ Same for the blood - You need to be premium, no change on that. 1/ Loot (hide / scale) is awarded to server citizens. Staying on a server for 2 weeks would toggle the server citizen ship flag on you. --> goal - preventing raids from others servers and involving the local players. No reward if you don't take the risk to leave your server for a while. 2/ Fixed drops per players, lets say 0.02 hide for a hatchling and 0.08 scale for a red dragon. --> Goal is to prevent a kill team from another server to keep one alt per server and grabing all the loot. Increase the interest of having more local players to the fights. 3/ Increasing the loot per players when you have more of them in local. <15 - x1 multiplier, small kill teams get less loot.between 15 and 30 - x2 multiplier, average hunting party (20 player) get a bit more loot that way.Over 30 - x3 multiplier - bigger reward for a bigger event.Nota : seeing only the server citizen will get the loot, it will become more interesting to do bigger events involving the locals. Small teams travelling between server will be penalized if they dont involve the locals. Mercenaries will do mercenary job then and won't take away something the local player try to get on their own. If you want to discuss that suggestion please keep the drama / name and finger pointing away.
  20. Simply wondering how much this could possibly be worth to be honest. The red boxes are satchel containers. The ones at the bottom contain around 70~ Large metal shields at 80+QL and lumps of ore from base to 97ql. Theres also 1500 arrows at ~40ql and another 1500 arrows at ~20Ql in the chests at the bottom. Please feel free to price check!
  21. Ok, I know this sounds really stupid and well, noobish. But as far as the wiki and tutorial said, newbie items stay with you after you die and do not go on your corpse. But does this apply to PvP deaths? I was killed about a week ago by some random player. I had to log off pretty much a minute after my death for something. I logged on today and I was pretty surprised that all my newbie items like the pickaxe, the hatchet, and the steel and flint gone. The only thing left was that mirror. Could they have looted all that stuff? I thought newbie items didn't drop. If they didn't could they decay? I was only gone for like a week so I doubt it.