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Found 17 results

  1. I'm selling 0.34 kg of black drike hide. Price: 13s PM me. - S O L D -
  2. Need .9kg to finish my drake hide set paying 40c per .01kg of hide. Any type of hide is welcome. Please COD them to me.
  3. Want to sell the above items. PM your offers for the rest - here or ingame. Thanks, Baloo
  4. buying drake hide for 35c per 0.01 and rare clay 10c CoD to stoffe
  5. drake hide

    Bought all I need. Thread can be closed.
  6. WTT my Dragon Scale pieces for your Drake Hide pieces PM me your offers please.
  7. Hey Wanna buy white drake hide boots, also looking for a full blue or black drake hide set. Pm me
  8. Still looking to buy Drake Hide scraps of any colour, I'm paying 40c per .01kg. or 4s per 0.1kg. I'm willing to buy all I can get. Please contact me here if you have any for sale, or COD them to Pride Thank You. EDIT: I just need enough for one boot.
  9. Want to buy 2 drake hide boots.
  10. All servers all players. Hello all, I am offering free imps to 91ql on all drake sets that have my signature on them. I am opening this to all players that have a set with my sig, bought from me or other wise obtained. So if you need a trusted source to imp your drake, you pay mail and set is imped when needed. Since I have a lot of sets with my name out there, I will only be taking one at a time. So you can PM me or Leave a buzz here, and I will make a list and you will have to wait your turn. I hope to hear from some of my Clients old and new, to help me reach 99 leather working. When mailed please have your name on each part, for I usually have a few sets imping. Please set aside 5 days for imp time that you wont have armor if is your only armor. Many of you already come to me for this service so I am extending it to all set with my signature. Thanks to all have trusted my service over the years and as always TROLL TEETH /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Disclaimer,If I am to busy I may have to send it back not fully imped to 91, most times I wont take any other sets if I know this will be the case.
  11. White Drake Hide Cap - 88.09QL Starting Bid: 5s Buyout: 15s Increments: 1s No Reserve. 1 hour Snipe Protection. Duration: ENDED
  12. Title of post changed since I only have the yellow potions left now WTS: 1 referral 6s SOLD 5x Yellow Potions 20c each or 80c if you take all 5 - seen in merchants from 30c to 60c each so grab a bargain! (2x16ql, 32ql, 48ql, 62ql) PC/WTS: ( pc info appreciated and make me an offer, if I think it sounds fair will take it ) (the 'slivers' and pots from dragon hunts, going to waste with me but hopefully someone can make use of them) 1 (white dragon) hide 87.66ql 0.01kg SOLD (accepted an offer of 50c for reference) 1 (red dragon) scale 80ql 0.02kg SOLD (sold for 1s for reference) 1 Salve of Frost 71.71ql SOLD (sold for 1s to a special person ) 1 Oil of the Weapon Smith 37.96ql SOLD (offers up to 3s for reference) To buy or make offers post here, message me here, or ingame (same name). Will check back a few times a day. Thanks for looking!
  13. I realize that this is for the Freedom cluster but I figured I'd post it here as well since there are some high end items and potential resale investments that might interest some folk here:
  14. Preferably low ql and price , not scale armour
  15. WTB White Drake Cap. Please PM me price.