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Found 344 results

  1. WTS gems. All gems are more than 20ql. Would like to sell them all at once. Delivery is an option. PM me with offers. Gems are at the south shore of Pristine.
  2. Looking to sell a satchel of gems. 866 QL of higher than 10 QL (1c/QL) = 866c 42 QL of less than 10 QL. (2c/QL) = 84c Total QL = 908 = 950c Click here to see the gems. Looking for 9s 50c for the batch, or 9s if you come pick it up.
  3. Your Bidding on 40+ Gems Total Quality 1,300+++ Starting Bid: 1 Copper Minimum Bid Increments: None My Reserve: None Buyout: 10 Silver Snipe Protection : None Good Luck Bidders.
  4. I have 8344QL gems + and -10QL alltogether (can sell separetely too,ask in PM) looking to get 80silver or euros,even better, for the bunch You can PM Raldon ingame or contact here, thanksies
  5. WTS these gems I will sell everything for just 14.7 silver to a single buyer. If you are on Celebration I will deliver them for free. For other servers we can discuss a reasonable delivery fee. If you would like to come pick them up, I will give you directions in private. Of course, I can also mail them COD if you are so inclined, though the mail cost would be pretty hefty.
  6. Min Increase 50c No Reserve 1H Sniper Protection No Private Bids Starting Bid 1s Buyout 5s
  7. I have 5000 to 6000 total Q in gems for sale, mixed qualities and types. Looking for 40s quick sale or I'll auction them at a later time, for more detailed information - ask here or pm me. Thanks.
  8. Hello All, I'm selling all my gems. I have added up the QL to 3194. QL ranges from all over. I'm asking for 30s for them all, and will pay for the shipping (about 1.2s). PM me on forums, reply to this post, or in game. ~Smokes
  9. Long time seller, first time poster... What I offer: Weapon Imping to 70 ql 30c Weapon Imping to 80 ql 50c Weapon Imping to 84 ql (current reasonable max) 80c Weapons: You name it, i sell it. As long as it can be mailed... Huge Axe, Large Maul, 2H Sword, same as small blades Sickle, Carvers, Butchering Knives... Any iron weapon...that can be mailed... many in stock. you are MUCH more likely to receive a reply IN-GAME than here contact: Dexman or Reegsman on Xanadu Currently looking to trade your GEMS, for my VYN CASTS AoSP a set? CoC some tools? just ask... free Demise spell available for any weapon sale over 70ql
  10. 39,000 QL (rounded down) of higher QL gems. I'm ending my days of hoarding and going to let someone else invest in this treasure trove, at a huge discount off the old gem standard of 1c/QL. Right now, 150s takes them all. Pickup required (Pristine) as it weighs almost 700kg and I don't have a prem alt to deliver.
  11. Asking for 18 Silvers. Pick up North Exodus C18 igm - or delivery can be arranged for an extra Silver (no delivery to Xanado, nor Chaos).
  12. PM OblongNoodle in game with offers.
  13. Looking to sell items below, please PM me with offers: *Note* All items must be picked up from Xanadu B18 or mailed. 10% discount offered for gem purchases in euros instead of coin. 3 Gold Coins Left White Dragon Skull Red Dragon Skull Supreme Hatchet 90ql 77CoC 93WoA 100Imbue - 60s or best offer Supreme Horseshoe 90ql 90WoA Rare Horseshoe 90ql 87WoA Rare Huge Axe 71ql 76MS 80CoC 93LT 80Nim Animal Demise Rare Needle 74CoC 73WoA Rare Hammer 90ql 91CoC Rare Stone Chisel 81ql 76CoC 81WoA Rare Awl 81ql 96CoC Rare Willow Longbow 80ql 80CoC 75Nim Rare Leather Knife 81ql 88CoC Rare Sickle 79ql 81MS 92CoC 85LT 79Nim Animal Demise Meditation Rug 1ql 103CoC Spyglass 15 LW Potions AVG 71ql 7 SC Potions AVG 79ql - 1s per or best offer 10 WS Potions AVG 92ql 15 WC Pitions AVG 84ql 5 WC Potions AVG 71ql - 2s per 10,000ql+ of Gems under 10ql - 1.5c per ql or 1.25c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) Hundreds of Gems over 10ql - 0.5c per ql or .3c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) *Note* All accounts are out of premium Accounts for sale: Bunnybaby Male Vynora Priest - 100Faith 57Prayer (Enchant Grass Ability, works while nonprem too) - 35e Vyncake Female Vynora Priest - 82Faith - 15e Magbagel Male Magranon Priest - 72Faith - 20e MexicanPotatoNahjo Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoCrunch Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoSauce Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e Also accepting offers on the two accounts below: Female Vynora Priest - Enchant Grass Male - Lvl 12 Path of Knowledge (Best offer 330USD)
  14. I want to sell: Oil of the weaponsmith: ql 90, 2s ql 73, 1,5s ql 56, 1s Potion of acid ql 33, 50c Rare forge, 6s Spyglass, 3s Gems: Higher than ql10, total ql 827,25, 8s If you don´t like the prices, give me an offer and I´ll consider it Pick up at Q18 Release
  15. Hi im selling +9000 ql gems 90S 28 sleep powder 25S Bump - never caught the guy So all items are still for sale
  16. Rare emerald up for auction! [20:20:26] A beautiful, forest green emerald. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. We have up for auction quite the rare collectors item - a 35 ql RARE emerald! You'll want this as part of your Wurm collection. Or better yet, use in one of the new socketed rings Rift Jewelry. Starting bid: 1 silver Min increments: 50 copper Sniper protection: 1 hour Generic blessed seryll ring with empty socket. Emerald: Dodge +5%, Clumsiness when removed Gem rarity changes the rift item to higher rarity if so. *thanks Fraeya!
  17. WTS gems 11,000 ql 8s or 9USD per 1,000ql
  18. Please PM for any further info if I have forgotten anything! Gnome Images 1c per ql all gems! All gems ql in order will be added and rounded down to the nearest copper! Rares for Auction!!! Weps, Armour and sheild Hurry cause you only have to bid!!! Offers for the auctioned items please
  19. Kopingsvik Store & Northern Lights Coastline Locations: Independence North west corner We sell everything mostly Builk goods. Rares and stuff like that will be listed later. Contact us: Nachtiti (EU) - Takaluah (US) custom order is that you have to send a message for that unit and QL you want. Status: CLOSE CLOSE FOR THE MOMENT Big orders and Repeat costumer will get some special price. Goods for sale QL Random QL QL60 QL80+ Corn QL91 Any amount 1S/1K Iron Lump custom order custom order Zinc Lump custom order custom order Lead Lump custom order custom order Copper Lump custom order custom order Silver Lump custom order ---------------- Gold Lump custom order --------------- Marble Shard custom order custom order Rock Shard 1s / 1000 ----------- Large Nail 1,5S / 1000 Small Nail 1,5S / 1000 Fence Bar 1S / 100 Large Chainlink ------------ Ribbon Frying pan 1s / 100 Sauce pan 1s / 100 Lamps 1,5S / 100 Street Lamps 2S / 100 Armor Chain Dirt 80C/1k Plank 1s / 1000 Shaft 1s / 1000 Hull Planks ----------- Tennon ---------- Pegs --------- Deck board ---------- Stone briks 2S / 1000 Mortar 2,5S / 1000 Clay 1s / 1000 Colossus Briks 2S / 1000 Logs 20C / 100 Support Beams 1S / 100 Tools and Enchants coming soon Delivery Fee: Indy north = free Indy south = 50c Other server 1.5S Payments: Coins first, maybe sleeping powder, referrals. Rowing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 1S with delivery Small sailing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 2S with delivery Corbita Custom Order Cog Custom Order Knarr Custom Order Caravel Custom Order Work Digging jobs 1S / 1k dirt or 1k actions Mining Jobs 1S / 20 Walls or 1k Actions Guard Tower 15S + Incl Mats Colossus 20S + Incl Mats If you want anything that is not listed send a PM here or to me and we will try to solve it for you. In Stock Zinc Lump QL60 1400 Iron Lump QL91 65unit Lead Lump QL50 1300 Zinc lump QL83 197Unit Silver ore Randome QL 1500 Copper Lump QL82 40Unit ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------
  20. Hello, I have for sell 9 x sleep powder - 1s ea SOLD 3x yellow potion - 10c ea rare rope tool - 5s rare clay shaper - 2s emerland 28,50ql - 20c buyer pays cod discount for purchase of all 9 sleep powder's for 8,9 s, 8,5s if you pick up your self deliwery or pickup L - 26 on Xanadu PM on forum or in Wurm nick "Kolekcjoner" PS. I like a bargain
  21. The price i'm asking for is 85i for 1ql. I can deliver order whereever you want (except chaos) for free.
  22. Are crappy casts giving you the blues? Beef up your channeling on the fly by vesseling this sweet pile of gems. From prayers and mining, this pile of gems was amassed over time and now awaits a motivated priest looking to become the next Wurm God or Goddess It seems that I can send off a satchel via mail with 100 gems in it for 1 silver and one copper. There is 330 gems in total The going rate on gems @ql above 10 is one copper per ql so i figure thats what ill sell these for. I'll sell any amount at that rate OR the whole lot for 95 euros. that will save you 10 euros if you buy em all. for 100 euros Ill sell you all these gems AND 543 ql in sub 10 ql which at the going rate of 2 copper per ql is worth about 11 euros. So thats 121 euros worth of gems for 100 euros..PM Tarnhold to buy. A satchel of 100 gems looks like ot costs 1 silver and one copper to ship. the entire lot is roughly 400 gems, give or take. Buyer pays shipping, of course. Pick up may be possible on Deliverance 37x45y