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Found 61 results

  1. Why not allow hellhorses to stay hitched past aged but link the ability to drive the cart to the driver's skills? Same as captaining ships, you can't captain bigger ships without the required skills. The horses can be hitched but the cart can't be driven so will effectively be useless unless the driver has the skills, which will not only encourage people to get the required skills if they want to have a hellhorse cart, but also stop the worry about these valuable horses going missing via unhitching. Which means, one hellie has a certain skill, two (on a cart or wagon) has higher (say ten more on bc), three has higher, four has higher (so you can't just have four hellhorses on a wagon without the required skill). This can be adapted to the ql of the bridles and wagons and carts too, higher ql gear and vehicles mean slightly lower skill needed.
  2. Simple idea... If you are currently embarked on a vehicle, the context menu on that vehicle now includes an additional item, Change Position. The submenu would list all available vehicle positions. Clicking one would move you to that position. This would allow people to ride in whichever slot they prefer on a ship, instead of trying to get people to embark in the right order. I'm not seeing any downsides or unintended consequences... and it seems like it would be a frequently used option. JS
  3. I am not real sure what is going on but mortar is not fitting into things. I can only fit 1 into a barrel and you use to be able to fit 45 you can only fit 18 in a small cart and before i think it was 100... not 100% on that one. It makes building out of a small cart difficult now for sure.
  4. Currently, the stamina drain while casually piloting a large cart, or riding a horse is way too much. Why does it tire me out so much to sit on a bench and hang onto horse reigns? We domesticated horses to make travel easier, and increase the time between rests, and yet in Wurm, I have to rest every 100 yards or so to get my stamina back. This has been going on since the inclusion of horses and needs to be addressed.
  5. Hi, Not for the first time, I have just embarked as commander on my cart, and frozen - can't move or do anything at all - have to relog to clear. Does not happen every time, seems to be when running towards cart and embarking - sometimes. Hope this can be fixed. Thanx
  6. So with the fix in for boat crossing lock ups today I noticed the freeze embark bug is back. It happened many times today on wagons/carts/horses where I would embark from any range other than standing on top of the vehicle and ending up having to relog due to freeze up. It happened about 5x hopping onto a cart and once each hopping onto a wagon and horse.
  7. got a large cart here for 11s pick up in haven heights at J11 in xanadu Contact Lunadew for pickup details.
  8. So while opening a Cart in Wurm Unlimited I noticed instead of seeing the inventory of the cart with 2 large crates all I saw was the name of the cart and nothing else, logged out multiple times with no fix was wondering if anyone knows about this, haven't had any issues since I started playing unlimited.
  9. Hi Everyone, I was to auction off a rare large cart. Pinewood. [16:47:54] A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 43.070744, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Andranis, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 13s Also I am near Summerholt, so bidders near there preferred. However for the right price I will deliver to any major town in Xan.
  10. Today i have tons of items for auction: #1 - Supreme wagon cedarwood Starting bid: 20s Min increase: 2s No reserve Buyout : pm me #2 Supreme forge Starting bid: 20s Min increase: 2s No reserve Buyout : pm me #3 Rare forge Starting bid: 5s Min increase: 1s No reserve Buyout: 10s #4 Rare loom Starting bid: 5s Min Increase: 1s No reserve Buyout: 10s #5 Rare Large Cart Starting bid: 10s Min Increase: 1s No Reserve Buyout 15s Please state which item you are bidding for. I am accepting 1€ to 1S. For all items - Pickup from Exo. Leading bids #1 Macadelic- 29s/€ #2 Jackobp- 20s/€ #3 Vortexxx- 6s/€ #4 yetian BUYOUT #5
  11. I know there are heaps of threads about this already but would like to bring it to dev attention again: 1. Please fix the glow on rare and supreme carts. They glow when you are heaps of tiles away yet when you get close the glow disappear. Is this just a matter of fixing how far away glow is visible? The glow disappeared some time this year, so it was in the coding then got changed somehow. 2. The most annoying bug in Wurm now is that carts and wagons don't follow terrain any more. This came into game when sitting was introduced. Seriously, I would prefer to stand and still see behind me when I go up a slope, or be able to use my wagon properly when digging on slopes. Sitting is purely cosmetic, it serves no purpose other than making the game look more realistic. However, not being able to see behind your cart when you go up mountains, or using a wagon on slopes, is very irritating. 3. The camera freeze bug when embarking carts are back, it happens randomly and you have to relog to change the frozen screen (yet you can still chat and get events). Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
  12. This has been mentioned before, but again... Large carts lost their rare glow...I miss it! Please bring it back as soon as possible. Don't you miss this? Look at the pretty rare small cart all pretty and glowing...and the supreme large one looking so dull. For the record, the bell towers, small braziers, supreme braziers and small chests also don't glow.
  13. I am not sure if anyone would be interested in this but i have a rare small cart that i am looking to sell. (it does glow) 31ql - rare small cart, pinewood - 4s (pickup only from north independence) edit: Well i guess they do load into a rowboat so i might be wiling to deliver it if you are on Independence or Deliverance. (pm me and we will see) SOLD
  14. Nvm
  15. Please let me know if you have one you can part with. Delivery can be organized depending on the price. Ta, Elf
  16. Has something changed with carts and the slope they can get up? I thought it use to be 40 slope but today i could not get up a 40 slope it had to be lowered to 39. I am asking because i am not 100% sure that it use to be an even 40 but i could have sworn it was. I thought it was 40 even because if you had a corner that was both 20 up each the cart would not get hung up during the turn. Edit: Well the wiki says horses can do 40 but carts are 39 i guess. What is the logic in that why not make them both 40?
  17. Problem: Fall from bridge how to reproduce: drive cart to bridge, cart faced downwards(wooden in this case), disembark, add new segment to bridge, turn to cart direction, so you faced opposite where cart is going and embark =you fall below bridge and cart still in bridge and you can drive those. Edit, i fall also when bridge is finished, i drove it through, and drive back to it plant 1 lamp and embark to cart and me and cart was below bridge
  18. I was riding on my lg cart just now and i was wondering if us losing stamina was a bug or if it is intended. We are not doing anything the horses or whatever you are using is doing all the work...idk Just seems odd and to me it seems like more of a bug. I had always wondered if there was some reason for it or if it was just an easy way out of separating walking vs riding. What do you think?
  19. Please update Rope So that it explains rope can be used to haul large carts up, or down multi-story buildings Limitations are: The cart cannot have animals hitched The cart must be 1 floor below your current position to haul up The cart must be on your current floor in order to haul down This must happen directly at an house opening Notes can be found here: Under the February event (Toward the very bottom of the page linked here)
  20. WTS Rare Large Cart Ql 15 OakenWood 12s im on deli S-11 leave message or contact me in game ty
  21. been posted before, im sure. my idea would be a raft basically with iron wheel. to make this one must attach iron ribbons to a regular wheel. and attach to a cart/raft. the tracks could be placed anywhere and made by 2 iron tracks and 3-4 logs, for mines it would be slower than outdoors unless floor is reinforced. the cart would would work like a upgraded sail boat, 3 large crates or 5 small crates. being able to push 1 tile and a heave to push so many tiles based on body strength. with someone who delivers could have multi carts lined up ready to be heaved into the warehouse. while your mining, loading ur cart and heaving it to the forge to get smelted to then be carried out and sorted. ideas? thought? would it fit in wurm today?
  22. Bug Disconnect on a cart. Log back in. One of two things will happen. 1. Everything will be seemingly fine but if you embark something you will get stuck and unable to move or look around. 2. Everything will be fine, you can embark the cart again but if you try it ten minutes later you will be stuck and unable to move or look around. Workaround If you for whatever reason disconnect on a cart, log back in and then log back out while you are standing disembarked on the ground. Do not bother playing until you have relogged a second time because you will get stuck on a cart and hate life.
  23. Now that we sit on carts when driving, I get attacked by my hell horses. Not all the time, but I can no longer drive my cart with a weapon equipped. I've been driving a hell cart for many months prior to the update and never had an issue for driver or passengers until now.
  24. picture is worth 1000 words? When sitting and riding, I can't see a thing behind me, riding up a hill now. This also puts me right on top of my horses. I think this is part of the reason Hells are attacking drivers now
  25. So, most of us are familiar with a sight like this: Mounted on a cart, that is. For some of us, that's a pretty large portion of our playtime depending on what we are doing and whether or not it involves travel. For people who don't have use of both hands, that can be a bit trying at times. What I'd like to suggest is a 'snap-to' camera option where the camera would automatically follow the direction the cart is facing. It can't possibly be that hard to do, as a 'follow camera' option is pretty standard in most games. For myself personally, I have nerve damage in one hand that makes it trying on the best of days to travel by cart for any extended period. And even the days when my hand isn't acting up, I usually have an infant in the other hand, which makes my play time increasingly 'deed-bound' and unable to leave for other than very short periods of time. Which, being the explorer and adventurer type, makes it not so fun at times. So... that's it. Please consider helping people who don't have full use of both of their hands the ability to enjoy the game better by programming simple (and what should be standard) camera options. Even folks with arthritis would GREATLY appreciate something like this, I'm sure. Many thanks for your time and consideration.