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Found 170 results

  1. Not a Merchant ( limited Time only sale ) WTS ad will close at the end of the timers ! WTS Event Ends @ Not much left ...... Rare Cheese Drill #2 Cedar wood 81 BOTD 93+ QL 6.00 Silver 5.25 Silver Rare Measuring Jug Unfired 90+ QL 8.75 Silver 6.00 Silver Rare Halberd 86+ QL 63W 75 CoC Animal's Demise 8 Silver 6.75s Rare Sacrificial Knife #1 ( 90+ QL 93N 87C 81MS Human Demise ) 16 Silver ( Take Both home for 28 Silver ) ( they use butcher knife skill ) faster then sickles !!! Rare Sacrificial Knife #2 ( 89.96 QL 92N 83FB 80C 87MS Human Demise ) 17 Silver Rare Willow Long Bow, @ 43 QL ( Blank ) 5.00 Silver 4.00s None Rares --- 1) Combat Scythe, Iron @ 83 QL with ( 60 Nimble ) ( 57 Life Transfer ) ( 57 Circle of Cunning ) 2 Silver 2) Combat Scythe, Iron @ 48 QL with ( 87 Nimble ) ( 70 Life Transfer ) ( 84 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 69 Mind Stealer ) 4.50 Silver 3) Small Axe, Iron @ 69 QL with ( 89 Nimble ) ( 83 Life Transfer ) ( 84 Circle Of Cunning ) 3.00 Silver 4) Butcher Knife, Iron @ 81 QL with ( 68 Life Transfer ) 80 Copper 5) Short Sword, Iron @ 76 QL with ( 74 Nimble ) ( 75 Life Transfer ) ( 87 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 61 Mind Stealer ) 3.75 Silver 6) Scythe, STEEL @ 60 QL with ( 71 Nimble ) ( 78 Frostbrand ) ( 86 Circle Of Cunning ) 5.00 Silver 7) Two Handed Sword, Iron @ 75 QL with ( 86 Life Transfer ) ( 51 Circle Of Cunning ) 1.50 Silver 8) Huge Axe, Iron @ 69 QL with ( 83 Nimble ) ( 77 Rotting Touch ) ( 99 Circle Of Cunning ) 4.00 Silver 9) Huge Axe, Iron @ 72 QL with ( 70 Nimble ) ( 54 Life Transfer ) ( 92 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 73 Mind Stealer ) 3.50 Silver 10) * Huge Axe, Iron @ 66 QL with ( Animal's Demise ) ( 79 Woa ) ( 96 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 80 Flaming Aura ) 4.50 Silver 11) Huge Axe, Iron @ 70 QL with ( 93 Nimble ) ( 88 Frostbrand ) ( 82 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 90 Mind Stealer ) 5.00 Silver 12) Small Maul, Iron @ 83 QL with ( 84 Nimble ) ( 65 Rotting Touch ) ( 71 Circle Of Cunning ) 2.50 Silver 12) Small Maul, Iron @ 66 QL with ( 64 Nimble ) ( 67 Circle Of Cunning ) 1.50 Silver 13 14) Seryll Two Handed Sword !! 8.78 Quality ( Blank ) @ ( 4.00 KG ) 10.00 Silver 15) Glimmer Steel, Carving Knife, @ 38.90 Quality ( it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) 5.00 Silver 16) Tin Hatchet @ 91+ QL ( Blank ) 4.00 Silver 17) Tin Leather Knife @ 84+ QL ( Blank ) 3.00 Silver 18) Silver, Sacrificial Knife @ 90+ Quality ( 82 Nimble ) ( 2 FB ) ( 82 CoC ) Animals Demise @ 4.00 Silver 19) Lead, Axe @ 84 QL ( Blank ) 3.50 Silver 20) Tin File @ 97 QL with ( 66 Woa ) 6.00 Silver 21) 90 QL Iron Bow 5.00 Silver 22) 90+ QL Star Emerald 3.00 Silver 23) Seryll Leather Knife @ 2 QL with ( 36 CoC ) 1.50 Silver 24) Steel Trowel ( treasure item ) @ 30 QL (blank ) 1.00 Silver 25) Glass Flask ( [23:34:34] A small, brittle and flat glass flask. ) just a empty collectors item will take60ql w/t 22dmg 80 copper Never in any hurry to sell so if you don't catch anything this round watch out next time ! ( BLOOOOOOD ) WTS 10 Bloods For 20 Silver 18.00s ( Red Dragon x4 ) ( Goblin x1 ) ( Troll King x1 ) ( Kyclopes x1 ) ( Blue Dragon x1) ( Black Dragon x1 ) ( Green Dragon x1 )
  2. All are 75 copper each. Buy 2 and get 1 items free. Need to clear out old stock. File 41q 85coc File 46q 85coc File 80q 80coc File 80q 87coc File 80q 89woa Hammer 80q 81woa Hammer 80q 85woa Needle 80q 80woa Needle 80q 81woa Needle 80q 84woa Needle 80q 85woa Needle 80q 88woa Scissors 7q 80coc Scissors 1q 81coc Scissors 6q 85coc Scissors 80q 83woa Scissors 80q 85woa Scissors 80q 85woa Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 82coc Leather Knife 1q 85coc Leather Knife 80q 80woa Leather Knife 80q 80woa Leather Knife 80q 83woa Leather Knife 80q 84woa Awl 1q 83coc Awl 1q 83coc Awl 80q 82coc Trowel 1q 85coc Trowel 1q 86coc Trowel 1q 88coc Trowel 80q 82woa Trowel 80q 85woa Trowel 80q 86woa Trowel 80q 88woa Trowel 80q 89woa
  3. Do you need higher ql food? Do you fail attaching runes to your stuff? Or would you like a longer action queue? Then you've come to the right place! With panfilling you can easily raise your cooking, HFC, mind logic and soul depth. I offer fast panfilling at affordable prices. Prices Filling 1s/1k pans Filling+materials 2s/1k pans Baking grinding 2s/k Payment methods I accept payments in silver, Paypal payments at 1€/s and Bitcoin payments. Location My cookhouse is located at F22 on Xanadu. For 50c I can bring my cookhouse to your place, all you need is forges. For orders over 10k outside Xanadu delivery is free. Skillgain and data If you're wondering how much pans is needed to reach a specific HFC skill you could take a look at the table below. For ML/SD/cooking skillgain predictions you could PM me. HFC skillgain, using sleep bonus, no affinity and not Vynora/Nahjo: The usual method My method 1-70 5k 5 70-90 9k 7.5k 90-95 9k 5k 95-99 29-30k 12-13k As you can see in the table I can save you a lot of money if you're looking to grind HFC at high skill. The bad thing with my method is that it reduces characteristics skillgain, which you may not want. The method doesn't require any extra effort when filling, so you decide which method you want to use, no extra fees added. Reviews [19:35:08] <Coastis> hmm, not sure what to say other than the man is a beast If you have any questions contact RobZ ingame.
  4. New to the game? Have a town that needs to supply your new members with enchanted skillers? Have a few coopers to spare for a deal? If you said "YES I DO SHAZ!!" then you've come to the right place. Heavy discounts on a hoard of Circle of Cunning (coc) enchanted tools with 70+ power. All tools are iron unless otherwise specified. 1minute mailbox time! Prices are 2copper per power with a base of 30copper @ 70c: 70c = 30c 75c = 40c 80c = 50c 90c = 90c (+4 per power) ex. 77c item is 44copper. Sales List: Butchering Knives (all 58-60ql) 70c 71c (x2) 72c 73c 74c 76c 77c 79c 81c (x4) 82c 83c 85c 86c (x2) 87c 88c 90c (x2) 93c 96c 32ql 65c/65w (50copper) Carving Knife 16ql 74c 15ql 75c File 8ql 83c 24ql 92c Hammer 47ql 70c 57ql 73c 6ql 73c 16ql 73c 8ql 74c 56ql 75c 56ql 76c 9ql 76c 54ql 77c 53ql 79c 53ql 79c 32ql 80c 40ql 84c 76ql 93c Hatchet 20ql 71c 21ql 75c 38ql 78c 78ql 79c/83woa (1.4s) Leather Knife 35ql 73c 44ql 96c Mallet 71ql 75c87w (75copper) 71ql 71c64w (70copper) 18ql 83c60w (80copper) 55ql 66c66w (50copper) Needle 69ql 79c Pickaxe (iron) 32ql 70c 56ql 71c 59ql 71c 56ql 72c 38ql 72c 57ql 78c 59ql 81c 57ql 82c 33ql 82c46w (+20copper) 48ql 83c 59ql 85c 30ql 87c 24ql 88c Pickaxe (steel) --> ADD 10c to cost! 50ql 70c 42ql 72c 44ql 72c 37ql 73c 38ql 77c 50ql 77c 51ql 78c 44ql 80c 42ql 83c 53ql 83c 46ql 85c 33ql 87c Rake 9ql 69c (25copper) 16ql 70c 46ql 75c 35ql 75c Saw 13ql 79c Shovel 45ql 74c 59ql 74c68w (+20copper) 51ql 73c75w (+30copper)
  5. Want to sell Rare Strange Bone 25s Open to negotiation.
  6. Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing & Bulk manufacture. Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials. If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand. Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80 QL) You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me. All price's for full armour set (9 parts) QL: price 50 70c 60 1s 70 1,75s 80 2,5s Other things for sale: Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S Blue dragon blood-1s Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c Rift items: 2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-1 s ea Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s Rift materials 10c/ea: 21x 21ql rift stone shrads Bulk in stock: Colosuss brick's-1000-2s/k ribbons-100-1s Rock shrads 1000 -1s/k Food: eggs-400-1s/100 Lumps: 85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3s Others: Bee hives -30 ql- 2s Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer You should also see our master chansmith page:
  7. Selling these enchanted horse packages, You'll see the number of the packages on the backpack. COD will be added to the final price. With saddle: 4,5s 4,3s Without saddle: 2,5s 2,5s 2,3s 2,2s 2,1s 2s
  8. Read The Following Notices: Steel tools coming soon! Contact: Yiraia Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
  9. BOTD = COC + WOA Sent from Xanadu. 70+ casts - 50c each 80+ casts - 1s each 90+ casts - 2s each
  10. sleep powder

    as title says, selling 6x Sleep Powder for 1s/ea free delivery on Pristine free delivery to coast if you buy all otherwise pickup at Blossom (Pristine)
  11. Hello Wurmians, are you in need of a cheap delivery for yourself, your sold or purchased wares or your personal stuff? You just found the best place for it! I'm offering delivery by ship. Server Outer Coast* Inner Coast* Close to Coast* Inland Pristine** 50c no inner coast 60c 65c-100c Release 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Xanadu 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-200c Exodus 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Deliverance 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Independence 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Celebration 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c *Coast = Shore with direct sea access for large ships (eg. Cog) **20c discount if start and end are on Pristine I ll upload colored Images soon, if you re not sure about if ist coast, inner coast or Inland, feel free to pm me. Some bulk and containers for sale:
  12. Hello I have been sitting on these items for a long time now, and want to make a clearance sale Each item has price next to it to the right items over 70ql will be 5c for item +enchant price items under 70ql, just enchant price 70-79 power = only 10c 80-89 power = only 20c 90+ power comes as cheap as 70 copper coins! Armour Weapons Tools
  13. As a heads up: Classes have started back for me so I am a bit too pressed for time now to update these lists, however, I do log on from time to time to refill merchants with whatever random goods I have available. As of 1/28/17, horse stalls at my deed are all filled, all are 5-spd, all have reduced for quick-sale prices (10c for normal colors, for example). Self-service. My merch at Glasshollow has a lot of recipes atm. New tools and things will be available once I replenish my ore stores, I have had a very unfortunate cave-in recently that destroyed... alot >.o. Soon, though. Promise. Items located on merchant at (J-9) Misareaux Coast: New recipes added, 1c each. Stop by and fill your cookbooks! I also sell ponies from (J-9): Including Jets and Piebalds! Bloodbays coming soon~ Items sold from merchant at (C-11) Glasshollow Market: Stock updated as of 12/4/16
  14. I finally have more dirt than what I know what to do with. It has to go fast so its going cheap. Selling it for 1s/1k or the whole lot for 7.50s. Crate exchange or purchase, your choice. Free delivery on the whole order to coastal areas or pickup. May deliver to interior areas for a fee. Contact me for info.
  15. Hello I would like to offer these items for sale, curently at glashollow market on Xanadu Mailing from 100 courier box, so probably will take one minute. Can be either mailed or pick up Bee hives are pick up from Black Sea on Celebration at Black Sea at Y38 X43 Tools Bee hives Active bee hive 2s ea 60+ql Empty bee hive 50c ea 50+ql
  16. money money money...monah!
  17. Hey all, I'm returning to wurm and have an idea for a little enterprise No time to forage, too many people willing to chisel you out of your hard earned silver? well hire me! for 40 copper an hour i'll forage the hell out of the nearby forests and deliver to you the spoils and i even have a satisfaction guarantee... though if you don't like what i collect and chose not to pay i will retain what i've foraged for personal use. Note i need rides to where you want me to forage and prefferably back to where i came i'm also available for other jobs just message me for more details COINS DO NOT COUNT AS FORAGED ITEMS Current job and pending job list :
  18. Selling 8k Coal 2s/1k ( ql40,64) , 4k iron lumps 1s/1k ( ql 75+ ) Selling the coal / iron as packet price if some one need for 17,5s Pick up only on Deliverence South harbour. T 19 ingame.
  19. 0.3c per 1QL , I can´t travel to another server (My deed is over a mountain and far from the sea), so I can´t deliver if you don´t live in Deliverance, but are mailable.
  20. Selling these: soft cap ql 98.44 1s soft cap ql 96.27 1s fireworks ql 80 & 99 1s each saddle woa 63 ql 79.63 1s saddle woa 56 ql 77.76 1s file coc 64 ql 35,57 64 coppers file coc 68 ql 37,52 68 coppers studded leather set ql 70 1.5s sleep powder x 4 1s each snow lantern 1s hatchet tin ql 95.08 2s green drake cap ql 81.28 10s rare small shield cedarwood ql 27.71 3s rare studded leather jacket ql 54.30 3s rare studded leather cap ql 69.69 2s rare horseshoe ql 47.54 3s rare cloth glove ql 32.30 2s rare rake woa 84 ql 83.86 6s rare small pinewood barrel ql 25.89 2s rare cedarwood mallet ql 69.82 2s white dragon blood 1s black dragon blood 1s kyklops blood 1s garlic 10k ql 90+ 10s onions 12k ql 90+ 12s corn 9k ql 90+ 9s Buyer pays cod or pickup from deliverance. Veggies only picked up from Port Sopor x24 y49.
  21. Have some tools that on my merchant u either visit my merchant at deli T 19 or i send u the stuff needed, it dont do me good in a LMC laying there More cheap tools and stuff is there, u better have a look for ur self. have a nice day.
  22. 217 ql of gems an assortment some are below 10... half and half i believe ... and ill let them go for whatever you will pay.. Shovel, Iron 49.77ql 25woa41coc.. 40c's shovel,iron 28.42ql 58coc 40c;s shovel,iron 49.92ql 15c's pickaxe,iron 58.35 ql 69woa 40c's pickaxe,iron 19.95 ql 79coc 50c's pickaxe,iron 68.12ql 54coc 45c's pickaxe,steel 49.91ql 54woa 40c's bow,iron 60ql no dmg 100c's trowl,steel 30ql no dmg 50c's sold rake,iron 71.04ql 76 woa 60c's grindstone 9.95ql 69coc 50c's 2 79 ql aosp chain coifs offer,, 1 60 ql aosp chan jacket offer.. thanks for looking.. let me know if something isnt there as i have more stock put away..
  23. Offer of the day/week: 10x mallet - 60+ ql - 1 c/each Merchant Stock: 01: rare lamp, iron - 50 ql - 1 s sold 02: rare longsword, iron - 40 ql - 4 s sold 03: rare large barrel, pinewood - 51 ql - 1 s sold 04: opal staff, cedarwood - 2 ql - 40 dmg - 1 s sold 05: mallet, pinewood - 60 ql - 6 c 06: mask of the returner, leather - 91 ql - 3 s sold 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 2 s 08: unfinished guard tower (hots) - 1 ql - 25 c sold 09: soft cap, cotton - 89 ql - 1 s 10: snow lantern - 99 ql - 1 s 11: rare knapsack, lindenwood - 45 ql - 1 s sold 12: rare champagne - 45 ql - 1 s 13: fantastic champagne - 90 ql - 1 s sold 14: 2x rare rock shards - 50+ ql - 5 c/each sold 15: 10x mallet - 60+ ql - 1 c/each 16: 10x rope tool - 50+ ql - 1 c/each 17: blood(goblin leader) - 100 ql - 50 c sold 18: supreme knapsack, iron - 90 ql - 2 s sold 19: 7x fishing rod - 50+ ql - 2 c/each 20: 10x longsword iron - 40+ ql - 2 c/each 21: Horde of the Summoned kingdom banner - 25 ql - 20 c sold 22: rare shield, iron - 30 ql - 1 s sold 23: longsword, iron - 74 ql - rt72 + botd43 - 1,5 s We are at Deli (Ingame-Map: U 12): You need Enchanted grass en costal-area Deli South-West? only 30 c per tile
  24. Hello, for anyone, who needs to make some mortar and wants to make it faster - WoA Clay: Pricing 50+ / 5 c 60+ / 15 c 70+ / 30 c 80+ / 60 c Clay is 80ql+, 2kg. You can combine it (just make sure you activate clay with WoA first) for infinite use. Keep it in inventory or it will decay fast. Dmg can be reduced by combining with other clay. Reply here, send me pm or contact me ingame (nickname: Losik). Stock is limited. First-come, first-served.
  25. Hi all, I am getting rid of my lower end pelt stocks and instead of just putting them in a trash heap I decided to 'sell' them to beginners that need them for a basic price. Conditions: one per person you will get a random pelt of 80-90ql cost is 9c per pelt (+1c for mailing, so 10c total) Only have a limited amount of pelts, so make sure you PM me in game (/tell Thorakkanath your_message_goes_here) or reply to this thread with your in-game name Be sure to tell your friends as well, I would like for this offer to reach as many beginners as possible PS. to receive the mail you need access to a mailbox (one of the four existing models: spirit house, spirit mansion, spirit cottage, spirit castle) that has a courier cast of any power (when examining it you see the message: Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [xx] ), that is empty and you need the 10c in your bank. It does not matter if the mailbox is on a deed or in the middle of nowhere.