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Found 557 results

  1. I'm selling 3x sleep powder for 3s (1s each). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (T19 on community map). I can also deliver to places in the south, southeast or east of Deli. PM me here or in game (Yaga).
  2. I'm offering blood of some unique creatures: These are currently available: - Blood, Goblin Leader (Mixing with source salt will create Potion of Mining) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Kyklops (Mixing with source salt will create a Potion of Leatherworking) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Red Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Weapon Smith) - 2.00s [SOLD] - Blood, Black Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Armour Smith) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Troll King (Mixing with source salt will create Ointment of Stonecutting) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Potion of Blacksmithing) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Salve of Frost) - 0.25s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Salve of Frost) - 0.25s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Salve of Frost) - 0.25s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Salve of Frost) - 0.25s [SOLD] - Blood, White Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Salve of Frost) - 0.25s [SOLD] - Blood, Green Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Ointment of Tailoring) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Kyklops (Mixing with source salt will create a Potion of Leatherworking) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Forest Giant (Mixing with source salt will create Potion of Woodcutting) - 1.50s [SOLD] - Blood, Red Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Weapon Smith) - 1.50s - Blood, Red Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Weapon Smith) - 1.50s - Blood, Red Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Weapon Smith) - 1.50s - Blood, Red Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create Oil of the Weapon Smith) - 1.50s - Blood, Blue Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Fletching Potion) - 1.50s - Blood, Blue Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Fletching Potion) - 1.50s - Blood, Blue Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Fletching Potion) - 1.50s - Blood, Blue Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Fletching Potion) - 1.50s - Blood, Blue Dragon (Mixing with source salt will create Fletching Potion) - 1.50s - Blood, Green Dragon Hatchling (Mixing with source salt will create a Potion of Acid) - 0.25s Can be mailed (buyer pays CoD) or picked up in SE Deliverance (X-41, Y-39)
  3. Magrathea Lantern Shop ! Proudly served wurmians since the year of 980! Placeing an order For the sake of keeping things simple please make a post in this thread and i will send you the item as soon as i see the order. You can also send me a ingame pm, posts here comes first though. Lanterns Will normally be made on order only, prices are as follows: Pocket Sun - 1s (91ql) - made on order Pocket Nova -3s (95ql) - made on order Colors available: All lanterns will be painted white (currently: 244,244,244) unless you ask othervise. Example images: Red - White - Yellow - Cyan - Pink - Purple Available Stock Current stock available for delivery: 1 Iron Showel 98ql and 98woa - 10s Copper Hanging lamps / Iron lamps Will be made on order only, prices are as follows: 70ql - 30c 80ql - 75c (10pcs - 7s) 90ql - pm for price Picked up on deed (deli) only. Can not be sent must be picket up on deed, Location M8 on the ingame map,. Lamps will not be painted as standard as they use alot of paint, pm me ingame for a price and available colors. Example images of painted 91ql lamps: Darkness -White - Red - Cyan Imping Items 70ql - 20c 80ql - 50c 91ql - 1s (large anvils: 2s) 95ql - 4s (Large anvils: pm for prize) Just take the ql you want it imped to and take off the closest cost (depending on the current ql) and you get the imping price. If it is below 65ql the price are as listed.
  4. Victory Or Death's Stables! 5 Speed horses or all colours for sale. I also sell champion deer and 5 Speed bison Prices: Old colours 20c each. Pinto's 50c each. Bloodbay's 50c each Ebonyblack 50c each. Champion deer 75c each 5 speed bison 30c each Link to full stock below: Pm Irtehwinner Or Blinkybill for details. You can also visit VoD on Deliverance @ g23 ingame or t8 community map for self service stalls!. Merchant also has tools plain & chanted with WoA Pen with free 4 speed old coloured horses out front. Hope to hear from u all
  5. Hello, I am looking for spanish people or spanish speaking for my village Lucentum, is imperative to be an active player. Where is located the village? It´s located over a mountain , using the ingame map P-18 in the Deliverance server, with great landscapes and tranquility. There are about 3 routes to reach the village, the East side of the mountain have 2 routes , and the west side another route more, but this one is the most difficult ; So I suggest follow any of eastern routes. If you want to be teleported up to the village, send me a PM when you will be online in the game ( using the chat command /tell contestani). What Can I offer you? - A great place to live and pretty safe with 2 guard towers and 1 spirit templar for the newbie safety. - A lot of iron veins and couple of gold veins and marble vein. -Several public buildings for you comfort and for raising your skills , like: a public totally equiped forge, a warehouse with items that you can use, several built houses , and a public kitchen. - Animals like horses, bisons, etc. - A small alliance with another spanish village. Rules: -Don´t be greedy. -Don´t steal. -Try to help other players if you can. -To be active player (important). Current population: -We are for now 2 persons in the village, so for that is the reason for recruiting more players. ========================================================================================= EN ESPAÑOL: Hola, estoy buscando gente española o gente hispanohablante para mi aldea Lucentum, es imprescindible que sean jugadores activos. ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ SITUADA LA ALDEA?. Está situada sobre una montaña en un lugar tranquilo y con buenas vistas en el server Deliverance , usando el mapa del juego en P-18. Hay tres rutas para llegar a la aldea, el lado Este de la montaña tiene 2 rutas y el lado Oeste otra , pero esta última es la más difícil de usar , por eso sugiero usar alguna de las dos del lado Este. Si quieres ser teletransportado a aldea, mándame un mensaje privado cuando estés en el juego usando el comando del chat /tell contestani. ¿Qué puedo ofrecerte?. -Un gran sitio para vivir y bastante seguro, que cuenta con 2 torres de guardias y un espíritu templario para ayudar a los novatos. -Un montón de vetas de hierro, varias de oro y una de mármol. -Varios edificios públicos para tu comodidad y para subir tus habilidades, como una herrería totalmente equipada,un almacén donde puedes coger cosas,una cocina pública ,varias casas disponibles. -Animales como caballos, bisontes y otros. -Una pequeña alianza con otra aldea española. Normas: -No seas avaricioso. - No robes. - Intenta ayudar a otros jugadores si te es posible. - Sé un jugador activo . Población actual: -Por ahora somos dos personas, es por eso que busco más gente y que sean activos. IMPORTANTE: -No podemos viajar a otros servers para buscarte, si en verdad quieres venir, tendrás que tener la fe suficiente o voluntad para venir por tus propios medios, estamos en el server DELIVERANCE. FOTOS:
  6. Taki's note: After having taken a stroll into the dark depths of our forum I am finding that there are a metric fuckton of lost/found horse ads. This irritates me a bit as it's a massive amount of clutter so I decided to write up a public thread dedicated to lost or found horses. I'll probably remove this spoiler post if this thread becomes regularly used. Deliverance is an incredible community and I wish to improve the effectiveness of what we currently have. If anyone wants to claim a following post to manage a wall of fame, feel free to do so. No way in hell that I'm doing it. XD! These two posts took about an hour to make. lol. Lost your horse? Found somebody else's? Let people know here! Please ensure that adequate detail is provided such as where you found/lost it and if you found it feel free to retain it's name for proof of ownership as you feel appropriate. This is entirely voluntary but if you wish to reward the individual that found it by all means, feel free to do so. Deliverance is an incredible community and many will go out of their way to help others as we know how important having a pony is. Thank you for helping each other out!
  7. ***POSSIBLE TRANSACTION PENDING, SALE ON HOLD UNTIL WEDNESDAY 1/11/17** ~ Sugarfoxx 9:35pm PST Coastal Deliverance Deed Misty Moon Terrace In-Game Map: H26 Community Map: x-50, y-16/17 Roughly 10 tiles from the Eastern Deli Border! Settlement Information [17:41:27] <Moonfoxx> The monthly cost is 1 silver and 74 copper. [17:41:41] <Moonfoxx> The settlement has 10 silver, 88 copper and 35 iron in its coffers. [17:41:53] <Moonfoxx> The upkeep will last approximately 175 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes more. [17:42:09] <Moonfoxx> The size of Misty Moon Terrace is 30 by 29. Deed Images A view of the front of Misty Moon Terrace, featuring five 70 QL brazier pillars at the front. A view from the Southeast. Two of the four buildings on-deed. These crafting buildings have BSBs and forges included, full of materials that will come with the purchase. The courtyard. There are five altars (blank one in the mine) and an 83 cast mailbox on deed. The house to the right, and a view of the deed from the top. Fenced in grape orchard in the SW Corner of the deed. A view of the deed from the bottom farm area. 4 The farm, which is 200 tiles, or 8x25. Another view of the farm from the top. The enchanted grass pens; there are 40 total enchanted tiles on deed. The road from the docks to the two tiers of the deed. The building on the farm tier. Additional Information: Access road from the mainland. Southeast from Trinsic along the mountain's edge. Price: 30s or best offer. Please contact Sugarfoxx in game via PM Or SugarFoxx directly on the forums. PM Joelle for Emergency offers.
  8. Here is the latest version of my detailed low-scale map of the Serendipity Peninsula in the southeast of Deliverance, based on the official map dumps provided by Code Club AB: Feel free to check the map for errors and improvement - comments are welcome. Yaga Updates
  9. 0.3c per 1QL , I can´t travel to another server (My deed is over a mountain and far from the sea), so I can´t deliver if you don´t live in Deliverance, but are mailable.
  10. My attempts to breed the new Blood Bay horses have finally been successful. I now have a small number of 5-speed males and females, so I can take first orders. (Customers will probably have to wait a little while until the next foals are born.) All horses have 5 speed traits: Place your orders today and enter the queue! The price for a 5-speed blood bay horse is 2s, venerable ones are 1.5s. As soon as available, horses can be picked up at Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). PM me here or ingame for details. I will also trade Blood Bays for any other new color (as long as they have the same number of speed traits).
  11. I have passed the torch for the map on to Daash! He will do a great job and be able to maintain it much better than I will. Ty all for your support while I worked on the map! HELLO DELIVERANCE! I will be taking over the Updates from now on for the Deliverance map :-) I would like to thank Akaryd for all the hard work he has done the past year in keeping this map alive and updated, and for asking me to take over this position! Please post all updates here and do not pm me with updates. Original Map(recomended): (updated 18-Aug-2016) Modified Map(new map dump): (updated with Original Map Outdated, update pending) General Instructions Just post the following information. And do not PM your update requests. You may however PM me the deed/s you own if you DO NOT want them added to the map! Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads/tunnels/bridges, then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as As I travel around Deli I will try to update roads that I travel along. I will be trying to keep up with deed disbands. If I miss one please let me know in this topic(coords are apreciated)! For suggestions on features of the map, or changes to the way things are done, please PM me to discuss! You can also make a thread in the deli forum with the change suggestion, makes it easier to gauge interest in the change, as well as keeping this thread for updates to the map! Credits: Tpikol for making the map, Akaryd for maintaining the map till I took over.
  12. WTS trader deed on the coast of North West Deliverance. There are few buildings, some farming space and a mine. Needs some attention. Please send PM's asking for more information or with a price. ColdOne
  13. Here we go, After a few cryptic announcment in Freedom chat about highways disruptions... and a few players knowing the project and helping with it, I'm proud to present the (almost) finished cave canal between Echo lake and Rainbow lake. (green arrows are access points) Idea started years ago with a player named Juliar (in our alliance) who wanted some kind of harbour by her place and a canal going to it. We had a start on echo lake side but the rock layer was way too shallow to do anything proper. Nor we had the time to do it properly. Juliar left, but the idea remained in a corner of my head (swizz cheeze full of hole, can be a real mess there I swear). Both Echo and Rainbow access are easy to find with their bridges towering above the canals. The canal is lit with yellow 70QL imperial lamps (because it's a subway/tube/metro/underground thingy). And the canal run for the bigger part bellow the current northern highway to be out of the way of future deeds mine (and also allow them to have their own underground harbour). Trivia - Around 400 tiles long. Most veins were murdered with lava. Almost 2K of concrete have been used to raise the rock layer allowing shorter open air canals. Also Odynn never bathed that much. Hall of Fame. (yes, the lack of list is an incentive for you to visit the tunnel) Midgard Harbour. (no knarr here yet, we still need to finish the floor mining) Nota : We will have updates, typo to fix and others stuff to add in due time... yadda yadda, queue legal disclaimer plox.
  14. Server: Deliverance Character: Nalk Cart name: Povoz Problem: I have iron ore stuck in my large cart. It can't be moved out to my inventory or to any other inventory (from cart to box, or to pile on the ground). Any other items in cart can be moved out and in, even other pieces of iron ore. When right-clicked it's refreshing and refreshing, nothing else can be done - there are 2 options visible, yet grey and unclickable (examine, no target). Command /lotime did not work, as well as being offline for couple of hours. It is not a big deal, but is slightly annoys me (I cant just drag all the iron ore, I have to specifially pick all iron ore but this one). Thank you for your help If I am in wrong section, then I am terribly sorry.
  15. After several weeks of careful planning and hard work I am now proud to present to the Deliverance community: the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eridanus Boat Tunnel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The tunnel cuts through the southeast peninsula ("Serendipity Peninsula" as it is called by its inhabitants) and provides an invaluable shortcut for anybody sailing between the southeast mainland and the east coast of Deli. It is located a little bit north of the line Dunegard - Magincia (X-40 .. X-44, Y-38 on the community map), better seen on the detailed map ( This boat tunnel is special in that it has 2 segments: the first is leading north from "Pillars of Orion" on the peninsula's west coast to an underground harbour, called "Eridanus Harbour", the second (longest) one leading east from Eridanus Harbour to "Anubis Gates" on the east coast. The tunnel itself is 2 tiles wide and has maximum depth, so should be sailable by all ships. There is a walkway along the entire length of the tunnel, so it can also be used by pedestrians, riders and cart drivers. There are lamps every 5 tiles, and additional light markers every 30 tiles. Both ends are marked by twin towers illuminated at night by marble braziers: West entrance: Pillars of Orion East entrance: Anubis Gates The project was a joint undertaking of the Serendipity Alliance and some of our good friends. I am particularly grateful to: Odynn Jaz Annyil Talarias Turmoil Ladygodiva Ladycygnet Glomby. Thanks, folks - this tunnel couldn't have been built without you (at least not within the next 2 years ).
  16. Hello. I'd like this to go smoothly, it's been a long road and half a year of work uncounted hours have been put into redeveloping risky and evilspot's old territory, Horsedog. I am selling it after a job well done and effort well spent. At 18s + Coffers, the starting bid is low. Work complete includes; creating a moat and a canal to a private lake, 103 surface mined tiles at 25 depth one channel wide, ready for anything you can throw at it. Removed 36 carts and wagons, applied major landworks, built 4 bridges, burnt a forest and collapsed many mines (thank you Wilca) For reasons, i named it Horse, the token sits next to where the Armpit of Vynora used to stand. the original owner i knew, and knew of, from eq.(bristlebane), it's a pity it was a desolate mystery for so long but now it's ready for planning. The highway hill lettering is heritage protected but the sea level `runway`, i added, feel free to modify. Thank You Starting Bid - 40s + this includes the 22s in the upkeep.. Price will drop by 20 silver if u wish me to disband the deed + Increments - 5s This is its location on the North East of Deliverance; (this map is inaccurate, the land has changed shape as indicated by the plotted highway) Compiled images of deed, i'm positive i could have done a better job on the screenies. (shadows are off, bloom's off, anti-aliasing's low, etc) do come and have a look for a better picture. ------------------------------------------------ An added footnote: If unsold - a private offer will be made - if still unsold, it'll be placed, with better screenies, in wts for 35s excluding upkeep
  17. Want to auction a rare smelter [13:40:41] A smelter made from bricks and clay, fits more ore than a forge. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 64.60607, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 10s No reserve, 1h sniper
  18. Wnat to auction a rare stone chisel. WoA 71 CoC 71 85ql Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 1s Buyout: 8s No reserve, 1h sniper
  19. [01:58:11] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cherrywood. You will want to polish the "Arcadio" with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 78.95439, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Wilca, has been etched in the stern. Pick up at Helix Landing, F 24 Deli. Can also arrange delivery. Willing to accept payment from Paypal if winner is verified. Starting Bid: 20 silver Buyout: 50 silver Minimum Bid: 1 silver Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  20. I'm selling 2x sleep powder for 2s (1s each). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). I can also deliver to places in the south, southeast or east of Deli. PM me here or in game (Yaga). SOLD
  21. I have a large herd of precious 5-speed horses (various ages and colors) in the southeast of Deliverance. I'm giving them away for 30c each (old: 20c each, venerable: 15c each). Come and pick your horse at Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). PM me here or ingame for details.
  22. Please close the thread, I am not longer recruiting. Thanks.
  23. Main event deed will be HOS Farm, as seen on the playermade map its located at 4x29y or on the ingame map the coordinates are M8. The deed are easily accessed by water and from Green dog its a 10 min ride via the GD tunnel. Main building are HOS Harbour Workshed. When The event will be held from Thursday the 24th (March) 12.00 cet time to Monday the 28th 12.00 cet time. General info This will be a impalong, you may come and get your items imped up to 70ql, there will be a limit of 5 items or one armour set. This are to make sure we can help as many players as possible. Contests Fishing contest During the impalong there will be a fishing contest, it will end Sunday 12.00 (gmt+1). Only fishing from shore counts. Tourist class (under 20 fishing skill) extra prices will be awarded in this class so dont forget to add your skill when naming your fish. Happy hunting! Winners are: Above 20 Fishing skill: Tamina 97.61ql - JK Wagon + Lantern Renzal 92.89ql - Rare Short Bow + Lantern Isrik 91.51ql - Rare brown bear helmet + Lantern Below 20 fishing skill Ladytiff 95.16ql - 2 JK Kingdom Tall Banners + Lantern Draevon 82.67ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Serilith 78.48ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Hand in your fishes to Daash, Cecci, or Mith. The best ql on the fish wins. And if the ql are identical the weight of it will rule the winner. Current impers: Cessi: C/FC/LW Chiqa: BS/C/FC/M/WS Daash: BS/CAS/JS/C Dergen: C/FC Fendir: BS/WS Halebel: BS/C/M/SS Jaz: BS/CAS/PAS/SS/WS Magdegreen: LW MrCoolman: BS/C/CAS/CT/FC/LW/PAS/SS Necroe: BS/C/FC/PAS/SS Odynn: BS/JS/PAS/CAS/WS/SS MissWilc: LW/CT/BS/FC Mith: WS/BS/PAS/SS/C PhatThaiJones: BS/C/CAS/JS/SS/SB Shindar: BS Shrimpiie: CT/LW Steveleeb: C/M BS= Blacksmithing(11) CAS=Chain Armour Smithing(6) C=Carpentry(10) LW=Leather Workong(4) PAS=Plate Armor Smiting(3) WS=Weapon Smiting(4) FC=Fine Carpentry(5) CT=Cloth Tailoring(3) SS=Shield Smithing(6) M=Masonry(3) JS=Jewelry Smithing(3) SB=Ship Building(3) Needed Material 80ql/90ql Steel (Yarnball, Mith) 80ql/90ql Logs (Chiqa, MrCoolman) 80ql Gold/Silver for imping Sacc Items for the Priests 70ql Leather Contributers Yarnball: Logs & Steel Chiqa: Logs Mith: Steel & Lumps MrCoolman: Leather / Logs Prize contributers MissWilc (Rare Bear Helmet)
  24. [SOLD] I'm offering a Rare Strange Bone: This bone allows you to turn any item in your inventory into a rare version! Can be mailed (buyer pays CoD) or picked up in SE Deliverance (X-41, Y-39). Price: 30s .
  25. You're a rancher or stock breeder? Your cattle and horses are always hungry? You find your grass or crop tiles packed dry every morning? You're tired of replanting grass tiles to keep your animals happy? Let your grass be enchanted! Any herbivorous animal can graze on enchanted grass. Technically, it will not last forever, because there is a small chance that a grazing animal will pack the tile - but practically it will last considerably longer than normal grass or crops. (If you allow an average of less than 1 animal per grass tile inside a pen, the enchanted grass can easily last for many months.) I will enchant your grass tiles in the southeast of Deliverance, within manageable distance from the Serendipity Peninsula. The price per tile is 40c or 80c, depending on distance, as shown on this map: I can enchant one tile per RL day. Contact me here (PM) or in game (Yaga).