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Found 161 results

  1. Tools: Rare Small Anvil 91 QL 95 WoA 63 CoC - 6.5s (x2) Rare Small Anvil 70 QL - 4.5s each Rare Small Anvil 94 QL 95 WoA 86 CoC - 7.5s Rare Grindstone - 2s Supreme Metal Torch 74 QL - 6s Rare Lantern 75 QL - 3.75s Rare Lantern 87 QL - 4s Rare Sickle 87 QL - 5.5s Rare Sickle 32 QL - 5s (x2) Rare Fruit Press Oak - 2s each (x5) Rare Butcher Knife - 5s Rare File 89 QL - 4.5s Rare Trowel - 4.5s (x3) Rare Needle - 1.75s each Supreme Shovel 85 QL - 25s Rare Saw 90 QL 83 Woa - 6s (x2) Rare Leather Knife - 4s each (x2) Rare Carving Knife - 5s each Supreme Hammer - 25s Rare Hammer 95 QL 97 Armor Smithing Imbue 81 WoA 73 Coc - 20s (x3 )Rare Hammer - 5s each Rare Hammer 69 QL 82 WoA 79 CoC - 6s Rare Frying Pan 39 QL - 2.5s Supreme Dredge - 12s Hatchet 90 QL 100 BOTD - 3.5s Hatchet 13 QL 98 WoA 99 Coc - 2.75s Hammer 41 QL 99 CoC - 2.8s Hammer 89 QL 94 CoC - 2s Hammer 81 QL 83 WoA 89 CoC - 2s Mallet 71 QL 87 CoC 86 WoA - 1s Pick 70 QL 93 WoA 48 CoC - 1.8s Pick 84 QL 96 CoC - 2s Saw 83 QL 100 WoA - 3.5s Whetstone 98 QL 4 dmg 99 CoC - 2.5s Whetstone 90 QL 84 BOTD - 1s Skiller Rake 100 CoC - 3s Skiller Shovel 100 CoC - 3s Butcher Knife 95 CoC - 2s Butcher Knife 90 Coc - 1.3s Carving Knife 71 QL 93 WoA - 1.5s Carving Knife 56 QL 96 Coc - 1.5s Wildcat Pelt 100 QL 90 Woa 92 Coc - 1.75s Mountain Lion Pelt 96 QL 3 DMG - 1.2s Weapons: Rare Huge Axe Seryll 89 QL 95 Nimb 99 Frostbrand 93 CoC 67 Mind Stealer - 40s Rare Maul (Medium) Iron - 6s Rare Small Maul 87 QL Nimb 72 Life Transfer 52 Humans Demise - 6s (x2) Rare Small Maul 60+ QL - 5s each Rare Longsword 88 QL 93 Nimb 92 Frostbrand 78 CoC 73 Mind Stealer - 10s (x2) Rare Longsword 60+ QL - 5s each (x2) Rare Long Spear 40+ QL (I Can Mail) - 3s each Armor/Shields: Supreme Black Cloth Set - 15s (x2) Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s each Plate Vambrace Seryll 89 QL - 10s Black Drake Hide Cap 70 QL - 10s Green Drake Hide Cap 84 QL RUNE: 10% chance to increase rarity when imped rune attached - 10s White Drake Cap 83 QL - 10s Rare Chain Boot Iron 70 QL - 2.5s Horse Gear: (x6) Rare Steel Horse Shoe 80+ QL - 4s each Horse Shoe 70 QL 83 WoA - 90c Horse Shoe 70 QL 88 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 70 QL 89 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 47 QL 97 WoA - 1.6s Horse Shoe 80 QL 84 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 86 QL 84 WoA - 1s Horse Shoe 87 QL 87 WoA - 1s Shoulder Pads/Rift Loot/Potions: Human Skull Shoulder Pad - 5s (x2) Left Stylish Shoulder Pad 75 QL - 4s each Glimmersteel Lump 84 QL .33kg - 3s Rare Adamanite Lump 83 QL .32KG - 3.2s Adamanite Lump 81 QL .34KG - 3s Adamanite Lump 87 QL .38KG - 3.5s Adamanite Lump 88 QL .35KG - 3s Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad 75 QL - 2s (x3) Salve of Frost 65+ QL - 30c each Potion of Mining 23 QL - 2s Potion of Mining 56 QL - 2.5s Potion of Woodcutting 44 QL - 2.5s Potion of Woodcutting 73 QL - 3.5s Ointment of Stonecutting 62 QL - 1.5s Oil of the Armour Smith 21 QL - 1s Oil of the Weapon Smith 81 QL - 2.5s Other: Black Legion Wagon Oak - 10s Picnic Basket - 2.5s Soft Cap 80 QL (Santa Hat) - 1.5s Rare Ring Silver 94 No Locate - 3.5s Rare Ring Gold - 2s (x6) Rare Libila Puppet - 75c each Rare Shop Sign - 1s Rare Source Crystal - Offer Unfinished Items: (x2) Rare Unfinished Oven - 5.5s each (x2) Rare Unfinished Spirit Castle - 5s each (x3) Rare Unfinished Open Fireplace - 2.5s each
  2. BS imp: 90=50c, 95=1s, 96=1,5s, 97=2s, 98=5s, 99=10s FC imp: 90=1s, 91=1.25s 92=1.5s 93=1.75s 94=2s, 95=2,5s, 96=3,0s We do Custom solo Vynora & Nahjo enchants. Max target power is 97. Powers Prices 80-84 0.8s 85-89 1.2s 90-92 1.6s 93-95 2.0s 96-97 2.4s 98 2.8s 99 3.2s 100 4.0s 101 5.0s 102 6.0s 103 7.0s Rares Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_80 WoA_95 CoC_90 8,6 s/e Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_80 WoA_96 CoC_90 9 s/e Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_80 WoA_92 CoC_98 9,4 s/e Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_80 WoA_97 CoC_97 9,4 s/e Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_80 WoA_97 CoC_93 9,4 s/e Rare throwel, iron QL_95 WoA_95 CoC_97 9,4 s/e Rare Fine fishing rod, cedarwood QL_90 CoC_95 7,0 s/e Rare Fine fishing rod, cedarwood QL_90 CoC_95 7,0 s/e Rare Exquisire meditation rug, cotton QL_82 CoC_98 7,5 s/e Rare Exquisire meditation rug, cotton QL_82 CoC_99 8,0 s/e Rare Exquisire meditation rug, cotton QL_82 CoC_100 9,0 s/e Rare sickle, iron QL_75 WoA_96 CoC_95 9,4s/e Rare sickle, iron QL_75 WoA_97 CoC_98 10,2 s/e Rare sickle, iron QL_75 WoA_98 CoC_99 11 s/e Rare sickle, iron QL_75 WoA_96 CoC_100 11,4 s/e Rare sickle, iron QL_75 WoA_99 CoC_101 13,2 s/e Supreme sickle, iron QL_85 WoA_96 CoC_98 34 s/e Circle of Cunning Anvil Butchering Knife Carving Knife Grooming brush File Fine fishing rod Hatchets: Hammer Knife Iron Lump Mallets Meditation Rug Pickaxe Press Rake Sickle (iron) Shield (Iron) Shovel (Iron) Small Bucket Stone chisel (iron) Trovel Whetstones (may dmg from decay) Wind of Ages Horse shoes Lump, Iron Pickaxe Rake Saw Shovel Stone Chisel Wind of Ages + Circle of Cunning (price include 10% discount) Awl Carving Knife File Hammer Hatchet Knife Lump Mallets Needle Pelts Pickaxe Rake Scissors Shovel Stone Chisel Trowel Whetstones (may dmg from decay)
  3. Hello Selling multiple CoC enchants Buyer pay CoD from Independence or pickup Pickaxe iron Pickaxe steel Hammer iron Hatchet iron Hatchet steel Shovel steel Rake iron Butchering knife iron Carving knife iron Leather knife iron Stone chisel iron File iron Awl iron Trowel iron Grooming brush Lump gold Clay Whetstone
  4. The Rag and Bone Market is located at P22 on Xanadu. We have a number of merchants with items - and if you're interested in any of these items but can't make it out to the market in person, you're welcome to contact me here on the forums and request it be mailed (if the item can be mailed). Please remember you pay all shipping costs. Merchants: Horseshoes and Lamps - various QL horseshoes ranging from 50ql to 75ql Horsesfinecarp - various 5 speed horses for sale (you buy the key and unlock the pen your horse is in, ride it home!) Ibexs Plate - various QL of plate goods, ranging from 70ql-75ql Braavos Carpentry - Check out their information here! Merchant Naiteytools
  5. Paradiso Sale I am selling a few of my old enchanted tools/weapons/shield/armour i had laying around. Since they are laying around anyway, i'm only looking for half decent prices. If you still think it's too much you are always welcome to make an offer. Studded Pants oasp27 - 10c Studded leather boots aosp71-74 - 30c Longsword ms81c73fb90nim72 - 2.5s Longsword ms63c76fb98nim73 - 2s Longsword w98c83ms67 - 1s Two Handed Sword c70n66 - 80c Axe Iron c65 Flaming Aura 20 - 30c Large Shield c71 - 60c Hatchet w57c79 - 50c Hammer c54 (will be imped to 70 before sale) - 25c Saw w50c68 - 46c
  6. Welcome to Greenwood Market All items listed below are in stock and ready to ship out Getting your items Mail cost to be paid by buyer (1c) and is not included in the price. We have a lovely fast 2 min mailbox. For non-mailable items pickup can be discussed - please send me a PM Alternative payment options Please note that all alternative payments must be discussed first so please send me a PM to let me know which items you are interested in and what you wish to trade for it - thank you! Currently I will also accept the following as payment : Referrals : 7s Rare items / Yule goats / reindeer / gnomes If you don't like my prices make me an offer! Stock updated : 8 March Enchantments Wind of ages 80ql Iron Pickaxe WoA70 - 50c 80ql Iron Shovel WoA76 - 50c 80ql Iron Shovel WoA71 - 50c 80ql Iron Hatchet WoA75 - 50c 80ql Iron Hatchet WoA73 - 50c 70ql Iron Hatchet WoA73 - 50c 80ql Oak Spindle WoA80 - 80c 80ql Oak Spindle WoA80 - 80c 72ql Oak Spindle WoA79 - 50c 71ql Oak Spindle WoA71 - 50c 95ql Rat Pelt WoA74 - 50c 96ql Rat Pelt WoA81 - 80c Circle of Cunning 14ql Iron Needle CoC75 - 50c 58ql Iron Awl CoC71 - 50c 60ql Iron File CoC75 - 50c 63ql Iron Leather Knife CoC70 - 50c Blessings of the Dark (Blessings of the Dark is a combined Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning) 80ql Small Anvil BotD70 - 50c Leatherworks 72ql leather barding - 50c 50ql Black wolf rugs - 5c each (2 in stock) 80ql Brown Bear Helm - 20c Smithy 5x Washing bowl (20ql, 20ql, 33ql, 33ql, 45ql) - 10c each Carpentry 6x Tripod tables - 2c each (mailable) 5x Paupers high chairs - 2c each (mailable) Potions 66ql Oil of the blacksmith - 1s 81ql Oil of the blacksmith - 2s 51ql Potion of Mining - 1s 50c 38ql Fletching Potion - 1s 85ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 89ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 91ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 31ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 45ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 54ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 60ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 67ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1.5s 68ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1.5s 77ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s 82ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s 82ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s OR only 10s for all 9 potions (oil of the weapon smith) Cooking/Crops recipe "unfermented rum" - 1c each (6 in stock) recipe "fishyfingers" - 5c (2 in stock) rare recipe "goblin liver and onion" - 10c 70ql Active bee hives - 1s each (3 in stock) Can cross servers! 500 frying pans - random ql - 1s for all Note : Sealed barrels can CURRENTLY be mailed at 2c mail cost BUT they will soon patch it to go back to the way it was prior update - 1c per 1kg of liquid Buyer will be paying the mail cost - buyer can also come pick up Sealed Brown Cow Milk small barrel (45kg of milk) - 20c each (4 in stock) Sealed Sheep Milk small barrel (45kg of milk) - 20c each (2 in stock) Sealed Strawberry juice small barrel (45kg of juice) 19ql - 30c 6400 94ql wemp fibre - 5s Misc & Rares 3x Snow Lantern - 1s each 3x rare rock shards - 10c each 1x supreme rock shard - 20c 2x 70ql rare ropetool, pinewood - 3s each Bulk Marble Slabs - 1s per 100 (900 available)
  7. Hello I have been sitting on these items for a long time now, and want to make a clearance sale Each item has price next to it to the right items over 70ql will be 5c for item +enchant price items under 70ql, just enchant price 70-79 power = only 10c 80-89 power = only 20c 90+ power comes as cheap as 70 copper coins! Armour Weapons Tools
  8. All items will be mailable items FREE SHIPPING! *Some items may not be mailable! Add 50c for coastal delivery (excluding chaos) or priced as-is for pickup. My Pricing: 90's casts / qualities are 50c 80's casts / qualities are 30c 60- 70's casts / qualities are 20c under 60 casts / qualities are 10c Example: 58q grooming brush (quality 58)10c + (woa 65)20c + (coc 78)20c = 50c For more detailed information - ask here or pm me in-game as: Diceusinfinitus Thanks. Dice.
  9. Weapons: Pickaxes : Mallets: Files : Hammers: Tailoring/leatherworking tools : Shovels : Saws : Shields: Anvils : Bows: Armor : Specials (rare or uncraftable) : Misc tools : Horse gear :
  10. For sale: Rare Scythe - 4.85s Two Handed c70n66 - 1.40s Longsword ms81c73fb90nim72 - 3.50s Longsword ms63c76fb98nim73 - 3.50s Longsword w98c83ms67 - 1.75s Weapons can be imped to ~90 for a fee.
  11. Hello I would like to offer these items for sale, curently at glashollow market on Xanadu Mailing from 100 courier box, so probably will take one minute. Can be either mailed or pick up Bee hives are pick up from Black Sea on Celebration at Black Sea at Y38 X43 Tools Bee hives Active bee hive 2s ea 60+ql Empty bee hive 50c ea 50+ql
  12. Hello. Everything on the screenshot is for sale. PM with your offer or ask me about price.
  13. Long time seller, first time poster... What I offer: Weapon Imping to 70 ql 30c Weapon Imping to 80 ql 50c Weapon Imping to 84 ql (current reasonable max) 80c Weapons: You name it, i sell it. As long as it can be mailed... Huge Axe, Large Maul, 2H Sword, same as small blades Sickle, Carvers, Butchering Knives... Any iron weapon...that can be mailed... many in stock. you are MUCH more likely to receive a reply IN-GAME than here contact: Dexman or Reegsman on Xanadu Currently looking to trade your GEMS, for my VYN CASTS AoSP a set? CoC some tools? just ask... free Demise spell available for any weapon sale over 70ql
  14. Hello, I have a 86.51ql Rare Stone Chisel, Iron with the following enchants... Wind of Ages [96] Circle of Cunning [88] Starting Bid: 4 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout
  15. Ignore price next to item. 50-79=50i per power point 80-89= 60 per power point 90+ is 1c per power Large shield is 2.5s (damage reduction rune applied 10% less damage soon some more will be added as i may not need them Large shield has a damage rune applied to it (steel rune) Honey is 5c/kg have 40 kg in stock at 66+ql Bee hives all bee hives come at 70+ql Empty are 80c Active are 2s Noizy are 3.5s None left
  16. Hello, I have a 90.12ql Supreme Longsword, Iron with the following enchants... Human's Demise Nimbleness [85] Frostbrand [83] Circle of Cunning [81] Mind stealer [82] Starting Bid: 10 silver Increment: 1 silver No Buyout 2 hour Sniper Protection Delivery: Will send via mailbox with COD
  17. Trades all done through ingame spirit cottage, i will send from character named "Mickaell" "Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [94]" Sending from "Deliverance" QL 68 smal anvil iron CoC 60 - 55copper Ql 30 longsword iron Nim 62, Rot 64 - 80c Ql 23 small anvil iron CoC 64 - 50copper Ql 76 longsword iron - 50copper Ql 63 hatched iron Woa 51 - 60c Ql 24 hatchet iron CoC 59 - 50copper Ql 64 hatchet iron Woa 42 - 60c Ql 73 hatchet iron -45c Ql 56 huge axe iron frostbrand 58 +CoC 79 - 1s Ql 56 huge axe iron frost47 CoC 72 - 1s QL 50 huge axe iron nim42 frost40 +CoC 80 -1.6s Ql 94 large rat pelt dmg:5 70c QL84 mallet, pinewood CoC 63 -80c QL68 mallet,pinewood Woa 51 -70c Ql 67 mallet,oakenwood Woa 13 Coc 35 -70c Ql 48 trowel,iron Woa 57 -70c Ql 61 trowel, iron W38 Coc40 -80c Ql 82 Shield,iron -70c Ql 69 hammer, iron Coc 59 -90c Ql 75 hammer, iron Coc 68 -90c Ql 60 hammer,iron Woa 69,Coc51 -1.1s Ql 69.93 Rake,iron Woa 95 C47 -1.2s Ql 77.72 Huge Maul , iron Nim78, Life transfer 80 Coc 92 - 3s Ql 72 Large Axe , iron, Animal demise, Nim 83, Frost 85, Coc 74 - 3s Ql 74 pickaxe,iron W61 C29 - 80c Ql 71, ropetool, Coc 27 -60c Ql 68, dredge , Botd 77 -1s Ql 74 emerald 1.4s Ql 31 longbow ,pinewood, CoC 38 -80c Ql 79, file,iron C79, Woa 66 -1.2s Ql 71 shovel,iron Botd 47 - 80c Ql 70, stone chisel, iron Botd61 -80c Ql 72 stone chisel, iron Woa46 -70c Ql 79 leather knife, iron CoC 84 - 70c Ql 76 Large anvil.iron Botd 89 - 2s Ql 72 large anvil,iron Woa49 -1s
  18. have some tools and stuff laying around, i will send the stuff with my mailbox, Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [87] if you want something send a pm in-game (Nachtiti) or here with a decent price and if i agree i will send it =) can trade for otherthings, send a pm what you have and what you want. Longsword, iron Ql76,79 (N67 LT77 COC71 Mindsteeler 10) Stone chisel,iron QL44,50 (WOA67 COC49) Pickaxe,Iron QL62,64 Pickaxe,Iron QL62,82 (coc80) Pickaxe,Iron QL1,27 (COC80) Pickaxe,Iron QL37,15 (COC80) Pickaxe,Iron QL66,35 (WOA77 COC77) Pickaxe,Iron QL56,10 (BOTD54) Pickaxe,Iron QL33,82 (COC79) Ropetool. oakenwood QL78,44 (COC63) STARRUBY QL40 SPYGLASS QL70 SPYGLASS QL70 SPYGLASS QL70 X3 Sleeping powder GEMS Total QL267,24 Sapphire ql1,39 Emerald ql59,81 Emerald ql58,00 Opal ql61,84 opalQL38,20 opal ql48,00 Butchring knife,iron QL69,58 (BOTD70) Butchring knife, iron QL66,67 PICNIC BASKET, STRAW QL99 inkl thermos and compartment saw, iron QL73,99 (COC80) RARE LUMP, ZINC QL92,19 WEIGHT 1 needle, iron QL63,72 bow, willow QL71,50 Hatchet, iron QL36,62 (WOA47 COC17) Mallet, birchwood QL75,92 Trowle, iron QL62,02 Trowle, iron QL34,13 (WOA64) RARE NEEDLE, IRON QL37,09 file, iron QL73,52 (COC71) Large maul, iron QL67,81 (N72 LT74 COC75 MS60) Sickle, iron QL70,30 HAmmer, iron QL77,95 (COC59) Rake, iron QL70,25 (COC70) Pickaxe, steel QL66,39 (WOA68) Pickaxe, steel QL31,88 (COC75) Pickaxe, steel QL9,95 (COC22) shovel, iron QL57,50 (COC77) shovel, iron QL6,61 (WOA61)
  19. Hello! PM me on forum or post here!
  20. The items will be sent from Independence and the buyer pays the mailcost. I might get some help mailing the items at times from Jekkumage or Froggeryz. All items are completely undamaged. Jewelry Silver items Quality Price Bracelet 95 2s (2x in stock) Bracelet 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Ring 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Necklace 95 2s Necklace 90 1s 50c (2x in stock) Statuette, L 90 1s 50c Statuette, V 90 1s 50c M = Magranon, L = Libila, V = Vynora, F = Fo Gold items Quality Price Enchants Statuette, F 82 1s Ring 79 70c Nolocate 87 Ring 79 70c Nolocate 89 Iron items Pendulum, QL Enchants Price 89 LitW76 1s Pelts -Their weight is listed here Dog, QL Enchants Price 100 c61 60c 100 c64 65c 100 c79 1,3s 100 c85 2,1s 100 c97 4s 100 w82 c95 4,5s 100 w95 c93 5s Large rat, QL Enchants Price 100 w80 c93 4,3s 100 c81 2s Mountain lion, QL Enchants Price 100 c68 70c 100 c75 90c 100 c75 90c 100 c76 1s 100 c83 2s 100 c83 2s 100 c83 2s 100 c85 2,3s 100 c87 2,5s 100 c92 3,2s 100 w61 c72 1,5s 100 w76 c73 1,6s Wild Cat, QL Enchants Price 100 - 20c (0x in stock, refilling soon!) Lumps Steel, QL Enchants Price 74 c99 3s 75 c74 70c Iron, QL Enchants Price 96 c70 70c 96 c71 70c 96 c73 70c 96 c74 70c 96 c74 70c 96 c76 75c Silver, QL Enchants Price 92 c63 60c Copper, QL Enchants Price 83 c91 2s 20c Gold, QL Enchants Price - The Discount Corner Mountain lion pelt, QL97 Enchants c68 Price 25c Iron lump, QL96 Enchants c63 Price 30c Iron lump, QL96 Enchants c64 Price 30c Saddle, QL50 Enchants w63 Price 40c Saddle, QL50 Enchants w68 Price 40c Carving knife (iron), QL60 Enchants c52 Price 40c Hatchet (iron), QL53 Enchants c57 Price 30c Hammer (iron), QL64 Enchants c62 Price 40c Scissors (iron), QL64 Enchants w80 c55 Price 60c Trowel (iron), QL65 Enchants c85 Price 70c Whetstone, QL81 Enchants c97 Price 1s 70c
  21. ~*~NEXA Traders Association~*~ Delivery - 50c (to coastal areas) - Pickup available near Summerholt Bulk Items Planks = 1k/1s Shafts = 1k/1s Bricks = 1k/2s Mortar = 1k/2.5s Clay = 1k/1s Sand = 1k/1s Thatch = 1k/1s Grass = 1k/1s Sprouts = 100/1s Fruit = 100/1s Rockshards = 1k/1s Dirt = 1k/1s Mine Supports = 4c per Lamps/Lanterns = 50ql/10c per Large Crates = 10c per High QL Meals (per 1kg) -70ql = 1c, 80ql = 2c, 90ql = 3c Logs = 50ql-500/1s, 60ql-300/1s, 70ql-200/1s, 80ql - 100/1s, 90ql - 10/1s Wool = 1k/1s 80ql and under (90ql limited orders) 60-90ql Crops = Ask for stock/pricing Sailboat (choose your wood type) - 1s Knarr (choose your wood type) - 8s Services -Travel cost may apply- Enchanted Grass = 50c/tile Genesis Cast = 50c/cast Courier Cast = 90+ 1.5s Strongwall = 1s/cast Imping Services Weapons, Tools, Armor - Price quote avail upon request WS imping - 90ql and below BS imping - 90ql and below JS imping - 70ql and below Carp Imping - 80ql and below Fine Carp Imping - 60 and below Tailor Imping - 60 and below Chain Imping - 80ql and below Plate Imping - 50ql and below Leather Imping - 80ql and below Stone Imping - 70ql and below Priest Services Vyn, Nahjo, Magnaron, Fo (ask for quote) Orders are filled by various members of the NEXA alliance, please post or send a pm with your requests and we will get you in touch with the person who is filling your specific order.
  22. a rare iron longsword, it is 82.83 ql. Looking for 8s. post her or pm me thnks [10:56:28] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [84] [10:56:28] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [65] [10:56:28] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [79] [10:56:28] It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids.
  23. Hi folks, Xephrime was closed for about a year and is back under old management now. The settlement is currently rebuild and will be fully rebuild soon. So take care at the construction site if you're visiting us The settlement is being located in South Lomere (T16) south of the big steppe where wild horses and bison graze. Do a relaxing walk in our walnut and lemonwood forests. We are always looking forward to visits out here! The area is connected to the Lomere Highway system and can be safely accessed. We are offering supply for new settlers to a fair price as well as having something for the more experienced explorers. While not offering high quality stuff, we are having competitive pricing and willed to do trades other than coins. If you're interested in this offer either contact me in game or write me a PM. All prices are meant as pickup in Xephrime. Available Ships 1x Row Boat (Cedar) 45c 1x Sailboat (Cedar) 1s 1x Sailboat (Cherry) 1s 1x Corbita (Cherry) 4s All of our ships are sold together with a mooring anchor and being 40ql+. Just buy and sail away! Tools (blacksmithing) 40ql 4c 50ql 9c 60ql 20c This offer is for tools using blacksmithing skill only. Tools requiring weapon smithing skills might not be available at these qualities. If you're interested in multiple tools, some discount can be negotiated. If you are a new settler nearby, I will make you some tools for free. Don't be shy and come introduce yourself to us! Bulk 2400x Sand (95i/each, 95c/k) 300x Dirt (95i/each, 95c/k) 600x Rockshards (7,5i/each, 75c/k,33ql) 900x Colossus Bricks (22i/each, 1,98s/k,25ql) 1500x Cotton (10,75i/each, 64,5c/k,72ql) 1800x Wemp (10,75i/each, 64,5c/k,72ql) Large Crates can be offered for Transportation at a rate of 9c per crate. Accepting crates for exchange! Enchanted Tools Rope Tool (chestnut), 31ql, COC 80 (90c) Pickaxe (iron), 55,9ql, COC 49 (35c) Carving Knife (iron), COC37 (40c) ... and more soon The enchanted items are available on the personal merchant near the deed token. The content is added regulary and there are some tools and other stuff like anchors, ropes available to prices often lower than nearby markets. So if you're nearby its always worth to browse by and check for some souvenirs Payments All prices are meant as pickup at Xephrime. The settlement is accessible by Lomere Highways and by the sea. Mailijng is possible, COD must be paid by customer. Payment is expecting while handing over the item. Preferred payments are coins, but we are accepting alternative payments as well! Sleep powder = 95c Gems = 1c/ql Iron lumps = 35c/100 (75+ql only) Wood = 35c/100 (75+ ql only) We are also open for other trades. Please do not hesitate to make other offers. Additional Services Free Beds In the first floor of our staples there is a small comfortable room with 4 beds. If you are traveling and need to sleep, please come to us and take a bed. Also if you are a new player nearby, be welcomed to use the beds and avoid wasting your sleep bonus! They are free. Just enter them by the backentrance and find a free one. The construction is still ongoing, so expect it being a bit chaotic at the moment Free Thatchering You want to get rid of the wooden shringles on your roof and have a more natural looking one? But you do not want to grind for a skill not having any real use? Don't worry if you are living in the Lomere region. Contact us and we'll do for a 4th thatched roof for you - for free! Free Carpentry Service You're living nearby? We are offering help for our neighbours requiring some higher carpentry service in planning your building. Just contact us and we'll be glad to help you in constructing your home! Free Ship Improvment Your new bought ship is already sunk? Your ship building skills does really suck? Don't worry! I am offering for the next time a free ship improvement service for the south bay region in Lomere. If you're within the region defined in the following image, contact me and I will improve your rowing boats, sailing boats and corbitas for free. Just make an appointment or ensure that I can reach your boat and I will imp it up to 35ql for free. No hidden costs, no drawback. If you're from outside the region, I will improve your ship, if you bring it to my deed as well. Use this limited service. Interested? Contact me via PM.