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Found 133 results

  1. WELCOME TO NEVILLE'S SMITHING SHOP! PLATE ARMOUR SMITHING (***** 90.00 *****) Buyer pays CoD. Armour sets will be mailed in a backpack. IMPING SERVICE INDIVIDUAL PIECES ARMOUR SETS PLATE DR MODIFIERS BLACKSMITHING (***** 84.10 *****) Buyer pays CoD. Horse shoe sets will be mailed in a backpack. Items that cannot be mailed must be picked up. IMPING SERVICE INDIVIDUAL PIECES HORSE SHOE SETS LANTERNS
  2. OPEN for business! Carpentry: Why didnt evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? - K. Pilkington Contact: Nordlys Fine carpentry: Where you find quality you'll find a craftsman, not a quality-expert! - R. Brault Contact: Nordlys Blacksmithing: I would love to come up with a quote, but i got too many irons in the fire as it is. - Nordlys Contact: Willslaphansien Leatherworking: You didnt say anything about my armor. Is it not shiny enough? - Sir Lancelot the great Contact: Rgr Cooking: I cook with wine. Sometimes i even add it to the food! - W. C. Fields Contact: Nordlys Package deals: Packages made for your convenience, and you save some coins aswell! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, ingredients: More variety, better food! Contact: Nordlys Bulk: Note: We're only taking bulk orders up to 5s worth at the time, to avoid taking offers we cant deliver in a respective time frame! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Special oddities: Rares, rift items, enchants, deals and such! Contact and complaints: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien All items will be sent by COD (cash on delivery), the cost is normally 1c per item sent (insert fluid price here), paid by the buyer. All prices are listed without postal fee. Our mailbox got 99 courier cast, and 5% size rune attached (logs, halberds, spears and even some furniture can be mailed). Please write what item, ql of the item, and add recipients ingame name. Legend: Delivery and pickup: Buyers that for some reason wants to be anonymous can send a pm on the forums or ingame, but we appreciate if you write it in this topic. If anything is unclear or some information is missing, please tell us. Note: If we by strange reasons would add an obvious wrong price to an item, or list wrong enchant for example, we may not accept the offer. If you want to pm someone reasonable on the forum about this topic, try Nordlys Happy wurming! - Nordlys
  3. Tired of chopping down a forest on your own? Tired of filling up your 200 planter racks? Tired of spamming wine barrels for your beloved alcohol? You have come to the right place! Erevorn's bulky work emporium now accepts orders for: WOODCUTTING: - bulk logs at 1s/900 - 50ql logs at 1s/600 - 60ql logs at 1s/300 - oakenwood logs (bulk/50ql/60ql) at the above-mentioned price +50c FINE CARPENTRY: Above 50ql - individual pricing depending on the size of an order - bee hives 50ql - 50c each - available on order POTTERY: Above 40ql - individual pricing depending on the size of an order GARDENING: Above 40ql - individual pricing depending on the size of an order FLETCHING: Going price for bulk arrow shafts - 1s/1k Going price for hunting arrows - 4,5s/1k Going price for war arrows - 5,5s/1k Quiverful (41 arrows) of 40+ql hunting arrows - 1s Quiverful (41 arrows) of 40+ql war arrows - 1,5s Crates not provided unless agreed otherwise - additional payment of 10c per large crate and 5c per small crate. Delivery coastal free over 4k items ordered; otherwise - 1s. Delivery in-land possible ONLY on Xan - 1,5-2,5s depending on the difficulty of the road.
  4. Read The Following Notices: Steel tools coming soon! Contact: Yiraia Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
  5. Welcome to Greenwood Market All items listed below are in stock and ready to ship out Getting your items Mail cost to be paid by buyer (1c) and is not included in the price. We have a lovely fast 2 min mailbox. For non-mailable items pickup can be discussed - please send me a PM Alternative payment options Please note that all alternative payments must be discussed first so please send me a PM to let me know which items you are interested in and what you wish to trade for it - thank you! Currently I will also accept the following as payment : Referrals : 7s Rare items / Yule goats / reindeer / gnomes If you don't like my prices make me an offer! Stock updated : 8 March Enchantments Wind of ages 80ql Iron Pickaxe WoA70 - 50c 80ql Iron Shovel WoA76 - 50c 80ql Iron Shovel WoA71 - 50c 80ql Iron Hatchet WoA75 - 50c 80ql Iron Hatchet WoA73 - 50c 70ql Iron Hatchet WoA73 - 50c 80ql Oak Spindle WoA80 - 80c 80ql Oak Spindle WoA80 - 80c 72ql Oak Spindle WoA79 - 50c 71ql Oak Spindle WoA71 - 50c 95ql Rat Pelt WoA74 - 50c 96ql Rat Pelt WoA81 - 80c Circle of Cunning 14ql Iron Needle CoC75 - 50c 58ql Iron Awl CoC71 - 50c 60ql Iron File CoC75 - 50c 63ql Iron Leather Knife CoC70 - 50c Blessings of the Dark (Blessings of the Dark is a combined Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning) 80ql Small Anvil BotD70 - 50c Leatherworks 72ql leather barding - 50c 50ql Black wolf rugs - 5c each (2 in stock) 80ql Brown Bear Helm - 20c Smithy 5x Washing bowl (20ql, 20ql, 33ql, 33ql, 45ql) - 10c each Carpentry 6x Tripod tables - 2c each (mailable) 5x Paupers high chairs - 2c each (mailable) Potions 66ql Oil of the blacksmith - 1s 81ql Oil of the blacksmith - 2s 51ql Potion of Mining - 1s 50c 38ql Fletching Potion - 1s 85ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 89ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 91ql Oil of the Armour Smith - 2s 31ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 45ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 54ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 60ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1s 67ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1.5s 68ql Oil of the weapon smith - 1.5s 77ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s 82ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s 82ql Oil of the weapon smith - 2s OR only 10s for all 9 potions (oil of the weapon smith) Cooking/Crops recipe "unfermented rum" - 1c each (6 in stock) recipe "fishyfingers" - 5c (2 in stock) rare recipe "goblin liver and onion" - 10c 70ql Active bee hives - 1s each (3 in stock) Can cross servers! 500 frying pans - random ql - 1s for all Note : Sealed barrels can CURRENTLY be mailed at 2c mail cost BUT they will soon patch it to go back to the way it was prior update - 1c per 1kg of liquid Buyer will be paying the mail cost - buyer can also come pick up Sealed Brown Cow Milk small barrel (45kg of milk) - 20c each (4 in stock) Sealed Sheep Milk small barrel (45kg of milk) - 20c each (2 in stock) Sealed Strawberry juice small barrel (45kg of juice) 19ql - 30c 6400 94ql wemp fibre - 5s Misc & Rares 3x Snow Lantern - 1s each 3x rare rock shards - 10c each 1x supreme rock shard - 20c 2x 70ql rare ropetool, pinewood - 3s each Bulk Marble Slabs - 1s per 100 (900 available)
  6. Hey There! I am looking to buy a crafting account with 85+ blacksmithing and at least one more high skill in any of these skills : Plate, Shield, Jewelery, WS, Leatherworking Please contact me via PM's with skilldumps
  7. Fort Huntsman is located at X15 : Y14. See the map here: Contact In-Game: Jakeii / Trentasaurus / Eviscera / Casimiro Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [05:55:48] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Fast 3 Minute Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] Sleep Powders accepted as payment at a value of 1s. Referrals accepted as payment at a value of 6s. Current Skills: Gardening Supplies Bulk Goods: Black-Smithing: Black-Smithing Level Currently: Armour Smithing: Carpentry: Carpentry Level Currently: Fine Carpentry Level Currently: Cloth Tailoring: Ship Building: Ship Building Level Currently: Mining: Mining Level Currently: Prospecting Level Currently: Woodcutting: Woodcutting Level Currently: Masonry: Masonry Level currently: Misc Items: Shield Smithing: Shield-Smithing Level Currently:
  8. All items including lamps can be mailed from runed box!! Blacksmithing imping 90ql 50c / 91ql 1s / 92ql 2s / 93ql 3s / 94ql 4s / 95ql 5s / 96ql 8s / 97ql 10s / 98ql 15s Laterns 70ql 25c / 80ql 50c / 90ql 1s Lamps Iron lamps 50ql 20c / 70ql 35c / 80ql 50c / 90ql 1s or 10@50ql 1.5s / 10@ 70ql 3s / 10@80ql 4.5s / 10@90ql 9s Copper or Silver lamps 50ql 25c / 70ql 40c / 80ql 55c / 90ql 1s5c or 10@50ql 2s / 10@70ql 3.5s / 10@80ql 5s / 10@90ql 10s Brass or Bronze 50ql 35c / 70ql 50c / 80ql 65c / 90ql 1s15c or 10@50ql 3s / 10@70ql4.5s / 10@80ql 6s / 10@90ql 11s BRASS AND BRONZE ARE DEPENDENT ON AVAILABLE MATS Cloth Tailoring Imping 90ql 50c per piece or item Chainsmithing prices to come, can do imps to 80ql will be posting the vyn enchants pricing and currently made items soon PM SMOKES FOR INGAME QUESTIONS Feel free to join us on ts @ Port: 9987
  9. We offer blacksmithing, carpentry, fine carpentry and chainsmithing items Buyer pays C.O.D fees Pickup at H23 exodus Stock items will be sent as soon as im online and orders will be sent as soon as they are made Now also with a merchant on deed with lots of cheap tools and enchanted tools. Blacksmithing orders Taking orders on new tools or imping one of your tools. Prices 70ql 20c 75ql 25c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Full chain sets ql70 2s ql80 2,5s Carp/Fine carp: Prices 40ql 10c 50ql 15c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 75ql 35c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Enchants: coc/woa cast to 70+ 1c/power Merchant: Hatchet (c95) sold Wagon 1 wagon ql55 1s Rares and other goodies: Supreme Long Sword ql89 Nimb 86, LT 81, coc 90 33s Rare Long Sword ql90 Nimb 86, LT 85, coc 78 12s Rare Ropetool, oakwood ql79 2,5s Rare Ropetool, willow ql74 2,5s Oil of the weapon smith ql76 2s Fletching potion ql86 1,5s Supreme File ql88 23s Bulk Dirt 1s/1k (4 in stock) concrete 1s/100 (0 in stock) mortar 3s/1k (0 in stock) Bricks 2s/1k (0 in stock) If its not in stock contact me for details on when its ready. Sleep powder 1s each (10 in stock) (pickup only) Any questions or orders can be mailed to me here on forum or ingame (same name as here) No price is set in stone, if you like something contact me and we can talk about the price.
  10. Want to sell the following supreme tools all 92+ quality W = Wind of Age C = Circle of Cunning LW = Leatherworking imbue BD = Blessing of the Dark AR = Armor Smithing Imbue BS = Blacksmithing imbue WS = Weapon Smithing imbue Send offer in pms, willing to discount on buying bulk.
  11. Hello i am Raycg the Master Mason and i have been gone for a few months. it seems my old thread is done for and dosent look like i can get it back so i'll make a new one! So i imped lots of forges for people for a very long time and i would love to bring it back! i will be useing the same prices and adding new things and will make this post look better again eventualy i will allso do mail box enchanting too.Would be nice if i could have my big thread back but this will do for now. thanks for your support! Masonry - imping up to 90ql in some masonry items! Forge - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c and if you want a nice big shiny forge! 95ql = 5s Oven - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Guard tower - can make for you fo a charge of 5s. 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Pillars - 1s building 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Well - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (No bulding charge, 50ql free) Spirit cottage/Castle - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Casting Courier (Mailbox). (cant say i will get 80 or 90 easy but can give it a try) 30+ power: 1s 50+ power: 2s 75+ power: 3s 90+ power: 5s Stone Cutting - imping up to 90ql! Mine door - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c whetstones 90ql = 10c 80ql = 5c 70ql = 2c Grindstones - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Fountains - 90ql = 2s 70ql = 1s 70ql = 50c 1k bricks = 1s pickup only at reborn docks (reborn) Blacksmithing - imping up to 90ql! Tools - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (Stone chisel, small and large anvils, Pickaxe, File, Scissors, Leather knife, Hammer, Horse shoes, Shovel, Awl, Hatchet, Needle, pots and pans, Trowel, saw, and Lantern.) Lamps will be an extra 20c You can send me your allredy made tools with or with out chants and i can imp them too, depening on what ql it is the price will be lowerd. Weaponsmithing - Imping up to 40ql Any weapon - 30ql = 20c 40ql = 30c "note only get the 50ql for free if buying something"
  12. Selling off my smithing/building alt. Will come with armour, sword and shield only. Account will be on NE celebration. Starting bid of 200 euro. Private bids are okay, and no sniper protection. Auction will run for 5 days. Edit: Forgot... [18:55:06] You have premium time until 20 Dec 2016 18:28:01 GMT Path of knowledge (forget which level, has get info 1 though). Account is a male character
  13. remove
  14. Skills dumped at 18.09.2016. ----- Skills: 0.0 0.0 0 Religion: 15.520506 15.520506 0 Prayer: 30.700298 30.700298 0 Channeling: 1.0 1.0 0 Preaching: 5.3564167 5.3564167 0 Exorcism: 2.0 2.0 0 Artifacts: 1.0 1.0 0 Hammers: 1.0 1.0 0 Warhammer: 1.099 1.0 0 Healing: 17.763096 17.763096 0 First aid: 33.447426 33.447426 0 Clubs: 4.089973 4.089973 0 Huge club: 5.9777303 6.1135235 0 Archery: 30.229792 30.229792 0 Short bow: 3.4380484 3.4380484 0 Medium bow: 1.0 1.0 0 Long bow: 23.683098 23.683098 0 Thievery: 1.0 1.0 0 Stealing: 1.0 1.0 0 Lock picking: 1.099 1.0 0 Traps: 1.0 1.0 0 War machines: 6.8861628 7.1361628 0 Catapults: 10.865202 10.865202 0 Trebuchets: 7.6588626 7.6588626 0 Turrets: 1.0 1.0 0 Ballistae: 1.0 1.0 0 Polearms: 10.951966 10.951966 0 Staff: 1.1369671 1.1369671 0 Long spear: 25.523233 25.523233 0 Halberd: 1.0 1.0 0 Prospecting: 46.09528 46.09528 0 Coal-making: 30.127562 30.127562 0 Milling: 14.739825 14.989825 0 Tracking: 32.207493 32.207493 1 Paving: 52.47172 52.47172 0 Climbing: 22.873032 22.873032 0 Thatching: 1.197901 1.0 0 Firemaking: 38.071705 38.071705 0 Pottery: 54.766296 54.766296 0 Mining: 94.902054 94.902054 0 Digging: 99.131905 99.31966 0 Ropemaking: 72.1672 72.1672 0 Smithing: 76.246346 76.246346 0 Blacksmithing: 96.36263 96.36263 0 Locksmithing: 23.305563 23.517555 0 Jewelry smithing: 92.6241 92.6241 0 Metallurgy: 16.010841 16.010841 0 Weapon smithing: 32.752113 32.752113 0 Blades smithing: 33.721195 33.721195 0 Weapon heads smithing: 27.25673 27.50673 0 Armour smithing: 10.979209 10.979209 0 Shield smithing: 16.471682 16.471682 0 Chain armour smithing: 15.698708 16.198708 0 Plate armour smithing: 39.610138 39.860138 0 Tailoring: 32.156067 32.156067 0 Cloth tailoring: 56.107204 56.107204 0 Leatherworking: 57.941086 57.941086 0 Masonry: 82.915695 82.915695 0 Stone cutting: 61.276134 61.276134 0 Cooking: 32.56362 32.56362 0 Hot food cooking: 59.05715 59.05715 0 Baking: 11.603796 11.603796 0 Dairy food making: 1.1773913 1.1773913 0 Butchering: 37.04596 37.29596 0 Beverages: 24.855362 24.855362 0 Nature: 73.42206 73.42206 0 Fishing: 91.33759 91.33759 0 Gardening: 57.556732 57.556732 0 Foraging: 23.456003 23.456003 0 Botanizing: 24.35211 24.35211 0 Animal taming: 48.866096 48.866096 0 Forestry: 65.9963 65.9963 0 Farming: 86.02298 86.02298 0 Milking: 1.9133246 1.9133246 0 Meditating: 46.002674 46.002674 0 Animal husbandry: 70.772125 70.772125 0 Papyrusmaking: 12.99832 12.824055 0 Toys: 1.0751104 1.0751104 0 Yoyo: 1.6827563 1.6827563 0 Puppeteering: 1.0 1.0 0 Fighting: 76.2723 14.8424015 0 Defensive fighting: 31.804127 31.804127 0 Normal fighting: 52.09584 52.09584 0 Weaponless fighting: 8.365084 8.365084 0 Aggressive fighting: 39.355923 39.355923 0 Shield bashing: 15.391238 15.391238 0 Taunting: 1.517625 1.517625 0 Miscellaneous items: 86.067406 86.067406 0 Shovel: 93.70927 93.70927 0 Rake: 73.23667 73.23667 0 Saw: 29.38194 29.38194 0 Pickaxe: 96.26821 96.26821 0 Repairing: 63.90931 63.90931 0 Sickle: 60.810143 60.810143 0 Scythe: 21.48667 21.561617 0 Hammer: 84.51455 84.51455 0 Stone chisel: 61.185818 61.185818 0 Alchemy: 15.450328 15.450328 0 Natural substances: 33.923546 33.923546 0 Shields: 22.49598 22.74598 0 Medium metal shield: 1.099 1.0 0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Small metal shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Large metal shield: 38.963337 38.963337 0 Medium wooden shield: 2.146881 2.146881 0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Axes: 60.198727 60.198727 0 Hatchet: 75.20281 75.20281 0 Small Axe: 19.992628 20.017628 0 Large axe: 30.784718 30.784718 0 Huge axe: 32.744865 32.744865 0 Swords: 32.35855 32.35855 0 Longsword: 62.30781 62.30781 0 Shortsword: 2.291408 2.291408 0 Two handed sword: 48.10233 48.10233 0 Knives: 36.683098 36.683098 0 Carving knife: 46.155453 46.155453 0 Butchering knife: 41.31248 41.56248 0 Woodcutting: 90.61067 90.61067 0 Mauls: 4.3395505 4.5790086 0 Medium maul: 1.0 1.0 0 Small maul: 1.0 1.0 0 Large maul: 8.481388 8.731388 0 Carpentry: 85.082504 85.082504 0 Bowyery: 9.225915 9.225915 0 Fletching: 18.9807 19.2307 0 Fine carpentry: 57.443565 57.443565 0 Toy making: 1.0 1.0 0 Ship building: 55.91712 55.91712 0 Characteristics: 0.0 0.0 0 Mind: 52.156883 52.156883 0 Mind logic: 59.974712 59.974712 0 Mind speed: 23.755924 23.755924 0 Soul: 42.77266 42.77266 0 Soul depth: 37.065147 37.065147 0 Soul strength: 43.91794 43.91794 0 Body: 64.41338 64.41338 0 Body strength: 60.383194 60.383194 0 Body stamina: 52.42021 52.42021 0 Body control: 41.497795 41.497795 0 Religion: 0.0 0.0 0 Faith: 29.200012 29.200012 0 Favor: 29.200012 29.200012 0 Alignment: 93.16803 93.16803 0 body stats prospecting ,paving misc, fighting digging, mining, woodcutting Since Niarja failed me i had to post skill dump this way, Id like to get a decent PC of this account and im gona be posting an auction later tonight. PCing just the skills she isnt gona be coming with tools nor armour
  15. Orders can be placed by responding to this thread, or if you're lucky, you can catch me online as Wort or Ilromov. You can also check out my merchants at Amaranth (F10 on the map on Exodus). They contain everything listed in my inventory. Offering: Leatherworking Items up to 95ql Tailoring Items up to 90ql Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Items up to 85ql Blacksmithing Items up to 70ql 80+ or 70/70+ power Vynora enchants. Special order status: (Open - no current orders; Delayed - a few current orders; Closed - too many current orders) Blanks: Open Enchants: Closed Pricing structure: Armors, tools and cloth/animal rugs: 70ql – 7c 80ql – 10c 85ql – 15c 90ql – 60c 95ql – 150c Toolbelts: 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 1s Saddles: 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 85ql - 90c 90ql - 1.50s 95ql - 3.50s Barding: 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 80c 85ql - 1.30s 90ql - 2.30s 95ql - 6s Enchants – start at 32c for 70 power 2c for each power between 70-79 (32-50c) 4c for each power between 80-89 (54-90c) 6c for each power between 90-99 (96-150c) 80c for each power between 100-104 (2.3s-5.5s) I tend to imp 70-79 power casts to 70ql, 80-89 power casts to 80ql, 90-94 power casts to 90 power, and 95+ power casts to 95ql (skill permitting). If you want anything in stock imped higher, just let me know when you order it, and I'll add the difference to the price. If you order a complete suit of any armor, say 70ql/70aosp I charge you sort of a midrange price and give you the highest enchants I have in that range. Inventory: Cloth: Leather:
  16. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  17. * Post updated June 8, 2016 * Witchfold Croft Works Hello and thank you for visiting us today here at Witchfold Croft Works. We have all of your needs; from tools to armor of all kinds and even including some bulk material. What ever you need we can do for you! So please take a look around! Remember! We also have a merchant located at Glasshollow Market in the Harbor Market section called Narnclaedra. Merchant Listing Blacksmithing Carpentry Plate Smithing Cloth Tailoring Leather Working Thank you for looking through everything! We here at Narclaedra hope that you have a great day! Disclaimers: I have the right to refuse business to anyone; I have the right to refuse to CoD something for any reason; I will not do any bulk orders above 1k items unless there is a special circumstance. Black List
  18. I have a few Horses for sale. Pickup only at at G14 Scorpion Point Xanadu ( Also available : Blacksmithing Tools and Imp's up to QL 90. Out of stock at the moment so made to order. Prices negotiable depending on quantity & Quality required Genesis, Courier and Stonewall Casts on all servers excluding Chaos. If not at coast I will require transport from the nearest coast. Pricing depends on location and Nahjo altar availability. For any orders contact me here or in game on one of my toons : KillerSpike & SexyKiller & Gandalfthegreat
  19. Prices Depend on Quality Buyer Pays COD General Tools 1-45ql: 5c 45-55ql: 10c 55-65ql: 15c 65-75ql: 20c with discounted delivery on any order of 5 tools or more* Horse Shoes All shoes sold in sets unless specifically requested by customer I will do my best to improve shoes over the set quality so you have room to repair 50ql: 40c 60ql: 45c (no speed difference from 50ql) 75ql: 55c I will ALWAYS keep improving until either the quality has been reached and it needs lump, or my skill does not allow me to go any higher Delivery All delivery will be handled over mail unless the order is too massive, in which case i'll attempt to accommodate. If you're on the same server (Deliverance) you have the option to have me mail the tools or for me to ride them over to you. I am located on the northeast coast in Deliverance, in the deed Khazad-Dum. Same Server Horse Delivery: 5-15c (depending on range, negotiable *Discounted delivery on 5 tools or more 50% delivery charge) Mail: Standard wurm online mail fees Ship: currently do not own a ship, will update
  20. Please reply to this topic with the potion you want or send me a forum PM - I will send them out in the order of replies/PM's I received Bulk deals Buy 10s worth of potions - get 50c off Buy 20s worth of potions - get 1s off
  21. Arrr! Chain Smithing, Blacksmithing & Leatherworking STATUS: OPEN Hello there! I'm master chainsmith, renowed blacksmith and high tanner. It's two ways to buy my products: from my merchant (Xanadu) or buy from me (Deliverance), I can send orders too. I can improve your items, just pm me. FREE MAILING!!! Xanadu merchant: If you want buy some my stuff on Xanadu visit my merchant "Master Chainsmith" in Glasshollow. Merchant already have: Update: 05.05.2016 Deliverance: If you want order chain set or tools post here or PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation CHAIN SMITHING (50, 60, 70, 80 QL) You can order any parts of chain or I can imp yours! PM me. All price for set (9 parts) CHAIN SMITHING 51ql 61ql 71ql 81ql iron 1s 1.2s 1.5s 2.2s copper 1s 1.2s 1.5s 2.2s BLACKSMITHING (50, 60, 70, 75 QL) BLACKSMITHING 50ql 60ql 70ql 75ql iron tools 10c 15c 30c 40c horseshoes sets 50c 60c 1s 1.5s LEATHERWORKING (50, 60, 70, 75 QL) LEATHERWORKING 51ql 61ql 71ql 75ql studded leather sets 50c 70c 1s 1.2s toolbelts 15c 25c 35c - saddles 20c 30c 50c 60c leather bardings 50c 60c 70c 80c IN STOCK: 2x rare lamp, iron 53ql - 2s each 2x iron chain set 71ql - 1.5s 1x copper chain set 70ql - 1.5s
  22. For any of the goodies, PM Raldon, Protunia or Leonie. Gonna be updating the list weekly! Taking orders on bulk meat and veggies, hides, healing cover mats aka animal bits. Posibble imping of blacksmithy stuff up to 90+ ! Possible orders for marble bricks and slabs / marble brazier pillars/ bulk lumps and ore. PM for details and Place your orders now -Veggies- (now available) 4 k garlic 97,96QL 5,7k onion 97,68 QL 1,5k wheat 60,39 QL 3k rice 97,75 QL 5,1k cotton 97 QL 1,2k cotton 62, 68 QL -Cooked meat- 3,8k 49,27 QL -Sprouts- (now available) 500 oakenwood 70,29QL -2 silver per 100 sprouts 70 willow 58,64 QL- 1,4 silver 30 thorn 60,06 QL- 50 copper -1s per 100 sprouts- 200 rosewood 70,85 QL 900 birchwood 51,68QL 700 olivewood 63,81QL 900 lemonwood 58,29QL 100 lindenwood 56,61QL 300 maplewood 57,78QL 200 chestnut 57,20QL 400 walnut 69,78QL 700 pinewood 48,11QL 500 cameliawood 62,43QL 700 lavanderwood 60,67QL 900 grapewood 43,31QL 700 cherrywood 49,48QL 500 oleanderwood 59,79QL 300 cedarwood 54,72Q 100 firwood 68,24 QL -Flowers- (now available) -- 1s per 100-- 100 white flowers 200 yellow flowers 200 purple flowers 200 orange-red flowers -Hides- 700 hides 49,75 QL 300 hides 56,40 QL 300 hides 32,02 QL - offer -Enchanted stuff- Hammer ,iron 20,73QL (88coc)- 1 silver Pickaxe 80,10 QL (81woa) -1 silver Small anvil (89coc)- 1 silver Shield medium, oakenwood 54,21 QL (93coc)- 1,2 silver Huge axe,iron 61,27 QL ( 96coc 89Nimbl)- 4 silver Shovel.iron 22,63 QL (92coc)-1,5 silver Grooming brush oakenwood 20,12 QL (73coc)- 70 copper Butchering knife,iron 45,89 QL (72coc)-70 copper Hatchet ,iron 3,77 QL (82coc)-1 silver Saw,iron 10,13 QL (88coc)-1 silver Horseshoe sets 80QL with 70+ woa. PM for info and prices -Pelts with woa and/or coc- Blank pelts 90+ QL - 20 copper Wild cat pelt 92,57 QL (75coc-94woa)- 2 silver -Rares and supremes- -Often selling rare sprouts and cordage rope PM for info-
  23. Scorched Earth Stables Contact Us: Crawford Hel (Heliotrope) It should be noted that Hell Horses are an aggressive mob type with unpredictable attack patterns. Hell Horses not properly protected can potentially be killed by players without consequence. Any Hell Horses which are killed post-transaction will not be refunded, however contact us and we may be able to work something out. It is also worth noting that Hell Horses, like bears, can only be hitched to a wagon or cart in their Young and Adolescent stages of life. Contact us if you have any questions on living with and protecting your Hell Horses. Hell Horses All listed Hell Horses are 5 speeds: Horses are listed by age and are followed by the amount in stock. Females *PM for Inquiries Males *PM for inquiries Hell Carts *Shoes are currently unavailable We are selling Carts equipped with two Hell Horses for 2.5s, with the option to add two sets of horse shoes for 1.5s. The Carts are 50QL, and the shoes are 80QL. (Saddles to come) Hell Wagons Our Hell wagons are double the price of our Hell Carts at 5s. Pricing on the shoes will also be linear at 16 shoes for 3s. The Wagons are 50QL, and the shoes are 80QL. (Saddles to come) Also available: Standard 5 speed Horses (30c each) and 5 speed bison (75c each). Please inquire for current colors/ stock availability Additional Services Blacksmithing Crawford is offering his services as a blacksmith up to 85ql in any blacksmithing tool. Contact him if interested. Pick up Location will be near Rome at L,17 on the map. Deliveries may be available for your area! Contact to negotiate deliveries.