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Found 144 results

  1. Tools Leatherwork Misc "Offer" you say? Yeah, I say offer, not lowballing. If you try to lowball me with a redicilous price you just made a space for you in the "I'm a fool and will not even be served last"-line. "You lowball because you dont know the price?" Do some research, use PC in HELP-chat, search on this forum. (PLEASE! I get so many offers thats so way off price, if you wanna buy something, make a reasonable offer, or waste someone elses time! I will start quoting every sick lowball-offer I got in this post, so im not the only one that can enjoy the laughs.) Have some tools/horsegear with enchants, just send me a message... Make loot of blacksmithing and leatherwork with discounted prices, or single pieces on demand. Feel free to ask, maks QL ~70. PM in-game: "Willslaphanisen" and "Rgr" Remember to add the 1c fee if mailed. Will update with more stuff. -Will-
  2. Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS MATERIALS If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris HERE coordinates
  3. BOWS : short : 73ql nim54 coc63 -1s 85ql -70c 87ql -70c medium: 5x 85ql average -70c long : 64ql 35nim 81coc -70c 58ql 70coc -50c 56ql c62 -50c Large metal shields : 1.57ql 50coc 2.78ql 58coc 3.49ql 81coc 4.14ql 62coc Medium maul 80ql HD 33nim 69F 56coc 48ql pendulum 92 lurker in the deep 82ql longsword acid damage + 82 frost 74ql rare fishing rod 72coc 78ql rake 77woa 26coc 5x Black legion kingdom banner 1x Black legion kingdom flag 58ql shovel 52woa 43coc 68ql shovel 59woa 52coc 80ql rare small metal shield PLATESETS : More armour sets : More items: A whole lot of weapons: I have way more armour random armour sets (chain, plate and leather) and a hell of a lot of tools, literally tell me what you need i'll get it for you. PM with what you need, i'll keep on adding things as time goes on.
  4. Starting bid 2s increment 0,25c sniper protection:1h
  5. Basic Shoulder Pad, Iron 75QL, 0DMG Starting bid: 1s Minimum increase: 5c Buyout price: 1,3 s
  6. Complete set. 2.5s
  7. Does this mean than chain now has a base damage reduction of 55 and the studded of 60 ? does this also mean that chain damage reduction was reverted to the old version before the last armour update ?
  8. No enchants, and no sig so you can add your own when you examine it All pieces 90+ql Note: One boot missing. I got hungry. Euros only please! Starting bid: 75e Buyout: Open to offers 1hr sniper protection Happy bidding!
  9. Seryll chain armour has the same base damage reduction as Plate and Drake. Start: 30s Increments: 1s Snipe: 1 hour Buyout: offer Reserve: 40s
  10. Looking to sell a full red scale set, ~90ql, no enchants. The chest has my sig but the other pieces have no sig so you can add your own if you like Starting bid: 280 euros Bid increments: 5 euros Buyout: Open to offers Sniper protection: 2 hours Can either mail or pickup from Celebration Happy bidding
  11. Welcome to Neville's Metalworking Shop! BLACKSMITHING Any item that can be mailed. Buyer pays CoD. Items that cannot be mailed must be picked up. Individual Pieces 51QL - 5c 61QL - 10c 71QL - 15c 75QL - 20c (available soon) Imping Service Any item can be imped up to 71QL. For example, a 30QL piece imped up to 71QL would cost 9 copper (rounded to 0 digits). (TargetQL - ExistingQL) * 0.222 = Price 72QL Horse Shoe Sets Pricing is ***40 copper per set*** of four horse shoes. Place your order today! MADE TO ORDER: SOLD OUT UNTIL I CREATE/IMPROVE MORE SETS. SEPTEMBER 2016 PATCH UPDATE Rebalanced DR values of armour types. Armours now have different DR modifiers against certain attack types. PLATE ARMOUR SMITHING All steel plate armour pieces can be mailed. Buyer pays CoD. A full set will be mailed inside a backpack. Individual Pieces 51QL - 10c 61QL - 15c 71QL - 20c 81QL - 30c Imping Service Any piece can be imped up to 81QL. For example, a 30QL piece imped up to 81QL would cost 14 copper (rounded to 0 digits). (TargetQL - ExistingQL) * 0.278 = Price 81QL Steel Plate Armour Sets (FREE shield included while supplies last) Pricing is ***2.5 silver per set*** of steel plate armour. Place your order today! MADE TO ORDER: SOLD OUT UNTIL I CREATE/IMPROVE MORE SETS. Please stay tuned as products will be updated based on availability...
  12. Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.5s 81ql - 2.5s 85ql - 3.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 3.0s 85ql - 4.0s 91ql - 5.0s 95ql - 10.0s -----Barding(iron, copper)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 1.5s 91ql - 2.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s -----Improvements----- -can be discussed- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gold and silver chain require more materials/mining and may take a bit longer. Bronze and Steel are special order and are only available if materials are provided and will have the same pricing as gold/silver. EXTRA PARTS!!!! <70 AoSP - 90c 70+ AoSP - 1.15s 90+ AoSP - 1.4s
  13. I need to make some space! Individual prices listed below I have one set of 91+QL steel plate left Set includes: 2 vambraces, 2 sabatons, 2 gauntlets, Great helm, breast plate, and leggings 9 Silver for the set (not listed below!) Steel Great Helms with Aura of Shared Pain 91.05 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.05 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.16 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.19 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 75 1.50 Silver 91.41 QL AosP 76 1.40 Silver 91.14 QL AosP 77 1.40 Silver 91.03 QL AosP 78 1.40 Silver 91.18 QL AosP 79 1.40 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 81 1.60 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.22 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.29 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.15 QL AosP 93 1.90 Silver Steel Plate Gauntlet 1 Silver Each Quality: 90.83 90.90 90.93 91.00 91.06 91.10 91.10 91.15 91.22 91.40 Steel Plate Vambrace 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.02 91.04 91.09 91.12 91.15 91.19 91.19 91.28 91.31 91.56 Steel Plate Sabaton 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.01 91.05 91.07 91.13 91.30 91.36 91.39 91.43 91.56 91.99 Steel Plate Leggings 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.05 91.10 91.10 91.24 91.81 Steel Plate Breast Plates 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.03 91.10 91.10 91.12 91.24 Steel Great Helms 1 Silver each without Enchants Quality: 91.03 91.09 91.11 91.17 91.19
  14. Medieval Weapons This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of weaponry. Medieval Armour This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of armour.
  15. There are two videos on this page that show movement in comparable replica armour.
  16. Either a full set or enough scale to make 1. Paying 3g for a set or 3.1g for the scale to make 1. Pm me here or ingame
  17. The average QL of the entire set is 62.24, the total amount of AoSP is 495. Please submit your offers and I will consider negotiating a fair price.
  18. Starting Bid: 25s Min Increase: 50c 1 hour snipe protection
  19. Hello! WTA Left shielding shoulder pad Cloth armour piece damage reduction vs slash damage QL 25 Starting bid: 5s Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: none Seryll leggins QL 23,31 Starting bid: 2s: Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: 4s and seryll plate vambrace QL 24,52 Starting bid: 1s: Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: 3s 1. 2.buyout 3.buyout
  20. 7S
  21. Full Rare Chain Set 95ql ~ 20s
  22. All kinds of tools and weapons on sale! Buyer pays COD or picks up items on Deliverance (central west coast) SPECIAL: Can sell the whole stash for 15s! Rare toolbelt with 10 slots 10s!
  23. Starting Price (euro): 10s Min Increment (euro): 1s Reserve: No Snipe protection: 30mins Private bids: Accepted 91.90QL rare hammer, iron BoTD95 with 77 armour smithing imbue [09:03:55] A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the hammer by dipping it in water while it's hot. [09:03:55] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves armour smithing max ql [77] [09:03:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [95]
  24. Starting Price (euro): € 15 Min Increment (euro): € 1 Reserve: No Buyout: Taking offers PM bids possible PayPal verified only! I'm also verified, and only will trade with verified buyers. This account is a good starter account for someone who wants to make a Nahjo priest and doesn't want to start from scratch. Please see the following link for details on current skills: Name: Nacholibre Main Title: Padre Meditation Title: Warm of the path of love The character comes with the following tools: personal merchant contract 81.99QL lantern, iron (Yellow Dye - R=226, G=214, B=28) 51.08QL statuette of Magnaron, gold (required for Nahjo) 68.01QL exquisite meditation rug CoC49 34.40QL grooming brush, oakenwood CoC63 11.76QL rake, iron CoC89 55QL long bow, willow (blank) 2.77QL hatchet, iron CoC81 1QL pickaxe, iron CoC72 17.16QL saw, iron CoC71 9.55QL shovel, steel CoC39 8.49QL carving knife, steel CoC48 72.75QL mallet, oakenwood CoC49 80.06QL sickle, WoA79 58.63QL stone chisel, iron BoTD61 59.20QL needle, iron (bllank) 67.76QL spindle, birchwood (blank) 9.17QL grindstone 10QL tent, cotton (starter one) 16.86QL water skin, leather 18.11QL kingdom tabard, cotton (spare) He has a wizard look with his long beard and comes with the following armour: 25.71QL sapphire staff, oakenwood 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 90) 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 85) 70.53QL chain coif, copper (head) 71.01QL chain sleeve, copper (left shoulder) 70.49QL chain sleeve, copper (right shoulder) 50.63QL kingdom tabard, cotton 70.96QL chain gauntlet, copper (left hand) 70.16QL chain gauntlet, copper (right hand) 79.76QL cloth shoe, cotton (left foot) 79.79QL cloth shoe, cotton (right foot) 70.20QL chain pants, copper (legs)
  25. For as long as I've played Wurm, there's been a bit of confusion about what sort of armor or clothing is effective to what degree. Usually this isn't a big deal, as we just had to remember which armor types were generally effective against what, and which helmets covered the eyes, and that sort of thing. However, as time goes on and new items get introduced, things get more complicated and hard to answer, leaving us with weird questions like how many of the new wool hats actually provide protection even at cloth level, and if they don't, why not. Seeing as how the effectiveness of a piece of clothing or armor can be extremely counter-intuitive, I feel the game ought to just tell you, on some level, how effective a piece of armor is, or at least what body parts it covers. I understand that the alternative, which the game currently seems to be going for, is for the armor options to simply make sense intuitively and for the players to figure out the rest. This makes sense if the items make sense, but they don't. For example, from what I've been hearing, a cloth hood counts as (cloth-level) armor, but a wool hat doesn't, which is rather silly. So, I guess my suggestion is for one of the following to happen: Either clothing and armor items need to make some kind of consistent, intuitive sense, or we need the game to tell us what they actually do. Either is fine by me.